Pillars of Our Faith 2010 Camp Meeting

Standard Of Christian Living

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Participants: David Shin


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00:39 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:42 Welcome to the Pillars Of Our Faith event.
01:05 You just stand when all your courage seems to fade.
01:15 Stand when it seems that evil will prevail.
01:23 Stand for He shows us in detail that His love will never fail
01:33 and He'll stand with us.
01:35 You just stand when you've said all that you can say.
01:45 Stand and trust the Lord to make a way.
01:53 Stand and live your life from day to day,
01:59 trust God to make a way and then walk through it.
02:06 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear,
02:10 He's given us love and power,
02:15 the courage to resist the tempter's snare.
02:21 Be ye not weary in doing well for only time will tell.
02:30 The work He's begun in you will help to see you through.
02:37 You know His word is true
02:40 and everything He promised, He will do.
02:44 So having done all to stand, stand.
02:54 You just stand when you feel no one's on your side.
03:04 Stand, defy the urge to run and hide.
03:11 Stand, though gloom and darkness override,
03:18 trust God to turn the tide and pull you through it.
03:23 He'll do it in the name of Jesus.
03:26 Stand for He is always there for you.
03:33 Stand and He will lead you faithfully through.
03:41 Stand, and though you know not what to do,
03:48 know that He's looking out for you and He won't fail you.
03:54 For God hath no given us the spirit of fear,
03:59 He's given us love and power,
04:04 the courage to resist the tempter's snare.
04:10 Be ye not weary in doing well for only time will tell.
04:19 The work He's begun in you will help to see you through.
04:26 You know God's word is true
04:29 and everything He promised, He will do.
04:33 So having done all to stand, stand.
04:43 Plant your feet and stand.
04:52 Amen.
04:55 Amen, amen. Praise the Lord.
04:58 Pastor C.A. Murray bringing us a message; Stand.
05:03 And by God's grace, we can stand.
05:05 Amen? Amen.
05:08 Welcome to another hour of blessing from the Lord.
05:13 We are here on 3ABN camp meeting, Pillars Of Our Faith,
05:20 and it has been a wonderful blessing from the Lord.
05:25 How many have been here since the first day?
05:27 Would you raise your hand.
05:28 Praise the Lord, many of you.
05:30 Praise the Lord.
05:31 How many have been blessed since you came here?
05:34 Would you raise your hand.
05:35 Glory be to God. Amen, amen.
05:38 Well, we have more blessings coming.
05:41 We have Ladye Love Smith.
05:43 She will be singing, I Will Give You Rest.
05:46 That in itself is a message from the Lord.
05:50 And please listen to the words as she sings this
05:54 beautiful message.
05:56 Afterwards, we have the opportunity to hear
06:01 Pastor David Shin, Standards of Christian living.
06:05 I heard the message he preached last time
06:08 and I was truly blessed.
06:10 I saw God working through him to bring us closer to Jesus.
06:15 Amen? Amen.
06:17 He is currently the pastor of the East Lansing Church.
06:22 And he is here with us to bring us closer to God's grace,
06:30 bringing us that the standards of Christian living
06:33 still apply today.
06:36 And we need to hear what these are from God's word.
06:39 So I leave you at this moment with Ladye Love Smith.
06:43 And the next voice you hear after her will be that of
06:45 Pastor David Shin.
06:47 May God bless us as we listen to his words.
09:49 Amen.
09:52 Amen, amen.
09:54 Good morning, happy Sabbath.
09:56 Happy Sabbath.
09:57 It's so good to worship with you today on this beautiful Sabbath.
10:01 It's such a privilege.
10:02 I'd like to invite you to bow your heads with me as we pray.
10:08 Father in heaven, we thank You for this beautiful Sabbath day
10:13 which is a reminder to us of our Creator God,
10:17 of creation, redemption, and sanctification.
10:23 We count it a privilege to come together this morning as
10:26 we reaffirm the pillars of truth as found in Your holy Word.
10:32 And we pray, Father, as we open Your Word this morning,
10:35 as we delve into this topic, this very relevant topic for
10:40 God's people living in the final moments of earth's history,
10:43 that You would speak to our hearts and to our minds.
10:46 Hide me behind the cross, may Jesus be uplifted.
10:50 Many Christ's love be seen and magnified here today.
10:54 For we ask these things in Jesus' name, amen.
10:59 The topic of discussion this morning is
11:02 Standards of Christian Living.
11:06 They told me they wanted a young person to talk about this topic.
11:13 And I want to tell you that I did youth ministry for
11:16 a number of years before I got to the current
11:19 district where I'm at.
11:20 And it seems that any time you mention the word "standards"
11:25 to young people, and sometimes even to adults,
11:30 there's almost a universal visceral reaction.
11:35 Do you find that?
11:36 Any time you mention Christian standards, it's almost like
11:39 this angst of, "Oh, here we go. "
11:43 And among young people, there's this common sentiment of,
11:46 "Why do we need standards?"
11:49 What are standards?
11:50 And I'd like to, for a moments, kind of give a little bit of an
11:54 introduction before we get into the heart of our message here
11:58 today and define our terms.
12:00 What are standards?
12:02 What do we mean by Christian standards?
12:04 And there's two major categories that I believe that standards
12:09 can fall into.
12:11 One of them is how it affects our bodies.
12:16 What we put in our bodies; diet, substances.
12:20 What we put on our bodies...
12:25 Watch out.
12:28 ...dress and adornment.
12:30 And what we do with our bodies.
12:33 That's the first category.
12:35 The second category has to do with our minds.
