Pillars of Our Faith 2010 Camp Meeting

Second Coming / Millennium

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Participants: Lyle Albrecht


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00:39 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:42 Welcome to the Pillars Of Our Faith event.
01:07 Lord, it's with the simple reverence
01:12 that I come into your presence
01:17 whispering the name that calms all fears.
01:26 And I'm filled with such emotion at Your mercy and devotion
01:34 to think that You would come and meet me here.
01:43 Lord, I tremble at the very thought of Calvary where
01:53 You chose me over life as You suffered willingly.
02:00 Lord, I tremble at the way I'm undeserving of
02:09 the love You came to give and the blood that makes me worthy.
02:17 Lord, I tremble.
02:25 Let me not forget His temple
02:30 is transformed into a throne room.
02:34 And through Your name my soul is ushered in.
02:41 So let me come to You in wonder,
02:46 let my heart still pound like thunder
02:50 at the way Your grace has found me once again.
02:58 Lord, I tremble at the very thought of Calvary where
03:07 You chose me over life as You suffered willingly.
03:15 Lord, I tremble at the way I'm undeserving of
03:24 the love You came to give and the blood that makes me worthy.
03:32 Lord, I tremble at the way Your love has saved me
03:38 and Your precious grace forgave me.
03:42 Let me never take for granted who You are.
03:50 Lord, I tremble at the very thought of Calvary where
04:00 You chose me over life as You suffered willingly.
04:07 I tremble at the way I'm undeserving of
04:16 the love You came to give and the blood that makes me worthy.
04:24 Lord, I tremble.
04:36 Lord, I tremble.
04:44 Amen.
04:46 Amen, thank you so much Melody.
04:49 Melody Firestone.
04:50 And what a beautiful song.
04:53 And what a beautiful day we've had here
04:57 in southern Illinois.
04:59 And Camille and I, we just enjoy it around here so much.
05:03 You should all move here.
05:07 You really should.
05:09 I tell you, we love it here.
05:10 Camille and I were talking yesterday, we said,
05:13 "You know, we found a home. "
05:15 We love it right here.
05:17 It's country and yet a lot of good things are
05:19 going on around here.
05:21 So we enjoy it so very much.
05:24 Well our speaker tonight is Lyle Albrecht.
05:28 Amen.
05:29 Wow, listen to that.
05:30 Lyle, you've got some friends here.
05:38 You know, wherever I go and I'm talking to people who've
05:41 made decisions for the Lord Jesus Christ
05:44 to become part of the remnant church and be a part of these
05:48 last days message to the world, I will find that they'll mention
05:53 several speakers.
05:54 They'll mention Kenneth Cox, John Carter, David Asscherick.
05:58 They will mention several others.
06:01 And they always mention Lyle Albrecht.
06:04 Amen.
06:05 They watch Lyle and they hear the message.
06:09 He's going to be preaching tonight on the second coming
06:11 of Christ and the millennium, and all of those events
06:16 that take place.
06:18 And just before he does, Reggie Smith is going to come.
06:24 He's going to sing a song that were the words of William Miller
06:29 after the great disappointment.
06:33 But he said, "I have fixed my mind on another time. "
06:39 Reggie, come and sing for us.
11:53 Amen.
11:58 Oh, I can preach now.
12:02 I'm a little nearer to heaven than I was five minutes ago.
12:07 It's such a wonderful privilege for me to be here.
12:09 Amen.
12:12 I listened as I drove in from the airport
12:18 to my friend C.D. Brooks last night.
12:24 And as I always do when he preaches,
12:29 I asked myself this question;
12:33 Why do you keep trying?
12:45 And then I've discovered that this message that we love
12:53 is very tightly joined together.
12:56 These Pillars that we're talking about are united,
12:59 aren't they now.
13:00 Yeah.
13:01 One holds up the other, and the other supports the other.
13:03 You why I'm assured of that fact?
13:06 You know why I know it's the truth?
13:07 Lomacang just preached my sermon a while ago.
13:11 Yeah.
13:12 I tried and tried to pray him off, but I couldn't.
13:16 I thought he was going to preach on death.
13:18 Well, how do you preach the judgment and
13:20 the state of the dead without preaching on the second coming?
13:23 When you believe truth, it all goes together.
13:26 It fits like a perfect puzzle, doesn't it now.
13:29 Amen.
13:31 Well say, I want to take this one moment to say
13:36 "hello" to my sweet Peggy who's home.
13:40 And my daughter, Tammy, and my son, Troy.
13:42 And Peggy, I did not get another speeding ticket...
13:49 ...yet.
13:54 It's been a busy year.
13:56 I retired, you know that. Last November, we retired.
13:59 But I'm still going full time with meetings.
14:01 And in addition, I've made three albums, cd's.
14:08 We use to call them albums, you know.
14:09 You know how old I am now, don't you.
14:13 And I've written an autobiography.
14:14 Got a lot of color pictures in there, I've told a lot
14:16 of stories in there.
14:17 Some of you are going to be in there.
14:19 I've had to change some of the names to protect the guilty.
14:24 Yeah.
14:26 I included this story. You'll love this.
14:30 I was in central Washington and I was given the name of a lady.
14:36 I was about to hold a meeting, open a crusade.
14:38 And I was given the name of a lady who watched 3ABN.
14:43 Someone said, "She really likes your program. "
14:46 If you go and invite her, she'll probably come to the meetings.
14:49 And so I went to her home.
14:52 It was the early fall.
14:54 Her door was open, the screen was closed.
14:56 And as I got near her door, I heard a familiar voice.
15:00 Mine.
15:07 True.
15:10 And I knocked on her door.
15:14 And she came to the door and looked at me
15:16 and looked at her TV and looked back at me.
