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01:10 Hi friends and welcome to another edition of
01:13 NEWSTART Now. I'm your host Ron Gionnoni. In our studio with
01:18 me I have a lovely young lady by the name of Sherry Carole
01:23 right from Los Altos, California I want to take a look. Now watch
01:28 carefully when she first arrived and then we're going to take a
01:32 look at how she looks now. Within two months I went from
01:39 being fully capable of caring for myself, very active, just
01:44 really bubbly and vivacious in life having problems over here
01:50 but always a cheerful soul to having have someone prepare all
01:57 my food, do my hair, and dress me morning and night. And I had
02:04 to quit my job. So finally I went to a medical doctor and
02:10 he diagnosed me with a rapid, aggressive onset of rheumatoid
02:15 arthritis and that was just last Thursday. And so you need to get
02:20 on drugs right away; prednisone and this other cancer fighting
02:23 drug that really raises heck with your liver and your kidneys
02:27 and it is a really, really scary time because I kind of feel it
02:33 in my toe and in my knees. I'm fully committed to being here
02:38 I'm fully present. I'm willing to receive a healing. I'm
02:43 willing to receive the care and I'm really desiring to give back
02:48 while I'm here. I am looking for complete mobility in my hands
02:53 and to be comfortable in my entire body and knowing that
02:58 this disease has left my body permanently. And I believe that
03:03 that will happen.
03:11 type II diabetes and chronic obesity. This includes heart
03:12 attacks and strokes. That's 6-1/2747s crashing every day.
03:18 What's even more surprising is that the fix is easy. It's your
03:23 lifestyle. Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually add
03:26 quality years to your life rather than dying one organ at
03:29 a time. Obesity and diabetes are the cause of over a million
03:33 deaths per year and most diseases are reversible because
03:37 most diseases are lifestyle diseases;
03:42 Seriously now, they can be reversed and the quality of your
03:47 life can be renewed.
03:55 You will see dramatic changes in the first few days of our
03:58 program and you will be on the road to a better, more robust
04:01 quality of life.
04:07 Welcome back friends and in our studio is Sherry. Good to see
04:13 you. Good to see you too, Ron.
04:14 You are just glowing.
04:16 I feel a glow.
04:18 Yeah, you are.
04:20 I do. You know, I just feel this radiance and this light and this
04:23 transformation.
04:25 Do you remember 17 days ago when you got here?
04:29 I didn't until I was reminded. My doctor, by my doctor and he
04:35 said do you realize what you were like the first day I saw
04:41 you. And he reminded me that with the arthritis that was so
04:48 painful in my hands that he couldn't touch my hands. My body
04:54 hurt so badly because of just tension that I was under.
04:59 I think it was just so frozen with fear that I remember the
05:04 the first night's sleep I had I couldn't even turn over in bed.
05:07 I just had to lay there. Every time I tried to turn I was in
05:11 agony. When he tried to just put a stethoscope on my chest, I
05:16 go oh don't touch me. Don't touch me anywhere. Now when I
05:22 get reminded of it it's very vivid because when you and I
05:26 were sitting here before, the most important thing to me was
05:31 getting rid of the arthritis or finding out a solution and
05:35 that the fear, the gripping fear that I felt and the prognosis
05:40 if there's only one way out of this and that is through drugs
05:45 that they use for cancer, and prednisone, and not having taken
05:49 antibiotics for 30 years because for me they've created more
05:53 side effects than the actual condition that I had. I just
05:58 opted out of that solution. But I came up against rheumatoid
06:02 arthritis and I felt that I didn't think I had other
06:09 solutions and I went into panic.
06:11 Do you remember, you were in such panic, do you remember the
06:16 phone calls and the texting that we had?
06:17 The multitude of them.
06:18 The multitude we had where you said well I don't think I can
06:23 make it and you were coming in with all these excuses. Do you
06:27 remember what I kept saying to you?
