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01:03 In the beginning of creation when the world
01:15 was full the Lord in his splendor. This world he
01:26 had rendered. Still the best was yet to come
01:37 God's greatest glory. The world's life story.
01:53 Written just for me, Jesus is God's greatest glory.
02:29 From his birth in a manger to his death on
02:35 Calvary He fulfilled the Father's pledge Jesus
02:48 Christ loves sacrifice Giving hope to every man
03:04 God's greatest glory. The world's life story
03:19 Written just for me, Jesus is God's greatest glory
03:46 Jesus is God's greatest glory.
04:09 Amen. Amen. Amen. Thank you Melody.
04:15 Well, Melody is still singing beautifully.
04:18 Ever since I first met her and first saw her
04:21 was many years ago when the two of you
04:24 before you ever even built this ministry you
04:27 were traveling around telling people about the
04:29 dream and Melody was just a young teenager.
04:33 Oh, yeah 13-14. Yeah.
04:35 Its been a long time and God gives you just
04:38 just what you need and Melody has been such
04:40 a support over the years to this ministry not
04:42 just to me personally. Of course I love her
04:44 and Greg all the grand kids but I am
04:46 saying in just in general to have her and she is
04:49 willing to travel, she is willing to sing.
04:51 Yes. And so thank you
04:52 Melody I love you and appreciate you honey.
04:54 Wow! Well it's so great to see all of these
04:57 people with us here in Thompsonville.
04:59 Amen, alright. They have come from
05:00 all over the United States, Costa Rica and
05:04 some other places that. Yeah.
05:06 That have arrived here and it's quite a crowd
05:09 for a Wednesday night and I am really
05:11 impressed. Impressed with you all.
05:13 Yes. I know we were going
05:14 to have a lot of people because I saw all the
05:15 motor home places were being taken up we
05:17 have those Camp grounds on both sides and I see people
05:21 coming in and people put up tents and people
05:23 do all sorts, so we are happy. Yes.
05:25 It's a great time of year to be here in Southern
05:27 Illinois, this is God's country in case you
05:29 didn't know. Yeah.
05:30 And the weather is always perfect;
05:32 year around the weather is perfect.
05:34 That's right. And that's what I
05:35 told Jim Gilley. Yeah.
05:36 When I asked him to come up, he said how is
05:38 the weather? This is perfect all the time.
05:39 Yeah, it's always prefect. Don't worry about it.
05:41 No, you get just what you want,
05:42 you understand. Yeah.
05:44 And it went from winter to summer so we
05:47 skipped spring and we've got really nice
05:50 weather out there. So, if you are camping
05:54 you will be nice and comfortably warm
05:56 at this time. That's right.
05:57 Sure, sure, and we want to, want to
06:00 thank all of our viewers at home also for your
06:02 love and your prayers and financial support
06:04 and all of you here at 3ABN. And we are
06:07 going to be this weekend instead of we have
06:09 had a Ten Commandments weekend camp meeting
06:11 last two, three years or so, but this weekend
06:14 we literally it's The Pillars of our Faith.
06:16 Right. Pillars of the Christian
06:17 Faith weekend and we are inviting everybody,
06:21 we told the audience here. At home a little
06:23 while ago, it's like we are drawing a line in
06:25 the sand as Christians in the sand, you know
06:27 what we have this book called Pillars of our
06:29 Faith I'm picking it up. But if I had the Bible
06:31 here I would do the same thing, the Pillars
06:34 of our Christian Faith are its not one
06:37 denominations, belief it's what the Bible
06:39 says. Just happen to be that some folk agree
06:41 with it. That's right.
06:42 We espouse it and so we decided to have a
06:44 weekend and have preaching on nothing
06:47 except the pillars of our faith and its all Bible
06:51 preaching and I can't wait myself, I don't
06:53 know about you, some of you I know that's
06:54 true those of you here to hear all the
06:57 preaching, all the music. Music has been
06:59 written, the pillars of our faith. How many
07:01 have heard the CDs or DVDs here? Well,
07:03 most of you. That's right.
07:05 And that's probably why you are here;
07:06 you have heard some of that. Absolutely,
07:07 we will talk a little bit more about it
07:09 tomorrow night how the Lord blessed to put
07:11 this thing together and songs that are written,
07:14 that literally from the pillars of the Christian faith.
07:18 What we believe is Seventh Day Adventist put to
07:21 music and then to have the preachers coming
07:24 here is incredible Jim. It really is and as we
07:27 have started to look at these pillars, we have
07:31 seen that they been eroded in most of the
07:34 churches and starting to be eroded even in
07:37 some of our own churches. Yeah.
07:39 And so it is time once again to say this is
07:44 what we believe, this is where we stand and
07:48 we are not going to be moved just like that
07:50 song, I will not be moved, just like that
07:53 that we find, like a tree planted by the waters.
07:57 I will not be moved and we must take that
08:00 position folks in order to stand for truth
08:04 because there are so many people today that
08:06 are willing to say well, what difference does
08:08 it make whether you believe this or whether
08:11 you believe that. But you can take the Bible
08:13 and go from cover to cover and you'll never
08:17 find that phrase what difference does it make,
08:21 its not in God's word, it has always made a
08:25 difference to God where we teach,
08:28 what we teach and how we live.
