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Participants: Ken Cox


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00:39 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center,
00:42 welcome to the Pillars Of Our Faith event.
01:03 He promised us that He would be a Counselor,
01:09 a mighty God and a Prince of peace.
01:18 He promised us that He would be a Father
01:24 and love us with love that would not cease.
01:32 I tried Him and I found His promises are true,
01:38 He's everything He said that He would be.
01:46 The finest words I know could not begin to tell
01:53 just what Jesus really means to me.
02:02 For He's more wonderful
02:09 than my mind can conceive,
02:13 He's more wonderful than my heart can believe.
02:20 He goes beyond my highest hopes
02:26 and fondest dreams.
02:33 He's everything that my soul ever longed for,
02:42 everything He's promised and so much more.
02:48 He's more than amazing, more than marvelous,
02:55 more than miraculous could ever be.
03:02 He's more than wonderful,
03:06 that's what Jesus is to me.
03:18 I stand amazed when I think the King of glory
03:24 would come to live within the heart of man.
03:32 And I marvel just to know He really loves me
03:39 when I think of who He is and who I am.
03:48 For He's more wonderful
03:54 than my mind can conceive,
03:58 He's more wonderful than my heart can believe.
04:05 He goes beyond my highest hopes
04:11 and fondest dreams.
04:19 He's everything that my soul ever longed for,
04:28 everything He's promised and so much more.
04:34 He's more than amazing, more than marvelous,
04:41 more than miraculous could ever be.
04:47 He's more than wonderful,
04:52 that's what Jesus is to me.
05:02 He's everything that my soul ever longed for,
05:11 everything He's promised and so much more.
05:17 He's more than amazing, more than marvelous,
05:24 more than miraculous could ever be.
05:30 He's more than wonderful,
05:35 more than wonderful,
05:39 that's what Jesus is
05:45 to me.
05:53 To me.
06:06 Thank you so very much Danny and Tammy.
06:10 We are moving through a truly wonderful afternoon,
06:14 a very Spirit filled day.
06:16 And what a great Sabbath day to be in the house of the Lord.
06:19 Our speaker for this particular hour certainly is no stranger
06:22 and needs no lengthy introduction.
06:24 Ken Cox has served the Lord long and well through many, many
06:29 decades of dedicated service.
06:30 He has a new book out that you may want to get a copy of
06:34 and read called, Called To Serve.
06:35 I'm about half way through it.
06:37 Just a fabulous story of a man who came from very
06:40 humble beginnings to become a great champion
06:42 in the cause of Christ.
06:44 He is a preacher of the Word, a student of the Word,
06:47 a friend of this ministry.
06:49 But more importantly, most importantly, a son of God.
06:52 One who preaches truth, whole truth,
06:55 and nothing but the truth.
06:57 We'll be happy to hear from Elder Cox this very hour
07:01 as he talks on the subject of judgment.
07:04 But before he does, our great friends, two wonderful
07:07 Christian people, Reggie and Lady Love Smith
07:10 will be singing In The Sanctuary.
12:54 Holy Father, who inhabits eternity,
12:59 who has been from everlasting, we come before You
13:05 this afternoon asking that You would pour out
13:09 Your Spirit upon us.
13:11 May it fill out lives.
13:14 May we sense Your mercy and Your grace.
13:20 You have been ministering in our behalf
13:24 in the Sanctuary up in heaven that each of us
13:30 could stand before the judgment throne of God
13:33 covered with the blood of Jesus Christ.
13:38 Bless us Lord.
13:41 Wake up our sleepy eyes.
13:45 May we sense where we are, and send us forth, Lord, energized
13:52 to proclaim a soon coming Savior.
13:56 For this we ask in Christ's name, amen.
14:04 Well, good afternoon.
14:07 We're very glad to be here to see you and to welcome you here.
14:14 We appreciate you being here.
14:16 Do you realize what you've been getting?
14:21 Are you getting any sense of what has been taking place?
14:27 Because the forefathers, our forefathers use to bring
14:33 in all the ministers.
14:36 And they would bring them in for three weeks.
14:39 And what they would do for that three weeks is just
14:43 pour on them, I mean, all the things that you're hearing.
14:48 They would talk about the pillars of our faith,
14:50 and they would do that over and over solid for three weeks
14:54 until those ministers were full up to here.
