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State Of The Dead

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00:39 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:42 Welcome to the Pillars Of Our Faith event.
01:03 I give all my service to You.
01:11 I give all my service to You.
01:19 No matter the cost or what others do,
01:27 I give all my service to You.
01:37 I give all my problems to You.
01:43 I give all my problems to You.
01:52 No matter the cost or what others do,
02:00 I give all my problems to You.
02:08 I give all my family to You.
02:15 I give all my family to You.
02:24 No matter the cost or what others do,
02:31 I give all my family to You.
02:45 I give all my future to You.
02:52 I give all my future to You.
03:00 No matter the cost or what others do,
03:08 I give all my future to You.
03:18 I give all my worship to You.
03:25 I give all my worship to You.
03:32 No matter the cost or what others do,
03:40 I give all my worship to You.
03:49 I give all my worship
03:57 to You.
04:15 Thank you, C.A.
04:17 Well, it is so good to have all of you here at 3ABN.
04:21 And we just want to welcome everyone who is watching
04:23 from around the world to 3ABN.
04:26 If you're just joining us, this is the
04:28 Pillars Of Our Faith event.
04:30 And aren't we having a marvelous time in the Lord.
04:33 Right now, our next speaker will be Pastor John Lomacang.
04:38 You may know him as the pastor who hosts House Calls.
04:42 We know him as the pastor who makes house calls because
04:45 he's our local pastor here at the Thompsonville
04:48 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
04:50 His topic will be State Of The Dead.
04:52 But before that, we have Ladye Love and Reggie Smith
04:55 who are going to sing a beautiful song,
04:58 Marvel Not At What I Say.
07:23 Amen.
07:27 Can we say amen again?
07:28 Amen.
07:29 I always like it when a song tells the truth.
07:33 And what I like about the songs written by the Pillars projects
07:36 are, they all tell the truth.
07:39 And I'm going to ask for the Lord to give me the wisdom and
07:43 strength to just tell the truth.
07:48 Let's bow our heads.
07:50 Father in heaven, this is Your opportunity.
07:52 I'm the person that you've given this responsibility
07:57 and I pray now through your Holy Spirit
07:59 that I just tell the truth
08:02 to the glory and honor of your name.
08:04 In Jesus' name I pray, amen.
08:09 My topic is The Nature Of Man.
08:11 You know it's amazing, it's amazing what God
08:14 can do with dust.
08:19 When we look around our world today, everything that exists
08:22 that has life in it had a beginning somewhere.
08:27 But God's crowning act of creation was humankind, mankind.
08:32 And the record is clear what God can do with dust.
08:36 The Bible says in Geneses 2 and verse 7:
08:49 Now you'll notice I didn't use the King James Version.
08:53 I used the New King James Version.
08:56 Because the word used in the King James Version, soul,
09:00 has taken on a connotation that the Bible never intended.
09:06 God didn't insert an additional man into man.
09:11 God inserted into man the breath of life that belongs to God.
09:15 What do you say? Amen.
09:17 So man does not have a...
09:19 Man is not two parts; man and man.
09:23 He's dust and the breath of life.
09:25 When the dust of the ground that only God can design
09:29 is mixed with the breath of life that only belongs to God,
09:34 then man becomes a living being.
09:37 Say that with me, "living being. "
09:41 So the word soul has taken on the wrong connotation
09:45 based on something called Neo-Platonism.
09:50 The teaching of Plato that the soul and the body and the spirit
09:54 are separate living entities.
09:56 And that the soul survives the death of the body.
10:00 It even affected the early Jewish church
10:02 by the time that Jesus came.
10:03 That's why Jesus waited four days before He
10:07 went to raise Lazarus.
10:09 Because there was a belief existing that the soul attempted
10:12 for three days to get back into the body.
10:14 And if it were successful then the body would
10:19 come back to life.
10:20 Jesus waited four days, not because Jesus is ever late.
10:24 He's always on time.
10:25 What do you say? Amen.
10:26 But Jesus waited four days to buttress, that is,
10:30 to debunk that is, the ideology that the soul is the soul
10:36 container of life.
10:38 And then He said on that particular day,
10:40 "I am the resurrection and the life. "
10:44 So Jesus is the only one.
10:45 In Him was life, and that life is the light of men.
10:49 That's why He waited four days.
10:50 And so when Lazarus came back to life, you may remember
10:53 the story, from that on they decided that Jesus must die.
10:58 Because a belief that was even embraced by the Jews of His day
11:04 was completely obliterated by the resurrection of Lazarus.
11:08 So from the outset, we see that man did not possess a soul.
11:14 Man is a soul.
11:16 Someone say amen. Amen.
11:18 We are living souls.
11:20 The breath belongs to God, the body belongs to us.
11:23 And then God made it abundantly clear
11:25 before the fall what the results would be if man would make the
11:30 decision to go opposite to God's direction.
11:34 And by the way, when you read that, brethren,
11:36 there is no gray area in this topic.
11:38 It's only gray because of what people have taught that's
11:41 outside of scripture.
11:43 It is as black and white as black and white.
11:50 No gray areas.
11:51 As a matter of fact, Genesis 2 and verse 16 starts this way.
12:00 Notice how the devil makes it appear as though
12:02 you can't do anything.
12:03 God said take whatever you want, but...
12:17 I looked that word up in the Hebrew and the Bible said...
12:20 This is what God actually said in the Hebrew,
12:22 "You will definitely die. "
12:24 "I am sure you're going to die. "
12:26 God made it abundantly clear that the payment for
12:30 transgression is sin.
12:31 The wages of sin is what? Death.
12:35 But then Eve...
12:36 I don't want to get on the woman thing right now because my wife
12:39 is a very obedient wife.
12:41 But I'd say, in the very beginning...