12:39 Entertainment; what we read, what we watch,
12:44 and what we listen to.
12:48 Now, I'd like to invite you, to bring out a beautiful
12:52 illustration of how God deals with us, I want to invite you
12:56 to turn with me in your Bibles to John chapter 8.
12:59 That is what we talk about when we talk about standards,
13:01 how it affects our bodies and our minds.
13:04 What we do with our bodies, what we put on our bodies,
13:06 what we put in our bodies.
13:08 And how it affects our mind, what we put into our minds.
13:11 John chapter 8.
13:13 And here we see a beautiful illustration of how
13:17 God deals with us and how God deals with this issue
13:22 of standards.
13:24 John chapter 8, I'll be reading from the New King James Version.
13:31 John chapter 8 and verse 2.
13:34 "Now early in the morning He came into the temple,
13:37 and all the people came to Him; and He sat down and taught them.
13:42 Then the scribes and the Pharisees brought to Him
13:45 a woman caught in adultery.
13:47 And when they had set her in the midst, they said to Him,
13:51 'Teacher, this woman was caught in adultery,
13:54 in the very act. '"
13:56 I want you to imagine in your mind's eye.
13:57 This woman was caught in the very act of adultery.
14:00 And we're given a little bit of background in The Desire of Ages
14:03 that this was actually a trap.
14:04 It was a setup.
14:06 And this woman was dragged through the streets
14:09 by the religious leaders and thrown before Jesus.
14:13 And they say, "The law of Moses says that this woman
14:16 should be stoned.
14:17 What say ye?"
14:19 Now I want to ask you a question here this morning.
14:22 Were they right that this woman was caught in the act of sin?
14:29 They were right.
14:30 Were they wrong in the way that they handled it?
14:34 So, you can see that you can be very right
14:37 in standing up for something, but very wrong in the way
14:40 that you carry it out.
14:41 Is everyone following me here this morning?
14:43 The Bible tells us that, "They that worship Him
14:46 shall worship Him in Spirit and in truth. "
14:49 We need to have the truth, and we need to have the right spirit
14:52 in the same regard.
14:54 I can't tell you how many times as a young pastor
14:57 I've had different saints come to me and bring someone,
15:02 not literally but metaphorically, and say,
15:06 "Pastor, this person is doing such and such. "
15:09 And I say, "Have you talked to them?
15:11 Have you gone through the aspects of biblical Matthew 18?"
15:17 Now we look at this illustration and we see what Jesus
15:21 does in this story.
15:23 I'd like to go down to verse 8 for the sake of time.
15:26 "And again He stooped down and wrote on the ground.
15:27 And those that heard it, being convicted by their conscience,
15:31 went out one by one beginning with the oldest
15:33 even unto the last.
15:34 And Jesus was left alone, and the woman standing in the midst.
15:38 When Jesus had raised Himself up and saw no one but the woman,
15:43 He said to her... "
15:44 Now the statement of Jesus illustrates the beauty
15:49 of how God treats the sinner and the standard.
15:54 Look at what Jesus says.
15:57 "Woman, where are your accusers?"
16:00 He said, "Has no one condemned you?
16:04 She said, 'No one, Lord. '
16:05 And Jesus said to her, 'Neither do I condemn you. '"
16:10 And now listen to this part, "Go and sin no more. "
16:15 Jesus did not condemn the sinner.
16:18 He had mercy on the sinner, but He also upheld the standard.
16:23 Amen? Amen.
16:24 And this illustrates to us the beautiful illustration of
16:27 justice and mercy.
16:29 There's a pendulum that has been swinging even within our church.
16:32 On the one hand we say, we need to accept the sinner
16:35 and tear down the standard.
16:38 On the other hand, we have people that uphold the standard
16:42 and have no mercy on the sinner.
16:44 Are you following me?
16:45 So here you see an illustration of Jesus saying,
16:48 "Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more. "
16:53 Justice and mercy.
16:55 Jesus pardons the sinner while upholding the standard.
17:00 And that's the fine line that we want to walk here this morning
17:04 as we talk about Christian standards.
17:08 And I want, from the beginning as we talk about this topic,
17:13 be the first one to admit that there have been moments in time
17:19 that there have been abuse of standards.
17:24 I've heard illustrations or stories of visitors
17:28 that aren't members that come to the church
17:30 and perhaps they're not upholding a certain
17:33 standard of dress.
17:34 And a dear well meaning saint goes to them and corrects them
17:39 in the back of the lobby.
17:41 And you've heard stories like this before, and illustrations.
17:44 And I think that this is one of the reasons why people
17:47 have such a negative view of standards.
17:50 Because they perhaps personally or someone they know has
17:54 experienced an individual that has corrected them,
17:57 perhaps in not the best way.
18:01 But I'd like to point out here this morning that we can never
18:05 judge something by its abuse.
18:09 Just because something is abused does not mean
18:13 it's no longer valid.
18:15 Let me give you an illustration of this.
18:17 Water.
18:18 I believe that water is essential for life.
18:22 Most of our body, our brain, is mostly water.
18:25 We should drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.
18:28 But water can be abused.
18:31 Did you know you can drink too much water?
18:34 I'm training for a marathon this year, by the grace of God.
18:37 The Chicago marathon.
18:38 And every year, it seems like you hear about someone
18:42 that has drank too much water.
18:45 And they flush out all their electrolytes and it
18:47 literally kills them.
18:49 I heard a story about one individual that entered
18:52 into a contest that said if you drink a certain amount of water
18:56 in a short period of time, you would get a Nintendo Wii.
