Pillars of Our Faith 2010 Camp Meeting


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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), Chris Wilkinson, David Huntsinger, Dwight Hall


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00:39 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:42 Welcome to the Pillars Of Our Faith event.
00:48 Well, good evening.
00:49 And if you have been joining us for each of the programs,
00:52 then welcome back.
00:54 And if you're joining us for the first time tonight,
00:57 we just are so happy that you are able to be with us.
01:01 And Danny, we've had a wonderful time so far, haven't we.
01:05 Well we have and I think it's just going to get better.
01:07 I do too.
01:08 The messages have been so thrilling and so inspiring.
01:11 And you know, around our office, even those that are working,
01:16 we keep the monitors going.
01:18 If we're not able to be actually in here, then we're watching
01:21 what's going on, on the monitors.
01:23 And we have been blessed by each of the messages.
01:28 And we have such a tremendous group here, the opening night
01:32 last night, and again tonight.
01:34 Even though it's been raining outside just before,
01:37 we still have most of our group inside.
01:40 And we're just so happy that each one could be here.
01:43 Tonight, this first hour is going to be some real
01:47 special music for you and a little discussion,
01:51 talking about the Pillars project and so forth.
01:54 And right now, the first thing that we're going to do
01:58 is listen as Danny sing this for us, All My Praise.
02:04 This is a song that I actually wrote just a few months ago.
02:08 I was coming to the Lord one night and I was by myself
02:12 and I sit down a lot with the guitar.
02:14 And I just started making some chords and I said,
02:18 "Lord, I want to give You something but I don't
02:19 have anything. "
02:21 When you really think about it, what can you give
02:23 God Almighty?
02:24 I said, everything I own or everything I hope to own
02:28 or want to own, it's not really mine.
02:30 It's His, right?
02:31 So Lord, I don't have anything.
02:33 And the Holy Spirit said to me, "All my praise. "
02:36 So all of a sudden I heard myself say,
02:38 "All my praise, that's all I have to offer You. "
02:41 And then the Lord just gave me this song.
02:43 In the second verse, I just tell the Lord I love Him.
02:46 Because we have to be honest with God.
02:48 He knows about us so I just say, "I'm an empty broken vessel
02:52 filled with hurt and pain inside. "
02:54 "Still all my praise," we can't give up when we feel that way.
02:57 "All my praise I offer up to You. "
02:59 The third verse I just say, "Fill me with Your
03:01 Holy Spirit, Lord.
03:02 I long for Your anointing so that I may work for You. "
03:05 And then just go back to, "All my praise, I offer up to You. "
03:10 Well this evening, I was scheduled to do it.
03:12 We have David Huntsinger and Kris Wilkinson.
03:15 They're the writers of the music and they did the entire
03:18 production of the Pillars project CD's.
03:20 They're doing sheet music and all of that.
03:22 We'll talk about it in a few moments.
03:23 But they've never heard this and I sat down and started to do it
03:27 and I said, "Could you guys do this with me?"
03:28 And they are professional musicians and I was
03:31 amazed at just without every hearing this song,
03:33 they didn't ask me for any chords, they sat down and
03:37 started playing it better than I can play it.
03:39 So I'm glad that you all are here tonight.
03:41 And I'll just start out with a little chord.
03:46 All my praise,
03:50 I give You all my praise.
03:58 That's all I have to offer You.
04:08 I now build a sanctuary
04:15 deep within my heart,
04:20 oh and all my praise
04:25 I offer up to You.
04:33 I love You Lord,
04:37 oh how I love You Lord.
04:46 I bear my heart and soul
04:51 to You.
04:57 I'm and empty broken vessel
05:02 filled with hurt and pain inside.
05:09 Still I offer up
05:12 all my praise to You.
05:34 Fill me Lord,
05:38 oh please fill me Lord
05:46 with Your Holy Spirit.
05:52 Fill me now.
05:58 For I long for Your anointing
06:05 that I may work for You.
06:11 Fill me Lord,
06:15 touch me Lord just now.
06:24 And all my praise,
06:28 I give You all my praise.
06:37 Think about it, we have nothing to give God, right?
06:40 But just our praise.
06:43 I want you to sing this with me.
06:45 "I'm an empty broken vessel fill with... "
06:49 I'm an empty broken vessel
06:53 "filled with hurt and pain"
06:54 filled with hurt and pain inside.
06:59 "Still I offer up"
07:01 Still I offer up
07:04 all my praise to You.
07:10 Let's do the first part of it, "All my praise. "
07:12 If you know it, sing it.
07:14 All my praise...
07:18 Beautiful.
07:19 ...I give you all my praise.
07:27 That's all I have to offer You.
07:34 "I now build a sanctuary"
07:38 I now build a sanctuary
07:43 "deep within my heart"
07:45 deep within my heart.
07:50 "And all my praise"
07:52 All my praise,
07:55 I offer up to You.
08:04 And all my praise,
08:07 I offer up to You.
08:19 All my praise.
08:27 Alright.
08:28 We give all praise to Jesus.
08:30 Thank you guys.
08:31 You absolutely are incredible musicians, but we give God
08:35 the honor and the glory and the praise for that.
08:39 We don't want to spend our time lifting up people,
08:43 but I want to tell you something.