12:42 I say obedient, not in the sense that I'm her master,
12:45 but we have a love relationship and we like
12:47 spending time together.
12:48 Amen.
12:49 And I believe that if more women and more husbands and wives
12:51 spend time together, there'll be a whole lot less temptation.
12:54 Can you say amen? Amen.
12:55 But Eve decided to take a stroll that God did not give her
12:59 a GPS to follow.
13:02 She went in an ungodly direction to the very tree that God
13:05 forbade her to partake of and she stood there.
13:08 And Satan, knowing that Eve had already been compromised,
13:12 reeled her in with a lie.
13:14 Notice Genesis 3 and verse 4.
13:24 In other words, I looked that up also in the Hebrew
13:26 and he said to her, "I am sure you won't die. "
13:29 And that's why people take drugs nowadays because
13:32 somebody said, "I am sure you won't die. "
13:35 That's why people have illicit relationships because they
13:38 believe that they are exempt from any kind of sexually
13:41 transmitted disease and they believe that they will not die
13:44 no matter what.
13:46 I also believe that's why people bungee jump.
13:51 I've said, I am not going to give the devil
13:53 a chance to kill me.
13:54 Anybody else? Come on.
13:57 Folk nowadays strap themselves to a gigantic rubber band
14:01 and in the back of their mind the devil says,
14:03 "You will not surely die. "
14:06 I listened to Paul Harvey one day on the news.
14:08 He talked about a 23 year old man that had
14:10 gone bungee jumping.
14:11 And you know Paul Harvey's classic ending to the stories.
14:14 And he said, "And he was 23."
14:19 The cord was longer than the distance between
14:24 from where he jumped to where the ground was.
14:26 And I always think about that.
14:28 Some people strap themselves to these cords and jump.
14:30 Other people are ridiculously very adventurous and so they
14:33 sit in a seat and they get pulled back like a gigantic
14:36 sling shot and get shot out into space.
14:38 Now, do you know how far you would go if
14:40 you're not seat belted in?
14:44 So I've determined that when the devil says,
14:46 "You will not surely die," I listen to God instead.
14:49 Can you say amen? Amen.
14:50 Thus the lie was born.
14:52 And I'm amazed how Satan is more supported today than God is.
14:57 Even, surprisingly enough, among Christians.
15:00 For example, some Christians argue and try to prove
15:04 that Satan was right.
15:06 You think about that.
15:07 You go to funerals, some of the greatest lies
15:09 are told at funerals.
15:12 "Up in heaven looking down. "
15:14 No she's not, she's right there.
15:19 "Oh she's so happy that you came here today,
15:21 oh dearly departed soul. "
15:23 People say that Frank Sinatra is in heaven dancing
15:25 on the streets of gold.
15:26 No, he's not.
15:27 And Liberace is not up in heaven playing on the piano.
15:30 How did the piano get there?
15:32 And let me make this one clear too.
15:34 Dogs don't die and go to heaven either.
15:40 I need to make something else clear.
15:44 And you need to look this up theologically.
15:46 Animals are not going to be in heaven.
15:49 Animals are going to be on the new earth.
15:51 During the 1000 years, there are no pets running back and forth
15:55 on the streets of gold.
15:57 They will be in the new earth.
15:59 We always talk about them being in heaven.
16:01 They're not going to be in heaven.
16:02 Look and read your Bible.
16:03 I've been hearing that preached even in our church.
16:05 "Oh, your pet may be in heaven. "
16:07 No he won't, he'll be in the new earth but not in heaven.
16:09 I've got a lot of dogs that died and I'm looking forward to
16:11 them being in the new earth.
16:12 But I know they're not going to be in heaven.
16:13 During the 1000 years we're going to be reviewing
16:16 the records of the decisions that Jesus has made.
16:18 We're not going to be walking a puppy or riding a horse.
16:22 Amen, somebody.
16:23 Then there are songs that are written that tell lies.
16:27 "When I die, hallelujah by and by, I'll fly away. "
16:31 No you're not.
16:33 Not unless they're transporting you're body from
16:35 New York to Chicago.
16:37 And then again, you won't even know it.
16:41 And movie producers do all they can to scheme and try to make
16:44 Satan seem like he is valid.
16:45 For example, listen to some of the movies.
16:47 And by the way, I don't watch these kinds of movies.
16:49 Amen.
16:50 If it's a demonic movie, stay off of my television.
16:53 I don't even watch it even if it is for free.
16:56 Here's some of the movies.
16:57 The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Remember that one?
16:59 You've got to have gray hair to remember that one.
17:01 Death Becomes Her.
17:03 Then the Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze movie, Ghost.
17:07 Love after death. That's not true.
17:09 Angels In The Outfield.
17:10 Another one, Heaven Can Wait. All Dogs Go To Heaven.
17:14 Dead Like Me, was another one.
17:16 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.
17:19 Living men shouldn't wear plaid.
17:20 Anyway, I just...
17:23 I'm sorry.
17:26 That was not in the sermon notes.
17:30 Here's another one, Soul Taker.
17:34 And then this modern repetitive whatever they call it,
17:37 Six Feet Under.
17:38 And then there are those that write books.
17:40 You know, sometimes you could be intellectual
17:42 but if your mind is not guided by God's Holy Spirit,
17:45 you are two french fries short of a Happy Meal.
17:54 Because you have a Ph. D., an M.D., or whatever else is
17:56 after your name, if God is not in it, it doesn't mean anything.
17:59 It means you are intellectually on your way down.
18:03 I'm trying to be kind about it.
18:05 But here are some of the books that are written.
18:06 Evidence Of The Afterlife, written an M.D.
18:10 That means mentally disturbed.
18:14 In this sense.
18:15 I don't want to make that mean that all the time.
18:18 But in this sense, if you have evidence of the afterlife,
18:21 you've got to be mentally disturbed.
18:25 Another one, Nothing Better Than Death.
