Pillars of Our Faith 2010 Camp Meeting

Salvation / Atonement

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Participants: Ty Gibson


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00:40 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center,
00:42 Welcome to Pillars of Our Faith event.
00:58 There is no problem too big God cannot solve it
01:07 There is no mountain too tall, He cannot move it
01:16 And There is not storm too dark God cannot calm it
01:26 There is no sorrow too deep, He cannot soothe it
01:36 If He carried the weight of the world upon his shoulders
01:44 I know, my brother that He will carry you,
01:55 If He carried the weight of the world upon his shoulders
02:04 I know, my sister that He will carry you,
02:16 He said come on to me all who are weary
02:27 and I will give you rest.
02:40 There is no problem too big, God cannot solve it
02:55 There is no mountain too tall, He cannot move it
03:07 And There is no storm too dark God cannot calm it,
03:19 There is no sorrow too deep He cannot soothe it,
03:30 If He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulders
03:39 I know, my brother that He will carry you
03:50 If He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulders
04:00 I know, my sister that He will carry you
04:09 I know my brother, I know my sister,
04:18 I know that he will carry you through.
04:32 He will carry you.
04:44 Amen! Thank you Tammy. That's my baby sister
04:46 Tammy Chance. I appreciate Tammy and her husband Bruce
04:49 and their support in the ministry
04:51 that they do here 3ABN. What I want to do,
04:56 I'm getting ready to introduce Reggie
04:57 he is gonna come out and sing again you all been
04:59 bless so far right, by singing in by the music
05:02 and Reggie Smith is gonna be out, but before that
05:04 I just want to say a couple of words and he is familiar
05:07 I'm sure to almost all of you, but we have new folk
05:10 all the time watching 3ABN
05:12 around the world. About our speaker
05:14 is a Ty Gibson, he is co-director
05:17 of Light Bearers Ministry they publish books,
05:19 he has written a brand new book.
05:21 Just handed me one awhile ago that can't wait to read
05:24 and Tye and his brother in the Lord, James Rafferty.
05:30 They are doing incredible ministry and they print
05:33 literally millions and millions and million of books
05:35 and pieces of literature that are going around the world
05:38 and I've known these guys since they were in
05:40 probably early 20s.
05:42 So I've known them 20 some years
05:43 and they have stuck to the Pillars of Our Faith,
05:46 they have never deviated from what we believe
05:49 as Seventh-Day Adventist Christians. So, right
05:54 after Reggie sings and Reggie you are gonna
05:55 be singing what Song? Now is the Day.
05:57 Now is the day, and so I see Chris is
06:00 coming out, you gonna be playing too, alright.
06:03 And so now is the day and is another one of our Pillar
06:06 Songs of course, thank you Reggie.
08:50 Amen, amen.
08:54 Wow! Thank you Reggie what a blessing ha! Amen I just,
08:59 I'm impressed every time I hear music that lifts my soul
09:03 with Zephaniah 3:17. Do you know
09:07 Zephaniah 317? This is one of a very select
09:13 few scriptures that actually informs us
09:16 that God almighty the creator of the universe
09:19 is himself a song writer and a vocalist.
09:23 Did you know that? That God sings the scripture says
09:26 in Zephaniah 3:17 it's God's speaking
09:29 and he says I will rejoice over you
09:33 with singing and quiet you with my love.
09:36 Is not incredible. God himself is a singer
09:41 and a song writer and that tells us something
09:44 very important and beautiful about God,
09:46 he is not just a force and energy,
09:49 he is not an impersonal being,
09:52 God is the ultimate person. Not only does he think,
09:57 but he feels because only people who feel
09:59 write and sing love Songs and God is the ultimate lover,
10:05 because he says that he will rejoice over you
10:08 and me with singing and quiet us with his love.
10:13 So thank you Reggie for that beautiful song.
10:15 Are you glad to be here at this Pillars Event?
10:18 I'm so eager to launching a subject, but you must have
10:22 a very large appetite for spiritual food. Amen.
10:25 We're having two messages back to back
10:28 this evening and as I was standing back there
10:31 listening to CA, I was thinking,
10:34 I just hope, we don't give anybody spiritual
10:36 indigestion here. How many of you
10:38 like eating? One of my absolute favorite things
10:41 to do is eat. Ah! There are so many
10:44 incredible flavors out there to just bring into you mouth
10:48 and just bathe your tongue with incredible flavors.
10:52 I love food not long ago, although my wife
10:55 was warning me as I came home
10:57 I hate to admit kind of late at night
10:59 after some meetings, I hadn't eaten since the day
11:01 before and I was hungry on a scary level
11:04 and I opened the refrigerator and I proceeded to eat
11:08 a piece of lasagna left over from the day before
11:10 and then I thought, I think I need a bowl of cereal.