08:44 These are some of the most incredible people
08:47 that I've ever met.
08:48 They love Jesus, they're incredible musicians.
08:51 And so I don't want to go on and on about it, but
08:54 you all can hear for yourself.
08:55 But the project, we're going to talk about it
08:57 in just a few minutes, the Pillars project.
08:59 These are the two folk instrumental in this project
09:03 literally going around the world.
09:04 And it's going right now and it's spreading like wildfire.
09:08 They're the reason for the Pillars camp meeting
09:10 because of what the Lord impressed them that they
09:13 wanted to do with beliefs that we as Seventh-day Adventist
09:18 have literally gleaned from the Bible over the years
09:21 and have become the Pillars of our Christian faith.
09:24 And they were so impressed by it, they began
09:26 to study and study.
09:28 And they said these songs of some of the beliefs
09:31 are incredible.
09:32 Not Seventh-day Adventists.
09:34 They knew a few Seventh-day Adventists.
09:36 I've known Kris for 28 years or longer.
09:39 I've known Dave several years.
09:41 But as they began to study the message they said,
09:43 "This is incredible. "
09:44 They said, "We're musicians, we're not really just
09:48 necessarily writers to do books, we're musicians.
09:50 We could put this to music. "
09:51 And they did, and so we'll talk about that a little more.
09:54 So I'm just so thankful and they're going to be here
09:56 for the rest of the camp meeting and they've got sheet music
09:59 and all that ready.
10:00 But next, I have asked someone tonight, special, to come out
10:04 and I'm going to love this shirt he's wearing.
10:07 Come out, Nathan.
10:09 Now you look at this.
10:10 Is that sharp or what?
10:11 I'm going to, this is my buddy Nathan Young.
10:15 Nathan also, you've heard him on the Pillars singing
10:19 all the songs.
10:20 Nathan wasn't planning on singing tonight.
10:23 Can you imagine a guy with this kind of voice not
10:25 planning on singing?
10:26 He came dressed to sit in the crowd.
10:29 And I said, "Nathan, we've got to have you sing. "
10:32 And he said, "I'm not dressed. "
10:33 And I said, "Yes you are. I like that shirt a lot. "
10:37 I like that shirt. Don't you like that shirt?
10:39 I think that's a camp meeting shirt.
10:41 See, they love it.
10:42 So impromptu, again with David and Kris here,
10:46 I asked you to do something.
10:48 And he said, "I'll do one of the great old hymns of the church. "
10:50 And so you only got together just a couple of minutes.
10:53 And what are you going to do for us, Nathan?
10:54 His Eye Is On The Sparrow.
10:56 Alright, thank you. We're looking forward to it.
10:57 Thank you.
11:09 Why should I
11:13 feel discouraged,
11:20 and why should the shadows fall,
11:30 why should my heart
11:36 feel lonely,
11:39 and long for heaven my home,
11:50 when Jesus is my portion?
12:00 A constant friend is He.
12:09 His eye is on the sparrow
12:21 and I know
12:27 He watches me.
12:34 For I sing because I'm, I'm so happy.
12:46 And I sing because I'm free.
12:58 His eye is on the sparrow
13:09 and I know He watches, He watches over me.
13:20 For I sing because I'm happy.
13:30 Oh, I sing because I'm free.
13:40 His eye is on the sparrow
13:51 and I know
13:59 He watches
14:04 over me.
14:18 Amen.
14:24 Nathan, I took a guess you have a little bit of black in you,
14:26 but I didn't know David Huntsinger did.
14:30 I'm very suspicious when you hear him play.
14:32 I'm very suspicious because he's got some soul in there,
14:35 doesn't he.
14:37 He's got some soul in there.
14:38 He does, alright.
14:39 Yes, we need to get him some tanning cream.
14:42 I didn't say that, he did.
14:44 Alright, thank you Nathan.
14:46 Would you love to hear a little behind the scenes
14:48 story about Nathan?
14:49 When we were at Battle Creek, did you all see how high those..
14:53 The roster must have been up, what was that, 8 or 10 stairs?
14:57 Probably ten.
14:58 Ten, yeah. It felt like ten?
15:00 Nathan, right before the Pillars project, was practicing
15:04 getting ready to go live.
15:05 And he went to step and he somehow missed a step.
15:08 And I think he was trying not to step on a monitor?
15:10 I was trying not to step on the monitor.
15:12 And he did a rolling and he went all the way down those steps.
15:16 Now, talk about a trooper.
15:20 Tell them what you did when you fell.
15:22 I broke my tail bone.
15:23 He broke his tail bone but didn't complain about it,
15:27 he got up and sang.
15:28 That ought to tell us something, you know what I'm saying.
15:30 A lot of us, we'd be home crying, wouldn't we?
15:32 I'd be home with big tears crying.
15:34 That was a few days later.
15:35 Yea, he said a few days later it really got to him.
15:40 And we felt so bad. I said, "Nathan, it's terrible.
15:43 I feel terrible that you've fallen and hurt yourself. "
15:45 He said, "Don't worry about it. I'm a professional faller. "
15:49 And I said, "Really?"
15:50 And he said...
15:51 He went to an ATM, his brother-in-law was driving
15:55 and went to an ATM machine.
15:56 And what happened?
