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01:09 Hi friends and welcome to another edition of
01:15 NEWSTART Now. I'm your host Ron Giannoni and we have
01:19 another miracle for you. Actually not a big miracle but
01:24 a real important one. We'd like you to take a look at when Hizi
01:28 first arrived.
01:33 I come from Africa, Swichartan de asie, Congo and I came here to
01:40 be treated because I want to change my style of life and I am
01:50 here now and I want to watch and see if this will work out.
02:00 I am praising that they will receive God's will.
02:05 We have our room.
02:07 We already see the doctors and the nurses who will be taking
02:13 care of us is where we are now today. The most I want to
02:19 do is to show to the people in De asie how this diet can change
02:24 any time if you want to be changed. And I'm sure in my
02:30 country we have every right to know exactly what to do to
02:36 change this style.
02:38 Welcome back friends. Hizi, how are you brother?
02:44 I'm fine thank you, brother.
02:45 Good, good. Good to see you.
02:47 Good to see you too.
02:48 You look so happy.
02:50 I'm more happier.
02:53 Now you know I didn't tell the viewers earlier but during the
02:56 first interview you actually said where you're from. But
03:00 you're all the way from the Congo. How far away is that?
03:03 Congo is far away. Because from Congo you have to fly from Congo
03:12 to Europe and from Europe United States. It takes 16 hours.
03:17 That's flying. That's far away.
03:21 That's far away. Yeah. Now this program, your brother's been
03:25 through the program, now you and your wife are going to be going
03:30 through the program. Now you're going to have another relative
03:33 going through the program. You're going to take this back
03:37 to the Congo and teach the people in the Congo what you've
03:41 learned here. Is that fair to say?
03:46 Definitely. You know when you have good news especially to
03:51 help people to take care of themselves, it's easy to tell
03:55 it's easy to initiate other people because we ran into many
04:01 things here about how you have to eat and how you have to take
04:07 exercise and how you have to drink water and then to have a
04:13 good life and have a long life with that activity.
04:17 What about the spiritual aspect?
04:20 Yeah, I could start that. The spiritual is more important
04:26 because everything we do we started by praying and we
04:32 started by saying to God thanks because we cannot talk
04:39 if God does not take care of us. So that's the beginning and then
04:43 when you have power from God you go back and you exercise and
04:47 you eat and do whatever you have to do as a job, you know.
04:52 Now have you learned enough here where you can take this program
04:58 back to the Congo to people of your nation and teach.
05:02 Yeah you know it's amazing how you are organized. Everything
05:08 you have done is written and when you have something written
05:14 and prove it by explanation, by how, you go and practice it's
05:20 easy to show to others and then make the search after having going
05:26 that's there our pocket.
05:29 Awesome, awesome. What part of the program did you like the
05:37 most?
05:38 The most as you say we start everything by glorying to God,
05:45 saying thanks and then we go to exercise, we drink water, we
05:52 eat health food, no meat, no food that is processed and that
05:58 you have to take care of you by using natural as it is,
06:04 not transformation food. So it's really amazing because many
06:10 people in Africa they think if they don't buy food from Europe
06:16 packaged already processed they are not healthy but today
06:21 I found out that's not true. I have heard enough how the
06:27 information that we have to go back to the garden, grow our
06:33 food, grow our vegetables and eat fresh food and drink the
06:40 clean water which will help us to be safe and to have a good
06:48 life and stay longer and pray and say thank you to God.
06:54 Who's your doctor during this program?
06:56 My doctor is Gallant.
07:00 Dr. Gallant.
07:01 It is Gallant, yes.
07:04 And was there anything different about him compared to your
07:08 doctors back home?
07:10 Yeah, you know, I told him this morning even when he came to see
07:14 me for the last time, not the last, maybe just come back,
07:20 never know. But he really terrific because when he explain what
07:26 he has to explain he's very clear and everything's written.
07:31 And question is welcome all the time even when he's teaching
07:36 you can ask whatever you want and you have response regarding
07:41 you think that explaining to us.
