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01:13 Hi, friends, and welcome to another edition
01:15 of NEWSTART Now.
01:16 I'm your host, Ron Giannoni.
01:18 In our studio with me,
01:20 we have a young man, his name is Chuck.
01:23 I want you to take a look at him
01:25 when he first arrived
01:26 and look at him now.
01:31 Mainly, I want to get better health,
01:32 and I want to lose weight.
01:34 Haven't been successful in doing that on my own,
01:37 so I'm hoping to lose 15 pounds while I'm here,
01:42 and then I want to continue down to about,
01:45 I'd say 185, you say 170,
01:48 170 would be great.
01:51 Well, I'd love to get off medications.
01:54 I've always been on medication, not always,
01:57 1973, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure,
02:01 and I've been on medication since then.
02:04 But last year, and only two or three,
02:08 last year, I got pneumonia,
02:12 got sepsis when I was in the hospital,
02:15 had a reaction to the antibiotic
02:17 and lost my balance,
02:20 couldn't walk for a long time,
02:23 and put on the weight,
02:25 especially my stomach, can't get rid of it.
02:28 Everything I've tried doesn't work,
02:30 my stomach is just pressure all the time.
02:34 I think it's from some of the medications,
02:35 I take seven now.
02:37 And if you can get me off
02:39 of three or four, that'd be great.
02:43 I love being better.
02:49 Welcome back, friends.
02:50 Help me welcome Chuck Spafford
02:53 all the way from Redding, California.
02:56 Yep.
02:57 Yeah, it's a good thing
02:58 you're not up there with the fires.
03:00 I was. You were though.
03:01 I was... We were evacuated.
03:03 I know.
03:05 But that's all under control now.
03:07 That's gone, but no paradise.
03:09 Paradise is gone.
03:11 It's terrible.
03:12 Yeah, terrible, 9,000. Yeah. Absolutely terrible.
03:16 Well, let's talk about you, Chuck.
03:17 Okay.
03:19 You know, when you got here,
03:22 I could see a little maybe wishful thinking
03:26 but you weren't quite sure.
03:29 What do you think now? Where are you at?
03:33 You know, it's hard to put it in words.
03:37 Even go back and tell my friends,
03:40 it's going to be difficult
03:41 'cause it's a whole environment.
03:43 It's the people involved
03:46 that you come in contact with every day,
03:48 all have the same mindset.
03:50 They're here to serve.
03:52 And that...
03:57 I've got a great cardiologist,
04:00 great internist,
04:01 been back to Mayo three times.
04:04 And they've done all the tests
04:07 and this is what I needed.
04:10 This is taking care of my...
04:12 I believe this will take care of my problem.
04:14 You had a pain in your stomach, some pressures.
04:17 I have pressure in my stomach, severe pressure,
04:20 and it was 24 hours a day.
04:22 And how about now?
04:24 None. None.
04:25 Now after week here,
04:27 released a little bit, went down,
04:30 and yeah, I feel totally comfortable.
04:33 Stomach's now down where I want it,
04:35 that one like yours, Ron, it is.
04:37 That's fine. I am happy with that.
04:39 You got a lot of ways to go, not much.
04:41 I am going to stay with it. Yeah, that's the key.
04:43 I'm going to stay with it.
04:45 Praise God. Yeah.
04:47 And so the program has met your expectation?
04:53 And more. And more.
04:54 And more, yeah.
04:58 I couldn't be more,
05:00 I've got mixed feelings.
05:03 I want to get home,
05:05 don't want to leave.
05:08 You know, I felt that way 13 years ago,
05:10 and they can't get rid of me.
05:13 Well, that's good. That's good.
05:15 You know, since you brought it up,
05:18 people call me and say they had this ailment
05:21 or that ailment.
05:23 Some things I've never heard of like,
05:26 "My stomach hurts, will this help my stomach?"
05:29 I don't know if it will help your stomach,
05:31 but I'll tell you,
05:32 I've seen things like you where you've gotten here,
05:36 you've been all these fine doctors
05:39 and they're all note up on everything,
05:42 and you come here and you get well.
05:46 How is it that you got well here?
05:49 What had this program contributed
05:54 or what do you attribute to this wellness?