15:57 I fell in front of the car and my brother-in-law, with his
16:00 loving self, rolled down the window and said,
16:02 "I give it a six, you didn't have your legs together
16:04 as you fell through the air. "
16:07 They're grading him on his falls whether it's a six.
16:10 This was a ten in Battle Creek.
16:12 That was a good one.
16:13 They might deduct a point before the tail bone break.
16:17 I'm not sure.
16:18 But this guy is such a trooper.
16:21 Incredible singer, he's a professional musician.
16:23 Does a lot of backup singing.
16:24 You sing with CeCe Winans and number of other folks.
16:27 And so we appreciate you and love you Nathan.
16:30 Thank you for having me. I'm glad to be here.
16:31 Thank you so much. God bless.
16:34 A great guy.
16:38 Nathan sang, I think he said at his aunt's funeral,
16:44 or aunt, however we pronounce it,
16:46 at her funeral, Land of Canaan.
16:51 And he said, as his aunt was dying she said,
16:56 "If heaven is that beautiful, that's where I want to go. "
16:59 And so he said she was listening to that, literally,
17:05 minutes or so before she expired.
17:07 And so he sang it at the funeral.
17:09 Because heaven is that beautiful, right?
17:11 For sure.
17:12 Well, heaven is only assured to us because
17:15 of God's amazing grace.
17:17 So we've asked David Huntsinger and Kris to do Amazing Grace.
19:38 Amen.
19:45 Amen, thank you. It was very beautiful.
19:47 Well we wanted to talk just a little bit while we had time.
19:51 The rest of the camp meeting is literally one program
19:55 after another, and Friday night and all day Sabbath.
19:57 And we really don't have time to talk about it.
19:59 But I came back from Nashville pretty excited
20:02 this past year, didn't I.
20:04 You did.
20:05 And I came back and I had actually met with Dave and Kris.
20:08 I said this once before, but you have to meet somewhere
20:12 so we met in Nashville and we met at a Cheesecake Factory.
20:14 I mean, if you've got to do business somewhere.
20:18 So we met there, ET Everett was there.
20:20 And so we were there talking about another project,
20:23 them doing some music for another project.
20:26 And David started telling me that Margie Rice,
20:30 actually, she had said to us, "I want to do a new project,
20:34 a new album. "
20:35 Older folks call them albums. You know, CD's.
20:38 "I want to do a project, a new album.
20:40 And who could we... I really want some... "
20:42 So we said, "Look, the best folk we know is what we recommend. "
20:46 You know, Kris and David.
20:48 And so anyway, they got with Margie.
20:50 They found out she was a Seventh-day Adventist.
20:52 And Dave, I guess you said she really wanted to do a song
20:55 on the Sabbath so you decided to write one.
20:58 Well, Margie is a great song writer and I loved
21:01 what she wrote.
21:03 But I started studying online the Seventh-day Adventist
21:06 history; the founders Ellen White and William Miller
21:08 and some others.
21:10 And I said, "Margie, where are the Adventist songs?"
21:12 And she said, "Well, write something. "
21:17 So I wrote, Remember The Sabbath.
21:19 And it just opened up a whole area of research and spiritual
21:24 quest on my own part and Pillars kind of came from that.
21:28 So you went from one subject to another.
21:30 Absolutely.
21:31 I discovered Ellen White's writings.
21:32 I had heard of her but knew nothing about her.
21:35 When I came across "the language of Canaan" from her first
21:38 vision of heaven, God just said, "Write this. "
21:43 And I was in shock that the song had not been written yet,
21:46 it was so beautifully poetic and moving.
21:50 So it developed from there.
21:53 And Kris, now you got excited about it also, right?
21:56 Kris has the Nashville String Machine for
22:00 many, many years still.
22:01 That's when she has an orchestra,
22:03 basically string machine.
22:05 And they do backup and you play for all kinds of, you know,
22:09 people in Nashville, recordings.
22:11 Yea, I travel all over the world playing on
22:15 other people's records.
22:16 And we just feel so blessed to get to work on something
22:22 that was given to us.
22:24 This was truly God inspired and we've gotten to use our talents
22:31 for something like this, you know.
22:33 It's just amazing.
22:37 And so David, you say in your own life it's been life changing
22:40 for you, these songs, as you wrote them and
22:42 as you studied more.
22:43 My understanding was, I heard it said that you were almost
22:46 going day and night and couldn't hardly slow down
22:49 because you just kept going from one subject to another.
22:52 It was just so interesting and the reading about the history
22:56 and the pioneers and the sacrifice,
22:58 and just some the beautiful, beautiful beliefs.
23:01 The sanctuary doctrine, what a great thought.
23:06 Christ is interceding for us now,
23:09 He's ministering for us now.
23:10 And know that, in some circles, it's considered to be a
23:14 controversial doctrine, but I just went to the Bible.
23:17 There it is.
23:18 And I'm a Christian, so I had no trouble with that
23:21 and I embraced it fully.
23:22 It's been a real blessing working on this for a year.
23:26 And also, the health message has literally
23:29 saved David's life this year.
23:32 Tell us about how the health message saved your life.
23:34 I'm diabetic and when I was first diagnosed about
23:37 14 year ago at 40, I did okay.
23:39 And then I just sort of lapsed into a lack of discipline
23:43 and the last couple of years I've been out of control.
