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01:11 Hi, friends, and welcome to another edition
01:13 of NEWSTART Now.
01:15 I'm your host Ron Giannoni.
01:17 In our studio with me is a young man
01:20 by the name of the Emanuel Sims.
01:24 Emanuel come to us pretty sick about 16 days ago,
01:30 let's take a look at when he first arrived.
01:34 And the reason that I came,
01:36 I wanted to fix all of my diabetes,
01:39 I have kidney issues, higher cholesterol,
01:44 high blood pressure.
01:46 Well, first of all I would like
01:48 to leave here
01:50 learning good health but great health,
01:52 but l would like to be off of insulin,
01:55 all the medication that I'm on right now,
02:00 be able to control my outcome
02:05 of my diabetes, kidney problem
02:09 and eventually get off all my medications that I'm on.
02:12 So that's what I would like
02:14 to have NEWSTART to help me do
02:17 and control that part of my life.
02:21 I'm thankful for my church for sending me
02:24 to NEWSTART and after they talked to Ron,
02:28 he gave me so much information
02:31 that I could use to come up here
02:34 and be a part of the NEWSTART.
02:37 And I really think it's going to help in my life situations
02:42 that I have today.
02:45 Hi, friends and welcome back, help me welcome Emanuel.
02:50 Good to see you, brother. Nice seeing you too.
02:52 You know, I want to get right into a story
02:55 that I want to tell
02:58 about you getting here on the Sunday...
02:59 Okay.
03:01 And then having to leave on Monday
03:04 and, you know, you made a commitment,
03:07 and I applaud you for this,
03:09 that ain't the point of the story.
03:11 Yeah.
03:12 I applaud you, you made a commitment to some kids
03:15 that you're going to do a barbecue...
03:17 You know, you're a chef
03:19 and I understand you're a good chef.
03:22 So you went and barbecued for 800 children...
03:27 Yeah.
03:28 Two days in a row
03:30 and when you got back I asked you
03:31 if you cheated at all?
03:34 No. And you said no.
03:35 No, not at all.
03:36 And you're one of the few people
03:38 I would believe...
03:39 'Cause you're an honest man...
03:41 You know, how you know when someone is honest?
03:43 By your smile?
03:45 Maybe that's it, I don't know, but you have something in you
03:48 that tells me you're speaking the truth, and I believe that.
03:51 Right, right.
03:52 And so you lost 25 pounds...
03:56 And that was an opportunity and you didn't do it,
04:00 tell me why you didn't do it?
04:02 Why didn't you eat some of that pork
04:04 or beef or sausages?
04:06 Well, I've been doing it so long, man,
04:09 see I wasn't tempted
04:11 but, you know, I've been doing it so long,
04:13 you just know as it comes off the grill,
04:16 you just know it's right, you know...
04:17 Right...
04:18 'Cause I've been doing it for 20 years plus...
04:20 Oh, wow.
04:21 So I just know and it's,
04:24 you know, when you're cooking meat,
04:26 you know, little pieces fall off
04:28 and back in the day
04:30 you have a tendency to put that in your mouth to...
04:32 Right.
04:33 See, that was tempting,
04:35 I picked it, I was like, no, I can't do that.
04:38 Can't do this. Don't rely on me.
04:41 You know, Dr. Gallant was really against you going.
04:44 Yeah, I know.
04:46 And we all were against it but you did so well...
04:48 Yeah, yeah.
04:49 In spite of that you came back Wednesday afternoon,
04:52 late Wednesday afternoon about six...
04:54 Yeah, yeah.
04:56 'Cause I was waiting for you, remember?
04:57 I missed my appointment, yeah. You missed your appointment.
04:58 Yeah, yeah, I remember that.
05:00 But anyway you've done marvelously well.
05:03 Let's talk about your blood pressure.
05:05 My blood pressure, when I first came here,
05:08 well, go back a little bit further,
05:10 I was in a car accident before I came
05:13 and my blood pressure,
05:15 I had to go to the emergency room,
05:17 my blood pressure was 220 over 120.
