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01:12 Hey friends, welcome to another edition of NEWSTART Now.
01:15 My name is Damon Snead. I'm filling in for Ron Giannoni and
01:19 we have in our studio today Pete Elloway. Let's take a look
01:24 at Pete's life when he first came here to NEWSTART.
01:26 I'm here because I'm obese. I need to lose some belly fat and
01:36 I have high blood pressure and I have some other minor issues
01:45 with my health. I want to feel good, more energy, I want to be
01:52 able to walk. I've got a lot of this from can't walk very far at
01:59 all because of my hip and back problems and I want to lose a
02:06 bunch of weight. I weighed 165 pounds for many, many years and
02:13 I want to go back to that weight.
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02:52 Welcome back friends. Pete, how you doing.
02:56 I'm doing well, thank you.
02:58 So tell me, how has it gone for you here. What's been your
03:02 experience here at NEWSTART?
03:03 I've had a good experience. I've been to a similar lifestyle
03:12 center about 15 years ago and it was very similar and now after
03:20 Satan has knocked me down for 15 years, I'm back into it.
03:25 I love this place.
03:27 Right, so tell me about some of the big changes that you've had
03:30 here, some of the things that stand out to you the most.
03:34 I know that others have seen it, especially myself.
03:38 Well I first arrived and everybody was so loving and so
03:42 kind and that was a good first impression. The next thing is I
03:48 got a schedule that I had to follow and put down my major
03:59 problems and that was I wasn't walking enough. I couldn't walk
04:04 very good with my bad hip and back pain and so they assigned
04:12 me a helper, Josh, and without him it would have been more
04:19 difficult but praise the Lord I started to walk more and lose
04:27 weight, feel better. Praise the Lord.
04:32 Now our last weekend together we went to the Empire mine and I
04:40 had asked you, you know, because you were actually
04:42 walking really well from when I first saw you here, you were
04:46 really struggling to walk. Then we went to that mine. You had
04:49 all the hills and the long distances and you had really...
04:53 It's a marked difference from the time that you got here to
04:58 where we are now. The walking is way much better. Now what
05:02 about your pills and your medicines. You said you were on
05:05 I think that you were one some different pain killers, pain
05:09 No, no I'm not taking any pain killers, but my medicines, I had
05:16 to keep taking and I was on a bunch of herbs. I stopped those.
05:23 And kind of uneventful with the medicines.
05:27 Now how much weight have you lost you said?
05:31 Thirteen pounds.
05:32 Thirteen pounds. We talked about that. Grab a 13-pound dumbbell
05:35 and walk around with it and you'll know how much weight
05:38 that is to be carrying around. Now tell me about your doctor.
05:42 What was your experience with Dr. K?
05:47 Well he's very empathetic and he asked a lot of questions and
05:55 seemed to address them. Allowed me to ask questions and answered
06:01 them well. Good experience with the medical doctors. I think he
06:09 had a good training. Not the typical training; well probably
06:14 probably had the typical training but then he had further
06:19 training in Biblical medicine. No meat, no dairy, Genesis 1:29.
06:29 It was awesome. This is Biblical lifestyle, Biblical health.
06:38 Loved it.
06:39 Now what did you think about the food here?
06:42 Awesome! Awesome! You know we had lentil loaf with gravy,
06:54 mashed potatoes and I said to myself why are people eating
06:57 filet mignon and mashed potatoes You know Satan has the wool
07:04 pulled over everybody's eyes. This loaf and potatoes tasted
07:10 much better. They really specialize in taste over here
07:15 and it's all no meat, no dairy. It's just awesome.
07:18 Sure, sure and the Cooking school. Great experience with the
07:20 cooking school. Michelle, she's excellent isn't she?
07:22 She talked too fast, she lost me but that's OK I got a lot
07:26 of it. Yeah.
07:28 Right. So now your overall experience in the place, what
07:32 would be a take-away note for you something that stands
07:35 out the most with the health side of things here?
