Pillars of Our Faith 2010 Camp Meeting

Heaven / New Earth

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Participants: Kenny Shelton


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00:39 Live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:42 Welcome to the Pillars Of Our Faith Event.
00:46 Hello and welcome back to the
00:48 Pillars Of Our Faith camp meeting.
00:49 You all been blessed so far?
00:51 Amen.
00:52 I tell you what, how many have been here since Wednesday night?
00:54 Quite a few of you, and made most of the meetings I see.
00:58 And I don't know about you, but to me, I don't know how...
01:01 Each year I know we say this but this has been the best
01:04 for me spiritually.
01:05 The best all the way around.
01:06 I think this coming together, looking at what
01:10 God has given us as a church and as a people,
01:13 bringing us back to this, now going out and affecting our
01:16 neighbors and our friends and our churches to get back
01:19 to the pillars of our faith because Jesus is
01:21 coming soon, isn't He.
01:23 Well we have one more sermon here in just a few moments
01:27 and we're right at the end of camp meeting.
01:29 And we've had a wonderful time.
01:31 And the speaker will be my brother, Kenny Shelton,
01:34 who actually started with 3ABN years ago;
01:37 Behold The Lamb Ministries.
01:39 And Kenny is a wonderful brother.
01:42 He and I have been close for many, many years.
01:45 And for several years we didn't work together in ministry
01:48 and God has kind of brought that back around.
01:50 And I'm so thankful that he and his wife Chris are here,
01:53 that he'll be talking to us about heaven
01:55 in just a few moments.
01:56 But right now I'd like to introduce Reggie and
01:58 Ladye Love Smith again, have them come out because
02:01 they're going to be doing a special song.
02:02 And I understand that you have a brand new song
02:05 that you guys have written.
02:06 And tell us about it Reggie or Ladye.
02:08 This song is entitled, The Miracle.
02:11 And it's the title song on our new CD.
02:14 Okay, and how did you come to write this song?
02:16 I lost my sister-in-law this past summer to cancer
02:22 and she was 47 years old.
02:24 47 years, so it was a hard time for our whole family.
02:27 And we were praying for a miracle.
02:31 And I started reading.
02:33 Obviously, you know, when something like that happens
02:35 in your family, you really start studying scriptures
02:38 and reading a lot.
02:39 And I started reading about a lot of different kinds of
02:43 miracles throughout the Bible.
02:44 And the first verse talks the leper that comes to Jesus.
02:51 He says, "Lord, I know that You are Lord.
02:54 And I know if You're willing, You can heal me
02:56 from this pain and this hurt. "
02:59 And then the second verse talks about the woman at the well.
03:02 You know, she was just in so much pain emotionally.
03:07 And through Jesus' eyes, Jesus just loved her anyway.
03:11 And as we were writing this song, we started thinking about
03:15 different kinds of miracles in our lives.
03:16 And of course, I think that we all pray for miracles that we
03:19 so desperately want in our lives if we're going through cancer.
03:23 You know and what we came to realize is that
03:26 the miracle that we receive might not necessarily be the
03:30 miracle that we've asked for.
03:32 But it doesn't mean that God has not sent us a miracle.
03:36 And so we might not understand what that miracle, you know,
03:39 why God chose to give us that particular miracle
03:41 at that moment.
03:42 And it might even be hard in our lives.
03:45 But I think that in the end, one day; it could be a year
03:49 from now, it could be 20 years from now, it could be heaven
03:51 before we really understand about that miracle.
03:54 Well the greatest miracle of all; see all of those people
03:57 and all of us right here?
03:59 Can you imagine God saving us?
04:01 That's right. Wow.
04:02 You know, that's a miracle when He knows who we really are.
04:06 So what a miracle that God has made a plan of salvation for us.
04:11 And that no matter what happens, if we choose to accept that
04:16 free gift we can all live and and rule and reign
04:19 with Him forever.
04:20 This is the title of you new CD, your latest one.
04:23 After Sabbath here in a little bit, you'll have them and
04:25 you'll be out at your booth, so we look for to it.
04:28 I just hear a little bit of the song a while ago and
04:30 I absolutely love it.
04:31 God bless you.
05:01 I was tired and worn the day that I met Jesus.
05:13 And I fell to my face and cried out loud to Him.
05:24 Lord, I know if You're willing, You can heal me
05:35 from this hurt and pain that lies so deep within.
05:46 Could this be my miracle?
05:57 Could this be the one
06:00 that I've been waiting for?
06:08 I can hardly believe
06:14 how He cares so much for me.
06:19 Could this be my miracle
06:26 today?
06:42 He was standing by the well when I first saw him.
06:53 And He spoke of love and how He cared for me.
07:04 For He told me I could drink this living water
07:15 and it would quench my thirst for all eternity.
07:26 Can this be my miracle?
07:37 Can this be the one
07:41 that I've been waiting for?
07:48 I can hardly believe
07:54 how He cares so much for me.
08:00 Can this be my miracle
08:06 today?
08:12 Come as you are and drink from the fountain.
08:22 Jesus made a way for you if you will believe.
08:33 There is hope and peace for you if you will trust Him.
08:44 He will break the chains
08:48 and set your spirit free.
08:56 This can be
09:01 your miracle.
09:07 This can be the one
09:11 that you've been waiting for.
09:18 I can hardly believe
09:24 how He cares so much for me.
09:29 Can this be,
09:35 can this be
09:41 can it be
09:45 my miracle today?
09:54 I can hardly believe
10:01 how He cares so much for me.
10:09 Can this be
10:12 my miracle today?
10:21 My miracle.
10:39 Thank you. Beautiful.
10:43 Hallelujah.
10:45 Praise the Lord.
10:46 Let's pray, shall we, together.
10:50 Kind loving, heavenly Father.
10:52 What a privilege it is that we can come bended knee.
10:55 What a blessed day it has been.
10:57 Thank You for Your sweet holy Spirit.
10:59 Thank You for the music, the songs.
11:01 We pray now as we study the word of God together
11:05 the Holy Spirit now will come down and dwell among us.
11:09 May the things of earth now grow strangely dim
11:11 as once again we sit in Your presence.
11:14 In Jesus' name, amen.
11:18 It is a privilege to be here.
11:21 I've had a good time.
11:23 And I feel a little bit selfish, I've been soaking
11:25 in the blessings.
11:26 But oh, you just can't help it when you're around them.
11:28 Praise God.