06:00 Not only me,
06:01 it's the people that I've been associated with
06:04 since I've been here, all the attendees.
06:07 There has been some real miracles.
06:09 Yes.
06:11 Now with me, up until a year and a half ago,
06:14 I was in what I'd consider perfect health
06:17 except blood pressure problems,
06:19 small blood pressure.
06:21 But I got pneumonia last April.
06:26 And then when I was in the hospital,
06:28 I got septic or sepsis,
06:31 and they gave me antibiotics, several antibiotics,
06:34 and I had a reaction to one of them,
06:38 and I couldn't walk for a while.
06:41 In fact, they say that some people
06:43 that have that reaction never walked.
06:45 You had over several months, I understand.
06:47 Yes.
06:48 So it's been a long process.
06:50 I've been doing a lot of therapy, balance therapy,
06:53 and that's when my stomach gave me a problem.
06:57 And...
07:00 so I think what this program has done for me,
07:03 I think it is the way I'm meeting
07:07 why I'm here, which I have to continue.
07:10 It feels so good.
07:12 It doesn't seem reasonable that I'd go back.
07:15 No. It doesn't seem reasonable.
07:17 Now I know there's going to be pulls when I get out,
07:20 when I get out.
07:23 You're not a prisoner. I know.
07:25 When I get out of the home...
07:27 But when I get home, it's going to be a struggle,
07:32 especially Thanksgiving,
07:33 we got 37 people for dinner
07:37 and everybody wants it.
07:40 They don't want to change this Thanksgiving.
07:42 So they want the same, and it will be.
07:45 But I really feel confident that I can do it.
07:49 Yes. And not a doubt in my mind.
07:51 Yes.
07:52 That's the first step.
07:54 When you know 100% of you're just going to do it
07:58 and stick to it,
08:00 I mean, I eat with family, they have turkey.
08:01 And yeah, it looks good, it smells good,
08:04 but, you know, I don't need it.
08:06 Why would I want to do?
08:09 Why would I want to live like I used to live
08:11 with that sore stomach or that enlarged body
08:15 and extra hundred pounds and heart palpitations?
08:18 See the way I came in, Ron, the way I'm going out of here,
08:22 I don't want it to be that way again.
08:24 Yeah.
08:25 I never want to be that way again.
08:27 Amen. I mean, I'm sleeping better...
08:33 Blood pressure is down to low,
08:38 all my readings are great.
08:40 It's just been a great experience,
08:43 and if I can do it here in 18 days,
08:46 I think I'll be like you when I come back in six months.
08:49 That's right, you will. I visit. Yeah.
08:52 You'll be there in six months, I'm telling you.
08:55 Well, I'm going to come back
08:56 when you have the dinners once a month.
09:00 Yeah.
09:01 For the few months, I'm going to come back
09:03 even though it's three hours down,
09:04 I'm going to come back for that day.
09:08 You know what would be good? What?
09:10 If you come back during our program,
09:12 during the year
09:14 and let me interview you up on the stage
09:17 in front of a 100 or 200 people...
09:22 I would do that, sure.
09:24 That's a health seminar. You'll get an email about it.
09:26 Okay. Yeah.
09:28 Yeah, that'll be great.
09:29 Yeah, that'd be fun.
09:31 If I can do anything to support this...
09:33 Yeah. I'd be glad to do it.
09:35 Great program.
09:36 Well, your testimony
09:38 and the fact that you're here now
09:40 is going to be a tremendous benefit.
09:42 We're going to broadcast this all over the world.
09:44 People will see this,
09:46 and I want to take the time to thank you
09:47 'cause we're out of time.
09:49 Chuck, God bless you, brother.
09:50 I got you. Thank you, and God bless you.
09:52 We will see you again.
09:53 But, friends, don't go away, Dr. Lukens is up next.
10:00 Every year in America,
10:02 there are over one million deaths
10:03 because of type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
10:06 This includes heart attacks and strokes.
10:09 That's six and a half 747s
10:10 crushing every day.
10:12 What's even more surprising is that the fix is easy.
10:15 It's your lifestyle.
10:17 Wouldn't it be nice
10:18 if you could actually add quality years to your life
10:20 rather than dying one organ at a time?
