Pillars of Our Faith 2010 Camp Meeting

Ten Commandments

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Participants: John Carter


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00:39 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:42 Welcome to the Pillars Of Our Faith event.
01:04 As I walked through the door
01:08 I sensed His presence.
01:13 And I knew this was the place
01:19 where love abounds.
01:25 For this is the temple
01:30 Jehovah God abides in.
01:36 We are standing in His presence
01:44 on holy ground.
01:50 We are standing
01:56 on holy ground.
02:02 And I know that there are angels
02:09 all around.
02:13 Let us praise
02:19 Jesus now.
02:26 We are standing in His presence
02:33 on holy ground.
02:38 I have felt it and sensed it today.
02:40 Haven't you?
02:48 In His presence there is joy
02:53 beyond measure.
02:58 And at His feet
03:02 peace of mind can still be found.
03:12 If you have a need,
03:16 my God has the answer.
03:22 Reach out and claim it.
03:25 For child, you're standing on holy ground.
03:34 We are standing
03:40 on holy ground.
03:46 And I know that there are angels
03:54 all around.
03:58 Let us praise, let us praise
04:04 our Jesus now.
04:10 We are standing in His presence
04:16 on holy ground.
04:19 If you know it, sing it with us.
04:20 We going to do the chorus.
04:21 We are standing
04:27 on holy ground.
04:30 That sounds beautiful.
04:31 And I know there are angels...
04:33 And I know that there are angels
04:40 all around.
04:42 Let us praise Jesus now.
04:45 Let us praise
04:51 Jesus now.
04:57 We are standing in His presence,
05:04 we are standing in His presence,
05:10 we are standing in His presence
05:17 on holy ground,
05:23 holy ground.
05:30 Amen.
05:33 I'd like to introduce the speaker for the hour.
05:37 A wonderful pastor, great friend, and a
05:40 brother in the Lord.
05:41 Elder John Carter.
05:42 And I don't need to ask how many of you that
05:45 have maybe had life changing experiences by listening to the
05:49 message of brother John Carter.
05:51 I've travelled many places around the world,
05:54 particularly in Russia, and have seen the tremendous work
05:57 of The Carter Report and what John is doing.
06:00 He has a gift for ministry.
06:02 Most of all, he has a love for Jesus and a love for people.
06:05 Thousands and thousands of people have come to the
06:08 knowledge of Christ and the truths of God's law
06:12 through Elder John Carter.
06:14 And right after Nathan Young comes out, he's going to be
06:16 singing one of the Pillars songs by David Huntsinger
06:19 and Kris Wilkinson.
06:21 And this is Written Down In Stone.
06:23 And right after that, we'll have Elder John Carter preach to us
06:27 on the Ten Commandments.
10:39 Amen.
10:47 I'm glad to see you today.
10:49 Are you glad to be here today?
10:52 Amen.
10:53 You notice I talk a little differently to you.
10:56 Just a little.
10:57 You know, when I first came to this country
10:59 I was staying in a great hotel and a lady came in.
11:03 In fact, this was in the city of New Orleans.
11:06 And she came in to make up the beds and she said to me,
11:09 "Honey... "
11:13 I was astounded.
11:15 Here was a woman I'd never met before and she's
11:16 calling me "honey".
11:19 She said, "Honey, where do you come from?"
11:24 I said, "I come from Australia. "
11:27 "Oh," she said, "that's wonderful.
11:29 Did you come by train or did you come by bus?"
11:37 I have never recovered.
11:40 Then, "No," I said, "actually madam, I came by plane. "
11:48 She said, "Isn't it dangerous coming by plane?"
11:52 I said, "Not nearly as dangerous as coming by bus or by train. "
12:01 I'd like to see all the Bibles here today.
12:04 Would you please hold up your Bibles?
12:06 Because we'll be using today, the holy Bible.
12:09 Hold them up high please.
12:12 And today, we turn off the cell phones
12:15 and we listen to the preaching of the Word of God
12:18 out of the Bible.
12:22 A great name in the United States of America is
12:25 H.M.S. Richards.
12:27 You know how he came to know the gospel?
12:31 When he was a little boy he was always teasing his mother.
12:36 And his beautiful mother, beautiful, beautiful girl,
12:39 she said to him, "Harold, you're driving your
12:43 brother to distraction.
12:44 You've got to stop this.
12:45 He's always screaming and shouting.
12:47 You've got to stop this. "
12:50 And she said, "I want you to promise me, Harold,
12:53 that you're not going to do it anymore. "
12:54 So he said, "Mother, I promise you I'll stop
12:57 teasing my brother. "
12:58 But the words were scarcely out of his mouth
13:01 when his brother was screaming and throwing a tantrum.
13:04 So his mother said to him, this beautiful woman,
13:08 she said, who knew Jesus, she said, "Harold, if you ever
13:13 do it again, I'm not going to beat you.