14:57 And then they would send them out.
15:00 And they would go out preaching the Word everywhere
15:03 and the kingdom of God, the church, grew abundantly
15:08 because they went out and preached the Word of God
15:11 and men and women accepted it.
15:13 And that's what you've been getting here.
15:16 You see, going through the pillars of our faith and what
15:19 it means, that is the blessing that you and I have received.
15:24 The presentations have been wonderful.
15:28 I have been blessed as I've been able to listen
15:31 to most of them.
15:33 The presentation given by David Shin this morning
15:36 was the best I've ever heard on the standards.
15:38 I hope that you are getting hold of this and taking it home.
15:45 Because dear friend, say what you want to,
15:51 we're down at the end.
15:54 And we need to be prepared for the coming of Jesus
16:00 and so do your children, and so does your neighbor.
16:05 And you and I have a responsibility
16:09 of taking it to them.
16:11 So I hope that you have been blessed in a special way.
16:17 There are those who say that you cannot prove
16:23 from the book of Daniel that the pre-advent judgment
16:28 began in 1844.
16:32 I personally do not believe that.
16:36 Since it is one of the pillars of our faith
16:41 and one that particularly makes us distinctly
16:47 Seventh-Day Adventist, then this afternoon
16:53 I would like to show you how we can do that
16:57 from the Word of God out of the book of Daniel.
17:01 Now if you have studied any of the prophecies,
17:05 you look in the seventh chapter of Daniel,
17:09 there are four beasts.
17:12 The first was like a lion,
17:14 the second was like a bear,
17:18 the third was like a leopard,
17:20 and the fourth was like a dragon.
17:24 From the scripture, studying it, it's very clear that the
17:29 first beast represented Babylon.
17:33 Daniel the eight chapter tells you point blank
17:38 that the next two kingdoms was that of Medo-Persia and Greece.
17:44 When we come to the fourth beast, the dragon,
17:49 when we come to that beast we find that it...
17:53 Let's see if I can get this working.
18:00 Ok the fourth beast, according to the evidence of scripture
18:06 and history and theologians, Bible students,
18:11 they agree that this beast represented pagan Rome.
18:16 Now I'm not going to do any more than that
18:19 to establish that fact.
18:21 If you have further questions about the dragon being
18:24 pagan Rome, then there's an abundance of evidence.
18:27 I'd ask you to go study that.
18:29 It's because of time that I want to move on here.
18:34 And so we have to go to the horns that are on that beast.
18:38 It had ten horns.
18:40 And it tells us here:
18:55 So he's describing here these ten horns and those ten horns,
18:59 we know from the study of history and scripture
19:02 represented the Germanic tribes that came down and overran
19:07 the pagan Roman empire and broke it into pieces.
19:11 But this afternoon, I want you to look very carefully with me
19:16 at the little horn because he says here,
19:19 "and another shall rise after them," referring to this
19:23 little horn that's going to come up.
19:25 "He shall be different from the first ones
19:28 and shall subdue three kings. "
19:30 And then it goes on and says:
19:45 In those two texts, God have given you and me
19:50 eight points of identification so that we have no question
19:55 as to who this little horn represents.
19:57 In fact, those eight points will only fit one power.
20:04 If you take all eight points, apply them,
20:07 they will only fit one power.
20:09 Those eight points are these.
20:45 Those eight points identify that power.
20:48 And I'm going to look at those eight points with you
20:51 very, very quickly.
20:52 I'm not going to go into much detail about it
20:55 because we don't have time to do that.
20:57 But we want to identify it as best we can.
21:01 So it says:
21:12 Please notice, it tells you that little horn would come up where?
21:16 Among them, meaning that little horn had to come up
21:20 among those ten.
21:22 We know those ten were the nations of Western Europe.
21:26 Therefore, I don't have to go looking all over the world
21:31 where that little horn is to be.
21:33 I don't have to go to South America,
21:35 I don't have to go to China.
21:36 I know that the little horn has to come up among those
21:41 ten horns, or out of Western Europe.
21:44 Point one.
21:45 Let's go to the next one.
21:51 Telling us clearly that this little horn had to come on the
21:54 scene of action after those ten horns.
21:58 Those ten horns came down on the Roman empire in
22:02 476 AD and broke it apart.
22:05 Therefore, this little horn has to come on the scene of action
22:09 after 476 AD.
