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01:12 Hi, friends, and welcome to another edition
01:15 of NEWSTART Now.
01:16 I'm your host, Ron Giannoni.
01:19 In our studios with me today, I have Carol Smullens,
01:23 all the way from beautiful Santa Barbara, California.
01:27 Let's take a look at when Carol first arrived.
01:33 The reason I'm here
01:34 is because I had been praying and trying
01:37 to put things in order in my life for a while,
01:41 and I'd come close but I always missed the mark
01:44 and just got out of hand
01:45 and my health is kind of taking,
01:48 you know, a path of challenge.
01:51 And I heard about this place and I thought Christian,
01:56 whole foods, exercise, teaching,
01:59 and I thought that's exactly what I need.
02:02 I was not able to do that myself.
02:05 And I feel like God has led me here to be healed
02:07 and to find my path.
02:12 And I'm taking five medications now,
02:14 I'm taking something for my thyroid,
02:18 and a blood thinner and a heart medicine,
02:23 and something to prevent stroke.
02:27 And I would like to get off all of them.
02:30 I didn't realize until the last night.
02:33 I've been wanting to change my schedule
02:34 that I would get up earlier and go to bed earlier.
02:37 And now I'm going to be doing that,
02:39 at least I did last night.
02:41 So, I'm looking forward to that.
02:45 Welcome back, friends.
02:47 Help me in welcoming Carol.
02:48 Hi, Ron. How are you doing?
02:50 I'm doing very well. Thanks.
02:51 You look bubbly.
02:54 Very happy.
02:56 Yeah, I didn't tell.
02:57 Well, you were happy when you got here?
02:59 I was happy because I really expected a trust
03:01 that God had led me here that this was the place for me.
03:05 And so you did that trust, you came here.
03:10 Has it met your expectations?
03:12 Oh, absolutely.
03:14 Even exceeded a bit.
03:16 I had a lot of goals when I first came.
03:18 I wanted to kind of get my life back in order.
03:21 I felt like it had gotten...
03:23 My life was good,
03:24 but it felt like it was kind of chaotic in my sleep habits,
03:27 my eating habits and just all sorts of things.
03:30 And honestly,
03:33 just to come here in this beautiful setting,
03:36 surrounded by all these wonderful people
03:38 who are so invested, personally invested in us,
03:42 so kind, loving.
03:43 I mean, really, I can't say enough about the staff here,
03:46 even, you know, the doctors,
03:47 the therapists, the nurses, everyone.
03:50 But I wanted to get my sleep habits in order.
03:54 I wanted to learn how to eat.
03:59 I've been bouncing from diet to diet for years,
04:02 and it would work a little bit, and then I would fail.
04:06 And then, of course,
04:07 I would get really sad about that.
04:10 And I just kept bouncing around.
04:11 I kept praying, "Lord, please will You help me
04:13 figure this out."
04:15 And I really feel that He led me here
04:17 and it has just really changed
04:21 how I think about everything.
04:23 And I never thought vegan could taste so good,
04:27 and they've taught us
04:28 how to make all these wonderful recipes.
04:30 And honestly,
04:31 I never want to go back but the classes,
04:34 the lectures that we've had
04:35 are like college level lectures,
04:37 these are not just,
04:39 you know, little tiny presentations
04:41 by some person who decided they could do this
04:44 or who had success on a diet.
04:46 These are doctors teaching these lessons.
04:49 And I have learned so much, my head was spinning at times.
04:53 But another goal I really, really wanted to do
04:55 is because my ankles and my feet have hurt
04:58 so much for so long,
05:00 I couldn't walk very far.
05:02 I might have gotten maybe a 10th of a mile
05:04 and then being exhausted.
05:06 And every time I go somewhere with somebody,
05:08 they have to like, drop me at the front door,
05:11 because I can't walk from
05:12 wherever they were going to park.
05:15 And now I'm over three miles a day.
05:18 Wow.
05:19 And I'm not...
05:20 I mean, I'm not falling apart.
05:22 I can rest a little bit and then I can walk more.
05:25 So, I am really excited about this,
05:30 and I can't wait till people see the difference in me.
05:33 Carol, let's start with the sleep problem you had
05:37 because a lot of our viewers,
05:39 maybe half of them have a problem with sleep.
