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00:50 Hello, everyone.
00:51 Those of you that have found us from television land,
00:54 thank you for inviting us into your home
00:58 to look over Pathways To Life.
01:02 It is my hope and my prayer that you will be blessed
01:06 from this experience.
01:08 We'll invite you to be looking in this same time period
01:11 over the next fifteen days because we will be looking at
01:15 pathways to life.
01:17 I come to you from Phoenix, Arizona.
01:20 And I'm glad to be able to invite everyone of you
01:24 into our humble abode here as we talk about
01:29 things that have to do with pathways to life.
01:33 Within Pathways To Life here, you're going to be able to
01:35 experience some music,
01:39 and some good opening of the Scriptures together.
01:43 Three Angels Broadcasting is here in Phoenix, Arizona,
01:47 and we thank them for coming and being a part
01:51 of the experience here.
01:53 I invite again that you stay with us all the way through.
01:57 The special music in this event, Mr. Tim Parton has been sharing
02:02 the word of God through music for about 30 years now.
02:06 And I look forward to turning the time over to him
02:10 in just a moment.
02:11 When he completes the song that he is singing and playing,
02:15 and the song is referred to as, Draweth Nigh,
02:19 and when that is completed, we will invite out here
02:24 to the platform and invite into your homes in tv land
02:29 around the world wherever you're coming from
02:31 Pastor John Lomacang who will be opening the Word of God for us.
02:36 I hope that whether you are here in this studio,
02:40 or whether you are engaged at home via computer,
02:45 or via your television set, that you will plan on
02:49 spending some moments together, looking together,
02:52 at the Word of God as Pastor Lomacang...
02:56 This presentation will be called, It Is Coming.
03:03 And after our special music let's be thinking about,
03:06 "Okay, and what is it?"
03:08 That is, It Is coming.
03:12 Again, thank you.
03:13 And again, welcome.
03:28 Years of time have come and gone
03:34 since I first heard it told
03:39 how Jesus would come again someday.
03:51 If back then it seemed so real,
03:58 then I just can't help but feel
04:03 how much closer His coming is today.
04:17 Signs of the times are everywhere.
04:27 There's a brand new feeling in the air.
04:38 Keep your eyes upon the eastern sky,
04:49 life up your head; redemption draweth nigh.
05:03 War and strife on every hand,
05:09 and violence fills our land;
05:13 still some people doubt that He'll ever come again.
05:24 Oh, but the Word of God is true,
05:31 He'll redeem His chosen few.
05:36 So don't lose hope,
05:40 for soon Christ Jesus will descend.
05:49 Signs of the times are everywhere.
05:59 There's a brand new feeling in the air.
06:10 So keep your eyes upon the eastern sky,
06:21 life up your head, lift up your head;
06:30 redemption draweth nigh.
06:47 Amen.
06:49 Can we say amen again?
06:50 ~ Amen.
06:52 So glad to have you here to begin our fifteen nights
06:55 together walking through the Word of God.
06:57 Thank you so much, Tim, for that urgent message
07:00 that Jesus is coming again.
07:03 And wherever you're joining us, if you're joining us from
07:05 television or internet, we'd like to welcome you also.
07:08 We believe that Jesus is coming again.
07:10 Can you say amen?
07:12 And we have come to let that message resonate
07:15 throughout the Phoenix area.
07:17 To let people know that in spite of what's happening
07:20 in the world today, we can trust the Word of God.
07:23 I'm excited about the message tonight.
07:25 It's Coming.
07:27 The pastor said, "It Is Coming." It's Coming.
07:29 But let's go to the Word of God...
07:31 Let's go to God in prayer before we go to the Word of God.
07:36 Loving Father in heaven, we thank You so much
07:38 for the wonderful opportunity to break the bread of life
07:43 this evening, to guide our hearts and minds
07:46 that we may not only hear what Your Word says,
07:50 but that we might seek a relationship with You.
07:55 Send throughout the Phoenix area, Lord, Your holy angels
07:59 and your Holy Spirit to gather Your people in these
08:03 closing hours of earth's history.
08:05 And Father, tonight may the message be clear,
08:09 and may Jesus be uplifted.
08:11 In Your precious name we pray, amen.
08:15 Very few of you may have heard about hesitant Harry Truman.
08:20 And no I'm not talking about the former president
08:22 of the United States.