18:59 And so this mother of a 3 year old drank so much water
19:02 that she died.
19:05 Water can be used for torture.
19:07 We've heard about it in the news and so forth.
19:10 So water can be abused.
19:12 Does that mean that we now say, "You know, I'm not going to
19:15 drink any more water anymore.
19:16 I'm just going to drink pop. "
19:18 No. Alright?
19:20 So the illustration and the point is simply this.
19:22 Just because something is abused, such in the case
19:25 of standards, does not mean that standards are no longer valid.
19:30 Another point I'd like to make is in Ephesians chapter 2
19:36 verse 8 through 10, and we know this.
19:38 "For by grace you have been saved through faith,
19:43 and this is not from yourselves; it is a gift of God,
19:48 not by works, so that no one can boast. "
19:52 Before we get into the heart of today's message, I'd like to
19:55 establish from the beginning that standards do not save us.
20:03 Amen? Alright?
20:05 I'm going to qualify this a little bit later, but I want to
20:08 establish from the beginning that standards do not save us.
20:11 Standards is not the means of salvation.
20:15 We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
20:19 I do not believe in righteousness by vegetarianism.
20:27 Now don't get me wrong, I'm a vegetarian.
20:29 I believe in our health message.
20:32 But when Christ comes in the clouds of glory, we're not
20:35 going to say, "Let me in, I'm a vegetarian. "
20:36 Do you understand me?
20:39 We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
20:45 Now, if the question is... This is the rub.
20:50 If standards do not save us if standards is not part of a
20:57 meritorious working out of our salvation that gives us
21:01 points with God to enter into the kingdom of heaven,
21:04 then why do we need standards?
21:09 What is the biblical reasoning for why we should have
21:13 certain guidelines for how we treat our bodies and our minds?
21:20 I'd like to illustrate for us, three different reasons
21:23 for standards from the word of God.
21:24 I believe there's more, but I'd like to establish these,
21:27 I believe, pivotal reasons for standards.
21:30 And I believe that a lot of young people have some
21:33 misunderstandings about this, and I hope by the grace of God
21:36 that at the end of this study will have a little bit more
21:39 clarity on this issue.
21:42 Reason number one has to do with the nature of humanity.
21:47 I'd like to invite you to turn with me to Romans chapter 7.
21:51 Reason number one, the nature of humanity.
21:54 Why do we need standards if standards is not meritorious
21:58 for our salvation?
22:02 The nature of humanity.
22:05 Romans chapter 7 and verse 14.
22:08 Just to give you a little bit of a background, Romans is
22:12 a book that is illustrating the nature of the gospel
22:15 and he has just illustrated the beauty of justification.
22:19 That when we come to God and ask for forgiveness, instantly
22:23 we can stand before God as if we have never sinned.
22:27 That's beautiful.
22:29 After justification, he talks about baptism and he's about
22:32 to make the transition from justification to sanctification,
22:37 from the imputed to the imparted gospel.
22:41 And in between this transition of
22:44 justification to sanctification,
22:45 between what God did for us and what God does in us,
22:50 we have in Romans chapter 7 this almost autobiographical
22:56 experiential existential revelation of a struggle
23:01 that I believe Paul was going through at some point in
23:04 his Christian experience.
23:05 Romans chapter 7 verse 14.
23:09 And notice he speaks in first person.
23:12 "For we know that the law is spiritual, but I am carnal,
23:17 sold under sin.
23:18 For what I am doing, I do not understand.
23:22 For what I will to do, that I do not practice;
23:27 but what I hate, that I do. "
23:30 This is like a tongue twister.
23:32 "If then I do what I will not do to, I agree with the law
23:37 that it is good.
23:38 Now it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells in me. "
23:44 He goes on.
23:45 "For I know that in me, that is, in my flesh,
23:48 nothing good dwells; for to will is present with me,
23:51 but how to perform what is good I do not find.
23:54 For the good that I will to do, I do not do;
23:57 but the evil that I will not to do, that I practice.
24:00 Now if I do what I will not to do, it is no longer I who do it,
24:04 but sin that dwells in me. "
24:07 What is Paul talking about?
24:09 It sounds like he almost has this psychological disorder.
24:14 The things that he wants to do, he doesn't do.
24:17 And the things that he hates, that he does.
24:21 Have you ever had that experience before?
24:23 You want to do something, you know that conscientiously
24:27 this is the thing that you should be doing,
24:29 but you do not do it.
24:30 And you have something else that you hate,
24:34 yet it has a chain on your life and you just can't stop.
24:38 This is what we call the battle between what we call our
24:42 carnal nature on one side and between our spiritual nature.
24:46 And what the Bible illustrates is that our flesh is at war
24:50 with the spirit, and the spirit is at war with the flesh.
24:54 They're at odds.
24:55 It seems like we almost have a split personality.
24:58 I'm not talking about a psychological disorder.
25:00 But there's this real conflict.
25:02 How many of you have ever experienced that?
25:03 You have this conflict between the flesh and the spirit,
25:07 between your spiritual nature and your carnal nature.
25:10 It's very, very real.
25:12 And if we don't experience it, we're either dead or not human.
25:15 It's a reality of human existence.
25:20 Now the question that arises for us at this point is,
25:25 how do we get the victory and what is the reality of what
25:30 happens at conversion?
25:32 Before we get into that, I want to read to you this statement.
25:34 It's from a book that's called,
25:36 Stop Me Because I Can't Stop Myself.
25:41 Have you ever experienced that before?
25:42 "I feel guilty because of what I'm doing but I can't stop.
