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Participants: Doug Batchelor


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00:39 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:42 Welcome to the Pillars Of Our Faith Event.
00:49 No one is so near, so dear as Jesus.
00:57 Cast your every care on Him.
01:06 No one understands like Jesus,
01:13 He's a Friend beyond compare.
01:21 Meet Him at the throne of mercy,
01:29 He is waiting for you there.
01:38 No one understands like Jesus
01:46 when your days are dark and grim.
01:54 No one is so dear, so near as Jesus.
02:02 Cast your every care on Him.
02:14 No understands like Jesus
02:21 when you falter on the way.
02:29 Though we fail Him, sadly fail Him,
02:36 He is calling us today.
02:45 No one understands like Jesus
02:53 when our days are dark and dim.
03:00 And there's no one who's so dear,
03:05 so near as Jesus.
03:13 Cast your every care,
03:18 Cast your every care
03:23 on Him.
03:33 On Him.
03:46 Amen.
03:49 Thank you brother John.
03:50 John Lomacang, Pastor of the Thompsonville
03:53 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
03:54 And a regular on 3ABN and a man we love.
03:58 And we love to hear him sing.
04:00 It's so good to hear him sing again, he had an injury
04:03 earlier this Spring that just about brought an end
04:07 to his singing abilities.
04:09 Because he had a blow in the throat that really injured
04:15 his vocal cords.
04:17 Our speaker this morning is absolutely no stranger,
04:21 not only to this audience, but to those of you that are
04:23 watching by television.
04:25 Doug Batchelor has been on 3ABN for many years.
04:29 He's the speaker and Director of Amazing Facts.
04:32 And last year, we joined together in another of these
04:37 evangelistic meetings.
04:39 And this particular one last year was for kids.
04:43 It was called Amazing Adventures and it was one of the most
04:47 popular series that we have ever had.
04:51 Not only with children but with adults.
04:55 In fact, I had a number of adults tell me,
04:57 "Now I can understand it. "
05:01 So we've had a lot of people that really have
05:04 watched that series.
05:05 We've run it many times on 3ABN and we plan to continue.
05:08 But so many people said to Doug, "Why don't you
05:11 do one for teenagers?"
05:13 So we've joined with him again in October 8- 16,
05:19 he will be coming to you live from Great Lakes Academy
05:23 in Michigan with a series for teenagers called
05:28 Most Important Questions.
05:30 So put that on your calendar, October 8- 16,
05:35 because that is, I believe, going to be one of the most
05:37 exciting series that Doug has had to date.
05:41 And we are looking forward to being a part of that with him
05:44 and presenting it to you, our viewing and listening audience,
05:49 on 3ABN radio as well.
05:51 So we'll look forward to that.
05:53 Before he comes to speak to us, we are going to hear
05:57 one of my newest favorite songs, Remember The Sabbath.
06:03 And it's going to be brought to us by Nathan Young,
06:06 and Reggie and Ladye Love Smith.
06:09 Glad you're here, folks.
09:51 Amen.
09:53 Morning, friends.
09:55 Good morning.
09:56 I'd like to wish you a happy Sabbath.
09:59 Happy Sabbath.
10:00 And as you probably know, my pleasant task this morning
10:04 is to open the Word of God with you and talk about
10:07 this very important pillar of our faith and of scripture.
10:12 And would you join me for just another moment as we bow
10:16 our heads together and invite the Holy Spirit's presence.
10:20 Father in heaven, right now in a very special sense
10:24 we pray that you would remove any distraction from our minds.
10:28 Help us, Lord, during this holy time and this holy place
10:33 to open your holy Word and to understand the importance
10:36 of this subject.
10:37 Please bless as you promised.
10:39 We pray in Jesus' name, amen.
10:42 Amen.
10:44 I'd like to invite you to open you Bibles to the
10:46 book of Revelation.
10:49 Revelation chapter 14.
10:53 And this is the first part of what is known as
10:57 the three angel messages.
11:00 Revelation 14 verse 6.
11:03 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven
11:08 having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell
11:12 upon the earth; to every nation, tongue, tribe, and people -
11:17 saying with a loud voice, 'Fear God and give glory to Him
11:22 for the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him
11:27 who made the heaven and earth, the sea and springs of water. '"
11:34 As you read on through this chapter,
11:36 chapter 14 of Revelation, a little later on is pictured
11:39 Jesus coming in the clouds of heaven.
11:41 And this tells us that just before the Lord comes,
11:45 there's a message that goes to the world calling people
11:49 back to the worship of their Creator.
11:53 You know, this is a very important subject today
11:56 dealing with the Sabbath truth because it's one that
11:58 goes back to the very beginning.
12:00 It has to do with love, it has to do with our
12:03 relationship with the Lord.
12:04 And by the way, time is the stuff that life is made of.
12:10 If you look in your Bibles in the book of Genesis,
12:13 we're going to go back to the beginning.
12:15 Genesis chapter 2.
12:23 Right after these first seven days, or six days of creation.
12:26 Then it adds a chapter.
12:28 Everything was made on the first six days.
12:31 But we have a seven day week.
12:33 What did God make on the seventh day?
12:38 He made another 24 hour period of time. Why?
12:41 He did not make any thing in that day,
12:44 but He made another day.
12:45 And the world over, the atheist including the believer,
12:50 celebrates a seven day week.
12:54 Now, you know, you can look in the solar system and understand
13:00 why all of these ancient civilizations of the world,
13:03 they had calendars with approximately 30 days in it.
13:07 That's because of the lunar cycle.
13:09 That's where we get the word for "month".
13:11 It's from the word "moon" because it takes that long for
13:14 the moon to go through its cycle.
13:15 So all of these ancient cultures, whatever their
13:18 religions were, had a month with about the same number of days.
13:23 And you can look at the different cultures of the world
13:26 and you can see something in the sun, moon, and stars
13:28 that gives us a year with about 360 to 365 days
13:33 because there's something in the sky, in astronomy,
13:35 it takes the earth 365 and 1/4 days, we know now,
13:40 to go completely around the sun.
13:43 And of course, we've got a day with 24 hours because it takes
13:46 24 hours for the earth to rotate one time on its axis.
13:50 But why does the whole world celebrate a 7 day week?
13:54 What in the sun, moon, and stars, gives us a 7 day week?