10:23 Obesity and diabetes
10:25 are the cause of over a million deaths per year.
10:27 Most diseases are reversible
10:30 because most diseases are lifestyle diseases,
10:32 especially type 2 diabetes and chronic obesity.
10:36 Seriously now, they can be reversed
10:38 and the quality of your life can be renewed.
10:42 Call NEWSTART Today
10:43 at 1-800-525-9192.
10:48 You will see dramatic changes
10:49 in the first few days at our program,
10:52 and you will be on the road
10:53 to a better more robust quality of life.
10:56 The NEWSTART programs are simple and effective.
11:02 Welcome back, friends, help me welcome Dr. Lukens.
11:06 Thank you. Thank you. It's good to see you.
11:08 Thank you for bringing all these nice people in.
11:11 Well, thank you for taking care of these nice people.
11:14 This is a great group.
11:16 It is. We had a wonderful time.
11:18 Yeah, they're a great group,
11:21 and it's reflected
11:23 in the good results they've gotten.
11:25 Yeah, yeah, there are tremendous results.
11:28 And I want to talk about Chuck now
11:30 because Chuck...
11:32 You know, his wife and he came down to visit me,
11:35 prior to them signing up to the program
11:38 'cause they live about two hours away from us,
11:42 and he just seemed like a happy good looking guy
11:45 and his wife was kind of...
11:48 She didn't necessarily have much to say,
11:51 although she came with him.
11:53 Yeah, that's wonderful.
11:55 Isn't that a bit of blessing for him?
11:56 Oh, yeah, she's the heart of that home.
12:00 She's on board now, huh.
12:02 You know, the thing that's interesting,
12:05 the reason why he's here
12:07 is his daughter was here four years ago,
12:11 and she had the gastric bypass surgery,
12:16 and he said that she was in and out of the hospital,
12:20 trying to get her salts right,
12:22 trying to get all the things that she lose
12:26 when all that stuff goes roaring through.
12:29 And after...
12:30 And I didn't know that this would happen,
12:32 but after she went through the program,
12:35 this is four years ago,
12:36 she came to see your folks here
12:38 and that's why they came is because of her.
12:42 She looks great,
12:44 and she hasn't been back to the hospital.
12:46 I mean,
12:47 that's a whole life changer, isn't it?
12:48 That is.
12:50 So anyway, now Charles or Chuck,
12:54 he saw what happened with his daughter
12:55 and he was hoping that
12:57 something like that could happen with him.
12:59 And another thing is that, you know, as you get older,
13:05 you get this intra abdominal fat
13:07 and he probably had some in his liver as well.
13:10 We call that the metabolic syndrome,
13:13 and that's a really big thing
13:16 because, even our high school kids
13:19 are getting it now.
13:20 Do you think that where some of the pain was coming from,
13:22 the liver...
13:24 No, it's just hard to tell,
13:26 but yeah, of course, you know...
13:29 But the thing was is that
13:31 he also had problems with rhythm in his heart.
13:36 And one of the things
13:39 that really, really bothered him
13:42 is that he couldn't do anything because he has something
13:47 Dr. Crane would say it was primary aldosteronism,
13:52 and that means that if you have that...
13:56 I mean, if you have a low potassium,
13:58 you have that until you prove otherwise and,
14:01 you know, he was such a good researcher and everything.
14:04 But so he has these potassium pills that he takes
14:08 and he has to take sodium pills.
14:10 But he was really interesting.
14:12 He still takes...
14:13 He still takes some of the pills
14:15 for his potassium.
14:17 But anyway,
14:21 his potassium has been stable.
14:24 Now the other thing was is that he just
14:27 really, really tanked up on the water,
14:29 and he's looking forward to a certain level procedure
14:33 that they do on men so he can,
14:36 you know, not have to take medicine for that.
14:39 But he was so hydrated that I said,
14:43 I looked at the specific gravity on,
14:45 and I said,
14:47 "Did you fill your urine cup over at the sink?"
14:51 His wife has a good sense of humor.
14:53 She chuckled and suffered. Yeah, right.
14:56 But anyway,
14:58 he is so excited about this because he said,
15:00 "I just haven't felt so good and so, you know, energetic."