13:17 You're going to beat me. "
13:21 He said, "Mother, I could never beat you. "
13:24 "Well," she said, "I've got to do something
13:27 because your brother is getting so upset. "
13:34 And she said, "Apparently, I have failed as a mother.
13:37 You'll have to beat me. "
13:39 He said, "Mother, I'll never do it again because
13:44 I could never have you beat me. "
13:49 Just a little while later, his brother was screaming
13:53 and throwing himself on the floor again.
13:58 And Harold's mother said to her boy, just a young boy,
14:02 she said, "Harold, I want you to go down to the back of the house
14:06 and go down to the creek and find one of those big reeds.
14:11 And get a big one and bring it up. "
14:14 So she sent her boy down and he came back a few minutes later
14:17 with a little thing.
14:20 She sent him back again.
14:21 And he came back with one a little bit bigger but too small.
14:25 And she sent him back until Harold Richards came back
14:29 with a great big rod.
14:33 And Harold Richards told the story of how his mother
14:36 took him, her boy, into the bedroom and sat on the bed
14:43 and bared her shoulders.
14:46 And she said, "Harold, beat me. "
14:49 He said, "Mother, I can't beat you. "
14:50 She said, "I'm you mother and I stand in the place
14:54 of God for you, my boy.
14:55 Obey your mother. Beat me. "
14:58 He said, "I can't beat you. "
15:00 She said, "I command you, beat me. "
15:04 He lifted up the rod and he tried to bring it down
15:07 upon his mother's bare back.
15:11 She said, "Harold, beat me. I tell you, beat me. "
15:18 And then H.M.S. Richards, the boy, fell down beside his mother
15:25 sobbing and crying.
15:27 And his mother put her arm around his shoulders
15:31 and told him the story of how the innocent was beaten
15:36 by the guilty with the guilty for the guilty
15:40 to bring us to God.
15:43 And that's when H.M.S. Richards got a glimpse of the gospel
15:47 of Jesus Christ.
15:50 And that's when H.M.S. Richards found Christ as his own
15:54 personal Savior.
15:59 If there had been no law,
16:06 H.M.S. Richards would never have gone
16:09 through that terrible thing.
16:13 You only have punishment, my friend, when the law
16:17 has been broken.
16:20 I want you to remember this.
16:22 You only have punishment, you only have a Savior
16:27 when the law of God has been broken.
16:32 And the Bible tells me that Jesus Christ is
16:35 our divine substitute.
16:38 The innocent One was not guilty but He was
16:43 treated as though He were guilty.
16:46 Beaten by the guilty for the guilty with the guilty
16:51 to bring us to God.
16:52 That is the story of the gospel.
16:55 And I would like you to take your Bibles and turn with me now
16:58 to the book of Galatians.
17:00 And you may wonder, what has this got to do with the
17:03 commandments of God.
17:04 It's got everything, my beloved friends, to do with it.
17:07 I want you to come over here to Galatians chapter 3
17:10 and verses 10 and onwards in the holy scriptures.
17:15 And this is reading from the words of the
17:18 prince of preachers, the apostle Paul.
17:21 Galatians chapter 3 and verses 10 and onwards.
17:25 And I want you to think this verse through.
17:27 And everybody turn in the Bible, please.
17:30 I'm an old fashioned Bible preacher.
17:33 "All who rely on observing the law are under a curse;
17:39 for it is written, 'Cursed is everyone who does not continue
17:43 to do everything written in the book of the law. '"
17:46 And none of us have done all of those things that are written
17:49 in the book of the law.
17:51 "Clearly, no one is justified before God by the law.
17:57 Because the righteous will live... " How?
18:00 "... by faith.
18:02 The law is not based on faith.
18:05 On the contrary, the man who does these things
18:08 will live by them. "
18:09 But none of us, my friend, have done these things.
18:13 And verse 13 says, "Christ redeemed us from the curse
18:18 of the law by becoming... "
18:21 Say it with me.
18:22 "... by becoming a curse for us.
18:25 For it is written, 'Cursed is everyone who is
18:30 hung on a tree. '"
18:31 Have you ever thought this through, my beloved
18:34 American friend, that the Son of God was punished for us.
18:41 I once preached a sermon, many years ago in Australia,
18:46 and I asked the audience, "Was Jesus punished?"
18:50 And they said, "Of course not. "
18:53 I said to them, "If He were not punished, then we certainly
18:57 shall be punished. "
19:00 And the Bible tells us, "Cursed is everyone who is
19:04 hung on a tree. "
19:05 It is because the law of God had been broken.
19:09 And we were a lost race of rebels that He came down
19:16 to this planet in rebellion and took our sin upon Himself
19:22 and was cursed for us.
19:27 How else do we understand the cry, His dying cry,
19:31 "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?"
19:38 Because He was standing in my place
19:41 and standing in your place.
