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01:10 Hi friends and welcome to another edition of
01:14 NEWSTART Now. I'm your host, Ron Giannoni. In our studio
01:18 today we have a young man by the name of Mark Jensen from
01:23 Prescott, Arizona. I'd like you to take a look at when he first
01:27 arrived.
01:31 Well approximately about five years ago I started to develop
01:35 some medical conditions. I've dealt with type II diabetes for
01:39 probably 10 years now, but starting about five years ago
01:43 I started to have some heart issues and I developed
01:47 congestive heart failure. My infraction rate is down to about
01:51 15 to 20 percent which is a pretty weak heart. They don't
01:54 know if it was a virus or what. I also developed some kidney and
02:01 liver issues as far as failure. I developed ascites where I go
02:07 and have a paracentesis, even today once to twice a month.
02:12 And my skin was diagnosed with a skin disorder coming from my
02:17 kidneys which called perforating collagenases. So I have quite a
02:22 few issues and that's what I'm dealing with right now. What I'd
02:26 like to see happen before I leave here is to learn to live a
02:32 different nutritional lifestyle to battle these issues I'm
02:37 dealing with. Through the encouragement of the church and
02:42 the sponsorship of a very gracious couple in my church
02:47 I'm here today. Otherwise I wouldn't be here.
02:51 Welcome back friends. Mark how are you brother?
02:54 Good to see you Ron.
02:55 Man, you know, I'm so excited for you for a lot of reasons.
03:00 Because I remember when Paul and I came to do the first interview
03:05 and you said to us, You now I might look okay but I'm a very
03:08 sick man. And Paul and I kind of looked at each other going
03:12 what is he talking about here? Then during the interview we
03:16 find out that you've got congestive heart failure, your
03:20 heart isn't pumping the fluids, your stomach is... Well tell us:
03:26 Distended. I had ascites. I was dealing with type II diabetes.
03:31 I had a skin condition called perforating collagenosis which
03:37 was caused by a kidney problem.
03:40 Amazing. How many pills were you on?
03:43 I was on six bottles of pills. I was on two diuretics, two
03:50 heart pills and I was on two other heart pills. All six of
03:58 those, I'm off, I'm not taking those anymore.
03:59 What about medication for diabetes?
04:01 Well that too. Maybe I missed that one.
04:04 Maybe you missed that one.
04:06 I'm off six bottles, yeah.
04:07 You're off all of them?
04:09 Yes.
04:10 What do you attribute that to?
04:11 I attribute it to this program and the lifestyle I've learned.
04:15 The eight principles of this program and of course God and
04:18 his help.
04:19 You actually are a miracle. We look at you as a miracle.
04:24 Because it was the second day that you said to Dr. Kuninobo,
04:31 you said Doc something happened to me last night. Do you
04:36 remember that?
04:37 No I don't. What did he say?
04:38 He said well what happened? You said, I lost like five
04:43 pounds. Something happened. I'm a changed man.
04:46 Yeah. I started losing right away.
04:49 I know. But 30, how many pounds have you lost?
04:52 Thirty-four pounds totally in 18 days.
04:55 Well it's not quite 18 yet.
04:57 Well maybe I got a couple more pounds to go.
05:02 Ah, it's about 18.
05:04 But 34 pounds. That is unbelievable and off all your
05:09 medications. Yes. So what do you think of your doctor?
05:14 Oh, I thought he was excellent. I mean, how many times do you
05:19 go into to your doctor and he prays with you, he encourages
05:22 you, he explains everything better that any other doctor
05:26 I've ever been with. He was amazing, absolutely amazing.
05:31 He's a wonderful man. Yes. Truly blessed. You're lucky to
05:35 be with him.
05:37 Of course, you're lucky to be with any of our doctors. It's
05:41 divine providence a God thing.
05:42 One other thing, his wife, Eilene, she was the nutritionist
05:48 for me and she was amazing too. She really helped me get right
05:54 on track with the diet and everything I should eat, the
06:00 portions. In fact, she was my little I would say mafia guard
06:03 behind my shoulder when I went to the buffet. I'd see her
06:07 behind me and I go, oh no, I'll put that back, okay? But that
06:12 was... She was a blessing.
06:14 Man, you look different. You're starting to glow.
06:17 Yeah, that's awesome. So what was your favorite part of the
06:24 program?