22:13 The scripture is clear on that.
22:15 What happened? The Emperor Justinian.
22:18 Justinian has a problem because in the city of Rome
22:23 the bishop of Rome is a bishop by the name of Silverius.
22:27 Silverius is a Godly man.
22:30 He loves the Lord, tries to do what God wants him to do.
22:33 But he will not have part in the war that's going on
22:37 between Justinian and the Goths.
22:40 And so anytime Justinian's army got close to the city of Rome
22:45 or the Goths got close to the city of Rome,
22:47 he had the gates closed and kept them out.
22:52 Justinian and his general, Belisarius, had already
22:56 agreed that if they got inside the city, they would
22:58 banish the bishop.
23:00 Well, through the pleading of Justinian's wife,
23:04 Silverius opened the gates of the city and let
23:08 Justinian's army in.
23:11 And when they got inside, Belisarius banished him.
23:16 And Justinian took his own puppet and placed him
23:22 on the seat of the bishop.
23:24 His name was Vigilius.
23:27 And it says here:
23:39 Now Justinian, when he took Vigilius and put him on the
23:43 seat of the bishop, I'm sure it was the farthest thing
23:47 from his mind what happened.
23:50 But it says in history that the bishop of Rome
23:54 reached out and took hold of the scepter
23:58 and took the seat of Caesar.
24:02 And so all of a sudden you have here in 538 AD, after 476 AD,
24:09 the little horn is established.
24:11 Let's go on.
24:15 The ten tribes, these were strictly political powers.
24:20 But now, all of a sudden you have a power that
24:23 is totally and distinctly different.
24:25 It is a religio-political power.
24:28 You have the union of church and state coming together
24:33 and it is ruling, not only in the matter of politics
24:37 but also in the matter of religion.
24:39 So he was distinctly different.
24:42 Alright.
24:45 Three of those Germanic tribes; the Heruli, the Vandals,
24:48 and the Ostrogoths, in their acceptance of Christianity...
24:53 And by the way, the early Christians saw them as
24:57 someone they could take the gospel to.
24:59 And many of those Germanic tribes accepted
25:02 Christ and believed.
25:03 That's the reason Western Europe is basically Christian.
25:07 That's what happened.
25:09 But three of those tribes accepted the concept of Arianism
25:13 which Justinian and Vigilius violently opposed.
25:18 And Justinian went in and wiped them off the map.
25:23 Exactly what happened.
25:24 Let's go on.
25:29 I could give you a number of statements.
25:31 Just one, and that is this one that says this.
25:40 In other words, when it says he would speak pompous words,
25:43 indeed he has.
25:45 The next point says:
26:01 You see when a church, I don't care what church it is,
26:04 takes on civil power then you'll find it always persecutes.
26:13 And the church here had taken on civil power.
26:15 And so history just simply makes this statement:
26:30 And indeed she did persecute.
26:39 It says he would change times and laws.
26:42 History bears out the fact that he did just that.
26:45 It says here:
26:55 It says that he can change law.
26:57 And then the eighth point says:
27:07 And we find that this is exactly how it comes out in scripture.
27:11 In scripture, a time represents one year.
27:16 There are 360 days in a Biblical year according Genesis 7.
27:21 Ok, times represents 2 years, 720.
27:25 Half a time, 180.
27:28 A Total giving you 1260.
27:30 Vigilius ascended the Papal chair when?
27:35 538 AD.
27:39 Okay.
27:41 He ascended the papal chair in 538 AD
27:44 We find that in scripture a day represents one year.
27:49 Ezekiel 4:6 and Numbers 14:34 tells you that.
27:53 So if we apply that principle to 538 for 1260 years,
28:00 it takes us to the date of 1798.
28:06 It says it would be given unto his hand for a
28:09 time and times and half a time.
28:11 And that is true because in 1798 Napoleon is wanting
28:16 to rule Europe.
28:18 And Napoleon has sent his general, Berthier, into Rome
28:24 and history records this:
28:36 Those eight points will only fit that little horn.
28:42 Okay, now watch because we're going to establish
28:46 the judgment from this.
28:48 So read the next text very carefully with me.
29:01 What does that sound like?
29:04 They're going to seat the court, that sounds like judgment.
29:16 When was the papal's power and dominion taken away from it?
29:21 1798.