18:27 About 20 or 30 experiences about near death experiences.
18:30 Another book and you've hear about this,
18:32 Embraced By The Light.
18:33 It was sold at all of these Wal-Mart's and Sam's Club
18:35 and all these other big stores.
18:37 And people bought it by the millions.
18:38 Somebody said that when you die, they got embraced by the light.
18:41 Somebody should have turned the flashlight off.
18:44 Because they did not go to the light.
18:46 Remember the Bible says, "God dwells in a light which
18:49 no man can approach unto, which no man has seen nor can see. "
18:55 Even when Moses asked to see God, he could not.
18:58 And I'll tell you later on why.
19:01 Here's another one, I saw this book in one of the
19:03 best seller catalogs, Twenty Minutes In Hell.
19:07 Why only 20 minutes?
19:10 Another one, One Hour In Heaven.
19:12 They were in heaven three times longer than the person who
19:15 wrote the other book was in hell.
19:17 Here's another one.
19:18 There's an organization actually called,
19:20 After Death Communications Research Foundation.
19:23 An organization that exists only to support Satan's lie.
19:29 And another one, teachings; purgatory, limbo,
19:32 the immortality of the soul.
19:34 And then those talk shows where they get that nice shaven guy,
19:37 he looks like a young huppy buppy.
19:38 You know, he's intellectual and he sounds so nice
19:41 and so convincing.
19:42 And he tells people that their loved ones are sending messages.
19:45 And the program is called, Medium.
19:46 You know what medium means; he's halfway to insanity.
19:51 Because you cannot base your feelings and say that your
19:58 feelings and your premonitions and your apparitions
20:02 are supported by God's word.
20:04 I would rather trust a "thus saith the Lord" any day
20:07 over somebody else's experience.
20:10 The Lord made it very, very clear.
20:11 When Eve sinned, she opened the door to deception
20:14 but Adam opened the door to death.
20:15 Notice Romans 5 and verse 12, the Bible says:
20:28 What that means is everybody received the nature
20:31 of their father, Adam.
20:34 Every one of us.
20:35 By the way, the mortality rate is 100%.
20:38 In 120 years, God forbid, everyone of us in here if Jesus
20:41 doesn't come, will be dead.
20:43 That's a fact.
20:45 Unless somebody found some vitamins I haven't taken yet.
20:51 And when they fell into sin, something happened that
20:53 man never expected and God never intended.
20:56 Genesis 5 and verse 5, the record is clear.
21:08 So you cannot prove that man has an immortal soul.
21:12 There is no such thing as an immortal soul.
21:14 Listen to Ezekiel 18 verse 4.
21:27 There are some people that like that text in Matthew 28
21:29 that says, "Fear him not that's able to destroy the body
21:33 but not able to destroy the soul.
21:35 But fear Him who is able to destroy both the
21:37 body and soul in hell. "
21:38 They use that to support the idea that souls don't die,
21:41 but if you finish it, it says, "Who can destroy both
21:44 body and soul in hell. "
21:46 It's evidence that the soul is not immortal, amen.
21:50 When Adam sinned, God made it clear what Adam's fate would be.
21:53 Genesis 3 and verse 19, this is Biblical.
22:02 We return to where we came from.
22:12 In other words, "Adam, you're going back to
22:14 where you came from. "
22:15 The ground is your home until the resurrection.
22:20 As a matter of fact, Hebrews chapter 11, the faith chapter.
22:24 When you read that...
22:25 I don't have it on my notes but when you
22:27 read that, think about this.
22:28 Read about all those who were persecuted, all the faithful.
22:31 And the Bible says they all died in faith not having
22:34 received the promise but having seen it afar off.
22:38 And then the Bible ends in that chapter, it says,
22:41 "But God, having prepared something better
22:43 that they without us will not be made perfect. "
22:46 They didn't die hoping to go to heaven.
22:48 The Bible says in verse 35, they wanted to obtain
22:52 a better resurrection.
22:54 Not a better death.
22:55 If you get buried in a $35,000 coffin, you're still
23:00 going into the ground.
23:02 It could be nickel plated, it could be see through,
23:05 it could have air conditioning, it could have an escape hatch,
23:08 you ain't going anywhere.
23:12 I like that Danny had an uncle that got buried, and he got
23:14 buried in his pajamas.
23:15 And they said, "Why would you do that?"
23:17 "So that when people come, they know I'm resting
23:18 until Jesus comes. "
23:21 I've seen people go to funerals and they say,
23:23 "Well, how did he look?"
23:24 He looked real good but he was still dead.
23:27 It doesn't matter how you look, you're still dead.
23:29 Oh he looked really good, but he was dead.
23:33 He didn't know how he looked.
23:35 Then you go to funerals, "Man, I don't even know who that was. "
23:38 Well in the resurrection, the Bible says we will know
23:41 as we are known.
23:42 We are going to look a whole lot better in the resurrection.
23:45 What do you say? Amen.
23:46 But God made it clear.
23:47 Let's discover this further because the Bible makes it
23:50 abundantly clear what happens after you die.
23:52 Ecclesiastes 3 and verse 20, the Bible says:
24:07 Look at the next one, Job 34 and verse 15.
24:18 Let's keep on seeing the theme from verse to verse.
24:20 David the Psalmist, Psalm 104 verse 29.
24:33 You may notice that there's a word that's repeated
24:35 in all those verses.
24:36 And the word is what? Return.
24:38 That means we go to where we began.
24:42 We did not begin in heaven, God did.
24:46 We began in the dust.
24:49 And that's why ministers say, "From dust thou art,
24:52 unto dust thou shalt... "
24:53 It's in the Bible there.
24:55 Earth to earth... Come on.
24:56 ...ashes to ashes... What?
24:57 ...dust to dust.