08:24 But a lone resident of Spirit Lake in Washington state
08:28 in the shadow of Mount St. Helen.
08:32 Despite the vicious rumblings beneath his feet
08:35 and all the warnings from the U.S. Geological Survey station,
08:39 Harry Truman decided to ignore the warnings.
08:42 And if you remember when Mount St. Helen blew,
08:46 Harry was one of the tragic loses in that crisis
08:50 that could have been avoided.
08:52 He chose to ignore the signs.
08:55 And today the only thing that reminds us that Harry
08:57 lived there is a tombstone reminding people of his
09:01 birth date and death date.
09:04 Well, you know, the sad reality is, today with all the
09:06 signs around the world, the Bible says to us,
09:08 "Now when these things begin to come to pass
09:10 or begin to happen..."
09:12 What should we do?
09:13 "...look up and lift up your heads,
09:16 because your redemption draws near."
09:19 Harry received the warnings.
09:22 Harry felt the rumblings.
09:25 But Harry chose to make a decision that was fatal.
09:29 Well tonight, as we begin these meetings, there are many people
09:31 tonight that are listening to the rumblings of the
09:33 second coming of Jesus.
09:35 The signs are all around us.
09:38 The signs are in the news, the signs are in the newspaper,
09:41 the signs are on every network, violence on every hand.
09:46 But there are many people today like Harry Truman
09:48 that don't believe that the signs are as bad
09:52 as what is coming really is.
09:54 But tonight we thank God that we can trust the Word of God.
09:58 What do you say?
09:59 The most earth shattering event in human history
10:03 is soon to take place.
10:04 We're looking forward to the coming of our
10:06 Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
10:08 When I was a young man living in New York City
10:12 and I was watching a television program once.
10:15 It was, 2001 Space Odyssey.
10:17 I forgot how old I was, but I was in high school.
10:19 And I thought to myself, "2001? By then the world will be over."
10:25 Here we are, by God's grace, in 2018.
10:29 But I do believe, even though the world hasn't ended yet,
10:31 it's soon to come to a close.
10:33 Amen, somebody.
10:35 All the signs around us indicate that the coming of the Lord
10:39 is not far away.
10:40 The sequential signs, one after the other,
10:43 forecast the coming of Jesus.
10:45 In Phoenix, in New York, in Los Angeles.
10:49 Not only in the United States, but around the world
10:51 all the signs are being fulfilled on a tragically
10:55 scientific as well as scriptural scale.
10:58 Look at the crumbling world around us.
11:01 Look at the communities, the instability of nations,
11:06 the breakdown of the family, crime and violence.
11:11 And there are people today, and I thought about this myself,
11:13 there are people today that look at what's happening
11:16 around us, and somehow they think that these are just
11:19 incidental signs.
11:21 But in every age God has a people that believe that
11:25 while these signs are being ignored by the world
11:28 we can trust the Word of God.
11:31 The Word of God is clear.
11:32 Think about it.
11:33 These are days of war and international conflict,
11:36 days of terrorism and fearful hearts,
11:39 days of economic instability and political uncertainty.
11:43 There was a time that I would think about
11:45 who the next president is going to be.
11:47 Can I look to the White House?
11:48 But tonight I don't look to the White House.
11:51 I look to the right house.
11:53 The house that never failed.
11:55 The house where the King of kings makes the laws
11:59 and empowers His people to stand firmly
12:01 on the promises of God.
12:03 And tonight I could tell you that the answer,
12:05 regardless of what side you are on, the left or the right,
12:09 the only side that we can trust is God's side.
12:12 Can you say amen?
12:13 The only place the answers are coming from.
12:16 Look at the broken families, the crumbling marriages,
12:20 the fear that's gripping our schools.
12:22 I just came back from Florida not too long ago
12:25 to interview a young lady that was involved in the
12:27 tragic school shootings at Douglas High School.
12:31 When the world gets to the place where going to school,
12:35 something that should be normal, becomes fearful,
12:39 it's another indication that our world is falling apart.
12:43 One other reason why I say,
12:45 "Thank God for Christian education."
12:47 Because our Christian schools thus far,
12:50 as we keep our eyes fixed on Christ,
12:52 we're getting people ready, not just for a life in this world,
12:56 but for the world to come.
12:57 Think about it.
12:59 Broken families, crumbling marriages.