11:30 One of my favorite subjects is talking about heaven.
11:34 I know it's one of yours too, so some of you may get
11:37 a little excited tonight.
11:38 And if you do, praise God, I hope to hear from you.
11:41 I've been excited about studying about His coming.
11:45 It's been a blessing, these few days, to be together to learn
11:49 and then to be reminded about the pillars of our faith.
11:53 How exciting that is.
11:55 You know, what a beautiful platform of truth
11:59 that the Bible gives to us.
12:01 How they all fit together has been orchestrated by heaven,
12:06 I'm convinced.
12:07 Praise God for that.
12:10 Now I'm going to say something just a little bit personal
12:12 so, you know, you take it as such.
12:15 But this is my observation from being around here
12:18 this week here for a few days.
12:21 And I think it's okay if we say our heart leaps for joy.
12:26 Has your heart ever leaped for joy?
12:28 Mine has.
12:29 And I'll say this, my heart leaped for joy Wednesday night
12:33 when this program started, the Pillars Of Our Faith.
12:37 And I'll tell you what really made my heart leap was when
12:39 my brother Danny got up here, and brother Jim.
12:43 And with the blessings of the 3ABN board they said,
12:47 "We want to reaffirm the pillars of our faith. "
12:52 They said, "We want to recommit ourselves in giving the straight
12:56 testimony to prepare a people to meet Jesus. "
12:59 That made my heart leap inside.
13:02 We need that kind of leadership.
13:06 The potential that God has here is awesome.
13:09 And so I'm very, very grateful and thankful that these
13:12 individuals in responsible positions are saying,
13:15 "I'm not wanting to please man, but I'm determined
13:18 by God's grace to please Him. "
13:20 This is what it's going to take before Jesus comes,
13:23 before we get to that new heaven and that new earth.
13:27 And as I observed and listened to any of the messages
13:31 these things popped into my mind and I thought, you know
13:34 before we begin to talk about heaven and a new earth,
13:36 I know that the message that we must give to the world
13:41 must be, as we see the time approaching, very clear.
13:46 Very clear, the message must be given.
13:48 In fact, it must be born in such a way, listen to me,
13:53 that it startles the hearers.
13:55 Did you get that?
13:57 The message should be so plain, so clear, that it
13:59 startles the hearers.
14:03 There's too many people just saying, "Uh-huh.
14:05 Yea, we understand. "
14:07 But you know, to be startled sometimes makes you stop and
14:10 think the situation over.
14:13 And then I observed and thought about this.
14:15 The failure of this ministry or any other ministry
14:20 to proclaim the message that God has given to us
14:25 will be our ruin.
14:28 Did you get that?
14:29 If we do not proclaim the message the way that God has
14:32 given to us, it will prove our ruin.
14:35 But if we give it the way God says, it will prove
14:37 to be a blessing.
14:42 I'm also convinced of this.
14:44 That the message that God has given this movement is
14:47 the most solemn message that has ever been given to mortals.
14:52 That's how important that it is.
14:54 It's a life and death situation. No more game playing.
14:58 It's time to get serious with God.
15:02 And I know that you're serious. That's why you're here.
15:06 And I do, and I've taken this under consideration.
15:09 I'm saying, "God, help me. "
15:10 I want to be able, and I know everyone here wants to...
15:14 You know, we declare faithfully the whole counsel of God.
15:20 Not leaving something out because some people may not
15:22 like it or someone may be offended.
15:24 But when God gives a message, He wants you to give it
15:27 exactly the way that He gave it to you.
15:30 And if we do not declare the whole message,
15:33 you see, God cannot bless us.
15:36 And I believe we're being blessed here as we've heard
15:38 the counsel and we've heard the messages that have been given.
15:41 And I do believe this.
15:42 And I'll be very bold about it if you don't mind tonight.
15:46 That if we reject, if we reject these truths that we have heard
15:51 here these last few days...
15:52 I will call them the pillars, as you've heard many times over.
15:56 If we reject those pillars of truth, we have rejected God.
16:01 I want that to make sense to you.
16:03 It makes sense to me.
16:04 Because it's God's word, isn't it.
16:07 And so to me, as I've learned and been reintroduced and
16:10 acquainted with it again, that I come to this point in my life
16:14 and my thinking; the pillars are solid,
16:17 the pillars are immovable.
16:21 And you know what God wants?
16:23 God wants His people, listen carefully, to stand united
16:27 upon these pillars.
16:29 We need some unity so that we may finish this work
16:32 so that we can go home, so that we can enjoy that new heaven
16:36 and that new earth.
16:37 What are they? Why?
16:38 Because we're seeing here that the pillars, they've been tested
16:43 by time and scripture.
16:47 Think about it.
16:48 These truths have been tested by what?
16:50 By time and by scripture. Praise God for that.
16:54 Friend, I'm thankful to have that kind of message that God
16:57 has given us in these last days.
16:58 I believe maybe the bottom line, as I talk about the new heaven
17:01 and the new earth, I'll tend to get a little bit excited.
17:06 Don't hold that against me.
17:07 If you want to get excited, you go ahead.
17:09 You go ahead if you want to.
17:10 Because by God's grace, I plan on being there.
17:14 And I know you do too.
17:16 But I believe as we've come together these last few days,
17:20 the whole theme of the pillars and being reminded of these
17:23 beautiful truths is so that each one of us can plan on having
17:28 heaven as our new home.
17:30 But we all want to go.
17:31 We pray that this, you know, it becomes a reality to us.
17:36 Not something that's so far off, but it's reality
17:39 and it's just around the corner.
17:40 Now may I warn the unbelievers and the skeptics
17:46 and the doubting Thomas'.
17:48 I know there's none here.
17:55 But for some people, they doubt religious doctrine.
17:59 And then there's a group of people, by the way,
18:01 they believe that the truth of knowledge
18:04 must always be in question.
18:07 The truth of what?
18:08 The truth of knowledge, they believe, must always
18:11 be in question.
18:12 You know what?
18:13 They're going to have difficulty with this subject.
18:15 But you know what?
18:16 The believer is not going to have difficulty with it.
18:18 We're going to rejoice... And be what?
18:20 Exceedingly... What?
18:22 Glad.
18:24 I know the passage of scripture there for us.
18:32 I've heard it several times here in the last few days, but
18:34 if you'll just let me go over it again.
18:37 I want you to go over it again, that's Matthew 5.