24:58 I've left many funeral sites in the cemetery,
25:02 but nobody ever followed me home.
25:06 A young lady once said she smelled the cologne of
25:08 her father that had died.
25:09 Well somebody needs to get rid of his cologne because
25:11 that's not him.
25:12 And what you've got to keep in mind is that devil is
25:14 busy about fooling people.
25:16 And if your mind is not safeguarded by what
25:18 God says in His word, the devil will make a fool out of you.
25:22 He'll make you see and hear and smell all kinds of things.
25:25 There was a movie that came out not too long ago,
25:27 and I didn't watch that either, called 23.
25:30 Somebody died and their favorite number was 23
25:32 and it started showing up everywhere.
25:36 And they said that person was trying to send a message.
25:39 No they were not.
25:41 The devil was trying to send a message.
25:43 That's why the Bible says we've got to keep ourselves
25:46 from being fooled.
25:47 The Lord made it very clear in the Word.
25:51 And we do not want to be fooled.
25:54 We've got to be clear because if you think that the
25:56 devil is done, the best is yet to come.
25:59 Sorry, sorry. The worst is yet to come.
26:03 We didn't come from heaven, we came from the dust.
26:08 The Bible made it very, very clear.
26:10 Here's another one, Ecclesiastes 12 and verse 7.
26:13 This is one that we often get confused by.
26:15 A lot of people try to use this as support for their
26:17 belief in the afterlife.
26:18 Ecclesiastes 12 and verse 7.
26:29 People read that and say, "There it is.
26:31 The spirit goes back to God. "
26:32 But they've got to follow that carefully because
26:34 if you follow what goes back to God, you have to begin
26:37 what came from God.
26:38 The spirit that came from God is the life giving
26:41 power that only God possesses.
26:43 When you pop a balloon, where does the air go?
26:47 In the air.
26:49 It goes into the very atmosphere that God created.
26:52 When you unplug a light, where does the electricity go?
26:58 It goes back to electricity heaven? No.
27:02 It doesn't, it doesn't.
27:04 It's waiting.
27:06 In the very same way, that life giving force
27:08 that belongs only to God...
27:10 But get this now.
27:11 I want to read that verse again and say something that
27:13 you may have missed.
27:14 "Then the dust will return to the earth as it was and
27:17 the spirit will return to God who gave it. "
27:19 Now notice, this text means that whether you are righteous or
27:22 wicked, your spirit goes to heaven.
27:25 Because it's the breath of life.
27:27 If this text meant you died and went to heaven,
27:29 that would mean even wicked people go to heaven.
27:32 But this does not mean that.
27:33 Because if the spirit that goes to heaven is a living source
27:38 that survives the body that died, it means everybody
27:41 dies and goes to heaven.
27:42 So the spirit that returns to God is abundantly clear
27:45 the breath of life.
27:46 Because people that are not righteous do not die and
27:49 go to heaven, even after Jesus comes.
27:53 Job 27 verse 3 made it very clear.
27:55 Are you following?
27:56 If you want to see the text you can peak at the screen.
27:57 Job 27 and verse 3, the Bible says:
28:08 The spirit is the life force that God put into Adam's body
28:12 through Adam's nostrils.
28:14 Those were the portals in.
28:16 And by the way, if you try to bring somebody back to life by
28:19 breathing into their nostrils, if they are dead
28:22 you can't do that.
28:23 We don't possess the life giving force.
28:25 In Him is life.
28:26 The life belongs only to Jesus, only to God.
28:29 So the spirit that Adam had was simply the breath of life that
28:33 God gave him.
28:35 And by the way, when you read the account of the flood
28:37 the Bible makes it very clear that the word breath and spirit
28:39 sometimes is interchangeable.
28:41 Notice in Genesis chapter 7 and verses 21 and 22.
28:46 Talking about the flood.
29:11 Once again, we did not come from heaven.
29:13 And death is not an alternate route to heaven.
29:18 Death is an enemy.
29:20 Death is not something we like.
29:22 That's why people cry at funerals.
29:24 People don't go to funerals and rejoice.
29:26 Well I've been to a funeral once, I need to say this.
29:30 I was at a funeral once.
29:32 I try to be kind, I try to say nice things about the
29:36 person that had died.
29:38 They didn't have a pastor so I got invited to, you know,
29:40 the local funeral parlor did that and invited me to
29:44 go ahead and perform the funeral.
29:46 I said all these nice things about the guy that was dead.
29:48 Didn't know that he was hated.
29:52 And people started popping up giving testimonies
29:54 to the contrary.
29:57 And they were saying, "I'm so glad that, you know, is dead. "
30:00 "I'm so happy that so and so is dead. "
30:03 And I though, whoa.
30:04 You know, I thought I was coming to do a Christian funeral
30:07 but I evidentially found out that this guy
30:09 had lived a horrible life and everybody there was
30:12 testifying to the fact.
30:13 That was the first funeral that they didn't put
30:15 that man in heaven.
30:21 But somebody asked the question, "What about
30:22 the thief on the cross?"
30:24 What about him?
30:25 What does the Bible say about him?
30:26 Let's look at that together, Luke 23 verse 43.
30:28 Look at what Jesus said to him. He's talking to the thief.
30:35 Get this now, Jesus made the promise that day.
30:39 Because three days later when Jesus rose, He told Mary
30:43 that He had not yet gone to heaven.
30:45 He said "Do not... "
30:47 And I'll read that verse in just a moment.
30:48 But notice, we often forget what the thief asked Jesus.
30:52 The key is remembering what the thief asked.
30:55 Look at verse 42 of Luke 23.
31:08 Remember me when you come, not when you go to heaven.
31:11 Because three days later Jesus said to Mary in
31:14 John chapter 20 verse 17:
31:28 You want to get this, this is a powerful thought,
31:29 but even Jesus had to wait until His resurrection
31:32 before going to heaven.
