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00:13 Welcome to day four of, Ten Days of Prayer,
00:17 a prayer strategy from the Revival and Reformation
00:19 initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
00:22 I invite you to join me for the next seven days for 30 minutes
00:25 of praise and prayer as we seek God for a deeper experience.
00:30 It's not too late to visit
00:35 to sign up for the prayer community there
00:37 and to download the wonderful prayer resources
00:40 that are provided on their website.
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00:51 I appreciate you for being a part of this time of
00:53 prayer and praise.
00:55 Listen to this testimony as I read a rather lengthy but...
01:00 Listen here.
01:02 "He grew up in a logger's home, the youngest of four children.
01:06 His siblings were much older and had lives of their own;
01:09 his father and mother were preoccupied managing
01:12 a tavern in the small town where they lived.
01:15 Eddie was often left to care for himself.
01:18 The local movie theater was his babysitter on weekends,
01:21 and many times he came home after the double feature
01:23 to an empty house.
01:25 Sometimes he sat in the family car well after other
01:28 seven-year-old children were asleep in their beds
01:31 and cried for his mother to come out of the tavern
01:34 and to take him home.
01:36 When Eddie was 14, his mother became a born-again
01:39 Seventh-day Adventist Christian, and things dramatically changed.
01:42 Instead of patronizing the tavern, his mother began
01:45 attending prayer meeting and church services.
01:48 Eddie joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:50 with his mother and enrolled in church school.
01:53 By the time he was 17, however, he lost interest in church.
01:56 Two years later, he was drafted into military service.
02:00 His pastor encouraged him to get re-baptized
02:02 before facing the dangers of battle.
02:05 This sounded like a great plan, and Eddie agreed to do so
02:08 when he came home on leave.
02:10 He studied the fundamental beliefs of the
02:11 Adventist Church for a second time.
02:14 This provided head-knowledge, but he still didn't know Jesus.
02:18 Eddie found that trying to meet church standards
02:21 on his own was a challenge.
02:23 He was tired of trying to be a Christian,
02:25 playing church, trying to obey.
02:28 He was so powerless to maintain the Christian life,
02:31 and fell back into his old ways.
02:34 What was wrong?"
02:36 From, Steps to Christ, page 44, it says,
02:39 "There are those who profess to serve God,
02:42 while they rely upon their own efforts to obey His law,
02:46 to form a right character, and secure salvation.
02:50 Their hearts are not moved by any deep sense
02:52 of the love of Christ, but they seek to perform the duties
02:55 of the Christian life as that which God requires of them
02:59 in order to gain heaven.
03:01 Such religion is worth nothing...
03:04 A profession of Christ without this deep love [of Christ]
03:08 is mere talk, dry formality, and heavy drudgery."
03:14 "Eddie's mother and sister attended an all-night
03:16 prayer meeting at the church's New Year's Eve service.
03:20 They prayed specifically for Eddie.
03:22 They saw the answer to their prayers over the next few weeks
03:25 when things started going wrong for him.
03:28 He lost his girlfriend, his job, his car.
03:32 'Why is my world falling apart?' he wondered.
03:36 After a night of drinking with friends,
03:38 Eddie came home in a drunken stupor.
03:40 He cried out, 'God, if you're real, I need you!
03:44 I know a lot about you, but now I want to know you!'
03:49 A sweet, still, small voice made its way
03:52 through the fog in his mind:
03:54 'I AM real, and I love you.'
03:57 This broke his heart.
03:59 'How could You possibly love me after how I've lived?' he asked.
04:03 'I'm so tired of my life the way it is.
04:06 Please make me a true Christian.
04:08 I want to serve You the rest of my life,
04:10 but I can't do it by myself.'
04:13 That night, Eddie surrendered his life to Jesus
04:16 and accepted Him as Lord and Savior.
04:18 He believed by faith that his sins were forgiven
04:21 and that he was a new creature in Christ Jesus;
04:24 old things were passed away.
04:27 Through this simple act of believing the promise of God,
04:30 the Holy Spirit began a work in Eddie's heart.
04:34 A new life emerged, and Eddie did not turn back."
04:39 From, Steps to Christ, page 52,
04:41 "Now that you have given yourself to Jesus,
04:44 do not draw back, do not take yourself away from Him,
04:49 but day by day say, 'I am Christ's;
04:52 I have given myself to Him;' and ask Him to give you
04:57 His Spirit and to keep you by His grace.
