Pillars of Our Faith 2010 Camp Meeting

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Participants: C. D. Brooks


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00:39 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:42 Welcome to the Pillars of our Faith event.
01:06 If I was more like You, I would change the way I live.
01:23 I'd be so slow to anger, a little quicker to forgive.
01:40 I'd never worry about tomorrow.
01:49 I'd be more thankful for today.
01:57 I'd find the joy among the sorrow;
02:06 and let it carry me away. And if I was less like me,
02:23 I'd find my strength in loving You.
02:31 I'd be as mighty as a river,
02:40 and as gentle as the morning dew.
02:48 And I would walk into the fire,
02:56 though my feet were made of clay,
03:05 I find the path of God's desire; and let it carry me away.
03:56 And in times of desperation, when I'm weary and afraid,
04:13 I would cling to my salvation; and let it carry me away,
04:35 let it carry me away. Amen.
05:05 You may have noticed that we've moved away
05:08 from long and flowery introductions
05:10 during these meetings.
05:12 For a number of reasons. One, because it takes away
05:16 from the time the speaker has.
05:19 But perhaps more importantly
05:20 we are not trying to highlight the messenger.
05:24 We are trying to highlight the message,
05:26 because it is about the Pillars of our Faith.
05:29 Our next speaker is one who really needs no introduction.
05:32 He is best known as Speaker, Director for many years
05:35 for the Breath of Life telecast.
05:36 They are some 13 churches across North America
05:39 that carry that name that he himself
05:41 was used by God to start.
05:43 Elder C.D Brooks has a long and impressive
05:45 record of service in the church of God,
05:47 but more than that he loves the Lord and has been used
05:51 by the Lord, and we are quite certain
05:53 that God will use him again this evening.
05:56 The song that Nathan is going to sing is,
06:00 the language of Canaan, a wonderful song
06:03 the words of Ellen G. White.
06:06 David, would you tell us a little about that?
06:08 The Bible says that we haven't heard,
06:10 we haven't seen, it has even enter our hearts,
06:14 things that God has prepared for us.
06:16 But, God showed Ellen vision,
06:18 Ellen Gould before she was married and became
06:20 Mrs. White, a vision of heaven she got to see it.
06:24 And she was so overwhelmed that she said,
06:27 Oh that I could talk in the language of Canaan,
06:30 I could tell a little of the glory of the better place.
06:33 Nathan Young and then Elder Charles D Brooks.
06:53 Oh that I could talk in the language of Canaan,
07:04 I could tell a little of the glory of the better place.
07:17 Oh that I could talk in the language of Canaan,
07:29 I could tell a little of the glory of a better world.
07:39 Oh, yes.
07:41 Where there is no night And the Lamb is the light
07:54 Where no tear drops fall
08:00 Oh heaven it's not like here at all
08:10 Oh that I could talk in the language of Canaan,
08:22 I could tell a little of the glory of a better world.
08:32 Oh, yes.
08:36 The wonderful things the Lord showed me up heaven,
08:39 I cannot describe. I saw there tables of stone
08:45 in which the names of the multitude of the redeemed
08:48 where engraved in letters of gold.
08:52 After we beheld the glory of the temple,
08:55 we went out, and Jesus left us, and went into the city.
09:00 Soon we heard His lovely voice again, saying:
09:05 "Come, My people, you have come out of great tribulation,
09:10 and done My will; suffered for Me;
09:14 come in to supper, for I Myself will serve you."
09:20 We shouted, "Alleluia! Glory!" And entered into the city.
09:26 And I saw a table of pure silver;
09:30 it was many miles in length,
09:33 yet our eyes could extend over it.
09:36 I saw the fruit of the tree of life,
09:40 the manna, almonds, figs, pomegranates,
09:44 grapes, and many other kinds of fruit.
09:48 Then Jesus said, "You must go back to earth again
09:53 and relate to others what I have revealed to you."
09:57 Then an angel bore me gently down to this dark world.
10:03 Sometimes I think I can stay here no longer,
10:09 all things of earth look so dreary.
10:12 I feel very lonely here, for I have seen a better land.
10:19 Oh for wings like a dove so that I could fly away.
10:30 I'd sail across the river Jordan to a better place, oh yes.
10:43 Where there's sweet repose And the living water flow
10:55 And I'll thirst no more O heaven,
11:03 I long to reach your shore, oh yes I do
11:11 Oh that I could talk in the language of Canaan
11:22 I could tell a little of the glory of a better world
11:35 I could tell a little of the glory
11:41 of a better world, oh better world.