19:45 And He was standing in your place and my place
19:49 because the law of God, never forget it,
19:53 the law of God demanded justice and judgment.
19:59 And instead of the judgment and the justice falling upon me,
20:04 it fell upon Christ as He hung on the tree.
20:10 Listen to this.
20:12 And I say this to my beloved evangelical friends
20:17 as they watch this telecast.
20:20 Adventist Christians believe in the atoning sacrifice
20:27 of the Lord Jesus Christ.
20:29 And we also believe in the perpetuity of the law of God.
20:37 Listen to this.
20:40 The law, the moral law, is established more firmly
20:46 than if there had never been a sinner and never been a Calvary.
20:56 Calvary establishes these great wonderful amazing truths.
21:04 Number one, God loves you.
21:08 I want you to know that today as you watch this telecast.
21:11 I don't know who you are.
21:12 I don't know your circumstances.
21:15 I don't know your circumstances here today.
21:17 You may feel a million miles from God.
21:21 You may feel that the church doesn't care about you
21:23 and nobody cares about you.
21:26 I want you to know, God cares about you.
21:28 Jesus, the Son of God, was staked to the cross
21:33 and He wrote across that cross, the words, "I love you. "
21:38 You are never alone. You are never forgotten.
21:43 You are never isolated because God says from the cross,
21:48 "I love you. "
21:50 That's the first great truth.
21:52 And the second great truth is this; the atoning sacrifice
21:57 of our Lord Jesus Christ is completed.
22:04 When Jesus was dying, He cried out to His Father,
22:08 "My Father, it is finished. "
22:11 He didn't say, "It's just starting. "
22:14 He said, "It is finished. "
22:17 Because when He died on the cross, He paid in full
22:22 the penalty for the broken law of God.
22:27 It is finished.
22:29 And the atoning sacrifice was finished when He
22:32 cried out, "It is finished. "
22:35 And so the first truth, God loves you.
22:37 Number two, the atoning sacrifice is completed.
22:42 It's over, it is finished.
22:44 And number three, God's great law is eternal.
22:52 So my topic today is, The Ten Commandments.
22:59 There is, however...
23:03 Are you listening?
23:05 There is, however, confusion in Christendom.
23:13 Some tell us, and maybe you're one of those people out there
23:19 watching the telecast, some tell us the Ten Commandments
23:23 were nailed to the cross and the moral law is a yoke of bondage.
23:30 I've heard it over and over.
23:34 Many years ago in Australia, there was a certain preacher
23:39 who believed that the law was nailed to the cross.
23:43 He was preaching the commandments are abolished,
23:47 and he was going from city to city and he was challenging
23:53 every Adventist preacher he could find.
23:57 And he was holding tremendous public debates.
24:01 And he was putting forth powerful arguments,
24:04 he thought, to show that the moral law of God,
24:09 the Ten commandments, was nailed to the cross.
24:15 Then there came along a preacher by the name of
24:18 Pastor W.M.R. Scragg.
24:25 And he met this man.
24:28 And I'm going to show you now the argument that he used
24:32 to slay the dragon of antinomianism.
24:37 Antinomianism means against the law of God.
24:43 I want to show you the arguments that he found in his Bible.
24:48 Maybe these arguments are going to be new to you today.
24:53 Therefore, you'll need to turn to the text.
24:56 I want you to come over here with me, please,
24:59 to Exodus 31 and verse 18.
25:03 Exodus chapter 31, now we're going to have
25:06 a little bit of theology.
25:08 Exodus chapter 31 and verse 18.
25:12 And it's a pleasant noise to hear the pages
25:15 of the Bible being turned.
25:19 In my church, we tell the folks we only guarantee the
25:23 salvation of those people who bring their Bibles to church.
25:29 And who leave their cell phones in the car.
25:32 Yea.
25:35 You're a good audience. Exodus 31 verse 18.
25:39 You're agreeing with me so you have got to be a good audience.
25:42 Exodus 31 verse 18.
25:44 "When the Lord finished speaking to Moses on Mount Sinai,
25:48 He gave him the two tablets... "
25:50 Say it with me.
25:52 Come on, say it loud.
25:54 Come on, I want to hear you.
25:56 The two tablets of the what?
25:58 "... the two tablets of the Testimony. "
26:01 And the Bible tells me these were so special.
26:04 "The tablets of stone inscribed by the finger of God. "
26:09 Now listen, listen carefully to this.
26:13 This is important.
26:17 It's a closed deal when you see this.
26:21 God gave to the Ten Commandments a special name.
26:28 He didn't just call them, the law.
26:31 Didn't do that.
26:33 He gave them a special name.
26:35 And God called them the Testimony.
26:38 Now listen to what I'm going to say because this truth
26:43 will stand against the forces of darkness.
