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00:39 Live from the 3ABN worship center
00:42 welcome to the Pillars of our Faith events.
00:59 Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place
01:07 I can feel His mighty power and His grace
01:16 I can hear the brush of angels wings
01:22 I see glory on each face
01:26 Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place
01:38 In the midst of His children the Lord said He would be
01:47 It doesn't take very many, it can be just two or three
01:55 And I feel that same sweet spirit
02:00 that I felt often times before
02:05 Surely I can say I've been with my Lord
02:14 Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place
02:24 I can feel His mighty power and His grace
02:32 I can hear the brush of angels wings
02:38 I see glory on each face
02:42 Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place
02:53 There's a holy hush around us
02:59 as God's glory fills this place
03:04 I've touched the hem of His garments,
03:09 I can almost see His face
03:14 And my heart is overflowing
03:18 with the fullness of His joy
03:23 I know without a doubt that I've been with my Lord
03:32 Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place
03:42 I can feel His mighty power and His grace
03:51 I can hear the brush of angels wings
03:57 I see glory on each face
04:02 O surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.
04:13 Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.
04:37 Amen. Amen. Thank you Chris, thank you David.
04:43 It's a privilege again we want to welcome those
04:46 viewing to our pillars camp meeting this week.
04:48 We have had an incredible time. Haven't we?
04:50 The last few days and you know my mother used to
04:53 say it's just gonna get gooder and gooder
04:55 she would say. It's going to get better
04:57 and better isn't it? And that we have already,
04:59 I have felt the presence of the Lord in this place.
05:03 Amen. It's all around and you can just about
05:05 hear those brush of angels wings.
05:06 And I am so excited for the opportunity
05:09 that God has given us as Christians,
05:13 Seventh-day Adventists we have present truth
05:15 to give a lost and dying world and this pillars
05:18 project has been so incredible.
05:20 Thank you David, Nathan Young
05:22 is going to come out and sing in just a movement
05:23 but you two could tell us a little bit
05:25 about come on out Nathan and David tell us
05:28 about the song and how it came about.
05:31 The song is so fitting for tonight's sermon,
05:34 which is going to be preached by Jim Gilley
05:36 about Baptism. Danny talked about being
05:39 a Christian, being a Christian is repenting,
05:41 receiving God's incredible gift of salvation
05:45 and then being baptized we are commanded to do it,
05:48 it's not just a rite, it's something we do to show
05:51 that we will be buried with Jesus
05:53 and Nathan is going to sing take me to the water.
05:55 Right after Nathan sings we will be privileged tonight
05:59 and I want to say this Jim Gilley I have learned
06:03 to love this man as a brother in the Lord,
06:04 your next door neighbor is with he and Camille.
06:07 Jim is everything you see is what you get.
06:09 I have been around a lot of people in my life
06:12 and I want to tell you if I could count on one hand,
06:14 people would've had the most influence
06:16 and I have the respect for Jim Gilley
06:18 and that little number because he is a man
06:21 that loves Jesus. He is not afraid to stand up
06:24 for truth whatever that is
06:26 and he doesn't care which way the wind is blowing.
06:30 Jim knows where he is headed.
06:31 And that's to take an undiluted three angels
06:34 messages one that would counteract to counterfeit
06:37 and to all the world and I praise God
06:38 for Pastor Jim Gilley, for Camille and tonight.
06:40 Right after Nathan sings we will be blessed
06:44 to hear Jim Gilley. Amen.
07:05 Take me to the water to be baptized
07:15 Bury me with Jesus. The crucified
07:25 Plunge me in the fountain and may I rise with open eyes.
07:40 Take me to the water to be baptized
07:50 What a joy and blessing to be baptized
08:00 As a testimony of a work inside
08:09 Jesus blood has cleansed me And to new life He bids me rise
08:25 I've come to the water to be baptized
08:34 To be baptized
08:49 Take me to the water, take me to the water
08:54 To be baptized, to be baptized
08:59 Bury me with Jesus, bury me with Jesus
09:04 The crucified, the crucified
09:09 Plunge me in the fountain, plunge me in the fountain
09:13 And may I rise with open eyes.
09:23 Take me to the water to be baptized
09:32 I've come to the water to be baptized
10:00 Thank you Nathan. God bless you.
10:05 Beautiful song isn't it. Amen. And a beautiful topic
10:10 baptism when you think about it folks,
10:13 of all the topics that we are looking at this weekend
10:18 you cannot put any importance one above the other
10:22 but this one would certainly be right at the top.
10:27 Let's bow our heads together. Father,
10:29 as we open the word tonight we just pray that you
10:32 will speak to our hearts Father
10:35 and open our hearts, help us to see your truth
10:40 and to be willing always to obey your truth
10:43 for we ask it in Jesus name.