18:39 I'm going to try to back this one up if I can.
18:42 I may not hit the right button.
18:44 But we'll let that one go, we'll get it in a minute.
18:47 In Titus chapter 2 verse 13, Titus 2 verse 13,
18:52 I think they just read it a while ago, it says,
19:01 I like that because it said we are to be looking for, what?
19:05 "Looking," did you get it? Looking?
19:06 Looking for what?
19:07 Looking means that we're looking towards something.
19:10 We are looking, notice this, we're waiting with confidence
19:15 about what's soon to take place.
19:18 Now remember, getting serious with God; it's time right now.
19:22 It's past time for that.
19:23 I'm looking for that blessed hope and
19:25 that glorious appearing.
19:26 Blessed.
19:27 Do you realize what blessed really means here?
19:29 Blessed here means we're fortunate.
19:32 Think about it, we are fortunate.
19:34 I'm not getting this to work so I'm going to...
19:36 Maybe, there we go.
19:37 We'll leave that on for right now.
19:39 That blessed hope means that we are a fortunate people.
19:42 Do you believe that?
19:43 If you're looking for Jesus to come, you're what?
19:46 You're fortunate.
19:47 You are a blessed people, you're well off.
19:50 And you are what?
19:51 And we're happy.
19:53 The blessings that God gives.
19:55 And I like it when it said we're looking for that hope.
19:58 That hope means something that you have anticipated.
20:01 Are you anticipating the coming of Jesus?
20:04 Are you looking for it with great expectation?
20:07 See, when I think about the coming of Jesus,
20:10 that just changes my whole day.
20:11 It changes my whole outlook on things.
20:14 Because I'm looking with great expectation and hopefulness.
20:17 I'm confident that Jesus, in His coming,
20:20 He's going to be coming back after you and He's going to be
20:23 coming back after me.
20:25 Oh friend, we have some things to shout about tonight.
20:28 You think about it.
20:29 Matthew chapter 5 verse 12, the Bible says by the way:
20:40 Now I hope I see somebody just a little bit glad.
20:42 If you want to get exceedingly glad, let's see that too.
20:45 Alright?
20:46 Now if we don't get glad over this subject
20:48 or the subject we just heard a while ago, you're not
20:50 going to be glad about anything.
20:52 This is it, this is our hope.
20:55 This is what it's all about in living the Christian life;
20:58 is the coming of Jesus and going back to heaven with Him.
21:01 How awesome that is.
21:02 But I said that word, rejoice.
21:04 Rejoice means to be cheerful.
21:07 Christians should be so happy.
21:09 Should be smiling an awful lot, isn't that right.
21:12 And it says, "exceedingly glad. "
21:14 Have you ever been so exceedingly glad that you
21:16 just couldn't quit smiling?
21:18 I'm not going to ask you what about.
21:19 But anyway, if you're exceedingly glad,
21:21 you've got an idea.
21:22 And about heaven, it should even be more so.
21:24 Don't you have nice wide smiles.
21:26 We're happy.
21:27 It's very interesting that Jesus said something that was very
21:31 astounding to many people.
21:33 In fact, we find that in the Bible in John 3 verse 12.
21:37 John 3 verse 12, notice the Bible says:
21:52 So once again, we have to look at scripture.
21:55 The Bible says in Romans 8 verse 6, you know,
21:57 to be spiritually minded is what?
22:00 Somebody say life and I'll get real happy.
22:02 To be spiritually minded... Is what?
22:05 ...is life
22:06 In 1 Corinthians 2 verse 14, it talks about
22:09 spiritual things... Are what?
22:11 ...spiritually discerned.
22:12 So tonight we're going to have to be what?
22:14 We're going to have to discern spiritually what God is
22:16 talking to us about to be ready for the greatest
22:19 event to take place.
22:20 And I believe it's soon.
22:23 Friends, tonight, heaven is a really place.
22:27 Heaven is a real place.
22:29 If you don't see it as such, may God help us.
22:32 Heaven is a real place.
22:34 And you know what?
22:35 If you miss heaven, you've missed your whole
22:37 purpose for being here.
22:38 You think, "Well, my purpose is this and I'm suppose do that. "
22:40 Well, you're occupying.
22:42 Your purpose, dear friend, is to repopulate heaven
22:45 for those fallen angels.
22:47 Do you remember?
22:48 And God says He's going to do something very fantastic
22:51 before He comes.
22:53 Now He said there's going to be a group of people, by the way,
22:56 that's going to come in the spirit and power of whom?
23:00 Of Elijah.
23:01 The spirit and power whom?
23:03 Of Elijah.
23:04 Notice that not just coming like Elijah
23:06 but He said I'm going to come in the spirit.
23:09 And if the church needs anything right now, dear friends,
23:11 it's more spirit of the living God.
23:14 We need spirit every day in our lives.
23:17 Spirit that you believe what you're talking about.
23:19 I hear a lot of people talking about how we're the
23:21 doers of the Word.
23:22 God said we're going to have to be doers if we're
23:24 going to repopulate heaven.
23:25 He said we need more spirit power.
23:28 Let the spirit take over in your life and my life.
23:31 And what happens here?
23:33 He said there would be a group of people that would
23:35 come in the spirit and this power.
23:37 And you know what they would do?
23:38 They would warn of the disasters that's to come upon this world.
23:43 And they are to prepare a people to meet Jesus.
23:46 Friend, please think about that.
23:49 Prophecy, prophecy before our very eyes.
23:52 In other words, there'd be a people that would come
23:54 to revive the pillars of our faith.
23:58 Are you thinking about this?
24:00 I want you to think, I mean really positive.
24:03 You are at the cutting edge of the fulfillment of prophecy
24:08 tonight, this week that you've been here.
24:10 Because Jesus said there was going to be a people that's
24:13 going to come to prepare.
24:15 Right?
24:16 To tell of things that's coming upon this earth
24:17 and to prepare a people to meet Him.
24:20 Think about it.
24:22 You're seeing it.
24:23 You're a part of it.
24:25 This is it.
24:26 This movement, this pillars time that we had here
24:29 is not man ordained.
24:30 It's God ordained.
24:32 God brought it together.
24:35 Friend, now this is how close we are to the end.
24:37 That God is taking the reins, praise God, into His own hands.
24:40 Think about that.
24:42 But Jesus said when He comes, notice this,
24:44 "Just before I come, I'm going to restore... "
24:48 How many things?