05:21 And as soon as I got into ambulance,
05:23 they put me IV and they asked me
05:26 where I was and you know...
05:29 What's your name was...
05:30 Yeah, I was cut out over there, I wasn't seeing too good.
05:34 But after I got here,
05:35 you know, after everything calm down I got here,
05:39 my blood pressure was 179 over 92.
05:43 And that's what...
05:45 With medication. Yeah, with medication.
05:47 How much meds you're taking for that?
05:49 Well, I was taking three meds for that.
05:53 Okay.
05:54 And my blood pressure was still high of course.
05:58 You know, because
06:00 I was just doing everything, not...
06:02 Everything you shouldn't be doing.
06:04 Yeah, what I was supposed to be doing and...
06:06 Well, that'd be a good segue to go back a few months...
06:11 To last year...
06:12 Okay.
06:14 Weren't you here last year?
06:15 Yeah, I was here last year,
06:16 done wonderfully well on the NEWSTART program.
06:18 What happened? Why do you need to come back?
06:22 Well, you know, it's like,
06:26 when you first got here at least in my case,
06:28 Ron, there was too much information
06:33 and I was overwhelmed with all,
06:36 just believing the program because, you know,
06:40 it just sounds too far fetched that,
06:42 you know, you can cure your diabetes
06:44 or get your kidneys better,
06:46 you know, because all of my life,
06:48 you know, I was saying,
06:49 we need to do this and we need to do that...
06:52 So anyway you've backslidden, right?
06:53 Yeah.
06:55 Then I backslidden. But now you're a believer.
06:57 Now you're,
06:59 I see the difference in your attitude,
07:01 in the way you're believing and you know,
07:05 you know that this will straight it out.
07:07 Yes, right. Yeah.
07:10 Well, this time when I came this time,
07:13 it's just like reading the Bible
07:14 or you hear things about in the Bible,
07:16 the Lord said,
07:17 "I want you to come with an open mind..."
07:19 "And receive that what I have to give you."
07:22 So I heard a sermon one time, the pastor said,
07:28 "You know, we've been writing our own story
07:29 for years and years and years
07:31 and we haven't gotten it right yet.
07:32 So now it's time for the Lord to write your story."
07:35 So that's what I do when I came this time.
07:38 I came with an open heart, listen to what I,
07:41 even though I've heard,
07:42 you know, things over and over again
07:45 and people at NEWSTART
07:49 begin to came to me and you know,
07:52 "Well, why are you here?
07:53 Why did you come back again?"
07:55 And I was, you know, just spitting out these words
07:58 and I said, "I sound like Dr. Gallant."
08:03 Yeah, you do.
08:04 So, you know, I said,
08:07 "Man, why don't you listen to yourself?
08:10 You know, you tell a lot of these people
08:11 what's good about NEWSTART and you didn't follow us."
08:14 Let's take a look at that picture."
08:17 So you know I just, like I said I had a open mind
08:20 and I know I'm not going to say I was a failure the first time
08:27 but I just needed more information to know that,
08:31 you know, this is the program for me.
08:33 Yeah...
08:34 You know, I'm so happy to hear you
08:36 say all this because, you know, I see that,
08:39 I recognize what you've gone through
08:42 and what you're going through now
08:45 and all the stress and anxiety and but get back to the pills,
08:50 the blood pressure pills, are you on all three still?
08:55 Actually I'm only on two now. And you've cut those down?
08:58 And I only take half a pill.
09:00 And your blood pressure is now what?
09:03 Today it was 130 over 72, yeah. Man, you're there.
09:09 Yeah. You're there.
09:10 Yeah.
09:12 So I'm just so happy, the Lord has blessed me...
09:15 Yeah.
09:16 And it's all because, you know, of the Lord,
09:19 you know, but the walking and the food
09:24 and listening to the doctor, with the help,
09:27 you know, they got me back on the right path again.
09:29 Amen, amen. Yeah, yeah.