06:25 I'll say my favorite part was probably Damon. Damon Sneed the
06:31 pastor here, was absolutely amazing, his spiritual insight.
06:37 And today he ended this with just the most amazing message
06:41 I've ever heard. He gave me trust and faith in God. How to
06:45 go on with this program and continue with it and the eight
06:49 principles. He was a blessing. That was probably my favorite
06:53 part. But I would say all the parts were very important. But
06:56 second of all, the second most favorite part for me was the
07:00 education because I had trained doctors teaching me in lectures
07:04 every day on how to apply this program. Not only how to apply
07:09 this program but they would give the scientific details of why
07:13 and I'm a person that wants to know why. But he would explain
07:16 it and when I understood it, I go yes, this is God's plan, this
07:20 is the way we do it.
07:21 It's God's plan that's for sure. That's why it's so effective.
07:27 Yes. You know we have an amazing staff of doctors here. They're
07:32 all wonderful and they are the ones that do the lectures.
07:38 I get to be involved in one and there's a couple of the doctors,
07:42 Dr. Bivens, I'm sure you've met him. They all have this health
07:47 message down pat. Dr. Kuninobo has a master's in public health
07:52 along with lifestyle and being a family practitioner down in
07:57 San Diego for a number of years so, yeah, we have a great staff
08:02 Did you find the food easy to switch from your previous
08:10 lifestyle?
08:12 It was relatively easy at first and then later got amazing.
08:19 Amazing?
08:20 Because one of my hobbies is cooking so when I got in that
08:23 culinary school with Michelle Irwin it was amazing. So after
08:28 all this time I mean she taught us amazing recipes backed up by
08:32 the book from NEWSTART on great recipes I can take home.
08:36 I bought a few books here at the bookstore on vegan cooking and
08:40 I'm so excited because the flavors were great. All the
08:43 buffets were great. The kitchen staff was great. You know, it
08:47 was wonderful.
08:49 What did you think of Michelle participating in the program?
08:53 At first I didn't know who she was and the first day I went
08:57 into the buffet line and I looked at the food and I go oh
08:59 boy, I wonder what this is going to taste like and she says
09:04 don't worry brother it'll be okay. But it was amazing when
09:08 I found out that she was going to be the cook and when I
09:12 actually saw her in action, I mean she is just amazing.
09:15 Very talented lady.
09:17 Very talented, yes.
09:19 So was your room okay?
09:21 It was very nice. I would say five star. It was very
09:26 comfortable, very cozy. The room service was excellent. I mean,
09:30 I think the only thing I missed was maybe turning down the bed
09:34 and the chocolate on there, but I'm not supposed to eat
09:36 chocolate so...
09:37 Right, the carob. Okay. You didn't get the carob.
09:41 Not unless I put it there.
09:44 Oh wow. Well it's just amazing that you've gone through this
09:49 experience and received so much and I truly believe it's a
09:55 miracle, it's God's hand at work in you. So what are you going to
09:59 do when you get home and all these people are looking at you
10:02 and going what happened? What do you tell them?
10:05 I'm going to tell them about the lifestyle I'm in, about the
10:10 eight principles, you know. The nutrition, I mean everything.
10:15 All eight of the principles. The exercise, the water, the
10:20 sunlight, the temperance, the air, the rest, the trust.
10:24 And when I say those words, those are just words but you
10:27 listen to those lectures and they explain why it's so
10:31 important, especially with Biblical background to explain
10:35 why it is important, why it works. It's amazing and that's
10:39 what I'm going to tell them.
10:41 Is your family going to be on board with you on this deal?
10:42 Yes, they will be, I'm sure they will. They're going to see a
10:47 difference. If I can convince them that this is the way to go
10:51 and hopefully I'll be the proof of that.
10:53 When I went through the program my daughter saw what I did and
10:58 she said Dad would you teach me what you learned. So I coached
11:04 her and she lost 126 pounds. She was quite large. But we see that
11:10 here over the years. Myself about a hundred pounds.
11:14 I have a 36-year-old son who's dealing with some of the stuff
11:19 I was. He would desperately need this program and he keeps
11:23 calling me every other day, every third day: How's it
11:26 going Dad, how's it working. You're kidding, you've lost that
11:29 much weight? And he said Dad will you show me something he
11:32 when he gets home. And I said only if you're coachable.
