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00:13 Hi and welcome to day seven of the, Ten Days of Prayer;
00:17 a prayer strategy from the Revival and Reformation
00:20 initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
00:23 If you're joining us the first time tonight,
00:26 this is a 30 minute praise and prayer program
00:29 that is going through January 19th.
00:33 And we're just spending some time seeking God
00:36 for a deeper experience with Him.
00:38 We long to be drawn closer to Him,
00:41 and so this is a wonderful opportunity
00:43 for us to pray together.
00:44 And if you want to follow along with the outline.
00:47 that I will be reading from tonight, you can find that at...
00:58 And you can go to day seven and download the outline.
01:02 It's a wonderful resource to follow along.
01:04 And then even after this program is through,
01:06 you can continue to pray for the needs that are on that list.
01:10 And there's several other resources on their website
01:14 such as great scripture that we will be ending the evening with.
01:17 So this is a wonderful, powerful time.
01:20 And if you have, again, just joined us,
01:23 stick with us for the next few days and just see what
01:27 God can do through prayer.
01:29 He wants to hear from you.
01:30 Tonight I want to start with just worshiping Him
01:34 and praising God through a wonderful song,
01:37 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.
01:38 So feel free to sing along.
01:43 Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee, God of glory, Lord of love;
01:52 Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee,
01:56 hail Thee as the sun above.
02:00 Melt the clouds of sin and sadness,
02:04 drive the dark of doubt away.
02:08 Giver of immortal gladness, fill us with the light of day.
02:19 All Thy works with joy surround Thee,
02:23 earth and heaven reflect Thy rays;
02:27 Stars and angels sing around Thee,
02:31 center of unbroken praise.
02:35 Field and forest, vale and mountain,
02:40 blossoming meadow, flashing sea,
02:44 chanting bird and flowing fountain
02:48 call us to rejoice in Thee.
02:53 What a beautiful picture that is.
02:56 Thou art giving and forgiving, ever blessing, ever blest;
03:04 wellspring of the joy of living, ocean depth of happy rest.
03:12 Thou the Father, Christ our Brother,
03:17 all who live in love are Thine;
03:22 Teach us how to love each other,
03:28 lift us to the joy divine.
03:42 We're reading tonight, we'll start with Matthew 25:40.
03:47 "Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it
03:51 to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me."
03:54 One of my favorite parts of scripture
03:57 from Matthew 25, the sheep and the goats.
04:00 From, Steps to Christ, page 77, we read,
04:03 "That which selfish hearts would regard as humiliating service,
04:08 ministering to those who are wretched and in every way
04:11 inferior in character and rank, is the work of sinless angels.
04:17 The spirit of Christ's self-sacrificing love
04:20 is the spirit that pervades heaven and is the
04:23 very essence of its bliss.
04:25 This is the spirit that Christ's followers will possess,
04:30 the work that they will do."
04:33 "'Lord, I don't think I can do this!
04:36 You made a huge mistake this time.
04:39 I want to work for You, but not here!'
04:42 This was my cry to the Lord after He placed me
04:45 in an alternative high school for teenagers who needed
04:48 to complete their education certificates
04:50 and prepare for the work world."
04:52 So this is a testimony that is being written here,
04:55 and I'm reading.
04:57 "Many of these children were homeless, victims of abuse,
05:00 or involved in gangs, drugs, and even prostitution.
05:04 I had spent over 20 years teaching in a sheltered
05:06 Christian school environment, and this new assignment
05:09 seemed like more than I could ever endure.
05:12 Students entered the classroom on the first day
05:14 holding up their pants and wearing hoodies
05:17 that covered their faces.
05:19 Trouble broke out within the first hour as one boy
05:22 began to shout threatening obscenities toward
05:25 two other young men.
05:26 Here I was, totally out of my comfort zone,
05:29 with a fight about to begin.
05:31 I was intimidated.
05:32 Their crude language, their music, their explicit images
05:36 displayed on their computer screens made me long
05:39 for my protective environment.
05:41 I didn't belong here.
05:42 I felt like a lamb among wolves.
05:44 Like the disciples on the turbulent sea, I cried out,
05:47 'Lord, save me!'