25:48 When I get these urges, nothing seems to relieve them
25:52 except for... " and you fill in the blank.
25:54 "If I don't get out to this place when I have these urges,
25:58 maybe my wife asks me what I'm doing or some
26:01 emergency comes up, I feel incredibly anxious
26:05 and I get very irritable.
26:07 The way I treat my wife and family is horrible.
26:10 I leave them alone for hours, I lie to them,
26:12 I cancel family plans.
26:15 And it's all due to this. "
26:18 Perhaps you have a habit, an addiction in your life that
26:21 you just can't break.
26:22 It's enchained you.
26:26 You just can't get the victory over this aspect of your life,
26:29 whatever it may be.
26:31 The Bible points out to us that on one hand we have our
26:34 spiritual nature, on the other hand we have our carnal nature.
26:37 And what the Bible tells us is that our will, naturally,
26:40 when we come into this world, is enslaved to our carnal nature.
26:45 That's why we can't help ourselves.
26:47 We naturally have this bend and if left to our own devices
26:51 we will sin.
26:53 We're born into this world with a warped carnal nature.
26:57 And that's the reality of what happened because of Adam's sin.
27:02 The question is, what happens at conversion?
27:07 When I get on my knees every single day, from the first
27:11 moment a number of years ago when I said,
27:13 "Lord, take my will. "
27:14 What happens is that our will, which has been enslaved
27:17 by the flesh, by the carnal nature, becomes free.
27:22 Now, this is one of the classic misunderstandings as to what
27:26 happens after conversion.
27:28 I think some people naturally assume that after conversion
27:32 you no longer have to deal with the carnal nature.
27:36 I can't tell you how many people I've baptize and they
27:39 go down into that water.
27:40 And baptism is beautiful, it's a glorious experience.
27:42 I believe that heaven is very near.
27:44 And they get up the next morning and they're like,
27:46 "What's wrong?
27:47 I thought I would no longer have to deal with these
27:50 passions and these tendencies and these habits of my life. "
27:56 I want to give you an illustration of this
27:58 about the carnal nature.
28:01 I was working in south central Los Angeles as a Bible worker.
28:05 It was a marvelous experience.
28:06 We were going door to door on a regular basis.
28:10 No mail out, just door to door evangelism.
28:12 Twenty Bible workers.
28:15 And we pitched a tent on Florence and Figueroa.
28:18 It was marvelous because we saw thousands of people
28:22 come through that tent.
28:24 And I was in Watts picking up some interests in this van
28:29 and there were some young people on the street.
28:33 And they saw that I was sitting in this van,
28:36 and for whatever reason they started saying some things
28:39 about me that I will not repeat.
28:43 And I want to tell you that this was an ironic situation because
28:48 here I am doing evangelism for the Lord.
28:51 This is the epitome of what you would call
28:55 authenticity in Christianity.
28:57 You're doing evangelism, going door to door.
28:59 I'm out picking up these contacts.
29:00 And as these individuals are saying these things at me,
29:04 there was a volcano of negative emotions that started erupting
29:11 within my heart.
29:12 Can you relate to me? Anyone else human in this room?
29:15 Have you ever had an instance when someone has crossed you?
29:18 Perhaps you're going to work one morning and they
29:19 cut in front of you.
29:20 And you have this visceral reaction within your heart
29:23 and within soul.
29:24 Well that's what was happening.
29:25 There was this visceral reaction that was coming up
29:28 within my heart.
29:29 It was the flesh that was crying out.
29:31 Now the question is, why is that there?
29:35 I've given myself to the Lord, why is my
29:37 carnal nature still there?
29:40 If you go to Romans chapter 8, Paul illustrates to us the
29:44 nature of what it means to be a Christian and
29:47 walk this Christian walk.
29:48 And how it relates to this entity that we call the flesh
29:51 and this other entity that we call the Spirit.
29:55 In Romans chapter 8, "There is therefore now no condemnation
30:03 to those that are in Christ Jesus... "
30:06 Now notice this part, notice the nuances of verse 1.
30:10 "... who do not walk according to the flesh,
30:14 but according to the Spirit. "
30:16 Notice that Paul did not say that there is no longer the
30:20 flesh to deal with.
30:21 He says we have to make the choice.
30:24 In other words, at conversion we're freed from
30:26 bondage to the flesh.
30:27 But we still have these two entities;
30:29 the flesh and the spirit.
30:30 And every day as a Christian we have to make a decision,
30:34 a choice, to walk in the Spirit and not walk in the flesh.
30:40 Can you say amen? Amen.
30:42 It does not mean that the carnal nature is
30:44 no longer in existence.
30:46 It means that now we are freed by the grace of God to
30:49 make the decision, in His strength and His power,
30:52 to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh.
30:57 And the beauty of it is that as we make it a habit
31:01 to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh, it becomes easier.
31:07 I can remember the first time I tried to drive a
31:09 stick shift car.
31:10 It was horrendous. Whiplash, stalling.
31:15 I remember I got to this one stop light, you've probably
31:18 experienced this, and it was on an incline.
31:19 It was a horror for a young stick shift driver.
31:23 And I'm sitting there, I'm sweating.
31:25 And suddenly, I go and stall and the light changes and
31:28 the people behind me are honking.
31:30 And so I just spun out on the next change.
31:33 But today, by the grace of God, I've made
31:36 stick shift driving a habit.
31:39 And I don't even think about it anymore.
31:41 And you just get in the car and drive.
31:45 You're not thinking first, second, third.
31:46 It has become a habit.
31:49 And it's the same way as a Christian.