11:14 So I had bowl of cereal, I said you know what
11:17 that humus looks good, I'll put that on the piece
11:19 of toast, I said Sue, we have any Rice Dream
11:23 and then I had bowl of Rice Dream. I didn't sleep well
11:28 that night. I want you to know that
11:33 if you combine the wrong kinds of flavors
11:36 and the wrong kinds of foods you can end up
11:38 with spiritual indigestion that is not going to happen
11:41 this evening. Because the message just delivered
11:45 is the preparation for the one that we are going
11:49 to explore right now. CA dealt with the sin problem
11:54 and defining sin very clearly and now it is my assignment,
11:59 my privileged assignment to open before you
12:04 the most awesome subject imaginable.
12:07 The Atonement of Christ. And I want to hasten
12:11 to share with you this evening
12:14 that this is no easy task because in fact,
12:17 the atonement of Christ is one of a very small handful
12:23 of ideas and realities to which the word
12:28 infinite maybe rightly applied without exaggeration.
12:33 In fact, we are told that the collective energies,
12:37 the collective intellectual and the emotional energies
12:41 of all the unfallen angels and all the redeemed
12:46 human beings will be concentrated to the task
12:50 of probing God's atoning love for all eternity
12:57 and we will never exhaust the subject.
13:01 Can you imagine probing the subject
13:05 from millions of years and then billions,
13:08 and still trillions of years looking
13:12 into the heart of God and still discovering
13:17 an oceanic beauty that we never imagine
13:20 was there before. Its like getting to know
13:23 a person for a long, long time.
13:28 I had the privilege of being married to my best friend
13:31 for 28 years now and just the other day some things
13:36 she said the way she turned to her head,
13:40 a little sassiness I wasn't expecting
13:44 that was cute, I said you know
13:47 what, I just encountered her in a way I've never
13:50 encountered her before. I mean, we've been together
13:53 since she was 13 and I was 14 and just the other day
13:56 I came to know her in a way. I had never known her before.
14:01 And she was more beautiful than ever before
14:04 as I have the privilege of encountering her personality
14:08 and her character. Love is in fact the only truly
14:15 exponential reality in circulation in the universe.
14:19 Love doesn't have any cap, doesn't have any floor,
14:21 doesn't have any edges. In Ephesians 3,
14:24 Paul says that God's love has height and depth
14:27 and width. So, it's multidimensional alright.
14:32 You can look into the heart of God forever
14:35 and ever, and always come forth from
14:40 that intimacy with new things to share that nobody else
14:44 has ever, ever considered or thought of.
14:47 We are told in inspiration and I love this
14:51 that the plan of salvation will be our science
14:54 and our song for all eternity.
14:59 Our science and our song. Why science and song?
15:01 Because as our science it will be our
15:04 intellectual pursuit. We will be plan of salvation
15:08 scientists forever probing the depths of the wonders
15:13 of God's atoning love. Our science because
15:16 it will be our intellectual pursuit forever
15:19 and our song because it will be our emotional pursuit
15:25 forever and ever. It will be the focal point
15:29 of all our artistic expression.
15:32 Every song that is written in eternity future
15:38 will be a song about the love of God
15:41 from some new and beautiful angle.
15:45 Our science and our song forever and ever.
15:48 Well having said that, I want you to know that
15:51 according to scripture the atonement is a subject
15:56 that is enormous in it's implications.
16:02 The atonement of Christ maybe looked at
16:04 from a variety of different angles is what I'm saying.
16:09 It is as if the atonement saves human beings
16:16 at every possible level of our need for salvation,
16:21 we need to be saved for example from the guilt of sin.
16:26 The sense of self loathing and condemnation that hugs us,
16:30 because of past deeds that we've done and are ashamed up.
16:34 It's that inner conscious those eyes that
16:36 stare back at us continually saying shame on you,
16:40 I can't believe I would do such a thing.
16:44 So the atonement of Christ has a dimension
16:48 of its wonder that specifically deals
16:51 with our guilt. But guilt isn't the only
16:57 aspect of sin, there is also the power of sin.
17:02 It has a way of addicting us and raining over us have
17:08 you noticed? And so the atonement of Christ
17:11 not only deals with the guilt of sin,
17:13 but the atonement of Christ deals with the dominating
17:17 power of sin that it exerts over us and according
17:21 to Romans chapter 6, the atonement has a way
17:24 of liberating us from the dominion of sin.
17:29 In fact, the word Salvation in the New Testament,
17:32 in the Greek is the Greek word Sozo and it literally means
17:38 to be liberated, to be set free.
17:42 And so the atonement deals with us at the guilt level
17:46 of our need at the power of sin over us level of our need
17:51 but then they are legal ramifications to the sin
17:53 problem. Have you noticed, noticed in scripture the
17:57 legal ramifications of the sin problem.