10:45 Amen. Amen. You know parting words are important.
10:50 The last words that you speak to someone
10:54 are very important words.
10:57 In our family when we used to say goodbye
11:01 we were a lot different than my wife's family.
11:04 I married into the Thurman family and
11:08 I will never forget the first time that we went
11:13 to see her folks after we were married
11:15 and they said goodbye and everybody cried.
11:21 Of course we had a wonderful prayer,
11:23 we've always had a beautiful prayer
11:26 with the granddad Thurman. Just before we leave,
11:30 it's just something we always do
11:32 and so many times, its such a
11:33 beautiful time together.
11:35 But that was entirely differently from
11:37 the Gilley family. My brother left
11:42 and he knew he'd be gone a couple of years,
11:44 one time he says see you later and walked out
11:46 the door. And that's the way we left.
11:51 I only remember one goodbye that really was significant,
11:59 my father was dying with cancer,
12:02 we knew we'd probably not see each other again.
12:05 Usually they wouldn't even walk to the driveway
12:09 to say goodbye to you just, you all be careful
12:11 and that was it. But this time he came out,
12:16 dragging one leg, one arm, we had a prayer
12:24 and when we finished, he threw that one arm
12:30 around my neck, my dad was not hugger.
12:34 That's the only time I ever remember in my life
12:37 my dad ever hugging me.
12:39 My dad was a hand shaker and he;
12:42 he would shake your hand.
12:44 From the time you were a little boy you shook hands
12:47 with my dad. I never saw him hug anybody,
12:51 didn't mean we didn't think he loved us,
12:53 we thought he did but he didn't
12:57 demonstrate it that way.
12:58 But that time with tears rolling down his cheeks
13:02 he grabbed me and hugged me.
13:08 And I knew that we'll probably never
13:11 see each other again this side of the resurrection,
13:17 but when Jesus left he had some very important
13:21 words that he wanted to say and he said
13:24 them and you remember them.
13:27 He said, all authority, all power has been given to me
13:32 in heaven and on earth; he had earned
13:35 that power at the cross because the devil
13:37 has complete possession of this world.
13:40 And Jesus had won it back at the cross. Amen.
13:47 And now he said all power, authority
13:51 is given unto me in heaven and in earth,
13:56 go there for now these are his words to us
14:01 and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them
14:06 in the name of the Father and of the son
14:09 and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe
14:13 all things that I have commanded you and
14:15 lo I am with you always even to the end of the age.
14:20 That's a command, just as much as the command
14:24 to preach the gospel was the command to baptize,
14:28 in fact that is the very purpose for preaching
14:32 the gospel. Amen. Baptizing because that's what
14:37 Jesus told us to do. He said I want you
14:41 to go to the world and I want you to baptize
14:47 all of those that will believe and receive.
14:52 And he says I want you to teach them to observe
14:54 all things. Now we are covering the pillars
14:56 and let me tell you something, the pillars
14:59 are extremely important, everyone of them. Amen.
15:03 There is not one of them that you can say
15:05 this is not important and most all of those
15:08 are covered in this statement that says
15:11 teaching them to observe all things that
15:15 I have commanded you. Now the devil
15:19 just loves to mess things up. And he has done
15:25 that with every one of these teachings, every one of them.
15:30 You see the devil comes along and he says
15:33 well listen its alright to be baptized but and then he
15:39 gives different methods or he says just do it this
15:44 way or you don't really need water;
15:47 just a little bit of water.
15:49 I one time counted 14 methods of baptism that
15:54 I have heard of, I was talking to somebody back
15:57 here just a few minutes ago and they told me.
16:00 They said I have been baptized four times
16:04 because they said every time I go to a different church
16:06 then they want to baptize me the way they baptize.
16:11 And that person told me he said I was baptized once
16:14 three times face down. That's right
16:21 and sometimes just sprinkled and sometimes you're
16:24 baptized backwards and sometimes you're
16:27 baptized forwards, all different kinds of ways.
16:31 But you know that Bible tells us
16:33 that there's really only one way, one way?
16:39 It tells us in Ephesians the fourth chapter, verse five.
16:44 One Lord, one faith, one baptism. Alright.
16:49 How many baptisms does it say? One.
16:52 It doesn't say one Lord, one faith and 21 baptisms,
16:56 does it? It says one Lord, one faith and one baptism.
17:03 But we have Babylon, we have confusion,
17:08 we have all these different ideas and teachings
17:12 concerning something that is just so clear.
17:19 You know if we just come to the place where we would
17:22 decide that we are going to do what God says
17:24 no matter what? Whatever the Bible says
17:26 that's what we're gonna do.