31:50 When you come to Jesus and you make it a habit of
31:53 walking in the Spirit and not in the flesh
31:55 that the flesh becomes weaker.
31:57 And friends, we need make it a habit to starve the flesh.
32:02 Amen? Amen.
32:04 And feed the Spirit.
32:10 Paul says, "I die daily. "
32:14 We're told in Ministry Of Healing, page 452,
32:18 "The life of the apostle Paul was a constant
32:21 conflict with self.
32:23 His will and his desires every day conflicted with duty
32:28 and the will of God.
32:30 Likewise, for every converted reborn and justified Christian
32:37 the process of sanctification involves hard stern
32:42 battles with self. "
32:46 Then the question is, then where does standards come in?
32:52 Where does standards come in?
32:53 It's right here.
32:55 This is what I believe to be one of the classic
32:58 reasons for standards.
33:00 It's because after conversion, we still have to deal with
33:04 the carnal nature.
33:06 And so one reason for standards is that it forms a boundary,
33:11 a fence, a line, around our carnal nature
33:16 to keep us from falling.
33:19 Even though standards do not save us,
33:23 but they do keep us from being lost.
33:26 Amen? Amen.
33:27 And so as a Christian, because every single day we have to
33:30 make the decision between the carnal nature and the
33:32 spiritual nature, we put some boundaries around our flesh
33:36 to keep us from falling, to keep our flesh in check.
33:41 I want to tell you about a personal standard that I
33:43 made for my life.
33:45 I'm a television addict.
33:49 I just can't help myself when it comes to television.
33:53 I watch 3ABN on the internet.
33:55 Alright?
33:57 But this is the thing, I have chosen as a standard
34:02 not to have a television in my home.
34:04 That's a personal standard.
34:05 Are you following me?
34:07 Because I know that I can't help myself,
34:09 and so I put this boundary around it and I say
34:11 no television in the home.
34:13 I'm not saying that having a television
34:15 in your home is a sin.
34:16 Are you following me?
34:17 But I put this standard, this boundary, because
34:20 I know myself and once I put a television in the home
34:23 it's a slippery slope.
34:26 By the time I step on the top, I'm down at the bottom.
34:29 And so I put this standard around the flesh
34:33 and saying it's a boundary.
34:34 It's kind of like a cliff.
34:36 If you go over the cliff, that is the area of sin.
34:40 And so what a standard is, it's like a fence before the cliff
34:45 that tells you that you're in a boundary, a danger area.
34:48 It's a positive thing.
34:50 It's not to be a hammer to beat people up,
34:52 but standards should be presented as a boundary,
34:55 as a good thing that is there for our safety and benefit.
34:58 As we walk the Christian experience, it is there
35:01 to keep our flesh in check.
35:07 In the college that I attended, it was out in the country
35:12 and there were these hills that you got to the top of them
35:18 and you had to essentially get to the top before you could
35:22 see if another car was coming.
35:24 And in the country, there were not very many police to monitor
35:28 the situation so people would just fly over this hill
35:31 at incredible speed.
35:33 And there was this one instance when a school classmate of mine
35:37 was going over this hill and as fate would have it,
35:39 at the top she met another car that had crossed over
35:42 and it was a head on collision.
35:45 The child that was in the passenger seat was
35:47 thrown out of the car, died immediately.
35:51 The county came in just a few weeks later.
35:55 And you know what they did on that country road?
35:58 They put some doubled yellow lines.
36:00 There were no lines.
36:02 There were no boundaries.
36:05 And so all of us viewed those lines, not as a negative thing,
36:09 but as a positive entity that was there for our benefit.
36:14 And that is the same way with standards.
36:20 Standards do not save us but they keep us from being lost.
36:26 G.K. Chesterton said this, "Don't ever take a fence down
36:31 until you know the reason it was put up. "
36:35 I like that.
36:36 "Don't ever take a fence down until you know
36:39 the reason it was put up. "
36:40 And I can't tell you how many people go through this
36:42 methodology of deconstruction.
36:44 They say, "We don't need these fences.
36:47 We don't need these boundaries. "
36:48 And they start to take them down not knowing why
36:51 they were put up in the first place.
36:52 And what he's saying is stop before you take the fences down.
36:56 Ask why they were put there in the first place.
36:58 And one reason for standards is because of the reality
37:02 of the human nature, the reality of the flesh.
37:05 Even after conversion.
37:10 How does this apply to standards,
37:12 what we put in our body?
37:15 You know, there's certain substances, certain foods,
37:20 that feed our carnal nature
37:24 and that obliterate our spiritual nature.
37:29 God asks us to avoid those substances and foods.
37:33 As a child, there were certain foods my parents found out
37:37 very quickly, I'm very sensitive to food, that it would
37:41 radically change my behavior.
37:43 And so they started, they said, "Man, when we feed David this,
37:47 it affects him.
37:48 He becomes very hyperactive and unmanageable. "
37:50 And they changed my diet and immediately
37:53 my behavior started to change.
37:55 There's a relation between what we put into our bodies
37:58 and how it affects our carnal nature.
38:02 What we put on our bodies.
38:05 Because of the reality of our carnal nature, there are
38:07 certain things that we put on our bodies that appeals
38:10 to our carnal nature and also appeals to the carnal nature
38:13 of other individuals.
38:15 Everyone following me along these lines?
38:17 And this is where the principle of modesty comes into play.
38:20 It's because of the reality of the carnal nature.
38:24 And when we put things on, or we do not put things on,
38:28 it affects...
38:32 it affects other individuals.
38:43 Have mercy.