13:01 And then prophets on every hand; those who firmly established
13:06 the accuracy of God's Word, and those who predict things
13:09 that are not found in God's Word.
13:11 But when we trust God's Word, we can see
13:13 that the coming of our Lord draws near.
13:17 "When these things begin to happen, then look up
13:19 and lift up your head, because your redemption draws nigh.
13:23 You know, tonight my hope is not found in what people say.
13:26 My hope is found in God's Word.
13:27 What do you say?
13:29 Because the promise that Jesus made is a promise
13:31 that we can trust.
13:34 It's a promise that is reliable.
13:36 It's a promise that will never fail.
13:37 Look at the scriptures.
13:39 John 14:1-3
13:42 In a world where heart trouble is something far
13:45 deeper than just a physical malady, but a spiritual malady.
13:49 Look at the words of Christ.
13:50 He says to us...
13:52 Let's read this together.
14:12 Pause for a moment.
14:14 Now I've never lived in a mansion, but one day
14:16 I look forward to living in heaven.
14:18 What do you say?
14:19 And I don't even need a mansion in heaven.
14:21 All I need is a sleeping bag. What about you?
14:23 As long as I make it, I don't care what I sleep in.
14:27 My wife and I have traveled around the world,
14:29 and we've been to many countries.
14:30 And there is no place on this planet
14:35 that I would rather trade for a kingdom where there is
14:38 peace forever more.
14:40 No violence, no heartache, no death, no suffering.
14:45 The words of everyone can be trusted.
14:47 So when the Lord says, "I go to prepare a place for you,"
14:51 look at the promise, He continues...
15:13 One of the signs that I believe the Lord is coming soon...
15:15 And my wife and I have talked about this.
15:17 After 34 years of marriage, and we look back at where we began,
15:20 God found me in Brooklyn, New York.
15:24 The son of a broken family.
15:26 An abandoned child.
15:28 And one of the signs that I believe that the Lord
15:30 is coming soon is He even has me in the ministry.
15:34 He's called me now to preach the gospel,
15:36 to proclaim the good news of the kingdom.
15:39 To let people know that He can take us from the
15:42 guttermost to the uttermost.
15:43 From the streets of New York City,
15:45 from the streets of Phoenix,
15:47 from the streets of any major city, God can change
15:50 anyone's life and get him or her ready
15:53 for the coming of the Lord.
15:55 So I stand on the promise of God tonight
15:57 that He's gone to prepare a place for you and for me.
16:01 And we can trust God's word when He says
16:04 He is coming again.
16:06 Think about a heart trouble.
16:08 I'm getting to the place, my wife and I talk about this,
16:10 and sometimes we say, "Well, should I change my hair color
16:13 or should I leave it gray?"
16:16 And I decided to leave it gray because I want people to know
16:19 that I am getting older and I'm getting wiser.
16:23 Somewhere along the way, when you see the world around you,
16:28 some of these signs have to let you know
16:31 the older you get, you should be getting wiser.
16:35 But there's something far greater,
16:37 something of greater assurance, than a planet where money
16:41 controls the atmosphere, where crime is rampant,
16:45 where promises are not kept.
16:47 I look forward to the day when I can step off of this planet
16:52 into a world where there will be peace and joy forever more.
16:56 That's why thinking people...
16:58 What kind of people did I say?
17:00 ...thinking people are not waiting for someone else
17:03 to decide their fate.
17:05 Thinking people.
17:06 I was talking to an atheist
17:07 in the upper northwest not too long ago.
17:10 And he was saying that he's not sure that God exists.
17:14 He's not sure that there is even a God.
17:17 And I said, "To be an atheist is proof that there is a God.
17:20 How can you start a movement against somebody
17:22 that you don't know exists?"
17:26 You'll get that on Monday.
17:32 The only hope that our world has today
17:35 is the promises made in the Word of God.
17:39 How can there not be a God when the Bible predicts
17:43 the world that has become exactly as God said it would be?
17:47 How could there not be a God when the Lord said
17:50 thousands of years ago, "I am God and there is none like Me,
17:54 declaring the end from the beginning,
17:57 and from ancient times things that are not yet done."
18:00 How can there not be a God when the world is exactly
18:04 predicted as it has become in the Word of God?
18:08 And so, thinking people.
18:12 Economically strong and economically weak people.
18:14 Social status is no longer the category to get us ready
18:18 for the coming of the Lord.