13:59 There's really nothing.
14:01 Except you find it here in the very beginning.
14:04 "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished,
14:06 and all the host of them.
14:08 And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done,
14:13 and He rested on the seventh day from all His work
14:17 which He had done.
14:18 Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it,
14:23 because He rested from all His work which
14:25 God created and made. "
14:28 Now, how blessed can something be?
14:32 Think about the most blessed holy thing you can think of.
14:36 There's only a few things that are especially
14:39 sanctified or blessed.
14:43 And I'd ask it this way.
14:44 Can anything be more sanctified than what God sanctifies?
14:50 Matter of fact, think of the most sanctified holy thing
14:53 in the world and could anybody make anything holier
14:59 than God makes it?
15:01 So when God makes something holy, it's as holy and
15:04 sanctified as it can be.
15:07 Why were we created?
15:11 The Bibles says we were created for His glory, in Isaiah.
15:15 We are created to worship God.
15:18 Man finds his fulfillment and his greatest joy,
15:21 like those angels in Isaiah 6, flanking the Almighty God
15:25 and saying, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts. "
15:31 And in the very beginning of time, after God made man
15:35 and He made everything for his happiness in the world,
15:37 He made one more thing to complete his blessing.
15:41 To complete his happiness, He made a period of time.
15:45 You know, you do all of your living in time.
15:48 Time is the stuff life is made of.
15:50 You waste your time, you waste your life.
15:54 And so when God made this period of time, He made it for
15:57 a relationship with Him because this was a day that was
16:01 to be blessed and sanctified by His presence.
16:07 You know, the Sabbath commandment which you find...
16:12 Matter of fact, why don't we turn there real quick.
16:14 Turn with me in your Bibles to the book of Exodus.
16:16 Exodus chapter 20, and this will start with verse 8.
16:25 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
16:28 Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
16:31 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God.
16:35 In it you shall not do any work; you nor your son,
16:38 nor your daughter, nor your man servant, nor your maid servant,
16:41 nor your cattle, or the stranger who is within your gates.
16:45 For in six days the Lord made the heaven and the earth
16:48 and the sea and all that is in them,
16:50 and He rested the seventh day.
16:53 Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it. "
16:56 Now I've got to just share a little testimony with you here.
17:01 My background is kind of a quilt, kaleidoscope of
17:07 different religious experiences.
17:10 Pretty much raised an atheist.
17:12 Jewish mother, Baptist father; became agnostics
17:17 when my brother and I came along.
17:18 Sent us to Catholic school and public school.
17:23 We went to a school that advertised atheism actually.
17:27 So I was all over the place. Had no real preference.
17:32 Seventeen years old living in a cave up in the mountains
17:35 for a year and a half by myself.
17:36 Read the Bible, accepted the Lord, and began to go to church.
17:43 Well, I'd never heard of Seventh-day Adventists.
17:46 And so I went to the local churches, went to a
17:49 number of evangelical churches and charismatic churches
17:52 and I studied with many different groups.
17:54 I just wanted to know what's the truth.
17:57 And when I ran into this subject, I mean,
17:59 it's right there in the second chapter of the Bible;
18:02 God blessed the seventh day.
18:05 And then you find it in the Ten Commandments.
18:07 I was confused because I figured I hadn't read all the Bible yet,
18:11 and so there must be a scripture here I just haven't
18:13 run into it yet that now commands us to keep
18:15 another day or tells us it doesn't matter anymore.
18:17 And so I'd go to the different pastors where I was worshipping.
18:21 Lovely Christian people in many different churches.
18:25 And I met some just wonderful people
18:27 and I know the Lord was working in their lives.
18:29 But there was a lot of confusion out there.
18:33 And I'd ask one of the pastors, I'd say,
18:34 "Brother, I'm reading about the Sabbath and of course it's
18:37 in the Ten Commandments.
18:38 Why don't we keep the Sabbath?"
18:43 And I got all these different answers and none of them agreed.
18:46 One pastor would say, "Well we're not under the law now,
18:49 Doug, we're under grace. "
18:51 I said, "Ok, well what does that mean?
18:53 Do we keep the 10 commandments or do we break them?"
18:58 And he said, "Well, we keep the spirit of the law. "
19:05 I said, "Alright, let me understand that.
19:07 What does that mean?"
19:08 He said, "Well, you keep it in your heart.
19:09 It's an attitude, it's not an action. "
19:12 I said, "Alright, so for instance the commandment says,
19:15 'Don't commit adultery. '
19:17 So as long as I've got a good attitude about it,
19:19 I can commit the act, right?"
19:23 And that didn't make any sense.
19:25 And I would never, I would never murder anybody.
19:28 You know, Jesus said, "If you're angry with your brother
19:32 without cause, you're guilty of murder. "
19:33 So if you've got the right action, is it possible
19:36 to literally murder somebody if you've got the right spirit
19:40 and you're keeping the spirit of the law?
19:42 And the Sabbath also.
19:43 If you're keeping the spirit of the Sabbath, where Jesus said,
19:46 "Come unto Me and I will give you rest. "
19:48 Would you be breaking the commandment so that you
19:50 could keep the spirit?
19:52 With every other commandment you might look at,
19:54 if you're going to keep the spirit of that law, you will
19:57 also be keeping the letter of the law.
20:00 The spirit is not to substitute the letter of the law.
20:05 The spirit is to fulfill the real reason for keeping
20:08 the letter of the law.
20:10 Now let me ask you another question.
20:12 What if you are reading the Ten Commandments
20:14 and you don't have the right spirit.
20:16 Should you keep them anyway?
20:18 Yes.
20:20 Well, let me switch commandments on you
20:22 and you'll get the principle.
20:24 I really feel like stealing, I've got stealing in my heart.
20:29 So not keeping it for the right reason, should I
20:31 go ahead and steal?
20:33 No, there's a lot of other reasons not to steal.
20:36 One of them is called the penitentiary.
20:41 So maybe I'm thinking adulterous things in my heart
20:44 and I'm looking and lusting, and I shouldn't be doing that.
20:47 Since I don't have the right attitude in my heart,
20:49 I may as well just go ahead and do it.
20:52 You should always keep the commandments because
20:55 it'll always be better for you to keep the commandments.
20:58 You want to strive to keep them from the heart
21:01 for the right reason is what Jesus was saying.