12:13 I surely feel that I need a moment after that, amen.
12:19 I'm so thankful for this series that's being done,
12:23 the Pillars of our Faith. And I pray for the effect
12:29 of changing us as a people and then many others through us.
12:36 Readings to you again in the name of Jesus,
12:38 it's good to be here tonight. It has been established
12:45 that sin began with a bright and gifted angel,
12:53 one who stood close to the very throne of God.
12:59 His name was Lucifer,
13:02 a compound word that means light bearer.
13:09 And over the centuries he became the purvey of darkness
13:16 and death and destruction and hatred and bitterness
13:24 and hopelessness and everything else
13:27 that makes life miserable down here.
13:32 Lucifer designed a cue, what he hoped to do
13:38 was unseek God and become
13:41 a leader of the cosmic government.
13:46 This was his purpose, he accused God
13:52 of being arbitrary, of being selfish.
13:57 He said that God could not be loved
14:00 as he claim to be and at the same time be just.
14:04 And if he were just then he could not be loved.
14:11 Lucifer attacked the law of God.
14:16 He said it was harsh and unreasonable.
14:21 God requiring obedience and the penalty
14:24 for disobedience would be death.
14:28 And oh, how he made hay with that one.
14:33 Remember Lucifer had been a covering cherub,
14:38 and one writer had said he was so close
14:42 to the very presence of God,
14:44 he appeared to be lighted with divinity.
14:48 Here an angel with great and marvelous privilege
14:54 and potential in a prefect place,
14:59 a place of glory and peace.
15:03 In a prophetic overview John the revelator wrote,
15:07 there was war in heaven.
15:11 Michael fought and the dragon fought
15:13 and his angels and prevailed not.
15:17 Now I want to pause while you say amen, amen.
15:21 He fought but he lost, I wanna come to that again
15:25 before we are finished here tonight.
15:28 He fought and prevail not, not only that
15:32 but he was expelled from heaven.
15:35 No more could he have access to appear
15:38 before the throne of God.
15:41 He and his angels were cast out into the earth.
15:47 God had already created the earth.
15:51 You know, the power of that story
15:53 where there was nothing, God said let there be something.
16:00 There was light and all the other things were created
16:05 for the good of man,
16:06 for his comfort, for his sustenance.
16:11 But God had also warned man
16:15 about the fall of Lucifer and what he might try to do.
16:21 And man was aware that an enemy was abroad in the land.
16:30 Adam and Eve at the time were perfect.
16:35 We can use that word rather easily,
16:38 but need to think about it they were prefect.
16:42 But, Satan is called the arch deceiver, premier,
16:49 number one, there is nobody like him in the universe.
16:54 And so on an occasion channeling himself through
16:59 a serpent he encountered Eve. Hath not God said
17:06 that you shouldn't eat of the trees of the garden.
17:09 And Eve was quick to come to God's defense,
17:11 no he didn't say that.
17:13 He said of all the trees we may freely eat except one.
17:17 Aha, said the devil, that's the one,
17:21 that's the one that will make you like him,
17:25 that's the one that will give you the biggest thrills,
17:28 that's the one that will open your eyes and you will
17:32 understand things that only God can understand.
17:36 But Eve said God has warned us,
17:39 the day we eat thereof we shall surely die,
17:42 and Satan responded ye shall not surely die,
17:47 the first recorded lie. Ye shall not surely.
17:52 Actually, it's a kind of double talk,
17:54 you're gonna die but not surely.
17:59 And most people on earth today believe
18:01 the dead folk are dead, but not surely.
18:06 That's why they wouldn't walk through
18:07 a graveyard at midnight.
18:11 And some of the laughter I hear is saying to me
18:15 that some of you wouldn't do it either.
18:20 But, Bible says Eve saw the fruit
18:23 that it was pleasant to the eye and to taste.
18:25 Now if she tasted it, she's gone too far.
18:30 Now if you start with pleasant to the eyes,
18:32 it's important to understand that all the trees
18:35 in God's garden were pleasant to the eye.
18:39 No excuse for Eve doing what she did,
18:42 and she ate of it and gave it to her husband
18:45 and he ate of it, and heaven was thrown into shock.
18:51 Trauma reached the very throne room of God.
18:55 Sin had invaded the Garden of Eden
18:59 and had come into the lives of the human family.
19:04 And in the cool of the evening along came God.
19:10 You may do as you like, you may disobey if you want to,
19:14 but sooner or later along comes God.
19:20 And Adam and Eve were hiding from Him,
19:24 but God came seeking them.