26:47 Whenever the word "testimony" is used in connection
26:54 with the sanctuary, it refers only to one thing;
27:01 the Ten Commandments.
27:03 Including the fourth commandment, the Sabbath.
27:07 Now, I haven't gotten to the end of my argument yet.
27:11 Whenever the word "testimony"; now store this down in the
27:16 molecules of your mind.
27:18 One day this may save your soul.
27:20 Whenever the word "testimony" is used in connection
27:26 with the sanctuary, it refers to one thing.
27:30 It refers to the Ten Commandments, including the
27:33 fourth commandment that talks about the seventh day Sabbath.
27:37 It is the Testimony.
27:38 Let me give you some sample texts.
27:41 This will not be exhaustive.
27:43 Come to chapter 30 and verse 6 of the book of Exodus.
27:50 So now we're having just a little Bible study, you see.
27:52 I'm not preaching now, I'm just giving you a little Bible study.
27:56 Exodus 30 verse 6.
27:58 "Put the ark in front of the curtain that is before
28:02 the ark of the Testimony. "
28:05 When it says, "the ark of the Testimony," it means
28:08 the ark of what?
28:10 Come on, give me some feed back.
28:12 The ark of the Testimony means the ark of the Ten Commandments.
28:18 Come over here to 25 verse 16.
28:21 Chapter 25 verse 16.
28:25 "Then put in the ark the Testimony
28:29 that I will give you. "
28:31 God doesn't say, "Put in the ark the Ten Commandments. "
28:33 He says, "Put in the ark the Testimony. "
28:36 He's giving it a special name.
28:38 And if you come down to verse 22, "There above the cover
28:43 between the two cherubim that are over... "
28:45 Say it with me.
28:46 "... the ark of the Testimony. "
28:50 Come now to chapter 32:15, 16.
28:53 Chapter 32:15, 16.
28:58 God did this for a purpose.
29:00 He was trying to save our souls.
29:03 Come over here Exodus 32:15, 16.
29:06 "Moses turned and went down from the mountain
29:10 with the two tablets of the Testimony in his hands.
29:15 They were inscribed on both sides, front and back.
29:18 The tablets were the work of God, the writing was the
29:21 writing of God engraved on the Tablets. "
29:24 Look at me, let me have your eyes.
29:27 I want this to get into your mind.
29:30 Whenever the word "testimony" is used in connection with the
29:36 ark or the sanctuary, it refers to one thing;
29:41 the Ten Commandments.
29:42 Now the term "law" is a big word.
29:46 When the Bible talks about "law", it encompasses
29:51 many, many things.
29:52 And there are some texts in the Bible that seem to say that
29:57 the law was abolished.
29:58 That's true.
30:00 It actually says that, verses like that.
30:06 And so there's all this confusion.
30:08 But I want you to know this.
30:10 Whenever the word "testimony" is used in connection with
30:14 the sanctuary, it refers to one thing and one thing only.
30:19 The Ten Commandments, including the Sabbath.
30:23 Now come over here with me to, come over here to Deuteronomy.
30:27 This is where we'll find this text.
30:28 Deuteronomy 31:24, 25.
30:39 Now we're going to show you a text which is a contrast.
30:44 "After Moses finished writing in a book the words of this law,
30:51 from beginning to end, he gave this command to the Levites
30:56 who carry the ark of the covenant of the Lord,
30:59 'Take this Book of the Law... '" and place it in the ark.
31:06 "... and place it beside the ark of the covenant of the
31:10 Lord your God.
31:12 There it will remain as a witness against you. "
31:17 I want to say to my beloved evangelical friends who
31:20 believe the Ten Commandments are done away with
31:23 and they say that Adventist Christians make a big deal of
31:29 separating the Book of the Law from the Ten Commandments,
31:33 the Testimony, I want to say to you my beloved friends;
31:37 we never did it, God did it.
31:40 God did it.
31:41 God said put the Ten Commandments,
31:44 the Testimony, in the ark.
31:47 But He said, take the Book of the Law and put it in...
31:51 No, He said put it beside the ark.
31:55 It says it in the NIV.
31:58 And so God made a difference between the Ten Commandments
32:02 and the rest of the law.
32:05 And remember this again, I'm teaching this now.
32:08 I'm just acting like a teacher.
32:10 Whenever the word "testimony", Hebrew word "edut";
32:15 whenever the Hebrew word "edut" or the equivalent Greek word;
32:22 whenever the word "testimony", whenever it is used in
32:27 association with the sanctuary of God, it refers to one thing;
32:32 the Ten Commandments including, the fourth commandment
32:35 that tells us to keep the Sabbath.
32:36 Now, are you with me?
32:41 If I could show you some texts right at the very end of the
32:45 Bible this side of Calvary that talked about a sanctuary,
32:51 and an ark, and the testimony, that would be overwhelming
32:58 evidence, would it not.
33:00 Come now to the book of Revelation.