23:45 I ended up in the hospital last September.
23:48 I had to have a surgery and I was scared to death.
23:51 And God has His ways of dealing with us.
23:55 Kris ran into a gentleman on an elevator who was
23:59 Seventh-day Adventist and he said that he was
24:02 ministering to people in the hospital.
24:03 She sent him my way.
24:05 He came into the room and just started talking to me.
24:08 I was on antibiotics and pain pills and he just
24:12 ministered to me.
24:13 I talked to somebody who called me a few days ago,
24:15 and he said that might have been an angel unaware.
24:17 And I said I would agree with you except that I saw him at
24:20 church, I went to First church, Seventh-day Adventist church
24:24 in Nashville and he was in the choir.
24:26 I almost burst out crying.
24:28 Well all of our churches have angels in the choir.
24:30 I think so.
24:32 But anyway, I've lost some weight.
24:34 I joke, I say that I have 5 pounds to loose and then
24:39 I'll be on maintenance.
24:40 But I've slowly lost weight over these last few months.
24:42 I'm a vegetarian, I've read a lot about the health message
24:46 and it's wonderful.
24:49 Tell them about the insulin, that you're the only
24:51 patient of his doctor that has ever been able to
24:54 get off of insulin.
24:57 Completely off of insulin.
25:00 Just from eating according to Biblical principles,
25:03 which just makes sense.
25:05 Kris, you became a vegetarian a long time ago.
25:09 You know, I remember when Danny, I mean we go so far back.
25:14 that I was only 10 years old when we met, you know.
25:18 That's probably true. I think I was 12.
25:20 Yea, that's right.
25:22 But when you first started telling me about the
25:26 health message, and actually I knew Danny before
25:31 3ABN was even founded.
25:33 And I use to think, "Hmmm, I like this guy but he's got
25:38 some crazy ideas. "
25:39 But look where we are now and it's truly a miracle.
25:44 We will never forget Battle Creek.
25:47 And that's when the music was first played in any
25:51 kind of a public setting.
25:54 So, how many of you here were in Battle Creek?
25:56 I know a number of you were. I see Dr. Walt back there.
25:59 There was not a dry eye in the place.
26:03 Isn't that right JD and Shelley?
26:04 God is using it, He is using it to focus the whole message,
26:11 a spot light on our pillars of our faith;
26:15 the truths that God has given us that He wants us to uphold.
26:20 And He wants us to be strong with them.
26:22 He doesn't want us to be obnoxious with them,
26:25 but He wants us to be firm and He wants us to be steadfast
26:29 in what we believe and cry out to a world that,
26:33 "this is the way, walk ye in it. "
26:36 What really encouraged me with this and when, David, we were
26:40 meeting on another project and then he said,
26:43 "You know, there are just so many doctrines.
26:46 They're so wonderful, they're truths. "
26:48 Be he said, "I started visiting some Adventist churches. "
26:51 And you tell it from there. You didn't hear...
26:55 Well they're wonderful, wonderful churches
26:58 and wonderful people and I enjoyed the worship service.
27:00 But I was not hearing...
27:02 I was excited, I had discovered Adventism
27:05 and all these wonderful doctrines.
27:07 And I know that Adventism is nothing less than Christianity,
27:11 Biblical Christianity.
27:12 And my thinking is like, "I want to hear this proclaimed.
27:17 Tell me about the sanctuary. "
27:19 And anyway, it just encouraged me to, it inspired me to want to
27:22 write some songs that were direct and bold,
27:24 but not obnoxious.
27:26 Yea, so he said he went to a number of different churches
27:29 and people didn't seem excited about all of the messages;
27:32 the spirit of prophecy, the state of the dead, the Sabbath.
27:35 And he told me, he said, "We need to write this music just
27:39 so your people can relook at it again. "
27:41 And I said, "That's the pillars of our faith
27:43 you're talking about. "
27:44 And, you know, we do take for granted so much what we have,
27:47 whatever blessings God gives us.
27:50 And our theology is one of those and sometimes we can
27:53 be lulled to sleep.
27:54 But when you get some folk like these that are literally
27:59 renowned musicians and writers that have such an incredible
28:04 history in music that catch the vision and say,
28:09 "We want to work with this project," and they did.
28:11 And now, just take a minute about this sheet music.
28:13 Everybody's asking questions.
28:16 I just want to say I'm so excited,
28:18 something you just said.
28:20 Here's our song book and inside of that, Danny, is one of our
28:25 individual sheets of music.
28:27 But every day we're getting new inspiration of how to
28:31 get this word out.
28:32 And one thing that I just want to say that David came up with.
28:37 We've written out the piano parts like they are
28:40 on the record, but not everybody can play that.
28:43 But yet they want to play this music.
28:45 So David, tell them what you've done.
28:48 In the book, we have the arrangements just as they
28:52 were recorded by Reggie and Ladye and Nathan
28:55 and the Andrews University Choir.
28:57 But for people that just want to sit down to a piano and organ,
29:00 we have done an arrangement of each song as well
29:03 that looks like a hymnal.
29:05 Because everybody doesn't want a nine page arrangement.
29:08 You just want to sit at home and worship and sing or
29:10 sing with your family, so the book is going to have
29:13 those simple arrangements.