07:38 Well what they stress the most is the healer that created us
07:49 and now he's recreating us and we are to blame for all of our
07:56 maladies and the recreator is addressing that, getting us
08:04 healthy just from his word from the beginning, Genesis 1:29.
08:09 I praise the Lord. That one verse in the Bible could cure
08:14 all the illnesses that we have today, the diseases that the
08:20 Egyptians had and we have today. It's like, yeah.
08:27 Now you brought up the great healer and that's an aspect here
08:30 that they hone in on, the spiritual aspect. So what is the
08:35 take-away as how the spiritual related to the health with you
08:39 and what did you get from that side of things with the Fresh
08:42 Start lectures and other such things.
08:44 Well we started out with stretching in the morning and
08:48 I could feel something there with my hip and back that I
08:56 stretched out why I could walk better. And then after the
09:00 the stretchersize we went to do lectures/sermon by you Pastor
09:12 Snead. It was the greatest. You're the greatest pastor on the
09:15 earth. You went through the cycle of faith and you started
09:20 from the beginning and throughout the whole 18-day
09:24 session here we step by step figured it all out.
09:31 Yeah the point being too and I think you got that in some of
09:35 our conversations that this is not just a spiritual journey
09:40 that you can be blessed with but it's also the same tool for
09:44 your spiritual reformation and revival is what will help you in
09:47 your health. It's how it will keep you in the health program.
09:50 Keep things going your way. Now so you've had a good
09:53 experience. So going home, what's going to be a big
09:57 challenge and what's...?
10:01 Going home this has got to continue and what we've
10:05 learned. I knew most of the stuff but I learned so much
10:10 more. It's going to be a challenge to keep on keeping on.
10:21 Now you mentioned something just a second ago. You talked about
10:25 stretching. Yeah. Now just this little, small thing that most
10:29 people wouldn't think of. I think that NEWSTART is made up
10:32 of a bunch of little things that a person wouldn't think much
10:37 about, but you string all these little things together, whether
10:40 it's stretching or a little something in your diet or
10:43 something as simple as water or fresh air, or sunlight, and you
10:46 compact all these things together in a two-and-a-half
10:50 week period you really feel the difference. And with you
10:54 we've seen it, especially in your walking and even in your
10:58 breathing and the way your feel, your attitude. It's kind of come
11:01 together for you, you think? Would you recommend this program
11:05 to someone else?
11:06 Absolutely, 100 and 1000 percent Especially when you start with
11:14 the great creator and recreator. You know, and we started that
11:19 you I think the first day. We stretched and we went and
11:23 listened to Pastor Damon Snead. Yeah, there's a spiritual and
11:34 health experience.
11:37 Now so you would say you've had a great experience.
11:38 Oh absolutely.
11:39 Excellent, yeah. So any final thoughts or final words that
11:44 you would like to say about this program to others maybe?
11:50 You know I was texting my family and my brother was there.
11:54 He says, I don't have the time, I don't have the money and I
12:01 texted him back "Pray." God, He does miracles. Pray about it.
12:10 You'll get here.
12:11 Well Pete, we appreciate you so much. We're about out of time.
12:16 God bless and thank you so much for being a part of this program
12:18 Yep, appreciate it.
12:20 Friends don't go away. We'll be right back with Dr. Kuninobo.
12:28 Every year in America there are over one million deaths because
12:31 of type II diabetes and chronic obesity. This includes heart
12:34 attacks and strokes. That's six-and-a-half 747s crashing
12:38 every day. What's even more amazing is that the fix is easy.
12:42 It's your lifestyle. Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually
12:46 add quality years to your life rather than dying one organ at
12:49 a time. Obesity and diabetes are the cause of over a million
12:53 deaths per year. Most diseases are reversible because most
12:57 diseases are lifestyle diseases, especially type II diabetes and
13:01 chronic obesity. Seriously now, they can be reversed and the
13:06 quality of your life can be renewed. Call NEWSTART today at
13:10 1-800-525-9192. You will see dramatic changes in the first
13:18 days of our program and you will be on the road to a better more
13:21 robust quality of life. The NEWSTART programs are simple
13:25 and effective.