18:00 God created Adam and Eve in his own image and he said
18:03 I'm going to make you Stewards,
18:05 I'm gonna give you dominion over the whole earth,
18:08 you remember? When Adam and Eve
18:11 were created in their unfallen state they had dominion
18:14 over the world, when Adam and Eve sinned
18:16 there is a sense on a legal level
18:18 in the larger scope of the great controversy
18:21 between Christ and Satan, when Adam and Eve
18:23 sinned there is a sense in which legally
18:26 they abdicated their leadership, their regency
18:30 over this territory in God's universe,
18:33 planet earth. They gave control
18:37 and dominion to Satan that's why when Jesus
18:42 encounter the Devil in the wilderness for his three
18:44 temptations you remember? The Devil in one of those
18:48 temptations said, I will give you
18:51 all the kingdoms of the world if you will bow down
18:56 and worship me for they have been given
18:59 to me. When the Devil said that all the kingdoms
19:03 of the world have been given to me
19:05 what was he referring to vain precisely
19:08 was the world given to Satan at the fall of Adam and Eve,
19:14 they abdicated their position of stewardship
19:17 and rulership over the earth. Satan then in the
19:21 book of Job for example presses his legal claims
19:25 by appearing in a heavenly council. You remember
19:27 that story, there was a day when the Son's of God
19:30 that is the representative heads of all the
19:32 different world's God has made. There was a day
19:35 when the Son's of God came to present themselves
19:37 before the Lord and Satan came also among them
19:39 and the Lord said on to Satan from when come us though,
19:43 from where do you come. Notice the question of
19:46 the Lord is state your point of origin. What territory
19:50 in my universe do you purport to be here representing?
19:54 From where do you come and what was the Devil's answer?
19:58 From walking to and fro and up and down in the earth
20:00 that was the Devil's way of saying I have the right
20:04 the legal right within the rules of engagement
20:07 within the great controversy. I have the legal right
20:10 to be represented in this heavenly council
20:13 meeting with these other representative heads
20:14 of other worlds because I'm here as the rightful
20:18 ruler of planet earth and the human raise
20:21 because the world of humans was given to me.
20:28 And so there is a legal dimension to the great
20:30 controversy. That's why Jesus
20:32 numerous times referred to Satan as the prince
20:36 of this world. Paul said that he is the God of this world.
20:41 There is a sense in which he has a legal dominion
20:45 over the human race and the Salvation wrote out
20:49 for us in Christ the atonement of Christ meets
20:54 that need as well, because when Jesus died
20:56 on the cross in principle he triumphed over the Devil
21:01 and reclaimed humanity in planet earth
21:04 as his own possession and was given power just as he said
21:09 in Mathew 28, all power authority has now by virtue
21:15 of the cross all power has now been given back to me.
21:19 In all heaven and all earth the Devil is defeated
21:23 the great controversy has been won atonement is achieved
21:27 at the legal level. So there is the guilt level,
21:30 there is the power of sin over our lives level
21:34 that the atonement needs to meet,
21:35 there is the legal dimension, there's the substitutionary
21:40 dimension of the atonement of course.
21:42 In other words, the Bible speaks
21:46 often of the fact that Jesus died for us that
21:49 is in our place taking upon himself that his
21:54 not on his back like a sack of weighty materials
21:58 Substance, but he took upon himself in the sense that
22:01 he took within his conscious, within his own psyche
22:05 he took into himself the collective hold
22:08 of all human guilt and transgression
22:10 and he exhausted it's power by dying
22:14 for you and me. So, as you can see the atonement
22:18 and we are just scratch in the surface the atonement
22:21 has many different dimensions brought to view
22:24 in scripture. In fact, you will notice in
22:27 the first Bible verse of your outline, which I'm hoping
22:30 you have that outline entitled cosmic atonement
22:32 you'll notice in the first scripture that
22:35 in Old Testament Messianic Prophecy,
22:38 which calls Jesus the stone is a prophecy
22:43 that brings to our attention the large scope
22:47 of the atonement the multidimensional reality
22:50 of the atonement. Notice, Zechariah says
22:54 God speaking through him for behold the stone
22:59 that's Jesus symbolically the stone that I've set before
23:03 Joshua notice this on one stone or seven what
23:08 seven eyes that's kind of strange. Can you visualize
23:11 that a rock with seven eyeballs that's kind
23:14 of weird isn't it? But in the Hebrew language,
23:18 it's not eyes as in the physical eyeballs that
23:22 we're familiar with, the Hebrew says literally
23:25 and I give this to you in the marginal reference
23:27 from the amplified Bible and literally how it's rendered
23:31 from the Hebrew literally what it means
23:33 is on the stone there will be seven points
23:37 of visual contact. There will be seven facets,
23:42 so this stone is dune, it is cut as a heptagon
23:46 stone. What is septagon mean? What is Sep,
23:49 seven. What is a septagon shape it's a shape
23:54 with how many sides seven sides, so Zechariah
23:57 sees in vision, he sees the savior represented
24:00 by a seven sided stone. Does the number seven
24:03 mean anything to us here this evening.