21:03 But you ought to keep them because God said to keep them.
21:06 They're not called the ten recommendations or the
21:09 ten great suggestions.
21:12 I just came back from Argentina a few weeks ago and I
21:16 found out when you're driving down there that the lines in
21:18 the road are just recommendations.
21:26 So what is the Sabbath day?
21:27 Oh wait, I was going to tell you some of the other things that
21:29 I heard as I was visiting with the different pastors.
21:32 Some of them said, "Yes, Doug, we do still keep that
21:36 but it's now the first day of the week. "
21:39 And I said, "Well, where's the commandment to keep
21:41 the first day of the week as the Sabbath?"
21:43 They said, "Well, we don't really have a commandment
21:47 but we do have a long standing tradition. "
21:49 I said, "Ah, that's no good. "
21:51 Then one pastor told me, he said, "We do it in
21:54 honor of the resurrection. "
21:55 I said, "That's beautiful. "
21:56 I said, "Now where's the commandment to keep
21:58 a new Sabbath in honor of the resurrection?"
22:02 And he said, "Well, there's no specific commandment. "
22:05 Actually, there is something we do in honor of the resurrection.
22:07 It's called baptism.
22:09 It's a symbol of death, burial, and resurrection.
22:11 But when God made the Sabbath day, was it before or after sin?
22:16 Before sin.
22:17 So is it perfect?
22:19 All of the other ceremonial and Jewish holidays and sabbaths,
22:23 they all came after sin and they were nailed to the cross.
22:25 They're of a whole different order.
22:26 But the Sabbath of the weekly cycle is part of God's
22:30 perfect plan and it's to last forever.
22:33 And so this is a truth that's being lost sight of.
22:36 Now, I want to tell you one reason that I think this is
22:38 very important for us to remember
22:40 and it matters in our day.
22:43 The way I read my Bible, there was a time when the king
22:48 of Babylon told everybody in his kingdom to worship
22:53 this statue he had set up when he commanded.
22:57 And if they didn't, they'd be killed.
22:59 If they did not pray to his image, they would be killed.
23:02 Does that have echo's of Revelation 13?
23:06 And some who were in the crowd that day were devoted Jews
23:10 that keep the commandments;
23:11 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego.
23:13 And they said, "You know, they're not the ten suggestions
23:17 of God, they're the Ten Commandments.
23:19 And that includes the second one that says,
23:22 'Do not worship graven images. '"
23:23 And someone probably said, "You know if you don't bow down,
23:26 you guys are going to lose your job.
23:29 You might take a decrease in pay.
23:32 And what about, you know, you're family you might
23:35 need to support?"
23:37 And they said, "You know, we're willing to not only
23:39 lose our jobs, we're willing to lose our lives to obey God. "
23:43 And so, when the order was given and the music played and
23:46 everybody bowed down, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego
23:49 did not compromise the commandments.
23:52 Then you get to Daniel chapter 6 and the king makes a law that
23:57 everybody should worship differently.
23:59 Another one has to do with how you worship.
24:04 And Daniel has to decide, there's a commandment that says,
24:06 "You shall not have other God's before me. "
24:08 That's the first commandment.
24:11 And he decided, "You know, I'm not even going to
24:13 close my windows.
24:14 I'm going to open my windows.
24:15 I'm not going to pray to the king, I'm going to
24:17 pray to my God.
24:18 And I'm not only going to open my windows,
24:20 I'm going to kneel so they can see I'm in a posture of prayer.
24:25 And I'm going to pray towards Jerusalem just like I've
24:27 always done and I'm going to pray out loud to my God
24:30 so they can hear me from the window.
24:32 I'm not going to put my light under a bush.
24:34 I'm going to let it shine. "
24:36 He wasn't going to be popular because he was going
24:38 to be killed, thrown to the lions, if he was caught
24:40 breaking this government law.
24:44 And then it tells us in Revelation chapter 13,
24:47 in the last days the beast power is going to compel everybody
24:50 to worship a certain way or be killed.
24:52 First they can't buy or sell.
24:54 Ultimately, they'll be killed.
24:58 And it revolves around how you worship.
25:00 It's interesting, in the garden of Eden,
25:02 Adam and Eve had two sons.
25:04 God specified that in order to have their sin covered,
25:07 it required blood sacrifice.
25:09 That's why He covered them with robes of skin.
25:12 That's why Jesus is called the Lamb that was slain from
25:14 the foundation of the world.
25:16 And Cain said, "I don't want to worship exactly like God said.
25:20 It seems messy to me. It's not going to be popular.
25:23 It's going to be a lot more popular to bring
25:25 fruits and vegetables.
25:26 A lot more colorful, a lot more pleasant
25:27 than a dying lamb and blood.
25:30 That's hard to market. "
25:33 He said, "So I know God will be a lot satisfied
25:35 if I've work hard for my garden.
25:36 I'm going to offer what I've worked for.
25:39 I'm going to worship the same God my way. "
25:44 And Abel plead with his brother and said, "No, you need to
25:46 worship God's way. "
25:47 And he said, "Who do you think you are telling me.
25:49 You're my younger brother. "
25:52 And Abel said, "Well, I tried. "
25:54 Abel made his offering, fire came down from God and
25:56 accepted the offering of Abel.
25:59 Cain took his zucchini and bananas, whatever it was,
26:01 put it on the...
26:04 Actually, there were no bananas.
26:05 You realize they're a hybrid.
26:06 They didn't come along until much later.
26:07 So, pineapples. Whatever it was.
26:09 He put it up there and he waited and waited.
26:12 And fruit flies came but no fire.
26:16 And he got so mad.
26:18 His brother said, "Look, I told you the only way that God's
26:20 going to accept your worship is if you do it the way He says. "
26:24 And it so angered Cain, he persecuted and killed his
26:28 brother over worshipping God.
26:32 Could it be history is going to repeat itself in the last days?
26:36 Does it matter how we worship?
26:40 Does it matter if we keep God's holy day?
26:44 Can we change it to another day if we want?
26:47 What is the Sabbath?
26:49 Well of course, we read the commandment to you
26:51 from Exodus 20:8-11.
26:53 It is a memorial of creation.
26:56 It says, "For in six days the Lord created
27:00 the heaven and the earth. "
27:02 Do we need a memorial of creation today?
27:04 Are people forgetting what our origins are?