09:31 Well, we run out of time...
09:33 But I want to thank you and let you know
09:35 that I'm going to be following up
09:37 and checking in on you.
09:38 Oh, yeah, I'm coming back up here, yeah.
09:39 Yeah, I got to believe it. Yeah, yeah.
09:41 But thank you. Yeah.
09:42 But I'll be in touch. Okay, all right.
09:44 And thank you, friends,
09:45 but don't go away 'cause Dr. Gallant is up next.
09:51 Every year in America,
09:52 there are over one million deaths
09:54 because of Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
09:56 This includes heart attacks and strokes.
09:59 That's 6.5, 747s crashing every day.
10:02 What's even more surprising is that the fix is easy.
10:06 It's your lifestyle.
10:07 Wouldn't it be nice
10:09 if you could actually add quality years to your life
10:11 rather than dying one organ at a time?
10:13 Obesity and diabetes are the cause
10:15 of over million deaths per year.
10:18 Most diseases are reversible
10:20 because most diseases are lifestyle diseases,
10:23 especially Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
10:26 Seriously now,
10:28 they can be reversed and the quality of your life
10:30 can be renewed.
10:32 Call NEWSTART today
10:33 at 1-800-525-9192.
10:38 You will see dramatic changes
10:40 in the first few days of our program
10:42 and you'll be on the road to a better
10:43 more robust quality of life.
10:46 The NEWSTART programs are simple and effective.
10:53 Welcome back, friends, help me welcome Dr. Gallant.
10:57 Ron, good to be with you. It's good to be with you.
11:00 I like your shirt by the way. Thank you, you too.
11:03 You know, here's a guy Emanuel,
11:08 I said before we sat down,
11:10 this is the kind of guy I want to have as a friend.
11:12 Amen. I agree.
11:13 He's just such a sweet soul, a loving spirit.
11:18 Yeah, he's like a big teddy bear.
11:20 Yeah. Yeah.
11:21 You know, it's interesting you say that,
11:26 when he first came using a room that was a little bit tight
11:28 and he's a big guy and somebody had moved rooms
11:31 and so room became available, so I said to him,
11:33 "Hey, Emanuel, I think we can get you a better room,
11:36 a bigger room."
11:37 'Cause he needs a little space to stretch
11:40 and we did and he was so thankful,
11:42 he was so appreciative.
11:44 So when I would go in to see him,
11:45 I had to take a chair
11:47 in because there weren't two chairs
11:48 in his room.
11:49 And after the second visit,
11:51 he started bringing a chair in for me to sit on
11:53 so I didn't have to take one in,
11:55 just the thoughtful kind of guy that he is.
11:57 Yeah, yeah, yeah...
11:58 You know, a good friend.
12:00 I think so and you know, what really impressed me?
12:03 Now I know this guy,
12:04 you know, how sometimes you talk to someone
12:07 and they say something
12:08 and you know it's the absolute truth,
12:10 you know, we all have that ability...
12:12 Yeah, yeah.
12:13 When he said he was going away and you were all against that,
12:16 I remember it.
12:17 Yeah, we talked...
12:18 I don't want him to go and I said,
12:20 "Well, I don't either but he is committed."
12:22 He goes to a barbecue for 800 children...
12:24 Yeah.
12:26 For two days he's gone and we're both...
12:28 Oh, no, look what's going to happen.
12:30 He didn't eat any of that food.
12:32 No, no, he didn't, he didn't, he didn't even taste it.
12:35 Isn't that's amazing? Praise the Lord.
12:37 You know, though he came and saw me the week
12:40 before the program started.
12:42 Emanuel had been here before
12:44 and he came to see me in the clinic
12:46 and when I saw him,
12:48 I knew that things were not good.
12:50 Yeah.
12:51 And I said, you need to get back here.
12:53 Yeah.
12:54 And he says, "Well, I've got this commitment."
12:56 And I said, is there any way?
12:58 He says, "Well, I might be able
12:59 to get somebody to cover it for me."
