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00:12 Hi and welcome to day eight of, Ten Days of Prayer;
00:15 a prayer strategy from the Revival and Reformation
00:17 initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
00:20 Many of you have shared your gratitude for us airing
00:23 this program on the Praise Him network.
00:25 Some of you have even given your prayer requests.
00:28 And I want to remind you that we are here to pray for you.
00:31 The 3ABN pastoral ministry exists to lift you up
00:34 before the Lord.
00:36 You can find more about their ministry by going to...
00:43 And if you love to pray for the needs of others,
00:45 be sure to join the prayer warrior team.
00:47 The details are on the website.
00:51 The title of this years, Ten Days of Prayer, is
00:54 A Deeper Experience.
00:55 Of course, referring to our relationship with God.
00:58 As tonight's emphasis indicates, sometimes that deeper experience
01:03 takes us through the valley of brokenness and loss.
01:06 Perhaps you can testify to the pain of losing a family member
01:11 or a dear friend who you're not sure ever surrendered
01:13 their life to Christ before their life ended.
01:16 The destructive choices they made that led them
01:19 further from God, that perhaps eventually sent them to prison,
01:24 bound in the shackles of their sin,
01:27 Maybe you know of a man or a woman like the lost son
01:30 in Luke 15, but they never came to their senses;
01:34 never came to the Father for forgiveness.
01:37 How it must break God's heart to see the ones for whom
01:40 He paid such a great redemption price
01:43 degraded to a slave of sinful habits and self-harm.
01:49 How helpless we feel as we watch the destructive lifestyle
01:53 literally destroy our loved ones.
01:55 I too am weary of Satan's manipulation of those
01:59 who are weak and without Christ.
02:01 It was never God's plan that humanity should go through life
02:04 suffering pain and loneliness, enslaved by Satan.
02:09 Knowing that our heavenly Father is not willing
02:11 that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
02:16 This year I'm asking God to fill me with an extra dose of
02:19 compassion for the lost, and the boldness to confront those
02:24 that He places on my heart.
02:26 But we're still not guaranteed that they will ever understand
02:30 how much God really loves them, or if they will pass from
02:34 this life without calling on His name for salvation.
02:38 All I can do is encourage you not to give up.
02:41 Don't stop praying for that dear one.
02:45 And I can encourage you to praise God that He has
02:47 made provision to cleanse us from our sin,
02:50 and make us right with Him so that we can
02:53 spend eternity with Him.
03:00 I invite you to join us in a time of praise
03:06 as we enter into His presence.
03:18 Lord, we praise You, oh God, we thank You for the gift of Jesus,
03:25 who redeemed us from our sin when He died for us,
03:32 when He died for our loved ones, and for our lost world.
03:38 And Lord, we praise You that You hear us
03:40 when we talk to You and that You answer according to Your will.
03:46 Thank You, oh God.
03:51 Lord, I praise You that You are near to those
03:56 who have a broken heart,
03:59 and that you save those who have a repentant spirit.
04:03 That's what Your Word says, Lord.
04:11 And we praise You, oh God, for Your life-changing power.
04:16 That power that we have experienced as Your children.
04:23 Wonderful life-changing power.
04:32 Just continue to praise Him.
04:39 Lord, we love You.
04:45 Praise the name of Jesus.
04:52 Praise the name of Jesus.
05:00 He's my rock.
05:04 He's my fortress.
05:08 He's my deliverer.
05:11 In Him will I trust.
05:17 Praise the name of Jesus.
05:27 Sing that with me. Praise the name...
05:29 Praise the name of Jesus.
05:36 We praise Your name, oh Jesus.
05:43 He's my rock.
05:47 He's my fortress.
05:51 He's my deliverer.
05:55 In Him will I trust.
06:00 Praise the name of Jesus.
06:16 Praise the name, the matchless name of Jesus.
06:34 And as we enter into a time of confession
06:37 and claiming victory over our sin,
06:43 we can boldly come to Him because He has provided a way
06:49 for our sin to be forgiven.
06:57 For, God, we realize that we are not without sin.
07:05 And we take this time to confess and to claim
07:07 Your victory over those sins.
07:12 Father, I want to pray right now for those who are
07:16 bound by habitual sins,
07:21 who have tried over, and over, and over,
07:23 and at the beginning of every year it's been their resolution
07:31 to stop, to quit sinning, to quit giving in,
07:38 and to be victorious.
07:42 Father, I know You have the power
07:46 to make us more than conquerors and to overcome our sin.
07:55 Yes, You have victory.
07:58 And if You have victory, we have victory.