05:49 I had been reading Jeremiah for my devotions,
05:52 and the Lord brought to mind these words,
05:54 'Do not be afraid of their faces,
05:56 for I am with you to deliver you,' says the Lord...
06:00 'They will fight against you, but they shall not
06:02 prevail against you, for I am with you,'
06:05 says the Lord, 'to deliver you.'"
06:07 That's found in Jeremiah 1:18-19.
06:13 "Sending up a prayer for help, I pressed the Lord
06:16 to fulfill His word given to Jeremiah
06:18 and to bring calm into the room.
06:20 Then, with an unnatural courage, I told the students,
06:26 'I will not allow this kind of behavior in this classroom.
06:29 Each of you must take your seats and quietly
06:31 begin working on your assignments.'
06:34 Imagine my surprise when they quietly complied.
06:38 I glorified God in my heart, praising Him
06:40 for His goodness and mercy.
06:42 Over the next few weeks, I continued to plead
06:44 with the Lord to take me out of my work situation.
06:48 I believed I didn't belong there.
06:50 He answered my prayer in an unusual way:
06:53 by showing me the condition of my own heart.
06:57 I was working with a student at the computer
06:59 when he asked me a strange question,
07:02 'Jodi, you came from a Christian school, right?'
07:05 When I answered, 'Yes,' he said,
07:09 'Then why are you here with us?'
07:11 His question pierced my heart.
07:13 The Lord impressed me, 'You are not ready
07:16 to minister to the world.
07:17 Not until you move beyond your built-in prejudice and fear
07:22 will you be able to reveal My love to these children.
07:25 You are here to make a difference in their lives,
07:28 to reveal My character to them.'
07:30 God was right!
07:32 I wasn't ready to minister because I did not have love.
07:37 Well I said, 'I guess I just want to make a
07:39 difference in your life.'
07:41 Later that afternoon the same scenario happened,
07:44 this time with a young girl.
07:47 What difference could I make?
07:49 It began with little things, such as providing a healthy
07:52 breakfast so they could start the day
07:53 with at least one good meal.
07:55 I won their confidence by listening to their stories
07:58 and entering into their sufferings,
08:01 and by becoming a friend and a mentor.
08:05 When the 2004 tsunami struck Asia, the students
08:09 wanted to find out what I thought of the tragedy.
08:11 I told them that the tsunami was a sign of Jesus' soon return.
08:16 One of my students, who boasted that he was raised in church,
08:20 said, 'Doesn't it talk about that in Revelation?'
08:23 I invited him to read a passage.
08:25 The students were very sober when I explained that
08:28 Jesus was warning the world to get ready.
08:30 I added that if anyone wanted to know how to prepare
08:33 for Jesus' coming, I would be happy to tell them.
08:36 Later that day a girl came into my office and said,
08:38 'Please, I want to know.'
08:41 So I told her of Jesus' love for her and her son,
08:44 and led her to receive Christ as her Savior.
08:47 Throughout that year I had several opportunities
08:49 to present Jesus to 'my kids' and lead them to accept Him."
08:55 From, Conflict and Courage, page 278, we read,
08:59 "God never leads His children otherwise than they would
09:02 choose to be led, if they could see the end from the beginning,
09:06 and discern the glory of the purpose which they are
09:09 fulfilling as coworkers with Him."
09:15 You see, God has a plan.
09:21 And if we're willing to surrender our lives to Him,
09:26 then we have to be willing to be put in any kind of
09:29 situation that He sees fit.
09:33 So when you pray for that open door,
09:41 you may not get to choose what that door is.
09:45 But be faithful to follow it.
09:49 Walk through the door.
09:52 Lord, I want to praise You
09:57 that You are sensitive to our sufferings.
10:02 And I praise You that You have given
10:07 people into our lives who have nurtured us in the faith,
10:12 leading us closer to You
10:15 and into a deeper relationship with You, Jesus.
10:18 Thank You for those people.
10:23 And I praise You for Your never-ending faithfulness to me,
10:31 and to all of Your children.
10:34 You are a faithful Father.
10:39 I praise You, Lord.
10:48 I praise You, Lord.
10:50 I praise You, Lord.
10:55 And now, Father, we ask that You would please show us
10:59 sins to confess openly and sins to confess privately.
11:10 Lord, there's people that we need to
11:14 openly go to and admit that we have wronged them.