19:29 There was something that needed to be done.
19:32 You cannot take wrong and make it right and vice versa,
19:37 but God had another plan.
19:40 First of all they were driven from the garden,
19:43 lest they partake of the tree of life
19:45 and become immortal sinners.
19:48 I read this somewhere, I couldn't find the reference,
19:51 but it says God and man belong together
19:56 and the universe will not know perfect bliss
19:59 until God and man are reunited.
20:04 Therefore I marvel at the patience of God
20:08 over these thousands of years, but something else
20:13 dreadful took place that day.
20:16 Isaiah 59:2 your iniquities have hidden the face of God from you,
20:24 they have separated you from God.
20:27 We all know that man in his present condition
20:31 cannot look on the face of God and live, cannot.
20:38 Showing mercy God had to withdraw from his creatures,
20:43 but God appeared desperate to communicate with man.
20:49 No longer face to face as He did with Adam and Eve,
20:53 but he wants to communicate with man.
20:57 They are things that man needs to know.
21:01 Man needs to know in his guilt and his shame
21:07 that there is something in God's plan called salvation.
21:12 Man needs to know of repentance and restoration.
21:19 He needs to know about immortality.
21:22 He needs to know about a coming Messiah,
21:26 one who is as God becoming flesh and going to a cross to die
21:33 for what Adam and Eve had just done.
21:37 He needed to know all of that.
21:40 To be honest with you He needed to know John 3:16,
21:44 For God so loved the world,
21:46 that He gave His only begotten Son.
21:48 Because Christ was given before the foundations
21:51 of the earth were laid. Adam needed to know.
21:57 In the book of Amos Chapter 3 and verse 7,
22:00 we read that God would do nothing without revealing
22:05 His secrets to his servants, the prophets.
22:09 I picture it this way in my imagination,
22:12 there is golden lion that runs from Adam and Eve
22:16 in Eden all the way down to the very end of the world,
22:20 and God has placed true prophets all along the way
22:25 giving to human beings the gift of prophecy.
22:30 And one of the evidences that it is coming straight
22:33 from God, it always agrees with the Bible,
22:36 it always happens as God said
22:39 and usually it happens right on time.
22:43 Here is a gift of love given to an unlovely group of people.
22:52 How long shall it be amongst us?
22:55 The Bible says till we all come into the unity of a faith.
23:00 Now there is an imagined problem here,
23:04 God in communicating can only use the truth.
23:09 But, the devil can take truth, mix it with error,
23:14 create a concoction to deceive. God cannot do that.
23:21 Whatever He says is always the truth.
23:26 So as God placed prophets along the way
23:29 the devil caused false prophets to proliferate.
23:34 They are purposed to thwart God's truth to alter it,
23:37 to rest it, to confuse it, to turn it against itself,
23:43 to make right seem wrong and wrong seem right,
23:48 and out of this comes a malaise of confusion.
23:52 And the Bible says God is not the author of confusion.
23:59 In Ezekiel 22, you read of some of these false prophets.
24:04 The Bible says they put no difference
24:07 between the Holy and the profane.
24:10 Know any difference between the clean and the unclean.
24:14 False prophets are always available.
24:16 They love to dispute truth, they love to argue,
24:21 they love to get angry over the word of God,
24:25 they are desperate people to embarrass heaven.
24:29 But a true prophet always agrees with the Bible,
24:33 he has no problem.
24:36 I remember the first evangelist campaign
24:38 I ever conducted was in a small town,
24:42 and one day after preaching a week or two.
24:44 In those days we had long meeting.
24:46 Someone came to me and said you ought to know
24:49 that at such and such a place,
24:51 there is a learned pastor and he spends his time
24:57 refuting what you're teaching.
25:01 I smiled at that, he said wait a minute,
25:05 doesn't that frighten you a little.
25:07 I said not really.
25:08 He said why doesn't it frighten you?
25:11 I said because I don't have to make mine up.
25:17 And if you tell people what God said,
25:19 you are telling them the truth, amen, amen.
25:23 So there was no need to worry about
25:26 that sort of thing at all.
25:29 Now God in mercy could not contend for the truth in person.
25:35 We've already established that.
25:37 His presence would destroy those who wanted to hear.
25:42 So walk with me down the centuries.
25:45 We can't touch everybody, but I like to began with Enoch.
25:48 The Bible says he was a seventh from Adam and he prophesied
25:52 concerning the second coming of Christ way back there.
25:57 The message is consistent, it doesn't change.
26:01 Then later on God sent Noah
26:06 and Noah had an awesome prophecy,
26:08 a 120 years and then will come a flood.