15:06 And he was afraid that
15:10 he was diabetic or pre-diabetic
15:12 and he wouldn't turn me loose on that one so.
15:15 Well, he's not on anything for diabetes
15:19 but we did a hemoglobin A1c on him
15:22 and up to like 5.6 around there
15:28 and his was 5.4.
15:29 So I said, just expunge that,
15:32 you don't have type 2 diabetes,
15:36 and he was happy about that.
15:38 But, you know,
15:40 this is the kind of patients that keeps here, you know.
15:44 They get so exuberant and so happy and healthy,
15:47 and then, I'm glad that Dan's going to help us
15:50 so we can follow him up.
15:51 Absolutely.
15:53 You know, I think he's even changed his viewpoint
15:56 on Christians in general.
15:59 Yeah.
16:00 'Cause he had a little bit of resistance there.
16:02 Well, you know, he told me that
16:04 while we were walking away from the cafeteria,
16:07 and he told me, he said,
16:08 you know, when I was in my later teens,
16:12 he said, "I was reading a book called The Desire of Ages."
16:17 And he said, "I read it avidly."
16:19 And he said, "Now that I've been here again,
16:22 and I'm seeing what you folks were saying,"
16:24 he said, "I'm going to start reading that book."
16:28 He said, "It is such a blessing."
16:31 Wow!
16:32 That is a blessing.
16:33 Yeah, to us, to him, and to Jesus.
16:36 Amen.
16:38 Well, we're just about out of time,
16:39 any last comment you'd like to make to our guests?
16:44 Yeah.
16:45 Well, when he gets out there,
16:47 he's going to bring some more people in.
16:48 Amen.
16:50 I like that idea. Yeah.
16:51 We're going to have to grow, expand I should say.
16:55 Doc, thank you very much for your time...
16:57 Yeah. And for coming.
16:59 It's so wonderful to see these people do better
17:02 and some of them get well.
17:03 Amen.
17:05 And, friends, thank you for watching.
17:07 But don't go away
17:08 'cause Pastor Damon Snead is up next.
17:16 Welcome back, friends, help me welcome Pastor Snead.
17:19 How are you? I'm doing well, friend.
17:21 Good to see you.
17:23 You know, I want to talk about Chuck.
17:25 Oh yeah, yeah.
17:27 You know, he came down from Redding,
17:28 California to visit us.
17:31 And he, of course brought his wife with him
17:33 and, you know, he was just all smiling
17:36 and bubbly, and I go,
17:38 "Why is this guy want to come here?"
17:40 Well, he said, "Well, for sure I want to lose some weight
17:43 and, you know, and other things."
17:46 But I think something more than that has happened.
17:49 I see some shield is just kind of melting away.
17:54 You know, felt more resistant
17:56 to this whole Christianity aspect,
18:00 this love that we share so openly
18:03 with everyone who's there.
18:05 But what about you?
18:06 Does any of that resonate with you?
18:09 Oh yeah. I mean, this is a great guy.
18:11 I actually really like him, you know.
18:14 He's of a different denomination,
18:16 that's great because we have a good mix here usually.
18:19 Yes.
18:20 And, you know, in the beginning,
18:23 he told me this too
18:26 when he first met me, he said,
18:27 "You know, when I first met you,
18:28 I thought I don't know about this guy."
18:34 You know, because pastors and preachers can come off
18:38 usually in negative light sometimes
18:40 in all denominations, struggle with this
18:42 and, you know, he began to share a story
18:44 and he had some really negative experiences
18:46 in the beginning of his Christian life,
18:48 you know, just typical stuff,
18:51 pastors with bad habits or ideas,
18:55 evangelistic...
18:57 You know, just, I mean,
18:59 a lot of people struggle with this,
19:01 and so that can taint your religious experience
19:04 and cause you to be looking, always looking
19:06 and trying to find something different.
19:09 Well, you know, we're seeing that
19:10 with all face, I mean,
19:13 throughout Christianity
19:14 and Muslims and Buddhists, you know.
19:17 But particularly in the limelight,
19:19 there's the Christian,
19:20 the Catholic Church, the Methodist Church,
19:23 this church and that church
19:25 and, you know, this just people are people,
19:28 people are sinful by nature.