27:08 We're having problems even within Christian circles
27:11 and even some Christian schools.
27:14 They have the audacity to tell young people that they have
27:20 slowly evolved over millions of years from some processes
27:26 of death and disorganization and turned into these
27:30 marvelous creatures that are wonderfully made
27:34 just by accident and biological burps,
27:38 and things that have happened.
27:41 That's really an insult to God.
27:44 It also, of course, violates the commandments.
27:48 It violates the Word of God that makes it very clear
27:50 that God created the world in six days.
27:53 You know the only reason people would come up with
27:56 these other periods of time...
27:58 And by the way, when it comes to evolution,
28:01 the Achilles heel of evolution is their dating method.
28:05 You take away their dating method and the
28:07 whole thing crumbles.
28:08 They've got to extrapolate this whole crazy notion of us slowly
28:12 evolving over millions of years where you can't prove it.
28:17 And otherwise because there's no evidence
28:20 of macro-evolution anywhere in creation
28:23 that they can demonstrate.
28:26 And yet, it's destroying the faith of young people.
28:28 Number one group that commits suicide in North America?
28:32 It's the youth.
28:34 And I can tell you from one that use to believe in evolution,
28:37 I thought all the time about killing myself because I said,
28:39 if I just evolved from sludge and if I'm turning back
28:44 into fertilizer and if there's no purpose in life,
28:48 then why not get it over with.
28:52 And so it's really contributing to the destruction of
28:55 these young people.
28:56 You've got to know where you come from,
28:57 you've got to know what you're doing here,
28:59 and you've got to know where you're going to be secure.
29:01 All of that is wrapped up in the Sabbath truth.
29:04 It tells you where you come from.
29:06 It says that we are here to worship a holy God.
29:09 And it says someday we're going to be with Him
29:11 face to face worshipping Him in His presence.
29:14 So it's a memorial of creation.
29:17 Furthermore, right there in the commandment it says,
29:19 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. "
29:22 You notice God doesn't say, "make it holy. "
29:26 He said, "I've made it holy.
29:28 I want you to keep it holy. "
29:31 Now if you came to watch our house for us because
29:33 we were going to be on a mission trip
29:35 and I said, "Look, can you do me a favor and
29:37 keep the plants alive?"
29:39 And you say, "No problem. "
29:41 And after we leave, then you go into the house to water the
29:43 plants and they're all dead.
29:45 They're just dried up brittle plants.
29:50 And you say, "Why did Doug and Karen say keep the plants
29:54 alive if they're dead?"
29:56 You can only keep them alive if they are alive.
29:59 And we can only keep the Sabbath holy if it already is holy.
30:03 How important is this?
30:06 You know, it occurred to me one day.
30:09 On the planet, you've got a country that's sometimes
30:13 referred to as the Holy Land.
30:14 What country is that?
30:16 That's Israel.
30:18 And in the Holy Land, you've got the Holy City.
30:21 What city is that?
30:23 That's Jerusalem.
30:24 Not Tel Aviv, it's Jerusalem.
30:27 And in the Holy City, you've got the Holy Mount.
30:30 What's that called?
30:32 Mount Moriah or Mount Zion. Basically the same mountain.
30:36 And on the Holy Mountain, you had the Holy Temple.
30:41 And in the Holy Temple, you had the Holy Place.
30:45 And then just beyond the Holy Place, you had the
30:47 Holy of Holies or the Most Holy Place.
30:51 And in that, you had the Holy Ark.
30:55 That golden box.
30:57 And oh, people wish they could find that golden box.
31:02 That would be a great archaeological find.
31:04 And in the Holy box, you've got the Holy Law.
31:09 And in the Holy Law written by God's finger,
31:12 there's only one commandment that begins with the word Holy.
31:16 Matter of fact, the word "holy" only appears one time.
31:19 You know where it is?
31:20 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. "
31:24 So when you look at planet earth, you've got the epicenter
31:28 of holiness is found in the law of God in the
31:31 Sabbath commandment.
31:33 The longest of the Ten Commandments.
31:35 The only commandment that begins with the word "remember".
31:40 I was doing a seminar one day talking about this subject.
31:44 And there were a number of people from different
31:47 persuasions that were attending.
31:49 And one Sunday keeping pastor was there,
31:51 a little worried about some of his flock that were also there.
31:54 So he thought he better come and find out what they were hearing.
31:57 And I was doing a presentation on the Bible Sabbath.
32:01 It was a small group and I could see his face
32:04 and his face was turning red.
32:05 And his ears were red which was a real flag.
32:09 And eventually he raised his hand.
32:11 He said, "Brother Doug, you're putting these people
32:14 under a yoke bondage. "
32:17 I said, "Why do you say that brother?"
32:19 It was a small group.
32:20 Everyone knew each other, a small town.
32:22 He said, you're teaching them salvation by works.
32:25 Telling them to keep the law.
32:28 And I said, "Brother, you tell me.
32:31 Do you believe God wants us to keep the
32:32 Ten Commandments or break them?"
32:35 He said, "Were not under the law"
32:36 I said, "Well, does He want us to keep them or break them?"
32:38 He said, "No, we don't need to keep them"
32:39 The church members looked at him like...
32:41 You know.
32:43 I mean if you really think about it, most churches have
32:45 no problem with the ten commandments until you
32:47 mention the Sabbath truth.
32:49 If I stand up in most churches around town and say,
32:52 "Honor your father and your mother and be faithful to
32:56 your spouse and don't steal from your neighbor and
32:59 only worship God," you'd hear, "Amen, hallelujah preacher.
33:02 Praise the Lord. "
33:03 They'd think that's great.
33:04 And then you say, "Remember the Sabbath. "
33:06 And some of them will go, "Amen, but what day
33:09 are you talking about?"
33:12 You say, "Keep the seventh day. "
33:13 "Whoa, works. Bondage. "
33:16 Why? That's inconsistent.
33:18 That's what I went through.
33:19 I said, "I can't figure that out. "
33:22 I mean if I going to be a Bible Christian,
33:24 then be a Bible Christian.
33:26 And so this brother, he heard his church kind of groan.
33:30 And he said, "Well, we're suppose to keep nine of them. "
33:34 He said, "The others are all done away with and they're
33:37 reinstituted in the New Testament.