05:00 As it is by giving yourself to God, and believing Him,
05:03 that you become His child, so you are to live in Him.
05:08 The apostle says, 'As ye have therefore received
05:11 Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him.'"
05:15 That's from Colossians 2:6.
05:17 "So Eddie began to read the Bible and learned to pray.
05:21 As he studied the Scriptures and learned more about
05:23 the love of God through the life of Jesus,
05:25 his own life became transformed.
05:28 The drinking, smoking, and other lifestyle choices that once
05:32 made him happy were no longer part of his life."
05:36 That's the power of Christ to act in and to transform a life.
05:42 Maybe you have an Eddie in your life that you're praying for;
05:46 someone that you know needs the Lord,
05:51 and they maybe even have acknowledged that
05:53 they need the Lord, but they can't do it in their own power.
05:59 We all know that.
06:00 None of us came to the Lord in our own power.
06:02 It wasn't our idea.
06:05 God was seeking for us.
06:07 He brought us into the fold, right?
06:11 That's right.
06:14 Let's just spend some time praising God that
06:16 we are part of the fold.
06:18 We are part of the wonderful family of God.
06:24 And He has accepted us.
06:31 He's working on us. He's changing us.
06:33 Lord, we praise You that You never give up on anyone,
06:36 and that You heal our backsliding,
06:39 and that You love us freely.
06:43 Father, thank You for that.
06:45 For we weren't worthy.
06:48 We're still not worthy, except for the blood of Christ;
06:52 that You make us worthy.
06:53 Lord, I praise You that Your marvelous works are working
07:00 in the children of man.
07:03 Thank You for Your marvelous works, God,
07:05 Your marvelous ways that are a mystery to us.
07:10 Lord, we thank You for those.
07:11 Lord, we praise You for the joy that we find in Your presence,
07:16 and that You are giving us a hope and a future.
07:21 That's who You are, God.
07:23 We praise You.
07:28 Thank You.
07:37 Praise Him, praise Him, Jesus our blessed Redeemer.
07:43 Sing, oh earth; His wonderful love proclaim.
07:48 Hail Him, hail Him, highest archangels in glory;
07:54 strength and honor give to His holy name.
08:01 Like a shepherd, Jesus will guard His children;
08:06 in His arms He carries them all day long.
08:12 So I praise Him, I praise Him;
08:16 I'll tell of His excellent greatness.
08:19 Praise Him, praise Him, ever in joyful song.
08:31 Have Thine own way, Lord, have Thine own way;
08:40 Thou art the potter, I am the clay.
08:49 Mold me and make me after Thy will
09:01 while I am waiting yielded and still.
09:16 Now we come to a time of confession
09:20 where we bring our faults to the Lord.
09:24 We ask Him to cleanse us
09:27 and make us new.
09:31 Lord, I pray that You will forgive us for holding onto
09:34 things that separate us from You.
09:41 Lord, I pray that You will help us to shed,
09:44 to get rid of those things that stand between You and us.
09:55 Lord, I ask that You would forgive us when we try to live
09:59 the Christian life on our own;
10:04 for it's nothing that we can do.
10:10 We have no power to be holy on our own.
10:17 So forgive us for trying to do it on our own.
10:23 God, I confess that I need a personal experience with You.
10:31 Not just a head knowledge.
10:33 Lord, I can remember all the books of the Bible
10:36 and all the scripture in the books of the Bible,
10:43 but, Lord, I want a heart knowledge,
10:47 a true experience,
10:51 a deeper experience with You, Lord.
10:58 Forgive me when I just make it from my head.
11:08 Have Thine own way, Lord, have Thine own way;
11:18 search me and try me, Savior, today.
11:28 Wash me just now, Lord, wash me just now;
11:38 as in Thy presence humbly I bow.
11:52 Just take a few moments to confess some sin to God.
11:59 Knowing He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sin.
12:24 Thank You, Lord, for the blood that washes our sin away.
12:35 1 John 5:14-15 reminds us, "Now this is the confidence
12:41 that we have in Him; that if we ask anything
12:45 according to His will, He hears us.
12:49 And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask
12:54 we know that we have the petitions
12:57 that we have asked of Him."
13:01 Thank You, God, that You give us a heart
13:05 with new desires so that we know what to ask.