13:27 Welcome back friends. Today we have in the studios Dr. Kuninobo
13:33 Dr. Kuninobo, welcome.
13:34 Oh thank you Damon. How are you?
13:36 We're going to be talking about our good friend Peter.
13:38 Oh, OK.
13:39 Peter is a guy with an interesting story. Started out
13:42 as a very young professional. In his opening interview he said
13:46 he was 165 pounds most of his life.
13:49 And a giving guy, it sounded like.
13:51 Yeah, very giving.
13:52 Working for the underserved population or something
13:54 like that.
13:55 Yeah, very good. Dedicating his life to helping the
13:57 underprivileged. Decades of life go by and then all of a sudden
14:01 he wakes up. He's advanced in age, he's extremely overweight
14:07 he said I'm obese and he's having a lot of health problems,
14:11 mobility problems, issues getting his health back and
14:15 that's what he wants. He says I want to get my life back.
14:18 But how do you do that after years of decay, the process.
14:25 What did you see in him?
14:26 What I saw in Peter was that this is going to be a long road
14:30 for him and so what Peter needs and anybody needs in this
14:36 situation is going to be the mind set of just one step at
14:42 a time, one step at a time. Because even though he woke up
14:47 one day and found that he was where he is today, it didn't
14:51 happen overnight.
14:53 Right, biding time.
14:56 Yeah but that's very typical in America with what we jokingly
15:01 call our SAD way of eating. Yeah, the Standard American Diet
15:06 and it's happened to probably all of us. I don't know if it's
15:12 happened to you but it happened to me where you start off life
15:16 fit and energetic and a professional life whatever it
15:21 may be and the pressures of time you start eating what's
15:28 convenient and you start eating what tastes good and you get
15:36 handed food maybe sometimes in meetings.
15:38 Oh the donut machine. The quick McDonalds.
15:43 Whatever, and the weight just starts to slowly, imperceptibly
15:47 go on. It doesn't take a lot. When you think about 40 years of
15:49 time we're not talking a huge amount of weight, five pounds a
15:55 year, you can do the math you know.
15:58 What did that weight do to him eventually, what's...
16:00 Like if somebody would gain that much weight? Well it's
16:04 interesting one of the things he talks about is hip pain,
16:07 mobility issues and many people think of wear-and-tear arthritis
16:14 as being accelerated purely because of extra wear and tear,
16:19 the weight on that joint. It's interesting though they've
16:21 found in studies that when you carry excess weight, he used the
16:26 term obesity, which is the correct medical term for being
16:29 heavily overweight, there's something at a metabolic level
16:34 that's happening. So it's not just wear and tear on the joint
16:37 but there's an inflammatory process that takes place.
16:40 You can actually see it in the joints of the hands too. So even
16:44 though that's not carrying any of the weight like the hips or
16:47 the knees, they see that same process. So I didn't ask him how
16:53 long it had taken him but it's just interesting for a matter of
16:59 interest that joint problems are very common and it doesn't have
17:03 to be a weight-bearing joint. But that is one of his that
17:07 he's challenged with and I think it's interesting that we
17:10 all have noticed during the two- and-a-half weeks that he's been
17:14 here so far that as he's dived in, so to speak with both feet,
17:22 pushing himself a little bit. You know, it's been hard for
17:25 him because of the pain. He's had a lot of people pushing and
17:31 working on him, to get him to walk, he's walking better.
17:34 Yeah, poor Josh got the brunt of it because...
17:38 The premed student that's been working with him has been very
17:42 good at reminding him even though he doesn't feel like it
17:45 you know, he's been pushed, but he's seeing the rewards.
17:49 He said he lost how much weight?
17:51 Thirteen.
17:53 Thirteen pounds.
17:54 That's big for someone in that situation.
