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Program Code Duration Description Participants
OTG000001 Video Transcript 0:28:45 Guyana: Fuel Narrator: Ceasor Evangelista
OTG000002 Video Transcript 0:28:44 Guyana: Refurbishment Narrator: Caesar Evangelista
OTG000003 Video Transcript 0:27:44 Guyana: Volunteer Narrator: Caesar Evangelista
OTG000004 Video Transcript 0:29:44 Guyana: Death Narrator: Caesar Evangelista
OTG000005 Video Transcript 0:29:29 Guyana: Ground Transportation Narrator: Caesar Evangelista
OTG000006 Video Transcript 0:29:29 Guyana: Remote Healthcare Narrator: Caesar Evangelista
OTG000007 Video Transcript 0:26:14 Guyana: Communion Narrator: Caesar Evangelista
OTG000008 Video Transcript 0:30:00 Alaska: Evangelism Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000009 Video Transcript 0:30:00 Alaska: Suicide Prevention Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000010 Video Transcript 0:30:00 Alaska: Mission Construction Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000011 Video Transcript 0:29:14 Alaska: Kotzebue Outpost Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000012 Video Transcript 0:29:14 Alaska: Togiak Mission Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000013 Video Transcript 0:25:45 Homeland -part 1: Evangelism Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000014 Video Transcript 0:29:44 Homeland part 2: Plane Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000015 Video Transcript 0:29:15 Rice Harvest Narrator: Charlene West/Chet Damron
OTG000016 Video Transcript 0:29:15 Fishers of Men Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000017 Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Lord is My Strength Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000018 Video Transcript 0:27:30 Team Work Narration: Chet Damron
OTG000019 Video Transcript 0:29:30 Building the Church Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000022 Video Transcript 0:29:15 Edgar Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000023 Video Transcript 0:50:00 Baptism Narrator: Caesar Evangelista
OTG000024A Video 0:28:30 Homeland Missions Narrator: Charlene West/Ric Swaningson
OTG000025A Video Transcript 0:29:30 Keeping The Planes Safe Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000026A Video Transcript 0:29:30 Mission to Guyana Ray & Julie Young
OTG000027A Video Transcript 0:29:00 Getting the New Plane to Guyana Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000028A Video Transcript 0:29:00 Final Delivery of N8838X Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000029A Video Transcript 0:26:30 Medevac Service to Guyana Narrator: Chet Damron/Bill LaBore
OTG000030A Video 0:30:00 AWA 20th Anniversary- Part 1 Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000031A Video 0:29:30 AWA 20th Anniversary- Part 2 Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000032A Video 0:26:00 Jungle Students Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000033A Video 0:29:30 Bible Studies Narrator:Chet Damron/Bill LaBore
OTG000034A Video 0:29:45 Jungle Industries Narrator: Chet Damron/Bill La Bore
OTG000035A Video 0:29:15 Logistics and Transportation Narrator: Bill La Bore
OTG000036A Video 0:28:15 Making Disciples Narrator: Chet Damron/Bill La Bore
OTG000037A Video 0:29:30 Volunteer Needs Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000038A Video Transcript 0:29:00 Building a Base -Nicaragua Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000039A Video Transcript 0:29:00 Woman Medevacs -Nicaragua Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000040A Video Transcript 0:29:00 Building the Church -Nicaragua Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000041A Video Transcript 0:29:00 Baby Medevacs -Nicaragua Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000042A Video Transcript 0:29:00 Always Busy Helping -Nicaragua Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000043A Video Transcript 0:29:00 Man Medevacs -Nicaragua Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000044A Video Transcript 0:29:00 A Day in the Life of Missionaries -Nicaragua Narrator:Chet Damron
OTG000045A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Medical -Nicaragua Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000046A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Bad Alternator -Nicaragua Narrator: Chet Damron
OTG000047A Video NA No Information Available NA
OTG000048A Video NA No Information Available NA
OTG000049A Video NA No Information Available NA
OTG000050A Video NA No Information Available NA
OTG000051A Video NA No Information Available NA
OTG000052A Video NA No Information Available NA


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