33:39 Nine of them are, but you don't find the Sabbath. "
33:41 Now that is a myth, that is not true.
33:44 It is true there is one of the Ten Commandments you do not
33:48 find literally restated in the New Testament.
33:51 It's the commandment that says, "Thou shalt not take the name of
33:54 the Lord thy God in vain. "
33:56 Can you tell me where that is in the New Testament?
34:00 It actually says in the New Testament,
34:02 "Hallowed be Thy name. "
34:03 The same principle.
34:05 Right?
34:06 But the Sabbath commandment is found many times
34:08 in the New Testament.
34:10 So I said to this pastor, I said, "So brother,
34:12 you're telling me the one commandment where God says
34:16 'remember' is the one that everyone is suppose to forget.
34:20 Does that make sense?"
34:22 He said, "Well, you're putting them under a bondage of works. "
34:25 I said, "No, you are.
34:26 I'm telling them to rest. You're telling them to work. "
34:30 Isn't that right?
34:32 So it's just very inconsistent. It doesn't make sense.
34:37 And so, it's a memorial of creation among other things.
34:42 It's the time when we nurture our relationship with God
34:46 for quality time.
34:49 You know, frequently, Karen and I travel a lot.
34:51 I'm always busy.
34:52 And Karen said, "Doug, we need to spend more time together. "
34:54 I said, "I was home all day yesterday. "
34:56 She said, "Well, you were in your office. "
34:58 I said, "Well, I was home. "
35:00 She said, "That's not what I'm talking about. "
35:03 I said, "Well, we ate dinner together. "
35:04 "Yea, but we weren't talking. "
35:06 She said, "We need time together. "
35:08 She's always talking about quality time.
35:10 It's a different kind of time.
35:12 And so you'll run into these people that say,
35:14 "Well, Pastor Doug, you keep the seventh day holy, but
35:17 I keep all seven days holy.
35:20 I worship God every day. "
35:23 That sounds very pious but, you know, that's not what the
35:26 commandment is talking about.
35:27 Should we worship God seven days a week?
35:29 Yea.
35:30 But if you're keeping the Sabbath seven days a week
35:33 you're not holy, you're lazy.
35:35 Because it says that you're suppose to work six days.
35:39 And if you're really working, you can get distracted
35:43 with just, you know, the concentration on the work.
35:45 But we're suppose to lay our work aside on Sabbath,
35:48 not let that holy time be encumbered with the worries
35:52 and concerns of this life.
35:54 And it's quality time with God.
35:56 That's why the devil hates it.
35:58 Because, follow this, you can't get to heaven
36:03 if you don't love God.
36:04 Does everyone here agree with that?
36:07 There will be people in heaven that went to church
36:09 on the wrong day.
36:11 We all agree?
36:12 I'm not condemning everybody that may not have this straight.
36:15 There will be people in heaven that had too many wives.
36:20 Not me, but there will be other people.
36:24 Because I'm a Batchelor.
36:27 But there will be others in heaven like that.
36:29 Because God winks at these times of ignorance, right?
36:34 Will there be anyone in heaven that doesn't love?
36:38 So how do you learn to love God?
36:42 How do you learn to love anyone?
36:44 You've got to communicate with them.
36:46 You talk to them and they talk you.
36:48 You spend time with them, you develop this love relationship.
36:50 The more you love God, the better you'll obey God.
36:54 Including His law.
36:55 He said, "If you love Me, keep My commandments. "
36:58 By the way, Jesus is quoting Moses when He says that.
37:02 Moses said, "I command you to love the Lord your God
37:06 and keep His commandments. "
37:08 He said, "Love and keep His commandments. "
37:12 And by the way, the Sabbath is a great environment to
37:14 learn to love God and to keep the commandments
37:17 for the right reason.
37:18 You might even start out keeping the Sabbath
37:20 just because it's a commandment.
37:23 Just because, you know, it's God's commandment and He's God.
37:25 And in the process, you learn to do it for the right reason.
37:30 I remember my grandparents, married 72 years.
37:35 And my grandmother and my grandfather,
37:37 Jewish grandparents, they were very outspoken and frank.
37:42 And she would say right there, she'd say, "I didn't love your
37:44 grandfather when I married him.
37:47 I just wanted to get out of the house.
37:49 I was 16 years old and I couldn't stand my parents
37:51 and my sisters.
37:52 And so, 'Yea, I'll marry you. '"
37:54 But that was back in the day when marriage
37:56 meant something, you know.
37:58 And then they'd say...
37:59 And he never got upset when she said that because he knew
38:02 what was coming next.
38:03 He's just smile.
38:04 She'd say, "We learned to love each other. "
38:08 Over time together, we develop love with each other.
38:13 And if you spend time with God...
38:15 Now I tell, if my grandmother could learn to love my
38:17 grandfather, I know we can learn to love God.
38:19 Because he was really difficult.
38:22 And God is a lot easier love than Pappy.
38:27 And so it's a time also...
38:29 Do we need physical rest?
38:31 It's also time, He says, that you might rest,
38:33 that your farm animals could rest and the stranger within
38:37 your gates could rest.
38:38 Are we living in a world that is coming apart at the seams from
38:41 stress and too much work?
38:43 Sabbath is a time you lay all those concerns aside
38:47 and you rest in the Lord.
38:49 It reminds us of that great rest that Jesus offers us.
38:52 By the way, I think six of the principle reasons
38:57 that people are hospitalized can be connected to stress.
39:00 Everything from heart disease to cancer to you name it.
39:07 Lack of sleep and fatigue, it all can be stress related.
39:11 The Sabbath is a sign of redemption.
39:14 God tells us that it's a seal.
39:16 Exodus 31:13, "Verily My Sabbaths you shall keep
39:20 for it is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations,
39:24 that you might know that I am the Lord who sanctifies you. "
39:27 If God made everything in six days and He can make a day
39:30 holy, then He can make you holy.
39:32 If God can create everything in six days,
39:35 He can recreate your heart.
39:37 Isn't that right?
39:38 Every Sabbath day, we're not only remembering that
39:40 He's the Creator and He can recreate us, but it's a memorial
39:44 that He can also make us holy and sanctify us.
39:47 "Hallow My Sabbaths," Ezekiel 20:20,
39:49 "Hallow My Sabbaths and it will be a sign between Me and you,
39:54 that you may know that I am the Lord your God. "
39:56 By the way, the mark of the beast?