29:14 And then when you want to do special music at church
29:16 or an event, you can play the piano vocal arrangement.
29:19 But a lot of people are going to enjoy that because it's simple.
29:24 Amen.
29:25 I just wanted to say also on each song, what we've done is
29:31 we have a little scripture and a little description
29:36 of what inspired this song, and even a little picture.
29:40 Because a lot of times I think people look at sheet music
29:45 and it's so complex looking to them.
29:48 They want to play it but it's, you know, it's not for
29:54 the layman, it's more for professionals.
29:56 So we want this to be a message that reaches everybody.
30:01 This is an idea.
30:02 I mean, these guys are a lot better marketers than we are.
30:05 We've had this truth for so many years.
30:06 Now look at this, Jim. What do you see right there?
30:09 I see Ellen White.
30:10 The Language of Canaan.
30:11 This will be going in bookstores all over America
30:13 and around the world.
30:14 There's a picture of Ellen White.
30:15 It's "The Language of Canaan" and they put her picture in
30:18 and tell about it.
30:19 "Ellen White's vision of heaven is the source. "
30:21 And some of us are ashamed to say anything about her.
30:23 See what I'm saying.
30:25 Does somebody hear me out there or am I by myself?
30:27 These folk aren't ashamed her, right?
30:29 So they put her picture on there and talk about her.
30:32 "Her vision of heaven is the source of the chord lyric
30:35 to The Language of Canaan.
30:36 The Lord showed young Ellen Gould a beautiful picture
30:41 of heaven when she was 16 years old. "
30:43 Then it says, "Courtesy of the Ellen White Estates. "
30:46 So when the sheet music...
30:47 People who buy it, they're going to say,
30:49 "Well, who is Ellen White?"
30:50 I mean, honestly, is that from the Lord or what.
30:53 And William Miller...
30:54 I think I saw for "I Fixed My Mind" that it was written
30:57 because of William Miller's statement, Jim.
30:59 And so they have a picture of William Miller and
31:01 it tells about him.
31:02 And these songs, it's incredible ideas.
31:04 We want this book, like the entire Pillars of our Faith
31:07 program, not just the music but all the sermons,
31:10 this whole year of celebrating God's faithfulness to 3ABN.
31:13 We want that to be a message to the world.
31:17 We all know without going into a lot of detail that the world
31:19 is in a bad place right now.
31:21 Christ is going to come and we need to get the message out.
31:25 We want this book to be a ministering tool.
31:28 You know, when David wrote these, he brought them to
31:32 CA and John, and he brought them to me.
31:34 And, Danny, we looked at them thinking that we might have to
31:38 make some maybe major adjustments to some of the
31:41 theology that was there.
31:43 We didn't have to do that.
31:44 The Lord had led him.
31:45 He had done his study, done his research.
31:47 The Bible is clear, it is plain.
31:51 If you let the Bible be its own interpreter,
31:54 you will not be confused about what it teaches.
31:57 It's when you let man start telling you what it says
32:00 that you get into trouble.
32:02 That's exactly right.
32:04 And we have talked to prisoners numerous times
32:08 that have written to us, folks incarcerated,
32:11 and they say to us, "We're so thankful that we have somebody
32:15 who agrees with us about the Sabbath. "
32:17 And here's what they say.
32:18 "I was not raised in a Christian home.
32:21 Didn't hear God except when His name was used in vain.
32:24 And I've been in prison... "
32:26 They might be 50 years old.
32:28 "I've been in prison since I was 18 years old.
32:30 So I started reading the Bible several years ago
32:33 and every chaplain that comes in here, I want to talk to him
32:37 about the truths but nobody believes, nobody keeps the
32:41 seventh day Sabbath and we don't know why. "
32:43 They say, "Because it's in the Bible and we can't figure out
32:46 why don't people do what the Bible says. "
32:48 And now, these are people with no background,
32:50 no one said anything or tried to encourage them
32:53 one way or the other.
32:54 And the one guy said to me, "And it's so easy when you read
32:57 all of the scripture to try to weight in the balances
33:00 that when a person dies, he goes to sleep and he doesn't
33:03 go to heaven or hell until after Christ comes back. "
33:05 And he says, "But nobody agrees.
33:07 All of these preachers tell me I don't know
33:08 what I'm talking about. "
33:09 And he said, "I started watching 3ABN when it
33:12 came into our prison and I said that's where I belong.
33:14 They're teaching what this Bible says. "
33:17 He said, "I was a holdout for many years.
33:19 I decided I wasn't going to join a church. "
33:21 But you see, the truth is there but we
33:24 need to be getting it out.
33:25 What David and Kris are doing is incredible.
33:28 God is willing to use anyone willing to be used.
33:31 And He's bringing people like David and Kris.
33:33 And Nathan told me, he said, "I'm singing this," and he said,
33:36 "I thought this was maybe for just this venue with Adventist.
33:39 But its songs are so caught on I'm singing it in
33:42 Methodist churches and Baptist churches.
33:44 And I'm singing it in these churches and the people
33:46 love the music. "
33:47 Well listen, it's an exciting thing.
33:50 It really is.
33:51 And Danny, we're going to get to hear some more music here,
33:54 from some of those that have been singing on these albums.
33:57 We sure are.
33:58 Who do we have coming?