24:05 What is the number seven indicate
24:07 in scripture? Perfection, totality, completeness,
24:12 and so he says I saw this stone that represents
24:16 the coming savior and this stone had seven facets
24:19 so seven sides and the same inscription he says
24:25 was inscribed on each of the seven sides.
24:30 And what is the inscription notice that I will remove
24:37 the inequity of that land in one day.
24:42 What is this one day in which one historic event at which,
24:50 in which sin will be atone for in totality completely
24:56 with utter perfection. What is the one day
25:00 when the Septagon Stone dealt with the sin problem
25:04 on every level Calvary at the cross Jesus fulfilled
25:12 this prophecy and he declared an end to sin
25:17 in every respect. Now it's fascinating
25:21 that when you fast forward to the New Testament
25:23 you discover that the wisdom of God that is applied
25:26 to the sin problem is called. In Ephesians chapter 3,
25:30 it is called Manifold Wisdom. What is the word
25:33 Manifold, well just divide it up many folds are you familiar
25:38 with Origami anybody. What's Origami?
25:41 It's an art, it's a Japanese art form in which a piece
25:45 of paper usually a colorful piece of paper
25:48 is folded many times in order to create a bird
25:52 or some other animal or a flower and so all those
25:56 many folds create a beautiful work of arts.
26:02 The wisdom of God that is applied to the sin problem
26:05 is a Manifold Wisdom. It is a wisdom that has many
26:10 dimensions, many folds and to this wisdom
26:14 that God has applied to the plan of salvation
26:17 is so enormous in it's implications that notice this
26:22 the apostle Paul informs us that eventually through
26:26 the church as the repository of the grace of God
26:29 by which salvation is achieved that through the church
26:33 a testimony of God's Manifold Wisdom
26:37 will be given to who? What is that say
26:38 there in Ephesians 3 to who? Well through the
26:42 church God's manifold wisdom will be revealed
26:45 to who, the principalities and powers in heavenly places
26:51 or the heavenly Rome. Now this is enchain us
26:54 in this language toured that's specific aspect
26:59 of the atonement that we want to get to this evening
27:03 and that is the cosmic level of the atonement,
27:08 cosmic of course from cosmos informing us
27:12 that the atonement not only has salvation
27:16 and redemption implications for the individual humans
27:20 but in fact, this is so incredible.
27:23 The atonement has ramifications
27:26 for the whole universe. Let's explore this
27:31 point by point, step by step, and let's discover the
27:36 cosmic level of the atonement along our way this evening.
27:42 First of all, we need to explore the oneness of God.
27:46 The word atonement has as its center three letters
27:52 that compose the word what one,
27:54 so atonement literally at its root means oneness
27:59 to be brought to a place of unity.
28:03 Now the atonement of Christ that we see rout out
28:07 in his incarnation, his life, his death,
28:10 his resurrection the atonement of Christ my friends
28:13 is rooted listen in the identity of God
28:19 for all eternity past. God himself constitutes
28:25 the original oneness, the original unity.
28:30 Notice in Deuteronomy chapter 6 and verse 4,
28:35 the Shema this is the prayer that the Israelites prayed
28:41 collectively as a body with a unison of voices
28:45 and still to this day and synagogues around the world
28:47 Jewish believers come together and they say these words
28:51 here, Oh! Israel the Lord our God the Lord
28:57 is one, what is this mean, the Lord is one
29:01 in the Hebrew language there are two words
29:04 for one. One is the word Yakid with a Y
29:09 and it means singularity like for example
29:13 this is a single object, it is a pen alright. So, Yakid
29:19 is singularity, but there is a second Hebrew word
29:22 and it is with an E, Echad and that word interestingly
29:28 enough means compound unity, it means harmony
29:33 and the word that is employed here, which word do
29:35 you think it is singularity or unity. Unity the scripture
29:40 literally says the Lord our God the Lord is unity,
29:46 harmony, connection. God according to scripture
29:52 is not a singular reality, God is a social
29:57 unit in scripture. This beautiful truth of the God
30:01 had the Trinitarian love of the Father, Son
30:04 and Holy Spirit is the far reaches of eternity
30:09 past from which the atonement of Christ
30:12 was eventually brought forth into this world.
30:16 When God is introduced to you and me in scripture
30:18 he is introduced by a name, the first line of scripture
30:22 in the beginning what? God now that's the English
30:26 but it's very limited for us. In the Hebrew
30:30 it's not God as in a generic deity it doesn't say
30:34 in the beginning deity or in the beginning the divine.
30:38 No it's a name in the beginning Eloheem it's a name.
30:43 Now this is vital to understand because this is our first
30:47 encounter with this God of scripture. Who is he?
30:50 What is the nature of God? What is the character of God?