39:58 That word that's used there, in Greek means
40:01 "the seal of the beast. "
40:05 And God also speaks there in Revelation about
40:08 the seal of God and those who are worshipping
40:11 God and those who are holy.
40:13 The Sabbath is a sign of that seal that they have.
40:16 In the middle of God's law, you've got the seal of God.
40:19 It tells us the title.
40:21 Every government seal have these characteristics.
40:24 It's got the title, it's got the name, it's got the territory.
40:29 Like our President's title would be "President,"
40:32 Barack Obama, United States of America.
40:35 You've got those three things in the Presidential seal.
40:37 You'll find that in the seals that the ancient kings
40:40 put on their documents.
40:42 And when Jesus was put inside the tomb and Pilate sealed it,
40:47 it said, "Pontius Pilate, Governor, Judea. "
40:50 Those three things.
40:51 In the law of God, in the Sabbath commandment,
40:55 you've got the seal of God.
40:56 "The Lord," that's His name.
40:59 "Created," that's His title.
41:01 "The heaven and the earth," that's His territory.
41:05 Right there in the law of God, in that commandment that
41:07 begins with the word "holy," you've got the seal of God.
41:11 He said that we should keep it holy.
41:13 The Sabbath is not just for Jews.
41:17 Does Jesus say the Sabbath was made for Jews?
41:21 Or does He say it was made for man?
41:23 When did God make the Sabbath?
41:25 When Jacob came along, when Abraham came along,
41:28 or when Adam came along?
41:30 He made Adam and then He made the Sabbath
41:32 for man, to be a blessing for man.
41:35 You can also read in Isaiah 56 verse 6 and 7,
41:38 "Also the sons of the stranger that join
41:41 themselves to the Lord. "
41:42 It's also for the stranger.
41:44 "To serve Him, to love the name of the Lord,
41:46 to be His servants, everyone that keeps the Sabbath
41:50 from polluting it, and takes hold of My covenant. "
41:52 Notice the connection between keeping the Sabbath
41:55 and taking hold of that new covenant.
41:58 By the way, you realize the new covenant is
42:00 only made with Israel.
42:03 For those of you that are New Testament Christians
42:07 and you say, "I'm not under the old covenant,
42:09 I'm under the new covenant. "
42:10 You know what that says.
42:11 "'A new covenant I will make after those days,'
42:13 saith the Lord, 'with the house of Israel. '"
42:16 So you must, at the very least, become a spiritual Jew.
42:20 He that is Christ's is Abraham's seed, right?
42:23 Every Christian is grafted into the stalk.
42:26 The Bible we read is a Jewish book, you realize that.
42:30 And so everyone that takes hold of the covenant,
42:33 they're also going to be keeping the Sabbath day.
42:37 "Even them I will bring to My holy mountain
42:39 and make them joyful in My house of prayer. "
42:42 The Sabbath, by the way, is a time for corporate worship.
42:44 And even those among us who are Sabbath keepers need to
42:47 hear this because I run into people every now and then
42:49 and they say, "Oh yea, Pastor Doug, well it's a day of rest
42:52 and so I'm just going to go out and hang out with the
42:55 meadows and the trees today.
42:57 And that's how I'm going to rest. "
42:59 And I'm not condemning those that might do that
43:01 from time to time, but you can't keep doing that
43:03 because the Sabbath is all about our convocation.
43:06 Leviticus chapter 23, it is a holy convocation.
43:10 I mean, I can't imagine a person coming down from camping
43:14 up in the woods by themselves and you say, "Where were you?"
43:16 "I was at a convention. "
43:19 "How many came?"
43:20 "Just me. "I had a convention. "
43:23 That's what the word "convocation" is.
43:24 It means, "a convening, an assembly. "
43:26 We are to corporately come together and worship God.
43:30 You stay all by yourself in your worship and you're going to be
43:33 unhealthy spiritually, you become eccentric.
43:36 The Bible tells us, "Let us not forsake the assembling
43:40 of ourselves together, and all the more as you see
43:42 the Day approaching. "
43:44 We need to come together.
43:45 "Oh, Pastor Doug, there's some people in my church,
43:47 they're kind of cantankerous. "
43:49 That's why you need to be with them, because you're
43:52 learning to love when you're in a situation like that.
43:54 Right?
43:56 We're a family, we need it.
43:58 Not to mention, it is one of the Ten Commandments.
44:01 Some say, "Well, God gave it just to the Jewish nation. "
44:04 Well you read there in the Bible, when the Lord led the
44:07 children of Israel out of Egypt, before they ever got to
44:10 Mount Sinai, where God spoke His law in Exodus 20,
44:14 He writes it in Exodus 32.
44:16 In Exodus 16, they went out to gather and look for manna
44:20 on the Sabbath day and God said, "How long are you going to keep
44:22 breaking My Commandments?"
44:25 He hasn't even spoke the Ten Commandments yet and
44:27 they knew before they ever got to Mount Sinai
44:29 it was one of His commandments.
44:31 So it wasn't just given to the Jews at Mount Sinai.
44:34 It was made for mankind.
44:36 They knew very well what it was.
44:38 Manna fell from heaven six days a week,
44:41 no manna fell on the Sabbath.
44:43 They were to gather twice as much on Friday.
44:45 Now in case any of you are wondering what day of the
44:48 week is the Sabbath.
44:50 Well, the seventh day.
44:51 Yea, but what day is the seventh day?
44:53 By the way, first time you hear a number mentioned
44:57 three times in the Bible is in Genesis chapter 2
45:00 when it talks about God's holy day in the
45:03 beginning of the Bible.
45:04 It says, "the seventh day", "the seventh day",
45:07 "the seventh day".
45:08 Then you get to the end of the Bible and it identifies
45:11 the antithesis, the beast, the counterfeit of Christ.
45:14 His number is 666.
45:18 It's the opposite.
45:19 The number to help identify God's people is seven.
45:23 "777"
45:25 Saturday, this is by the way, Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
45:28 The seventh day of the week is Saturday.
45:31 Sunday? Merriam-Webster; the first day of the week.
45:35 You look at any normal calendar, it'll be very clear.
45:39 Some calendars try and do it towards the work week
45:41 and they seem to start with Saturday and they
45:43 end with Sunday but that's just some printer that does that.