31:36 So if Jesus had to wait until His resurrection to go
31:39 to heaven, how do we get a go pass go card?
31:44 Dying, go directly to heaven. Don't wait for the resurrection.
31:47 Even by that very act...
31:49 Let me talk to this side.
31:50 I keep looking over there, I know you're over here.
31:52 Even by that very act is evidence that Jesus,
31:56 if Jesus had to wait until the resurrection,
31:58 what makes us better than Jesus?
32:01 Jesus made it clear, the resurrection is the
32:04 way to the Father.
32:05 Three days later.
32:06 So the thief said, "When you get back, remember me. "
32:09 "When you come into your kingdom, remember me. "
32:11 But thieves, you know, people that are stealing our minds
32:14 from pulpits around America, wants us somehow to believe...
32:17 And you know they go to those texts.
32:18 They pull one text out of the entire Bible and build an entire
32:21 world trade center around it.
32:24 It's like one piece of metal that ends up
32:26 to be 120 stories high.
32:29 But they ignore all the other verses in the Bible that
32:31 makes it abundantly clear what happens when you die.
32:33 The Bible made it clear.
32:35 Here's Job, one of the oldest books in the Bible,
32:37 that asks the question and answers it.
32:40 Job chapter 14 beginning with verse 10.
32:43 Here it is.
32:44 "But man dies and is laid away.
32:46 Indeed he breathes his last and," look at the question,
32:49 "where is he?"
32:51 Follow carefully.
32:52 "As water disappears from the sea, and a river becomes
32:56 parched and dries up," get this brethren,
32:59 "so man lies down and does not rise.
33:06 Till the heavens are no more, they will not awake
33:12 nor be roused from their sleep. "
33:14 And Job asked the question, Job made a request of God.
33:23 "Until the time of trouble is gone," Job says,
33:26 "keep me in the ground. "
33:27 And notice what else he says.
33:46 And brother what he meant, and you'll see this
33:48 in just a moment, there's got to be a change
33:50 before we go to heaven.
33:51 You can't go the way you are.
33:53 You can be the nicest Christian, you can't go to heaven
33:56 until your change comes.
33:58 And so when death comes, life ceases.
34:00 There is absolutely no consciousness after death.
34:03 You know, when my father's... He's dead now.
34:06 I'll get you confused.
34:08 If you read my book, I have two fathers and two mothers.
34:11 The man that raised me, when his second wife died,
34:13 because his first wife died; when his second wife died
34:16 she had loaned me some money.
34:19 He didn't want to give me the money.
34:22 So his wife loaned it to me.
34:23 And she died and he tried to collect.
34:27 And I said, "The dead know not anything. "
34:32 I said, "She loaned me the money and Sears is not
34:37 calling her for any money and JC Penney is not calling her
34:42 for any money because they know the debt has been cancelled.
34:44 Papa, the debt has been cancelled. "
34:47 And he kind of looked at me and...
34:51 Here's what the Bible says, Ecclesiastes 9 verse 5 and 6.
35:05 There's something every one of us knows.
35:07 What is it? That we will die.
35:16 Let me tell you what that means.
35:17 It means their mind no longer is working.
35:19 It doesn't mean you forgot them.
35:20 It means they can't process anymore.
35:22 That brain is just as dead as the body is.
35:37 Not under this sun.
35:38 Maybe the sun after the Lord remakes the earth.
35:41 But not under this sun.
35:42 Nobody is coming to your house, nobody is going to be sitting
35:44 down at the dinner table.
35:45 Stop putting that extra plate out there and throwing salt
35:48 over your shoulder and talking to people that you can't see.
35:51 Amen, somebody.
35:52 Amen.
35:53 All kinds of nonsense.
35:54 I went to somebody's house once, they had an extra plate.
35:56 I said, "Well, who's that for?"
35:57 "My Father. He died a while ago. "
35:59 What? Has he eaten since he died?
36:03 I don't want to be insensitive but that's kind of ridiculous
36:05 What do you think?
36:06 And these traditions, and then some people try to comfort
36:10 other folk by saying, "You know, don't say that because
36:12 mama can hear you. "
36:14 Well now, let me give you a hint.
36:15 If mama shows up and talks to you, you better say,
36:17 "Satan, get out of my house. "
36:21 And when you read your Bible in Deuteronomy,
36:23 the Bible calls those, "familiar spirits. "
36:26 From which we get the word family.
36:28 And then some people are drawn in because they say,
36:30 "Nobody knows that but my mother. "
36:32 Well the devil has got angels that are listening on your
36:33 conversation right now.
36:35 So they come back and tell you something that only mama
36:37 told you and the angel repeats what she said many years ago.
36:39 And you think, "Well that's got to be mama. "
36:41 But remember Saul.
36:42 When Saul disobeyed God and God departed from him,
36:45 he went to a witch to talk to Samuel.
36:48 And Samuel was in his grave dead.
36:50 But if Samuel was righteous and died and went to heaven,
36:52 he would have come down but he came up.
36:56 And then the other things is, witches don't have power
37:00 over saints that have died in Jesus.
37:04 That was a satanic apparition and that was the
37:06 sealing of Saul's fate.
37:10 Going down to a witch.
37:11 And some people that go to soothsayers and want to
37:13 get their palms read.
37:14 If you want your palm read, get some red ink.
37:18 Because they're just going to lie to you.
37:21 That's it, they're going to lie to you.
37:22 They're not going to tell you the truth.
37:24 Here's what the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 9 verse 10.
37:26 Let me keep going on.
37:27 The dead don't know anything. All communication ceases.
37:29 Get this, Ecclesiastes 9 verse 10, here it is.
37:46 There's so many people dead in New York that you have to
37:48 go get buried in New Jersey.
37:55 Somebody just got that.
37:57 There's no space to bury folk in New York.