08:05 Father God, I ask that You would please forgive us
08:08 for the times that we have been unwilling to follow Your will
08:15 that's clearly written in Your Word.
08:23 Forgive us, Lord.
08:33 We thank You, God, that You are a Father who cares.
08:38 You don't want us to be bound by those sins.
08:41 You want us to live a life of freedom, a life of victory.
08:47 So I pray in Jesus' name
08:51 that You will just seal that victory in us.
08:58 May we remember that You cared so much
09:03 to give Your Son.
09:15 Does Jesus care when my heart is pained
09:24 too deeply for mirth or song,
09:31 as the burdens press and the cares distress,
09:39 and the way grows weary and long?
09:47 Oh, yes He cares, I know He cares;
09:57 His heart is touched with my grief.
10:04 When the days are weary, the long nights dreary,
10:13 I know my Savior cares.
10:22 Does Jesus care when my way is dark
10:30 with a nameless dread and fear?
10:37 As the daylight fades into deep night shades,
10:46 does He care enough to be near?
10:55 Does Jesus care when I've said goodbye
11:04 to the dearest on earth to me?
11:11 And my sad heart aches till it nearly breaks:
11:21 Is it aught to Him? Does He see?
11:30 My friend, oh yes He cares,
11:36 I know Jesus cares;
11:42 His heart is touched with my grief.
11:50 When the days are weary,
11:56 the long nights dreary,
12:01 I know my Savior cares.
12:13 I know my Savior,
12:23 He cares.
12:37 In fact, His Word says, "Cast all your care upon Me."
12:47 He cares!
12:52 He says He will bear your care, He will bear your burden.
13:00 So we enter into a time of supplication and
13:06 interceding on behalf of others.
13:09 We live in such a needy world.
13:11 And as we've been praying over these days,
13:18 we know this is time to just lay it as Jesus' feet
13:24 and let Him take care of it.
13:27 So Father, we intercede tonight for those who may be victims
13:32 of circumstances or controlled by addictions.
13:38 Father, please break the chains that bind them.
13:41 In Jesus' name.
13:44 May we win them back to You through our love and concern.
13:51 Oh God, break those chains.
13:57 And Lord, please give us understanding and compassionate
14:02 hearts for family members who have taken advantage of us.
14:08 Help them to see Your love through our actions.
14:10 God, sometimes we have been clearly taken advantage of.
14:22 We wonder, well how many times should we forgive?
14:26 We know their history, we know their past.
14:28 We know their record.
14:31 Oh God, give us the grace to love and to forgive.
14:39 Just like You've forgiven us time after time, after time.
14:46 That we wouldn't take it so personal
14:48 to forget that there is a forgiveness factor;
14:52 a grace that must be extended.
14:54 Give us that wisdom, Lord, to know how to
14:57 handle that situation.
15:04 God, please teach us how to proclaim fundamental
15:08 church beliefs with clarity, with creativity,
15:12 and with biblical authenticity.
15:16 May the love of Jesus be at the core of everything we believe.
15:25 Lord, Your Word is truth, You Word is life.
15:31 Give us the ability to speak it clearly
15:36 to those that we witness to.
15:42 God, I ask that You would prepare young people to plant
15:45 churches for the 789 people groups in the two countries
15:51 of North American Division.
16:03 Lord, lay upon some heart
16:09 the desire to witness.
16:12 Lay upon all of our hearts the desire to witness;
16:17 and for these people right around us in North America.
16:27 Lord, we ask You to prepare volunteers
16:31 to serve the 70 people groups in the Israel Field.
16:39 God, place it upon hearts to volunteer.
16:46 Lord, we ask You to raise up medical missionaries
16:50 to plant churches among the 830 people groups
16:54 in the 11 countries of the East-Central Africa Division.
17:03 God, it's so hard for me to imagine a land so far way.
17:15 I get so caught up in my own little world
17:20 right here in Illinois.
17:23 God, place upon hearts, on young people,
17:31 on volunteers, medical missionaries,
17:37 to plant churches to the ends of the earth.
17:51 Oh God, we ask You to raise up prayer warriors
17:54 to intercede for the 2,568 people groups
18:01 in the 4 countries of Southern Asia Division.
18:11 2,568 different people groups!
18:21 Lord, fill us with compassion for the lost.
18:24 Fill us with compassion and a desire, a hunger to
18:28 intercede for them as prayer warriors,
18:32 until everyone knows that You are the Redeemer,
18:39 You are the Savior of the world.
18:58 Lord, we especially remember Hope TV India
19:07 and Asian Aid School for the Blind.