08:32 There is a friend of mine who is always using
08:35 the statement when we talk about something
08:37 he will say true and also correct and you
08:41 know I have thought about that statement so
08:43 many times and it is so good because if something
08:47 is true it is correct and somehow today
08:52 there has been a premium on things that
08:55 are not true, people taking something that
08:57 isn't true and trying to make that a doctrine or
09:02 a teaching or something of that nature.
09:04 And the devil has been doing that from the
09:06 very beginning but with God's word it is
09:09 true and it is also correct. Amen.
09:13 The trouble with deception is you don't
09:15 know you are deceived, right?
09:16 Right. Think about it, we don't
09:18 know where it is, people if we knew we were
09:21 deceived we wouldn't be deceived probably
09:23 we would change, but that's the problem.
09:25 So, with 3ABN hitting our 25th year.
09:28 C. A Murray said last year, what are we going
09:29 to do? We need something really big,
09:31 something special. We didn't have anything
09:33 planned until I met David Huntsinger and
09:36 Kris Wilkinson down in Nashville and they
09:39 told us how excited they were about the truths
09:43 they were learning studying Adventists
09:45 beliefs which is again just Bible beliefs and
09:48 doctrines they say these were so unique.
09:50 They are very well known creative musicians
09:53 and songwriters and they said, David said I
09:55 would love to write some songs on these,
09:58 what do we call it. And it just kind of popped
10:00 out I said you are talking about the pillars
10:02 of our faith and he said that's got to be it,
10:04 lets do a pillars of our faith project.
10:07 Now, what's so important about it is because
10:09 after 25 years we know what the Lord
10:12 impressed us to do, build a television
10:13 station that would reach the world with an
10:15 undiluted 3 Angels messages. One that would
10:18 counteract the counterfeit. You all
10:20 jumped on that vision and made it possible
10:23 3ABN what it is today, reaching literally
10:26 every continent and the world and hundreds
10:28 and hundreds of millions of potential people
10:30 can watch at any given time or listen on radio.
10:33 But after 25 years when we look at our
10:36 churches and we say it seems these pillars
10:38 have been so eroded, how do we know its
10:41 not happening at 3ABN. How do we know
10:43 that our preaching, how do we know that our
10:45 teaching is still solid. The only way you can
10:48 do is go back to the Bible. Is to go back and
10:50 reexamine what God gave us in the beginning
10:54 of this church when it was raised and see are
10:57 we deviating from that, are we eroding the
10:59 pillars. Have we forsaken some of these,
11:01 if so we need to make a change and we don't
11:04 care what the rest world does, we've got to
11:07 change. So 3ABN is determined and our
11:09 board is determined, we had a meeting today.
11:12 I can speak for every board member,
11:13 they are determined the 3ABN gave an
11:15 undiluted Three Angel's Messages one that
11:18 would counteract the counterfeit.
11:19 They are not people followers, they are not
11:21 excited about this preacher or that preacher
11:24 or have them on at any cost. The idea is if the
11:26 man is given truth we want him on,
11:28 we support him. If he isn't we don't care what
11:30 his name is, we don't support it. Amen.
11:32 And it's that straight forward and that's what
11:34 we want to be now. All of us have sin in
11:36 our lives none of us are perfect, we're not up
11:38 here saying that, we are all struggling but
11:40 we all need to look to the cross for those of
11:43 us, Christians wanting to go to heaven we
11:45 need to look to the cross of Jesus to Calvary
11:47 and say Lord what is it? First of all submit or
11:50 commit our lives to him and then go and tell
11:52 what he has done for us. But if we don't know
11:54 what we are supposed to go and tell
11:55 we are in trouble. How do we know?
11:56 We go to the Bible. Amen.
11:58 And the Bible defines and tells us what is
12:00 truth and what is error. And so by God's grace
12:04 3ABN continues. We want to make sure
12:07 we've invited our viewers if you hear us
12:09 saying something that's not true,
12:10 our preachers are preaching things that are
12:12 not according to the Bible, you let us know
12:14 we will take them off. That's right.
12:16 We surely will. Right.
12:17 You agree with that, shall we take them off.
12:18 I don't care who they are right.
12:20 Be the greatest named preacher
12:21 you know if they are not telling the truth
12:23 we should take them off 3ABN.
12:25 Yeah, that's right.
12:26 Because we just simply want the truth out
12:27 there. But every single program
12:29 that comes out on 3ABN goes through our
12:32 pastoral staff, we have a group that reviews
12:35 these programs. if they find anything that they
12:39 do not think is according to God's word then
12:42 they pull that program, that program doesn't
12:44 go on until we clear on the fact that this is
12:48 supported by God's word. So we are trying to
12:51 be very careful about that but occasionally,
12:53 you know we are human beings, some thing
12:55 will slip through that really it might not be
12:59 exactly according to God's word. And so if
13:02 that happens you be sure to let us know.
13:04 We will make corrections. And a lot of times it is
13:06 a matter of interpretation and some things we may
13:09 never know till we get to heaven.
13:11 But there are certain pillars of truth
13:12 that we know, the Sabbath would be one,
13:14 the state of the dead, right. Those are the
13:16 things that we may seem different from the
13:18 rest of the world but it really doesn't make us
13:21 any difference because we are not trying to
13:23 get the alms of the world. Are you?
13:24 I mean really you are not trying to get the
13:26 alms of world; we just want to get the truth
13:28 out so to, for you all to be a part of this
13:31 movement, we call the movement this church.