17:28 That's gonna, it's going to solve all that confusion.
17:30 You know that? But we want to do
17:34 what some preacher tells us
17:36 or what some relative tells us or what somebody
17:39 else tells us instead of what God tells us.
17:42 What about a man? Somebody asked him
17:46 about a certain subject, said what do you believe?
17:49 And he said I believe what my church teaches.
17:54 So, my friend asked him, so what does your church teach,
17:57 what does it believe? And my church believes like
18:00 I believe. And so he says then what do you
18:07 and your church believe? We believe the same thing.
18:13 But that's the way a lot of people are.
18:16 They just simply go along with whatever somebody
18:21 says and it's amazing that being correct
18:26 has been made out somehow to be legalism.
18:31 You know some people say well listen it doesn't really
18:34 matter how you're baptized, just so you're sincere.
18:40 If you're sincere that is all that counts.
18:45 Is it insincere to be correct?
18:49 Does it lack sincerity if you follow God's word?
18:53 It's not wrong to be right is it? It's never wrong
19:01 to be right as long as you're right in the right spirit
19:04 then it is not wrong to be correct, but somehow
19:09 the devil has come along and he has taken all
19:11 of these teachings that are so clear.
19:15 And he has made confusion out of them
19:18 and they will take theology or teaching by exception,
19:23 you get one text that seems to say something that's different
19:27 then 35 other texts and somebody will grab
19:32 that one text, ignore the other 35 texts
19:36 and build a doctrine around it.
19:39 And get the idea that that is okay.
19:44 And they will even teach that is Biblical.
19:49 Now, this is true with everyone of the pillars faith
19:53 that we are talking about, because every single one of
19:55 them has been moved away from the truth
19:59 sometimes just slightly but it's moved just enough
20:04 you know if you're just off you're off.
20:06 I don't care how sincere you are? You're off,
20:11 if you're off; if you're wrong you're wrong.
20:16 Camille and I've been made a couple of years and,
20:21 just a couple, and she won't let me tell you how long
20:27 we've been married so. But I will tell that
20:32 we will have our 50th wedding anniversary this summer.
20:39 If we make it, because after telling that,
20:43 you know there maybe some question.
20:46 But I remember one night we were driving in our
20:52 Volkswagen, we have one of those little Beetles,
20:56 little, little, little one you know.
20:57 One of those that didn't have any power back
21:00 in those days I think they had 49 horsepower
21:02 or something like that. You would go up the hill
21:05 and barely up the hill I remember one time
21:08 we were trying to get down through Missouri going
21:11 from Berrien Springs down to Dallas and we were driving
21:14 along the road and the wind, we had a strong wind
21:19 coming in from the Southwest and we were going against
21:22 that wind. And we couldn't get up to
21:26 55 miles an hour I think.
21:30 You would start down a hill and you're going really
21:33 fast and you pass some truck and then you start
21:36 going up another hill and he comes by you,
21:38 you know. And you're down about 30 miles
21:41 an hour and you're just chucking alone.
21:43 I made the mistake of taking two other people
21:46 with us to help pay for the gas.
21:54 By the way on that trip and you can believe this
21:56 or not, I saw gas the cheapest I've ever seen it
21:59 was in the state of Missouri. I don't think
22:02 they have a lot of tax there or some or didn't back then
22:04 on their gas. $1.19, that's the cheapest
22:09 I have ever seen gasoline and that was for a gallon
22:13 kids not a cup. I mean that was, that was for a gallon.
22:19 Now it wasn't that cheap all the time.
22:21 It was usually $1.99, was what we paid for Gulftane,
22:25 you remember, Gulftane we used to buy that,
22:27 that was the cheapest thing I could buy.
22:29 And that was what we had but I remember one night
22:34 we were going our way towards Chicago
22:36 we were coming out of Des Moines, Iowa
22:38 and we were driving and we would drive all night
22:42 because we couldn't afford to stay any place.
22:46 And I would fix those Volkswagen seats
22:48 where they would lean back, you bought a kit
22:50 you put them on them so they would lean back
22:52 and we would sometimes pulled into a service station
22:56 and leaned them all the way back and sleep until
23:00 they opened up the station next morning
23:03 and then get a little gas.
23:04 And we would be, have a good night's rest.
23:08 We didn't sleep but we had some rest
23:11 and then spend $1.99 a gallon for some gas
23:18 and go on. But that one time we pulled into
23:21 a truck stop, pulled out and I am just moving
23:26 like everything, going to Chicago
23:29 and I met a bus and it said Chicago.