11:22 Give us the boldness to know who those people are.
11:27 And give us the boldness to admit.
11:37 And for those sins that are just between me and You,
11:42 God, I'm sorry.
11:47 I love You, and I never want to break Your heart.
11:55 You've been too good to me for me to let You down,
12:03 to sin against You.
12:10 Lord, forgive us for doubting Your leading.
12:13 Forgive us for trying to find our own way
12:16 out of a challenging situation
12:19 when You may have put us there for a reason.
12:25 Lord, I know I've called the shots in several situations,
12:34 and it hasn't turned out well.
12:40 Because I didn't let you do it.
12:45 So forgive us for doubting.
12:48 You are leading us.
12:52 Forgive us for not trusting that You are leading us.
12:56 Forgive us for trying to find our own way
13:00 out of a challenging situation.
13:05 And God, forgive us for when we allow fear or prejudice
13:10 to keep us from sharing Your love with others.
13:17 God, I'm reminded of walking the streets of Nashville and
13:24 going to the other side of the street to
13:27 get away from a homeless person, even,
13:35 so I didn't have to confront them.
13:40 God, give me another opportunity.
14:02 Lead me, Lord, I will follow;
14:09 Lead me, Lord, I will go.
14:16 You have called me, I will answer;
14:25 Lead me, Lord, I will go.
14:33 Lead me, Lord, I will follow;
14:39 Lead me, Lord, I will go.
14:47 You have called me, I will answer;
14:56 Lead me, Lord, I will go.
15:06 Now we come to a time of supplication and intercession.
15:13 I pray that, I ask that you would pray for the Holy Spirit
15:17 to place actual faces in your mind,
15:26 that when you see them, you will be reminded
15:30 to pray for them.
15:36 Lord, we pray for Your protection for vulnerable
15:39 children and teens.
15:44 God, I ask that You would guard them
15:46 from those who seek to exploit them.
15:53 Lord, may those who are caring for homeless children
15:58 have hearts of compassion, gentle hands, and kind words.
16:08 Lord, I pray for the family members of children
16:10 who are in rebellion against authority.
16:15 God, give them Your grace to deal with the
16:17 situation compassionately.
16:25 Lord, I know Your Word said,
16:27 "Suffer the little children to come unto Me."
16:38 Fill us with compassion.
16:43 For children, even when we see that they are disrespectful,
16:46 and we think, "Oh, they need to be reprimanded,"
16:57 God, remind us that maybe they just need to be loved.
17:05 Maybe they just need to be grabbed up and hugged;
17:14 reminded that they are of great worth to You.
17:21 Because that's what You did for each of us.
17:24 And now You call us Your children.
17:30 Thank You for Your love.
17:36 Lord, I ask You to raise up urban missionaries
17:40 to plant churches for the 806 people groups in the
17:43 20 countries of Inter-European Division.
17:48 806 people groups, Lord,
17:51 who are in need of hearing about You.
17:56 Raise up missionaries for those people.
18:02 God, I ask that you would please raise up an army of workers
18:05 to plant churches for the 948 people groups in the
18:10 38 countries of Inter-American Division.
18:16 Oh God, people need to hear about You.
18:23 And You've got people all over the world that need You,
18:27 but right here in America, for those who are watching
18:31 in America, we pray for the inner cities,
18:40 Lord, that You would raise up an army of workers.
18:48 And God, we pray for the heart burdens
18:51 of our own church members.
18:58 Those who have heavy hearts who are
19:00 praying for a lost child,
19:08 praying for one who has gone astray,
19:16 Lord, encourage us and motivate us and
19:21 enable us to love that child.
19:31 Father, for the broken-hearted mother and father tonight
19:35 that are at their wits end,
19:41 God, given them strength to hold on.
19:44 Not to give up, but to trust that You are
19:50 faithful to Your word.
19:55 And as bad as they want to see that child brought back to You,
20:00 You want it even worse.
20:04 Or even better.
20:09 Thank You, God, for the promise of eternal life,
20:13 and for the promise of Your love.
20:18 Grateful, Lord, that You are such a loving heavenly Father.
20:25 Father, You alone know every situation
20:30 that those who are watching, our friends, and our family,
20:34 our co-workers, You know every situation
20:39 that they are experiencing.