13:33 We have made a decision already; we are
13:36 different a little bit than a lot of folk,
13:38 right. Everyone of you are here you are a little
13:40 different; I mean you have to be, Jim Gilley
13:42 said one day to be an Adventist you got to be
13:44 different, you got to be willing to stand up
13:46 and tell the rest of world, I don't think
13:47 you are right on some of these points
13:49 That's right. Not everybody has got
13:50 the personality or will to do that.
13:52 As I look at our audience, some of them
13:54 are more different than others,
13:55 rightly. It's alright. No comments.
13:59 We are God's children aren't we?
14:01 I think you are all beautiful and perfect.
14:02 Amen, that's right. But you know something
14:05 standing for the truth will not ever be popular
14:09 and if it's popular you probably are not
14:12 standing for the truth. We have an
14:15 outstanding presenter that is going to be
14:19 presenting the message tonight on the Bible,
14:22 the inspired word of God and this is Dr Bill Knott,
14:26 he is the editor of the Adventist Review,
14:29 he is well-known. He has been in this
14:33 message all of his life, he has the advanced
14:36 degrees that some of us don't have and at the
14:40 same time he is humble and wonderful
14:44 person. I know him personally and I know
14:47 that you are going to find him to be the same
14:49 way. God has given him a gift of writing and
14:53 the gift of speaking and tonight you are going
14:56 to be blessed as he brings you the message.
15:01 If you like to know more about Pastor Bill Knott
15:04 you can look him up on the Internet,
15:06 you go to the Adventist review and when we
15:09 were talking back there he said don't give
15:11 them one of these long introductions,
15:14 you just tell them that I love the Lord and I
15:16 want to talk about Jesus. So that's what we
15:19 are doing tonight. And then before that
15:21 happens we have some music.
15:23 We have some special music, we have Nathan Young
15:25 and those of you that have seen the
15:27 CDs and heard the CDs and have the DVDs
15:31 and we get to say Nathan, thank you for being
15:33 here tonight. You come all the way from?
15:35 Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville, Tennessee,
15:38 we are so glad that you are here tonight.
15:39 Glad to be here. What song you are going
15:40 to be doing tonight? Written in stone.
15:42 Written in stone, thank you so much and God
15:44 bless you and we want to be praying for you
15:46 and also praying for Brother Knott.
15:48 And as Brother Nathan finishes, Pastor Bill Knott
15:53 will be the next for us here.
16:08 The Law is just and the law is right.
20:02 Amen. Thank you Nathan
20:11 and thank you for the chance to talk this
20:13 evening about the importance of the word of
20:15 God in our lives together as believers.
20:19 I am going to invite you to take your Bibles
20:20 with me tonight and turn to a passage of
20:23 scripture you may not have heard read in a
20:25 while. One of the historical books of the
20:28 Old Testament, Second Chronicles, chapter
20:31 34, we are going to begin to reading at verse
20:37 14. Story about finding the book of law.
20:48 Second Chronicles 34:14-21
20:55 While they were bringing out the money that
20:57 had been brought into the house of the Lord,
20:59 the priest Hilkiah found the Book of the Law
21:03 of the Lord given through Moses.
21:06 Hilkiah said to the secretary Shaphan
21:09 "I have found the Book of the Law in the
21:11 house of the Lord. " And Hilkiah gave the
21:13 book to Shaphan. Shaphan brought the book
21:16 to the King and further reported to the King
21:19 all that was committed to your servants they
21:22 are doing. They have emptied out the money
21:25 that was found in the house of the Lord and
21:27 have delivered it into the hand of the
21:29 overseers and the workers. " The secretary
21:31 Shaphan informed the King, "The priest
21:34 Hilkiah has given me a book. " Shaphan then
21:38 read it aloud to the King.
21:41 When the King heard the words of the Law,
21:46 he tore his clothes. Then the King
21:49 commanded Hilkiah, Ahikam son of
21:51 Shaphan, Abdon son of Micah, the secretary
21:54 of Shaphan and the King's servant Asaiah:
21:57 "Go and inquire of the Lord for me and for
21:59 those who are left in Israel and Judah
22:02 concerning the words of the book that have
22:03 been found. For the wrath of the Lord that is
22:06 poured out on us is great because our
22:09 ancestors did not keep the word of the Lord;
22:12 to act in accordance with all that
22:14 is written this book. "
22:19 Often when I finish reading a passage of
22:21 scripture like that before starting a message
22:23 I say what I am going to say tonight.
22:26 You have already heard the most important
22:28 words you are going to hear this evening and
22:30 they are not mine. This evening I want to
22:34 to talk with you about recoveries,
22:38 three of them in fact. One of them a few years
22:43 ago, one of them long, long ago and one of
22:48 them by the grace of God soon to be.
22:55 And uncle Henry's homemade pretzel store
22:58 near Adamstown, Pennsylvania,
23:02 you can satisfy just about any pretzel whim
23:05 you may have. If you like your pretzels extra
23:09 dark and salty, Uncle Henry's has the stuff for
23:13 you. And if you have been talking with your
23:16 doctor about reducing salt intake,
23:20 Uncle Henry's can offer you your
23:22 favorite mouthwatering snack in a low sodium
23:25 variety. As you tour Uncle Henry's bakery
23:31 reveling in the warm aroma of all that baking
23:34 wheat and those seasonings you can munch
23:37 on whole wheat or sesame or low protein or
23:40 regular or even low protein extra salt.