13:00 I remember we talked about that, yeah.
13:02 But he couldn't.
13:03 But he realized when we talked how serious this was,
13:07 this was life threatening for him
13:09 because again, another patient with kidney problems
13:12 that they're threatening to put on dialysis.
13:14 I know.
13:15 The week we started our program,
13:17 he was supposed to go
13:18 and get a shunt to start his dialysis.
13:22 And you know, I praise the Lord that he took it seriously.
13:26 Yeah, he did.
13:27 He called me, you know, after...
13:28 That this is, yeah...
13:30 After his visit with you. Right.
13:31 He said, "Dr. Gallant thinks I need to come back."
13:34 And after I talked to him, I said, "You certainly do."
13:37 So we did a lot to get him here.
13:40 Praise the Lord and I'm so glad...
13:41 But he really,
13:43 he was a testament to some of the other guests
13:46 by the fact that he could do what he did
13:49 and still stay on the program
13:51 'cause at that time we were even doing something fast...
13:54 Oh, right.
13:55 And he fasted through his going to work.
13:58 All he did was drink water.
13:59 Can you imagine barbecuing,
14:01 you know, the smell of all that food...
14:03 Yeah.
14:05 And then you're not eating and you're fasting, oh...
14:08 But praise the Lord,
14:10 it worked out because that helped him
14:11 to get some of the money he needed to be here.
14:13 That's right, that's right.
14:15 Now what about those numbers? How do they all look?
14:19 Well, you know, he did well.
14:21 He lost 23 pounds while he was here.
14:25 When he came,
14:26 you know, he was really challenged
14:28 before he got here.
14:29 I think he might have talked about this too.
14:31 He had a little accident with a vehicle...
14:33 Oh, yeah. Ran over his foot.
14:35 So when he first came he could barely walk,
14:37 but praise the Lord,
14:39 he didn't have any broken bones,
14:40 he didn't have any cuts and scrapes and anything,
14:42 he looked pretty healthy.
14:44 And as he was here,
14:46 many a morning I would see him up early, 5:30.
14:50 6 o'clock out walking
14:53 and he had a special loop
14:54 that he did and he walked on that
14:56 and while I was walking we'd say hi to each other
14:59 and by the time he left,
15:01 he was able to walk four miles a day.
15:03 Wow.
15:05 That's quite a testimony there. It makes a difference.
15:08 It does make a difference. It makes a difference.
15:09 But you know, I'll bet he came in all the meetings.
15:12 He did, he did.
15:13 You know, like we talked about in the past,
15:16 some people will pay all this good money...
15:18 It's kind of like,
15:20 "Oh, I'll pay the money and I'll get well."
15:22 And they don't show up for some of the meetings...
15:24 Some, they come in late, they don't do the walking,
15:29 they go to a store,
15:30 down the street at one of the grocery stores
15:32 and they buy the,
15:34 what's a little candy and so on,
15:37 he stuck to the program...
15:40 Because again, he realizes...
15:42 This is it.
15:43 This is it, you've got to do it.
15:45 He got little fire under him. Yeah, well, praise the Lord.
15:48 But no, he's, you know, I just, I appreciate him,
15:52 I appreciate him,
15:54 he's got this booming deep voice
15:55 and every now and then
15:56 he'd speak up in lecture and he would say,
16:00 we had this little saying from the time
16:01 he was here before,
16:03 when something was put up on the screen in lecture
16:06 or so on that was worthy of taking notice,
16:12 he would say, "That's deep."
16:14 But it would be, "That's deep!" "That's deep!"
16:16 Yeah, yeah, well...
16:17 And so I just, I love hearing him say that,
16:20 you know, it just does makes my heart feel good.
16:22 Yeah, that's deep.
16:24 Yeah, that's right. That's right.
16:26 That's real deep. Yeah.
16:28 His heart...
16:29 Yeah, exactly.
16:31 Well, God bless that man. Yeah, yeah.
16:33 You know, we'll follow up. I know you will.