23:37 And I said you know that guy forgot to change
23:39 the sign when he came through,
23:42 either that or I am going the wrong direction
23:47 and then I saw a sign that said Des Moines
23:50 so many miles. And I've gone over 50 miles
23:55 the wrong way, sincere as I could be,
24:01 but I was sincerely wrong.
24:04 And we can be sincere and be very, very wrong.
24:10 What says the Bible that is our biggest question
24:14 you see that was the problem with Adam and Eve?
24:16 They were given orders don't eat of that tree,
24:22 all they had to do was not do it.
24:24 What do they do they believed
24:26 the devil instead of believing God.
24:30 And this is what we do if we aren't careful,
24:34 when we don't believe God's word for what God's word
24:38 says then we are believing a lie. And he is a liar
24:42 the Bible says and he is the author of lies. Amen.
24:48 I tell you, it cost people their lives
24:55 when they don't believe God. You remember those two men,
24:57 Nadab and Abihu, two young preachers.
25:01 God said that only Holy fire should be
25:05 used in the sanctuary service, but they brought ordinary
25:10 fire. And fire came out from the alter
25:14 and devoured those young men.
25:18 Numbers 26:61 says, Nadab and Abihu died
25:23 when they offered profane fire before the Lord.
25:27 My friend if we would just come to the place
25:30 where we say I am going to follow God I am going
25:33 to follow his word, it brings a piece to your soul.
25:36 It brings an assurance to your life,
25:40 it brings a freedom in Christ to say Lord if you say it,
25:46 I'm going to do it. If you say don't do it,
25:49 I am not going to do it.
25:52 Now, there are times that we make mistakes
25:56 and fall and absolutely do something that's totally
26:01 against what God says. But if we do that,
26:05 don't try to justify it, don't try to say its right.
26:09 You turn from it. David said that he,
26:14 when he covered his sin it just destroyed him.
26:18 But when he confessed it then he received freedom.
26:22 Confess it and turn from it.
26:26 Well, you know when we look at Baptism
26:29 I think we should pretty well be assured
26:32 that if we can find out how Jesus Christ was baptized
26:37 then that's going to be the right way.
26:40 Amen. Christ wouldn't be baptized
26:42 someway that was wrong. Would he?
26:45 Of course not. Bible says that he is our example,
26:52 that we are to follow him and it tells us in Mark
26:56 the first chapter verses 9 and 10,
26:58 it says it came to pass in those days
27:01 that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee
27:03 and was baptized by John in the Jordan
27:08 and immediately coming up from the water.
27:13 He saw the heaven's departing,
27:16 and the spirit descend upon him like a dove.
27:23 Now, that's pretty clear isn't that? Amen.
27:26 You see you cannot come up out of the water
27:28 unless you've gone down into the water.
27:30 Alright. Bible says he was baptized in Jordan
27:35 and that tells us that John was baptizing by immersion.
27:41 In a minute we are going to look at that word baptized
27:45 and we will look at where it comes from and you'll see
27:47 why it can only be baptism by immersion.
27:51 John the third chapter, verse 23 says
27:54 now John also was baptizing in Aenon near Salim,
27:59 because there was much water there;
28:02 and they came and were baptized.
28:07 Now you know if you have to go out and pray down
28:13 at the Jordan because there is more water
28:17 there to baptize, that shows you that
28:20 he wasn't using some of the methods that
28:23 we hear about today. Because he could have taken
28:27 a bucket of water and sprinkled two thousand people,
28:30 never left Jerusalem, not had to go out
28:34 and go down to the Jordan river.
28:37 But he needed water, John and his disciples
28:43 were baptizing. They were baptizing people by
28:47 the hundreds, perhaps by the thousands
28:50 that would come and would want to be baptized.
28:56 I read a story about a little girl
29:00 that went to a church where they gave you
29:04 an option of how you want to be baptized
29:06 and as they were talking to the baptismal group
29:09 most of them were adults and when they asked them
29:12 how do you want to be baptized
29:13 most of them says sprinkled is fine.
29:15 Sprinkled and they went everybody said sprinkle
29:17 until they got down to this little girl
29:19 and they said how do you want to be baptized
29:22 and she said I want to be baptized
29:25 the way Jesus was baptized. Amen.
29:28 And the pastor looked at his associate
29:30 and he said we'll have to baptize this young girl
29:33 by immersion. Amen. Because the Bible clearly teaches
29:38 that that is the way that Jesus was baptized.
29:43 So, what is the real meaning of baptism?
29:46 Bible talks about this in Roman's the sixth chapter
29:50 verse 4, it says therefore we were buried with
29:53 him through baptism into death that just as Christ
29:58 was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father,
30:02 even so we should also walk in newness of life.
30:07 That's right. And you know that's what it is.