23:45 And, if you haven't quite gotten the victory over
23:48 chocolate yet, you can buy a tin of Uncle
23:53 Henry's chocolate covered pretzels and sneak
23:55 them into the car when no one else is looking.
24:00 There are many reasons to visit Adamstown,
24:03 Pennsylvania on a lazy summer day
24:07 and Uncle Henry's handmade pretzel store is
24:11 just one of the better ones. Thousands,
24:13 actually tens of thousands of people flock
24:16 to this small town in the Amish countryside
24:20 every year, they come there to tour the pretzel
24:23 factory. To eat at all the charming restaurants
24:27 and most of all to browse through the antique
24:32 stores and the flea markets that line route
24:35 272, those antiques and flea markets that have
24:39 caused this town to be known as
24:42 The Antiques Capitol of America.
24:46 An hour North West of Philadelphia in the
24:48 midst of the rolling green acres of the old
24:51 order Amish, Adamstown and its many
24:55 antique markets have capitalized on the fact
24:58 that city residents want to get away.
25:00 They want to escape to some place where the
25:03 dominant color is green instead of gray.
25:08 They wanted to go some place where you can
25:09 cross the street without taking your life in
25:11 your hands. It doesn't hurt that one of the
25:14 most important documents in the history of
25:17 American antiquities was found in one of
25:20 those antique markets in Adamstown a few
25:23 years ago. Though you probably can't get
25:27 very many of them to admit it, some hundreds
25:30 of people who come there every summer to
25:33 paw through the old clothes and look at all
25:36 those chip kerosene lamps and study those
25:40 fading portraits of someone else's relatives,
25:44 they come there because they're secretly
25:46 hoping that they will be as fortunate as one
25:51 other very fortunate man who came there
25:54 more than 20 years ago.
25:58 In the summer of 1989 a Philadelphia stock
26:01 analyst who's remained anonymous to this
26:04 day. He was combing through the piles of
26:07 stuff in one of the antique stores in
26:09 Adamstown. His eye laid on a wooden frame,
26:15 caught his fancy and he picked it up to look at
26:17 the price tag, at four dollars. The frame was
26:22 what you might call as sort of a medium fine,
26:26 pretty good bargain, not great. Something he
26:31 might be able to use to put a better picture in,
26:33 when he took it home.
26:36 He certainly didn't have any use for the
26:38 picture that was already in the frame, he has
26:41 quoted as calling it a dismal country scene,
26:45 probably by some armature artist who had
26:47 painted a hay stack or a barn from the late
26:50 neighboring countryside. The analyst put the
26:53 frame after he paid for it in his trunk and
26:56 drove home to Philadelphia.
26:59 It was only when he took off the wooden
27:01 backing behind the canvas that he began to
27:03 think he might have bought more than he
27:06 knew. The old frame literally fell apart in
27:11 his hands as he tried the work the backing off,
27:15 but instead being disappointed that he had
27:17 bought four dollars worth of junk his eye lit
27:19 up when a crisply folded yellowing document
27:23 fell out from between the canvas and the
27:26 broken wooden back.
27:29 Tucked between the canvas and the wooden
27:32 back of that old frame was a sheet folded
27:37 carefully, that had been undisturbed for
27:41 decades, maybe even centuries.
27:47 I am sure his eyes widened a bit and his
27:51 heart began to beat a little faster as he
27:54 read these words. In Congress, July 4th
28:01 1776, the unanimous declaration of the 13
28:06 United States of America when in the course
28:10 of human events it becomes necessary for one
28:13 people to dissolve the political bands which
28:16 have connected them with another and to
28:17 assume the powers of the earth, the separate
28:20 and equal station to which the laws of nature
28:23 and nature's God entitled them, a descent
28:25 respect to the opinions of mankind requires
28:29 that they should declare the causes that
28:31 impel them to this separation.
28:33 We hold these truths to be self evident.
28:38 That all men are created equal, that they are
28:42 endowed by their creator with certain
28:44 unalienable rights. That among these are life,
28:49 liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
28:52 That to secure these rights governments are
28:54 instituted among men deriving their just
28:57 powers from the consent of the
29:00 government. There in his hands lay one of the
29:06 most important documents in America history.
29:10 What he later learned was one of the first 25
29:15 copies of the declaration of independence printed
29:18 on the evening of July 4th 1776 by a
29:22 Philadelphia printer named Don Bayer.
29:27 All the other 24 had long since been
29:29 accounted for, 21 of them in institutional
29:33 collections and archives, three of them in
29:35 private hands, his was the last and arguably
29:40 the most precious copy of what one expert
29:44 has rightly called the cornerstone document
29:49 in the history of world freedom.
29:53 When that anonymous Philadelphia stock
29:56 analyst sold that incredible document at
29:59 Sotheby's auction house two years later,
30:01 it netted a cool 2.42 million.
30:07 The very fortunate and very wealthy man
30:10 who bought it certainly realized what he was
30:13 buying. The words in this document he said
30:17 the words in this document are the words
30:21 that knocked down the Berlin war.
30:26 Nine years later a Hollywood producer out
30:28 bid another rival and paid 8.14 million for
30:32 that same folded piece of yellow paper.