20:44 And You are moved with our hurts.
20:54 So God, I ask that You would guide,
21:04 guide those watching, that are praying along,
21:07 guide them in Your path and bring them close to You.
21:32 Rescue the perishing, care for the dying;
21:38 snatch them in pity from sin and the grave.
21:45 Weep o'er the erring one, lift up the fallen;
21:52 tell them of Jesus, the mighty to save.
21:59 Rescue the perishing, care for the dying;
22:05 Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save.
22:15 Rescue the perishing, duty demands it;
22:21 strength for thy labor the Lord will provide.
22:28 Back to the narrow way patiently win them;
22:33 tell the poor wanderer a Savior has died.
22:41 Rescue the perishing, care for the dying;
22:47 Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save.
23:13 Lord, now we thank You,
23:21 for Your unfailing love and Your compassion toward us
23:24 that never ends.
23:26 It's unfailing.
23:32 Thank You for Your unfailing love and compassion.
23:36 Father, we thank You for always watching over us
23:39 with tender regard.
23:48 Thank You for understanding, oh Father,
23:51 and pitying us in our weakness.
24:00 Lord, You are so faithful.
24:06 Thank You for being the perfect example
24:10 of what a father should be.
24:16 Loving and compassionate, always watching over us,
24:22 full of pity and full of understanding.
24:31 Psalm 82:3-4 says, "Defend the poor and fatherless;
24:37 do justice to the afflicted and needy.
24:40 Deliver the poor and needy;
24:42 free them from the hand of the wicked."
24:46 Isaiah 49:25 says, "But thus says the LORD,
24:51 'Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away,
24:55 and the prey of the terrible be delivered;
24:58 for I will contend with him who contends with you,
25:02 and I will save your children.'"
25:09 And the great promise we have from James 1:27
25:15 says, "Pure and undefiled religion before God
25:18 and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows
25:22 in their trouble, and to keep oneself
25:26 unspotted from the world."
25:29 So that's a great definition of pure and undefiled religion.
25:38 Do you find yourself being a part of that?
25:41 Visiting orphans and widows in their trouble?
25:45 And to keep oneself unspotted from the world?
25:53 There's more.
25:55 More promises for a changed heart.
26:00 This is my prayer.
26:03 From Jeremiah 24:7, "Then I will give them a heart to know Me,
26:08 that I am the Lord; and they shall be My people,
26:11 and I will be their God,
26:13 for they shall return to Me with their whole heart."
26:18 Deuteronomy 30:6, "And the Lord your God will circumcise
26:23 your heart and the heart of your descendants,
26:26 to love the Lord your God with all your heart
26:28 and with all your soul, that you may live."
26:35 Ezekiel 36:26, "I will give you a new heart
26:40 and put a new spirit within you;
26:44 I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh
26:47 and give you a heart of flesh."
26:53 Philippians 1:6 says, "Being confident of this very thing,
26:57 that He who has begun a good work in you
27:00 will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."
27:05 Thank You, Lord.
27:08 And thank You, Lord, for 2 Corinthians 5:17 that says,
27:12 "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;
27:18 old things have passed away;
27:20 behold, all things have become new."
27:27 Galatians 2:20, "I have been crucified with Christ;
27:34 it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me;
27:37 and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith
27:41 in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me."
27:50 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24, "Now may the God of peace Himself
27:59 sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit,
28:06 soul, and body be preserved blameless
28:11 at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."
28:16 Is that not powerful?
28:20 "Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely;
28:23 and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved
28:27 blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."
28:35 Thank You, Holy God, for Your Word, for Your promises,
28:40 for moving in our lives, for convicting us, for forgiving us,
28:47 for accepting us, filling us with grace to love each other.
28:58 So for that one that you're praying for,
29:02 I just encourage you to call, or email, or write them a note.
29:08 Do something to let them know that you are
29:12 praying for them and you're interceding for them,
29:14 you care for them.
29:17 It's important for us to let others know
29:18 that we're thinking about them.
29:24 And if there's an organization in your area that is helping
29:28 homeless people, reach out to that
29:33 organization with a check or volunteer some hours.
29:41 Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and help.
29:48 And be sure and join us tomorrow night
29:52 where we'll pray again.


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