05:43 Your problem was,
05:44 you didn't sleep or you slept too long.
05:47 You woke up too late or what was that?
05:50 I just could not get out of bed in the morning.
05:52 I just did not want to, everything hurt.
05:54 I just didn't want to get out of bed.
05:56 And then I would get up at the very last minute
05:59 and then rush around to get out of the house on time.
06:02 And then, that starts the chaos of the day, right?
06:04 Yes.
06:05 And then, at night, I come back and I just be so tired
06:08 and I sort of wedge out
06:09 in front of my Netflix or something.
06:13 I just sort of not...
06:16 I didn't have the energy, I didn't have,
06:18 you know, and I would stay up...
06:20 Even though I was tired,
06:21 I would stay up till one or two in the morning.
06:23 And then I wouldn't get enough sleep.
06:25 Wow.
06:26 And then... And now?
06:27 And now I'm going to bed at 9, 9:30
06:31 and I'm getting up at 5:15 or 5:30.
06:34 And I'm feeling really good, and I don't need a nap.
06:37 I'm always wanting a nap, you know,
06:39 but I don't need a nap anymore.
06:41 Praise God. Yeah.
06:42 So you're off all your meds, too?
06:44 No, not completely.
06:46 But only because I promised my cardiologist back home,
06:49 I would wait for a total of 30 days,
06:51 so when we get home,
06:53 we're gonna have a conversation about that
06:54 because my heart has been great.
06:56 And you're off your other medications?
06:59 I only had those medications.
07:01 I didn't really have a lot of medications.
07:03 You didn't. Okay. Yeah.
07:04 Well, that's good. Yeah.
07:06 Yeah. Now, your weight?
07:07 You lost a few pounds. I did, I lost 12 pounds.
07:10 So that's a good start.
07:11 I've been wanting to do that, but now I know how to do it.
07:13 I know the foods to eat.
07:16 And, you know, the thought that occurred to me this morning was
07:19 since I've been bouncing around all these diets
07:21 for so many years,
07:23 and a diet is really a temporary thing.
07:27 And then, you're going to start your life.
07:30 I don't have to ever diet again
07:32 because this is my lifestyle now.
07:34 Yes. I am so excited about that.
07:36 I feel free. Yeah.
07:39 Not bound up by just a list of rules
07:42 that will be for a part time and it's never gonna work.
07:44 It was designed almost to fail.
07:46 So what was your favorite part of the program?
07:51 I think lunch.
07:53 Lunch? Lunch.
07:55 The food in the cafeteria was so good.
07:57 Now, I can't really put my finger on one favorite thing
08:00 because I loved getting together
08:03 with all the other, people came.
08:04 That was fun.
08:06 People from all over the place, all over the country came here.
08:09 Some all over the world. I love the cooking classes.
08:11 They were wonderful and really instructive.
08:14 I love the lectures, even though,
08:16 you know, some of it was over my head,
08:19 even though the doctors would go into really
08:21 the medical scientific background, I think,
08:23 "Oh, dear," but then they always say,
08:25 and therefore this is what it means,
08:27 you know, and they would always bring it back to that.
08:28 So I really feel like I've learned a lot.
08:31 It's changed my opinion
08:33 of a lot of things that I was doing.
08:34 What about the fresh start in the morning?
08:36 Oh, that was wonderful.
08:38 It was wonderful.
08:39 We would be singing these beautiful hymns.
08:42 And then we would have this really deep Bible study,
08:47 every morning, and it was wonderful.
08:49 We had a great pastor leading that.
08:51 That was great.
08:54 Yeah. Yeah.
08:55 So, your favorite part was lunch?
08:58 I don't know, that just came out.
09:00 Now I know.
09:01 I think they're all my favorite parts, really.
09:03 I didn't have any favorite part.
09:05 I loved it all. I did.
09:06 I loved it all.
09:08 So, you're okay to go home now?
09:10 Yeah. I am.
09:11 And you're gonna stick with it? Absolutely.
09:14 And you're gonna stay in touch with us?
09:15 I am.
09:17 And report it to your doctor? Yeah.
09:18 Because the doctors love to hear from you.
09:20 Yeah. I know. I'll be calling my doctor.