38:52 When we talk about this issue of modesty and adornment,
38:59 in Genesis chapter 35 verses 1 and 2, the Bible says,
39:01 "And God said to Jacob, 'Arise, go up to Bethel and dwell there
39:05 and make there an altar unto God that appeared unto thee
39:09 when thou fleddest from the face of Esau thy brother. '
39:12 Then Jacob said unto his household and to all that
39:15 were with him, 'Put away the strange gods that are among you
39:17 and be clean and change your garments. '"
39:20 Here we have Jacob about to meet the Lord, and the Lord says,
39:23 "Take away the strange gods that are among you. "
39:28 You know, we're about to meet the Lord and it's time that we
39:31 get the strange gods from among us.
39:33 What strange gods is he talking about?
39:35 If you look in verse 3 and 4, "And let us arise and go to up
39:38 to Bethel and I'll make there an altar unto God
39:40 who answered me in the day of my distress and was with me
39:43 in the way in which I went.
39:44 And they gave unto Jacob," notice this, "all the strange
39:48 gods which were in their hand and the earrings
39:51 which were in their ears; and Jacob hid them under the
39:55 oak which was by Shecham. "
39:58 From a Biblical standpoint, one reason the Lord doesn't
40:01 want us to adorn ourselves with jewelry and adornment
40:03 is that it appeals to our carnal desire for the pride of life
40:07 and feeds our carnal nature.
40:12 There's nothing inherently wrong with gold or silver.
40:16 You know, it's going to be asphalt in heaven.
40:20 But He knows our carnal nature and when we put those things
40:23 on us, it's not helping us in our Christian walk.
40:26 Amen?
40:27 It's feeding our flesh and not feeding our spirit.
40:31 What we do with our bodies.
40:33 This has to do with activities that appeal to our
40:35 carnal nature and sensuality.
40:39 Let's talk about the mind.
40:40 There's certain things that appeal to our carnal nature
40:42 when it comes to entertainment; what we read, what we watch,
40:46 and what we listen to.
40:47 We know what those are.
40:50 It's at this point that we need to say to the Lord,
40:53 when we talk about surrendering these things to Him,
40:55 putting these boundaries around our flesh.
40:59 This is found in Christ's Object Lessons and I pray that
41:01 this is a prayer of every heart here.
41:04 "Then the language of the soul will be, 'Lord, take my heart
41:08 for I cannot give it. '
41:11 It is Thy property, keep it pure for I cannot keep it for Thee.
41:15 Save me in spite of myself, my weak unchristlike self.
41:20 Mold me, fashion me, raise me me into a pure and holy
41:25 atmosphere where the rich current of Thy love can
41:27 flow through my soul. '"
41:31 This should be the plea of every heart to say,
41:32 every morning when you get up you say,
41:35 "Lord, I surrender my life to You.
41:37 Help me by the grace of God to walk in the Spirit
41:40 and not in the flesh.
41:41 And help me to put up these fences, these boundaries,
41:44 these guidelines around my carnal nature that keeps me
41:47 from walking in the flesh and not in the Spirit. "
41:50 Is that your desire to do that today?
41:53 So the first reason for standards is the reality of
41:57 the carnal nature after conversion.
42:00 And we must endeavor as Christians to feed the Spirit
42:05 and starve the flesh.
42:09 The second reason is the nature of salvation.
42:16 First reason, the nature of humanity.
42:18 The second reason, the nature of salvation.
42:22 I'd like to read to you the statement from
42:23 the book Education.
42:24 "By infinite love and mercy, the plan of salvation
42:28 had been devised and a life of probation was granted. "
42:31 Notice this, "To restore in man the image of his Maker,
42:35 to bring him back to the perfection in which
42:38 he was created, to promote the development of body,
42:42 mind, and soul, that the divine purpose of his creation
42:45 might be realized; this was to be the work of redemption.
42:49 This is the object of education, the great object of life. "
42:54 Notice that the operative word within this
42:56 quotation is "restoration".
42:59 In other words, when we talk about salvation,
43:03 it is not just the forgiveness of sins from the past.
43:07 That's a part of it.
43:08 But what God does, what God's end goal is, His talent
43:13 is to bring us back to Adam's state before the fall.
43:18 That's His intention.
43:20 Justification is a part of the process.
43:23 And I believe in the Protestant mantra
43:25 of righteousness by faith.
43:27 How He covers us for the sins of the past.
43:30 But you'll notice when you look at the sanctuary,
43:33 it is a process to get to the place of the Shekinah glory.
43:38 That is the goal.
43:39 When Adam stood in Edenic perfection, he could stand
43:42 before God in communion face to face.
43:46 But because of sin, we have been cut out,
43:49 outside of the sanctuary.
43:51 And what God wants us to do, He wants to bring us into the
43:54 courtyard experience of justification.
43:57 He doesn't want to leave us there.
43:59 He brings us into the holy place of sanctification,
44:03 and finally glorification.
44:05 Salvation is a process.
44:09 It's a walk.
44:10 It's an endeavor in which God wants to restore us.
44:14 That is the operative word that we want to talk about when we
44:17 talk about the nature of salvation.
44:21 Now we have these three entities.
44:23 Justification, the beautiful endeavors of justification.
44:29 That means that I can come to the Lord just the way that I am.
44:32 And I kneel down and I say, "Lord, please forgive
44:34 me of my sins.
44:35 I want to be restored into reinstatement before You. "
44:38 Then I can stand before God in that instant just as if
44:42 I had never sinned.
44:43 And when God looks at me He doesn't see David Shin.