38:00 And by the way, I suspect that there may be some people that
38:03 died right here where this church is built.
38:07 When the resurrection comes, if they're righteous the Lord's
38:09 going to make a hole in the floor and
38:10 bring them up to heaven.
38:12 But they are not doing anything right now.
38:15 They are not working, they are not computing,
38:18 they are not communicating.
38:19 They are not doing anything.
38:21 And by the way, Christians are not in heaven
38:23 singing songs to God.
38:26 Let's read the Bible again, Psalm 115 verse 17.
38:36 Get that, my brethren.
38:37 Not up into praise, but down into silence.
38:40 All singing ceases.
38:42 That's what Job meant when he says, "I will wait
38:46 until my change comes. "
38:48 And then some people think that the New Testament doesn't
38:50 teach that we are sleeping.
38:52 By the way, let me make this very clear.
38:54 Thirty-six times in the Old Testament
38:55 you find the word slept.
38:57 Slept, slept, slept, slept.
38:59 And some people say, "Well, do you believe in soul sleep?"
39:01 No, I believe that you're dead.
39:07 Don't fall into that trap.
39:08 "Died and slept with his fathers. "
39:10 "Died and slept with his fathers. "
39:12 "Died and buried with his fathers. "
39:13 Sleep is the condition of those who are resting in Jesus.
39:17 Do you know why?
39:18 Because one day the Lord is going to wake you up.
39:22 The second death has no resurrection on the heels of it.
39:28 It's gone, kaputs forever.
39:31 But not the first death.
39:32 Let's look at the example.
39:33 John 11 verses 11-14.
39:48 They thought that, well that's what you need when you're sick.
39:56 That's the problem.
39:57 What you think rather than what Jesus said.
40:09 That's Jesus' word.
40:11 Now I'm going to not be sacrilegious,
40:13 but is Jesus a liar?
40:15 He can't lie. He can't die.
40:19 He can't fail. He can't change.
40:24 And by the way, what Jesus says it's not open for alternation by
40:29 any doctor on earth.
40:31 Whether theological or any other such.
40:34 Whether he's in university or not, if it doesn't agree
40:37 with Jesus, forget it.
40:38 David the psalmist said, Psalm 13 verse 3:
40:51 And by the way, when you continue to read this subject
40:54 you see very clearly that Jesus even said to His disciples
40:57 before He left to go to heaven, He says, "I'm going someplace
41:00 that you can't even go.
41:01 You can't even follow Me. "
41:03 Look at John 7 verses 33 and 34.
41:23 Is that clear?
41:25 "You can't go where I'm going. I'm going to My Father.
41:27 You can't even go. "
41:29 Jesus didn't say, "I'll see you when you get there. "
41:35 People nowadays say, "Oh, you know, they're with the Lord. "
41:39 You hear all these TV preachers.
41:41 And I'm glad our TV preachers tell the truth.
41:44 What do you say? Amen.
41:45 "Oh, they're with the Lord now. "
41:46 "Dearly brother, he served God for 48 years.
41:49 He's with the Lord now. "
41:50 Come on, just read the Bible.
41:52 Stop believing these lies.
41:54 And by the way, if you like a lie, the Lord says,
41:56 "Okay, if you want a lie, here's a lie. "
41:59 "Those who receive not a love of the truth that they might be
42:02 saved, God will send them strong delusion that
42:04 they will believe the lie. "
42:06 What lie?
42:07 This very lie that Satan told them,
42:08 "You will not surely die. "
42:10 And people believe that nowadays.
42:11 But Jesus said, "Where I'm going you can't come. "
42:13 So the question is, how are we going to get there?
42:15 You see, the grave is our place of rest until Jesus returns.
42:19 We will not go to heaven until Jesus returns.
42:21 Here is the phrase from the lips of Jesus.
42:25 John 14 verses 2 and 3. Are you ready, here we go.
42:28 I'm almost done. This is amazing.
42:30 My church members are getting happy, I'm preaching sermons
42:32 within an hour.
42:33 This is amazing.
42:35 I told you guys if you give me a clock I could be done.
42:39 Anyhow, here we go.
42:40 John 14 verses 2 and 3, the words of Jesus.
43:08 We're not going to get there until He comes
43:09 back to receive us.
43:10 What do you say?
43:11 That's why you've got to remember, it's not
43:13 about the rapture.
43:14 It's not about dying and going to heaven.
43:16 It's about the second coming of Jesus.
43:18 It's about the resurrection.
43:19 It's about waiting for God to come back and get us.
43:22 How are you going to go if He's not finished
43:24 building your house?
43:27 "I'm still working on it, what are you doing up here?"
43:32 And by the way, I've got to say this.
43:33 There's no such conversation like that even
43:37 when Lazarus died.
43:38 When he came back to life he didn't say,
43:40 "Why did you bring me back from heaven?"
43:44 He had no account. Do you know why?
43:45 Because the dead know not anything.
43:48 When you go to bed at night, are you watching the news?
43:52 Are you reading a newspaper?
43:54 How is it that in this life you are very mortal until you die.
43:57 Then all of a sudden you become immortal.
43:59 Then people say, "Mama's looking down from heaven. "
44:00 Now what does she have, telescopes?
44:03 What kind of divine telescope do you have?
44:04 I don't want to be insensitive, but I want to hit the
44:06 devil on his head.
44:09 He's a liar and we need to know he's a liar.
44:11 God is not a liar, amen.
44:13 People can't even see around the corner in this life, but
44:16 they die and all of a sudden they can see 37 million miles
44:19 down to earth.
44:30 Can't even see from the back to the front of the stage.
44:32 Who is that?
44:34 That's what we do in this life.
44:35 While we're alive we can't see that far, but then we die
44:37 and all of a sudden they can see a long way.
44:39 But that doesn't happen because we're not in heaven.