30:54 He is Eloheem and the fascinating thing about
30:57 that name my friends is that it is a plural noun
31:02 that would be like me introducing myself
31:04 to you this evening and say please to meet you
31:06 I'm Ty's. You would draw one of two conclusions either
31:12 he is making a very sloppy and ill-use
31:15 of the English language obviously he is not referring
31:19 to himself plurally as he. Or you think ah poor fellow,
31:24 he thinks there is more than one of him
31:26 and the diagnosis would be schizophrenia,
31:30 I guess. There is no sense in which
31:33 I could introduce myself to you in a plural language.
31:39 I'm not Ty's, I'm just one individual, but listen
31:42 carefully now. There is a plural dimension
31:45 to Ty because Ty is married to Sue
31:49 and we have three children Amber, Jason and Lia.
31:52 Collectively, we are the Gibson's. Now have I made
31:56 a proper and legitimate use of the plural, yes.
32:00 So when God is introduced in scripture he says
32:03 please to meet you, I am one and yet more than one.
32:10 In other words my friends God is an eternal
32:15 relational bless. If you go back into eternity
32:20 past before all of creation before humans existed,
32:24 before angels existed. What would you encounter?
32:29 God and God alone is the only uncreated reality,
32:35 but once you encountered God and God alone
32:37 in the next nanosecond you realize that there
32:39 is another sense in which God has never been alone ever.
32:45 Because God has always existed in relationship
32:50 and this is what the scripture means when it says here
32:53 Oh! Israel the Lord our God the Lord
32:56 is what again one the Lord is one.
32:59 Now first John or John chapter 1,
33:04 you know the scripture well, don't you?
33:07 In the beginning what's the word and the word was with God
33:11 and the word was God, the same was in the beginning
33:15 with God. Do a little bit of editorial sculpting
33:19 take out some of the words put some ellipsis
33:21 and do you know what you read there.
33:22 In the beginning God was with God. How do you do that?
33:27 Well, that's like same Ty is with Sue,
33:31 Sue is with Ty that is to say God was with God
33:36 in the sense that the word Jesus had existed
33:40 with the Father and the Holy Spirit in eternity past
33:43 in an irrational bliss of other centered
33:47 self giving love. This is the idea of oneness,
33:52 now this is incredible because it's from that oneness
33:58 that God created human beings in his image
34:01 as we learned earlier today in our session together
34:03 at 2.30 from the whom of God's eternal oneness
34:10 of love in the past, he brought human beings
34:13 into existence for union with each other
34:16 and with himself. God walked with Adam and Eve
34:20 in the cool of the day in the Garden of Eden
34:22 scripture testifies there was a relationship of faithful
34:28 integrity. Adam and Eve lived for one another
34:32 and for God and God lived for them
34:33 and they had sweet fellowship but the sin problem
34:37 broke up that unity. Isaiah 59 informs us
34:43 that your sin has separated you from your God
34:49 and your inequity has hidden his face from you.
34:51 There is a fracture in the universe isn't there?
34:55 There is a Severn of a vital connection that God
35:01 intended to go on forever and ever. Can you imagine
35:04 what it would have been like if Adam and Eve
35:06 had never fallen. Can you imagine,
35:08 if the fall had not occurred.
35:10 Adam and Eve would be right now themselves
35:12 approximately 6000 years old. Would they look elderly
35:16 by the way, no would Adam have his teeth
35:19 and enjoy by the bed, no. What Eve be scooting
35:23 around on a walker, 6000 years old
35:26 and they would be what they would be.
35:27 Oh! You look Adam and say I don't know
35:29 maybe are you 26 their would have been no sin problem,
35:34 their would have been no aging process,
35:36 their would have been no death.
35:37 Adam and Eve would still live in their home town
35:39 of Eden over by Iraq by the way and we could go
35:43 there and visit them they would still
35:44 be the representative heads of planet earth,
35:47 they would be our great, great, great totally great
35:49 grandparents and we could go visit them
35:52 anytime we like right, and whenever
35:55 there are heavenly council meetings called who would
35:57 go to represent planet earth. Adam and Eve not Satan,
36:02 but more importantly do you know if Adam and Eve
36:06 had never fallen. There would be 6000 years
36:10 of a progressively deepening love relationship
36:16 with the God of the universe, their would be a beautiful
36:21 blossoming maturity of friendship with God
36:26 that we can't even imagine. We would all be getting
36:29 to know him as the posterity of Adam and Eve;
36:33 we would all be getting to know God
36:35 in face to face communion. But my friends
36:39 something happened to sever that oneness what is God's
36:44 response to that severing? The atonement of Christ.
36:52 Jesus departs from the heavenly courts,
36:54 where he had existed according to John chapter 1
36:58 in verse 18, Jesus had existed for eternity past
37:01 where John 1:18 do you see at there in the Bosom
37:05 of the Father. What is this mean
37:07 in the Bosom of the Father, nowadays we don't say
37:10 anymore to guys don't say hey we're bosom buddies
37:13 but I guess back in the 1950s that used
37:15 to be a common term bosom buddies what is that mean?