07:43 Isn't that wonderful?
07:46 Yes it is really wonderful. Beautiful man, very clean and
07:50 he smart.
07:52 And smart. Yes. And you know what's really nice, a little
07:55 bonus, is the doctors eat with you both breakfast and lunch
07:59 and while you're sitting there enjoying the wonderful meal
08:03 you can talk about these things.
08:05 Yeah, he always do that. You always come to the dining room
08:10 and he will be with us and we will talk and he will talk and
08:16 he will do it for everybody. Yes. He's very good.
08:20 So what about the cooking class? Do you learn?
08:25 Oh we learned very much. We cook ourselves and then we eat.
08:30 You're cooking yourself? Yes. And Michelle Irwin, what did you
08:36 think of Michelle?
08:37 Oh she's very, very nice.
08:38 Isn't she a wonderful lady?
08:40 She's wonderful, intelligent and smart as a I said.
08:42 Yes.
08:44 You know these people here, they were chosen by God because they
08:48 are all competent. Yes. Everybody. I saw they were
08:59 well organized and well educated in what they are doing.
09:02 It's so good to hear you say that, because I see it the same
09:07 way. And it's a blessing for me to be here and to work with
09:12 all these people because it kind of keeps me steady. You know
09:17 what I mean? That's right. Because I have all these
09:19 spiritual teachers around me.
09:21 God has placed me here to learn and to
09:26 help and to do my portion of work. Hizi I wanted to thank
09:31 you so much and I do hope you'll stay in touch with us from
09:36 Africa and maybe a bunch of us will come over and help you one
09:40 day.
09:41 Yes, thank you very much. I appreciate it.
09:43 OK Hizi. OK. God bless you.
09:44 God bless you too.
09:46 Friends don't go away because Dr. Gallant is up next.
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10:07 It's your lifestyle. Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually
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10:41 few days of our program and you will be on the road to a better,
10:45 more robust quality of life. The NEWSTART programs are simple
10:49 and effective.
10:53 Welcome back friends. Meet Dr. Roger Gallant.
10:56 Ron, how are you?
10:58 I'm good, how about you?
10:59 Praise the Lord. I'm glad to be here.
11:00 For a busy guy. I know you've got a few minutes with us here.
11:06 I want to take advantage of that You know, this guy, Hizi, yes,
11:12 he's such a wonderful man. Yes. Very, very interesting.
11:15 Oh, he is. You know when I signed him up he called, someone
11:19 else called for him, he's coming from the Congo and I go the
11:23 Congo. Isn't that in the middle of Africa somewhere?
11:26 Which it is. Yeah. Now he's a high dignitary in the Congo.
11:29 Yeah, he's in the government. He's very fascinating as you say
11:34 He told me that he had to get time off of school to come here.
11:38 And I said, but aren't you in the government and he said yeah.
11:45 He has a company where he mines minerals and he has lawyers who
11:50 work for him. But he wants to make sure that they're doing the
11:55 right thing, so he's in law school.
11:59 (Laughter) Isn't that interesting.
12:02 Not busy enough, I guess.
12:04 I guess not. Yeah.
12:05 What he shared with me he wants to take his principles that he
12:09 learned here and he wants to present them before the Senate.
12:14 Yeah that's wonderful.
12:15 And not just the senate, then he wants to present it to the whole
12:18 country.
12:20 Yeah, he's got a vision, which is why he's a leader.
12:22 Amen wouldn't that be wonderful.
12:25 Yeah, Oh it would. Yeah Absolutely.
12:29 You know, he's a great guy. He came to us and he was on
12:34 multiple medicines.
12:35 Yeah, what were they for?
12:37 He was on high blood pressure medicine he had high cholesterol
12:41 yeah, oh yeah, he was on multiple medicines and he was
12:45 willing to make some changes and we started decreasing his
12:50 medicines and his blood pressure would go up and down. So some
12:56 nights I'd get a call, the nurses would call me and they'd
12:58 say well his blood pressure is back up again. So I would
13:02 prescribe treatment for him. My treatment was he needs to drink
13:07 a large glass of water and go for a walk. And he found that as
13:11 he did that his blood pressure would come down. It would drop
13:14 20, 30, 40 points.