29:23 So we are establishing that date.
29:26 God doesn't just leave you there.
29:27 He doesn't just stop there.
29:29 Listen as He continues.
30:23 Do you get the picture?
30:25 It's saying this little horn would rule for 1260 years,
30:29 and when that 1260 years came to an end
30:32 the next thing would be the judgment.
30:35 One more.
30:57 So dear friend, you have simply that little horn
31:00 ruling for 1260 years and the scripture says
31:03 absolutely when that is done, the judgment is going to be
31:07 the next that happens.
31:08 They can say what they want to, but dear friends, that clearly
31:13 establishes it on the basis of God's word.
31:16 You and I don't have to be in doubt about it.
31:19 So let's move into the judgment.
31:21 Go to the eighth chapter of Daniel.
31:34 The same horn.
31:58 He said, how long is this little horn going to go on?
32:03 How long is this going to take place?
32:05 Alright.
32:06 The angel answers him:
32:19 He said it's going to go on for 2300 days,
32:23 then the Sanctuary will be cleansed.
32:26 That word, "cleansing of the Sanctuary," was also known
32:31 as the day of atonement.
32:34 Or if you please, also known as the day of judgment.
32:40 So he said, how long is this going to go on?
32:42 He said for 2300 days until that.
32:47 Until the judgment begins.
32:50 So looking at this prophecy, let's move ahead.
32:53 For 2300 days, then the Sanctuary shall be cleansed.
32:59 Now if you take a look, I put 2300 days up there
33:03 so you can look at it.
33:04 This is the period of time, folks, you must keep in mind.
33:07 This is the period of time that we're dealing with.
33:10 Ok, 2300.
33:13 Remember that as we go through it.
33:14 Alright, 2300 day.
33:17 Daniel didn't understand this.
33:20 So it says:
33:42 So he said, "Daniel, I'm come to help you
33:45 understand this vision. "
33:47 Ok, how much time are we dealing with?
33:51 Alright, we're dealing with 2300.
33:53 Alright.
33:54 Now listen as the angel begins to explain it to him.
33:57 And folks, these next verses that I'm reading here
34:01 are very important.
34:03 So follow them carefully.
34:27 He said, "Daniel, 70 weeks are given to your people. "
34:32 Who is Daniel's people?
34:35 Now, the Jewish people.
34:36 He said, "I'm giving them 70 weeks," and then he enumerates
34:40 the things that were to take place.
34:42 And we'll look at some of those as we go through here tonight.
34:45 Now, if you've got 2300 years and he said out of that 2300,
34:53 "70 weeks are given to your people," the Jewish people.
34:59 Alright.
35:02 You can have that number, 2300, but it doesn't do you any good.
35:07 You can have 70 weeks, but it doesn't do you any good
35:10 unless you've got a starting point.
35:12 You've got to have a place where you're starting.
35:15 And that's what the angel Gabriel gives to Daniel next,
35:18 is the starting point.
35:20 And He says:
35:36 So he said, "Daniel, know from the going forth of the
35:40 commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem
35:44 it's going to be 7 weeks, threescore and two weeks. "
35:49 Or a total, if you please, of 69 weeks until what?
35:57 "Until Messiah the Prince. "
35:59 Let me tell you, that prophecy cannot be answered,
36:05 that is the prophecy that pinpoints exactly when Christ
36:10 was going to appear.
36:13 And when it says there that this was to seal up the vision
36:17 and the prophecy, that seals it.
36:22 If you move it, you mess everything up.
36:27 It ties it down, it can't be moved.
36:30 It puts it there solid, until Messiah the Prince.
36:33 Ok, let's see what we've got here.
36:37 What was the starting date?
36:39 Well, the scripture records it.
36:41 There were three decrees given to go back and build Jerusalem.
36:44 One by Cyrus, one by Darius, and one by Artaxerxes.
36:50 It is the decree by Artaxerxes that let the Jewish people
36:54 go back and become a nation independent and rule themselves.
37:00 So the other two decrees by Cyrus and Darius didn't do that.
37:05 So it says here, Ezra 7 verse 12:
37:24 That decree was given in 457 BC.
37:30 That gives you a starting date.
37:33 Okay?
37:34 So we have a starting date.
37:37 Alright.
37:41 If I've got 69 weeks, ok, I must remember if I've got 69 weeks
37:49 that in the Bible a day represents a year.