44:42 One day we will be what Jesus wants us to be.
44:45 We don't get like He is by disobedience
44:48 and we don't become like Him at death.
44:50 The Bible makes it very clear.
44:52 Let me continue.
44:53 Notice 1 Corinthians 15 verse 22.
44:55 You've got to get this.
44:56 See, Jesus if the first and only to gain the victory over death.
45:01 At His coming, so will we. Here's the Bible.
45:03 And I'm reading this from the New American Standard Bible.
45:07 1 Corinthians 15 verses 22-23.
45:26 That's the scripture.
45:27 So it seems as if the resurrection has
45:29 almost been ignored.
45:30 That's why I love that song that Reggie and Ladye Love sang.
45:33 It comes from this scripture here in John 5 verses 28-29.
45:38 This is the hope we have.
45:40 And by the way, you've got to make your mind up
45:42 to be in the first resurrection.
45:43 Which resurrection did I say?
45:45 The first.
45:46 Here's the Bible, John 5 verses 28-29.
46:00 The same voice that Lazarus heard.
46:13 The voice that will break the silence of the grave
46:15 is the trumpet call of God.
46:17 Amen for that.
46:18 So when Paul repeated these words in
46:21 1 Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 16-18,
46:24 he was making it very clear.
46:25 Lazarus, He said your name.
46:27 But next time He's just going to say, "Come forth, saints. "
46:30 He's going to send His angels to gather His saints.
46:32 Now why send the angels to gather people that
46:35 are already there?
46:38 A young man got baptized not too long ago.
46:40 I could just say his name because I praise God for him.
46:42 If he beats me up, that's alright.
46:43 I could survive it.
46:45 But this young man argued with us for years as he watched
46:48 House Calls program.
46:49 And he was running audio for us at 3ABN.
46:51 And, you know, one day he called me into his office and he said,
46:53 "You know, Pastor John, I'm done fighting.
46:55 I'm done arguing with you.
46:57 I can't argue with what you are saying anymore.
47:02 What do I need to do to join your church?"
47:03 Somebody say amen. Amen.
47:05 And here's what convinced him.
47:06 He said, "You know, when I thought about the topic of
47:08 death, it didn't make sense to go and come back and go again. "
47:11 And then he said, "Your church makes God look like
47:16 He knows what He's doing. "
47:17 Amen.
47:29 Do you know why?
47:30 Because we don't preach for money.
47:31 You know that.
47:33 I mean, you know that.
47:34 Adventist pastors are probably the poorest pastors on earth.
47:37 But we've got the greatest inheritance.
47:38 What do you say? Amen.
47:40 Because you can't buy your way to heaven.
47:41 You can have all those hotels but you can't buy
47:43 your way to heaven.
47:44 You've got to tell the truth. That's the way there.
47:46 You've got to uplift Jesus. That's the way there.
47:49 You've got to tell the truth. And here's the text.
47:51 When the Lord comes down, 1 Thessalonians 4 verse 16-18.
47:54 Are you ready?
48:16 Here's the comfort, brethren.
48:17 The comfort is that death is not the last chapter.
48:21 One more chapter to be written.
48:23 Those who died in Christ will not rise until Jesus descends.
48:26 Those who were dead and those who never died
48:29 meet Jesus at the same time.
48:32 Those who were dead and those who never died
48:35 will be caught up together.
48:37 That's what Paul says.
48:38 But what about, "To be absent from the body is to be
48:41 present with the Lord. "
48:42 I'm going to beat that one up like an angry dog.
48:48 Two ways that we can understand that.
48:50 Paul sometimes wrote to the church while he was
48:53 away from the church.
48:54 Here's the first verse, 1 Corinthians 5 and verse 3.
48:57 Here's what Paul says.
49:14 Paul says, "I'm not there. "
49:15 In other words, if it was today, he says,
49:17 "I'm sending you an email.
49:18 I'd like to be there, but here's my email. "
49:20 "I'm absent in body but I'm present in spirit. "
49:23 Paul didn't send a spirit to the Ephesians church
49:26 or the Corinthians church.
49:27 He said, "I'm not there. "
49:28 But here's the one that people like to build around.
49:30 2 Corinthians 5 verse 6-8. Are you ready?
49:52 First point, when you read that entire story,
49:55 the word death never appears once.
49:58 It's not even there.
50:00 You can't even assume it's there.
50:01 Here's what Paul is saying.
50:03 If we are content in this mortal body, we will never
50:08 be able to see the Lord because we cannot see God
50:11 in this mortal body.
50:13 While we are at home, that's the phrase, in this life
50:17 with all its troubles, we'll never look forward to the
50:20 day when we will be present with the Lord.
50:23 In order to be present with the Lord, this mortal body
50:26 has to be replaced.
50:28 Look at what else he says continuing in the very verse
50:31 right before that.
50:32 2 Corinthians 5 and verse 4.
50:35 Paul talked about the inevitability of getting rid
50:37 of this mortal body.
50:38 Not dying and going to heaven right away.
50:40 Here it is.
50:56 That's what he's meaning.
50:57 This mortal body will one day be swallowed up in life.
51:01 How is it going to be swallowed up?
51:02 Let me read it from the New Living Translation
51:04 second edition.
51:05 Same text, look at what it says.
51:24 Is that clear?
51:26 One day, these dead bodies are going to be swallowed up,
51:29 these mortal bodies are going to be swallowed up.
51:32 And I not telling the truth? By life.
51:34 And here's what else he says in Philippians 3 verse 20-21.
51:37 Here's what he means by that.
51:40 Are you ready?
51:57 That confirmation, that transformation
52:00 is not taking place at death.
52:01 When is it going to take place?
52:03 Our last scripture for the evening.
52:05 I didn't think I'd get through 35 slides.
52:08 But praise the Lord we've got a good man on the truck.