15:18 And then she said, "Oh my lord. "
15:23 I said, "No, it's just Lyle. "
15:30 And she fainted.
15:31 I promise you, the lady went the whole thing.
15:36 And her son had to bring a dish cloth and mop her face.
15:40 We baptized her five weeks later.
15:42 Yeah.
15:50 For those of you that might be interested in those
15:52 kinds of stories and 40 years of evangelism
15:54 and the conversion of my parents, you've heard me tell
15:57 a little bit of it, we have a website now.
15:59 LyleAlbrecht. com, I guess it is.
16:04 Well I want to say to you, it's a wonderful thing
16:10 to be a Christian,
16:15 to have a Savior,
16:20 to know where we've come from and why we're here,
16:22 and where we're soon going.
16:25 Soon going.
16:29 I had the privilege to be at the home of Johnny Cash.
16:38 I don't want you to think we were close friends.
16:40 But I was at his home a time or two and I've been a
16:46 fan since 1956, I guess.
16:52 Some of you may or may not know that for quite a while
16:54 Johnny and June attended a Seventh-day Adventist church
16:58 in northern Nashville Tennessee.
17:01 And so I was, a couple of days ago, re-reading
17:04 portions of Johnny Cash's first autobiography, The Man in Black.
17:09 I was reading again the story of the death of his brother, Jack.
17:14 Two years older than Johnny.
17:16 On a Saturday morning in Diaz, Arkansas, brother Jack was
17:21 going to go down to the high school wood working shop
17:24 to cut fence posts.
17:26 John, 12 years of age, was going to go fishing.
17:29 He said, "Jack, please come fishing with me.
17:31 I want you to come fishing with me, spend the morning with me. "
17:33 And Jack said, "I'd like to, brother, but we need the
17:36 three dollars that I'll make cutting fence posts. "
17:40 And so at the fork in the road, John went to the fishing hole
17:43 and Jack went to the mill.
17:48 A couple of hours later, one of the posts got stuck in the
17:53 saw and jerked Jack into the big circle saw and
17:57 it cut him from pubis to sternum.
18:02 And an old country doctor did his best to patch him up but
18:04 he told the family, "Jack is going to die.
18:09 He's going to die. "
18:11 And for the next week, Jack lapsed
18:14 in and out of consciousness.
18:19 The family gathered when they knew the end was very near.
18:22 And suddenly, Jack became lucid.
18:26 And he said, "Can you hear the angels, momma?
18:33 Can you hear their singing?"
18:35 "No," she said, "son, I can't hear them. "
18:37 "Oh it's so beautiful, mother. It's so beautiful. "
18:43 And then he said, "Do you see the city?
18:51 Can't you see the city? Oh beautiful city. "
18:57 And then he died.
19:02 Two days later in a little Baptist church,
19:07 they had his funeral.
19:11 And Johnny said he took that day great comfort,
19:18 and for the rest of his life, from the passage that was read
19:23 by the pastor; John chapter 14.
19:27 Open there with me if you have your Bible.
19:29 If you don't, shame on you.
19:31 If you can, look on with a neighbor.
19:33 And if you can't do that then just listen very carefully,
19:36 will you please.
19:37 John chapter 14, the first three verses.
19:42 John 14 verses 1-3, you've memorized them.
19:45 By the way, those who make record of these kinds of things
19:49 say that this passage of scripture has been memorized
19:53 about as often as any other in the Bible.
19:55 And for many many years, if someone had asked me
19:57 what's your favorite scripture, I would have said
19:59 this certainly is among them.
20:00 Right in the top five. Alright.
20:02 John 14 verses 1, 2, and 3.
20:05 "Let not your... " Come on say that again.
20:08 "Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God,
20:11 believe also in Me.
20:14 In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so,
20:18 I would have told you.
20:19 I go to prepare a place for you.
20:22 And if I go... " I might come again.
20:25 There's a good chance I'll be back.
20:27 I may see you again.
20:28 "If I go, I will come again
20:32 that where I am, there you may be also. "
20:37 "In My Father's house. "
20:39 I want you now to take a mind trip with me.
20:42 We're going to go back, you and I, to a dining hall
20:45 of 2000 years past.
20:50 There, around a horseshoe shaped table, sit thirteen men.
20:55 Twelve very ordinary men who, by their Lord and His Holy Spirit,
21:01 have become extraordinary.
21:05 In the center is their leader whom they now know
21:10 is not only their best friend but also their Savior.
21:14 They have shared together, for the last time, Passover.
21:17 He's instituted in its place the Lord's supper.
21:20 And then as they sit in a relaxed condition,
21:26 He says to them this, "I'm going to have to leave you.
21:32 Where I'm going you can't come. Not now, not yet. "
21:36 And their hearts are broken.
21:38 "We've just gotten to know You well, Lord.
21:40 Surely You're not going to go.
21:41 We want to go. If You're going we're going. "
21:45 Oh by the way, by the way, I say to Peggy oft times...
21:51 You know, that girl has spent 40 years in a camper with me.
21:54 Nine months out of the year, we're in a camper
21:57 somewhere at a meeting here or there.
21:58 And it's confining. It really is.
22:01 And not very many gals could live that way.
22:03 But I oft times over the years have said, "Well, sweetheart,
22:07 you can go anytime.
22:09 You're not locked in here, the door is open.
22:12 You can leave anytime. You're free to go anytime.
22:16 But I'm going with you. "
22:23 And so these disciples said, "Lord, we're going to
22:26 go with You.
22:27 We're going to go. "
22:28 "No, you can't. Not now, not yet. "
22:30 And so He speaks these words of comfort.
22:33 "I'm going to go get a place ready for you and I
22:35 will come again.
22:37 And where I am, there you may be also. "
22:40 "In My Father's house. "
22:41 Now, I ask you this question as we think about the
22:44 second coming of Jesus and the millennium that begins
22:46 immediately at His second coming.