09:24 I wanted to take this time
09:25 because we're almost out of time
09:27 to thank you for coming on the set
09:30 and giving your testimony.
09:32 And God bless you. God bless you, too, Ron.
09:34 And we'll be in touch. Okay.
09:36 And thank you, friends, but don't go away
09:38 because Dr. Lukens is up next.
09:43 Every year in America
09:44 there are over one million deaths
09:45 because of Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
09:48 This includes heart attacks and strokes.
09:51 That's six and half 747 crashing every day.
09:54 What's even more surprising is that the fix is easy.
09:57 It's your lifestyle.
09:59 Wouldn't it be nice
10:00 if you could actually add quality years to your life
10:02 rather than dying one organ at a time?
10:05 Obesity and diabetes
10:07 are the cause of over million deaths per year.
10:09 Most diseases are reversible
10:11 because most diseases are lifestyle diseases,
10:14 especially Type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
10:18 Seriously now, they can be reversed
10:20 and the quality of your life can be renewed.
10:24 Call NEWSTART today at 1-800-525-9192.
10:30 You will see dramatic changes
10:31 in the first few days of our program,
10:33 and you'll be on the road to a better more robust
10:36 quality of life.
10:38 The NEWSTART programs are simple and effective.
10:43 Welcome back, friends.
10:45 Help me welcome Dr. Lukens.
10:47 Very good. This is an exciting one.
10:49 They're all good, but this one's quite exciting.
10:52 Why is this exciting for you?
10:54 Well, you, we will get into it. Okay.
10:58 Well, you know, I'm excited, too.
11:01 Because this...
11:02 She's so loving, she's so noticeably...
11:06 She's a spiritual leader.
11:09 Yeah.
11:10 You were telling us earlier that she's a lay pastor.
11:13 Yeah, I like that. Yeah.
11:16 Loving people through the Bible.
11:18 Yeah. She...
11:20 That came out during the interview with her.
11:23 But she's lost some weight. Yeah.
11:26 She came here to lose weight and clean up her act.
11:29 Now she's sleeping for the first time in years.
11:35 And I think that's miracle. Good deep sleep.
11:37 Yes.
11:38 Why is that?
11:40 The other thing that today she said,
11:42 I don't have any pain in my feet.
11:44 And I don't have any pain in my ankles
11:47 and today is the first day that happened.
11:50 That's because of the plant based foods.
11:54 That's known, it's in the literature.
11:56 Tufts University says that
11:59 if you eat the plant based fats,
12:01 it decreases the inflammation.
12:04 We know that, but does it also make you sleep better?
12:09 Well, you know, if you're not having pain,
12:11 that's a long ways down the street.
12:13 Yeah. Yeah.
12:14 Yeah, yeah.
12:16 You see the thing that is so interesting to me,
12:20 as she said...
12:23 And I can't believe this.
12:26 But there really isn't much of anything that you can do,
12:30 when you get this massive edema in your legs,
12:34 they have to wrap them.
12:35 And she's had to wrap her legs every day for 10 years.
12:41 That gets old after the first week.
12:43 No, absolutely.
12:45 So, anyway, it was really funny because the other day,
12:50 I think it was on the second visit,
12:52 she said, "Doctor, I want to tell you something."
12:56 I can see space between my toes.
13:01 And she was just bubbling over because she didn't, you know,
13:05 she didn't think that she'd be able to get away
13:08 but 10 years every morning get up
13:11 wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap.
13:13 Terrible.
13:14 Yeah, so she did that and then she...
13:17 You know, with the pain and so forth,
13:19 she couldn't walk but I,
13:21 you know, I challenged her
13:24 and I said something about walking a mile,
13:26 and she kinda like...
13:27 And then I said, yeah, and then, next week,
13:30 you should be walking two, you know.
13:32 And she told me today that she did the three.
13:35 Yes.
13:36 And she was just beaming, you know,
13:39 and so happy about everything.
13:42 You know, to find that she could eat two meals a day,
13:45 really, really enjoy it...
13:47 And not be hungry.
13:49 Yeah, and not be hungry between meals, and,
13:52 so these are the kind of things that keeps us going.
13:56 You know, she said also back to walking.