11:36 If you're coachable I'm right there with you. You know.
11:40 Mark I want to thank you for taking your time and God bless
11:44 bless you. I hope to talk to you in the near future. Thank you
11:49 friends. Don't go away because Dr. K, I like that, it rhymes,
11:54 will be right with us.
12:02 type II diabetes and chronic obesity. This includes heart
12:07 attacks and strokes. That 6-1/2 747s crashing every day. What's
12:11 even worse than that is that the fix is easy. It's your lifestyle.
12:15 Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually add quality years to
12:19 your life rather than dying one organ at a time? Obesity and
12:22 diabetes are the cause of over a million deaths per year. Most
12:26 diseases are reversible because most diseases are lifestyle
12:30 diseases; especially type II diabetes and chronic obesity.
12:34 Seriously now they can be reversed and the quality of your
12:38 life can be renewed.
12:47 You will see dramatic changes in the first few days of our
12:50 program and you will be on the road to a better, more robust
12:52 quality of life. The NEWSTART programs are simple and
12:59 Welcome back friends. Help me welcome Dr. Kuninobo.
13:06 Thanks Ron, how are you?
13:08 I'm well. You know I'm really excited about talking to you
13:11 about this guy. Oh, me too.
13:14 You know here's another, I don't want to call them patient,
13:19 because they're not. They're really guests. They're guests.
13:25 And a miracle has happened.
13:26 Yes, a miracle has happened.
13:28 When I first went to grab him for the first interview, he said
13:33 to me, You know I know I look pretty well but I'm a very sick
13:37 man. I looked at him. I go, you don't look sick to me. But what
13:41 do I know anyway. But later to find out he's got all these
13:45 conditions and problems. Talk about that, if you don't mind.
13:49 Sure. Can we share that with our viewers? Absolutely.
13:52 Yeah, he came as a very sick man and he's right, he didn't
13:58 look that sick on the outside. But, he has diabetes, but that
14:04 wasn't the big thing.
14:06 No that was nothing, right?
14:07 His big problem is his heart. He has been struggling with the
14:13 heart for a number of years and he has very significant heart
14:19 failure, the kind of heart failure that leads... really the
14:24 technical term... It doesn't matter, a concept of any pump
14:29 that fails like when your sump pump at home fails the basement
14:33 backs up with water. Gives you a pretty good idea that's where
14:36 his heart was. Fluid was backing up, it was causing problems in
14:43 addition to his previous life style with alcohol and things
14:48 that had kind of affected his liver already. And you add pump
14:50 failure on top of it and his liver was failing as well and he
14:55 was filling up with fluid in places that you're not supposed
14:59 to, like in the abdominal cavity and down in the legs. And it was
15:04 so significant that his specialist was having to
15:09 drain fluid out of his abdomen.
15:12 I understand once a week.
15:13 Well it started off like monthly like four to five liters, then
15:18 it went to every two weeks and just before coming to the
15:21 NEWSTART program he decided that he should go early only after
15:25 one week from his last drain. So two days before coming here he
15:31 went to see the doctor and he drained and he pulled off four
15:36 and a half liters, just after one week. He was accumulating
15:40 so rapidly and even more disturbing and concerning was
15:44 that his leg swelling had just dramatically worsened in just
15:48 the last month to six weeks. So he was going downhill. His
15:52 specialist was saying ideally in your situation we would like
15:56 to really put a permanent drain in that we can work with. But
15:59 the problem with those is that it's not if, it's when, they get
16:03 infected which is usually the end of a person's life. Oh boy.
16:07 And actually his sister had died of complications of the drain
16:11 and they had similar problems. Wow. So this is a very, very
16:16 serious, serious situation. So that was the condition that he
16:20 came in.
16:21 That's when he arrived. Now let's get to the good stuff.
16:23 Let's get to the good stuff.
16:25 I know the second day he was here he came and saw you.
16:28 He did. And what did he say to you?
16:31 Well I saw him for his initial visit with the doctor. We spent
16:35 an hour talking. That's when I got acquainted with all these
16:38 problems. And we had prayed together and I was really
16:41 praying for him because I said this is a serious situation.