33:02 Written many, many years after Calvary.
33:06 Revelation chapter 11 and verse 19, for a start.
33:11 We're on solid ground here.
33:12 Revelation chapter 11 and verse 19,
33:16 dear hearts and gentle people.
33:19 Revelation 11 and verse 19, have you got the text?
33:24 "Then God's... " What does it say?
33:26 Come on, come on. Let me get some feedback.
33:28 "Then God's temple in heaven was opened... "
33:31 The Bible tells me there's a temple in heaven.
33:34 "... and within His temple were seen... " what?
33:38 So John looks up into glory, my friend, and he sees the temple.
33:44 And then he looks a little bit further and he sees
33:48 the ark of God.
33:51 Okay?
33:52 Now come over now to Revelation chapter 15 and verse 5.
33:56 Revelation chapter 15 and verse 5.
34:01 Have you got it?
34:02 Revelation 15 verse 5, "After this I looked, and in heaven,
34:07 the temple, that is the tabernacle
34:12 of the testimony, was opened. "
34:18 He looks up into glory, he sees the temple.
34:22 This is in the very end of time
34:24 because these verses are referring to the last days.
34:28 He looks up into glory and he sees the temple.
34:32 And then he looks into the temple and he sees the ark.
34:36 And he looks into the ark and he sees the testimony,
34:41 or the Ten Commandments, of God.
34:47 This is overwhelming evidence that whatever was abolished
34:56 at the cross, the Ten Commandments remain
35:00 the standard for the human race.
35:05 Now look at Revelation 14 and verse 12.
35:08 He looks up into heaven and then he looks down upon the earth.
35:14 Revelation chapter 14 and verse 12.
35:19 Are you ready to go?
35:21 Revelation 14 and verse 12.
35:23 "This calls for patient endurance on the part of
35:27 the saints who obey God's commandments
35:31 and remain faithful to Jesus. "
35:34 He looks up into glory in the last days and he sees the
35:40 Ten Commandments enshrined in the very heart of the temple.
35:45 And then he looks down upon this earth and he sees the people
35:50 who love Jesus and they keep the Ten Commandments.
35:57 Thus Pastor Scragg said, "I rest my case. "
36:06 And the other man was never heard from again.
36:09 This is a little bit of history.
36:16 Now listen to me.
36:21 Whatever law was abolished at the cross, whatever,
36:27 it was not the law of the Ten Commandments.
36:30 They are seen in glory at the end of time.
36:36 Now come over here to 1 John chapter 3 and verse 4.
36:41 1 John chapter 3 and verse 4.
36:48 1 John chapter 3 and verse 4.
36:52 And this is a text that you will know quite well.
36:55 1 John chapter 3 and verse 4.
36:58 It says, "Everyone who sins breaks the law. "
37:04 My friend, if there were no law there could be no sin.
37:10 And this is referring to the eternal moral law of God.
37:16 Let this be very plain.
37:18 Let this truth sink down into the molecules of our minds.
37:23 Let there be no confusion.
37:26 The Bible says, "Everyone who sins breaks the law.
37:31 In fact, sin is lawlessness. "
37:34 Or as the beautiful King James version says,
37:37 "Sin," say it with me, "is the transgression of the law. "
37:45 If there were no law, there could be no sin.
37:51 Never forget it.
37:54 Come over here to Romans chapter 7 and verse 7.
38:01 Go to Romans.
38:03 It's been called, that book; great, glad and merry tidings
38:08 that makes a man's heart to sing for joy and his feet to dance.
38:11 That's the book of Romans.
38:14 Of Romans chapter 7 Martin Luther said, "This is the most
38:19 perfect gospel.
38:21 It is a light and a way into all of scripture. "
38:25 Romans 7 verse 7.
38:30 "What shall we say then?" Says Paul.
38:32 "What shall we say then?
38:34 Is the law sin? Certainly not.
38:38 Indeed, I would not have known what sin was
38:42 except through the law. "
38:46 And so, my friend, let us think logically.
38:52 And I want my seven little helpers now to come out, please.
38:56 Seven little helpers.
38:58 If there is no law, there is no sin.
39:06 And if there's no sin, you don't need a Savior.
39:10 Isn't that true?
39:12 And if there's no Savior, there's no gospel.
39:19 Well, you look really lovely.
39:22 You look really sweet.
39:24 Now, I'm just going to get these glasses of mine.
39:29 Of course I can see everything quite plainly but I just
39:32 have them here so you folks aren't embarrassed.
39:34 Okay.
39:36 Now this boy's name is Enoch. Say "Good morning, Enoch. "
39:42 He represents law.
39:44 This boy's name is Jonathan.
39:47 Say, "Good morning, Jonathan. "
39:49 He doesn't mind, but he represents sin today.
39:52 Just only today. He's just helping out.
39:55 This little sweetie, her name is Kaylie.