22:49 What kind of man would He be to comfort His
22:52 very best friends with a lie?
22:54 You wouldn't do that.
22:55 Certainly our Lord wouldn't do it.
22:57 He is coming again.
22:59 We have His promise to His best friends given in an upper room.
23:03 Now, only just a few hours later after He's left the upper room
23:07 and gone over with the eleven of the twelve, into the garden
23:11 and there prayed and wept.
23:12 And then He's arrested.
23:14 He goes first to the Sanhedrin and the liars come in and
23:18 tell their lies against Him and He says nothing.
23:20 And finally the high priest has had enough of His silence
23:24 and He puts Him under oath.
23:26 He does the same thing that in a courtroom today happens
23:29 when the bailiff says, "Place your hand upon the Bible.
23:33 Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth,
23:37 and nothing but the truth, so help you God?"
23:40 The high priest says to Jesus, now, "I adjure thee
23:43 by the living God. "
23:45 He's put Him under oath.
23:47 And then he asks, "Are You the Messiah?"
23:52 And Jesus respects the oath. He's said nothing up till now.
23:54 But He respects the authority of the courtroom and
23:57 the officers, and He respects the oath and He now
24:00 speaks and He says, "You've said it right. "
24:03 King James says, "Thou saith. " "You said it correctly. "
24:06 "Indeed I am. "
24:07 But He doesn't stop there.
24:08 He goes on and says to the high priest, "I tell you here after,
24:13 you're going to see Son of Man coming in the clouds of glory. "
24:17 Now what kind of man would He be who would tell a lie
24:21 in a court of law?
24:22 Tell a lie under oath? No, not Jesus.
24:25 We have not only His promise to His best friends
24:28 in an upper room, we have His sworn testimony
24:30 in a court of law.
24:32 He is coming again.
24:34 "Let not your heart be troubled. "
24:38 Jesus, you remember, as He looked down
24:39 toward the last days,
24:41 Matthew 24 and Luke 17 and 21, He said that in the last days
24:44 there was going to be a lot of worry.
24:47 There was going to be a lot of confusion.
24:49 Men's hearts were going to fail them because of fear.
24:54 Heart disease and heart failure and strokes and
24:56 all of that kind of thing now are rampant.
24:58 They've become pandemic in our world.
25:01 People are afraid.
25:03 My neighbors, some of them are not Christians at all,
25:05 but they know something is about to happen.
25:07 We know what it is.
25:09 Yeah.
25:10 And so many are fearful.
25:12 But Jesus said, "Let not your heart be troubled. "
25:15 Their hearts may fail them for fear, but don't let
25:17 your heart be troubled.
25:19 It's alright for the non-believer to be troubled,
25:21 it's alright for the heathenist to be troubled
25:22 and the atheist to be troubled.
25:24 But don't let our hearts be troubled.
25:26 He is coming again.
25:32 He's coming back.
25:33 Now, the apostle Paul, in Titus chapter 2 verse 13,
25:40 and we won't have time because of the menace of the clock.
25:46 By the way, I discovered early on in my ministry
25:49 if you go two minutes over and about half the congregation
25:54 develops a disease that I call the tick of the left arm.
26:03 I know what time it is.
26:07 By the way, have you folks heard of that...
26:09 You can go just south of the border and you can get
26:12 a Rolex knockoff.
26:14 One of you has one?
26:18 This is a Timex knockoff.
26:22 And I know what time it is.
26:24 But we don't have time to turn to all the scriptures so I'll
26:25 just have to reference them.
26:27 And you A students will take notes.
26:28 Of course you remember these.
26:30 In Titus chapter 2 verse 13, there the apostle Paul,
26:33 referring to the second coming of Jesus called it the...
26:35 What kind of hope?
26:37 The blessed hope, looking for the glorious appearing.
26:39 The blessed hope.
26:41 I want to say to you tonight, to your heart and mine,
26:43 it is our only hope.
26:46 It's the only way out of here, this mess that we're in.
26:49 And so for the last few months, I have been preaching a series
26:53 of sermons that I've entitled with a subtitle,
26:56 The Necessity of the Coming of Jesus.
26:59 He's not going to come back out of whim or caprice.
27:01 He's not going to look down and say, "You're having it so
27:04 wonderfully well down there I think I'll come and join you. "
27:06 He's going to come back out of absolute necessity.
27:09 He must come again.
27:11 If there's anyone left here to save, He's going to
27:13 have to hurry back.
27:14 And so I'm going to just very briefly scratch the surface of
27:18 some of these reasons why I know Jesus has to come back again.
27:23 Number one, nuclear proliferation.
27:26 I'm from Idaho, I only learned that word a few days ago.
27:30 I thought I'd try it out on you.
27:31 Proliferation.
27:35 But did you notice I got the nuclear part right.
27:38 Did you notice that? Give me a little credit.
27:39 There are some Presidents who can't say it.
27:44 We love them still.
27:48 Well there's so many of the nations who are not necessarily
27:51 friendly toward us that have the nuclear bomb.
27:54 China is one and Russia, of course, one.
27:56 Korean and Iran and India and Pakistan.
27:59 He must come again.
28:01 You know, mankind has never made a weapon that he
28:04 has not ultimately used.
28:06 And you just have to wonder which day it's going to be
28:08 when someone pushes the button.
28:10 He must come again.
28:12 And then necessity reason number two.
28:16 The population bomb.
28:18 As we prayed in the back room just a little bit ago,
28:20 we alluded to this, you know.
28:22 There are in our world today about 7 billion people.
28:30 That number increases by a million every day and 3/4.
28:34 It use to be every 2 days but now, of course, the explosion
28:37 is exponential.