33:59 Alright, I want to thank David and Kris.
34:01 And then we're going to ask Reggie and Ladye Love Smith
34:04 and Melody, I think Melody Dawn is going to be sing with them.
34:07 Right?
34:09 Melody Dawn Shelton-Firestone.
34:10 I'm going to have to give her name because some of you
34:12 are going to say, "Where did she go?"
34:14 Well this is what's left of her. The best part stayed with her.
34:17 See that, the pretty part.
34:20 Melody, I had never noticed how much we look alike until now.
34:24 Isn't she cute, isn't she pretty.
34:26 I'm just kidding her.
34:28 Melody looks like her mother and her mother was beautiful
34:31 and you're beautiful, and I love you very much.
34:33 So you're going to be singing tonight with
34:35 Reggie and Ladye Love Smith.
34:37 Now these folk, how many of you have seen the Gaither videos?
34:40 You ever seen Reggie and Lady Love?
34:41 Be honest now, raise your hands. Alright, now hands are going up.
34:44 There you go.
34:45 And, Reggie, I hear in the last couple of months you've been
34:48 singing some with the Gaither Vocal Band.
34:50 Just filling in for Michael English.
34:53 And that's incredible.
34:54 And we got to know Reggie and Ladye a few years ago
34:58 and fell in love with them.
34:59 Do you know why? Because they love Jesus.
35:01 They love Jesus and it shows.
35:03 When Melody was a little girl, her mother was killed
35:08 in a car wreck, Kay, when Melody was just 11 years old.
35:11 But she and Tommy and I had an old diesel Greyhound bus
35:14 and we travelled for 3 years doing gospel music.
35:17 And I got burned out, literally, of going places
35:21 and meeting people and being disappointed
35:23 in groups that seem so spiritual and then all of a sudden,
35:27 you get to know them and it's like,
35:29 "Why are they even doing this?"
35:30 Some of them didn't even claim to be Christians.
35:33 Well years went by, and it took me a lot of years
35:36 until I began to meet people like you all
35:38 and meet people like David and Kris
35:40 and meet people, you know, Nathan, and started meeting
35:43 wonderful, there's wonderful people out there
35:46 that love Jesus.
35:47 And I said, you know what?
35:48 It's changing my whole view on things.
35:50 And so it's such a privilege to have you guys to be a part of
35:54 this and you've been singing and you've come to 3ABN
35:56 and you're singing our records and Melody's and others.
35:59 And thank you so much for what you do.
36:01 You know we love you.
36:02 Where are you from?
36:03 I'm originally from the southern part of Mississippi,
36:05 Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
36:06 But we live in Nashville, Tennessee now.
36:08 Alright, does he sound like he's from southern Mississippi?
36:10 Nashville.
36:11 Yea.
36:13 Lady Love, what about you?
36:15 I'm from the north... northern Mississippi.
36:20 A little small town called luka, Mississippi close to Tupelo.
36:23 Anybody from Mississippi here?
36:26 We've talked, I know.
36:27 Alright, some of you did.
36:28 We've got a couple over this way, Danny.
36:29 Ok, Mississippi. There you go.
36:32 And where did you guys meet?
36:34 We actually met at the University of Mississippi,
36:36 formerly known as Ole Miss.
36:38 And she was sitting next to my six year long
36:41 girlfriend in the choir.
36:42 Wait, say that again.
36:43 Oh, did I say that?
36:44 She was sitting next to who?
36:45 I had a girlfriend, you know, through high school and
36:48 college for 6 years.
36:49 And I saw this brunette sitting up there and she was just...
36:53 You know, just ready to sing and sang so well.
36:55 And when she opened her mouth to sing?
36:57 I said, "That's the one. "
37:00 You all have been married how long now?
37:02 We've been married 15 years.
37:03 Alright, praise the Lord.
37:05 Now you've got a little boy.
37:06 We do.
37:07 Tell us about Brett.
37:08 Brett is 7 years old and he's running around,
37:12 you'll see him tonight and this weekend.
37:14 Last night he wanted one of those Kid's Time shirts
37:17 so we got him one of the Kid's Time.
37:18 He had it on all day today too. He's worn it 2 days now.
37:21 We'll either wash it or give him another one.
37:24 Okay.
37:25 That's for sure.
37:26 Well you wrote a song, I'm sure you've written many,
37:28 but you wrote a song just recently.
37:30 Tell us about this song.
37:33 Well we just wrote a song, we just started thinking about
37:35 all the wonderful things that God has blessed us with.
37:37 And we tried to just think about some of those things.
37:41 We just wanted to thank Him and praise Him,
37:42 you know, at a time right now when there are lots of
37:46 not good things going on in our world.
37:47 We just need to remember that God is so good to us.
37:52 And to try to remember the things that we are grateful for,
37:55 the things that He's given us and blessed us with.
37:58 And we kind of write this song and Melody's going to
38:01 sing it with us.
38:02 And it just talks about those things.
38:20 For all the countless ways You have blessed me all my days,
38:27 Father, let me pause to say I give You thanks.
38:35 For the life You've given me for my friends, my family,
38:42 for every wonder I have seen,
38:46 I give You thanks, I give You thanks.
38:54 Thank You, Lord.
39:02 Thank You, Lord.