24:49 You've heard it said. How many?
24:50 Now when He says all, what does He mean?
24:53 He means all, nothing left unturned.
24:55 Isn't that right?
24:56 Remember now Matthew 17:11.
24:59 It just simply says here that God says, "I'm going to
25:02 restore all things. "
25:03 Spirit and power of whom?
25:05 Of Elijah.
25:06 A people going to come upon the earth.
25:08 They've got a message to give to the world.
25:10 The world is going to receive that message or reject it.
25:13 And it's either receiving or rejecting whether they spend
25:16 eternity in heaven.
25:17 See, it's vital.
25:18 We have a life and death message to give to the world.
25:21 Oh let's take it serious tonight, what do you say?
25:24 Let's be serious about this.
25:26 Now remember He said, "I'm going to restore," how many things?
25:29 Good, "all things. "
25:31 Now what he's saying here is to restore.
25:33 I looked up several words.
25:35 Restore means to reconstruct.
25:37 So if everything was right, He wouldn't have to
25:40 reconstruct things.
25:42 He said, "I'm going to build it up again. "
25:45 Think about it.
25:46 "I'm going to reconstruct it, I'm going to build it up again.
25:49 I'm going to bring it back again.
25:51 I'm going to set it in order. I'm going to settle things.
25:54 I'm going to nail it down. "
25:56 Somebody's not with me.
25:59 That's what the word means here.
26:01 He says, "I'm going to nail it down permanently. "
26:03 Other words, when He restores it He's going to restore it, what?
26:06 Permanently.
26:08 So remember, the way that it was in the beginning
26:10 is the way that He's going to do what?
26:11 Restore it.
26:13 Oh friend, that's an awesome thought.
26:17 In fact, Acts chapter 3 talking about Jesus it says,
26:21 "whom the heavens must receive until the restoration
26:26 of all things. "
26:28 Remember He's going to restore it.
26:30 Why? Because it needs to be brought back right again.
26:34 And these kind of meetings that we're having,
26:35 we're bringing it back again.
26:37 It's important that we do that.
26:40 It's very important that we go back to our roots,
26:43 as it were, in Jesus Christ.
26:45 Friend, a restitution to bring things back.
26:49 Now what He said is, "restoring all things. "
26:51 And I keep thinking this thought comes in my mind that says
26:54 He's going to restore the old paths to dwell in.
26:58 Isaiah 58, somebody still here, hello?
27:01 Yea, Isaiah 58.
27:02 He says, "I'm going to restore," what?
27:04 "The old paths. "
27:06 And what He's saying here is, "I'm going to restore
27:08 the pillars of our faith. "
27:10 Notice that.
27:11 And by the way, He said, "I'm looking for a people
27:14 to give that trumpet a certain sound. "
27:17 We've got too many people that's piping notes.
27:19 Right? They're out of tune.
27:20 And you know what?
27:21 When you come together like this and you hear the truth
27:23 of God's word, then we're going to have to tune it up.
27:26 In Joel chapter 2, he said sound an alarm,
27:30 blow a trumpet in Zion, in Zion.
27:33 We need to be blowing the trumpet right now.
27:36 Some of you say, "Well, I don't have a trumpet. "
27:37 You need to get you one.
27:39 You say, "Well, I don't know how to play the trumpet. "
27:41 It doesn't matter, you get you a trumpet.
27:43 You say, "Well, I don't know how to make it sound. "
27:45 You get the trumpet, you get ready.
27:47 And when God gets ready to use you, you'll blow
27:49 that trumpet in Zion.
27:51 We have to rely upon Him, do we not?
27:54 In fact, you don't have to worry about taking lessons.
27:58 I found a little scripture I thought was so interesting
28:00 in the book of Zechariah chapter 9 verse 14.
28:03 Listen to this very carefully.
28:04 It says, "The Lord God will blow the trumpet. "
28:09 Did you get it?
28:10 But He'd like for you to do it, but he said the Lord God is
28:13 going to blow the trumpet.
28:14 He's going to wake up a people, He's going to prepare a people,
28:17 and He's going to come back and He's going to get a people.
28:19 Do you like that?
28:21 And so I see that God has said these old paths are
28:25 going to be restored.
28:26 Somebody is going to come along, people, and lift up what?
28:29 Lift up a standard.
28:31 How long has it been since you've heard standards?
28:33 You've heard some messages on it lifting up standards.
28:35 God has given us standards.
28:37 There's no time to bury the standards.
28:39 It's time to do what?
28:40 Lift up the standards.
28:41 I say it's time to dust them off.
28:43 How about you?
28:45 It's time, dear friends, to polish them up a little bit.
28:47 Those in the military will understand this.
28:51 The rest of you will be somewhere else.
28:52 But it's time to spit shine our standards.
28:56 You know what?
28:57 When you look in those boots you that face.
28:59 Isn't that right?
29:00 It's time to get that dust and polish it off.
29:02 Why?
29:03 Because these beautiful truths, dear friends, have been;
29:06 I'm telling you, they've been neglected.
29:08 These beautiful truths have been shunned.
29:11 They've been forgotten. They've been misused.
29:14 They've been abused, by the way.
29:15 I want you to stay with me.
29:16 They've been forgotten, remember that.
29:18 They've been ignored, they've been thrown out.
29:22 And God said, "I'm going to restore it. "
29:24 And He means what He says, dear friends.
29:26 They will be restored.
29:28 And notice, not only will He restore these beautiful truths
29:32 but He's going to restore His beautiful image in us.
29:38 In fact, when His image is perfectly reproduced in us
29:41 He will come back.
29:44 Friend, do you get it?
29:45 Evidently we've got a little work left to do because it says
29:48 when that image is perfectly reproduced, He will come.
29:50 You believe that?
29:51 Absolutely.
29:53 And so God help us.
29:54 He said, "I'm going to restore it. "
29:56 Quick, what is a good definition of heaven?
29:59 Somebody help me.
30:00 What is a good definition of heaven?
30:01 Somebody said, "Well boy, I like those streets of gold. "
30:03 Now you get off that stuff right now.
30:05 We're not going to talk about those streets of gold.
30:07 Some of you are rolling your eyes around a little bit.
30:10 Ok, we hear perfection.
30:12 We hear a lot of different answers right here.
30:14 But a good definition of heaven is Jesus.
30:17 Isn't that right?
30:18 I can't think of anything else out of all these
30:19 other things I read.
30:20 But I'm longing to see who?