16:35 Absolutely.
16:37 He's going to be coming and see you...
16:38 And yeah, he's promised me,
16:39 he said, you know, he wants to come see me
16:41 about every six weeks in the clinic.
16:42 Good.
16:44 Because he wants to use that as a motivating tool
16:48 to keep him on track.
16:49 Because he can't afford to slip again.
16:52 And so I admire him.
16:53 I really, I'm pleased for what has happened already
16:57 but I know God's not done working
16:58 with him yet,
16:59 He's going to finish the good work
17:01 that He has started in him.
17:03 Dr. Gallant, I want to thank you.
17:05 Thank you, Ron, good to be here.
17:06 I know your valuable time and it's precious,
17:10 especially on your anniversary, happy anniversary.
17:12 Thank you.
17:13 Well, friends, thank you for being here
17:14 but don't go away, Pastor Snead is up next.
17:21 Welcome back, friends, help me welcome Pastor Snead.
17:24 How you doing?
17:25 I'm doing good, good to see you.
17:27 Thank you, friend.
17:28 You know, we're going to talk about Emanuel
17:32 and I got to start this off,
17:34 if you don't mind
17:35 'cause really this is your show,
17:37 this next segment,
17:39 but Emanuel came to me
17:40 and he said he had to leave,
17:42 I said, "Wait a minute, you just got here,
17:43 what do you mean you're leaving?"
17:45 He said, "Well, I promised 800 children
17:48 that I'd be barbecuing for them."
17:50 You know, this guy can cook, you know what I mean?
17:53 So he goes and leaves Monday,
17:56 he doesn't get back till Wednesday
17:58 and I'm thinking, oh, oh, we lost him again.
18:03 So he gets back, let's take it up
18:05 from there or somewhere in the middle, okay...
18:08 Yeah, with Emmanuel, the first time I met him was,
18:13 you know, the first time he came here...
18:15 And we go through the whole paradigm of spirit,
18:19 spiritual teachings,
18:20 really going through the message of the gospel,
18:24 salvation and what God can do for you
18:25 and how when we get to that idea
18:27 and sanctification,
18:28 it's really for God to come in and transform and help,
18:30 his problem was his diet, his lifestyle.
18:33 And we went through everything,
18:35 I remembered some of our sessions,
18:36 we talked about how God's going to help you,
18:38 well, he leaves like everyone else graduates
18:42 and then I get this story that he's coming back
18:45 and when he comes back, he's worse than when he left.
18:49 That's right. That's right.
18:51 And I'm like, "Well, what happened, brother?"
18:55 'Cause my first interview with him,
18:56 when he came into the counseling session,
18:59 we were going through the plan of salvation again and he said,
19:02 "No, Pastor. No, I didn't believe you."
19:08 You know, he believed it theoretically,
19:10 but unlike what we talked about with Michelle
19:12 who actually implemented into her life,
19:15 he heard it and many people do this,
19:17 they hear this idea of the gospel
19:19 and how God can help you,
19:21 but they really don't embrace it
19:23 and experience it.
19:25 And so with Brother Sims,
19:27 he realized that he's got to embrace it.
19:30 He must embrace this thing and if he will,
19:34 he can have the same results as our sister Michelle did.
19:36 So what do you think,
19:37 did he eat any of those ribs he was cooking?
19:39 No. No and I believe it.
19:41 I believe, he told me he didn't but...
19:44 Yeah, well, that's amazing and that goes to show
19:47 because when I talked to him later,
19:48 you know, this past week
19:50 when we went right back into that room
19:51 and serve an idea,
19:53 the battle between the flesh and the spirit,
19:54 he put his head down, he says,
19:56 "I know, Pastor,
19:57 I know that it's a battle and when..."
19:59 I said, "So what are you going to do
20:00 when you feel that,
20:02 you know, fallen nature coming back wanting to eat,
20:05 wanting to express itself, wanting to have,
20:08 you know, these feelings of satisfaction?"
20:10 He said, "I'm gonna call on the name of the Lord."