26:12 And the people crowded around what's the flood?
26:15 Rain is gonna come down, and drown all of the enemies of God.
26:21 What's rain? Now remember it had never rained before.
26:27 And when the word got out
26:29 concerning the prophecies of Noah,
26:32 the false prophets had a field day.
26:35 I can imagine them saying that them with old man
26:39 has sold all of his holding which were considerable.
26:43 He sold his place and every dime
26:46 he got was put into wood and tar for making an ark.
26:51 Can you imagine a great big boat being built on dry land?
26:58 Not only that, but on a hill to boot and they laughed
27:03 and they mocked and they carried on.
27:07 But the Bible tells us something about those days.
27:10 The morals of the people were totally corrupt.
27:14 Every imagination was possessed,
27:17 corruption was everywhere normalized,
27:20 truth was marginalized.
27:23 This is the way it was, that was no way therefore
27:28 for them to understand how disgusting sin is to God.
27:35 God came to the point, He repented
27:37 He had made man in the first place.
27:41 At the same time He told His prophet to prepare an ark,
27:46 an ark of salvation. Noah just kept on preaching.
27:52 When it was all over only about eight people made it,
27:55 there were eight as a matter of fact.
27:57 They were on the ark, but actually there were more,
28:00 many of them had worked on it chief amongst them
28:02 was Methuselah who died just before the flood came,
28:08 but remember it had never rained before and the intellectuals
28:14 amongst the people laughed at the notion.
28:17 They spent time reveling near the ark.
28:21 And one day they saw something they had never seen before.
28:25 They saw animals coming, and in orderly manner,
28:30 a parade right down main street
28:33 and they were headed straight to the ark.
28:38 Now I have said this before but it seems to me,
28:44 if I had been amongst the unbelievers it seems to me.
28:50 Then if I saw two lions walking behind seven sheep.
29:01 And two wolves marching behind cattle.
29:07 It seems to me it would have made an impression,
29:09 but you can go too far.
29:11 Ellen White says through repeated transgression
29:15 you can come to the place where you cannot see.
29:21 It's dangerous to keep knocking what God has declared,
29:28 dangerous to come to the place, all you know to do,
29:31 is fight against the Spirit of Prophecy, it's dangerous.
29:36 You came to the place where you cannot see.
29:42 And then after Noah was shut up in that ark for awhile
29:47 and it seem nothing was going to happen,
29:49 they resumed their mocking and they're picnicking
29:53 near the ark to laugh at the old man,
29:56 shut up in that thing with only one window and no AC.
30:03 But one day they looked and saw something else,
30:06 dark clouds began to march
30:09 across the horizon and confederate.
30:13 Lighting flashed the thread of God's vengeance,
30:16 they had never seen this either.
30:19 And all of a sudden they heard it coming
30:22 from the distance like dried peas
30:24 on a summer threshing floor, the advancing columns of rain.
30:29 Then the spiritual says didn't it rain,
30:33 rained all night long 40 days
30:38 without stopping, didn't it rain.
30:44 Now let's look at another by the name of Moses, a great prophet.
30:49 He and God were so closely communed face to face,
30:53 meaning God was veiled,
30:54 but he was able to talk to Moses one on one.
30:58 And Moses wanted a privilege,
31:00 he asked God to allow him to see Him.
31:03 And God said, no if you look at Me, you cannot live.
31:09 So I'm going to hide you in the cleft of the rock
31:13 and pass by and you will see the back of me.
31:19 The act to glory one writer said.
31:23 After God is safely moved out of range that was an effulgence
31:28 that remained and that's what Moses saw.
31:33 But I want to tell you that what he heard
31:35 was worth more than what he saw.
31:38 For he heard God describe His own character.
31:42 I'm God, showing mercy, I'm God, forgiving sins,
31:47 I'm God, who is compassionate
31:50 and yet I will not clear the guilty.
31:56 And Moses wrote that down, if he had only seen something,
32:00 it would have been for him, but this is written down
32:03 for you and for me like character of God.
32:10 Oh praise His name.
32:12 I love to hear myself say God never lies.
32:17 So matter of fact the Bible says it's impossible for God to lie.
32:22 The Bible says that the devil is a liar, and the father of it.
32:27 And so we've got that straight, haven't we?
32:31 But, I'm also convinced that some people enjoy being lied to.
32:39 Otherwise how could false prophets
32:42 prosper as they seem to do?
32:47 Some people enjoy being lied to.