30:22 I long to see Jesus.
30:24 A brother just a while ago in John 14.
30:26 One of the favorite passages of mine too.
30:28 And He just simply said, "In My Father's house," are what?
30:32 He said there's what?
30:34 He said there's many mansions.
30:36 Wow.
30:38 That means there's a residence.
30:40 That's what a mansion is, a residence.
30:42 And it says a continuing residence.
30:46 A residence without end. Are you getting that?
30:49 A dwelling place that will remain.
30:52 We can't say that so positive in this life, can we.
30:56 But He said, "I'm preparing you a place that will
30:58 remain for always. "
31:00 Oh friend, how awesome that is.
31:03 And I love the faith chapter when we're talking the
31:06 new heaven and the new earth.
31:07 This has given me encouragement over the years,
31:09 Hebrews 11 verse 16.
31:11 It says, "But now they desire... " What?
31:16 They desire what?
31:17 "They desire a better country, that is... " What?
31:21 "... a heavenly. "
31:23 "For He has prepared for them.. " What?
31:25 "... a city. "
31:27 Let's do that again.
31:28 Some of you look like, oh boy it's been a long day.
31:30 Yes it has, but we're getting ready to take a trip.
31:34 We're getting ready to take a trip, aren't we, to heaven.
31:36 You've got to be prepared for it.
31:37 You've got to fasten it up here.
31:39 But now they desire a better country.
31:42 How long has it been, dear friends, since you've
31:43 really desired something?
31:45 I'm talking about really desiring.
31:47 And in this sense when you're desiring heaven,
31:50 listen to this, you can covet after.
31:55 That was too much, wasn't it.
31:57 Just the word just turns you off didn't it.
32:01 When it comes to heaven, you can...
32:02 That's what the word means.
32:03 You can covet after.
32:06 And I like it, it says you desire.
32:08 Do you know what that means?
32:09 That means to long for.
32:11 Every day you get up, you long for heaven,
32:13 long for a place that you've never seen.
32:15 You're ready to go home, you want to go home.
32:17 This life is miserable, it offers nothing.
32:21 Oh friend. A desire.
32:23 Now notice this.
32:24 When you desire something...
32:25 Look, somebody comes up with something you want,
32:27 you desire it, you begin to do what?
32:31 You reach for it.
32:32 I'm going to go farther with it, you begin to do what?
32:34 To begin to stretch.
32:36 Did you get it?
32:37 Reach out and stretch oneself to the fullest extent.
32:44 If you desire that country, you're going to
32:47 stretch out for it.
32:48 You desire. That is what?
32:50 A heavenly.
32:51 And of course, in the faith chapter Hebrews 11 verse 10.
32:54 I always love this.
32:55 It said Abraham.
32:57 Do you believe Abraham?
32:58 A man of God? Absolutely.
33:00 He said he looked for that city which had... What?
33:03 Has foundations who's Builder is... What?
33:06 And Maker is... What?
33:08 ...is God.
33:09 Think about that.
33:10 Abraham looked for that city.
33:12 Are you looking for that city tonight?
33:14 Not some city out here in this world, but a city
33:16 who's builder and maker is God.
33:18 That's the city that I'm looking for.
33:20 That's the city that's just around the corner.
33:24 There was a young man.
33:26 He decided to become a missionary.
33:28 And he was going to journey to a far country.
33:31 And of course, his dad had other thoughts.
33:34 His dad was an executive.
33:36 Had a big business and so his father wanted him to join
33:39 the company and be a big executive.
33:42 And so he sat down and gave the father and son talk.
33:45 And he said, "Son, son.
33:47 Don't you want to make a mark on the world?"
33:50 And the son looked at his dad and he said, "Dad, which world?"
33:56 Do you want to make a mark on the world?
33:59 My question to you is, which world?
34:01 Which world?
34:04 There's one world that can be seen now.
34:07 And there is a world that only can be seen by faith.
34:10 Are you still there?
34:12 There's one world now, but the most important one is later.
34:17 Oh friend, there's one world that is temporary
34:21 and then there's one world that will be without end.
34:23 I'm looking that one. How about you?
34:26 There's one world that offers you everything,
34:30 but there's one world that can give you everything.
34:34 Do you believe it?
34:35 I believe that tonight. Praise God.
34:37 Oh friend.
34:40 There's one world, by the way, that the devil says is his.
34:44 But there's one world, right, that God created.
34:47 And He redeemed. Isn't that right?
34:49 So there's a world that was lost.
34:51 And there was a world that was redeemed by Calvary.
34:55 Friend, what kind of world?
34:56 So I ask you, which world is it going to be?
35:01 Yea, you have to choose.
35:02 Every person has to decide which world.
35:06 In other words, you can't be neutral tonight.
35:08 You know what, when you say, "I'm neutral," you're not.
35:10 You made a decision.
35:11 I heard somebody say, "Well, I'm not going to
35:13 make a choice on that. "
35:14 No, you did.
35:16 If you don't choose for the truth, you made a decision that
35:19 you don't want the truth.
35:21 Come on now, you know that's right.
35:24 So we decide, right, which world that we want.
35:28 If you choose the new heaven and the new earth...
35:32 I'm really fighting this thing, you know, but
35:36 I'm not going to fight it too much longer because
35:38 I'll just put it down.
35:39 I'm going to talk about Jesus.
35:40 I'm going to talk about the new heaven and the new earth.
35:42 I don't need these little pictures.
35:43 I don't need whatever, it's alright.
35:45 The devil always the toolbox.
35:47 No matter where I go, we have a boxing match
35:49 just about every time.
35:50 You have to get on your knees.
35:51 You've got to pray to get the victory, I'm telling you.
35:54 And you stay until you get the victory.
35:56 That's what God says.
35:57 If you choose that new world, if you choose that heaven
36:00 and earth, there's only one way.
36:03 There's only one way, dear friend.
36:05 And before you enter that New Jerusalem,
36:08 before you enter the New Jerusalem,
36:10 there's going to be a question that's going to be asked you.
36:13 Some of you don't want any questions but you're
36:14 going to be asked this question.
36:16 What do you think it might be?
36:18 By what right do you enter here?
36:22 Think about it, oh yea.
36:23 What right do you enter here?
36:25 Those of you who are good Bible students and you love to
36:28 read the word of God.
36:29 You can read, by the way, and just do this when you have time.