14:00 That, when she got here,
14:01 she could always only walk about a 10th of a mile.
14:04 Yeah.
14:06 And gradually built up to three miles in a day.
14:09 Yeah. She was... That's big.
14:11 She was just excited
14:12 when she saw me and she said I did it.
14:15 Yeah.
14:16 So, is Carol gonna be one of those
14:19 that stick to the program do you suppose?
14:22 We're not gonna let her get away.
14:26 Well, you know, with Daniel Murawski.
14:31 Yeah?
14:33 When he came here, he said, "Hey,
14:35 what you've been here 30 years, Doc, what do you really need?"
14:40 And I said, "We have to be able to follow the people up
14:44 that want to be followed up."
14:46 Yes. And he's setting it up.
14:47 But, I mean,
14:50 I used to give them calendars and maybe in a group of,
14:54 you know, 18 to 25,
14:57 I might get one out of the whole group
14:59 and that's like journaling, and I'm thinking,
15:04 they paid their money, they came here,
15:05 they took their time and everything.
15:07 Why can't they make it all the way to the post office
15:11 with an envelope and a stamp on it and the...
15:14 in the aid we calendar
15:15 and tell me how they're doing but...
15:18 I did that for a long time.
15:20 I did, I filled out those calendars.
15:23 I never send them in. I just stack them up.
15:26 Yeah, I have a lady the other day
15:27 when I was talking to the researcher here,
15:31 this was Nedley.
15:32 And she called up and so I said,
15:36 "Just wait a minute," because I...
15:39 She does that too.
15:40 She sends me about three or four-minute time.
15:43 But she's...
15:45 The thing is, one of the hardest thing is,
15:48 is it was popular out there, you see.
15:50 Yeah.
15:52 And now coconut oil is a complete pass.
15:58 The stomach when it sends a message over
16:01 to make more cholesterol,
16:03 so as you can add some bile to emulsify the fat,
16:08 the stomach's not watching,
16:10 oh, here comes some mezan oil
16:13 and here comes some triple virgin
16:15 double cold pressed olive oil.
16:18 And, you know, it's just oil is oil, fat is...
16:22 Well, no, fat is usually from animals,
16:25 but, you know that.
16:27 It's really surprising.
16:28 And then there's always a study that shows it
16:31 something's good that does the same thing
16:34 that the others do.
16:36 But it's not the saturated fat and the animal fats
16:39 cause a lot of irritation.
16:41 We're running out of time, Doc.
16:43 Thank you.
16:44 God bless you and your ministry.
16:47 Thank you, friends.
16:48 But don't go away
16:49 because Pastor Damon Snead is up next.
16:55 Welcome back, friends. Help me welcome Pastor Snead.
16:58 How are you, Brother? I'm doing great, Brother.
17:00 Good to see you. Thank you.
17:02 Well, you know,
17:04 I just gotta say this,
17:07 that it seems like we get a lot of people here
17:11 who are suffering the loss
17:14 of a spouse,
17:17 or a family member, a child,
17:20 or father or whatever the case may be.
17:22 And that seems to be what's going on with Carol.
17:26 It's been some time.
17:28 But how is she doing spiritually?
17:32 Spiritually, she's another one that came here
17:34 buzzing on another level.
17:36 And she's got a tragic story.
17:39 You know, she's suffering from a disease
17:43 and she lost her husband,
17:45 but that drove her out of her religion of birth
17:50 into this search,
17:51 where she's looking, looking, searching, looking.
17:54 She's lost her husband.
17:55 She's looking for God in deeper and deeper ways.
17:58 I just think that's so important
18:00 when people are suffering when they've lost someone,
18:02 a lot of times they try to go out
18:04 and get into another relationship
18:05 or they get involved with this or other things.
18:08 And it just leads to emptiness and unfulfillment,
18:11 but she's doing what you were supposed to do,
18:14 taking that opportunity
18:16 and using it to find God in deeper ways.
18:19 And, of course, she did.
18:20 She ends up in ministry.
18:23 She's very influential where she's at
18:25 and helping other women,
18:26 women's ministries, what she's actually into.
18:29 And she's got a great story to help other women
18:32 and other people get through loss
18:34 and grief and suffering.