32:50 Now I have a sympathetic heart, you lose a loved one,
32:53 but you cannot comfort me if I lose one by telling me a lie.
32:59 You cannot comfort me by telling me my loved one
33:02 has shot right straight of to heaven.
33:04 If that happened then all of us will go out of here
33:07 and try to get killed tonight.
33:13 It would be a lot better being in heaven
33:17 then even being here at 3ABN.
33:25 But ladies and gentlemen, false prophets have proliferated
33:31 throughout the enter world and they have a battery of lies.
33:40 And people eat it up and pay for it out of their weekly checks.
33:47 One of the lies is that God is to good to destroy this world.
33:52 My answer is, He's too good not to.
33:55 Some things got to put an end to this mess
33:58 and Jesus is going to make
33:59 that kind of adjustment when He comes.
34:04 Another lie is that God doesn't care how you worship?
34:09 What kind of slip shot God is that?
34:14 And then there, He doesn't care which day you worship Him on.
34:22 The law is done away with.
34:27 May I stop to tell you true prophets
34:30 have never been very popular, did you hear what I said?
34:36 And if you're running a popularity contest
34:38 and you are the entrant, you're in bad shape.
34:46 True prophets have never been very popular.
34:50 False prophets have the run of a palace
34:53 in the days of Ahab and Jezebel.
34:56 They loused wearing semi royal robes,
35:01 they ate food paid for by the taxpayers,
35:06 the false prophets.
35:08 But there was one true prophet, was he at the palace?
35:12 No, he was out in the wilderness running and hiding,
35:16 trying to stay alive, that God had to send him
35:20 food to eat by ravens.
35:25 False prophets are popular,
35:28 true prophets seemingly never are.
35:33 Then we speak of the major prophets,
35:36 Isaiah, the gospel prophet, Jeremiah, the weeping prophet,
35:42 weeping at the destruction of his beloved temple
35:45 and a city of Jerusalem.
35:48 And after him there was Ezekiel
35:52 with his clarion call to repentance.
35:55 He wanted people to know that if you will
35:57 turn God will forgive, but they ignored him.
36:02 Then there was Daniel who was shown
36:05 the span of years all way down to the end of the world,
36:10 but most importantly to the coming of Messiah
36:15 and the offering of himself in the midst of the weak.
36:22 Daniel actually told the people when to expect the Lord to come.
36:30 Then they talk about minor prophets,
36:33 these were regional prophets, they had special messages
36:36 for special occasions and special groups of people
36:40 from Hosea to Malachi.
36:42 There were certain explosive truths
36:45 that God revealed to his servants.
36:47 They were written down to a blast sophistry,
36:52 falsehoods, false Gods and false worship
36:58 and at the same time to sustain God's true people.
37:04 This was what the prophets did.
37:07 Now no true prophet it seems did any writings
37:14 between the 400 silent years of the of two testaments,
37:18 Old and New.
37:20 All of that time and no worthy prophet.
37:26 Chapter after chapter in the Old Testament,
37:29 the Bible says Israel did that which was evil
37:32 in the sight of the Lord, what's wrong with us.
37:38 And so here comes this long period
37:41 when God didn't honor them with a true prophet.
37:45 When Jesus came later he said you killed the prophets,
37:50 the true ones, you hated them, you disliked them,
37:55 but during that 400 year period tradition rose to the top.
38:01 For 400 years they were taught
38:03 by learned men in sassy doodle robes and glittering jewels.
38:08 They made such an impression that Israel was fractured
38:12 and split off in many directions for all of that time.
38:19 And tradition was exalted above truth.
38:25 Tradition became more important than the truth of God.
38:32 And created even for those who didn't wanna go along with it,
38:36 a burden of confusion with man made extraneous nonsense.
38:43 Proclaim from desks like this in synagogues everywhere,
38:49 nonsense, tradition.
38:53 God's plan and God's will were set in character
39:00 and people thought very little of God.
39:03 Men were dying, facing eternity without hope
39:09 and listening to foolishness
39:12 where truth was supposed to be proclaimed.
39:14 In the fullness of time Jesus was born.
39:19 They were not ready to receive him at all, why?
39:23 Because the prophets had warned them,
39:27 the prophets had told them
39:29 that a virgin would conceive and bare a son.
39:32 Michael even told them the town he would be born in,
39:36 the little town of Bethlehem.
39:39 Now you know how we humans think, I thought to myself.
39:43 If God is gonna stick his neck out and name a town,
39:49 then it seems to me that he would go
39:52 to that town to find the virgin.
39:55 Now I cannot believe they were no virgins in Bethlehem.