37:19 Close friends, we're intimate,
37:21 we're connected right. Jesus for eternity past
37:25 was in the Bosom of the Father
37:27 that is to say he lived in intimacy with the Father.
37:31 According to Proverbs chapter 8, Jesus as personified
37:35 wisdom says that he was with the Father beside
37:39 him daily the Father's delight rejoicing
37:43 always in his presence. I mean think about this,
37:48 think of the intimate friendship, the union
37:50 that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit shared
37:53 for all eternity past. Get that as a clear vision in
37:57 your mind, Jesus says I was with the Father
37:59 and he took delight in me. Is there somebody
38:02 you take delighted? A grandmother, a grandfather,
38:06 a husband, a wife, a child, isn't amazing
38:10 to have an experience as a human being
38:13 in which you genuinely with all your heart
38:17 not only love somebody else, but actually like them.
38:20 A number of years ago my wife throw
38:23 me a curveball, she would always said
38:26 I love you, I knew she had to love me
38:28 she is good Christian girl, the Bible says love
38:31 you enemies not that I'm but I thought oh
38:33 of course you love me of course
38:36 you do, it is your duty
38:37 to love me. You're born again and then
38:44 she throw me this curveball she said, she said, Ty
38:46 I'm so in, I thought I mean love with you,
38:49 you know that's would I'm so in what's the next word
38:51 usually love no she said I mean like with you
38:54 I lean to her and said really? You actually like me
38:58 after all these years she said yeah I like you.
39:03 Dear friends Jesus says in eternity past
39:06 I was with the Father and he took delight in me
39:10 Proverbs 8 and verse 30. It's one thing to know
39:15 that you delight in somebody I'm sure you can visualize
39:18 some bodies face right now that just being in their
39:21 presence that sheer joy for you.
39:25 But think about this just turn it around
39:27 is there somebody you know
39:29 for whom it is sheer joy for them to be with you.
39:37 Jesus says the Father really likes me,
39:39 the Father himself takes delight in me we are the best
39:45 of friends. Wow! That's where Jesus came from,
39:50 from the Bosom of the Father for your salvation
39:55 and mine dear friends. Jesus one moment
39:58 he had been there for all eternity past
40:01 in that fellowship and the next nanosecond
40:05 he vanished from the presence of the Father
40:09 and the heavenly host and was an embryo
40:13 in the womb of teenage girl. His omnipresence
40:22 put in remission laid aside Jesus became local to time
40:30 and space. He departed from the Father
40:33 and you hear this, you hear this cry
40:36 from the heart of God the Father in Zechariah 13:7
40:39 this cry looking, looking down through the ages
40:43 to the time of the incarnation of Christ
40:47 and his crucifixion Zechariah 13:7 awake, O sword,
40:52 sword of justice against who my shepherd
40:58 the one who is my companion. The Father refers
41:03 to the Son as what my companion, my intimate,
41:09 my friend. If you would ask Jesus,
41:12 Jesus what were you doing before you came to this world,
41:16 before your incarnation where were you.
41:18 Did Jesus exist before he became a human being?
41:22 Where did he exist? He existed in fellowship
41:27 with the Father and the Holy Spirit if you said to Jesus
41:30 where were you? What were you doing
41:31 for eternity past? He would say to you
41:34 and me exactly what he said in John 17. Father you loved me
41:38 before the foundation of the world.
41:41 Jesus would tell you and me I'll tell you
41:43 where I came from. I came from an intimate
41:46 fellowship with the Father and the spirit
41:49 for all eternity past. I left all of that for you
41:55 and he descended, he come descended
42:00 into our world not as a shred
42:05 this wasn't play acting Jesus literally took
42:09 upon himself our human nature. God became human
42:20 if we can even began to imagine that, and this
42:23 was not play acting this was a literal transmigration
42:27 of nature for God. God who had always been God
42:31 and God only, now also grafted into his divinity
42:36 a 100 percent humanity retaining the fullness
42:42 of his divinity and yet becoming also truly
42:48 and fully human. Now dear friends here's
42:51 the wonder of it all, when Jesus died on the cross
42:55 came forth from the grave on the third day
42:59 and ascended to heaven, he was resurrected
43:02 and ascended with our humanity intact.
43:06 Jesus didn't die human and come forth from the grave
43:10 having laid aside our humanity.
43:11 Jesus came forth from the grave as much
43:15 a human being as he went into the grave.
43:19 He is our brother in the flesh for all eternity future
43:26 and so Paul says that by virtue of the representative,
43:30 ambassadorship of Jesus as our fellow human being.
43:35 Paul says that we are presently through our
43:39 representative seeded in Christ in heavenly places
43:43 at the right hand of the Father.