37:53 That's what we just read a while ago, Ezekiel 4:6
37:56 and Numbers 14:34, that a day represents a year.
38:00 So if I have 69 weeks, that is 483 years.
38:09 So in BC dates, you subtract.
38:13 So if I subtract 483 from 457 BC,
38:22 that takes me to,
38:28 it takes me to 26 AD.
38:33 A little problem there, right?
38:35 Ok, the problem is there, you can't count a 0 year.
38:40 So you've got to make provision for that 0 year.
38:44 So in reality, it takes you to the date of 27 AD.
38:51 What is suppose to happen in 27 AD?
38:56 It says, "until the Messiah the Prince. "
39:01 Well, let's see what happened in 27 AD.
39:30 Christ came, as He came walking down the river there,
39:35 John saw Him and said, "Behold the Lamb of God. "
39:42 And Jesus was baptized by John in 27 AD.
39:49 How do we know that?
39:51 Very simply because in the same text in Luke 3, it says
39:56 in the days of Caesar Augustus, Tiberius, Pontius.
40:00 And it names these rulers and it is the 15th year of
40:04 Pontius Pilate, it says.
40:05 That was 27 AD.
40:09 So what happened?
40:10 Listen, this is what the scripture tells us.
40:25 So here, at 30 years of age, Jesus began His ministry
40:30 exactly in 27 AD.
40:33 Now dear friend, I'll just say this to you.
40:38 If you have any questions about Jesus being the Son of God,
40:45 if you have any questions about Him being the Messiah,
40:48 if you have any questions about Him being the Savior,
40:52 and you are intellectually honest,
40:56 then you've got to answer this prophecy.
41:00 Because it points out clearly that He was the Messiah
41:05 the Prince, that He fulfilled exactly what the scripture said.
41:10 Alright, well let's continue on.
41:15 "Until Messiah the Prince. "
41:17 Well that took us to 27 AD when Jesus was baptized
41:22 and began His ministry, 27 AD.
41:26 "To seal up the vision and the prophecy. "
41:29 He said this prophecy given you will seal up the
41:33 vision and the prophecy.
41:34 You see dear friend, if I change those dates,
41:39 if I change the dates, that totally ruins the prophecy.
41:43 It ties it down, it cannot be moved.
41:48 That is important because we're dealing with how many days?
41:52 2300 days, we're dealing with 2300.
41:57 So we're just getting part way into this thing.
41:59 And therefore, to tie it down so it can't be moved
42:04 ties down the beginning date and ties down the ending date.
42:10 That makes those solid.
42:12 Alright, let's continue.
42:25 So it says that Jesus would confirm the covenant with many
42:29 for one week.
42:32 Now I'm not dealing, follow me carefully here,
42:36 I am not now dealing with the 70 weeks.
42:42 I've changed here and I'm looking at the 70th week.
42:48 That's the last week of those 70 weeks.
42:52 You with me?
42:53 So in making that change, don't get lost.
42:56 We're now talking specifically when it says, "He shall confirm
42:59 a covenant with many for one week," we're looking at
43:03 that 70th week.
43:05 Alright.
43:06 If He's going to confirm the covenant with many for 1 week,
43:09 how many days are in a week?
43:12 Seven, and if a day represents a years that gives me 7 years.
43:17 So this is how long this 70th week is.
43:30 He shall bring it to an end.
43:36 Well, if I've got seven and I'm going to divide it
43:45 in the middle, that gives me how much?
43:47 Three and a half.
43:49 Okay.
43:50 So it says that He would bring the sacrifices and
43:53 oblations to an end, or the offerings to an end.
43:58 31 AD.
44:00 That's what happens when you go three and a half years from 27,
44:04 it takes you to 31 AD.
44:06 It says here:
44:18 They crucified Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
44:22 Your Savior and mine, paid the supreme debt
44:27 that you might be saved.
44:32 He died for each one of us.
44:35 That took place in 31 AD.
44:41 Just exactly as the scripture said it would.
44:44 In the middle of the week, He brought the sacrifices
44:48 and offerings to an end.
44:49 We don't bring a lamb, folks.
44:53 We don't bring a lamb, we don't have to.
44:57 Because the Lamb of God died.
45:00 My Savior, my Lord died for me.