13:16 Can you explain that? Is that because water gets into the
13:19 So the water gets into the blood and helps to thin the blood. You
13:24 understand engines and engine oil viscosity. Yes. The thicker
13:29 the oil the more protection it provides but the thicker the
13:34 blood the more sluggish it is, the harder it is to pump. So as
13:38 you thin the blood, you allow it to be pumped easier and that
13:43 decreases your pressure.
13:44 So that there is one of the main reasons we should drink a lot of
13:50 water and stay hydrated.
13:52 Absolutely, absolutely.
13:53 Because otherwise our arteries are going to clog up. Is that
13:57 fair to say?
13:58 Right, right. Yeah. It's like trying to suck water through
14:00 a straw versus sucking honey through a straw.
14:02 Oh my goodness.
14:04 It's a lot harder to move the honey, a lot thicker liquid
14:07 more viscosity. So the more you think it the easier it is to
14:11 pump and then when you exercise you cause your blood vessels to
14:15 open up, what we call in medicine, to dilate. As they
14:19 dilate, that actually helps to open the vessels so more blood
14:23 can flow because you need to get more blood flow to your large
14:27 muscle groups as you're exercising. So all of that helps
14:31 to just lower the blood pressure and that's natural treatment for
14:37 blood pressure.
14:39 It just seems too simple. Exactly. I mean, what about a
14:41 pill and all that stuff, but no we don't need pills.
14:44 No by God's grace we can do it without pills.
14:47 Now is his blood pressure normal now?
14:50 His blood pressure is near normal It's not quite normal yet but
14:54 remember, and I told him this, he got high blood pressure over
14:59 a long period of time. He was here for two and a half weeks.
15:04 So he has had a new start but it's not done. His body is still
15:09 in transition, it's still changing. So he needs to give it
15:13 some more time, but here's the blessing and this is a blessing
15:17 from God. As we drink more water it actually protects us
15:22 from heart disease specifically as if our blood pressure was
15:26 normal. Wow. And as we drink more water it actually protects
15:31 us from heart disease as if our cholesterol is normal, and as we
15:35 drink more water it actually protects us from heart disease
15:38 as if our body weight were normal. Wow. And as we drink
15:43 more water it actually protects us from heart disease as if we
15:48 had stopped smoking. So just by one simple change, following
15:53 God's plan and drinking more water it actually protects us
15:56 from heart disease. So God is protecting us while our body is
16:00 in this transition and changing. Amen. Praise the Lord.
16:04 Now how much water, people out there say OK how much should I
16:09 drink? A glass a day?
16:10 So I don't like to tell people numbers because when I give them
16:15 a number they fixate on the number. So I'd rather give them
16:19 a principle. And what I would say is this. You need to drink
16:24 enough water between meals that your urine is pale to clear. Wow.
16:29 That's a sign that your body has gotten all the water it needs
16:34 and it's spilling the rest in your urine. Wow. So in the
16:38 morning when you wake up your urine's going to be yellow
16:41 because you haven't drank much through the night. After you eat
16:43 a meal it's like talking a multivitamin; your urine is
16:46 going to have a yellow discoloration. But in between
16:49 meals you should be drinking enough water that your urine is
16:51 pale to clear.
16:53 We've run out of time. I want to thank you Dr. Gallant.
16:55 Good to be here, Ron.
16:57 God bless you.
16:58 You too.
17:00 Don't go away. We'll be right back.
17:02 Welcome back friends. Pastor Snead. Can I call you Damon?
17:08 You can call me Damon.
17:11 OK. Well we have an interesting guy here. All the way from
17:16 halfway around the world, from the Congo, you know, and he is a
17:23 lot of fun. He's got a great sense of humor. But tell me,
17:28 is he a Seventh-day Adventist?