19:29 Yeah, you got to realize that
19:33 that when we come to church, people are sinful.
19:38 Jesus said it, right?
19:39 I've not come to call the righteous
19:41 but the sick.
19:43 That's right.
19:44 And so when we go to church
19:46 and a lot of people forget this,
19:48 they go to church
19:49 and their focus is on other people
19:51 and then before you know it,
19:53 you're disgruntled with Christianity.
19:54 You know, I don't want to be like them, but that's,
19:57 you know, we're all there together
19:58 for a reason.
20:00 If our eyes are on Christ,
20:01 then it changes the dynamics
20:03 of my relationship with others, and I realize,
20:06 "Oh, he's messed up as bad as I am."
20:08 So he's...
20:10 You know, I used to be one of those guys
20:12 that look around in the pews, they go,
20:14 "Oh, what is he doing here?
20:16 What is that one doing here?"
20:17 Someone said to me one day,
20:19 "Ron, don't you realize
20:21 the churches are hospitals for sinners?"
20:25 That's right. I'm like, "Wow!"
20:28 It changed my whole viewpoint about going to church.
20:33 And now I look at all those others, I go,
20:36 "I'm one of them."
20:37 Dear, we're all the same.
20:39 And this is the good thing about Fresh Start,
20:40 Fresh Start is a hospital too.
20:42 They come here for the health program
20:43 because they're sick.
20:45 Well, look, you come to Fresh Start,
20:47 you're going to find out we're all sick.
20:48 Amen.
20:50 You know, and that's the beauty of it.
20:51 People start looking at each other
20:54 but they start realizing
20:55 we're all got these problems
20:57 and what the NEWSTART lecture does,
20:58 a Fresh Start lecture does
21:00 is I'm presenting
21:01 the spiritual message of healing.
21:03 This is how we're all going to be healed.
21:06 Amen.
21:07 And it was great to see him really,
21:11 you know, I don't know,
21:12 to what level he's opened up
21:14 to the Adventist understanding of the gospel,
21:17 but I present it as the gospel.
21:21 We're not trying to make people Adventists
21:23 when we come in there,
21:24 our goal is to present them to Christ.
21:27 Amen.
21:28 Get them to the throne room, get them into better contact
21:31 with the Holy Spirit,
21:33 and then let God work on people
21:35 and bring them to wherever they want to do.
21:37 And I think that he appreciated that,
21:39 I mean, I'm assuming,
21:40 but I think it would be safe to say
21:42 that he appreciated that aspect.
21:45 I think it's well received because we've had more baptisms
21:49 since you've been here for the last couple of years,
21:52 and the previous 15 or 20 years,
21:54 and I think that people are coming here
21:57 and being blessed physically and spiritually.
22:01 And I want to thank you and thank God
22:04 that He's given you this message
22:07 that you give so freely.
22:08 And anyway,
22:10 we're running out of time, how it goes.
22:12 How did that happen? Thank you, Pastor.
22:15 God bless you.
22:16 Friends, don't go away
22:17 'cause Dr. Nedley and Dr. Ramirez
22:20 are up next.
22:25 Welcome to NEWSTART Now.
22:27 I'm Dr. Neil Nedley,
22:28 and with me today is Dr. Eddie Ramirez,
22:31 one of the researching physicians
22:33 here at Weimar Institute
22:35 who also teaches
22:36 the research methods and design class
22:39 at the Weimar Institute college,
22:41 which is an exciting place for pre-med
22:43 and health career type of searching students.
22:48 But today,
22:50 we are actually going to discuss a study
22:52 that has been accepted for publication
22:54 in the journal atherosclerosis thrombosis
22:57 and vascular biology.
23:00 And many of our studies that we produce here at Weimar
23:03 is looking at thousands of patients
23:06 or at least hundreds of patients.
23:08 Sometimes, we'll take a look at like
23:10 just the pediatric group and look at,
23:13 you know, 11 child cases that came through with obesity.
23:18 But today,
23:19 I just like to focus in on a study
23:23 that was published for one patient.
23:26 Now why is the journal allowing one patient?
23:29 Here's the thing.
23:30 Every one of our studies is actually real people.