30:10 It's a burial, a burial. It represents the death
30:17 in the burial and the resurrection of Jesus Christ
30:20 and we are identifying with that experience,
30:23 we are partaking of that experience
30:27 through this rite of baptism.
30:29 Colossians 2:12 says, buried with Him in baptism
30:33 in which you also were raised with Him
30:37 through faith in the working of God
30:40 who raised him from the dead.
30:44 And now that is the experience that Christ
30:48 wants us to have. Galatians 2:20, I am crucified
30:51 with Christ. You die with Christ, then you are buried
30:58 in the baptism, then you come forth to newness in life.
31:03 I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live.
31:06 You come forth, yet not I but Christ liveth in me. Amen.
31:16 That my friend is the life of a Christian. Amen.
31:20 Now somebody says wait a minute just going down
31:24 to that water. That doesn't save you?
31:27 No, it doesn't. Its part of the process
31:31 but just the water itself won't save you.
31:35 You go down a devil, you just come up a wet devil.
31:39 That's right. But if you go down as one who's dying
31:45 to self and giving yourself to Jesus Christ
31:50 then you are different when you come forth.
31:53 Now, only people who are died should be buried.
31:57 Isn't that correct? I mean we try not
32:00 to bury people that are still alive.
32:04 I read the story of a young lady over in Virginia,
32:08 years ago. And this young lady was sick
32:15 and she got so low that they pronounced her dead.
32:21 Now, in those days they generally buried people
32:25 the same day and they took her out to the cemetery
32:30 it happen that particular cemetery there was a crypt
32:34 and her body was placed in the crypt,
32:37 it was not quite sealed yet.
32:39 That night the caretaker before as he was just
32:43 getting ready to leave, thought he heard a noise.
32:49 Now most caretakers hearing a noise
32:53 would talk about it somewhere else,
32:55 they would not stay around. But this was a brave
32:59 caretaker and he investigated and he pulled
33:05 that casket out and he found that
33:08 girl was not dead. They took her back continued to
33:16 nurture, she recovered and later on she gave
33:20 birth to a man that all of you heard of
33:25 General Robert E. Lee. His mother almost buried alive.
33:33 But when we bury somebody we don't just sprinkle
33:38 a little dirt over them either do it.
33:40 I mean that would create a quite a stir if somebody
33:45 was doing that kind of thing. We make sure that
33:49 they are actually buried, because that is what
33:54 we do with someone who has died.
33:58 Now, when we say that you need to be dead to be buried
34:02 in baptism, dead to sin, dead to this world,
34:06 that doesn't mean you are going to perfect folks.
34:09 I would love to bring someone up here and say to you
34:15 this individual is absolutely perfect.
34:20 But if I did that they would no longer be perfect
34:25 after I brought them up here. Right.
34:27 Pride would come into the heart.
34:29 They would say aha, I am perfect.
34:32 None of us are perfect, none of us. We are all
34:37 covered by the blood of Jesus. Amen.
34:41 But there is a difference remember this.
34:44 There is difference to be, to being sinful
34:48 and there is also a difference in being a sinner
34:54 who is saved by the grace by God
34:57 and who is growing in Christ. Amen.
34:59 There is a difference.
35:02 What is the way a person reacts to the sin.
35:04 If you react to sin as if it does nothing to that,
35:10 that doesn't bother me a bit.
35:13 Then my friend you haven't died to sin.
35:16 But if dead sin absolutely tears you up when you are,
35:23 I like to use this illustration because nobody
35:26 gets upset when you use this illustration.
35:29 If you're driving down the highway and somebody
35:33 cuts you off or endangers your life
35:37 by the way they're driving, you immediately respond
35:42 if you are human. I know some of you probably
35:47 don't, but most people do.
35:54 And then later you say to yourself. Wow!
35:57 The old man is just not dead.
36:00 I just need to spend more time with the Lord,
36:04 more time until I get to the place
36:08 where I don't have those kinds of feelings
36:12 or thoughts or that kind of response.
36:16 Because you see if we're born again, we do change.
36:23 I was watching this morning when my good friend
36:28 David Asscherick confessed his sin here.
36:37 He doesn't need me to confess his sin
36:39 for him again. So, I am not going to,
36:44 but I had a similar situation recently.
36:51 I was driving in my pickup, we were coming back
36:54 from down in Tennessee, Camille's mom is not well
36:58 and she has been recovering we have been going down.
37:00 I was in the pickup, had my two youngest
37:04 grand children with me and we stopped
37:07 at Krogers in Marion to get some food,
37:11 some bananas and some things for those kids
37:13 and when I started to come back on
37:16 they had a little construction there and
37:18 I wasn't sure that I had an actual entrance lane
37:22 and I so I really gunned it. Now I have got an old pickup,
37:26 it's a 2000 model but it will run, it's a v8 it will run.