36:33 In Psalm 24, it describes an awesome picture of Jesus
36:38 by the way, as He comes through the gates of the New Jerusalem.
36:42 Are you getting the picture?
36:44 Jesus coming through the gates of the New Jerusalem
36:47 to welcome His people home.
36:49 How awesome that's going to be.
36:51 I see it now. Don't you?
36:52 Are you seeing it? Are you understanding?
36:54 Jesus coming through.
36:56 And the question then is asked.
36:57 By what right do you enter into these gates?
37:02 And in unison, all the saints;
37:04 they can't give any other answer.
37:05 They say, "By the precious blood of the Lamb. "
37:08 The only way we can go through these gates
37:10 is by the blood of Jesus Christ, by the cross.
37:13 Isn't that wonderful?
37:14 What an answer of the Lamb.
37:16 Dear friends, I tell you tonight there's no other way to get to
37:20 heaven than by the blood, by the cross of Jesus Christ.
37:23 There is no other door that you can go through.
37:26 There's no gate that you can slip in the back.
37:28 Are you still with me, somebody?
37:29 There's no sacrifice that you can make.
37:32 There's no religion, there's no bloodline that guarantee's
37:35 that you're going to make it to heaven.
37:36 Think about it.
37:37 Every person, dear friends.
37:39 By the way, there's no message that's going to get you there.
37:44 It's only by what?
37:46 Every person, dear friends, who enters the city
37:49 of God will come by the way of the cross.
37:54 There's no other way.
37:56 Acts chapter 4 verse 12, the Bible stands very, very clear.
37:59 It's by the way of what? Of the cross.
38:01 The Bible said there's no other name given among men
38:04 whereby we must be saved than, what?
38:06 The name of Jesus.
38:07 There's something powerful about the name of Jesus.
38:09 The devils begin to shake and begin to quiver.
38:11 All the legions of hell have to flee when you mention
38:14 the name of Jesus.
38:15 Some of us need to be mentioning it more than we do.
38:18 That's why the devil is staying around.
38:20 Oh dear friends.
38:22 Seven hundred years before Jesus, about Isaiah,
38:26 under the pen of inspiration in Isaiah 65:17
38:30 he pens down, "Behold, I create a new heaven and a new earth. "
38:36 And then you go on and read it and it says
38:37 we're going to build houses in that New Jerusalem.
38:40 We're going to inhabit those houses.
38:42 We're going to long enjoy the work of our hands.
38:44 That turn some of you off?
38:45 And then the wolf and the lamb is going to feed together.
38:48 Did you get it?
38:49 "Behold I," what?
38:51 "I create," what?
38:52 "A new heaven and a new earth. "
38:55 Oh dear friends.
38:56 Now think about it.
38:57 Then around AD 66 we find that Peter, in writing in scripture,
39:04 2 Peter 3:13, he talks about a new heaven and a what?
39:08 And a new earth wherein dwells righteousness.
39:13 Isn't that interesting?
39:15 And then a few years later John begins to write
39:18 in Revelation chapter 21.
39:20 It's very interesting.
39:21 Here's what John, about AD 96, he said what?
39:24 "I saw... "
39:26 Now John's either a liar or he's not.
39:29 John said, "I saw," what?
39:32 "... a new heaven and a new earth. "
39:35 And now, over 2000 years since Jesus has come.
39:38 Do you know what?
39:39 We're still longing for that new earth, aren't we.
39:41 We're longing for that heaven.
39:43 It just keeps right on growing and it's building.
39:45 And it's going to happen one day soon.
39:47 "I saw a new heaven and a new earth. "
39:50 Friend, I'm praying that you see by faith that new heaven
39:53 and new earth every day rather than look at the world
39:55 and the things that are in this world that are not worth having.
40:00 Hang on to something that's solid, dear friends.
40:02 It's going to be worth it all.
40:03 We have to catch a vision of heaven.
40:10 You know what I thought so beautifully interesting
40:13 about when you talk about heaven.
40:15 Revelation 21:3, by the way, just gives something
40:18 very interesting.
40:19 It say God is going to do what?
40:23 Yes He is, but He's going to dwell with His...
40:25 He's going to dwell with His people.
40:28 Isn't that going to be awesome.
40:30 He's going to dwell where? With us.
40:32 He's going to dwell with us. Right?
40:34 He's missed us.
40:35 Oh friend, how wonderful that's going to be.
40:37 You know, I look at the world.
40:40 And the world is always seeking for some kind of Utopia.
40:46 Think about it.
40:47 The world is seeking for a perfect place.
40:51 Are you still there?
40:53 They're looking for a better world.
40:55 They're looking for a Shangri-La.
40:58 And by the way, they do an awful lot to try to do it.
41:00 Books are written about this perfect world.
41:02 Movies are made about having a perfect world.
41:06 But they are persistently defeated every time
41:11 all of their attempts to create a paradise on this earth.
41:15 They've tried it. Men are looking for it.
41:18 But they're persistently, every time, they're defeated.
41:22 Many, by the way, are relying on the flesh.
41:27 That's not going to get you there, dear friend.
41:29 Some people say, "Well, the answer to this Utopia
41:32 is that we need the government more involved. "
41:36 Others will say, "Oh no, I'll tell you what we really need,
41:39 dear friend, is some kind of peaceful co-existence.
41:42 That will work. "
41:44 That's not the answer.
41:45 Some will say, "Putting a right man in office
41:48 is going to give us this existence. "
41:49 No, that's not the answer at all.
41:51 Some people might even say, "Oh, I wonder about space travel.
41:58 I wonder about space travel. Maybe that's the answer. "
42:01 No, that's not the answer at all.
42:03 Dear friends, what about financial paradise? No.
42:05 Technology? No. Medical science? No.
42:09 Space colonization? No.
42:14 Listen, why none of these will succeed.
42:18 You know why?
42:19 None of them will ever succeed unless you can change the people
42:24 for the people are the problem.
42:27 And I'm one of the people. Somebody help me.
42:29 You're one of the people, you're down here.
42:31 Isn't that right? We have a problem.
42:33 Now let's give you an example real quick.
42:35 You think about it.
42:37 Heaven is a perfect place. Isn't it?
42:39 A perfect place.
42:41 But the moment the most perfect society becomes imperfect;
42:46 the moment it admits one person with a sinful heart.
42:50 Did you get it?
42:52 You can have a million, a billion, a trillion,
42:54 of perfect individuals, as in heaven, and you can admit
42:57 one person with a sinful heart and that place
43:00 becomes imperfect.