39:59 Hey sweetie.
40:00 Hello Kaylie. Say hello to Kaylie.
40:02 And she represents Savior.
40:05 Now this is Danielle.
40:07 How are you, cutie?
40:09 Are you doing alright?
40:10 She represents gospel.
40:12 Say hello to Danielle.
40:14 Now this is Adrianna.
40:17 Say, "Hello, Adrianna. "
40:19 Hello Adrianna.
40:20 Don't they all look nice?
40:22 And she represents grace.
40:25 What does she represent?
40:26 Grace.
40:28 Now this little girl, her name is Carrie.
40:31 Aren't they all cuties?
40:32 Yea, I'd take them all home if I could.
40:34 This is Carrie and she represents...
40:37 Say hello to Carrie.
40:39 Hello sweetie, do you want a kiss?
40:40 No. You're going to get one.
40:44 At my age, I can kiss anybody.
40:48 Even some of you folks.
40:49 Okay, hang on sweetie.
40:52 This is Carrie. She represents church.
40:55 Okay.
40:56 Now this is Marcus.
40:58 Boy, don't they look good in their suits and stuff?
41:01 I want to say to my Aussie friends watching the telecast,
41:05 this is how little children ought to go to church.
41:08 I want to say to my friends right across America,
41:11 this is how little children ought to go to church.
41:14 We ought to teach our children that going to church
41:18 is more important than going to see the President.
41:22 Absolutely.
41:26 Now I have some folks tell me, they say,
41:28 "Well, it's just like going to the beach.
41:31 Like, you know, we don't have to get dressed up. "
41:34 I tell folks, "You may not have real good clothes, but
41:37 wear the best you've got. "
41:40 Because you're off to see the King.
41:42 You don't have to be dressed like me, you know, with a
41:45 dark blue suit and all the rest of that stuff.
41:48 But wear the best you've got.
41:50 Because you're going to go to see the King.
41:52 And I want to say to every person watching the telecast,
41:55 I'm proud to see how these mothers have got these kids
42:01 ready for church.
42:02 That's really good. I'm proud of you mothers.
42:05 Now what we're going to do, we're going to have just a
42:06 little bit of fun.
42:07 Is it okay to have a little fun in church?
42:10 Not a lot, I know.
42:15 We'll just have a little bit of fun.
42:17 But if I think you folks are having too much fun,
42:19 I'm going to stop you.
42:20 Okay? I'm going to say it's enough fun in church today.
42:25 Okay, when I put my hand on one of these children
42:28 like this, you're going to tell me what he represents.
42:31 But I'm going to help you at the start.
42:33 You should remember anyway, but I'm going to help you.
42:35 This is law.
42:38 Come on, what's his name?
42:39 Law.
42:40 Why do you say it so funny?
42:43 This is law.
42:45 Yea, you folks, you'll be better at the end of the sermon.
42:49 This is law.
42:50 Now the Bible tells me that sin is the transgression of the law.
42:57 Oh, you're doing very well.
42:59 Let's do it again.
43:00 This is sin. And this is law.
43:03 And if there were no law, there'd be no sin.
43:07 Just be careful because I'm going to catch you out.
43:11 Now, because we have broken the law and because we've
43:16 all committed sin, we need a Savior.
43:21 And Jesus came down from glory because we had broken the law.
43:28 Isn't this right?
43:29 You folks seeing this?
43:31 Now the Savior came. Thank God for Jesus.
43:36 You know, I want everybody to know that Seventh-day Adventists
43:40 just love Jesus and He's the center of their faith.
43:45 And Jesus came preaching good news.
43:49 And the good news, we call it the gospel.
43:53 And the gospel tells me all about God's grace.
44:00 Do you know what grace is?
44:02 Grace is the story of how God saves me from sin
44:07 which is breaking the law.
44:09 Aren't we doing good.
44:10 Now the Bible tells me that God has raised up...
44:14 You've got to look out front, sweetie, or else I'll
44:16 give you another kiss.
44:20 Now the Bible tells me that God has raised up the church.
44:24 And the purpose of the church is to tell people about the...
44:33 ...about the Savior who came preaching the gospel
44:38 which is all about God's grace, which is the story of how
44:42 God saves me from sin which is breaking the law.
44:46 Now, the church employees...
44:51 You didn't tell us.
44:53 Well you should know.
44:55 ...the preacher.
44:56 Here's the preacher.
44:59 Therefore, the church employees the preacher.
45:06 And the preacher tells people about the Savior
45:11 who came preaching the gospel which is the story of God's
45:16 grace, which is how God saves me from sin
45:20 which is breaking the law.
45:22 Okay we've got it together.
45:24 Now, you know what's going on today?
45:27 Some people tell me, you know, it's true,
45:31 I hear it everywhere.
45:32 They tell me there's no law.