18:35 And, so she's got this wonderful ministry,
18:38 but that wasn't all
18:40 that she was actually looking for needed.
18:43 Right.
18:44 And so she's here,
18:46 and she's finding what she was looking for.
18:48 Yeah.
18:50 And I see her opening up more and more and more.
18:53 Thanks to your message. And thanks to your counsel.
18:56 I know God has blessed you in a mighty way.
18:59 Nonetheless, you have a tremendous responsibility.
19:04 And I praise God
19:07 that He's able to enlighten this campus.
19:10 Well, you know,
19:12 and I know that from talking to her,
19:14 she's received the gospel in deeper way.
19:18 But what I think she came here looking for,
19:20 and what she expressed to me was
19:21 the connection of health to her gospel,
19:25 the improvement of the body,
19:27 she starts, she said, I get it.
19:29 I understand that better health
19:33 is part of God's gospel plan for me.
19:35 It's not the gospel,
19:37 but it is part of God's desire to heal us.
19:41 Because the better you feel, the clearer the mind is,
19:46 the more receptive ability we have,
19:49 and we teach that to God
19:51 and she's catching that,
19:52 she's picking up on that,
19:53 and she's excited now about the health message
19:56 and now she wants to add that to her ministry,
19:59 it help other people overcome their health issues.
20:03 You know, when I read... Paul said,
20:06 in so many ways, or I'll paraphrase,
20:10 "Don't you know that this body
20:11 is the temple of the Holy Spirit."
20:14 And I truly know that
20:15 and I've witnessed that and I see it,
20:17 not just for myself when I came here 13 years ago,
20:21 very, very sick man.
20:23 And I've lost all this weight and diabetes known.
20:27 And so, this is where I found Christ.
20:30 And it keeps going into deeper waters
20:34 as you put it.
20:36 I was like, when I was baptized,
20:37 I was ankle deep.
20:39 And now I'm up in knees
20:41 and you've got me down in the deep water.
20:43 It's coming up to my neck.
20:45 I'm about to be submerged once again.
20:48 And it's just a great feeling.
20:50 And I welcome and I'm glad to see
20:52 that our guests who come here
20:54 can not only grow physically
20:57 and get well physically but spiritually.
20:59 Sure.
21:01 In all, I've given her some great ideas
21:03 to even go deeper with God
21:05 and she's one of these
21:06 that will mine out that rich ore
21:09 and dig down deeper,
21:11 both in spiritual ways.
21:12 I've given her new concepts to look into
21:17 and also with her health.
21:19 And these two things are gonna work together
21:20 and she's gonna be a force to contend
21:23 with wherever she goes, she's gonna do great.
21:27 She's a junior pastor, is she?
21:28 She's some kind of a pastor or minister in the church
21:32 in this nondenominational church
21:35 where she's at.
21:37 Good for her. Good for her.
21:38 I know she'll have a lot of juice
21:40 to take back to that.
21:41 Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah.
21:43 Guess what? We're out of time right now.
21:47 Good to talk with you. All right.
21:48 God bless you and your ministry.
21:50 Don't go away, Dr. Nedley and Dr. Ramirez up next.
22:30 Welcome to Weimar Institute Research.
22:33 And today, we have a study
22:36 that was actually designed and carried out
22:38 by Dr. Ramirez himself,
22:41 the Director of Weimar Institute Research,
22:44 and also very involved in the Weimar College
22:47 in teaching research.
22:49 Now Dr. Ramirez, a lot of the studies,
22:51 you're analyzing data
22:54 from multiple countries.
22:57 But this is actually a group
22:59 that you, yourself were involved in.
23:01 Tell us a little bit about this group?
23:03 That's right.
23:04 The students were able to get a hold of this data
23:06 and help publish this paper.
23:09 And the focus of this study was
23:12 what happens when you get the NEWSTART principles
23:15 and you teach them in a community setting.
23:17 Okay.
23:18 Now, NEWSTART is well-known
23:20 to have its residential lifestyle program.
23:22 And we have published a lot
23:24 in regards to the improvement in lipids
23:27 and many other health parameters
23:28 by spending 19 days with us here at NEWSTART.
23:32 But this is taking a look
23:34 at an intensive community program
23:37 where they're not having to live here.
23:38 That's right.