17:55 For having the challenges he has with mobility and inability to
18:00 walk. You know, normally you would walk a lot to burn those
18:03 calories, well he hasn't been able to walk that fast to do
18:07 that, but the NEWSTART principles combining the diet
18:11 with the exercise and drinking the water and all of the other
18:15 things just chipping away at it, he's made progress and that's
18:20 really encouraging.
18:21 Sure, I mean 13 pounds is a lot of weight on a frame that's
18:25 stressed and another 13 and another 13 and then more
18:28 mobility. You'll see it. And I know that when he first got here
18:32 I was watching him. He struggled but when we take that
18:35 little vacation time at the end of the session and go to the
18:38 Empire mine, he was struggling but that's a long haul from the
18:45 beginning up to the main house and he did it. He was tired, he
18:49 was wore out, he was grumpy but he did it and I told him
18:53 I reminded him, I said you are doing much better,
18:55 keep up the good work.
18:57 Yeah, and I think that's the other thing that you know with
19:01 many times, especially with today's television shows, people
19:06 think things come easy. You know the greatest loser or whatever
19:08 and people don't see the work behind it. You know he's had to
19:12 work but he's had a wonderful group of people working with
19:15 him and that's one of the beauties. If you have health
19:18 goals, you need help, get the help you need with either a
19:21 program like NEWSTART.
19:22 Come to NEWSTART.
19:23 Yeah, you get help, it's a long walk.
19:26 It's a long journey and you're going to have a swarm of people,
19:30 10 or 15 people praying for you, working for you, pushing back.
19:33 Praying for you. None of us can do this on our own.
19:36 That's right and he recognized that. He was one also that was
19:41 really touched with the spiritual concepts that he's
19:43 going to need help when he goes home by himself, but I believe
19:48 that he's on a road to recovery.
19:49 I believe so too.
19:51 We're out of time again my friend. Thank you so very much.
19:54 God bless you.
19:55 Yeah, you too.
19:57 Don't go away friends, we'll be right back.
20:00 When you look at the health status of American's today, it's
20:03 alarming to see that 60 percent are either overweight or obese.
20:13 In addition, diseases such as type II diabetes, cancer and
20:16 heart disorders are the leading cause of so many complications
20:20 and deaths every year.
20:26 Could it have something to do with what we eat? After all
20:30 every one in four Americans visits a fast food restaurant
20:33 daily and with such easy access to quick-fix foods we tend to
20:37 forget what poor health value those foods actually offer.
20:41 Maybe it's the sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise
20:45 that we've become so accustomed to as a media-dependent world.
20:48 Whatever the cause of these diseases, a solution has arrived
20:53 The NEWSTART Lifestyle Center offers an enriching program
20:58 where patients can get a healing of mind, body and soul. Located
21:03 in the outskirts of Sacramento, the NEWSTART Center is situated
21:07 on the beautiful campus of Weimar Center of Health and
21:11 Education with scenic walking and hiking trails all around.
21:14 With the whole plant foods eaten whole moto, the NEWSTART
21:19 Center promotes a healthy plant based diet with emphasis on
21:22 natural foods. The NEWSTART staff are made up of California
21:26 board certified nurses, doctors, dietitians and therapists who
21:31 work together to assist each patient personally. The staff
21:35 are dedicated to each patient's success in the program and are
21:39 always there to guide, advise and encourage. In addition to a
21:43 healthy lifestyle, NEWSTART also promotes a healthy
21:46 exercise routine. You're both in sequence, that's good. All right
21:50 As part of the balanced program there is much opportunity to get
21:54 in the fair share of physical activity from utilizing our
21:58 fitness center to taking a stroll around the peaceful
22:00 grounds of Weimar. It's amazing what a NEWSTART can do for you.
22:06 Welcome to Weimar Institute Research. Glad to have you here
22:11 today and Eddie this is kind of an exciting study that we're
22:13 about ready to discuss because this is talking about causes of
22:18 depression that are not thought to be reversible. And you know
22:22 Weimar Institute does treat depression and we have had a
22:28 great track record of success in those with the severest forms
22:31 of depression and anxiety here. But we're reversing the
22:35 underlying causes, you know. Lack of exercise can be one of
22:39 the causes and poor nutrition. And, of course, the good news is
22:43 we can change our exercise patterns and we can change
22:45 what we're eating. But these are causes that are a little
22:49 austere. What were we studying?