28:41 It gets to a certain point and then it just explodes.
28:44 And that's what's happening right now.
28:46 They say that at the present rate of population growth,
28:49 by the year 2025 there will be more than 20 billion of us here.
28:56 More than we can possibly feed or clothe or accommodate.
28:59 He must come again.
29:02 And He is coming again.
29:03 And then number three.
29:05 I look at what's happening in the world of medicine
29:09 and disease and pandemics.
29:11 I have two children surviving and they're
29:13 both registered nurses.
29:14 And I pray for them regularly and I want you to do the same.
29:17 Both, my Troy and Tammy, are nurses.
29:19 And the most dangerous place you can work these days,
29:23 not in the coal mines.
29:24 Did you know that?
29:25 And it's not in the logging camps.
29:27 It's in the hospital.
29:29 Yeah.
29:31 Really, it is.
29:32 They have all of these problems to deal with and all of these
29:35 diseases that come in.
29:37 And oft times, we don't even hear about them.
29:39 Sometimes I hear about it through my kids.
29:41 But there are horrors out there.
29:44 When that movie, Medicine Man, with Sean Connery came out
29:46 a few years ago, some folks thought it was just
29:48 all done in Hollywood.
29:49 It was based on a reality.
29:51 It was based on a truth down in the jungles of
29:53 South Central America and out in Africa.
29:55 There are some horrific diseases that are on the horizon.
29:58 Our Lord Jesus in Matthew chapter 24 and the 20th verse
30:02 said that in the last days there are going to be pestilences.
30:06 I've done some homework and that Greek word is,
30:09 that word rather, is translated from the Greek,
30:12 a word called loimos.
30:14 And it's talking about, says the Greek scholar,
30:17 a time when there come diseases that are pandemic.
30:20 They not only affect a community, they not only
30:23 affect a state, but they become very quickly worldwide.
30:27 And so I read up a little bit on the Asian flu, 1957.
30:32 A few of you here are old enough to remember.
30:36 You're not going to admit it.
30:41 That is the Asian flu.
30:43 And in that flu, there were 2 million who died.
30:45 And then we had in 1968, the Hong Kong flu.
30:47 At least a million were dead from that one.
30:49 And more recently, we've had the bird flu.
30:50 And we know that millions have died from it.
30:52 We're not exactly sure how many.
30:54 And we have continued to over use antibiotics.
30:58 Oh, the little kids have a cold or something and
31:01 their mother takes them to the doctor.
31:02 And the doctor says, "Well, I think that maybe just a little
31:05 something will fix this and some things you have
31:07 in your medicine cabinet. "
31:08 And we say, "No, I want you to give them some antibiotics. "
31:12 And we've over used them to the point that now they're
31:15 not doing what they're suppose to do when the
31:17 serious things come along.
31:19 And so we need to, kind of, be mindful of some of these things.
31:24 Aids.
31:25 Thirty million have died since 1981 from aids.
31:29 Down in southern Saharan Africa, there are 40 million
31:34 people today who have aids.
31:37 And fewer than 1/6 of them get any kind of medication.
31:41 It is a death sentence in Africa.
31:43 And the way people move around now, it's so easy to move
31:46 from one place to another.
31:50 Viruses.
31:51 I'm going to share with you a couple of quotations
31:53 from some men of science.
31:55 I'm not a scientist but I know how to read from some of them.
31:59 A guy by the name of Dr. Michio Kaku, a Ph. D.
32:04 from New York University said and I'm quoting now,
32:07 "Viruses now in the making are much more deadly than
32:11 any prior disease, including aids. "
32:15 Now by the way, his reference is to manmade diseases.
32:19 And there are on the shelves of the countries, again, that don't
32:24 care for us all that very much some diseases that are
32:28 in cans and bottles.
32:29 And some say that if they're released, they're going to be
32:33 far worse than a dirty bomb to be let loose in New York City
32:37 or some such place.
32:38 And so Dr. Kaku says that there are many now in the making that
32:43 are far more deadly than aids.
32:45 A guy by the name of Colonel Larsen who's the director of our
32:47 Homeland Security division said and I'm quoting again,
32:50 "What scares me is not so much the diseases that we know
32:56 traditionally in medicine, but rather the manmade diseases. "
32:59 And then Dr. Serge Popov, the head of Russia's, the former
33:04 Soviet Union's disease project said, "It's possible... "
33:07 I'm quoting again.
33:08 "It's possible to take smallpox, one of the worse natural
33:11 killers, and engineer it into the ultimate weapon. "
33:15 I was reading along, by the way, this context
33:18 about our former President of 1917 or 1918, Woodrow Wilson.
33:26 By the way, did you know where he was born, Woodrow Wilson?
33:29 You country folks are going to appreciate this.
33:32 Stanton, Virginia.
33:33 Who else is from Stanton, Virginia.
33:35 Who else, who else is from...
33:38 No, I mean famous folks.
33:40 Besides you, sir.
33:49 Could you folks think of a country music quartet?
33:51 The Statler Brothers. Sure, yeah.
33:55 Well, they really put Stanton on the map.
33:58 But I've been to the home of Woodrow Wilson.
34:01 And Woodrow Wilson said of the smallpox epidemic,
34:05 the caskets of the little children in Washington D.C.
34:09 were stacked higher than the average man's head and you
34:12 could see them in the streets for more than three blocks.
34:15 And that's only just a foretaste.
34:17 Our Lord must come again.
34:19 He's going to come again. He has to come again.
34:24 The book of Revelation speaks about the plagues
34:26 and about the worldwide sort of condition.
34:30 And it's going to happen.
34:31 I believe we're seeing it begin to happen now.
34:33 By the way folks, you know, it's good to laugh.
34:37 And sometimes I find myself these days laughing
34:39 instead of crying.