23:40 And so did you feed them like we do here in NEWSTART?
23:42 No, not necessarily.
23:43 I just went, this was a Sunday church,
23:45 a nondenominational church,
23:46 a pastor invited me to go to this church.
23:49 There were many health issues in that church,
23:51 and he said, "Could you help us improve our health?"
23:54 So the pastor himself, as a result of this program,
23:57 became a full plant based person.
24:00 And the participants of this study
24:04 were enthusiastic.
24:06 It was a senior population, most of them.
24:09 And I remember one of them.
24:11 He came and talked to me and said,
24:13 "Look, my wife brought me to this two-week program.
24:16 Forget it.
24:17 I'm not going to change my diet."
24:19 At the end of the two weeks, he came to apologize.
24:21 "I'm sorry that I told you that.
24:23 We decided to switch our diet to a vegan diet.
24:26 We went to the shelter
24:27 and gave away all our fridge food.
24:29 And we're going to start new with the new diet."
24:31 So it did create long term change.
24:34 Wow, amazing.
24:35 So someone who was very resistant to change,
24:38 as a result of true education actually totally changed
24:42 what they were putting into their mouths
24:44 and ways that they thought they never would.
24:46 And the reason why they were so enthusiastic is that
24:51 at the beginning of the program,
24:53 we took blood samples,
24:54 and their cholesterol was way above
24:58 what should be normal.
24:59 He had a 234 points,
25:03 that cholesterol.
25:04 The guideline says 200, but the ideal should be 150.
25:08 But still, you know,
25:10 that's way above those two guidelines.
25:12 You know, it's interesting.
25:14 Years ago, I remember Dr. Scharfenberg
25:16 talking to a group of pastors who asked him a question.
25:20 How can we get people more interested
25:23 in issues of salvation?
25:24 And he says, "I will tell you, take their blood,
25:27 find out what their cholesterol is,
25:29 give them the result and they will cry out
25:31 what must I do to be saved?"
25:35 And that's exactly what happened.
25:37 They cried out. "What must I do to be saved?"
25:39 And were you able to save them?
25:41 Yes.
25:42 Well, even the LDL,
25:44 very worrisome 147 LDL.
25:47 Very high.
25:49 Some of them taking statins, even with statins,
25:51 they had this type of high levels of cholesterol
25:54 and bad cholesterol.
25:56 And after those two-week, it changed.
26:00 I spoke to them three times before the next blood sample.
26:04 And by the end of that two weeks,
26:08 their cholesterol had got down to 177.
26:13 And also, it went down beyond that 200.
26:16 And their bad cholesterol,
26:18 that LDL cholesterol went down to 122.
26:23 So...
26:24 Those are dramatic differences from 224 to 177,
26:28 in just two weeks,
26:30 with an educational program,
26:32 and their LDLs plummeting from a very high 147,
26:36 where that stroke, heart attack rate
26:39 down to 122 in just two weeks and who knows
26:42 what it would have been at six weeks
26:44 had you measured it?
26:45 And as a result of this action,
26:47 this had a community wide implication.
26:50 I want to talk to the businessman
26:52 and told him, I need you to bring healthy food
26:54 because there was not too many options.
26:55 He didn't believe me. He brought two or three things.
26:58 Bam! People bought these things.
27:00 People got upset with him,
27:01 "Hey, the doctor said
27:03 you're gonna have these things."
27:04 He now knew that this was serious.
27:06 We start stocking up his store with healthy products
27:09 so that people could continue
27:10 with this healthy lifestyle long term.
27:13 It's consumerism that drives the commercial aspect,
27:16 not the other way around.
27:18 And so, yeah, they learned that.
27:20 Now our students at Weimar Institute
27:22 actually took a look at the results
27:25 and compiled them along with yourself.
27:28 And was this published then?
27:29 Yeah, this was actually published
27:31 in an American Heart Association journal
27:34 called Atherosclerosis Thrombosis
27:36 and Vascular Biology Journal.
27:38 Wow.
27:40 Amazing the difference with just health education
27:43 provided by Dr. Eddie Ramirez,
27:46 Director of Research at Weimar Institute.
27:50 And thank you for joining us at Weimar Institute Research.


Revised 2019-10-24