43:44 I mean think about this even if all of us
43:48 want to say no to the atonement, there is a sins
43:53 in which humanity has been actually literally redeemed.
43:58 A specimen of the human raise came forth
44:02 from the grave and has seeded at the right hand
44:04 of the Father. Jesus is there waiting for us
44:09 by his redemptive grace to catch up
44:12 to where he is. And to take our place
44:15 according to Revelation 3 verse 21,
44:20 at the throne of the universe to him whoever comes
44:24 I'll grant to sit with me in my throne even as
44:30 I also over came in my humanity and have sat down
44:36 in the Father's throne. Can you imagine
44:40 human beings falling in sin and yet redeemed
44:44 destined for the throne of the universe.
44:48 Jesus as our ambassador and representative
44:52 in the flesh is there this very evening our brother
44:56 for eternity future. Now that atonement
45:03 that was achieved in Christ for you and me my friends
45:08 involved a very painful Severn in the God
45:12 head going all the way back to Genesis 15
45:16 this is by the way the first vision, the first enactment
45:24 ever given to the human race of the upcoming sacrifice
45:29 that would be made at Calvary.
45:32 Abraham found himself in the evening in the mist
45:36 of a vision and in that vision God said Abraham
45:40 I have some thing I want you to do,
45:42 I want you to take three sacrificial animals
45:46 I have for a goat and a lamb
45:50 and I want you to sever them, check this out
45:54 I want you to sever each of these three animals
45:57 straight down the middle are you following
46:00 the symbolism. I want you to sever these animals
46:03 straight down the middle Abraham
46:04 and I want you to place them across
46:07 from one another each half of the sacrifices
46:11 forming a path between the pieces and then
46:17 Abraham went into a vision in which he saw
46:20 well first he felt the horror of a great darkness
46:24 the scripture says. Psychologically, he felt
46:28 the darkness in the weight of the sin problem
46:32 and as Abraham watched that gantlet, that path between
46:39 the pieces all the sudden he saw a fiery entity.
46:43 God is often represented in scripture by fire,
46:49 Moses encountered God in a burning bush,
46:51 the three worthies in the fiery furnace
46:56 were not consumed by the flames
46:58 and there was a fourth one there, the Son of man.
47:00 Ezekiel, In Ezekiel chapter 1 says,
47:03 I saw visions of God and then he describes
47:06 the vision as flames of fire moving in circular motion
47:12 after one another. God is represented in
47:14 Hebrews as a consuming fire. Throughout
47:18 scripture God is represented by fire
47:21 and Abraham sees a fiery entity
47:25 in his vision and he describes that in chapter 15
47:30 of Genesis he says, I severed the pieces
47:32 that God told me to cut them right down
47:34 the middle laid them across from one another
47:37 and then he says I saw this fire past between
47:43 the severed pieces. This is the earliest
47:48 biblical prophetic representation of the infinite
47:54 sacrifice that would be made to atone
47:59 for sin and to save you and me. Ellen White,
48:03 makes the very interesting statement
48:05 that in order to save humanity this involved
48:11 the sundering of God of the divine powers.
48:15 That is father, son, and Holy Spirit.
48:18 the sundering of God just as those sacrificial animals
48:22 were sever into creating a path
48:25 between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
48:30 who had existed for all eternity past
48:33 in this beautiful relational bliss.
48:35 Oh! How they, how they loved and enjoyed
48:39 one another's friendship. And then the Severn
48:43 occurred and Jesus can't descended and he came into
48:48 our world from the Bosom of the Father
48:52 he felt the separation with intensity
48:56 as he came into the Garden of Gethsemane
48:59 bowing on the cold ground. Desire of Ages says,
49:04 clutching at the dirt, sweating according
49:11 to Luke's Gospel great drops of blood Jesus
49:15 in Gethsemane began to experience the full
49:20 ramifications of the sin problem as your sin and mine
49:26 came upon his conscious, as if it were his own.
49:31 Jesus felt to the depths of his being the full separation
49:36 that sin makes between God and guilty sinners.
49:44 But he submitted to that separation
49:46 process voluntarily. In John chapter 10,
49:51 he said no man takes my life from me,
49:56 I lay it down of myself. Dear friends,
50:02 he was never trapped, his back was never against
50:05 the wall, he told, he told Peter in Gethsemane
50:09 after Peter cut off the ear of the high priest servant,
50:12 he told Peter, Peter put your sword away don't you know
50:14 that if I wanted to I can call my Father
50:15 he would immediately send 12 legions of angels
50:18 to deliver me. I don't need you
50:20 with a sword to defend me. I could call 10,000 angels
50:24 and in a moment leave the human race
50:27 to it's demise and go back to my place
50:31 of untouchable bliss. Jesus wasn't trapped;
50:36 he gave his life for you and me.
50:40 He endured by the sheer insua,
50:42 the power of his will he chose to love
50:47 you and me more than his own existence.