13:13 So now I would ask you to take some time to
13:22 make intercession for people
13:29 as we read through this list.
13:32 Lord, we ask You to give us fully surrendered hearts
13:37 to live in obedience to Your word.
13:40 Do you want that? I do.
13:44 Lord, please baptize us daily with the Holy Spirit,
13:47 and make us more diligent in our efforts
13:50 to win people to You,
13:54 to fulfill that great commission.
13:55 I want that in my life.
14:00 Lord, we pray that our loved ones who have left the faith
14:05 will remember what it was like to begin fellowship with You,
14:09 and will long to be reunited with You.
14:13 Help them to sense and to accept Your love and forgiveness.
14:20 Oh Father, remind us what it was like when we first knew You.
14:33 Father, please fulfill Your promise in Joel 2:25
14:36 that says You will restore the years
14:39 that the locust, that sin itself, has eaten in our lives
14:44 and in the lives of our loved ones.
14:48 Lord, give us faith to believe that You will keep Your word.
14:54 Do you know that promise? Do you cling to that promise?
14:58 We serve a God of restoration.
15:03 So take Him up on His promise.
15:09 Lord, we pray for the 16 million people in the six least reached
15:14 cities of the South Pacific Division.
15:19 We pray, oh God, for the daily baptism of the Holy Spirit
15:23 on members as they reach out in love to the unreached.
15:29 Father, You have people all around this world.
15:33 Fill us with the urgency to
15:39 get out and be a light to a dark world.
15:48 Lord, open doors of opportunity with our neighbors,
15:55 with our family,
16:00 to witness to them.
16:02 God, may Your Word, may the word of our testimony
16:08 fall on hungry hearts.
16:13 We pray that the Holy Spirit would help us know how to
16:15 reach the 406 million people in the 105 least reached cities
16:22 of the Northern Asia Pacific Division.
16:26 406 million people.
16:32 That's why You've got to have people all over this world.
16:37 406 million people need to hear.
16:43 God, make it happen.
16:50 And Lord, I pray that You will please bless
16:54 as Adventist chaplaincy ministries mobilizes
17:01 chaplains and interested members to minister
17:04 to those in prison.
17:06 God, I thank You that You have given me an opportunity
17:10 to be involved in the prison ministry here at 3ABN.
17:20 And Lord, as I see those precious, precious
17:25 men and women, they could just as easily be my brother,
17:30 my dad, my son, my mom, my sister.
17:40 Lord, they've just fallen along the way.
17:47 As they are there in prison, God, I pray that
17:50 You will send chaplains.
17:55 Put it on the hearts of men and women to become chaplains.
17:58 Father, what no greater work.
18:02 Your Word says, "I was in prison and you visited Me."
18:11 So thank You for the chaplain ministry.
18:21 Father, for those again that You have placed on our hearts
18:25 that we long to see won to Your kingdom,
18:32 use us to pray for these.
18:36 Remembering the story of Eddie, the testimony,
18:40 as his mother and his sister went to prayer meeting.
18:45 They didn't give up on Eddie.
18:49 Oh God, help us not to give up on those that
18:54 sometimes we see them as helpless;
18:57 lost causes.
18:59 Lord, there are no lost causes with You.
19:04 Thank You, oh God, that You don't give up.
19:07 You never give up.
19:09 You never gave up on me.
19:12 Lord, I thank You for that.
19:17 So for that mother who has a son who
19:21 just doesn't see the point in serving You, oh God,
19:27 give that mother the perseverance to keep praying,
19:32 and touch that son.
19:37 For the wife who is praying for her husband to return to You,
19:45 oh God, hear her prayer.
19:55 Whoever you're praying for, I pray right now that you would
19:59 just take some time.
20:04 You have God's attention.
20:08 Let Him know Your heart.
20:10 He knows who you've been praying for.
20:13 He knows...
20:14 He wants them in the kingdom more than you do.
20:18 So just take some time and pray.
20:30 Holy Spirit, work in our lives.
20:40 Sweet Holy Spirit, work in our lives.
20:49 Bring the lost home to You.
20:54 Bring them home to You.
21:02 Father, for those who have joined me in our time together,
21:09 God, we've got needs, because we're a needy people.
21:19 You aren't our Genie,
21:25 but we ask You because we need a touch from You
21:33 in our finances, in our spiritual commitment,
21:38 in our health.