40:01 I will tell you what, there was a jealous king
40:05 who would order little ones slain.
40:10 God knew what he was doing.
40:12 He kept Mary up there in Nazareth.
40:14 Now I was over there and I said
40:15 how far is it from here to Bethlehem.
40:18 And my interpreter said roughly 75 miles as the cool fly.
40:24 Okay, after six months we were down there, no,
40:28 seventh month, no, eighth month, no.
40:30 She was great with child where her husband decided
40:34 under the instruction of God they head down to Bethlehem.
40:38 Now what man in his right mind would take his wife
40:41 expecting a baby at any time, 75 miles on a donkey.
40:44 Well he had to travel slowly, others passed him by.
40:48 When he got their, there was no room in the end,
40:51 went away in a manger, no crib for his bed,
40:54 the little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet hand in Bethlehem,
40:59 would you say amen out there. Amen.
41:01 It had to come to pass or there would be,
41:06 there would be in scripture a falsehood.
41:09 One day, a rough and ready preacher emerged from the desert
41:13 where he had been educated, his name was John.
41:18 When he had broken in on the scene he attracted
41:22 great masses of people including prophets and priests,
41:26 who came out to see the spectacle, a true prophet.
41:33 A man who didn't sound like the others,
41:37 a man who didn't dress like the others,
41:40 a man who didn't eat like the others.
41:44 Are you getting it?
41:47 And finally let me say
41:49 one who didn't preach like all the others.
41:55 But, it was clear to everybody who came
41:57 with an ear short that the power of God
42:00 rested upon him to such an extent that the people
42:03 crowed around after service to ask questions.
42:06 Are you the Messiah? No.
42:08 Are you Elijah risen from the dead? No.
42:11 Then who in the world are you?
42:13 I'm the voice of one crying in the wilderness,
42:16 prepare ye the way of the Lord.
42:18 Not only that, but this humble man said one comes after me,
42:23 whose shoes I'm not worthy to unlatch.
42:28 And then one day as he was surveying the crowd,
42:32 he saw someone coming.
42:35 Recognized him immediately and he cried out behold.
42:39 You ever stop with words like that,
42:41 what do you mean behold?
42:42 It means hey look, everybody look,
42:46 behold here he comes, that's right,
42:49 the Lamb of God which taketh away
42:52 the sins of the world, amen.
42:55 That was John, and the Lord said
43:00 there was never a greater prophet than John.
43:04 I wanted to throw that in right there,
43:06 because some people think that the only true prophets
43:09 are those who have books of the Bible named after them.
43:13 There is no book called John the Baptist.
43:16 And there are some others I could name right now.
43:20 Oh my friends, we must accept God's word from God's people.
43:28 No matter what happens to us, John ended his career
43:32 with his head chopped off and placed on a platter
43:36 and delivered to a voluptuous adulteress.
43:41 But, Jesus said there was never a greater prophet than this one.
43:47 Prophets had told about Christ, about the place of his birth.
43:51 They also told about his arrest, the torture he would endure,
43:56 the whipping that would come from strong men
43:59 with their cats of nine tails and even his crying I thirst.
44:05 Where that is written the Bible says
44:07 that the scripture might be fulfill, he cried I thirst.
44:12 And when they offered him the wrong thing,
44:15 he simply turned away dropped his head
44:19 in the hall of his own shoulder and died.
44:23 Jesus the son of God, the devil hastily called
44:27 a conference with his demons and all those humans
44:31 who cooperate with him, they got to do one thing.
44:33 They got to do one thing, at all cost,
44:36 they've got to do one thing.
44:38 They got to keep Him in the tomb at least four days.
44:43 Why four?
44:44 Because he has said after the third I'm gonna arrive,
44:48 oh I love a God you can count on.
44:52 Even the true God in death could be counted on
44:57 for divinity never dies,
44:58 would you say amen out there? Amen.
45:00 As a matter of fact Jesus said,
45:02 I laid on my life and I take it up,
45:04 nobody takes it from me.
45:07 But all of them were conspiring to keep Christ in the tomb,
45:12 but on Sunday morning the earth quirked and shook,
45:16 what's going on? An angel had touched down.
45:22 That angel rolled the stone away,
45:26 and Jesus walked out of there.
45:30 The great king of the universe
45:32 had rested a hard fought victory over death and hell.
45:38 I've been to both spots,
45:40 the traditional one over which they built a church
45:43 and the one Elder HMS Richards told me is the one.
45:47 I've been to both, we even did television at that one.
45:51 And I remember the first day I walked in
45:53 and I was so amazed to look around at a roughly hewn tomb.