45:35 They say, "Hey, the law is gone. There's no law. "
45:39 So we're going to get rid of the law.
45:41 So, Mr. Law, the law goes.
45:44 So if there's no law, there is no sin.
45:47 So, there's no sin any more.
45:49 And if there's no sin, we don't need a Savior.
45:53 So the Savior goes.
45:55 And if there is no Savior, there is no gospel.
45:59 And if there is no gospel, there is no grace.
46:02 So grace goes and we don't have any grace left in the world.
46:06 And if that is so, we may as well close down the church
46:11 and fire the preacher.
46:26 My friend, it's as plain as plain can be.
46:31 It's as plain as plain can be.
46:36 Now I'm going to ask you folks to do something with me.
46:39 Will you do this?
46:40 I want you now to stand and take your Bibles and read with me
46:45 the Ten Commandments.
46:47 Don't you think we ought to do that.
46:49 We've been talking about gospel, now we're going to talk about
46:53 the Ten Commandments.
46:55 God wrote them down in stone, but He wants to do more than
46:59 write them down in stone.
47:01 He wants to write them upon the fleshy tablets of our hearts.
47:06 Do you hear this?
47:07 We want a new covenant experience where
47:10 Jesus is in our souls and the commandments are written
47:15 down on the soul.
47:17 Exodus 20.
47:19 Are we ready?
47:20 Now I think we'll read this responsively.
47:23 That means I'll read a text, then you read the next text.
47:26 Um, I may read them all but you're job will be to read
47:30 the text that I'm not reading.
47:32 So if I read verse 1... you better listen.
47:36 If I read verse 1, you come in at number 2.
47:39 Then I'll read number 3.
47:41 Okay?
47:42 We're going to read the Ten Commandments.
47:44 "And God spoke all these words, 'I am the Lord your God
47:49 who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. '"
47:53 Together, "You shall have no other gods before me.
47:59 You shall not make for yourself and idol in the form of anything
48:03 in heaven above, or on the earth beneath,
48:06 or in the waters below.
48:07 You shall not bow down to them or worship them.
48:11 For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God,
48:14 punishing the children for the sins of the fathers
48:17 to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate Me,
48:20 but showing love to a thousand generations of those that
48:24 love Me and keep My commandments. "
48:26 Together, "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God
48:32 in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless
48:36 who takes His name in vain.
48:39 Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.
48:43 Six days you shall labor and do all your work,
48:46 but the seventh day is the Sabbath to the Lord your God.
48:49 On it, you shall not do any work; neither you nor your son
48:54 or daughter, neither your man servant or maid servant,
48:57 nor your animals, nor the alien within your gates.
49:01 For in six days, the Lord made the heavens and the earth,
49:06 the sea, and all that is in them.
49:09 But He rested on the seventh day.
49:11 Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy. "
49:16 Together, "Honor your father and your mother,
49:21 that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord
49:25 your God is giving you.
49:27 You shall not murder.
49:30 You shall not commit adultery.
49:34 You shall not steal.
49:36 You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. "
49:40 "You shall not give false testimony
49:43 against your neighbor. "
49:48 I read it twice, I'm going to have 11 commandments.
49:54 You know what's happening.
49:55 You folks are reading to me from the King James Version
49:58 and I'm reading to you from the NIV.
50:00 And you know what you did?
50:01 I got you mixed up and I got myself mixed up.
50:04 So what we're going to do, we're going to read the
50:07 tenth commandment together.
50:08 Here it comes.
50:09 All together, that is verse 17.
50:13 "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house;
50:17 thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife,
50:20 nor his male servant, nor his maid servant,
50:24 nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that belongs
50:30 to your neighbor. "
50:31 You folks did very well. Sit down, thank you.
50:36 Now folks, I've got a question that I want to ask you.
50:41 I want you to think about this.
50:44 We've just read the Ten Commandments.
50:46 And let me tell you, it doesn't matter whether you read them
50:49 in the King James Version, I'm glad that my American friends
50:54 love that great Bible that came from my old mother church.
50:59 Did you know that?
51:00 It came from the Church of England.
51:02 And I'm glad to see all of my friends here loving that
51:06 old English Bible.
51:08 But you can get the truth whether you read the NIV
51:12 or the King James Version.
51:13 The most important thing is to believe it
51:16 and take it into your heart.
51:18 Now why did God give us these Ten Commandments?
51:21 I want you to come over here to Isaiah 48 and verse 18.
51:26 Isaiah 48 and verse 18.
51:31 Isaiah chapter 48 and verse 18.
51:35 God tells us why He gave us His law, His moral law.
51:41 He says, Isaiah 48 verse 18, "If only you had paid attention
51:46 to My commandments.
51:47 Your peace would have been like a river,
51:50 your righteousness like the waves of the sea. "
51:57 When my little daughter Julie, whom I love very much,
52:00 now a nurse in San Francisco.