30:37 So if you're ever at a flea market in
30:40 Adamstown, Pennsylvania and you notice that
30:44 people seem to be paying special attention to
30:46 old wooden frames, now you'll know why.
30:50 In the back rooms of our lives and the piles
30:56 of stuff we have inherited from our
30:58 ancestors and ourselves. There are treasures
31:02 that still make the heart beat quickly,
31:05 Make the eyes light up. They burn into our
31:09 imagination the possibilities of a world
31:14 we can only glimpse, perhaps like me you
31:18 were also a treasure seeker in your youth.
31:22 Oh, yes I made the usual runs of collecting
31:25 stamps, you know gluing all those little
31:28 plastic squares to the back of the stamps and
31:31 mounting them on the appropriate pages.
31:34 And for a while I used to walk through the
31:36 children's wing of the town library looking at
31:39 old books hoping that I might find some
31:42 treasure map there that would lead to a vast
31:45 golden orb, but mostly I collected coins,
31:50 American coins, mostly copper, occasionally
31:55 silver. I learned how to spot
31:58 the markers of condition that the coin
32:01 collecting guides told you would fetch the
32:03 highest price on the market. As a 12 year old
32:06 I would walk the three mile round trip to the
32:09 Worcester County Savings Bank to trade 30
32:12 wrapped rolls of Lincoln pennies for another
32:16 30, hoping as I combed through them that I
32:21 would find something really precious.
32:25 As every Lincoln penny collector of the
32:27 1960s knew, there was one penny above
32:31 others that collectors sought, coveted even.
32:36 A 1909 SVDB, a Lincoln penny produced by
32:43 the San Francisco mint that bore the initials of
32:46 Vincent D Brenner, the designer of the
32:48 Lincoln penny. Only 484,000 of those were
32:52 ever struck by the mint and when I was 12
32:55 they were fetching a $100 a piece,
32:59 10,000 times the face value of the penny.
33:04 Today on Internet auctions they fetch
33:08 at least $ 6000 each, 600,000 times the face
33:14 value of the coin. I use to imagine stumbling
33:18 into an old abandoned house near where we
33:21 lived and finding behind the ripped wall
33:24 paper an entire wrapped roll of 1909
33:29 SVDB pennies all in mint condition.
33:34 Oh, the dreams of treasure waiting to be
33:37 discovered. In the backrooms of our lives,
33:41 in the stuff we have inherited from our
33:43 ancestors and ourselves there are treasures
33:46 that still make the heart beat quickly that
33:49 make the eyes light up, that burn in to our
33:52 imagination possibilities that we have only
33:55 glimpsed. And you know its not
33:58 just economic hard times of the last several
34:02 years that have turned us into a nation of
34:04 treasure seekers. We all would like a
34:08 little extra cash I am sure if we discovered
34:11 something great in the backyard.
34:13 But everywhere you go people seem to
34:15 looking for a lost treasure, on civil war
34:18 battle fields, in camps grounds, middle aged
34:21 men with metal detectors go around
34:23 trying to find coat buttons and insignia and
34:28 bayonets and canteens from that huge struggle
34:32 150 years ago. Genealogists assist
34:37 thousands of American families every year
34:39 who are trying to discover if they might be
34:42 related to someone who left a fortune that's
34:45 been unclaimed? We pour through documents
34:50 of the registry of deeds at the country court
34:52 house. We are wondering if maybe there is
34:55 something yet undiscovered in one of
34:58 those land titles we hold, deep within our
35:02 collective mind is this primal belief that
35:05 something, something near at hand,
35:09 something within reach. Something close to
35:13 where we live and work and cry and play,
35:18 it might hold the key to a future so much
35:22 better than this moment.
35:25 In the midst of deadening routine our minds go
35:29 go treasure hunting. In the middle of baking
35:32 bread and picking up after children and
35:35 stamping out electrical components and even
35:39 writing editorials, we begin to imagine what
35:43 our lives could be like if we found just that
35:46 one thing, that one thing that would make us
35:50 happy. Why, we would be free, free from our
35:56 debts, free from worry, free from care,
35:59 if we just had that one thing and it's
36:03 somewhere not far away.
36:08 Our story, you see is really a very old,
36:13 old story. As long as there has been a people
36:18 of God in this world there have been
36:20 moments when the drifts and the confusion
36:25 and the worry and the pressures got so
36:28 pervasive that they could only be arrested by
36:30 a dramatic movement of the spirit of God that
36:33 brings clarity, that brings light, that brings
36:36 restoration and brings recovery, that's what
36:38 we read about in Second Chronicles 34
36:41 tonight and that's what we are here to talk
36:43 about tonight, finding God's word again
36:48 For 60 years the nation of Judah had been
36:52 sliding down that slippery slope that always
36:55 occurs when men and women have a form of
36:57 Godliness but they deny the power.
37:02 After the great revivals of Hezekiah's reign,
37:06 the nation under Manasseh, the nation
37:08 under Ammon had slip back into apostasy with
37:11 an ease that must have surprised even the Lord.
37:16 When you read around Second Chronicles 34
37:20 you discover that even in the temple of the
37:23 Lord at Jerusalem there was an amazing array
37:26 of pagan idols and pagan practices that
37:29 weren't only tolerated, they were actually
37:31 welcomed. Vessels dedicated to the
37:36 Canaanite fertility God 'Baal' were used in the
37:40 worship of God. His female consort 'Asherah'
37:47 she had her own fertility pole right there in
37:49 the temple. Royally appointed priests,
37:55 they were offering incense to the sun,
37:57 the moon, the stars and all the high places of
38:00 the land including in Jerusalem.