18:20 All we've got to do is open God's Word
18:22 and believe its promises, and trust that what He says
18:26 is going to come to pass.
18:29 That's why tonight, as we think of what God's promises are,
18:33 He's not coming back for those who are unprepared.
18:38 He's coming back for those who are looking for Him.
18:41 And I want to tell you, there's no better thing to do
18:44 in these closing hours of earth's history than to be
18:46 looking for the coming of our Lord.
18:48 Look at the words of the writer of Hebrews.
18:49 He says in Hebrews 9:28...
19:04 The first time Jesus came, He came to save us from the
19:08 penalty and the power of sin.
19:11 But one day He's going to come back to save us from
19:14 the presence of sin.
19:15 Think about it.
19:16 Think about a world where there is no more sin.
19:20 Think about a world where there is no more death.
19:23 Think about a world where there are no more hospitals.
19:26 Thank God for doctors, but one day even doctors
19:29 will be out of work.
19:31 Think of a world where there are no funeral parlors.
19:33 No more need for eye glasses, no more need for contact lenses.
19:37 No more sad good-byes.
19:39 Amen, somebody.
19:40 No more laying your loved ones to rest.
19:44 I laid two mothers to rest, two fathers to rest.
19:50 A mother that gave me life, and a mother that led me to Christ.
19:55 And one day I was preaching a sermon about
19:57 what happens when you die.
19:58 And I wanted to be in New York City where one was laid to rest,
20:02 then I wanted to be in the Virgin Islands where
20:04 the other was laid to rest, to see them come forth
20:06 in the resurrection.
20:07 And I said, "Lord, I want to be in New York,
20:09 but then again I want to be in the Virgin Islands."
20:10 And He said to me, "Don't worry about it.
20:12 Just meet them in the air."
20:18 All that have died in the promise of Christ
20:20 will one day come forth.
20:22 And he said, "To those who eagerly wait for Him
20:26 will He appear the second time."
20:27 When He comes, He's not only going to usher in
20:30 a permanent change, but when He comes He's going to
20:33 bring a reward.
20:34 Notice the Word of God.
20:36 Revelation 22:12, the Bible says...
20:50 When we think about the reward, the reward will one day
20:53 remind us that waiting for Jesus has been the best
20:57 decision that we have made.
20:59 When that reward is given to us, it will remind us
21:01 that choosing Jesus is the best decision we have ever made.
21:06 Amen.
21:08 What other decision can you make that's better than that?
21:10 Think about it.
21:12 If you had a choice between never ending finances
21:17 or eternal life, what would you prefer?
21:20 I prefer eternal life.
21:22 I'm one that has become, I would say, an amateur astronomer.
21:28 Meaning, the only exposure to astronomy I have is my iPad.
21:34 But some nights I lay on my bed in the dark, and my wife and I,
21:37 we look at the different planets
21:39 and the different constellations.
21:41 And one day I was so infatuated by it, I said,
21:44 "Honey, look at this planet, this galaxy."
21:46 And she said, "How far away is it?"
21:48 I said, "Well, it's 34,000 light years away."
21:53 And she said, "We'll never see that."
21:56 I said, "No, we will see that."
21:59 Amen?
22:00 If you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ,
22:03 if you have given your life to Him,
22:04 if you are waiting for Him to come,
22:07 all the unnumbered stars, all the worlds that He has
22:12 called into existence...
22:15 So many people are fighting over this little planet.
22:18 But the Lord wants to give us the unnumbered worlds.
22:21 So keep the world, but give me Jesus.
22:26 If you haven't been there, one day by God's grace
22:29 we will be there.
22:30 If you haven't seen it, one day by God's grace...
22:33 "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard,
22:36 neither has it entered into the hearts of man
22:39 the things that God prepares for those that love Him."
22:42 What do you say?
22:44 Who do you know that can call every star by name?
22:48 Who do you know that can create galaxies without limits?
22:52 Who do you know that can command the waves
22:54 of the great seas, of the ocean, to stand still with His voice?
22:58 Who do you know that can do that?
23:00 Who do you know that can bring peace
23:02 in the midst of your storms?
23:04 Or hope in the midst of your tragedy?
23:07 Who do you know that can tell death it has an expiration date?
23:11 Come on, say amen to that.
23:13 Even death itself is on the clock.
23:16 Only the power and the presence of Jesus
23:19 can bring death to an end one day.