52:03 When she was growing up in Sydney, Australia,
52:06 we lived on a very busy road called the Comenarra Parkway.
52:09 I was the pastor of the Wahroonga church.
52:12 Julie was just a sweet little girl.
52:15 She use to go to the Christian school,
52:16 our school, across the road.
52:18 The Comenarra Parkway was dreadfully busy.
52:21 I said to her, "Julie, I don't want you to ever
52:24 cross this road by yourself.
52:27 I don't want you to just run across that road.
52:30 You've got to go to the light and you've got to wait
52:33 for the teacher and you cross the road. "
52:35 Why?
52:37 Because I loved her.
52:39 Still do.
52:40 And God gave us the commandments
52:43 so we're not going to get killed.
52:44 He gave us the commandments because He wants us to have
52:47 happy homes and have happy hearts.
52:51 That's why He gave us the Ten Commandments.
52:54 These commandments, my beloved friends, are not a
52:57 yoke of bondage.
52:58 These commandments are commandments given to
53:01 give us liberty and peace and joy and happiness.
53:05 I want to tell you folks something.
53:07 And I'm speaking now because I've seen it.
53:11 I've gone to places where there's no moral law.
53:16 I've gone to countries where there are no Ten Commandments.
53:20 You don't want to go to those places.
53:23 The crime, the murders, the rapes.
53:28 You get off the plane and you wonder whether you're going to
53:30 make it to the hotel.
53:32 Thank God, my friend, for the Bible.
53:35 Thank God for Jesus.
53:37 And thank God for the Ten Commandments.
53:42 Now I'm going to tell you a story.
53:46 And this is a wonderful story.
53:48 It's the story of a young man by the name of Will.
53:55 Well, there was a king.
53:58 And the king gave to Will this beautiful mansion.
54:04 And the king built a big wall around that mansion.
54:08 You know what the wall is, don't you?
54:12 That's the law.
54:14 And he gave to Will this beautiful mansion.
54:16 And he said, "Will, I want to warn you about one thing.
54:21 There's a being out there, he's the great deceiver.
54:25 Never let him in. "
54:28 And the king helped Will to start to grow
54:31 these beautiful trees.
54:33 But one night, Will heard a whisper down at the front gate.
54:37 And there was a tall dark handsome stranger.
54:41 He said, "Will, Will. Let me in, Will.
54:45 And if you let me in, you won't have to work anymore.
54:48 I'll do all the planting for you. "
54:51 Well, Will thought that was good news.
54:53 And he opened the door.
54:55 And the mysterious stranger just came in like a snake.
55:02 And soon, together, they were putting in trees; lust, envy.
55:09 They got rid of all the other good trees.
55:13 It was amazing how quickly those trees grew.
55:16 Didn't seem to take any time.
55:19 And then the fruit came out on those trees.
55:23 And Will was eating the fruit.
55:26 It was a strange thing because he'd eat, he'd feel sick,
55:30 and he'd vomit.
55:31 Do you know what?
55:32 He'd want more.
55:34 So his life was spent eating, lusting, feeling sick, vomiting.
55:42 But wanting more.
55:44 Do you know what I'm talking about?
55:48 He was filled with despair.
55:50 He wanted to die.
55:52 He couldn't live and he couldn't die.
55:56 This awful prince who was ruling him now
55:59 wasn't helping at all.
56:01 He said, "You've got to do it by yourself. "
56:04 But as the time went by, one day, it was late in the day,
56:09 the sun was going down, he heard somebody down at the gate.
56:15 He went down to the gate and there was a man standing there
56:19 with a lantern.
56:21 He looked just like the king.
56:25 He was the king's son.
56:28 And he said, "I stand at the door and knock. "
56:33 And the stranger said, "Don't let him in, Will.
56:36 Don't let him in. He'll destroy all my work. "
56:39 That's just what Will needed to hear.
56:42 So he opened the gate and the prince came in.
56:46 And when the prince came in, the stranger left.
56:52 I want you to know this, never forget it.
56:54 When the big God comes in, all the little gods go out.
56:58 When the big God comes in, all the little gods go out.
57:03 So they went around and they uprooted these trees.
57:06 It took a bit of work.
57:09 Then they put in new trees; love, joy, peace, obedience.
57:17 They took longer to grow.
57:21 And soon Will was eating the fruit.
57:25 But an amazing thing happened.
57:27 He never felt sick.
57:29 He felt so good.
57:32 He felt joy.
57:35 One night, he was sitting on the porch with the king's son
57:41 who had the marks of nails in his hands.
57:44 He said, "There's only one thing that troubles me.
57:48 What if you should leave me. "
57:52 And the prince said, "Will, I will never, never leave you
58:00 or forsake you. "
58:03 What we need to do, my friend, is have the Prince come in.
58:08 When the Prince comes in, He'll write His law
58:12 upon our hearts.


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