34:41 The line between them is very slim.
34:43 And so we laugh sometimes rather than crying.
34:45 It's alright even to smile in church sometimes.
34:48 God has a sense of humor. I know that because He made me.
34:52 But at the same time, there has come into my heart
34:56 an urgency that I've never had before.
35:01 Our Lord is coming.
35:04 And the signs are everywhere. Everywhere.
35:08 You can't read a newspaper, you can't turn on a
35:10 news magazine except you see another crisis
35:13 somewhere in the world.
35:14 And I see those angels described in Revelation chapter 6 and 7
35:18 holding back the winds, holding them back
35:20 and their knuckles are turning white
35:22 and their muscles are at the stretch.
35:25 Jesus is soon to come.
35:28 And we need to get ready.
35:30 We need to memorize the promises of God.
35:33 Study our Bibles like we've not been doing before.
35:36 Pray more than we've been praying before.
35:38 And memorize our Bibles.
35:39 But better than that, most importantly,
35:42 we need to know its Author.
35:45 Do you have a relationship with Jesus?
35:48 Is He your best friend?
35:55 He must come again.
35:57 The next necessity of the coming of Jesus, as I see it;
36:02 the financial crisis, not only in the United States
36:05 but in the world.
36:06 I listened to world news as I drove in from the
36:08 St. Louis airport yesterday evening and they're talking
36:11 again about how the stock market crashed yesterday
36:14 and the day before because of the uncertainly of the
36:18 situation over in Europe and out in Greece
36:21 and elsewhere in the world.
36:23 You ladies and gentlemen probably know
36:26 that in the last 14 months the United States of America has
36:31 spent more money than in its prior 200 plus years.
36:35 Now I shouldn't say we've spent.
36:36 We have borrowed more money.
36:39 Because we are broke.
36:41 We are broke.
36:43 The state in which I live has sent a little note,
36:46 "Your income tax refund is going to be a little late.
36:48 We don't have the money. "
36:50 And that's just one of the states.
36:51 Nearly all the states are in the same sort of predicament.
36:54 And I notice as I drove over here, some of your highways
36:57 have potholes almost as big as ours out in Oregon.
37:00 Out there we get lost in them.
37:01 You don't want to drive a little car out there.
37:03 Put away your Volkswagen.
37:04 If you're going to drive in Oregon, you're going to
37:05 fall in a hole and they'll never find you again.
37:10 We are, today in the United States,
37:11 15 trillion dollars in debt.
37:14 And most of that money is being borrowed from the Chinese.
37:18 And they're not our best friends in all the world.
37:21 And they're raising the interest rate.
37:23 And a man who should know said to me a few days ago,
37:27 we are now paying, ladies and gentlemen,
37:29 a billion dollars a day in interest.
37:32 And we're never, never going to pay it back.
37:34 And with the money that is promised by means of
37:39 Social Security and the new health system,
37:41 that puts us in debt to the tune of somewhere around
37:45 75 trillion dollars.
37:47 There's no way that I can help you understand that.
37:50 We have seen in the last few months the government take
37:53 control of the banks and big business.
37:55 And we read from Revelation chapter 13, no man could
37:59 buy or sell unless he goes along with the system.
38:02 I use to preach, "It's coming, it's coming. "
38:05 Now I say, "It's here, folks. It's right here. "
38:08 He must come.
38:09 Jesus must come again.
38:12 And then we have in the last few months seen
38:16 massive earthquakes, an activation of volcanoes
38:19 that have been dormant for years and years and years.
38:22 And this is my reason number five.
38:24 Jesus has to come again.
38:26 I preached a sermon I called,
38:28 Earthquakes, Tsunamis. Shake rattle and roll.
38:35 My first earthquake experience found me, an 18 year old boy,
38:40 standing in a street in Idaho visiting with some friends.
38:42 I was leaning in their car window beneath
38:45 an intersection street light.
38:49 Suddenly I felt myself go kind of dizzy.
38:51 Now I've always had a little problem with motion sickness.
38:53 I knew I was sober.
39:00 And I looked up, I stood back and I looked up.
39:04 And the street light was swinging overhead.
39:07 And one of the guys in the car said, "It's an earthquake. "
39:09 I guess he'd been in one before somewhere over in California.
39:13 It was an earthquake. That was my first experience.
39:15 And that one, by the way, killed a lot of folks up in
39:18 the beautiful state park of Yellowstone.
39:20 It killed a lot of people, that earthquake did.
39:22 More recently, however, Peggy and I were driving
39:25 back from a meeting.
39:26 We were in our motor home coming back from a meeting in Arizona.
39:31 We spent the night in a tiny little town of Wells, Nevada.
39:36 Don't tell me you've been there.
39:39 You can hardly find it on a map.
39:42 As we drove out of town the next morning, I was listening
39:46 to the CB radio.
39:50 I listen to it a lot because Yogi Berra said,
39:56 "Don't look back, somebody might be gaining on you. "
40:00 They might have that red light.
40:03 There came on the CB radio there'd just been an
40:05 earthquake in Wells.
40:07 Knocked some bricks off the tops of some of the buildings.
40:10 Wells, Nevada.
40:11 And then I read up on it.
40:12 They've never known there was an earthquake fault line there.
40:15 Never had an earthquake there as far as the modern record
40:18 had been able to tell them.
40:20 Earthquakes in diverse places.
40:23 Now here's a scripture for you, Matthew chapter 24 verse 7.
40:26 The same thing you find in Luke chapter 21 and verse 11.
40:29 Matthew 24:7, there our Lord Jesus speaking about last days,
40:32 He said there are going to be earthquakes
40:34 in diverse places.
40:36 Now I've done some homework here again and I discovered
40:39 that means there are going to be earthquakes in the last days
40:41 in places where they've never known them before.