45:47 Any encyclopedia will tell you that.
45:49 "Oh, but Pastor Doug, we don't really know what day
45:52 is the Bible Sabbath anymore because they've
45:53 changed the calendar. "
45:56 And it is true that the calendar has been adjusted several times
45:59 in history, but this is a common myth.
46:02 There's not an ounce of truth to it.
46:03 No matter what change is made to the calendar,
46:07 it never affects the weekly cycle.
46:11 It might affect your birthday, but it doesn't affect
46:15 the birthday of the world.
46:17 Because from the time of Adam to the present day,
46:20 every Sabbath has been 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7;
46:23 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
46:25 And so whenever they've adjusted the calendar,
46:27 it never affected the days of the week.
46:30 People get confused because they see the days of the week
46:32 on a calendar and they think they're connected.
46:34 They're totally two complete and distinct separate
46:36 cycles of time.
46:38 Changing the calendar never affects the weekly cycle.
46:40 It doesn't need to.
46:43 Some of our evangelists have written to Greenwich observatory
46:48 in Greenwich, England and the US Naval Observatory.
46:50 They've asked them, "Has there been any change in the calendar
46:54 in recorded history that affects the weekly cycle?"
46:58 And they consistently write back and say,
47:00 "Why would you ask a question like that?
47:02 They don't affect each other.
47:03 There has been no change to the calendar
47:05 that affects the continuity of the weekly cycle
47:08 as far back as we can go in recorded history. "
47:12 And if you're still in doubt about that, you can read
47:16 what it says in the Bible.
47:17 We know what day of the week Jesus was crucified.
47:20 They call it Good Friday.
47:23 "And they returned and prepared spices and ointments and they
47:26 rested the Sabbath according to the Commandment. "
47:28 By the way, Jesus must have told them it still mattered
47:31 because even when they were tending to Jesus after He died,
47:35 He had never told them anything to lead them to think the
47:37 Sabbath wasn't important.
47:39 Because they were keeping the Sabbath even after He died.
47:43 Jesus kept the Sabbath in His death.
47:46 He breathed His last Friday afternoon, He rested
47:49 from His work of saving man through the Sabbath day,
47:52 rose Sunday morning to continue His work as our High Priest.
47:55 So even in His death, Jesus kept the Sabbath.
47:59 "Then on the first day of the week, they come unto the tomb. "
48:02 We call that Easter Sunday.
48:04 You just find out what day it is that's sandwiched there
48:07 between Friday and Sunday.
48:08 You can figure out which day is the Sabbath.
48:11 It's very clear.
48:12 Not only that, there are millions of Jews around the
48:16 world that still keep the seventh day of the week.
48:20 They have not given it up.
48:21 That's an amazing feat in itself.
48:22 The Jews have been scattered for millennium;
48:25 they still have remained a distinct people,
48:27 they still have their own language,
48:28 they still have their own writing,
48:30 as God foretold they would be distinct.
48:33 And they still know what day of the week is the seventh day.
48:36 There's no question about it.
48:38 You might be thinking, "Well, what happened?"
48:40 It was changed in history hundreds of years after Christ.
48:44 Principally, as Constantine established Sunday
48:48 as the day of worship in 321 AD, the Edict of Milan.
48:52 And it began to be adopted by the church to be more popular.
48:55 To try and reach more of the pagans, they compromised.
48:58 They said, "We'll keep both days for awhile. "
49:01 You know, the devil is very insidious.
49:03 And gradually, being Jewish was very unpopular in Rome
49:08 during that time.
49:09 To distance themselves from the Jew, they ultimately...
49:12 And it didn't happen right away, it happened over
49:14 hundreds of years.
49:15 They abandoned the seventh day Sabbath, they embraced
49:18 the Roman day of the sun, and they started making
49:23 philosophical rationalizations about why you should
49:27 do it on the first day of the week.
49:28 Now I don't want to insult anybody, but there is
49:31 more evidence for the Sabbath being on the seventh day
49:33 of the week than virtually any other Bible teaching.
49:37 I personally had no choice but be a Sabbath keeping
49:40 Christian if I wanted to be a Bible Christian.
49:43 A person has to go through the most amazing mind bending
49:48 rationalizations, you've got to absolutely torture your logic
49:51 to come up with the idea that this one commandment
49:54 that begins with the word "remember" is the one
49:57 we're suppose to forget, that God wanted us to change.
50:00 The longest of the commandments, the one commandment that
50:03 says "holy", that talks about worship.
50:05 The whole final battle revolves around worship.
50:08 And this is the one we're suppose to forget.
50:10 It sounds extremely suspicious to me.
50:14 As a matter of fact, in 108 languages of the world
50:17 the seventh day of the week; in Spanish it's Sabado,
50:21 in Russian it's Cybbota, in Micronesian it's Sabbat.
50:24 It just goes on and on and on.
50:26 And of course we know that this day begins at sundown.
50:30 Did Jesus keep the Sabbath? What is a Christian?
50:34 A Christian is a follower of Christ.
50:37 What was Jesus' habit?
50:38 Mark 6:2, "And when the Sabbath day was come,
50:42 He began to teach in the synagogue. "
50:45 Luke 4:16, "And He came to Nazareth where He
50:49 had been brought up.
50:50 And as His custom was, He went into the synagogue
50:52 on the Sabbath day and He stood up to read the scriptures. "
50:56 We know He read the scriptures and it even tells us
50:57 what scripture He read on one occasion.
51:00 Jesus went to the church every Sabbath day
51:03 and He read the Bible and He studied and He taught.
51:06 He kept it.
51:07 "Oh Pastor Doug, doesn't it say they accused Jesus of
51:10 breaking the Sabbath?"
51:11 That's right.
51:12 His enemies accosted Him of breaking the Sabbath.
51:14 His enemies also accused Him of being a drunk, a glutton,
51:16 and a demon possessed Samaritan.
51:19 So if you're going to go along with what His enemies accused
51:21 Him of doing, they accused Him of all kinds of things.
51:23 They said He deceives the people too.
51:26 And so some people have said, "Well, He broke the Sabbath. "
51:28 No He didn't.
51:29 He showed them how to keep it correctly.