52:12 I praise God for good guys behind the camera.
52:15 1 Corinthians 15 verses 51-55.
52:18 The most powerful text about the resurrection.
52:20 That entire chapter of 1 Corinthians 15
52:22 is about death and the resurrection.
52:26 The most overlooked reason is in this verse.
52:28 The most overlooked reason why we can't go to heaven
52:31 when we die is in this verse.
52:33 Here we go.
52:57 Here it is, before I finish.
52:59 When the trumpet sounds, the change takes place.
53:02 The change doesn't take place when you die,
53:04 it takes place when the Lord is descending blowing that trumpet,
53:07 "Here I come. "
53:08 Then the change takes place.
53:10 Let's keep going.
53:45 Here's the two points that you must get from these scriptures.
53:47 It is impossible for mortal man to exist in the presence
53:51 of an immortal God until man is also immortal.
53:55 Secondly, we are not made immortal at death.
53:58 We are changed at the return of Jesus.
54:01 Now let me tell you why I like this sermon.
54:04 I've got two mothers that are resting in Jesus right now.
54:09 If they saw the hardship and the difficulty that I've been
54:12 going through since they died, heaven would not
54:15 be a place of joy.
54:16 It'd be a place of sadness.
54:19 When Momma Haynes died, she didn't know I left the church
54:22 and went out into the world and almost lost my life.
54:24 Partying and gambling and drinking and pool hustling.
54:29 And the only thing that kept me going was the words of Momma
54:32 in the back of my mind that she planted there when
54:35 I was a young man.
54:37 Momma doesn't know I left the church and came back.
54:39 And, praise God, heaven won't be a place of sadness
54:41 if she watched those steps in my life.
54:43 But it's not a place of sadness, It's going to be a place of joy.
54:45 What do you say?
54:46 It's going to be a place of surprises too.
54:48 You don't know who's going to make it.
54:49 You just better make up your mind to be there.
54:52 We can't decide by what we see who's going to be there
54:54 and who's not going to be there.
54:57 Momma Haynes died but I got back, I got back by God's grace.
55:01 I tell you, I've got a godly wife.
55:02 God send a love...
55:03 God sent somebody who loved Him more than she loved me.
55:09 And made sure I was back in the truth.
55:11 Now I'm telling the truth.
55:13 And you know what's so nice about that?
55:14 I know that Momma didn't see what's been
55:16 happening in my life.
55:18 I've got a second mother who I met when I was
55:21 almost 26 years old.
55:22 She gave me up as a baby.
55:23 Left me at a babysitter, at Momma Haynes house.
55:26 She left me where I could learn the truth so that one day
55:28 when I found her, I could tell her the truth.
55:30 Come on, say amen. Amen.
55:32 When she died in the Lord, we only spent 7 years together.
55:35 That's God's number, perfect relationship.
55:38 I only had one Mother's Day celebration with my mother,
55:41 that mother who gave me life.
55:42 That Filipino mother who gave me life.
55:44 We only spent one birthday together,
55:46 one Mother's Day together.
55:48 But I know that when Jesus comes, I've got at least
55:51 two more appointments.
55:55 Can we say glory to God?
55:56 I've got two more appointments.
55:59 I'm torn between whether I've got to be in the Virgin Islands
56:02 or if I've got to be in New York.
56:05 So I've got to make up my mind, I can't be in two
56:08 places at one time.
56:09 So I made up my mind I'm going to meet them in the air.
56:12 Amen.
56:20 And I give all the glory to Jesus.
56:22 Not because of some theological understanding
56:24 but because of the fact that He's my
56:25 resurrection and my life.
56:27 In Him I have life and in Him I have forgiveness.
56:29 In Him I have salvation.
56:31 In Him I've got hope to see them again.
56:34 I don't know about my dad's.
56:36 I'm praying that God worked something out before
56:38 they closed their eyes.
56:39 I don't know about that but I know that heaven's going to
56:41 be a place of surprises.
56:42 But I made up my mind, whether you go or not
56:44 I'm going to be there.
56:45 Somebody once said, "I'm going to cry but not forever. "
56:48 "I'm going to miss you but not forever. "
56:50 And every time my wife and I travel around the world
56:53 we say to people, "We may never see you again.
56:54 But if we see you again, let's make an appointment;
56:56 the third week by the tree of life. "
56:58 Because the first week belongs to Jesus.
57:02 And the second week, I've got to ask Solomon the question,
57:04 "What was on your mind?
57:08 Why on earth would you want to marry 700 women
57:12 when I spent my whole life trying to make one happy. "
57:16 So I say to folk, in the resurrection I'm going to look
57:20 like God intended for me to look.
57:23 I'm going to have a glorious body.
57:25 I'm not going to worry about coloring my hair anymore.
57:28 I don't need contacts.
57:30 Somebody say amen. Amen.
57:31 I don't have to worry about pains in my knees.
57:34 In the resurrection when God makes us all new,
57:37 we're going to be just like Jesus.
57:39 So brethren, don't fall for a lie because the best
57:42 is yet to come.
57:43 You want to be there, my brother?
57:45 You want to be there, my sister?
57:46 Hold on to the only One that can give you eternal life.
57:49 And when that day comes...
57:50 And it's coming and I believe it's on its way.
57:52 When that day comes and I hear that trumpet blow,
57:55 I'm going to be looking left and right.
57:56 St. Thomas, New York. St. Thomas, New York.
58:00 I'm going to look up and say, "Lo, this is my God.
58:02 I've waited for Him and He'll save me. "
58:04 And when we get to heaven, I'm going to see my mother
58:06 the way that God intends for her to look.
58:08 And Momma Haynes.
58:09 No more death, no more crying, no more suffering.
58:11 So those who are watching, keep on trusting Jesus
58:14 because, friends say it with me, "The best is yet to come. "


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