23:34 This isn't data,
23:35 when we're dealing hundreds and tens
23:37 and thousands of patients, those are all real lives,
23:41 and sometimes, it's good to just focus in one patient
23:45 and what they came with here to NEWSTART.
23:49 And this guy was a sick guy.
23:51 Tell us a little bit about him.
23:52 He had what we call the metabolic syndrome.
23:55 He had diabetes, he had hypertension,
23:58 his lipids were not very good,
24:01 and even though
24:03 he was taking three medications,
24:05 he was out of control.
24:07 Blood pressure were 150 over 78
24:10 when he came first here to the NEWSTART,
24:13 he was taking three medications
24:15 and still his glucose was not under control,
24:18 his blood pressure was not under control.
24:21 Now ideally,
24:22 your systolic blood pressure should be less than 115,
24:27 and so he was 150 despite three different.
24:31 That's right, two medications for the blood pressure.
24:33 Yeah.
24:34 Okay, so use two medicines for blood pressure
24:36 and one was medicine for diabetes.
24:39 How much did this gentleman weigh?
24:42 When he came here,
24:43 he was weighing 381 pounds.
24:49 And just in 18 days,
24:51 he was able to lose 16 pounds.
24:54 And one of the first things
24:55 that changed was his blood pressure.
24:57 He end up with a blood pressure of 116 over 72,
25:02 we have to actually decrease
25:03 some of the medication he was taking.
25:05 Okay, so now he's getting close to that ideal 116.
25:08 And that's very good coming down from 150,
25:12 and you're actually reducing the medicines
25:17 at the same time,
25:18 otherwise, it really would have gotten too low.
25:20 So this was in August when he came.
25:24 After he finished, he didn't say, "Oh I finished.
25:26 I'm going to go back to my old lifestyle."
25:27 No, he made a commitment
25:29 to change his life so permanently.
25:32 So in August, he comes,
25:33 by the time that he continues interacting
25:36 with his head physician,
25:37 by May, the next year,
25:40 his physician had to suspend all medication.
25:42 He no longer needed that medication.
25:44 Wow! So now he's off all medicines.
25:47 And what is he weighing about this time?
25:49 270 pounds.
25:51 Okay, so he's lost 100 pounds.
25:55 That's amazing.
25:57 And that's without the complications
25:59 of this gastric bypass surgery.
26:00 That's right.
26:01 A lot of people are going for gastric bypass,
26:03 and I can tell you,
26:05 if you would find out
26:06 the complications of this surgery,
26:08 vitamin deficiencies, all sorts of things,
26:11 the skin changes that take place,
26:13 all of the lifestyle changes,
26:15 you're going to be forced to do,
26:17 you're much better coming to NEWSTART.
26:19 Not only is it far less expensive
26:21 but it's a much healthier way to go.
26:24 And then by July...
26:25 That happened in May, by July, we do a lab test,
26:28 everything perfectly normal, cholesterols,
26:30 and most encouraging hemoglobin A1c of 5.5.
26:36 He was no longer considered a diabetic,
26:39 he actually had stopped his diabetes completely.
26:42 Wow.
26:43 So he reversed the diabetes
26:45 so he didn't even have to be called a diabetic.
26:47 No longer having high blood pressure.
26:50 And what is his weight around this time then?
26:51 So I don't have the weight by then
26:55 but by August, I do have his final weight.
27:00 So we started in August 2003.
27:02 By January 2005, he had lost 141 pounds.
27:07 141 pounds.
27:10 So a totally new person.
27:12 Now energetic, now able to sleep
27:16 because of the excess weight
27:19 he was having issues with sleep apnea
27:21 and these type of things.
27:22 Those things reverse as a result
27:25 of this intensive lifestyle intervention.
27:28 A normal, healthy, good looking individual,
27:32 now disease free
27:34 as a result of coming to NEWSTART
27:36 who was 380 pounds
27:38 and way out of control at first.
27:40 Well, Eddie, it's exciting.
27:42 I know why the journal accepted this for publication
27:44 because this can also be someone you know
27:48 or maybe yourself.
27:49 And I'm Dr. Neil Nedley, and this is NEWSTART Now.
27:52 Join us again next week.


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