06:29 You'll be blessed. Come and you'll be blessed. And now I
06:36 understand through this journey here that I had what you meant
06:42 by that. At least for me, because we all have our
06:44 individual blessings and by talking to everyone, if you
06:47 could interview every one they've all had a blessing
06:50 beyond their expectations. For me it was really extra special
06:55 because it was so profound and so unexpected. Because I came
06:59 here, I thought, for my crippling arthritis. That's what
07:06 I thought. But I marinated in the spirit of NEWSTART and
07:13 fresh start and new beginnings and a different way of living.
07:15 It was so congruent from every one. The love of Jesus is
07:20 preeminent everywhere. And whenever you were doubting they
07:26 say can I pray for you? Let's just pray together, right? But
07:31 for me it happened two days ago when I woke up and I thought
07:36 okay this program's about over and my pain is less but it's not
07:42 gone. I was expecting to be here on camera touting how my
07:46 rheumatoid arthritis was completely gone. But what
07:50 happened was far better because God spoke to me. And that
07:54 doesn't happen in such vivid language like we'd
07:57 love to have it
07:58 happen. For some people it does. For me the message that came
08:02 through to me from the Holy Spirit was you've been granted
08:07 the gift and the blessing that I had in store for you and that
08:13 gift was the certainty of my salvation through the teachings
08:19 that happened here through Damon the pastor and through everybody
08:24 that's so congruent. There isn't one individual here that doesn't
08:29 walk the talk of Jesus which is love and encouragement and
08:34 cheer leading. When everybody else is gloom and doom and
08:40 there's no your life from here on out is going to be struggle
08:45 and limitation and lack. And I accepted that gift. The old me
08:49 before I got here would have said yeah I know my salvation
08:54 Lord, I got baptized and I've been walking the walk and I
08:59 understand. I've been reborn and baptized. But the good Lord
09:03 convicted me here and I truly as God is my absolute witness
09:08 had I not come here I would not have eternal salvation. I really
09:15 know from the conviction that I got from the sermons every
09:20 single morning at 7 a. m. after we had our song worship and I
09:25 had the Bible study with Damon. He really has the modern day
09:30 Steps to Christ. So it transforms you.
09:34 I want to ask you another question. Yeah. What happened to
09:38 the fear? What happened to the anxiety? What happened to the
09:43 depression? What happened to that old self? Did she disappear
09:48 Is she in there somewhere. I don't feel her anymore like if I
09:55 really examine my soul. You know I think there's always if I feel
10:03 arthritis in my foot or I feel it in my hands and I wake up
10:06 and I have the pain, I no longer give it any energy on where that
10:15 might go because I'm too much focused on my future with God
10:22 and the richness of that.
10:24 You know what pleases me so much Sherry is that I remember
10:28 talking to you on the phone before you got here and then
10:33 our first interview and you were in a state of being or
10:37 mind state that you didn't think there was any hope but maybe you
10:41 find some here. And I saw when we met again not to many days
10:47 later, you saw it very clearly that there was hope.
10:52 Well, and it's not false hope. Yes. I think this world is full
10:57 of false hope and when you're not on the path... A realization
11:02 that came to me is you know so often we talk about the narrow
11:07 path, right, to salvation, and through this experience the path
11:12 might be narrow, but it is overflowing with beauty and it's
11:17 overflowing with grace and gifts along the way. And we all
11:23 kind of think oh I have to go on this narrow grinding path and we
11:30 walk five miles a day here. We do our hydrotherapy baths, we
11:36 have our morning stretch, 35 health lectures. So I've come
11:41 out far more educated so I feel more understanding of how to
11:46 structure my life so that cancer doesn't scare me because I
11:51 understand the cause now and have been.
11:54 And you've made it very simple. Then I had 12 cooking or 9
12:00 cooking classes. Eleven. Yeah 11, right. And I didn't ever
12:06 cook before. I'm 65 and I never cooked. So how I got this far in
12:12 life, my husband cooks incredibly well.
12:15 Maybe you can teach him a few things.