39:09 For all You've done for me
39:17 I thank You, Lord.
39:40 For Your guidance through the years,
39:44 for Your presence through my fears,
39:47 for all the joys and yes, the tears,
39:51 I give You thanks.
39:55 For the faithfulness You've shown
39:59 as I've faced each dark unknown,
40:03 I have never been alone, I give You thanks.
40:09 Lord, I give You thanks.
40:13 Sing it with me.
40:15 Thank You, Lord.
40:22 Thank You, Lord.
40:29 For all You've done for me
40:37 I thank You, Lord.
40:43 We thank You.
40:45 We thank You, Lord. Lord, we thank You.
40:53 Thank You, Lord.
41:00 For all You've done for us
41:07 we thank You, Lord.
41:13 For all You've done.
41:15 For all You've done for us
41:24 we thank You, Lord.
41:39 Amen.
42:09 If I lose it all tomorrow,
42:16 if there's nothing I can do,
42:23 if I have one breath of life in me,
42:32 I will still trust in You.
42:38 If my dearest friends forsake me,
42:45 if my heart is torn in two,
42:53 if I'm left alone to face this world,
43:01 yet I will trust in You.
43:07 Let the mountains crumble, the seas turn to dust,
43:14 let the sun and the stars fade from view,
43:22 let the world say I'm foolish, but still I will trust
43:30 for, Father, You're forever faithful.
43:36 Always and forever faithful and true.
43:42 I will still trust in You.
43:59 When my days on earth have ended
44:06 and my struggle here is through,
44:15 and when I slip into what lies beyond,
44:22 yet I will trust in You.
44:30 I will trust You, I will trust You,
44:38 trust the Lamb that reigns on high.
44:44 Let the mountains crumble, the seas turn to dust,
44:53 let the sun and the stars fade from view,
44:59 let the world say I'm foolish, but still I will trust
45:08 for, Father, You're faithful,
45:11 You're so ever faithful and true.
45:20 I will still trust in You, Lord.
45:28 Father, I'll trust
45:38 in You.
45:53 Amen.
45:56 Thank you. Beautiful, Reggie.
45:58 Alright, God bless.
46:00 Wow, we're having church.
46:02 That's right. That's church.
46:04 That is right.
46:05 You know, one of the great things about 3ABN is the board.
46:10 We've got a wonderful board.
46:11 Our board chairman is here tonight, Dr. Thompson.
46:14 He's always with us. His wife, Avonne, is here.
46:17 Well, we've had some that for one reason or another
46:22 can't continue; health reasons or other reasons.
46:25 But we are so thankful for the contribution that they've made
46:30 with their thoughts, their ideas, their prayers,
46:33 and their leadership.
46:34 Danny, tell us about Merlin Fjarli.
46:37 Merlin and Jo Ann Fjarli.
46:39 How many of you know the Fjarli's?
46:40 I'm sure a lot of folk do.
46:41 Incredible people, wonderful people.
46:43 And I love Merlin, he's soft spoken but he knows
46:47 exactly where he's going and how he's going to get there.
46:49 And you're not going to change his mind when he's looking
46:52 towards truth and doing what he believes is right.
46:55 And I say that in a positive way because Merlin has
46:59 caught the vision of 3ABN's mission and goal to give an
47:03 undiluted three angels messages into all the world.
47:06 One that would counteract the counterfeit.
47:08 And every action about him said, "I believe you, I support you.
47:13 Not only financially, but in every way possible.
47:16 And Jo Ann too. "
47:17 And they've been host to us many times in their beautiful home
47:20 and taking care of us when we're out there.
47:21 Your mother can cook, I mean this woman can cook.
47:25 She knows how to do it.
47:27 And they're wonderful people.
47:29 But your dad's had some health issues.
47:31 In the last year or so especially.
47:34 And he felt that he no longer could travel back and forth.
47:39 And so we have asked Bruce, I said to Bruce,
47:42 "We want you to take your dad's place. "
47:44 That was a mistake.
47:45 He said, "I could never take my dad's place. "
47:47 And I said, "No, I meant fill his shoes. "
47:49 "No," and I knew he'd say, "I could never fill his shoes. "
47:51 "I mean, we want you to sit on our board. "
47:53 So he agreed to do that but he said, "I'm not going to follow,
47:58 you know, I can't follow that with my dad. "
47:59 And what great respect.
48:01 You don't know what that did to me yesterday because he said it
48:04 from the heart and he meant it.
48:05 And I said, "What an incredible family. "
48:07 I mean, how many of us older folk, you know as we are now,
48:12 how many of us want and desire to see our children have
48:16 that much love and respect for what we're doing.
48:19 And so we want to thank you so much.
48:21 And, Jackie, that you for being out here and your support
48:24 and what you all are doing.
48:25 Mollie, you have a plaque.
48:26 Well, I've been with 3ABN now for about 15 years.
48:30 And early on, some people that I got to know that were
48:34 so behind 3ABN, as you mentioned, were the Fjarli's.
48:38 And 5 years ago, we asked Merlin to be on the board
48:41 and he graciously accepted.
48:43 And as Danny said a little earlier that he has had
48:47 some health issues.
48:48 And Bruce, we are so grateful to you that you are supportive of
48:51 this ministry as well.