44:47 He sees the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
44:52 How fast is justification?
44:56 Justification, when you ask for forgiveness,
44:59 I praise the Lord, instantaneous.
45:02 You're reinstated.
45:05 The next process is sanctification and it has
45:08 to do with character development.
45:12 How long does sanctification take?
45:16 A lifetime.
45:17 Now that is very interesting.
45:19 Justification is instantaneous.
45:22 You can stand before God as if you have never sinned
45:24 and you are considered saved.
45:26 But sanctification has to do with character development
45:29 and it takes a lifetime.
45:32 God brings trials, circumstances, into our lives
45:36 to perfect our Christian character.
45:40 Now this is an interesting point when we talk about
45:44 glorification and we're given immortal bodies.
45:47 So we have justification, instantaneous.
45:49 Sanctification, a lifetime. Character development.
45:52 And glorification, which happens when Jesus comes
45:56 and we're given new bodies.
45:58 Praise the Lord. Amen? Amen.
46:00 I won't be 5 foot 6 anymore.
46:04 I'll be tall, by the grace of God.
46:06 We'll be given new bodies, new minds.
46:09 No more chiropractors, no more health care.
46:12 Praise the Lord.
46:13 No more back aches.
46:15 We'll be given immortal minds and immortal bodies
46:18 and our sinful nature will be taken away
46:21 at the second coming of Jesus Christ.
46:24 That's glorification.
46:27 Now when we talk about sanctification, we say that
46:31 it takes a lifetime.
46:32 And in Proverbs chapter 4 verse 18 it says,
46:35 "But the path of the just is as a shining light that shineth
46:38 more and more unto the perfect day. "
46:41 Notice that this metaphor is used of the sun,
46:44 talking about this process of sanctification.
46:47 And notice that when the sun comes up,
46:50 it is a gradual process.
46:53 It gets more and more perfect until the perfect day.
46:57 Imagine if you'd been a room of darkness for 5 years and
47:00 someone comes suddenly and shines a 5000 watt
47:03 spotlight on you.
47:05 It would be unbearable.
47:06 And so what God does is He shines a little light
47:10 on your path and says, "Walk in it. "
47:13 And as you take that step, He shines a little bit more light
47:16 and then you walk in that as well.
47:18 And it's a walk of Christian experience.
47:20 God only shows you as much light as you can walk in.
47:24 But it's a walk, it's a journey.
47:26 And what God does is He takes you from the depths of sin
47:30 and brings you step by step to the ideal.
47:34 Did you hear that?
47:36 God take you from the depths of sin and moment by moment
47:39 as you walk the Christian walk, He brings you
47:42 to the ideal.
47:45 Now this is the beauty of it.
47:49 Christ's Object Lessons, again, page 65.
47:53 "At every stage of development," talking about the Christian life
47:57 and Christian experience, "our life may be perfect;
48:02 yet if God's purpose for us is fulfilled, there will be
48:05 continual advancement.
48:07 Sanctification is the work of a lifetime. "
48:10 Now I want you to notice this.
48:11 At every stage of this walk, as long as God is showing me
48:15 the light and I'm walking in the light, God says you are
48:18 perfect at every stage.
48:20 Can you say amen? Amen.
48:21 In other words, our idea of perfection is dynamic.
48:24 It's not static.
48:25 In other words, as long as you're always doing what God
48:28 entitles you to do and walking in the light,
48:30 you are considered perfect.
48:32 You are considered justified and sanctified.
48:36 And by the grace of God, some day you will be sanctified.
48:40 And this brings us to our element.
48:43 Standards shows us God's ideals and where He desires to take us.
48:51 So you have on one entity; you have sin,
48:54 you have what is permitted, and you have the ideal.
48:59 And God wants to bring you from sin to the ideal.
49:03 And it's a walk of Christian experience.
49:06 Now let me illustrate this.
49:09 You have sin, just to use the illustration of diet.
49:12 There are certain things that are not permitted in the Bible.
49:14 Alright?
49:15 Leviticus chapter 11, no camel sandwiches, ok?
49:19 So you have certain things that are not permitted in the Bible.
49:23 Then you have those things that are permitted.
49:26 There are certain flesh foods that are considered clean.
49:30 Then God has the ideal.
49:33 You know, in heaven there won't be any steak.
49:36 Alright?
49:38 So God wants to bring us to the ideal.
49:41 Now, the permitted area is not sin.
49:45 But it's not the ideal.
49:47 It's not forbidden, but God is bring us in our walk.
49:49 And as long as you keep walking in the light, in your
49:53 Christian experience where you are in your growth
49:55 of sanctification, you are considered perfect in His eyes.
49:59 The key is, just keep walking.
50:04 Just keep walking.
50:06 Whatever God shows you in your Christian experience,
50:08 no matter how small it may be, walk in it.
50:12 Live it. Believe it.
50:15 Don't worry about what so and so is going through,
50:18 what so and so is doing.
50:19 Remember Peter said, "What about John?"
50:21 Jesus said, "Don't worry about him, just focus on you. "
50:25 So whatever light God has shown you, walk in it.
50:29 Live it.
50:32 John chapter 12 verse 35 says, "Walk while ye have the light,
50:36 lest darkness come upon you. "
50:41 Reason number one, the reality of human nature.
50:45 Reason number two, the nature of salvation.
50:49 It's a process.
50:50 And standards shows us God's ideal and where He
50:54 desires to take us.
50:56 And reason number three is the nature of our
51:01 relationship to God.
51:03 The Bible says, "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
51:09 We have this concept in the Bible of loving the truth.