37:32 It will take all the cash you can give it
37:34 and it don't give any of it back I guarantee you.
37:41 And I was just moving up the road pretty good
37:45 and all of a sudden the light the officer was sitting
37:51 right in the middle of the median
37:54 and the lights went on and I just right light over.
38:01 In fact I pulled over so quick that the officer
38:06 had to almost back up like this to get him behind me.
38:13 I had my license out when she came up
38:16 and I said guilty, guilty, guilty and I was.
38:22 And I handed over the license. She said you
38:26 have any idea how fast you were going.
38:28 I said I would imagine around 70,
38:31 but I didn't, really I don't see how
38:35 it could have gotten going there.
38:36 I did an experiment this week and I probably
38:39 was going 80, I was just saying,
38:40 checking out to see how fast I can
38:44 get that thing up to.
38:48 And she took my license and she went back
38:52 and then she came back up and she said
38:56 I am just going to give you a warning
38:57 because she said you didn't make me chase you.
39:04 Don't you hate it when people obliviously ought to be
39:08 stopping and they, they're going down the road
39:10 and the cops trying to pull them over.
39:12 And they're like Me! Me! What did I do?
39:17 You know you have seen those kind.
39:19 They just keep going and I've policemen
39:21 had to follow them a long way to get them stopped.
39:26 I tell you if you get stopped just go ahead
39:29 and confess your guilt alright.
39:31 I think, right off, I think officers like that,
39:34 'cause they want you to say I am guilty.
39:38 I think they do, didn't use that as a technique
39:45 but if I ever get stopped again, I'd say.
39:49 You're welcome to use it, just don't use it around here.
39:53 Alright. They will get the idea I have been
39:59 spreading the word. I appreciate it when they
40:03 give me grace. Amen. I really do,
40:06 and I really appreciate it when they give Danny Shelton
40:09 grace because it's all in the family.
40:18 But you see all sin and come short of the glory
40:21 of God. And sometime I'l tell Danny to tell you some
40:27 of his stories that, he has got a heavy foot
40:30 occasionally and not often but occasionally
40:34 it's happened. Hasn't it Danny? Alright.
40:39 But you see the, the Bible tells us
40:43 that all have sinned and come short of
40:46 the glory of God. Amen. And so this burial
40:49 service of baptism is extremely important
40:54 for us to identify with Christ that his death
40:57 we go into the grave and then we come forth
41:00 for newness of life. Now, the word baptize is a word
41:07 that we get from the Greek, it comes from the word baptizo.
41:12 Baptizo has a real meaning in Greek,
41:18 we didn't have an Anglo word, if you used an Anglo word
41:23 it would sort be dunk, dunk or submerged.
41:29 These would be the words and that just doesn't
41:34 sound as pretty as baptism does it?
41:37 So, we anglicize bapitzo, first time I went to Greece
41:42 we had a guide and she was very good and Camille
41:47 and I were sitting up in the very front and she was there
41:49 we were talking to her. We were driving along
41:51 the Mediterranean and so I said to her
41:54 because I knew what she was going to say but I
41:57 wanted to get it from her so I can bring it back here
42:01 and tell you say. And I said what does baptizo mean?
42:07 And she is telling me what it means?
42:10 And I said oh! You mean like you take some water
42:12 and you sprinkle, sprinkle all no, no.
42:15 Now the bus driver did not speak very good English
42:19 but he understood what I was saying.
42:20 But he starts really getting into this
42:25 and he is saying no, no, he says its like dunk,
42:29 put under, put under, submerge and then he put,
42:33 he pointed to a ship out there. If that ship
42:36 sink, baptizo. I said I've got it.
42:46 I understand, if you are baptizoed
42:52 you will not be baptized by anyway other than immersion.
42:59 Jesus said that we must be baptized,
43:05 he said that it was the only way to be saved.
43:11 He tells us in Mark the 16th chapter verse 16.
43:14 He who believes and is baptized will be saved
43:18 these are the words of Jesus. But he who does not
43:22 believe will be condemned. That's right.
43:26 And you remember what he said to Nicodemus.
43:30 Nicodemus, we are hard on Nicodemus
43:33 I think that we ought to be a little easier
43:36 we always talk about his coming by night
43:38 because he was embarrassed to come by day
43:40 but he came. Amen. You see whether you come
43:45 by night or however you come; the important thing
43:49 is to come. Amen. And I am not going to say
43:55 exactly why people, often want to say
43:57 well he came by night 'cause he didn't want anybody
43:59 to see him with Jesus. That may not be true,
44:01 he may have come by night because he didn't wanna
44:03 bother Jesus during the day when so many people
44:07 were around. He may have come by night
44:09 because he want a little time alone with Jesus.