45:59 And the man in charge said,
46:00 if you've come here seeking Jesus, He is not here.
46:06 He has risen, I turn and nearly jumped up in the air
46:10 I said man that's what I believe,
46:13 that's what I believe with all my heart.
46:17 Christ spent 40 days with his beloved church,
46:20 told them to wait on the Holy Spirit,
46:21 then go out to preach the gospel in all the world.
46:25 And the message that is preached in truth
46:29 to the worldly wicked is boring..
46:32 That message to the immoral is threatening.
46:36 That message to the power hungry is irrelevant.
46:41 That message to revelers is foolishness,
46:46 but let me tell you to honest soul seeking a savior,
46:51 it is hope to those who are insatiably thirsty.
46:57 It is the water of light to those
46:59 who are starving for spiritual bread,
47:02 it is the bread of life
47:05 to lost men everywhere, it is salvation.
47:10 And to those who are abound in sin
47:14 and can't see him to ever break loose.
47:17 The message that God delivers through His prophets
47:22 is a message of freedom, that's right.
47:25 God can set you free.
47:28 Now he told His disciples,
47:29 I'm gonna go away and I will come again.
47:31 Ellen White says they wanted him to come quickly.
47:35 They really did, and by the way,
47:37 people still say my Lord delayeth his coming.
47:41 And one day I wanted to deal with that
47:43 and I read from the Lord servant.
47:45 She said that never was a time,
47:48 that that message should not have presented with urgency.
47:53 So we are correct in making the message urgent.
47:59 The business of when he will come is upto Him,
48:02 but Paul wrote a letter to the church at Thessalonica.
48:06 And He said let no man deceive you,
48:07 that day will not come except that come a falling away first
48:11 and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition who apposed
48:15 and exalted themselves above all that is called God.
48:18 So that he has God sited in the temple of God
48:21 showing himself that He is God.
48:24 And when Paul wrote those words to the church,
48:28 whether he intended to do so or not.
48:31 He was predicting the dark ages a 1260 year period,
48:39 when mean would feud the true prophets all together.
48:45 A time when tradition would come in, and replace truth,
48:50 a time when rank and raw paganism
48:54 would be baptized in the church.
48:58 A time when the saints of God
49:00 would yield their lives as martyrs for the truth,
49:06 by the millions, by the millions.
49:12 And so, John wrote, try the spirits whether they be of God.
49:19 Why should we do that?
49:21 Because many false prophets are going out into the world.
49:27 But that came after the dark ages a reformation,
49:30 light was coming again,
49:33 Martin Luther was called to Worms.
49:36 He thought to debate what his thesis was all about.
49:40 But, instead he was brought down before rulers
49:43 and urged and commanded to recant.
49:47 Luther asked for time, went into a room,
49:50 this bright man went into a room,
49:52 I read all by himself and prayed to God.
49:56 He said I'm but a child,
49:58 not knowing how to go out and come in.
50:00 Before John Act he was a consummate terror,
50:03 but before God I'm just a child.
50:05 When he came back out
50:07 and Charles Firth asked him if he would recant,
50:09 he said it is dangerous to go against conscience,
50:12 I cannot, I will not recant.
50:16 Lord, have mercy on me, here I stand.
50:21 He went home without attendance,
50:23 but Duke Frederick of Saxony kidnapped him,
50:26 took him to one of his palaces
50:29 and when Luther understood that he was free,
50:32 he not only wrote a mighty fortuities of God,
50:35 but he began to write the word of God
50:38 from the Latin to the German.
50:40 And when he got it ready, another German
50:42 by the name of Gutenberg had a printing press ready
50:46 and the word is now being scatted everywhere.
50:49 The lights have come on again
50:51 after the dark ages all over the world, amen.
50:55 There are things that I wanted to tell you
50:57 and I'm abound by the tyranny of the clock.
51:02 But peoples minds were darkened,
51:07 they were folk who killed in the name of God.
51:09 They thought they were doing God's service.
51:12 They were people who had no understanding of truth
51:16 and what true prophets had already said.
51:19 But then almost immediately God pointed these
51:23 who now have light, to the Three Angels Messages, amen.
51:27 The first one of them was that you must fear God
51:30 and give glory to Him
51:31 for the obvious judgment is come and worship Him.
51:34 What do you mean worship Him?
51:35 You have been worshiping a man
51:37 sitting on a throne calling himself God,
51:40 but now that you are free
51:41 and the word has returned worship Him, amen.
51:45 Well who is him?