21:39 We need You.
21:42 We need You in our churches,
21:43 we need You in our relationships,
21:46 we need You in our jobs.
21:50 Someone may need a car.
21:57 Someone is needing You,
22:03 they need Your provision for a house.
22:09 Father God, meet these needs.
22:18 Thank You for being with us every step of the way, Father.
22:21 You don't forsake us, You don't give up on us.
22:25 All the way my Savior leads me; what have I to ask beside?
22:33 Can I doubt His tender mercy,
22:38 who through life has been my Guide?
22:42 Heavenly peace, divinest comfort,
22:47 ere by faith in Him to dwell.
22:51 For I know whate'er befall me, Jesus doeth all things well.
23:01 For I know whate'er befall me,
23:06 Jesus doeth all things well.
23:15 All of the way my Savior leads me;
23:18 cheers each winding path I tread,
23:22 gives me grace for every trial,
23:26 feeds me with the living bread.
23:30 Though my weary steps may falter,
23:35 and my soul athirst may be,
23:39 gushing from the rock before me, lo, a spring of joy I see.
23:48 Gushing from the rock before me,
23:53 lo, a spring of joy I see.
24:00 Oh, thank You for joy, Lord.
24:03 Oh, we sing for joy.
24:06 For Your faithfulness, we thank You.
24:10 Thank You, Lord, that You have given us the Holy Spirit
24:13 to continually guide us into all truth.
24:19 Thank You, oh Father, for working to answer our prayers
24:25 in ways that we can't see.
24:27 We can't even fathom how You're going to make it happen.
24:32 But You do it.
24:33 And it's like You joy to be creative
24:36 in answering our prayers.
24:39 Father, thank You.
24:41 Lord, we thank You in advance for answering our prayers,
24:47 not because we are worthy,
24:51 but because Jesus is worthy.
24:56 Amen?
24:58 We have so much to be thankful for.
24:59 Praise the Lord.
25:01 Lord, I thank You.
25:07 All the way my Savior leads me; oh, the fullness of His love.
25:16 Perfect rest to me is promised in my Father's house above.
25:25 When my spirit clothed immortal
25:29 wings its flight to realms of day,
25:35 this my song through endless ages,
25:39 my Jesus led me all the way.
25:44 This my song through endless ages,
25:50 Jesus led me all the way.
26:04 So that means, if Jesus is leading us,
26:09 what's our role?
26:12 To follow.
26:15 If you're going to be a leader, you've got to have followers.
26:17 Right?
26:19 Well Jesus is the one we're following.
26:22 So I encourage you to follow Him.
26:26 Get in the Word.
26:28 2019 can be the best year of your life
26:35 if you will surrender to Him.
26:37 Commit your ways to Him.
26:44 Let Him know that you've decided to follow Jesus,
26:49 that you're committed.
26:51 There ain't no turning back now.
26:57 And He will be faithful to lead you
27:01 beyond your wildest imagination,
27:07 because He loves you.
27:16 Thank You, Lord.
27:20 Thank You, Lord, for leading us.
27:26 Thank You, Lord...
27:36 ...that You never fail us.
27:42 I love You, Lord.
27:45 And I lift my voice to worship You.
27:52 Oh, my soul, rejoice.
27:57 Take joy, my King, in what You hear;
28:07 may it be a sweet, sweet sound
28:15 in Your ear.
28:23 I invite you to come back tomorrow night
28:26 as we continue our ten days of prayer.
28:31 God is good all the time.
28:35 He loves this time we're spending together.
28:40 Any time we gather to pray to Him or to talk about Him,
28:44 He's keeping track.
28:50 Because He loves
28:54 when we gather in His name.
28:57 We're His children.
28:58 If you have children, you know what it's like
29:01 when they sit and talk about you in a good way.
29:08 Well, I have no other way but good when it comes to God.
29:13 For His goodness far exceeds my mind.
29:19 So be sure and check out the website.
29:27 Call your neighbor, let them know
29:29 that you are praying for them.
29:32 Call your son or daughter.
29:33 Remind them again you are praying for them.
29:38 It's not a lost cause, friend.
29:42 It's not in vain.
29:44 If you're working for the Lord:
29:48 preacher, Sabbath school teacher,
29:51 it's not in vain.
29:52 Be blessed.


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