45:04 He died for you.
45:06 Therefore, I can come to Him.
45:11 And He is merciful, loving, and kind
45:17 and will forgive my sins and yours.
45:23 This He's willing to do for us.
45:26 But the prophecy continues on and says that something
45:30 was going to happen.
45:32 And it says that when He died on the cross, something
45:36 dramatically happened in the temple, the Sanctuary.
45:40 And it says:
45:49 Jesus hanging on the cross and He said, "It is finished. "
45:56 And the priest is there in the temple ready to offer
46:01 the sacrificial lamb.
46:04 And all of a sudden, that veil began to tear at the top,
46:08 tore all the way to the bottom.
46:11 And the way into the Most Holy Place
46:14 opened up and that priest went running out of that temple
46:18 yelling, "Ichabod, ichabod. "
46:20 That the glory of God had departed from the temple.
46:27 You see, the sacrifices and oblations had come to an end.
46:32 It was over.
46:35 But, it says:
46:42 Half of seven, three and a half, takes me to 31 AD.
46:47 But I have how much left?
46:49 I still have three and a half years left.
46:53 So if I go three and a half years from 31 AD,
46:57 it takes me to 34 AD.
47:01 Now he had said to them, he had said to the Jewish people here,
47:06 how many weeks were determined?
47:12 That 70th week brings me to the end of those 70 weeks.
47:17 And he said that much time is determined upon your people.
47:21 In other words, that was the time that he had given
47:24 to the Jewish people.
47:25 And we find something took place.
47:29 There's a man by the name of Saul of Tarsus,
47:35 persecutor of God's people.
47:40 On his was to Damascus, and a light shines upon him
47:47 so bright that he falls to the ground.
47:53 And a voice speaks and says, "Saul, Saul.
47:56 Why persecutest thou Me?"
47:59 Lead by the hand, blind, to the city of Damascus,
48:07 taken to a man's house by the name of Judas.
48:12 And God speaks to a man by the name of Ananias,
48:18 and He tells him to go find Saul of Tarsus.
48:22 And He has this to say about him.
48:38 Saul, the persecutor became the apostle Paul to the gentiles.
48:46 And so, just exactly as God's word said, the gospel
48:51 went to the gentiles ending 70 weeks that were
48:59 determined upon the Jewish people.
49:01 Now, remember we're dealing with 2300.
49:06 If I've looked at 70 weeks and there's 7 days, or 7 years,
49:12 and I multiply 7 times 70, it gives me how much?
49:17 490, so I've looked at 490.
49:21 That takes me to 34 AD.
49:24 If I subtract 490 from 2300, it leaves me how much?
49:33 1810 years.
49:36 If I have 1810 years left and I add that to 34 AD,
49:42 it takes me to 1844, until the judgment was to begin.
49:51 You see.
49:52 The cleansing of the Sanctuary was to take place,
49:55 that the judgment was going to start up in heaven.
50:00 So, clearly dear friends, we don't have to be in doubt,
50:03 we don't have to have any question about it.
50:07 The judgment has been going on up in heaven since 1844.
50:15 Why? You see, it says very clearly here,
50:19 Revelation 14 verse 6:
50:40 In other words it's in past tense, "has come. "
50:43 It is going on up in heaven now.
50:45 The judgment has to take place before Jesus comes.
50:52 It has to because it says:
51:18 If Christ is going to pass out a reward when He comes,
51:21 judgment has to have taken place.
51:25 He can't pass out reward if judgment hasn't taken place.
51:28 So it had to.
51:31 I prayed that I'd be able to get through this
51:35 with enough time to share something with you.
51:39 And I want to share something with you because I think
51:42 it's most important that you understand it.
51:45 If you have your Bibles, turn with me over to Daniel.
51:52 Turn to Daniel the 7th chapter.
51:58 You've got to see something here, folks.
52:01 You've got to see something that's taking place here.
52:04 Look at verse 8 and 9 with me.
52:09 Daniel 7 verses 8 and 9.
52:13 "I was considering the horns, there was another horn,
52:16 a little one, coming up among them, before whom three
52:19 of the first horns were plucked out by the roots.
52:21 And there, in this horn, were eyes like the eyes of a man
52:26 and a mouth speaking pompous words.
52:30 I watched till the thrones were put in place,
52:33 and the Ancient of Days was seated.