16:44 It's going to be nothing but a miracle that's really going to
16:47 start to turn things around. Yeah, Tuesday morning at
16:50 breakfast he came up to me almost with a bewildered almost
16:55 shocked look. He said something happened last night. I go what
16:57 do you mean something happened. Okay what happened? Something
17:06 bad happened. He goes, I lost five pounds overnight look at my
17:10 legs and you could see his leg swelling was down. He says, I
17:12 lost five pounds of fluid last night. That's never happened.
17:17 I said, no that doesn't usually happen. And I was like...
17:21 Now that's Tuesday morning?
17:22 This is Tuesday morning.
17:23 And he got here Sunday night?
17:25 Sunday night.
17:26 So a gain half a pass.
17:28 Well nothing had happened yet on Monday.
17:29 Oh nothing happened Monday?
17:31 No, that's when we got together and he was concerned about how
17:34 bad his legs were. I had talked about a few simple things we
17:38 were going to try, and modify NEWSTART for to help proteins
17:42 and various things in his system but that was not enough time for
17:46 that to start working. God did something during the night for
17:50 him. Amazing. Just amazing. And from that point every day he was
17:54 just losing fluid. His tummy was just going down. His leg
17:59 swelling was going down. Now he has no, I mean, you just can't
18:04 find the fluid that was on his belly any longer. His legs are
18:09 completely back to normal. He has normal looking legs now.
18:14 He's lost how much weight?
18:16 Thirty-four pounds. Wow! Thirty- four pounds. Amazing.
18:22 And so rapid a loss of fluid that we had to cut back on his
18:26 medication because his blood pressure was going to start
18:31 going down. He's no longer on the two medications we call
18:35 diuretics that normally push fluid out. He's no longer on
18:39 those, hasn't been for the last I forgot, close to a week and
18:44 he's still losing fluid. We had to put his heart medications
18:48 down because his blood pressure was too low. He's not on his
18:52 diabetes medication or his insulin any longer and his blood
18:56 sugar is running a little bit. He still wants it down
18:58 lower. It's low 100s now. I'm just sitting in awe of God
19:03 because, make no mistake, this is not we adjusted and did
19:08 something with plant based diet or something. Yeah, he did all
19:13 of these things that God has given us, but God did something
19:17 very special for this man and I can't help but think of
19:23 something he told me that came to his mind early on. It was
19:27 either maybe that Monday night he said he kind of went back
19:30 after he saw the look on my face going through all these things
19:34 he said frankly Doc I was a little discouraged that I could
19:38 tell that you could see how sick I was. He was a little scared.
19:43 But he said you know I went back and I just told God I'm at the
19:47 point Lord that my life is in your hands and whether I live
19:52 or die it doesn't matter any more. You know what, I think
19:56 that when we come to the point with God that you can just trust
20:01 him, truly trust him. I don't know if that's why God was unable
20:06 to do something, I don't know if it was the prayers of
20:10 yourself, the rest of the staff whose prayers. God has a very
20:15 special purpose and He's certainly glorified by this
20:18 man's testimony that he will have to share when he goes back
20:21 to Arizona because it is a tremendous testimony to the
20:26 grace of God.
20:27 Amen. You know this might be a good time just to say to our
20:31 viewers, if you have a condition that you've given up you need to
20:38 get here. We don't know if you're going to get better, we
20:41 don't know anything. We have doctors who'll look after you
20:44 but we've seen more times where people have come here
20:50 discouraged, ready to give up on life and they get well. Most get
20:56 better for sure but some of them as we've seen with Dr. Kuninobo
21:02 this man has experienced a miracle and God does have a plan
21:07 for him I'm sure of that. Maybe it's back in Arizona I don't
21:12 know. Maybe it's just for us to view and give us more courage
21:16 to bring more people here. Because sometimes if people are
21:20 too sick we can't help them, at least was think we can't. But
21:24 here's an example.
21:25 And we can't, but we don't know what God has planned.
21:32 That's true and I just praise God for this. You know just the
21:37 opportunity to be here and witness what's going on. I just
21:41 want to thank you. Thank you for your time for being here
21:45 and all the work you do at the NEWSTART program. I look forward
21:50 to our next interview. Absolutely.
21:52 And thank you friends but don't go away. Dr. Nedley and Dr.
21:58 Ramirez are up next.