17:31 Yes. He is? Yes he surely is.
17:33 And he wants to take this message back to the Congo.
17:36 Yeah, this is what surprises. You know we have a guy from the
17:40 Asian Pacific Division here too.
17:41 Similar. So when these guys come into my office I perk up because
17:47 they have the capacity to really bring transformation and change
17:51 to large segments of society. You know he was sharing with me
17:58 his desire to do it with his family. He wants to send another
18:02 brother here now because his older brother Macon was here
18:06 and so he wants to do it with his business end. He's like a
18:11 very successful farmer in the Congo and a senator and so he
18:15 wants to bring it to that level. Then he wants to bring it to
18:20 Congo at large.
18:22 Not just a city but the whole country.
18:23 The entire country. And he says there's a very, very large
18:27 Adventist presence there and the church there is a large
18:31 Adventist church. But the message of health... They're
18:35 mostly meat eaters. They're starting to suffer from all our
18:40 western diseases so he has this desire to bring it to his own
18:44 church. That just sounds wonderful.
18:48 Can you imagine going to the Congo and doing one of these
18:52 sessions? Right, right. Who knows what God
18:56 wants? Who knows, yeah.
18:58 So what about his spiritual walk? Is he right there?
19:05 Oh, he and his wife both, and I find this with a lot of these
19:10 people from these African countries, man they're
19:13 spiritually tight. They have a close walk. You know he came
19:17 every morning to Fresh Start lectures and he really
19:19 appreciated the wheel of faith idea. This walking through the
19:24 main tenants of salvation, those eight points that I kind
19:29 of drag out of Steps to Christ and Acts 2 and Romans 1-8.
19:33 He also wants that to be part of the teaching. He thinks that
19:37 the gospel and the health message need to be what the
19:40 church is out there preaching, teaching and doing. He's very
19:43 sold on this idea, how the two work together; not just health,
19:47 but the gospel with the health and that would be a wonderful
19:51 thing for that to take fire in the Congo.
19:54 Well isn't the health message the right arm of the gospel.
19:59 Sure, because Africans now are coming into western ideas,
20:04 western world views and they're getting sick and they don't want
20:07 to die no more than the rest of us. So when they find this
20:10 message of healing and they find the gospel, you know, implanted
20:15 it right there with it it's exciting these people too.
20:19 You know Dr. Lukens made a statement to me one day. He said
20:23 in the 30 years he's been going to Africa, I think he goes to
20:28 South Africa, he's seen only one heart attack, right, because
20:33 these folks even though some of them have become a little bit
20:38 more westernized, they walk like I mean, they walk to get water,
20:44 they walk to get food. They don't have vehicles and bicycles
20:48 and things of this nature. Now in the big cities of course they
20:53 do. Now this is what he expressed
20:55 to me here. The problem is in the city. He said people in the
20:58 country side of Africa are fairly healthy. It's in the big
21:01 cities where they're getting sick.
21:04 Same thing in China. You know in Beijing and places like that
21:08 where every block has a McDonalds. Sorry McDonalds
21:12 but I'm not real fond of that place. What they serve is a
21:17 killer, it's a killer.
21:18 It's poison, we know that. Yeah. It's poison.
21:21 You know I'm so glad that you were here to work with him and I
21:27 know that God has a mightily plan for Africa.
21:30 I agree. The gospel is going to take root there and it's going
21:37 take root and one of the ways will be through the health
21:40 message. You know, teaching these people these eight points
21:43 of health. Letting the gospel blaze right in behind it and
21:47 experiencing that boon of health and spiritual health.
21:51 I want to thank you and God bless you. I'll talk to you
21:55 soon. Friends don't go away. We'll be right back.
21:59 Welcome to Weimar Institute Research. We not only treat
22:07 patients here at Weimar Institute through NEWSTART and
22:10 other types of programs but we
22:12 also do research, on sometimes, thousands of people and the
22:18 research is so important. It does get published in peer
22:21 review journals. And Dr. Ramirez our head of research at Weimar
22:27 college... By the way tell us a little bit about Weimar College.