38:04 Male cult prostitutes were applying their trade
38:09 in the very temple of the Lord.
38:14 There was an age of the what these
38:15 sociologists of religion like to call syncretism,
38:18 it's just a fancy word for blending.
38:22 It was an age of consensus; it was an age
38:27 of cheap unanimity and causal agreement.
38:30 It was an age when almost no one stood up to
38:32 proclaim their loyalty to the God of heaven
38:35 almost always required separation from the
38:37 things of earth. Yes, you are already thought
38:42 it tonight; there was an age very much like
38:45 our own. And even though King Josiah had
38:51 made some early righteous attempts to
38:53 straighten out some of the corruption in the
38:55 land everything I just told you about was still
38:58 in place 18 years under his reign.
39:03 The boy King, the one who had inspired the
39:07 repair of the temple, well he was now in the
39:10 grip of young adulthood and things looked a
39:13 little differently. Maybe even as the King,
39:16 maybe even as the head of the nation he had
39:19 got discouraged that all the work it was going
39:22 to take to take clean up not only the temple
39:24 but the whole nation. Perhaps Josiah like a
39:28 whole lot of us step back behind the
39:34 glittering image of organized religiosity.
39:40 While his inner man, his inner man got
39:43 increasingly sick and diseased, may be he felt
39:47 helpless, may be he felt he couldn't do
39:49 anything to effect great changes in the nation
39:52 when he himself lacked a clear vision of what
39:55 revival and recovery and reformation might
39:57 need. Then friends the Spirit of God began to
40:04 move. The Spirit of God began to move as he
40:09 always does just when the darkness gets most
40:13 intense. 150 years ago the great English
40:17 writer Thomas Carlyle wrote a line that I have
40:20 written on the walls of my life, when it gets
40:23 dark enough the eternal stars shine through.
40:28 When it gets dark enough the eternal stars
40:32 shine through. No, the spirit of God didn't
40:36 need to send a dream to the King in the
40:38 middle of the night to tell him what needed
40:40 reforming and when and no, God didn't send
40:43 down a lighting bolt to consume the altars of
40:45 Baal and to sizzle all those cult prostitutes
40:49 in the middle of their debauchery.
40:53 Oh, my friends all that the Spirit of God had
40:55 to do to begin the time of healing and
40:59 recovery and restoration and reformation,
41:05 all the Spirit of God had to do was to open
41:07 someone's eyes. We can't even be sure
41:12 of just who that someone was. Maybe it was
41:16 one of the day laborers who was working on
41:19 rebuilding the dilapidated portions of
41:21 the temple. It might have been of the Levites
41:25 who went into the backrooms and started
41:27 moving the dust around.
41:31 It might have even be as he claimed that it
41:33 was Hilkiah the high priest himself who made
41:37 the discovery. Maybe he was the one who had
41:40 his eyes open, maybe in fact Hilkiah picked
41:45 up this old wooden frame that sort of fell
41:48 apart in his hands. But whoever it was,
41:52 whether it was a carpenter or a Levite or
41:55 the chief priest himself. When the Spirit of God
42:00 opened his eyes to see that forgotten and
42:02 ignored book of the law lying there in all
42:05 the dust and the cobwebs in the backroom that's
42:08 when you can date Judah's recover from, right then.
42:13 All the good things that happened, everyone
42:15 of the good things that happened during the
42:17 next four months came about when God
42:21 managed to get one man's eyes open.
42:27 There in the darkness covered with trash,
42:31 lost in the debris, there was the hand written
42:35 scroll called the book of the covenant.
42:40 It was the solemn agreement between Judah
42:42 and God that it was recorded in the book of
42:45 Deuteronomy. It bound them together as the
42:48 people of God. That old book of the law had
42:53 been written almost 700 years earlier just as
42:57 the people of Israel were preparing to cross
43:00 the Jordan and enter the land of promise.
43:03 But for the last century no one had said a
43:04 word about it, for almost 100 years no one
43:10 had gone looking for it, almost three
43:13 generations had passed and no one even knew
43:17 it was there anymore. Hilkiah the high priest
43:22 read it first, I don't think it requires much
43:27 imagination to guess that his heart began to
43:31 pound and his hands began to shake just like
43:37 that Philadelphia stock analyst I told you
43:39 about. And Hilkiah the high priest gave it to
43:43 Shaphan the King's secretary and then it was
43:46 Shaphan's turn to tremble here in this old
43:49 dusty scroll, here in this forgotten piece of
43:53 literature, here in this relic of the past,
43:56 here was the living and active word of God.
44:01 And you know my friends that living and
44:03 active word of God did its old faithful work
44:06 on Shaphan's heart that day as it will do on
44:08 any day of any week of any month of any
44:10 year in your life and mine, it appears to the
44:13 division of soul and spirit. And it discerned
44:17 the thoughts and the intentions of his heart.