50:51 Desire of Ages says, interestingly enough
50:54 his decision is made referring Gethsemane,
50:59 his decision is made he'll save man
51:01 at any cost to himself. Well, what would that cost
51:07 entail? A Severn of the God head, Jesus cries out
51:15 upon the cross my God, my God,
51:19 why have you forsaken me? Experiencing in the depths
51:26 of his heart the complete horror and darkness
51:30 that Abraham saw in vision would be the lot of God
51:36 in order to save us. He was enveloped
51:39 in a darkness, we are told in Desire of Ages
51:41 that was so impenetrable a psychological darkness
51:45 of guilt that was so impenetrable
51:47 that she says he could not see through the portals
51:51 of the tomb, bright hope did not present to him
51:54 his coming forth from the grave as a conqueror
51:56 and the restoration of his Father's approving
51:59 smile into court. Jesus literally from
52:04 the beginnings of this dark horror of guilt
52:08 in Gethsemane and leading right up to Calvary
52:10 with the cry my God, my God why have you forsaken me.
52:14 Jesus felt to the depths of his soul a separation
52:18 from the Father that were so intense
52:20 that he literally could not see life for himself
52:25 beyond the grave. Jesus made the decision
52:31 that he would be willing to die eternally if that's
52:37 what it would cost to save you and me?
52:43 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me,
52:45 and at that moment a victory resounded
52:51 throughout the universe you know
52:54 don't you that we live in an inhabited
52:57 Universe, yes. We are not alone
52:59 in the universe, planet earth is just one
53:01 of the planets with inhabited life
53:06 in the universe. Hebrews chapter 1 says
53:09 that God through Christ made the worlds plural.
53:11 Paul says that there are principalities
53:14 and powers that is rulers and authorities
53:18 that reside in the heavenly realm
53:20 and heavenly places, where there are rulers
53:22 and authorities their must be population
53:24 groups that are governed right.
53:28 You read Job chapters 1 and 2
53:30 and you get the distinct impression that there is
53:32 an inhabited universe and all of the universes
53:37 according to the apostle Paul in First Corinthians 4:9,
53:40 the whole inhabited universe has been observing
53:45 the great controversy unfold on planet earth.
53:48 Paul says that we are a spectacle to the whole
53:53 universe. The word spectacle there in the Greek
53:58 is theatron from which we get the English word
54:02 of course what theatre. Paul says this world
54:07 in every human life is under observation;
54:11 we're being watched and have been watched
54:16 for our entire lives in all of human history.
54:18 The whole universe is focused on the events
54:23 transpiring on planet earth the whole world
54:25 is a theatre and they're all looking on and as they look
54:31 on they came to Calvary. Can you imagine
54:35 what the unfallen angels must have felt watching
54:38 their beloved master undergo the torture
54:47 and the crucifixion at Calvary?
54:50 We're told in one inspired statement that the angels
54:53 literally were eager to intervene,
54:57 they were chomping at the bit, they were waiting
54:59 for the Father, they couldn't bare it,
55:01 they were watching him be abuse
55:04 and whipped and tortured and they wanted
55:06 to intervene and deliver him and the Father said no.
55:12 He needs to follow through the whole world,
55:16 but even view on unfallen angelic host
55:19 all the universe needs to witness in Christ,
55:22 the magnitude of the love of God in order to set
55:27 the universe on a secure foundation for all eternity
55:32 future, so that sin never raises it's ugly head again.
55:37 As the universe of unfallen angels and unfallen worlds
55:42 looked onto this world and they saw the sacrifice
55:47 of Christ at Calvary my friends.
55:51 They were forever solidified and convinced
55:56 that all the charges of Satan level against the character
55:59 of God were utterly false and that God
56:03 is to be loved and adored and trusted
56:08 voluntarily from free will beings forever and ever.
56:14 You know, an eternity future it won't be that
56:17 we can't sin, it will be that we won't sin
56:23 because the demonstration of God's goodness
56:27 at Calvary proves false. All the charges levels
56:32 against him opening the way for a voluntary adoration
56:37 in worship, in love and loyalty that will know no
56:41 end into eternity future. We will be made to use
56:45 the words of Ellen White eternally secure
56:48 from the tempters devices. We will be brought to a place
56:52 in which sin can never rise again
56:54 because we are so utterly and completely
56:56 convinced of God's goodness. In Ephesians chapter 2,
57:03 the apostle Paul informs us that we are saved by God's
57:09 rich mercy and his great love and having saved us.
57:17 He will take us into eternity future as the trophy
57:20 Revelation of his goodness for all eternity future
57:25 redeemed human beings will be the master piece
57:28 of redeeming grace that all the universe looks
57:32 at as the evidence that God is love
57:38 and can be utterly and completely trusted without
57:40 reserve, the question for you and me this evening
57:43 is have we come to the place.


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