44:12 Whatever the reason is I am just glad he came.
44:17 Amen. Because Jesus preached to him one man,
44:21 one of the most beautiful sermons anywhere in God's
44:25 word and he says, you must be born again.
44:31 Amen. And you know Nicodemus now he is ready for
44:35 discussion and he says to him, how do you mean born again?
44:40 You mean I've got to go back in my mother's womb.
44:44 Now, when we are in the mother's womb,
44:46 we are in a sort of a case mill of what?
44:51 of water. That's right. Do you remember,
44:56 I remember when my wife was getting ready to give
45:00 birth then the water broke, when that happens
45:04 you know that the baby is about to be born. Right.
45:09 And then when the baby comes forth you've got the water
45:12 and then you have got something else.
45:15 You have got the Spirit, the breathe,
45:18 because before then the child is connected
45:20 through the what? Umbilical cord, that's right.
45:24 And then that is now cut and the child begins to breath
45:30 on its own. The Ruha, the Spirit, the breathe,
45:34 now Jesus says the same thing has to happen
45:40 to you spiritually.
45:42 You've got to be born again and the water
45:46 symbolizes, the water also not only the grave
45:50 but also the water of new birth. Amen.
45:55 And your coming forth to a new spirit
45:57 and this new spirit that comes into you is supplied
46:00 by the Holy Spirit. Amen. You see what a beautiful
46:05 experience it is and it cannot be represented
46:10 by any other form of baptism because this baptism
46:18 is the way that Jesus has given to us.
46:23 You know in the New testament we only have
46:26 two ordinances, the Old testament all kinds of
46:29 ordinances. New testament only two,
46:33 communion and baptism. Amen. That's right.
46:37 And you would think that we can could get
46:40 those right, you would think so,
46:44 but all we had to do is simply follow God's word
46:51 into what he tells us to do.
46:55 Now, somebody says well when should we be baptized,
46:59 you remember peter was preaching at Pentecost and
47:02 people came under conviction
47:04 Acts, the 2nd chapter, verses 37, 38,
47:07 now when they had heard this they were cut to
47:09 the heart and said to Peter and the rest
47:11 of the apostles, men and brethren, what shall we do?
47:15 And then Peter said to them, repent,
47:18 and let everyone of you be baptized
47:20 in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins,
47:25 and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
47:30 Now, sometimes people will say to me see Peter
47:34 said you have been baptized in the name
47:35 of the Jesus Christ, yes you are.
47:36 But remember also that Jesus said that you baptized
47:41 in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
47:44 that takes care of all three. All three are involved
47:48 in the salvation process. Amen.
47:51 All three, and that's why we are baptized
47:55 in the name. This is another reason that when we look
47:59 at it and why infant baptism is not from scripture.
48:04 Now I believe in dedication of babies, absolutely,
48:08 Christ was dedicated, though it was a very beautiful
48:13 ceremony at the temple where they would dedicate
48:17 the infants and all infants should be dedicated.
48:21 But baptism is reserved for you individually.
48:26 That's right. Amen.
48:28 You know we have been in evangelistic meetings before
48:30 and sometimes I have asked to fellows
48:32 that you have been baptized. And you know
48:35 I have had them say to me I don't know.
48:41 That's like if you said to somebody have
48:45 you been married. Well, I don't know.
48:52 You see this is an experience you should know.
48:56 One fellow when we would ask him
48:59 if he had been baptized, he said I don't know
49:02 I'll call my mother and I ask her.
49:04 And mother have I been baptized and if so
49:08 what church did I join.
49:11 You see this has to be an individual decision,
49:16 not something that can be made by somebody else
49:22 and the reason that we see that infant baptism
49:25 is not according to scripture it's simply by looking
49:29 at the Gospel commission from Jesus.
49:32 He says go therefore made disciples of
49:35 lower nations baptizing them
49:37 in the name of the Father and Son, the Holy Spirit,
49:39 teaching them to observe things
49:42 that I have commanded you.
49:44 Now how much can you teach an infant?
49:48 Not much. Not much. You may think
49:54 you can teach an infant right away.
49:57 But you really can't. I don't know if he is watching
50:02 tonight or not but my son Jim, he was our first born
50:07 and he would cry, cry, cry. Of course if I were kid
50:16 and I looked into the face of my father
50:19 and I probably cry too if he looked this you know.
50:23 But he was cry, he would cry along periods
50:28 of time and I would try to teach him not to cry.
50:36 I didn't do too well, sometimes I found that I
50:42 could get in on the same key that he was.