43:01 That tells me that God's not going to take a person
43:04 with a sinful heart to heaven.
43:06 All sin has to be confessed up.
43:08 Do you believe that?
43:10 I've often asked and I'll ask again tonight.
43:12 Would heaven be a better place if you could go there tonight
43:14 or a worse place?
43:17 Uh-huh, yea.
43:19 It just kind of died off just a little bit, didn't it.
43:20 Ooh.
43:21 Yea, that's the question that pierces my heart.
43:25 It really does.
43:26 Would heaven be a better place if you could go there tonight,
43:28 or would it be a worse place?
43:30 Or would you contaminate heaven because you're not ready?
43:34 Think about it.
43:36 We're talking about, we're talking about sin here.
43:38 We're talking about getting to heaven.
43:42 Many are selling heaven for 30 pieces of silver.
43:47 They're selling it because they can't control this little thing
43:50 called the tongue.
43:52 1 Peter 1:15 says, you know, you need to be holy in all
43:56 manner of conversation.
43:57 And the word conversation means "living".
44:00 We need to be holy in what?
44:01 In all of our living here.
44:04 Some people are going to trade the beauties of heaven,
44:07 the reality of being with Jesus, God, and all the heavenly host
44:10 because of pride, jealousy,
44:14 lust of the eye, lust of the flesh,
44:17 gossip and lying.
44:21 And my Bible says, "Kenny, you need to live in this world
44:26 soberly and righteously and godly in this present world. "
44:32 That's our message if we want to go to heaven,
44:35 if we want the new heaven and the new earth.
44:37 Listen, there's only one plan. Our time is running.
44:40 There's only one plan that's going to work.
44:43 And you know what plan that is?
44:45 That's God's plan.
44:47 There's only one plan; it's God's plan.
44:49 And I know in 1 Corinthians 2:9 it says, "the eye hasn't seen,"
44:53 isn't that right, "ear heard. "
44:54 It hasn't even entered into our heart.
44:55 So some of you think you've got heaven figured out yet.
44:58 No, you haven't even thought of good enough yet.
45:02 You can't even think about it.
45:04 You can't even make believe about it
45:06 because it hasn't even entered into our hearts.
45:08 Notice this, "The things that God has prepared for
45:11 them that love Him. "
45:12 There's a condition. Do you love Him?
45:14 You have to love Him with all your heart and your soul
45:16 and your mind or you're never going to get there.
45:18 I'm never going to get there unless I love Him.
45:20 Love is what we're talking about here.
45:23 I find this interesting.
45:24 There's some people, hmmm,
45:28 that they find the description of heaven unappealing.
45:33 Have you ever met someone like that?
45:36 You describe heaven and read a little bit about heaven,
45:38 "Oh, that's so unappealing. "
45:40 Where have you been?
45:42 What's been going on in your life?
45:45 The description of heaven is unappealing?
45:47 Maybe we focus too much on the things that we're talking about
45:50 there and what they're made out of and so on
45:51 rather than being with Jesus.
45:55 Oh friend, think about it.
45:57 They don't want to hear about harps.
45:59 They don't want to hear about the crowns.
46:01 They don't want to hear about the golden streets.
46:04 They don't want to hear about the gates of pearl.
46:06 And maybe 1 Corinthians 13:12 may come into play here
46:09 because we see through a glass darkly.
46:14 Think.
46:15 They say, "Oh, this is... "
46:17 Friends, there's no words to describe heaven.
46:20 Oh, I hope you're thinking with me.
46:22 It doesn't matter, but I do know this as I read on
46:25 in that same passage of scripture.
46:26 It says we are going to know as we are known.
46:31 We're going to be recognizable in heaven and we're going to
46:33 know who's there and who's not there.
46:35 Friend, how tantalizing that is to my heart, to my spirit
46:40 as family and friends and children and grandchildren,
46:42 people that you love.
46:47 How our hearts need to yearn tonight and cry out to God.
46:51 We want them there.
46:52 We want to be there.
46:57 How can you describe heaven?
47:00 How can we do it?
47:01 All I can say is, oh if I could speak
47:06 in the language of Canaan tonight.
47:08 Would it help?
47:10 Oh friend, we need to think spiritually
47:12 with a mind of Canaan, the mind of Christ.
47:17 We don't want to miss this.
47:20 I will say this, heaven's mansions are not like
47:23 our mansions but they're just as real.
47:26 They're just as real.
47:27 This is not make believe like nothing to do up there.
47:30 It's going to be an awesome time when we get to heaven.
47:32 Think about it, dear friend.
47:33 Heaven's harps are not like our harps down here.
47:36 Think about it.
47:37 Heaven's singing is not like our singing.
47:41 Well praise God for some of that, if you're still with me.
47:44 Heaven's singing is not like some of ours.
47:46 Did you get it?
47:47 Some of us are not quite in tune.
47:48 You follow my thinking on that.
47:50 And you know what?
47:51 Heaven's praising is not like some of our praising down here.
47:56 It never ceases to amaze me.
47:57 We say we're going to have a praise time at the church,
48:00 yet no one can find a thing to praise God about.
48:02 There's something that's wrong.
48:05 We owe Him everything, don't' we?
48:07 Every breath that we take, every movement that we have.
48:10 There's nothing that lives or moves or has a
48:12 being without God.
48:14 And yet we say, "Well, let's praise God. "
48:15 We're going, "Hmmm.
48:17 Whoa, wish I could think of something. "
48:21 Friend I tell you, in heaven they're praising around the
48:24 throne day and night, we call it.
48:26 And so if we're going to go to heaven, dear friends,
48:28 and praise God, we need to start praising Him down here.
48:30 Is somebody going to shout with me?
48:32 I'll just shout up here by myself, it's alright.
48:35 We get to heaven, we're going to be singing.
48:37 We need to be singing.
48:38 We're going to walk with God when we get there,
48:39 we need to walk with Him while we're down here.
48:41 Is that right?
48:42 If we're going to talk with Him when we get there,
48:43 we need to learn to talk with Him right now.
48:45 Isn't that right?
48:46 Oh friend, this is where it begins.
48:49 Right here, right now.
48:52 People say, "Oh, I just can't, I can't get this. "
48:54 Let me tell you.
48:55 The first glimpse, the first glimpse of Jesus...
48:59 Oh please pay attention.