20:11 Amen, amen. I said, "That's right.
20:13 You call on His name
20:14 and the moment you call on His name,
20:16 almost instantaneously
20:17 you'll desire to do what's right."
20:19 And so he's been doing that here
20:21 and I got great hope for the guy,
20:22 I think that he's going to be a real success.
20:24 I got great hope.
20:25 I believe him, the man speaks the truth,
20:28 he wouldn't lie if he was dying.
20:30 That's right.
20:32 You know, he's just a great guy
20:34 and, you know, I'm pleased to even meet him,
20:37 back then and now too.
20:39 But so we both agree,
20:41 he didn't eat 'cause he said he didn't,
20:43 but what can we do in the future for Emanuel
20:48 and all the Emanuels that come through our program?
20:51 I think from the pastoral point of view here
20:54 at fresh start or NEWSTART is
20:57 I want to stay in touch with these guys and keep them,
21:00 I'm trying, I'm working on a follow up program with them
21:02 so that I can keep in touch with them
21:04 at least on a weekly basis reminding them
21:07 of the spiritual battle.
21:09 You know, when you wake up in the morning,
21:10 it ain't business as usual,
21:12 you've got to know
21:13 the minute your feet hit the floor,
21:14 you're going to want to go back,
21:16 you're going to want to eat,
21:17 you're not going to want to exercise,
21:19 you're going to want to forget,
21:20 you're going to let stress or lie
21:21 for all the world come in
21:23 and that is where we've got to be vigilant,
21:25 that is our skin in the game is to be vigilant
21:28 and call on God and remember that it's a battle.
21:30 And I think if he'll do that and I'm pretty sure he will...
21:33 Because he's committed to that idea.
21:36 Yeah, see that.
21:37 I think that's a powerful word, commitment.
21:40 He's committed this time.
21:43 He's committed to do all and use all the tools
21:47 that you've taught him,
21:48 that the doctors have taught him
21:50 and all the lectures,
21:51 he's there, this guy, he's going to do great,
21:54 he's going to be one of our next poster child.
21:57 I thinks so. Yeah.
21:58 I really believe so,
22:00 and I think this guy has got great potential.
22:02 I believe from his own admission,
22:05 I'm going to follow these spiritual tools
22:07 and mix them with the health and together
22:10 he's going to be all right.
22:11 We're going to hear great things from him.
22:14 I want to thank you again, thank you so much,
22:17 God bless you, brother.
22:18 God bless you too,
22:19 don't go away, Dr. Nedley is up next.
22:25 Welcome to NEWSTART Now.
22:27 I'm Dr. Neil Nedley
22:28 and with me today is Dr. Eddie Ramirez,
22:31 one of the researching
22:32 physicians here at Weimar Institute
22:35 who also teaches
22:36 the research methods and design class
22:39 at the Weimar Institute College
22:41 which is an exciting place for pre-med
22:43 and health career type of searching students.
22:48 But today, we are actually going
22:51 to discuss a study
22:52 that has been accepted for publication in The Journal,
22:55 atherosclerosis, thrombosis and vascular biology.
23:00 And many of our studies that we produce here at Weimar
23:03 is looking at thousands of patients
23:06 or at least hundreds of patients.
23:08 Sometimes we'll take a look
23:09 at like just the pediatric group
23:12 and look at, you know, 11 child cases
23:15 that came through with obesity.
23:17 But today,
23:19 I'd just like to focus in on a study
23:23 that was published for one patient.
23:26 Now why is The Journal allowing one patient?
23:29 Here is the thing,
23:30 every one of our studies is actually real people,
23:34 this isn't data and we're dealing hundreds
23:36 and tens and thousands of patients,
23:39 those are all real lives and sometimes
23:41 it's good to just focus in on one patient
23:45 and what they came with here to NEWSTART.
23:48 And this guy was a sick guy, tell us a little bit about him?
23:52 He had what we called the metabolic syndrome.