50:47 If I can get his tone get Umm! Umm! Ummh!
50:49 Get that tone right there.
50:51 And then I would start singing,
50:56 that's enough to make somebody cry,
51:00 but I would start singing and that, the one song
51:04 I remember I used to sing was like a tree
51:09 that's planted by the water. I will not be moved.
51:17 And he would start looking at me I guess.
51:25 But it was a way to stop him from crying
51:28 but I couldn't teach him there were so many things
51:30 it would have been nice to have taught him.
51:33 If you could teach a child something
51:35 think of the pampers you'd save.
51:41 You can't teach them these things
51:43 they are not ready for some of these things
51:48 but you know that's one of the prerequisites
51:50 that you be ever teach another prerequisite
51:54 is that he able to believe. He who believes
51:57 and he is baptized will be saved
51:59 but he who doesn't believe will be condemned.
52:04 How much can a child believe, a child could only believe
52:08 certain creature comforts, I am hungry,
52:11 I am thirsty, I am sleepy, I am tired of shopping.
52:20 That's about all about all that a child,
52:23 can we know what belief
52:25 Look at that, that statement that Peter made
52:32 in Acts 2, he said Repent everyone of you
52:35 and be baptized. He says repent,
52:39 how much does a baby have to repent on.
52:43 They don't, not one thing;
52:46 you know we don't have to invent a way to
52:48 save the children. Jesus said suffered little children
52:52 to come unto me and forbid them not for
52:56 of such is the kingdom of heaven
53:00 and Bible says he took them up in his arms
53:03 and he blessed them. We don't have to
53:06 invent a way, you know if you look by comparison
53:09 you will see that man has moved a long way
53:13 away from God's method of baptism.
53:16 Just little at a time, that's right.
53:19 God says I want you to be come back,
53:22 I want you to do that, which I have asked you to do.
53:29 Somebody says that how long do I wait,
53:32 remember the jailer, the Philippine jailer,
53:36 he was at Philippines, you get those two mixed up.
53:41 That Philippine jailer when he heard the gospel
53:47 he said what must I do to be saved
53:49 and then said be baptized then he did,
53:53 he and all his family they were baptized
53:56 sometimes we hold people up for a long time.
53:59 Long time, now I am not talking about rushing people,
54:03 Bible does say teach we should teach
54:06 but that doesn't mean they have to have a Ph.D
54:09 in order to be baptized.
54:11 You teach them the basics that Jesus loves them.
54:16 Teach them that he died for them and when they
54:19 comprehend that, then my friend they are ready
54:23 to go into a the watery grave with him.
54:30 I remember an elder man came to a meeting
54:34 one time up in New England. You know I love people,
54:40 I really do and they don't have to be just like
54:44 everybody else for me to love them.
54:48 In fact sometimes my wife says that I have a
54:51 lot of strange friends. Now corks, tennis corks
54:57 is back there, don't take any offense to that please.
55:01 He is one of the less stranger of my friends
55:03 but I really grew to like this man, he was coming
55:08 to our meetings every night, that same night.
55:10 Went to see him at his home, talked to him
55:16 about giving his life to the Lord.
55:20 I wanted him to be baptized and I told,
55:24 I said look, this is something you need to do, he just
55:26 kept putting it often. And he had a house people would walk
55:30 in and out. Dogs walked in and out, he never even shut,
55:34 he let them shut the doors. And I tried my best to
55:40 get him to be baptized. But he said no
55:44 and I said to him one of these days they're gonna miss you,
55:49 they're gonna come in here and they're gonna find
55:53 that you're on the floor and you're death
55:56 and I was 25 years old. I didn't sense enough
56:00 not to get real down and greedy with people you know.
56:04 And I said you've got to give your life to him.
56:10 Finally he told me I am afraid of water.
56:14 I said really? He said that's right
56:17 and I said well you drink water don't you? He said no.
56:25 I had already figured out he didn't bath.
56:32 I said what you drink? He said Pepsi,
56:39 I said we will baptize you in Pepsi.
56:45 The Pastor was a very serious man
56:49 and he looked at me like what on Earth are you
56:53 talking about. Well, he was not baptized,
56:59 I left that city came back about a year later,
57:02 heard the story they had missed him.
57:05 They were in they found him on the floor,
57:08 but he was still alive, took him to the hospital cleaned
57:11 him up he recovered, they got him, got him over that fear
57:16 of water, I came back to the area
57:18 and we baptized him. Amen. In water. Amen.
57:26 Today, if God is speaking to your heart say yes to him.
57:32 Is there anybody here they would like to be part of
57:35 baptism if we had one soon. May God bless each of you.


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