51:47 He that made the heavens, the earth,
51:49 the sea and the fountains of water.
51:53 And the protestant reformation came to a screeching halt
51:56 and they began to divide themselves according to creeds.
52:00 So the second angel went and said
52:04 Babylon is fallen, is fallen.
52:08 You wonder why it is said twice, I read one suggestion,
52:11 it referred not only to the beast, but the false prophets,
52:15 not only to them but to Protestants who did not protest.
52:21 And finally, out of that God saw a group
52:25 which he calls the remnant,
52:28 the dragon was wroth with a woman
52:30 and went to make war with the remnant.
52:32 The remnant means those who remain, the last ones.
52:36 The devil has declared war on these, the remnant.
52:42 That was a great disappointment in 1844,
52:45 don't have time to develop it, but you know it.
52:47 But, that wasn't the first nor the last.
52:50 The greatest disappointment of all
52:52 was when the Lord was hanged on a cross.
52:56 And church thinking he was the deliverer,
52:59 beheld the God dying on the cross,
53:04 that was a greater disappointment,
53:06 but now here comes one.
53:08 I understand there were up to
53:10 500,000 believers in the Advent of Christ,
53:14 not Seventh-day Adventist Advent of Christ 500,000.
53:19 After October 22, 1844 they were quickly
53:23 scaled down to about 5000
53:27 and in various little knots they met
53:30 and they prayed sometimes all night long
53:33 and finally they express to God
53:35 their everlasting confidence in Him, you are the truth.
53:40 We made a mistake not you,
53:42 and all we want you to is reveal to us what we should do
53:47 and we are willing to do it anything
53:50 and I could imagine God saying, anything?
53:53 Yes, Lord anything, will you keep
53:55 My commandments instead of man.
53:57 Yes, Lord.
53:59 If I show you further truth will you do that? Yes, Lord.
54:03 I believe they were willing to do anything, anything.
54:11 Now there is something
54:12 I hope you've caught that maybe you haven't.
54:15 During all this period true prophets
54:19 showed up to help God's true believers.
54:24 And where people are committed to full obedience to God,
54:27 He sends a prophet and so as they prayed for light,
54:34 God called a young woman, her name was Ellen Harmon,
54:40 she was reluctant to do this and I don't blame her,
54:44 because she understood somewhat what it meant.
54:47 She never called herself a prophet,
54:49 she called herself a messenger of the Lord.
54:52 She had been tested by doctors
54:54 like Daniel sometimes without air,
54:57 without breath coming from her body,
55:00 God chose her and God used her.
55:05 And as soon as this happened along came the counterfeits
55:09 and I will not take time to go into all of that.
55:12 But, people were coming claiming to be true prophets of God.
55:17 But the one God had chosen
55:18 he knew and he give special wisdom to,
55:21 and that one became co-founder of this church.
55:25 And that one guided this church
55:28 into its health program, hospitals around the world.
55:32 It's educational program,
55:33 a chain of universities, colleges, academies
55:36 and great schools around the face of the earth.
55:40 Family life, God made it clear that pornography,
55:44 even masturbation is out of harmony with his will.
55:48 He told her and she told the church, publishing houses,
55:53 temperance work everywhere her writings edify,
55:57 keep the church on focus, on point God chose well,
56:05 when he chose this woman to be his servant.
56:10 And God said I will never leave you nor forsake you, amen.
56:14 When our church at my home made a decision
56:19 that they would save my mother from Sabbath keeping.
56:24 A committee was chosen they came,
56:26 and mother wouldn't argue,
56:29 but she'd ask questions and confounded the committee.
56:33 And when they went back,
56:35 the head deacon turned and handed her a package.
56:38 He said I think you like this and when he handed it to her,
56:42 she give me scissors, I cut it open and inside
56:45 was the Great Controversy by Ellen White.
56:47 We had never heard of Seventh-day Adventist.
56:51 We had no books, we had no teachers, nothing
56:54 and the Methodist deacon brought us the Great Controversy.
56:58 Now, I want to read the last paragraph
57:01 and it is one of most comforting things I have ever read.
57:05 It says the Great Controversy is ended, amen.
57:10 Sin and sinners are no more. The entire universe is clean.
57:17 One pulse of harmony and gladness
57:20 beats through the vast creation.
57:22 From Him who created all,
57:24 flow life and light and gladness,
57:26 throughout the realms of illimitable space.
57:29 From the minutest atom to the greatest world,
57:31 all things, animate and inanimate,
57:33 in their unshadowed beauty and perfect joy,
57:36 declare that God is love.


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