23:21 That's the reason why we've come to Phoenix.
23:24 To let those of you that are here know that even when
23:28 you take your last breath, if you trust in God
23:31 it's really not your last breath.
23:34 It's just the breath before the great exhale.
23:38 Before the great inhale on the other side of the resurrection.
23:41 What do you say?
23:44 I thought about it; last night my wife and I
23:45 had a conversation.
23:47 We like to read our Bibles together.
23:49 And last night as we read our Bibles together,
23:52 reading about David when he was finally laid to rest,
23:56 the patriarch David.
23:58 The Bible said he rested with his fathers.
24:01 And his throne was given to his son, Solomon.
24:04 And I thought about that.
24:05 And it said David was advanced in years.
24:08 And in the side it said he was 70 years old.
24:10 And I said, "Honey, 70 years old.
24:12 Think about that."
24:14 Now I'm not going to tell you my age, but 70 years old
24:16 is ahead of us.
24:23 But maybe somebody here already passed seventy.
24:27 But even if the Lord gave you 100 years in this life,
24:32 I would never trade 100 years in this life for eternal life.
24:37 Amen?
24:38 The best is yet ahead of us.
24:41 We began to talk about that in a very spiritually intimate way.
24:46 And I looked at my wife and I said, "Honey, all I really want
24:51 is eternity."
24:53 And my wife said to me, "Eternity sounds
24:55 really good right about now."
24:58 Tonight, when you visit someone in the hospital
25:01 that is holding on to hope, and the doctors have no answer,
25:04 the only think we have is the promises of Jesus.
25:07 "Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me,
25:10 to give to every one according as his work has been."
25:15 Or shall be.
25:17 Tonight, we can trust the promises of God's Word.
25:20 Amen?
25:21 The Lord has not abandoned us to a decaying world.
25:23 Look at the promise He makes in Acts 1:11.
25:47 The part that gets me is, "Why stand ye gazing."
25:50 It is too late to stand around.
25:52 It's time to tell somebody else that Jesus is coming again.
25:56 My wife and I went to the mall recently here.
25:58 Just to the mall, we didn't know where the malls were.
26:00 We said, "Take us to Nordstrom."
26:02 That's a mall.
26:03 And we walked into the store.
26:05 Into Saks Fifth Avenue.
26:06 We didn't buy anything. We can't afford anything there.
26:10 But we met a lady that was from Russia.
26:15 We can tell by her accent.
26:17 And I said, "Honey, give her a flier to the meetings."
26:21 And we said, "We have a network that has the Russian language
26:26 in gospel on the network."
26:27 She says, "Really?"
26:29 My wife took out her phone and showed her
26:30 3ABN in Russian.
26:32 And she got excited about that and gave us her business card.
26:37 And before the meetings tonight, I said,
26:38 "Honey, let me write her and let her know."
26:40 I believe that every person that you come in contact with
26:44 is a soul for the kingdom of God.
26:48 The young lady at the front desk;
26:49 "Honey, give her a flier."
26:51 The person at the restaurant; "Honey, give him a flier."
26:55 Now I say, "Honey," because she has a bag.
26:57 I don't have anything to carry fliers in.
27:00 But everyone we see, everybody you see is a candidate
27:04 for the kingdom of heaven.
27:06 In Macy's as we were standing and talking to the young man
27:08 who was telling us about the sale coming in the future,
27:10 I said, "Honey, give him a flier.
27:12 Get his business card."
27:13 Everybody we see.
27:15 If you really believe that Jesus is coming,
27:17 it is too late to stand around gazing,
27:20 looking for Christ to come.
27:21 It's time to get busy
27:23 to let people know that Jesus is soon to come.
27:26 Here's the reason I know that.
27:27 Look at the words of the apostle Paul.
27:29 Our world is a world of false security.
27:32 The apostle Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5:3,
27:36 notice what he says...
27:54 There was a time when evil men perpetuated crimes
27:57 behind closed doors.
27:59 And they believed that because they took their own lives
28:02 that they escaped the judgment.
28:03 But no, tonight, they shall not escape.
28:06 There are those that refuse the voice of God when He has
28:09 called them over and over again to give their lives to Him.
28:12 And they believe by ignoring God that they'll escape.
28:15 But no, they will not escape.
28:17 There's a world that's gone mad on every side.