52:34 His garment was white as snow and the hair of His head
52:37 was like pure wool.
52:38 His throne was a fiery flame and it's wheels a burning fire.
52:42 A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him.
52:45 A thousand thousands ministered to Him;
52:47 ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him.
52:50 The court was seated and the books were opened. "
52:53 It says very clearly that there would be the little horn.
52:55 When the little horn came to an end, then it says the
52:59 judgment would begin.
53:00 Right?
53:02 You with me still, yet?
53:03 Ok, go to verse 14.
53:09 Well, let's go back up to 13 first.
53:12 "I was watching in the night visions, and behold, One like
53:16 the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven.
53:20 He came to the Ancient of Days and they brought Him
53:22 near before Him. "
53:25 Ok, so it's speaking of Jesus Christ coming in before
53:29 His Father to minister there in your behalf and mine.
53:35 Our High Priest, our Redeemer.
53:39 Now listen carefully, verse 14.
53:41 "Then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom
53:46 that all people, nations, and languages should serve Him.
53:49 His dominion is an everlasting dominion
53:52 which shall not pass away, and His kingdom
53:55 the one which shall not be destroyed. "
53:58 Now I want to ask you something.
54:00 You have the little horn, you have the judgment.
54:03 Right after the judgment, what happens?
54:08 What did it just say?
54:11 It says that God sets up His kingdom.
54:18 Did you get that?
54:20 That God sets up His kingdom.
54:22 Let's look at one more, go to verse 21.
54:29 Alright, Daniel 7:21 and it says, "I was watching,
54:32 and the same horn was making war against the saints
54:35 and prevailing against them, until the Ancient of Days came,
54:39 and a judgment was made in favor of the saints
54:41 of the Most High... "
54:42 Ok, there it is. The little horn, judgment.
54:46 Listen to the next part.
54:47 "... and the time came for the saints to possess the kingdom. "
54:52 Are you following me?
54:55 The little horn, judgment, God's kingdom.
55:00 One more.
55:02 Look at verse 24.
55:04 "And the ten horns are ten kings who shall arise
55:08 out of this kingdom.
55:09 Another shall arise after them, he shall be different
55:11 from the first ones and shall subdue three kings.
55:14 He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
55:17 shall persecute the saints of the Most High. "
55:19 And so forth.
55:20 Go down to verse 26.
55:21 "But the court shall be," what?
55:24 "... seated, and they shall take away his dominion,
55:27 to consume and destroy it forever. "
55:29 Look at verse 27.
55:31 "Then the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom
55:34 under the whole heaven shall be given to the people,
55:39 the saints of the Most High.
55:41 His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and His dominion
55:44 they shall serve Him forever. "
55:46 Now, dear friend, what I'm trying to tell you this
55:49 afternoon is, you and I are on the thresholds
55:55 of the kingdom of God.
55:59 That's where we stand today.
56:01 I'm sorry, you don't have much time left.
56:08 We're there.
56:10 The next thing is to be the kingdom of God.
56:16 We've been here on this old earth a long time.
56:21 This time has come, time would not permit me
56:26 to talk of all the things that are happening
56:31 that are shouting out, "It's over. "
56:36 "It's over. "
56:38 Some of you, like myself, have lived a good long time.
56:44 And you know as well as I do, there has never been
56:49 a time like now.
56:53 We have never seen the things that you and I are seeing today.
56:58 We know without question that Jesus will be coming soon.
57:05 Therefore I tell you, share.
57:09 Share what you have, share what you know.
57:12 Tell your neighbor, tell your children,
57:14 tell those everybody around you,
57:16 that Jesus is coming back.
57:19 You and I must not continue to be asleep.
57:24 We must wake up.
57:25 Even though they did all slumber and sleep,
57:29 behold the Bridegroom is coming.
57:30 Go out to meet Him.
57:33 The time is here for us to proclaim, Jesus is coming back.
57:41 And so, God bless you.
57:43 Stay close to Jesus Christ.
57:47 Remember, Jesus loves you.
57:50 And in Him you have a Savior that will represent you
57:57 before the Father.
58:00 And as long as Christ is representing you,
58:03 you can't lose.
58:05 He cares for you.
58:07 God bless you, walk with the Lord, follow Him,
58:11 stay close to Him.
58:13 And above all, be in His kingdom.


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