49:05 The first glimpse of Jesus tells me
49:12 that eternity is not long enough to praise Him.
49:17 The first glimpse of Jesus.
49:21 Eternity is not long enough to praise Him for what's He's done,
49:26 the sacrifice that He has made.
49:31 Because, because of the greatness of His sacrifice...
49:38 Please listen carefully.
49:40 Because of the greatness of His sacrifice,
49:46 what kind of a,
49:49 what sort of a new country must it be.
49:53 Based upon the sacrifice... Are you still there?
49:56 Based upon the great sacrifice, what sort of a new country
50:01 must it be with such a price tag attached.
50:10 Think about it.
50:16 What sort of a country must it be?
50:22 The price tag that heaven was empty.
50:26 The price tag was Jesus Christ.
50:29 What a country that must be.
50:31 And I want to be there.
50:34 And the good news. What's the good news?
50:36 The good news; it's available to everyone tonight
50:39 upon conditions.
50:41 It's available... Did you get it everyone?
50:43 ...who's willing to comply.
50:47 Matthew 6:33 Jesus simply says, "Seek ye first
50:52 the kingdom of God. "
50:55 And friends, I tell you right now.
50:56 Heaven begins right now. Right here, right now.
51:00 We don't have to wait till He comes.
51:01 There can be a foretaste of it right now.
51:03 You need it in your life. I need it in my life.
51:06 Passing of loved ones and jobs and the problems that are
51:08 out there today, I need a Savior.
51:11 I need to realize that something is better than this,
51:13 there's something beyond this.
51:15 And I know because of that sacrifice how awesome
51:18 that's going to be.
51:20 I want to be there, friend. I want you to be there too.
51:26 Those of you who are jotting things down,
51:27 because of our time, but when you have time just read like
51:30 Revelation 21 like verses 12 through 21.
51:33 You know what, it describes the New Jerusalem.
51:36 It describes the walls and the gates and the measurements and
51:40 the materials that are used.
51:42 But you know, I'm more interested in Jesus.
51:43 I'm more interested in having fellowship
51:46 with our Creator and our Redeemer.
51:47 Aren't you?
51:48 That's the fellowship.
51:49 And I've often said this.
51:50 Somebody may say, "Oh Kenny, that's not going to happen.
51:52 Oh, I'll talk to you later about it. "
51:55 I really believe this with all my heart.
51:56 I believe that when we get to heaven by God's grace,
51:59 I'm going to be able to put my arms around Jesus.
52:01 I'm going to put my...
52:03 He's not going to be at a distance.
52:04 He's not going to be, you can't touch Him.
52:05 Some human beings think, "Well, you can't touch Me.
52:08 You've got to stand back here. You stay way back here. "
52:10 Jesus is going to be someone that's approachable
52:12 and we can put our arms around Him.
52:14 And I'm going to kiss Him on the cheek and say, "Thank You God.
52:17 Thank You because You're the only reason that I'm here.
52:20 You went to the bottom to get me.
52:22 But Your blood was sufficient. "
52:24 His blood was powerful enough to cleanse every stain.
52:28 Oh somebody says, "Oh yea, but you know. "
52:29 Don't worry about somebody else.
52:31 You get right yourself with God.
52:32 You see what I'm saying?
52:33 I mean, we need to get serious with God.
52:35 That means getting right with God ourselves.
52:37 Don't worry about someone else.
52:39 He reached down for you just as He reached down for me.
52:41 And I'll tell you this tonight, I'll encourage you.
52:43 There's not a sin that God cannot forgive.
52:47 Not a sin that God cannot forgive.
52:51 Friend, it's an awesome thing to think about.
52:54 I know the Bible talks about, in Revelation 21,
52:57 no tears and no death and no sorrow.
53:00 I like all that stuff, but what a future is before us.
53:04 Are you getting this?
53:05 What a future is before us.
53:08 Friend, do you want to miss it? No, you don't want to miss it.
53:13 Nahum 1:9 says, "Affliction will not rise up again... " What?
53:17 "... the second time. "
53:19 You know what affliction means?
53:20 That means a tight place.
53:22 There's not going to be tight places anymore.
53:25 Affliction means an enemy.
53:26 There's going to be no more opponent to go at it with.
53:28 There will be no more sin up there.
53:31 That's what I'm looking forward to.
53:33 How about you?
53:34 I'm looking for that new heaven and that new earth
53:36 wherein dwells righteousness.
53:39 Friend, you need to make a choice and a decision tonight.
53:42 That little clicker just did not work for me
53:44 and I really don't care.
53:45 Look.
53:48 I want a one-way ticket right to heaven.
53:51 You want a one-way ticket tonight?
53:52 Why don't you stand where you're at.
53:53 We'd love for you to come forward but we haven't time.
53:56 After this, we have to do other things.
53:57 Don't hesitate.
53:58 No one should stay in their seat tonight.
54:00 If you want heaven to be your home, if you're longing
54:03 for Jesus to come, you want to put your arms around Him
54:06 and give Him a big ole hug, He will accept that.
54:09 He wants you to do that.
54:11 Oh dear friend, when He puts that crown upon your head,
54:13 you're going to take that crown and you're going to
54:15 throw it at His feet and you're going to say,
54:16 "You're the reason that I'm here.
54:17 I've never done anything good in my life.
54:19 It's because of the blood of the Lamb.
54:21 It's because Jesus is willing to get on the cross
54:23 and to stay there. "
54:25 And while He was on the cross, I was on His mind.
54:28 Some of you won't believe that, but I believe that
54:30 with all of my heart.
54:31 You were on His mind. Every one of you.
54:34 And He said, "I'm going to stay if there just be one. "
54:36 Oh friend, not a person is seated.
54:39 Praise God for that because you want to go to heaven.
54:42 This is an awesome time here as we're going to close
54:44 with a special song.
54:46 You see every one that's standing.
54:47 What are they saying?
54:48 I want to go to heaven.
54:50 Now remember, your ticket is at the "will call" window.
54:54 Don't be too lazy to go to pick it up.
54:57 It's free.
54:58 Are you still with me?
54:59 May God help us as we stay together to fight
55:02 this fight of faith.
55:03 But until then, we encourage one another to continue to be
55:06 steadfast in Jesus Christ.
55:08 Stay in there.
55:10 Fight the good fight of faith and one of these days
55:12 the battle is going to be over and it's already won.
55:14 Praise God for that. Amen, praise God.


Revised 2014-12-17