48:53 But what we would like to do is just offer, just in honor
48:58 of Merlin's 5 years, this
49:00 plaque. It says, "To Merlin Fjarli, in honor of 5 years of
49:03 service on the 3ABN board of directors from 2005 to 2010. "
49:08 So I'd like to give this to you.
49:09 And Merlin, if you're watching, Jo Ann...
49:11 We wish you were here so we could give it to you.
49:13 Amen.
49:14 Let all the people say amen.
49:16 Alright, thank you.
49:25 I'd like to give the glory to God for such godly parents.
49:32 They have presented an example of Christian service
49:40 and giving that I believe is from God.
49:45 And I hope and pray that I can have the same heart
49:49 and the same service for 3ABN and for Christ's service.
49:53 Thank you.
49:54 Thank you, God bless you all so much. Thank you.
50:00 We'd like to introduce Dwight Hall with Remnant.
50:03 How many of you know Dwight?
50:04 Alright, a lot of folk. You've got a lot of friends.
50:06 Dwight, we have about 4 or 5 minutes here.
50:09 Tell us what's happening.
50:10 4 or 5 minutes?
50:11 Yea, that's it.
50:12 How did you get involved in the Pillars project
50:15 and what is Remnant doing?
50:16 Well, one thing I can say is that I was a month in Australia
50:20 and New Zealand, and someone picked me up from the airport
50:22 and they said, "I've got this great tape that you've got to
50:26 listen to, the CD."
50:27 So they put it on and they said, "Do you know what this is?"
50:29 And I said, "Well that's the Pillars. "
50:31 So then from there I went to South Africa
50:34 about a month later.
50:35 And they picked me up at the airport and they said,
50:37 "You've got to hear this great CD."
50:38 They said, "Do you know what it is?"
50:40 And I said, "Yea, that's the Pillars. "
50:44 And so Danny and Jim talked to me and we decided that
50:49 what would be better to marry up the CD with a book
50:55 about the Pillars.
50:56 And that's what we came out with.
50:57 And that's why I'm up here this evening.
50:59 And I don't know if they have a picture, but anyway,
51:03 Danny, you can hold that up.
51:05 But anyway, it's about the Pillars of the Christian faith.
51:09 And I know that one thing that I think is important...
51:13 You know, how many of you have heard of the
51:15 Ten Commandments Twice Removed?
51:17 Yea, most of you. I hope all of you.
51:19 But you know, that book was a timely book
51:22 that needed to get out when it did.
51:24 And there are, I don't know how many churches,
51:27 33 or 34 whole churches that changed.
51:31 And now I believe that this book, with all my heart,
51:34 is a very timely book.
51:37 Yea, from Sunday to Sabbath.
51:39 34 churches, not counting the thousands of people
51:43 that read that book.
51:44 Listen, books are vitally important.
51:47 You know, many of us can talk to friends but books
51:50 will get into places that people can't get to with their mouths.
51:54 And I am such a believer in the literature work.
51:57 I've seen the power of the books and I believe this Pillars book
52:01 is so important.
52:03 David Huntsinger said this evening that time is short.
52:07 As he started reading and studying the scriptures
52:10 with these Pillars on the faith, he started realizing
52:13 more and more, time is short.
52:15 And I believe that we need to get the message out
52:17 and so we have special prices.
52:19 You can see us at our booth or see 3ABN.
52:23 We want to see, like the Ten Commandments Twice Removed,
52:26 to get these out in churches by the pallets, by the cases.
52:30 You ought to have some in your vehicle.
52:32 You know, put them on gas pumps when you get gas.
52:34 I have to ask the question.
52:35 How many of you ever have gotten gas?
52:40 If you're going to get gas, don't say you can't
52:42 take and put a book out.
52:43 About half the people don't drive.
52:45 They didn't raise their hands.
52:47 At least some of you are honest, aren't you.
52:49 No, just kidding.
52:50 But you know, you can put a book on a gas pump.
52:52 We have gotten letters and emails from people that have
52:56 given their heart to the Lord Jesus Christ
52:58 from a book that was in a rest area,
53:00 a book that was on a gas pump.
53:02 Somebody threw a book away in a Laundromat,
53:07 and they threw it away.
53:10 Somebody picked that book up and was baptized,
53:13 gave their heart to the Lord Jesus Christ.
53:15 So God will put the books where the people need them.
53:19 Even if it's in the garbage.
53:20 So I just want to encourage and inspire and energize
53:24 each one of you, if you aren't, get the books out.
53:27 Well, I want to thank Dwight for what you do with
53:30 Remnant Publications and your program you're doing on 3ABN.
53:33 And thank you.
53:34 Dwight has a nose for timing.
53:36 The book that you put out with the movie some time ago,
53:40 and you put out one or two million, many a couple
53:42 of million of those.
53:43 Now what was the name of it?
53:44 The Passion of Love.
53:45 Passion of Love, the movie.
53:47 Then when the Ten Commandment weekends,
53:48 we started having those.
53:50 How many of those have been out to people?
53:52 Well, I know for sure that we've put out about 7 million
53:55 in English, but as I travel it's in the Afrikaans language and
53:58 many other languages all over.
54:00 We just got somebody that wanted it in the Croatian language.
54:03 So we've got it and now to this Pillars book, thank you so much
54:07 for what you're doing.


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