22:53 We were studying here what happens to those people that
22:57 poor blood flow to the brain secondary to stroke or because
23:04 of heart failure or some other condition that doesn't send
23:07 enough blood flow to the brain. And we're studying what happens
23:10 to those people that are in mental health.
23:12 OK. Well obviously if the circulation to our brain is
23:16 impaired you would think it might affect the mental health.
23:19 And did you find a correlation there?
23:21 We found a very clear correlationship. Those people
23:25 that have that reduced blood flow to the brain actually on
23:29 average had moderate depression This is in a community setting
23:33 program that was organized.
23:36 So the average person with a history of stroke or heart
23:40 failure by definition almost they're going to have some
23:43 depression. So they're moderate major depression. That's a
23:47 significant mental illness. So how many patients were involved
23:53 in this?
23:55 This was a big sample, 5621 participants from all over the
23:59 world.
24:01 OK. And those with stroke and heart attack were a smaller
24:06 percentage. Is that right?
24:07 That's right. It was about four percent of that population had
24:11 this problem.
24:13 As the underlying cause, one of the underlying causes.
24:16 That's right. There's a researcher by the name of
24:18 Gravitz. He had tried to ask the question of the chicken and the
24:21 egg. Does the depression cause the decreased blood flow to the
24:25 brain or does the reduced blood flow to the brain cause the
24:27 depression. And he proposes that reduced blood flow to the brain
24:32 will trigger a depression.
24:33 Yeah, so that's what comes first the reduced blood flow and then
24:36 the depression. So these people with moderate depression went
24:43 to an eight-week educational program. Tell us a little bit
24:48 about that program.
24:49 We applied the principles of NEWSTART plus some cognitive
24:53 behavioral therapy principles. And as they were doing the
24:56 exercise, sticking to the plant based diet and all this healthy
25:00 behavior we took a measurement again after the eight weeks.
25:03 And what did you find out?
25:05 We found out that the improvement was remarkable.
25:08 Ninety percent of those participants were able to
25:12 improve dramatically their mental health to the point that
25:15 they finished with none or just mild depression.
25:18 That's amazing because this goes against what the medical thought
25:26 is because you can't reverse a stroke. A stroke is a dead
25:29 portion of the brain. You can't bring that back. And when you
25:32 have heart failure due to advanced coronary artery disease
25:35 and the heart's not able to pump this isn't something that you
25:38 can you know put a magic wand on or a medicine and get it to
25:41 pump well. So these are thought to be irreversible causes of
25:47 depression and we actually found out the opposite. Ninety percent
25:50 I mean, that's better than you get in people without heart
25:54 disease and stroke by putting them on a medicine. Some of the
25:58 most potent medicines for antidepression won't produce
26:02 anywhere close to a 90 percent improvement rate.
26:04 And because of the importance of this study it actually came
26:09 out in the Journal of Neurology which happens to be the top
26:13 journal on its field.
26:15 OK. So Neurology is the top of all of the neurology journals
26:19 and it was published in the Journal of Neurology as well
26:23 should it be. This is a ground breaking, this is ground
26:26 breaking research. Not only were you and myself involved in this
26:30 research but one of the health science majors at Weimar
26:35 as well.
26:37 That by the end of the program she was actually able to finish
26:40 with six of these studies under her belt.
26:43 Six studies! Wow! Many people don't even publish one peer
26:48 review study their entire career and this student out of Weimar
26:52 published six. So pay attention to what comes out of Weimar
26:57 Institute and thanks for joining us today for Weimar Institute
27:01 Research.
27:02 Well friends that's it for today but join us next week for
27:09 another episode. In the meantime pick up the phone and give us a
27:13 call at 1-800-525-9192. Mention the NEWSTART Now program and
27:22 receive the NEWSTART special.
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