40:44 That's what's happening right now.
40:46 Yeah.
40:48 There is a fault line called the New Madrid Fault.
40:52 Any of you folks know about where that is?
40:54 That's where we are, isn't it.
40:55 Yeah.
40:57 And was it old Daniel Boone or was it Davey Crocket,
40:59 I'm not sure.
41:01 He was out killing a bear.
41:03 I guess he was only about 3 years old.
41:06 That's what Walt Disney said.
41:10 But he was walking along the muddy Mississippi River
41:13 and the earthquake came and he said, suddenly the river
41:18 began to run upstream.
41:21 And folks thought it was just another one of
41:23 his big tall tales.
41:25 But science today says no, he was right.
41:26 The Mississippi ran the opposite way as a result
41:30 of that terrible earthquake along the New Madrid Fault.
41:32 Well, that's not the biggest fault in the
41:35 United States of America.
41:40 The biggest fault line on our continent, ladies and gentlemen,
41:43 is called the Cascadia Fault.
41:47 And it runs from San Francisco to British Columbia, Canada
41:50 from 14 to 50 miles off the Pacific coast line.
41:55 That's my country.
41:57 I just came back from a meeting over along the Oregon coast.
42:01 And I must admit to you that every morning I said,
42:04 "Lord, don't let her go today. Don't let it rock today.
42:09 I get sea sick too easily.
42:11 We don't need that Cascadia Fault going off today. "
42:15 Volcanoes and earthquakes and tsunamis are all
42:19 very much related, ladies and gentlemen.
42:22 The apostle Peter said that in the last days, this is from
42:25 2 Peter chapter 3 and verses 3 and 4.
42:28 In the last days, he said, there are going to be scoffers.
42:32 That's it.
42:33 There are going to be scoffers and they're going to say,
42:34 "Look, things are just like they've always been.
42:36 I mean, since my great great grandfather was around
42:39 he's told about these kind of things.
42:41 And we only know more about it today because there are
42:43 more people and we have more news casts
42:46 and satellite feeds and all of that.
42:48 It's just like it has always been. "
42:50 But the facts are these. Now listen up.
42:52 From 1970 until 2000, disastrous earthquakes
42:58 that had terrific affect rose from 70 million to 200 million.
43:06 That's only 30 years.
43:09 Since 1900, we have had over 600 earthquakes
43:15 at a 6 point on the Richter scale or greater.
43:18 Are you with me?
43:21 In California, the week of January 9 of 2008,
43:24 there were 475 earthquakes along the San Andreas Fault alone.
43:30 475 in one day.
43:34 In one day.
43:37 Now here's something that I find fascinating.
43:39 And again I'm going to refer to several scriptures.
43:42 I'm going to have to do it quickly here.
43:43 Matthew chapter 27 verse 50.
43:46 There was an earthquake when my Jesus died on the cross.
43:48 The earth shook when Jesus died.
43:51 Matthew chapter 28 verse 2.
43:53 It says when Jesus rose from the grave, there was an earthquake.
43:56 And it was so mighty that it wakened some of
43:58 the other guys around and they came out of their graves.
44:01 There was an earthquake when Jesus rose.
44:03 In Acts chapter 16 verse 26, it says there was an earthquake
44:06 when it was time to take the gospel to the Gentiles.
44:10 Paul and Silas, you remember, were in jail and God said,
44:13 "It is now time, boys, for you to get out of here. "
44:16 And so He shook the place down and they went to take the
44:18 gospel out to the whole world.
44:20 God used an earthquake.
44:21 In Revelation chapter 6 verse 12, God says
44:25 there is a great earthquake to signal last day events.
44:28 Now not everyone believes it but I certainly do,
44:30 and believe it more as the years go by.
44:32 I believe that the great earthquake that we now
44:35 refer to, you remember, as the opening of the 6th seal,
44:39 I believe that this was the one that signaled
44:42 the last days, the end times.
44:44 The 6th seal of Revelation chapter 6.
44:48 Great earthquakes.
44:51 Fault lines.
44:53 New Madrid, San Andreas.
44:54 But the Cascadia...
44:56 They say that if the Cascadia Fault releases its energy
45:01 all at once...
45:02 It's been years and years and years since it has
45:03 done anything at all.
45:05 It could happen today, they say, or next week or next month,
45:07 but it's going to happen.
45:08 They say if that one should release all of its energy,
45:12 if the tectonic plates slam together all at once,
45:16 that there is going to be a 100 foot tsunami wave.
45:21 I drive along the Oregon coast and I see signs that say,
45:24 "In case of a tsunami, turn right here. "
45:27 And I've done this, I've driven up to the end of the road
45:30 up there and looked at the altimeter and you're about
45:32 25 or 30 feet about sea level.
45:35 But it says that if this one comes, it's going to be
45:38 100 feet high.
45:41 And more than that, it says we're going to have only
45:44 15 minutes of warning along the great cities
45:48 of San Francisco, and Portland Oregon, and Seattle Washington,
45:52 Vancouver British Columbia, and everything in between.
45:58 God says, "In the last day, I'm going to arise... "
46:01 This is Isaiah chapter 2 verses 19 and 20.
46:04 Isaiah 2:19
46:05 "I'm going to arise and shake terribly the earth. "
46:09 And we're beginning to see it.
46:10 The earth waxes old like the garment.
46:14 We have out in the Pacific Rim...
46:16 And that's what I'm a part of out in the Pacific Northwest.
46:20 The West Coast, the Philippines, Hawaii, the Indian Ocean.
46:23 We have out there in the Pacific Northwest these volcanoes.
46:27 Glacier Peak, Mount Baker Peak, Rainier, Mount Adams.
46:32 And St Helens which you've heard something about, haven't you.