12:17 But I fell in love with cooking and I fell in love with the
12:21 flavors of the food and the healing, how food is my medicine
12:25 and that's they teach here. So it's been a transformation but
12:29 I know it was a transformation because I was immersed in God's
12:34 will and his way and his word. And it was very clear and I did
12:40 not think that this was going to be the outcome for me, I have to
12:45 say. I'm still pleasantly surprised and the doctor saw me
12:49 yesterday and he took a double take. He was waiting for me to
12:53 do my treadmill test and he took a double take and he goes
12:58 Oh my gosh. You're alive, you know you have a light in you
13:02 because I had so many phobias when I came with him and I was
13:08 distraught with them. One by one so patiently they worked
13:14 with me. So I feel the light of the Lord inside and I think
13:19 that's what's shining through but I connected here.
13:24 Connected all the dots. Sherry I want to think you. We're run out
13:27 of time. I understand.
13:29 God bless you. I want to hear more from you.
13:32 God bless you.
13:33 And so I hope to hear from you again real soon.
13:37 Friends, God bless you. Don't go away. Dr. Gallant is up next.
13:45 Welcome back friends and help me welcome Dr. Roger Gallant.
13:48 Ron, good to see you my brother.
13:50 Good to see you. I want to get right into talking about Sherry
13:55 because she's gone through this magnificent change. You know
14:00 when she got here she could just see... when she first arrived
14:05 she was in a little bit of a panic.
14:07 She was.
14:10 What do you think happened here?
14:11 She admits that, you know, that she was worried and that her
14:15 emotions were up and down and she wasn't where she wanted to
14:22 be. Through perseverance and talking through a lot of things,
14:28 that changed dramatically by the end of the program.
14:33 She shared with me that the chaplain and you and me, but
14:36 maybe she was just trying to flatter me, I don't know, but
14:42 certainly you and the chaplain had a significant what was the
14:48 word she used, I don't recall. But how you kind of led her
14:53 along the way and had this change, this epiphany of God and
14:58 who he is. Tell me a little bit about that.
15:01 You know, praise the Lord, she came here. She has a history of
15:06 rheumatoid arthritis and has a lot of pain and swelling in her
15:12 hands and as her emotions go up and down so does her rheumatoid
15:18 arthritis. Isn't that interesting.
15:19 And one of the biggest blessings for her was coming here and
15:25 reconnecting with God, having a spiritual awakening which led to
15:30 a physical improvement.
15:33 That's interesting how because this is about the second or
15:36 third time that you've said something similar to this.
15:40 You went to GYC and tell that story briefly. I know it'll take
15:44 about a minute.
15:45 Sure. There was somebody at GYC who mentioned that there was a
15:50 pastor who had lived a healthy lifestyle, eating a plant-based
15:55 diet, had a relationship with God and exercised, all the good
16:00 things and came down with cancer And what he came to figure out
16:04 as his nidus, his stimulus, if you would, for this cancer to
16:10 develop was his father had left when he was very young and gone
16:16 off and started another life and he realized that he had never
16:21 forgiven his father. So he called him up and said to him,
16:27 I forgive you. And they talked and they had a reconnection, if
16:32 you would. An that's when his cancer started to improve.
16:36 So our emotions and our lifestyle play a significant
16:41 role in how functional and how well our immune system is
16:45 working and if our immune system is not in optimal condition,
16:50 if it's not working properly then it's very hard for us to be
16:54 in optimal health because our immune system plays such a
16:57 crucial role.
16:59 You know, I hope you don't mind that I've been using that story
17:02 for the last couple of weeks since you went to GYC and I've
17:06 actually counseled people over the phone and I've asked them
17:10 who in your life have you not forgiven. And I had one lady
17:15 just two days ago just broke down in tears. She says myself.
17:21 She'd been through quite a bit as a young girl and we were
17:26 able to help her just over the phone. So now she's coming to
17:30 the NEWSTART program to boot. You know, a lot of our viewers
17:34 think and I know Sherry did as well, we'll come here to eat
17:38 right and exercise and get some hydro and see the doctor and
17:43 then get well. But you've really brought out a spiritual
17:48 component that needs to be talked about even more.
17:52 Absolutely. You know I'm reading a book by a neurosurgeon in
17:53 San Diego. He started incorporating prayer into
17:58 his practice and he found people started to do a lot better.