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22:35 Welcome to NEWSTART Now. I'm Dr. Neal Nedley and with me is
22:39 Dr. Eddy Ramirez. He's one of the researching physicians here
22:43 at Weimar Institute. He also teaches the research methods
22:47 and design class at the Weimar Institute College which is an
22:51 exciting place for premed and health career type of
22:57 researching students. But today we are actually going to discuss
23:02 a study that has been accepted for publication in the journal
23:06 Atherosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology. Many of our
23:11 studies that we produce here at Weimar are looking at thousands
23:15 of patients, or at least hundreds of patients.
23:17 Sometimes we'll take a look at like just the pediatric group
23:22 and look at eleven child cases that came through with obesity.
23:28 But today I'd just like to focus in on a study that was published
23:33 for one patient. Now why is the journal allowing one patient.
23:38 Here's the thing. Every one of our studies is actually real
23:42 people. This isn't data. When we're dealing with hundreds and
23:47 tens and thousands of patients those are all real lives and
23:52 times it's good to just focus in on one patient and what they
23:56 came with here to NEWSTART. And this guy was a sick guy. Tell
24:00 us a little bit about him.
24:02 He had what we call the metabolic syndrome.
24:04 He had diabetes, he had hypertension, his lipids were
24:09 not very good and even though he was taking three medications
24:15 he was out of control. His blood pressure was 150/78 when he came
24:20 first here today. He was taking three medications and still his
24:26 glucose was not under control, his blood pressure was not
24:29 under control.
24:31 Now ideally your systolic blood pressure should be less than
24:36 115. So he was 150 despite three different...
24:41 Two medications for the blood pressure.
24:42 Yeah, okay he has two medicines for blood pressure and one
24:47 one medicine for diabetes. How much did this gentleman weigh?
24:51 When he came here he was weighing 381 pounds and just
24:59 in 18 days he was able to lose 16 pounds and one of the first
25:03 first things that changed was his blood pressure. He ended up
25:06 with a blood pressure of 116/72. We had to actually decrease
25:12 some of the medication he was taking.
25:14 Okay, so now he's getting close to that ideal, 116 and that's
25:19 very good coming down from 150 and you're actually reducing the
25:25 medicines at the same time. Otherwise it really would have
25:29 gotten too low.
25:30 So this was in August when he came and after he finished he
25:33 didn't say oh I'm finished, I'm going to go back to my old life
25:36 style. No, he made a commitment to change his lifestyle
25:40 permanently. So in August he comes. By the time that he
25:44 continues interacting with his head physician, by May the next
25:49 year his physician had to suspend all medications. He no
25:52 longer needed that medication.
25:54 Wow. So now he's off all medicines and what is he
25:58 weighing about this time?
25:59 Two hundred and seventy pounds.
26:01 Okay, so he's lost 100 pounds. That's amazing and that's
26:06 without the complications of this gastric bypass surgery.
26:10 A lot of people are going for gastric bypass and I can tell
26:14 you if you would find out the complications of this surgery
26:18 vitamin deficiency, all sorts of things, the skin changes that
26:22 take place, all the lifestyle changes you're going to be forced
26:26 to do you're much better coming to NEWSTART. Not only is it far
26:30 less expensive but it's a much healthier way to go.
26:33 And then by July, that's from May, by July we do a lab test
26:37 everything perfectly normal. Cholesterol's the most
26:41 encouraging. Hemoglobin A1C of 5.5. He was no longer considered
26:46 a diabetic. He actually had stopped his diabetes completely.
26:52 Wow. So he reversed the diabetes he didn't even have to be called
26:56 a diabetic. No longer having high blood pressure and what is
27:00 his weight around this time then?
27:02 I don't have the weight by then by August I do have his final
27:08 weight. So we started in August 2003. By January 2005 he had
27:15 lost 141 pounds.
27:17 A 141 pounds.
27:20 So a totally new person. Now energetic, now able to sleep,
27:25 because of the excess weight he was having issues with sleep
27:30 apnea and these type of things. Those things reversed as a
27:35 result of this intensive life style intervention.
27:37 A normal, healthy, good looking individual, now disease free as
27:43 a result of coming to NEWSTART who was 380 pounds and way out
27:48 of control at first. Well it's exciting. I know why the
27:52 journal accepted this for publication because this can
27:56 also be someone you know or maybe yourself. And I'm Dr. Neal
28:01 Nedley and this is NEWSTART Now. Join us again next week.


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