44:21 Just like that man whom Jesus told us about
44:23 in the parable who found a treasure out in the
44:26 field. Pretty soon the knowledge of that book
44:30 of the law began to pound in the mind of the
44:33 King's secretary until all that he could think
44:35 about was that book of the law they had
44:38 found out there in the debris in the backroom
44:42 and he knew, he couldn't keep it from the
44:45 King. And when Shaphan told the King about
44:49 the scroll and when he read it in the hearing
44:51 of King Josiah, the scripture tell us that
44:53 Josiah rent his clothes.
44:59 That's an old custom that probably doesn't
45:01 mean so much to us anymore. In the ancient
45:05 world if you wanted to express profound grief
45:09 or sincere repentance you tore your clothes,
45:16 when I think if the cost of even a modest suit
45:22 it would certainly have to be something fairly
45:24 powerful to get me to start ripping these
45:26 threads. But Josiah he was so overcome with
45:33 a deep and powerful sense of just how far he
45:36 and his people had wandered away from the
45:38 word of God that he began ripping his royal
45:40 robes from top to bottom and lets just he
45:43 wasn't picking up the threads,
45:48 clear word of God, the undiluted word of
45:54 God, the unadulterated word of God.
46:00 It did what God promised it would do when
46:03 ever it was read, whenever it was paid
46:05 attention to, whenever it was cherished,
46:07 it cut through all of those decades of
46:10 compromise, it cut through all of those
46:13 stages of accommodation. It cut through all of
46:17 that blending and that unanimity that
46:19 everyone was seeking, it turned a search light
46:22 of the wickedness of that syncretism they like
46:25 to talk about, it shot a laser beam of light and
46:27 truth on the mind of that King and it made a
46:30 new King and a new man out of him.
46:34 And my friends what began with one man's
46:38 pounding pulse, what began with one man's
46:42 shaking hands soon had the whole nation
46:46 shaking. The throne itself, the symbol
46:51 of that Judah was, of that line of Kings from
46:55 whom the Messiah would come that throne
46:57 began to shake, that throne began to rock.
47:00 It began to vibrate, it began to resonate with
47:03 the rhythm of repentance.
47:07 It began to tremble. But the thought that there
47:11 was a God high and lifted up, whose mercy
47:15 seat had used to be in that temple and who
47:18 was offended by all the wickedness and the
47:21 blasphemy and that the debauchery that had
47:23 been going on in his own house.
47:29 And all the gold leaf that had been hammered
47:32 on to that throne, all of the ornate gold
47:37 leaf that had been put there carefully by the
47:40 craftsmen I think it began to crack off,
47:43 and it began to slough off and it began to
47:45 shake off when someone started opening the
47:48 leaves of the word of God.
47:52 Friends the results of finding that old
47:54 forgotten book of the law were nothing less
47:57 than revolutionary in land of Judah.
48:01 And it all began when someone's eyes were
48:05 finally opened, out went that sacred vessel
48:11 dedicated to the worship of Baal,
48:13 down went the Asherah pole in the heart of
48:17 the temple, crash went all of the high places
48:22 where the alters worshiped the sun, moon
48:24 and stars. Smashed were all of the chariots
48:27 dedicated to the worship of the sun.
48:31 From one end of Judah to the other and even
48:33 we're told in regions beyond Judah wherever
48:36 Josiah had influenced the work of recovery
48:40 and reform went on and on at an unstoppable pace.
48:47 Inspired by a good example, a whole lot of
48:49 timid believers found their courage and found
48:52 their consciences again.
48:56 They were accelerated to discover that they
48:58 had a leader who would take them in a
49:01 righteous direction and families, the building
49:06 block of God's righteous people,
49:08 families began to worship together again;
49:11 they began to pray together again.
49:13 They began to repent, they began to reform,
49:16 they were delighted to learn that the Spirit of
49:18 God could shake things up and make things
49:21 possible that they couldn't have even
49:22 dreamed about a few weeks before
49:26 Believers all across the land of Judah they
49:28 stepped forward and they said believe it,
49:33 that's me, that's me. Lord God you can count
49:37 on me, I am done with the tawdry in my life.
49:41 Lord God I only want what's eternal.
49:46 Lord God plant your word in my heart.
49:48 Lord God; make me something more than I
49:52 am. Make me something more than I am.
49:57 The recovery that began with the rediscovery
50:00 of the word of God, it kept going until all
50:03 of Judah was ready for a great day of
50:05 redemption and rejoicing again, the scripture
50:08 tells us that the whole nation came back to
50:11 celebrate the Passover again.
50:14 What a confidence building time it must
50:16 have been to be a believer. What a great
50:18 time to belong to the people of God, I wish I
50:21 could have been there; I wish you could have
50:23 been there too. Well, I've told you this
50:27 evening about two recoveries, one a few
50:32 years ago and one a long time ago.
50:38 Now, I want to tell you about the recovery
50:43 that by the grace of God it soon to be.
50:49 It would begin my friends when the Spirit of
50:52 God manages to get someone's eyes open.
50:58 It will begin when people like you and me
51:02 start going to the backrooms of our lives
51:04 with an honest prayer that God will help us
51:07 clean out what's there and turn over to him
51:11 whatever is there for consecration and
51:13 rededication. It will begin my friends when
51:17 we start shutting off a clean house and do a
51:20 little house cleaning of our own.
51:23 The recovery that's going to begin soon in
51:25 this church, the recovery that's going to begin
51:28 in this movement of destiny will happen
51:30 when ordinary average regular people like
51:33 you and me start brushing away all the
51:35 dust and cobwebs that have been obscuring
51:38 the word of God in our lives for way too long.