46:36 And the Three Sisters and Mount Hood and Mount Newberry
46:38 and Crater Lake volcano.
46:40 And Jefferson and Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen and Garibaldi.
46:43 Many of those are now active.
46:46 Many are right now active.
46:48 I take comfort from Psalm 46 verses 1-3.
46:52 "God is our strength. He is our present help.
46:57 We will not fear though the earth shake and the mountains
47:00 are cast into the waters and the seas roar
47:03 and the mountains shake. "
47:04 We will not fear. Why?
47:06 Because on Christ the mighty rock we stand.
47:10 All other ground is sinking sand.
47:12 On Christ, the Rock of ages. Cleft for me.
47:14 Christ is the Rock.
47:16 There's one earthquake, ladies and gentlemen,
47:19 that I long to see and happily await.
47:25 For the Bible suggests that when Jesus comes back again,
47:28 the earth is going to be shaken terribly
47:31 and the saints of God are going to come out of the graves.
47:35 And there is a little cemetery out in eastern Oregon
47:37 where I want to be
47:39 when my boy comes out
47:42 and my granddaughter, Danny, comes out.
47:50 Fill their lungs with the breath of eternal life.
47:53 Jesus is coming again. He must come again.
47:57 Of absolute necessity, He is coming again.
48:00 Now, I'm going to transition.
48:03 And this may not be the smoothest, but remember again
48:05 I'm from Idaho.
48:07 Alright?
48:10 The day of the second coming of Jesus Christ
48:13 is the first day of the 1000 year millennium.
48:17 I was listening to a television preacher, he shall remain
48:19 nameless of necessity.
48:24 And he was trying to preach on the millennium.
48:27 And he had them here on earth, the folks were here on earth,
48:29 the saints, and then they were in heaven and they were
48:30 back down here and then they were somewhere else.
48:33 And after a little while, I was so dizzy.
48:35 And after a little while, he just kind of gave up too.
48:38 Not a minute too soon to suit me.
48:42 Now if you do have your Bibles, please turn with me
48:46 to 1 Thessalonians.
48:50 And here's where brother Lomacang just stole my sermon.
48:53 He took John 14:1-2 and then he took 1 Thessalonians.
48:56 I was praying, "Lord, don't let him have the rest of it.
49:01 Save me a little bit there. "
49:05 Yeah.
49:07 1 Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 16-18.
49:10 You memorized it a long time ago.
49:12 Say it with me now, "The Lord Himself shall descend
49:15 from heaven... " With a whisper?
49:18 Huh?
49:19 Alright.
49:20 "... with a shout, with the voice of the archangel,
49:22 and the trump of God.
49:24 And the dead in Christ are going to rise first.
49:28 And then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up
49:32 together with them to meet our Lord... " in Salt Lake City.
49:36 I read that.
49:38 Meet Him in Rome.
49:40 Nah, you give me three words that save us from antichrist.
49:42 Where are we going to meet Him?
49:43 "... in the air.
49:45 And so shall we ever be with the Lord.
49:46 Wherefore, comfort one another with these words. "
49:48 Now, you put together that passage along with
49:53 Revelation chapter 20.
49:56 And go there with me next, if you will please.
49:58 Revelation chapter 20 and verses 4 and 5.
50:03 Revelation chapter 20.
50:05 This is, of course, the millennium chapter.
50:07 Verse 4, "I saw thrones... "
50:10 They, the saints... The context is quite clear.
50:13 "They," the saints, "sat upon the thrones.
50:16 A work of judgment was given unto them.
50:18 And I saw the souls of those who had been martyred
50:20 for their witness of Jesus and the word of God
50:22 who refused to worship the beast or his image. "
50:24 Oh by the way, there's another sermon.
50:27 Oh, please.
50:32 Well this whole idea of a secret rapture.
50:33 The saints are going to be snatched away and then
50:35 tribulation is going to come for seven years.
50:37 And they'll rebuild the temple and Jews will be converted.
50:39 If all I had to refute the idea of a secret rapture is
50:44 this passage, that's enough.
50:46 That's enough.
50:47 For it says that the folks from the first resurrection,
50:50 the saints of all ages have already gotten victory over
50:54 the beast and his mark and the whole ball of wax.
50:58 That's enough, Lord.
50:59 That's clear enough even for an Idaho boy.
51:05 "The saints sat upon thrones and the work judgment
51:08 was given to them.
51:09 I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded
51:11 for the witness of Jesus and for the word of God
51:13 because they worshipped not the beast or his image or received
51:15 the mark either in their foreheads or in their hands.
51:17 And these lived and reigned with Christ for 1000 years. "
51:21 Now listen carefully.
51:23 "But the rest of the dead lived not again until the
51:27 1000 years are over. "
51:29 And then the last half of that verse says,
51:31 "This is the first resurrection. "
51:34 Now that has caused some confusion in some minds.
51:37 But I'm going to help you to lift the confusion.
51:39 I had it for a while and I did some research.
51:42 And this is what I found, ladies and gentlemen.
51:44 The first half of verse 5 of Revelation 20,
51:50 Revelation chapter 20 verse 5, the first half of that verse;
51:53 "the rest of the dead live not again until the
51:55 1000 years were over," that is parenthetical.
51:58 Do you know what that means?
52:00 That means it needs to have brackets around it.
52:03 You know, parentheses.
52:04 It needs to be in parentheses.
52:07 And then the last of the verse says,
52:09 "These are from the first resurrection. "
52:11 That is a reference back to verse 4 where the saints
52:14 are seated upon thrones.
52:16 Does that help you know?
52:17 Alright, let's say it one more time.
52:19 The first half of the verse of Revelation chapter 20 verse 5;
52:24 "the rest of the dead lived not again until the
52:25 1000 years are over," that is in brackets.