22:29 Yeah, Weimar College is an undergraduate program that we
22:35 offer things like premed and also nursing and psychology and
22:42 business and it's a different angle of your usual college.
22:48 There is health culture running in all the college and the
22:54 students they not only learn the theoretical knowledge but we
22:59 like the students to be involved in practical type of things. One
23:03 of them is research. So in the premed program the average
23:08 student that graduates there has many published works already on
23:13 the CV at the undergraduate level.
23:17 And that's one of the reasons why they have the highest
23:19 acceptance rate really to U.S. medical schools. Right here from
23:23 Weimar College. You don't have to do your education anywhere
23:25 else. Great place to get into medical school and be ahead of
23:30 the game. Many doctors don't even publish their entire
23:32 careers but these students are publishing even before they get
23:37 to medical school so the medical schools are really interested in
23:41 our students here at Weimar. Well this particular study was
23:44 actually done by one of our students in conjunction with
23:48 Dr. Ramirez and myself and it was looking at the popular
23:55 cultural dogma of the day. And the popular cultural dogma says
24:01 as long as sex is consensual it's good for you and do it as
24:07 much as you can and as often as long as it's consensual. And of
24:12 course Hollywood advertises this and even some pop psychology
24:16 sites really advertise this. We actually took a look at how many
24:22 patients here?
24:24 Ah, 5621 patients from all over the world.
24:28 OK, so this wasn't some just cultural norm small group we're
24:32 looking at. These are from many different countries and it was
24:36 taking a look at particularly if they were having sexual
24:40 relations outside of a marriage relationship. So it was
24:44 consensual but it was not really that intimate marriage, lifelong
24:51 committed relationship. And the world is into this sort of thing
24:56 In fact, they think somehow that you might come out better if you
25:00 can sneak around and do this even if you are in an intimate
25:03 relationship with a lifelong partner. Getting more of it with
25:06 someone consensual somehow is going to help you. So what was
25:10 measured here?
25:12 So we were measuring emotional intelligence.
25:14 OK. And what did we find out. Those that were having sex
25:18 outside of marriage, did it help?
25:20 Actually they were worse. They were below the average of
25:24 emotional intelligence from the population that were involved
25:27 in sexual relationships outside of marriage.
25:29 Yeah, that's a significant with over a half a standard deviation
25:33 below. Now they actually went to an eight week course, both
25:38 the ones having sex outside of marriage and the ones who were
25:41 not having sex outside of marriage to improve their
25:44 emotional intelligence. And what did we find out?
25:48 We found out that actually by the end of the eight weeks
25:53 program that includes some CVT principles those that continued
25:57 with that behavior of sexual relations outside of marriage
26:00 they actually just became normal regarding their emotional
26:05 intelligence. While those that stopped that behavior actually
26:09 went above what is average for emotional intelligence.
26:13 It was very significant. By average they went up to let's
26:17 see, 102. By going to this course to improve their
26:21 emotional intelligence, the depression-anxiety recovery
26:25 course. But if they quit that behavior and went to that course
26:28 their scores on average were 109, 109.2.
26:34 With a median of 110.
26:38 OK and that's a whole standard deviation above the rest of the
26:42 population. So in reality, the cultural dogma that we have been
26:47 fed is false when it's put to the test.
26:50 We actually have a second one published on depression and we
26:54 actually found more depression. They actually liked this study
26:58 so much they invited me to their sexual medicine meeting so that
27:03 I could present this study from the front.
27:06 That's great. Well Dr. Ramirez we're happy to see this
27:09 documented in research that we can be solidly assured the
27:15 following God's plan regarding sex and marriage is actually
27:18 for the best for our mental health and our future happiness
27:22 and success. Thank you for joining us at NEWSTART Now.
27:27 Well friends that's it for today but join us next week for
27:32 another episode. In the meantime pick up the phone and give us a
27:37 call at 800-525-9192. Mention the NEWSTART Now program and
27:44 receive the NEWSTART special.
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