18:02 but he realized there were some patients who still had a hard
18:06 time. And what he found out is forgiveness is so crucial.
18:11 Sometimes they hadn't forgiven somebody else, sometimes they
18:15 hadn't forgiven, as you just said, themselves. So they have
18:20 this technically perfect, if you can use that term, procedure,
18:25 but it doesn't give the results that were anticipated and
18:30 expected and as he digs deeper and deeper he comes to find out
18:34 that they need forgiveness from others, they need forgiveness
18:38 from God and they may need forgiveness from themselves.
18:41 Well I see that this has happened with Sherry and I want
18:45 to ask you, you know the first week she was here she came to me
18:49 and says oh Ron thank you so much for pushing me to get me
18:54 here. My hands are, the swelling I can close them and I can do
18:58 things I wasn't able to do but then the second week they
19:02 started to swell again.
19:04 She's had challenges and I believe that part of this is
19:10 part of the whole great controversy, the battle between
19:15 good and evil and she's made decisions to be on the side of
19:21 good and I think she's seeing some increased tribulation
19:25 because of that. But the beautiful thing is she did a
19:30 treadmill yesterday, second to the last day of the program and
19:35 she went for 12 minutes. Wow. And did much better than I
19:41 thought she was going to do and I think better than she thought
19:46 she was going to do as well. So I was able to share with her
19:52 that she's actually healthier than she thinks she is. And I
19:56 was able to share with her that her outlook, how she looks
20:01 at things makes a big difference on how healthy her body reacts.
20:08 So I've shown her that by just changing her outlook it actually
20:13 improves her overall health and she is feeling so much better
20:19 today.
20:20 And she looks just totally different today. All of a sudden
20:24 her face is just glowing, she's just so happy and thrilled and
20:28 her husband, he couldn't be happier.
20:31 He's very supportive and I told her that's one of the blessings
20:34 that she needs to acknowledge and be thankful to God for.
20:37 Because her husband is running the business that they usually run
20:41 together and he's there by himself under stress and he
20:45 could be saying when are you coming back, when are you coming
20:48 back, but he's been very supportive about her being here
20:52 and getting what she needs in order for her to be healthy.
20:55 Now what's the prognosis for her. Do people when they leave
20:59 here do they all of a sudden go back to their old lifestyle and
21:03 all this goes away, I mean, what's your thinking?
21:06 The goal is we want them to not go back to their old lifestyle.
21:10 Because as they resume old habits the illness starts to
21:15 increase again. So we want her to be on a new lifestyle, on
21:19 God's lifestyle, if you would. And I think she will be able to
21:23 do that at home. She has a good support system and she has some
21:27 plans and we've been talking about how to incorporate what
21:32 we're doing here to her home. But I really find that the
21:35 support she gets from her friends and her husband and then
21:38 some other people that she knows is going to really be important
21:42 for her because she tends to be a person whose emotions can go
21:46 up and down. So she needs to have her emotions in check and
21:49 having this support will be helpful for that because that
21:52 will help to keep her body healthy.
21:54 One final question Doctor. For the people out there who have
21:58 arthritis, can we help all people with arthritis.
22:05 I believe that the lifestyle that we're promoting is God's
22:09 lifestyle and I believe that lifestyle is anti-inflammatory.
22:14 So I think it's going to make your inflammation, which a large
22:18 portion of the arthritis is inflammation, I think it's going
22:21 to make your inflammation less, make your arthritis less.
22:25 I can't tell everybody it's going to make everything go away
22:29 but we've had several people who've come here who have said
22:32 I'm not pain free, but it is so much better than it was before.
22:36 I can live with this and that's where we want to be. We want
22:40 to put your body in the best condition so that it can be
22:44 healthy and what I tell the guests when they're here is
22:47 we want to keep you healthy because you want to be able to
22:51 serve God and as you serve God it helps to keep your health
22:55 going because God wants you to be able to serve him.
22:58 True, true. We're out of time. I want to thank you Doctor.