52:28 And then you remove the brackets and it says,
52:31 "These are from the first resurrection. "
52:32 That is a reference back to the saints that sit upon thrones,
52:36 those who have gotten victory over the beast
52:38 and all of the rest.
52:39 Now, I want to quickly share with you
52:42 three or four more verses.
52:43 When Jesus comes back again, when He comes in His
52:46 second coming; and it's going to be very soon.
52:48 We can be certain of that.
52:49 He must come again.
52:51 When He comes back again, He's going to find here
52:54 four different classes of people.
52:58 On this earth there are going to be four different
53:00 classes of people.
53:01 There are going to be the righteous dead;
53:03 those that died with their faith in Jesus.
53:05 There are going to be the righteous living;
53:08 those of the terminal generation that are alive and love Him
53:11 and have accepted His grace and righteousness as their own.
53:14 And then there are also going to be the wicked dead;
53:17 those who died in an unsaved condition.
53:20 And there are going to be the wicked living;
53:23 those that are alive and unsaved.
53:26 And you don't have to be a rapist or a murderer to be
53:28 in that category.
53:29 All you need to do is be indifferent to it all.
53:33 Yeah, someone said the easiest way in the world to go to hell
53:35 is sit back and do nothing.
53:38 So, there are going to be these four classes.
53:41 Jesus comes in His second coming and the righteous dead
53:45 are raised in a moment.
53:48 They hear the voice of Jesus.
53:50 And the righteous that are alive, that terminal generation,
53:53 look up, "This is our God. "
53:55 And together we're caught up in that cloud of angels
53:58 to meet Him in the air.
54:01 And the wicked dead sleep on.
54:05 They don't hear the call of the Lifegiver.
54:07 And the wicked that are alive are destroyed by the
54:11 brightness of His coming.
54:13 Ah, you folks are great.
54:14 You don't need me.
54:18 I'm sure glad you let me come.
54:20 Yeah.
54:21 That's right, 2 Thessalonians says they're destroyed
54:23 by the brightness of His coming.
54:25 Chapters 1 and 2, you want to put the whole thing together.
54:27 And so this earth, then, during the 1000 years
54:29 becomes a great bottomless pit.
54:32 "Lo, I looked and saw no man," said the old prophet.
54:34 Now quickly and finally, and my favorite part of the millennium
54:40 passage and reason; the purpose for the 1000 years.
54:44 It's not some happy round figure God pulls out of a hat.
54:47 And it causes me to love Him more and better
54:49 than I ever did before.
54:50 It says in the last verses of Revelation chapter 20
54:53 that during this time, the books are opened.
54:56 "And I saw the dead. "
54:58 Those that were dead when Jesus came
55:01 and those that were alive and unsaved and they're now killed
55:03 by the brightness of His coming.
55:04 "I saw the dead judged out of those books. "
55:07 Can you see it with me now in your mind's eye?
55:09 It's resurrection morning, the trumpet is blown.
55:12 "Awake ye who sleep in the dust. Come forth, come forth. "
55:15 And out of the grave comes a little mother.
55:17 And she turns and there's her daughter.
55:18 "Oh, Mary, I knew. And daddy. "
55:22 "John," her son. John.
55:25 But John's grave didn't open.
55:28 "Wake up John. It's time to be caught up.
55:30 I can't leave you, it would be heaven without you. "
55:34 And then I see an angel that has a big book.
55:38 And he comes to the mother and he says,
55:39 "Sweetheart, sit down with me. We've got to talk. "
55:43 And he opens that book and pages over.
55:45 "Do you remember?"
55:46 "Oh, of course.
55:47 He was such a sweet pink little thing.
55:48 He looked just like his daddy. Yes, I remember. "
55:50 "Do you remember this?"
55:51 "Yes, I don't know what happened.
55:52 I don't know what got into him. He was so mean. "
55:55 "But mama, you didn't know about this. "
55:56 "Oh, not my boy. "
56:00 "You didn't know this. "
56:01 "Oh. "
56:04 What do you suppose it is that dries the tears of the saints,
56:07 as you read in Revelation chapter 21?
56:09 It's not some magical surgery performed upon tear ducts.
56:12 But rather, God, out of the kindness of His heart
56:15 sets aside 1000 years for the saints who sit on the thrones
56:20 to study the record books.
56:21 And after mother has come to the last page, she's going to
56:24 say to the angel and to our Savior and our Father God,
56:27 "I understand now.
56:29 My boy would be so out of place here.
56:31 He would not fit in here.
56:32 I understand. "
56:34 So only after that permission is given by the saints
56:38 that God calls the unsaved forth in the second resurrection.
56:44 And there comes the final punishment.
56:49 Oh, what a Savior.
56:52 The way He respects we pusillanimous humans.
56:57 Not a speck hardly in the universe.
56:59 But He loves us so very much.
57:03 My dears, we're going to be there, you and I,
57:07 at the end of the 1000 years.
57:09 We have no choice about that. We're going to be there.
57:11 We do have a choice about where we're going to be.
57:15 Either because we loved our Lord Jesus and accepted His truths
57:19 and lived His life, made His life ours by grace.
57:24 We'll be inside the city under His umbrella,
57:27 under His protective wings.
57:28 Or on the other hand, we'll be out there with the unsaved
57:34 who march against the city with the devil who's their
57:36 ultimate commander.
57:38 And the final fire comes down.
57:40 We have no choice except to be there.
57:42 We have a choice about which group we're going to be in.
57:46 I dreamed that the great judgment morning had dawned
57:51 and the trumpet had blown.
57:56 And I dreamed that the nations had gathered for judgment
58:01 around a white throne.
58:04 By the throne there stood a bright shining angel.
58:09 Stood on the land and the sea.
58:12 And swore with His hand raised towards heaven
58:14 that time was no longer to be.


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