28:19 Whether you're political, or whether you're social,
28:22 or whether you're spiritual, whatever your focus is
28:25 it doesn't take a lot of brain cells
28:28 to see that our world is in trouble.
28:33 On every side our world is in trouble.
28:38 And those that ignore the call of God,
28:40 those that ignore the urgency of the hour,
28:43 those that mock you for standing on the promises of God,
28:47 the Bible says when the peace and safety that they believe
28:50 exists is pulled out from under them,
28:53 only those that have their foundation
28:55 on Christ will escape.
28:57 And I believe it's just a matter of time.
28:59 I was invited to Washington, D.C. a few years ago
29:02 to stand and listen to the pope speak to Congress.
29:05 And I thought to myself, as I was invited by
29:07 a Baptist senator.
29:09 And he sat me in his chambers and he said to me,
29:11 "What do you think is happening in the world?"
29:12 He said, "I may not necessarily agree with all the things
29:15 that the pope says, but what do you think is happening?"
29:18 And I walked him through Daniel 2, Daniel 7,
29:21 Revelation 13, Revelation 14.
29:24 Somebody ought to say amen somewhere.
29:26 And he sat there with his eyes pinned and his mouth open
29:29 as I walked him through the surety of God's Word,
29:31 the Bible prophecy that tells us where we stand.
29:36 And I told him what the Bible reveals about the movements of
29:39 Rome in the last days.
29:41 And all he said to me is, "Please don't tell me
29:43 you're going to say that tonight."
29:46 Every chance I get, I told my wife,
29:49 my relationship with Christ has been renewed.
29:52 And I'm a soldier of the cross.
29:54 And my marching order is to tell everyone everywhere
29:59 that Jesus is soon to come.
30:01 Amen, somebody.
30:03 The promises are sure.
30:04 They shall not escape.
30:07 Look at the climate of the world as the
30:09 apostle Paul describes it.
30:11 Look at these words.
30:12 He says in 2 Timothy 3:13...
30:19 "..and impostors..."
30:20 Or seducers, as the King James said.
30:27 Now I don't want to get on the issue of whether guns are
30:31 right or guns are wrong, but I want to tell you,
30:37 the world is quite different than it was
30:39 when I was being raised.
30:43 I would go to school, and the worst thing that could happen
30:45 is I'd get into a fight with somebody.
30:47 I was not a violent child.
30:49 But the only thing I had to worry about growing up was
30:51 fists and throwing things at each other.
30:54 But now when we look at the climate of our world,
30:57 when we look at the climate of our world,
30:59 and young people, not only here in America,
31:03 young people are starving around the world.
31:07 There's fear gripping our planet.
31:08 And the Bible says the reason for this is,
31:11 evil men will wax worse and worse.
31:16 And so when somebody says the world really hasn't changed,
31:19 just look at the Word of God.
31:20 Evil men will wax worse and worse.
31:26 Because God's Spirit is being withdrawn from the earth.
31:28 There's evil unprecedented on one side, but the good news is
31:32 there's truth unprecedented on the other side.
31:36 While the world is getting darker on one side
31:39 the glory of the gospel is getting
31:41 brighter on the other side.
31:43 The mystery of iniquity is unfolding on one side,
31:46 but the mystery of godliness is being revealed on the other.
31:51 People are losing heart on one side,
31:53 but Jesus Christ is giving hope on the other side.
31:57 And our world is getting worse,
31:59 because evil is grooming the world for the
32:02 preparation of the end.
32:03 And as you look at the world today, we have more evil
32:06 accessible on our devices, on our phones,
32:11 than the antediluvians had in their day.
32:15 There's more evil at the push of a button
32:17 than the antediluvians practiced in their evil day.
32:20 When the Bible says that God's heart was saddened
32:24 that He had even made man.
32:26 Today, devices.
32:30 As Simon Sinek once said, we have an age limit for children
32:35 for drinking, and for driving, and for smoking,
32:38 but we have no age limit for them having cell phones.
32:41 He said the evil on their cell phones is far greater
32:44 than what's in the car when they're driving.
32:47 Today we've got to pray for our young people.
32:49 Say amen, somebody.
32:52 Our world is getting worse and worse.
32:54 But the Bible says we are moving toward the end.
32:57 Here are the words of Dr. Luke in Luke 17:26.
33:10 What kind of world was it? What kind of world was it?