23:02 Friends don't go away. Dr. Nedley and Dr. Ramirez
23:06 are up next.
23:10 Welcome to NEWSTART Now. I'm Dr. Neal Nedley and with
23:13 me today is Dr. Eddy Ramirez. There have been some exciting
23:17 things happening at the NEWSTART program and scientific journals
23:21 are very interested in the changes that take place in the
23:25 program, just coming here for 18 days, not only during the
23:30 program but what happens after the program. This is kind of a
23:36 unique study that was published in Obesity Reviews in April 2016
23:41 by Dr. Ramirez and myself and other members of the NEWSTART
23:47 team. We also often have students involved here at
23:50 Weimar Institute in our studies and that's one of the exciting
23:53 things about being a college student here at Weimar is we get
23:56 to see all of these changes and college students get to publish
23:59 in the scientific literature. Well Dr. Ramirez today we're
24:04 going to centering in on a major problem in this country
24:08 and that is of childhood obesity Now a lot of people think
24:14 NEWSTART is just for adults but this was a study done on 11
24:19 children who went through the NEWSTART program and they went
24:24 through due to having pretty significant obesity levels, even
24:29 levels of morbid obesity in childhood. I don't know if
24:32 you've seen these people but if you go to Walmart or if you go
24:36 to any mall in America you're going to see kids that are very
24:40 overweight and it sets them up for so many problems by the time
24:44 they're 25 or 30 even. Their risk of death from emboli and
24:49 all sorts of things goes up and so I'm very interested about
24:52 this, these 11 patients. And obviously Obesity Reviews was
24:56 very interested as well as they accepted the study for
24:59 publication. What did we found out about these 11 patients?
25:02 So tell us about them first before they came to the program.
25:07 That's right. Well these were a small group of patients that had
25:11 gone to the NEWSTART program and as you said so it's because they
25:15 had some significant health problems and we want to show you
25:20 here that when they came to the program they were able to
25:24 decrease their body mass index and also their overall weight
25:28 and also other markers. We were also taking things like
25:33 cholesterols, triglycerides, and these type of markers also
25:38 improved as they improved also their weight. On average the
25:43 loss was of seven pounds which may not sound like humongous but
25:48 it's actually very good. We don't want that type of very,
25:52 very dramatic weight loss because a person will gain it
25:56 again. But in this way if you can keep up that change, you
26:01 will keep losing weight and feeling better.
26:04 There's something that I personally have seen on the
26:06 medical consultation. I have gotten mothers to bring their
26:11 child to me and say Doctor I think my son has parasites. Look
26:16 how thin he is. I checked him and he is perfectly fine. He has
26:22 normal weight and that weight corresponds to the normal height
26:27 Why is the mother concerned? Because most of the other
26:30 children that he plays with, they don't have a normal weight.
26:35 And compared to them he looks too thin. So we actually are
26:39 changing the definition of what's normal to call it
26:42 abnormal and what is not normal into calling normal and that is
26:46 something that is worrisome.
26:47 Okay, so seven pounds in 18 days so that's a pound about every
26:54 two to three days they lost and if they continue on this program
26:59 at home, our research shows they will continue to lose weight
27:04 at about that same pace.
27:05 So if you're losing a couple of pounds a week
27:10 which is a good healthy thing to do in a year's time your down
27:15 well over 100 pounds.
27:16 And that's the idea. The idea is not just a temporary improvement
27:21 but we want the person to improve permanently, to change
27:25 the diet permanently. That's why we're going to teach you how to
27:29 cook at home. We're going to give you plenty of health
27:31 lectures so you can understand why we're proposing the changes
27:36 that we are proposing. Not only that this number is the average
27:40 which means some actually went a little bit more, some went
27:45 actually a little bit less, but the idea is for you to keep
27:49 going. Another paper that we published we showed that once
27:52 you reached your normal weight you will no longer continue
27:56 losing that weight and you will maintain that healthy weight.
27:59 That's exciting. Thanks for being here Dr. Ramirez and for
28:03 NEWSTART Now I'm Dr. Neal Nedley Join us again next week.


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