51:14 You know, we don't think of loving truth.
51:18 We think of understanding truth.
51:19 But the Bible gives this interesting word,
51:22 a relational word, when it comes to truth.
51:25 In 1 John chapter 3 verse 22, the Bibles says,
51:29 "And we receive from Him anything we ask because
51:31 we obey His commandments," and it doesn't end there.
51:34 And it says, "and we do what pleases Him. "
51:38 That is a relational word.
51:40 In other words, we don't only do what He commands
51:43 but we also do what pleases Him.
51:45 This is the other angle on Christian standards.
51:50 Now I've heard this statement before thrown around
51:53 and I will agree that there's certain things that
51:56 aren't salvational issues.
51:58 But I'm talking more about the attitude.
52:01 Have you ever heard someone say,
52:02 "You know, that's not a salvational issue. "
52:05 What if, husbands, your wife was about to leave the home
52:11 and she says, "Honey, before I leave the home,
52:14 can you give me a kiss?"
52:17 And you say to her, "Um, are you going to divorce me if I don't?"
52:25 And she says, "No, of course I won't divorce you
52:30 but I'd really like a kiss before I go on my day.
52:33 It would really make me happy today. "
52:35 "Well, I don't want to.
52:36 If you're not going to divorce me because I don't,
52:38 I don't want to. "
52:40 Imagine if your wife comes to you and says,
52:41 "Honey, can you do the dishes? I'm kind of busy right now. "
52:43 "Well, are you going to divorce me if I don't?"
52:47 You know, that would be a horrendous situation
52:50 and a horrendous marriage.
52:51 You know, I've been married two years and you know
52:54 the little things matter.
52:56 And in a relationship with Jesus, that's the way
52:59 many people treat Him.
53:00 You say, "Am I going to be lost, are You going to keep me
53:02 out of the kingdom because I don't do this?"
53:05 The Bible uses this relational word, and when you
53:09 love the Lord, you desire to do what pleases Him.
53:13 It's not your desire to get as close to the edge as possible.
53:18 You want to be far away from that edge.
53:22 You want to do those things that pleases Him.
53:28 The little things matter.
53:32 I give Bible studies to individuals and it seems like
53:39 at every point in our Bible studies, we get to this point
53:42 of Christian lifestyle and standards.
53:45 And our discussion can get pretty dynamic and engaging
53:50 at certain points.
53:53 And I remember this one gentleman I was talking to
53:55 and we were talking about Christian standards
53:57 and we were going about this.
53:58 And it usually comes from the angle of what the church wants
54:02 or what the church prescribes.
54:04 And I say to him, "This is not the church. "
54:09 And to make this a little bit more real, I say,
54:12 "Brother or sister, if Jesus were sitting in this chair
54:16 right now and He asked you to do something,
54:22 would you do it?"
54:25 If He asked you not to eat certain foods, would you do it?
54:30 If He asked you to dress modestly, would you do it?
54:36 You know what the answer is 100% of the time?
54:39 Yes. Yes.
54:41 It puts it in perspective when suddenly they think of
54:44 Jesus sitting in that chair and Jesus says,
54:46 "Would you do this for Me?"
54:48 It crystallizes it.
54:50 It makes it from an angle of a relationship.
54:52 And the answer is always, "Yes, I will do it. "
54:58 And so we need to look at this from the angle of our
55:01 relationship with God.
55:02 When we're in a relationship with our husband and wife,
55:05 we don't do the minimum.
55:08 We do the maximum.
55:10 We do the above and beyond.
55:13 You know, there are certain things that your husband
55:15 or wife would not like you to do.
55:17 Not that it's wrong, but it bugs them.
55:20 And so you don't do it because you love them.
55:23 And what God is saying in our dynamic relationship with Him,
55:27 there are certain things that please Him.
55:30 He wants us to do these things.
55:37 Our standards have to do with what we put in our bodies.
55:42 The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians
55:44 chapter 6 verse 20, "Do you not know that your body is the
55:49 temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received
55:54 from God, and you are not your own?
55:57 You were bought at a price.
55:59 Therefore honor God with your body. "
56:04 I've heard so many times, "You know, it's my body. "
56:06 When you accept the Lord Jesus Christ, He says,
56:09 "It's My body. It's My temple.
56:13 I want you to take care of it.
56:15 I want you to be careful what you put into your bodies
56:18 and into your minds. "
56:21 So this morning, we have gone through the three aspects
56:24 of Christian standards.
56:26 Number one, the reality of human nature.
56:30 God wants us to put some boundaries around our flesh.
56:34 Amen?
56:35 To keep our flesh in check because after conversion
56:37 we still have to deal with our carnal nature.
56:39 Number two is the nature of salvation.
56:42 That salvation is not only about justification,
56:45 it's about restoration.
56:47 God's intention is to bring us back to the image of God.
56:51 And number three is our relational angle,
56:54 it's the nature of our relationship with God.
56:58 I'd like to read to you this statement as we close.
57:01 "Then the language of the soul will be,
57:03 'Lord, take my heart for I cannot give it.
57:07 It is thy property, keep it pure for I cannot keep it for Thee.
57:11 Save me in spite of myself, my weak, unchristlike self.
57:16 Mold me, fashion me, raise me into a pure and holy atmosphere,
57:22 where the rich current of Thy love
57:24 can flow through my soul. '"
57:27 Is that your desire here today?
57:29 I'd like to invite you to raise your hand if that's your desire,
57:32 to walk in the light as Jesus is in the light.
57:36 I'd like to invite you to bow your heads with me as we pray.


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