33:16 It was a world where immorality was practiced and applauded.
33:21 Is that not our world today?
33:24 It's a world where men lost their bearings
33:29 as to how God had created man and woman to be united together.
33:34 Has our world become like that world?
33:38 Now in our society today you can wake up one morning
33:41 and feel that you're this gender, go to bed and
33:43 wake up the next morning and feel that you're that gender.
33:46 And society applauds it.
33:48 As it was in the days of Noah,
33:50 so also will it be in the day of the Son of Man.
33:55 But he goes on to say what kind of world it was.
33:59 Luke 17:27, the Bible says...
34:04 "...they married wives..."
34:06 That means polygamy.
34:18 When I was a young boy and I use to go to Coney Island
34:20 in Brooklyn, I use to like to go on the merry-go-round
34:24 or the Ferris Wheel.
34:25 It would just go around and around in circles.
34:27 And after a while you see the same thing over and over.
34:30 And there are people today that have gone
34:32 onto the merry-go-round of life.
34:34 They do the same thing day in and day out,
34:37 not understanding that the world is coming to an end.
34:40 The merry-go-round; the life, the liberty,
34:42 and the pursuit of happiness.
34:44 Millions in our world, millions in our country,
34:47 and millions around the world, all they want
34:50 is just to be happy.
34:52 But I'm getting to the place, all I want to be is saved.
34:54 Come on, somebody.
34:56 All I want to be is in the kingdom of God.
35:01 Just eat, just drink, just be merry, just go to the movies.
35:05 Just get locked in the entertainment.
35:08 And if you look at our world today, the music is
35:10 becoming darker, the movies are becoming darker.
35:13 Why would our world not think that violence is something
35:16 that's normal when it's being pushed by the movie producers?
35:22 Young people are being conditioned in their minds
35:24 by the video games.
35:25 So to some of them it seems not an unusual thing
35:29 when they cannot separate reality from fiction.
35:32 It doesn't seem unusual for them to want to do the
35:34 very same things in life.
35:37 As one young man once said, "I just shot him to experience
35:41 what it was like to take someone's life."
35:44 That's the kind of world we're in today.
35:48 Getting like the days of Noah.
35:51 That's why Jesus made the statement,
35:54 "Focus on what I've said in My Word."
35:56 Be ready, for the end is coming faster than we think.
36:00 One of the signs of the last days, Jesus made it very clear,
36:03 is found in Matthew 24, look at this, in verses 4 and 5.
36:16 "For many will come in My name saying, 'I am the Christ,'
36:21 and will deceive many."
36:24 I decided to look at this, because I've
36:27 preached this for many years.
36:28 But I thought, well really, have people come...
36:31 How many have come claiming to be Christ?
36:34 And I found out these very unusual facts.
36:37 "Many will come in My name saying, 'I am Christ,'
36:39 and will deceive many."
36:41 And I found a man by the name of John Nicholas Thom,
36:44 a Cornish tax rebel...
36:58 The followers, he had followers that believed that he was
37:03 in fact the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.
37:06 The words of Christ being fulfilled.
37:08 "Many will come in my name saying, 'I am Christ,'
37:10 and will deceive many."
37:14 Then there's also in the 20th century
37:17 a man you may have heard of.
37:19 Sun Myung Moon.
37:31 The members of the church believed that he and his wife
37:35 were the true parents of the human race
37:39 and the reincarnation, as it were, of Adam and Eve.
37:44 Thousands of followers believed that he was in fact,
37:47 and his wife, the reincarnation or the
37:50 restoration of Adam and Eve.
37:51 But what happened to him?
37:53 He died in 2012 at age 92.
37:55 Once again, "Many will come in My name saying,
37:59 'I am Christ," and will deceive many."
38:01 But you may remember more recently a man by the
38:04 name of Marshall Applewhite.
38:06 This man believed that behind the Hale-Bopp comet,
38:11 in the tail, he believed and taught his followers
38:13 that there's a spaceship hidden behind the
38:15 tail of the Hale-Bopp comet.
38:18 And if we take our lives, as this comet is passing
38:22 it will take us to our eternal home.
38:24 The sad reality is,
38:28 in 1997 thirty-nine people took their lives,
38:31 believing that he was in fact, and here are the words,
38:34 he believed, he said...
38:45 Claiming himself to be Christ Jesus, the Son of God.