19:13 Lord, I pray that You will bless their works.
19:17 Lord, I pray that You will bless financially
19:21 their efforts there.
19:25 Send workers there to work.
19:34 God, that You for ministries around this world that are
19:41 striving to serve mankind in the name of Jesus.
19:48 Father, thank You that You have placed upon hearts
19:53 to help fund those ministries.
19:58 God, continue to do that.
20:00 Continue to work mightily,
20:05 that the whole world might know You.
20:09 God, I pray for the work of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division's
20:13 publishing houses.
20:16 What an amazing thing to know that
20:24 literature is being printed in all different languages.
20:31 Bibles, and Sabbath school lessons,
20:41 devotions, and gospel tracts.
20:48 How will they know unless they can read it in their language?
20:51 So I'm asking, God, that You will, in this case,
20:58 bless the work of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division's
21:01 publishing houses.
21:09 And for those who You've placed on our hearts, Lord,
21:12 please hear and answer.
21:17 Answer the needs according to Your perfect will.
21:24 And teach us to leave our burdens at Your feet.
21:45 Days are filled with sorrow and care,
21:52 hearts are lonely and drear.
22:00 Burdens are lifted at Calvary;
22:09 Jesus is very near.
22:18 Burdens are lifted at Calvary,
22:26 Calvary, Calvary.
22:34 Burdens are lifted at Calvary;
22:44 Jesus is very near.
22:53 Cast your care on Jesus today,
23:00 leave your worry and fear.
23:07 Burdens are lifted at Calvary;
23:14 Jesus is very near.
23:22 Oh, burdens are lifted at Calvary,
23:30 Calvary, Calvary.
23:39 Burdens are lifted at Calvary;
23:49 Jesus is very near.
24:05 So now we enter into a time of thanksgiving.
24:16 I've always been taught that it was polite to say thanks.
24:22 So right now we want to say, Lord, thank You
24:25 for hearing our prayers.
24:27 We believe that You have heard our prayers,
24:31 and that You are acting on our behalf.
24:39 Father, I want to thank You that Satan has no power over us.
24:48 Lord, I want to thank You according to 1 Corinthians 10:13
24:53 that You are faithful to not allow Your children
24:56 to be tempted beyond what we are able,
25:00 but that You provide a way of escape
25:03 so that temptation cannot overcome us,
25:07 cannot overwhelm us,
25:11 and we are able to bear it.
25:14 Thank You, Lord, for such power.
25:22 Thank You, Jesus, that Your Word says
25:25 if You have set us free, we are truly free.
25:30 Free indeed.
25:34 Thank You, Lord, for freedom.
25:43 And Lord, we thank You,
25:46 precious God, we thank You that our needs are supplied
25:51 according to Your riches and glory by Christ Jesus.
25:59 Such provision!
26:03 Thank You, Father.
26:12 Thank You, Lord.
26:14 Psalm 91:2-3 says, "I will say of the Lord,
26:21 'He is my refuge and my fortress;
26:24 my God, in whom I trust.'
26:28 Surely He will save you from the fowler's snare
26:32 and from the deadly pestilence."
26:34 Another version of that Psalm 91:2-3 says,
26:39 "He's the hope that holds me,
26:42 and the strong hold to shelter me.
26:45 The only God for me,
26:48 and my great confidence.
26:51 He will rescue you from every hidden trap of the enemy
26:55 and He will protect You from false accusation
27:00 and any deadly curse."
27:12 Let this song minister to you.
27:16 I will bless the Lord forever,
27:27 and I will trust Him at all times.
27:38 He has delivered me from all fear,
27:49 and He has set my feet upon a rock.
27:59 And I will not be moved.
28:05 I'll say of the Lord, "You are my shield,
28:12 my strength, my portion,
28:18 deliverer, my shelter,
28:23 strong tower, my very present help.
28:30 You are my shield, my strength,
28:37 my portion, You're my deliverer,
28:42 my shelter, strong tower,
28:48 my very present help in time of need.
29:02 I want to thank you for joining us
29:05 on this journey of prayer.
29:08 What a wonderful way to begin a wonderful year.
29:12 My friend and 3ABN president, Danny Shelton,
29:15 has designated this year, The Year of Prayer,
29:19 here at 3ABN.
29:21 And we want to pray for you.
29:25 So please give us that honor.
29:29 And find prayer resources at...
29:42 Never forget where your strength comes from.
29:47 He is our Deliverer.
29:48 Join us again tomorrow evening for a time of prayer and praise.


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