51:31 Jesus, looking down at the end of time in Matthew 24
51:35 where He foretells His second coming, He says,
51:37 "Pray that your flight be not in the winter,
51:39 neither on the Sabbath day. "
51:41 Why does He say that to God's people
51:43 speaking about the end of time?
51:44 Because He knew they would still be Sabbath keeping
51:47 Christians back then.
51:48 And there may be a time when we need to flee.
51:51 "When," He says, "you see the abomination of desolation
51:54 stand in the holy place, let those that be in Judea
51:56 flee into the mountains. "
51:59 There's a day coming when those who want to keep all of
52:01 the commandments of God are going to be
52:02 persecuted for their faith.
52:04 The Bible tells us Jesus kept the Sabbath,
52:08 the early Christians kept the Sabbath.
52:10 Acts 17:1 it says, "Then they came to Thessalonica
52:14 where there was a synagogue of the Jews.
52:16 Then Paul, as his custom was, went into them
52:20 and for three Sabbaths reasoned with them from the scriptures. "
52:24 And in Acts 13 it says, "The Gentiles begged that these words
52:27 might be preached to them the next Sabbath. "
52:29 They're talking not just to Jews.
52:31 They're talking to the Gentiles on what day?
52:33 On the Sabbath.
52:35 On the next Sabbath, almost the whole city came together
52:38 to hear the word of God.
52:39 That was Acts 13:44.
52:40 Acts 16:13, "And on the Sabbath day we went out of the city
52:44 to the riverside where prayer was customarily made,
52:47 and we sat down and spoke to the women that resorted thither. "
52:50 That's written by Luke.
52:51 Was Luke a Jew or Gentile?
52:53 Why doesn't Luke say, "And on the Jewish Sabbath
52:56 they got together?"
52:58 He states it as if it were just understood by
53:00 all the believers back then.
53:02 He's writing to Theophilus and he's saying this is what we did,
53:05 "and on the Sabbath," and he doesn't have to explain to him
53:07 what the Sabbath is.
53:08 Because every Christian knew it's one of the
53:10 Ten Commandments.
53:11 It's Christianity 101, that day of worship.
53:14 There's not even a hint here that they had changed it.
53:19 You know, the Bible does foretell, in the last days
53:21 the beast power would think to change times and laws.
53:25 And there's only one of God's commandments that is both
53:28 a time and a law.
53:30 And you know what also makes me marvel, friends,
53:32 is that in Luke 23, because the Sabbath was so important
53:38 to the disciples they would not even finish embalming
53:41 the body of Jesus.
53:42 That starts with verse 56.
53:45 It says, "They prepared spices and fragrant oils.
53:49 And they rested the Sabbath day according to the commandment. "
53:53 The commandment, not the Jewish law.
53:57 You know, can you imagine?
54:00 It was so important to them.
54:02 Their hearts are broken, they've spent three and a half years
54:05 following Jesus, they loved Him.
54:07 They want to give Him an honorable treatment.
54:10 The sun is going down, they realize they're going
54:11 to run out of time.
54:12 It would have been so easy for most of us to have said,
54:14 "Well, the ox is in the ditch.
54:15 Let's at least finish embalming His body. "
54:19 But they said, "No, Jesus would not be please if we did this. "
54:24 And rather than disappoint Him, they said,
54:27 "We'll come back and finish later.
54:29 The Sabbath is coming. "
54:30 So did they ever get the slightest notion from Jesus
54:32 that it didn't matter to Him?
54:34 Even this labor of love was postponed because the
54:38 early church recognized how Jesus felt about this.
54:41 Is it still valid today, friends?
54:44 Does the Lord care?
54:45 It's easier for heaven and earth to pass away
54:48 than for one tittle of the law to fail.
54:52 God tells us that His word is not going to change.
54:56 The Bible begins telling us, "the seventh day,
55:01 remember that day. "
55:02 A whole day to be kept as holy.
55:05 Then you get to the end of the Bible.
55:06 In Revelation chapter 22 verse, 14 it says,
55:09 "Blessed... "
55:10 Is there a blessing in the Sabbath?
55:13 Revelation 22:14, "Blessed are those who do His commandments. "
55:17 One commandment especially pronounces a blessing upon it.
55:20 "That they might have the right to the tree of life
55:23 and enter through the gates of the city. "
55:24 So from cover to cover in the Bible, God is very
55:27 clear that He wants us to be blessed,
55:29 He wants us to be happy.
55:30 You're only going to find that happiness in a
55:33 relationship with Him.
55:36 You know, I did a lot of traveling yesterday to get here.
55:39 I landed yesterday.
55:40 It was a little late for me to meet with you people then.
55:44 But I was in Sacramento, a big city, and Seattle,
55:48 St. Louis, stopped at a couple of places on the road.
55:51 And I looked at a lot of people.
55:53 I was by myself, so I look at people.
55:55 And in case you didn't know it, people aren't happy.
56:00 People are not satisfied.
56:02 Everywhere I looked.
56:04 I remember, I was on the plane and I got up and I walked
56:07 the length of the plane to use the facilities
56:09 and on my way back, I kind of looked over everyone's shoulder.
56:12 It was a daytime flight, people are awake.
56:15 And everybody seemed so restless.
56:18 And they're, you know, they're working and they're
56:22 trying to read these love novels and find some answer
56:25 or they're watching a variety of movies.
56:27 I'd be embarrassed if I were a lot of these people
56:29 to have people on the right and left of me, watching the movies
56:32 that they were watching on their laptops and stuff.
56:36 And they're just looking for something.
56:38 People are empty, they're unhappy.
56:42 I stopped, got a Subway sandwich, saw this man in there.
56:50 He looked so unhappy.
56:53 He was binging on sweets and reading some romance novel.
56:59 And I just thought, "He's looking for rest,
57:01 he's looking for peace, he's looking for purpose. "
57:03 Jesus tells us where that comes from.
57:07 The great invitation, Matthew chapter 11.
57:11 Christ said, "Come unto Me, all you who are weary
57:15 and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. "
57:19 Every Sabbath day, we're remembering the rest that
57:23 we find by coming to Jesus.
57:26 Have you found your rest in Him?
57:29 He wants you to enjoy that day of blessed rest.
57:33 How many of you would like to say, "Lord, by You grace,
57:35 I want that experience also. "
57:37 Can we ask Him now to give it to us?
57:41 Dear Father in heaven, thank You for this truth.


Revised 2014-12-17