23:55 He had diabetes, he had hypertension,
23:58 his lipids were not very good and even though
24:03 he was taking three medications,
24:05 he was out of control.
24:07 His blood pressure were 150 over 78
24:10 when he came first here to the NEWSTART,
24:13 he was taking three medications
24:15 and still his glucose was not under control,
24:18 his blood pressure was not under control.
24:20 Now ideally, you're systolic blood pressure
24:23 should be less than a 115
24:27 and so he was 150 despite three different...
24:30 That's right, two medications for the blood pressure.
24:33 Okay, so he used two medicines for blood pressure,
24:36 plus he was on a medicine for diabetes.
24:39 How much did this gentleman weigh?
24:41 Well, when he came here
24:43 he was weighing 381 pounds...
24:48 And just in 18 days,
24:51 he was able to lose 16 pounds and one of the first things
24:55 that change was his blood pressure,
24:57 he end up with a blood pressure of 116 over 72,
25:02 we have to actually decrease
25:03 some of the medication he was taking.
25:04 Okay.
25:06 So now he's getting close to that ideal 116
25:08 and that's very good coming down from 150
25:12 and you're actually reducing
25:14 the medicines at the same time,
25:18 otherwise it really would have gotten too low.
25:20 So this was in August when he came.
25:23 After he finished, he didn't say,
25:25 "Oh, I finished,
25:26 I'm going to go back to my old lifestyle."
25:27 No, he made a commitment
25:29 to change his life so permanently.
25:31 So in August he comes,
25:33 by the time that he continues interacting
25:35 with his head physician, by May, the next year,
25:39 his physician had to suspend old medication,
25:42 he no longer needed that medication.
25:45 So now he's off all medicines
25:47 and what is he weighing about this time?
25:49 Two hundred and seventy pounds.
25:51 Okay, so he's lost a 100 pounds,
25:55 that's amazing
25:56 and that's without the complications
25:58 of this gastric bypass surgery.
26:00 That's right.
26:01 Lot of people are going for gastric bypass
26:03 and I can tell you,
26:04 if you would find out
26:06 the complications of this surgery,
26:08 vitamin deficiencies, all sorts of things,
26:11 the skin changes that take place,
26:13 all of a lifestyle change
26:14 that you're going to be forced to do,
26:17 you're much better coming to NEWSTART,
26:19 not only is it far less expensive
26:21 but it's a much healthier way to go.
26:23 And then by July, that happened in May,
26:26 by July we do a lab test, everything perfectly normal,
26:29 cholesterols and most encouraging
26:32 hemoglobin A1c of 5.5,
26:36 he was no longer consider a diabetic,
26:38 he actually had stopped his diabetes completely.
26:42 Wow, so he reversed the diabetes,
26:44 so he didn't even have to be called a diabetic,
26:47 no longer having high blood pressure
26:49 and what is his weight around this time then?
26:51 So I don't have the weight by then but by August,
26:56 I do have his final weight,
26:59 so we started in August 2003,
27:02 by January 2005 he had lost 141 pounds.
27:07 A 141 pounds.
27:10 So a totally new person, now energetic,
27:14 now able to sleep because of the excess weight
27:18 he was having issues with sleep apnea
27:21 and these type of things, those things reversed
27:23 as a result of this intensive lifestyle intervention.
27:27 A normal, healthy,
27:29 good looking individual now disease free
27:33 as a result of coming to NEWSTART.
27:36 He was 380 pounds
27:37 and way out of control at first.
27:40 Well, Eddie it's exciting,
27:41 I know why The Journal accepted
27:42 this for publication
27:44 because this can also be someone
27:46 you know or maybe yourself.
27:49 And I'm Dr Neil Medley and this is NEWSTART Now.
27:52 Join us again next week.
27:57 Well, friends, that's it for today
27:58 but join us next week for another episode.
28:01 In the meantime, pick up the phone
28:03 and give us a call at 800-525-9192.
28:09 Mention the NEWSTART Now program
28:12 and receive the NEWSTART special.


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