51:42 You know in a odd sort of way we were right
51:44 all along it really was something close at
51:46 hand; it really was something within reach.
51:51 It was something close, close to where we
51:54 live and work and cry and play.
52:00 The recovery that's going to happen in these
52:02 people of God will start when one by one,
52:06 one family at a time, one apartment at a time,
52:10 one house at a time, one classroom at a time,
52:12 one Sabbath school class at a time,
52:14 one church at a time, one conference at a
52:17 time, one union at a time, one division at a
52:19 time, we come back to the word of God with
52:22 a sincere prayer that our lives are going to be
52:24 reshaped, our lives going to changed,
52:27 our lives are going to be molded, our lives are
52:29 going to be transformed by what's still in this
52:32 great old book. Amen.
52:36 I suspect that some of you maybe thinking
52:38 this is a rather strange message to be
52:40 preaching as the lead off message at a 3ABN
52:44 series on the pillars of our faith, whether you
52:47 are sitting here in this auditorium tonight or
52:49 you are watching from any number of
52:51 thousands of locations around the world and
52:53 across the country. You may be wondering
52:55 why I am bothering to remind you that
52:58 of something you have already taken for
53:00 granted perhaps. Seventh Day Adventism has
53:05 always believed that the Bible is the inspired
53:08 word of God. Amen.
53:11 Oh, its true in recent years a few voices had
53:15 been raised to challenge the historicity of the
53:19 account of creation in Genesis. A few voices
53:22 have been raised to challenge the story of
53:25 God leading his people in the Exodus and
53:27 there are even a few Adventists who dare to
53:29 say that Jesus might not have existed.
53:35 But the vast, the vast majority of believers in
53:37 this faith have always cherished the belief,
53:41 the idea, the truth that the Bible is God's
53:43 inspired word. Amen.
53:45 Every week we open this word, we open it in
53:49 thousands of Sabbath school classes and
53:51 classrooms, five days a week thousands of
53:54 Adventist school children around the world
53:57 study in Bible classes. At elementary schools
54:01 and academies and colleges and universities
54:04 and so some of you may be thinking well,
54:07 why make such a fuss about it then.
54:10 Its part of our lives, it's like the wall paper
54:12 on our lives, its just there all around us.
54:16 Of course we believe that the Bible is the
54:18 inspired word of God, there may be even
54:20 some of you who are summoning up your
54:22 nerve to come talk with me in the foyer after
54:24 this ceremony and tell me that you didn't
54:26 really need to preach that we have a
54:28 that done. And so lest any of you leave here
54:33 tonight troubled only by the man and not by
54:37 the message. I want you to hear that what
54:41 God is saying tonight is not about a criticism
54:46 of anybody who stands in your pulpit or any
54:50 teacher in any classroom, those people bring
54:53 value because they open the word,
54:55 they talk to us about it, they show us what
54:57 meaning there is there. But as much as those
54:59 teachers and those pastors and those friends
55:02 can advice us and coach us and plead with us
55:05 to study this word, they cannot be changed by
55:09 that word for us, they can only be changed for
55:12 themselves. Amen.
55:15 The recovery that's going to happen here by
55:16 the grace of God is going to happen when one
55:19 family at a time, one home at time,
55:22 one student at a time, one grandparent at a
55:24 time, one grandchild at a time.
55:27 We put ourselves in front of this word of God
55:29 and we invite his Spirit to make it something
55:32 more then a document of dead antiquity in
55:35 our lives. The recovery is going to start when
55:38 you and I each take our 10 minutes and our
55:42 30 minutes and better yet that thoughtful hour
55:46 and we open this word and we say to God
55:48 Lord Jesus I believe, I believe this is your
55:52 word and more importantly I believe its your word
55:55 to me. And these pages Lord God you've
55:58 revealed yourself, open my eyes, turn on the
56:02 lights, I want to see what you have for me
56:04 here not my parents vision of you and not my
56:07 teachers vision of you and not even my
56:09 preachers vision of you. Show me yourself as
56:11 only you can show me yourself in these pages
56:14 Lord Jesus. Let me hear you are speaking to me
56:17 through this word as clearly as if you were in
56:19 the same room with me because you know
56:21 come to think of it you actually are.
56:24 Give me the grace; give me the strength to let
56:27 your word change me by the power that is
56:30 still in these pages. Amen.
56:35 The line that ended the story for King Josiah,
56:40 the word is very near you, in your heart and
56:44 in your mind that you may do. I remind you
56:48 tonight the word is very near you in your
56:51 heart and in your mind that you may do it.
56:56 You see you were right all alone; it really is
56:58 something within reach, it's something near at
57:01 hand, but it will change our life together as
57:04 people when we start opening it and praying
57:07 over it for ourselves. So pray with me now.
57:10 Lord Jesus, make this word come alive in our
57:14 lives with unusual power and strength,
57:18 don't let us go back to our old ways of
57:20 reading it, just doing time, just turning pages
57:23 Lord. Let it become about living and active
57:26 word in our lives that puts us on fire for your
57:29 kingdom. May the kingdom be always before
57:32 us and let us Lord believe in things thought
57:35 impossible by others, we ask these things in
57:38 the name of the one who inspired these words
57:41 even our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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