38:49 Well you know the rest of that story.
38:51 But even closer to home, you may remember him.
38:55 The leader of the Branch Davidians.
39:09 You know the rest of the story.
39:10 Seventy-six people died.
39:12 They didn't necessarily believe that he was Jesus,
39:14 but they believed to some degree that he was the final prophet.
39:18 And they lost their lives in a very unusual way.
39:22 "Many will come in My name saying, 'I am Christ,'
39:25 and will deceive many."
39:29 But I want to tell you tonight, the return of Jesus will not
39:32 be an isolated event.
39:34 When Jesus comes, the entire world will know that
39:37 Jesus has come again.
39:38 Amen, someone.
39:39 Here's the words of Christ.
39:41 In Revelation 1:7 He says in the Word...
39:59 Not too long ago I interviewed somebody who says that
40:02 more recently there are people that are believing in the
40:05 flat earth theory.
40:09 They're believing in the flat earth theory.
40:11 They're saying the reason why every eye will see Jesus
40:14 is the earth is flat.
40:15 And I said to him, I didn't hear about it until the interview,
40:19 but I said to him, "All you've got to do to prove that the
40:21 earth is not flat is take your first ride on an airplane
40:25 and look out the window."
40:28 Amen?
40:31 And he said, "Well they believe the moon is round,
40:33 they believe the sun is round.
40:36 But they believe the earth is flat.
40:37 And that's the reason why they believe that Jesus Christ
40:39 will be seen every place at the same time."
40:41 I said, "Well now think about it from a realistic perspective."
40:45 Light travels at 186,200 miles per second.
40:48 The planet is only 24,000 miles around.
40:51 That means Jesus can be seen everywhere on this planet
40:55 in one-third of a second when He comes.
41:00 He's not coming in New York first.
41:02 And then in Phoenix.
41:04 And then in Detroit.
41:05 "Behold, He cometh with clouds..."
41:07 And I believe when the Bible says, "He cometh with clouds,"
41:09 that means He's coming with angels.
41:11 Ten-thousand times ten-thousand.
41:14 You know why He's coming? To take us home.
41:15 Can somebody say amen?
41:18 He's coming.
41:19 And He's going to wrap this planet with a retinue of angels
41:23 to come and claim His own.
41:25 That's why tonight we're excited.
41:26 This is just the first time,
41:28 but we have fourteen more meetings.
41:30 You've got to invite somebody.
41:31 Because there's somebody here in Phoenix that wants to be
41:34 ready when Jesus comes.
41:35 They don't know it yet.
41:38 But there will be no greater joy than to know that
41:40 when life on this planet has ended, life has just begun.
41:44 There's no greater joy than to know when all the
41:46 pain and suffering that we have experienced,
41:49 has been a part of our past, nothing but joy forever more
41:52 will be a part of our future when Jesus comes again.
41:57 Those that are not ready will mourn.
41:59 All the tribes of the earth will mourn.
42:02 Only those that have not been ready for the coming
42:04 of the Lord will mourn.
42:06 When Jesus comes, it's not going to be a silent event either.
42:09 Look at the words of the psalmist.
42:11 Psalm 50:3
42:27 When Jesus comes, He's not coming to sneak in and say,
42:30 "Hey, let's leave."
42:32 There will be no secret rapture.
42:35 He's not coming the way He came the first time,
42:38 as a babe in a manger.
42:39 He's coming back this time as King of kings and Lord of lords.
42:44 And there is no leader, there is no military.
42:47 Somebody once said, "Well now look at all these devices..."
42:50 As I was talking to somebody not too long ago...
42:52 You know, to me, "not too long ago,"
42:54 could be a year ago or a week ago.
42:56 They said, "With all these devices, they could find us
42:59 wherever we are.
43:00 They could track us with our cell phones, with our watches,
43:02 with our iPads, with our computers."
43:05 I said, "No they don't... Not necessarily.
43:07 What they need to be able to find us is electricity."
43:12 God could turn the power off in favor of His saints.
43:18 But even more wonderful than that, "He that dwelleth
43:21 in the secret place of the Most High shall abide
43:25 under the shadow of the Almighty."
43:27 I am not fearful what man can do, because when
43:30 Jesus comes He has a place to hide me that no man can find me.
43:36 Amen?
43:37 And He's com... He's so... You know what?
43:39 He's so excited about us that when He comes back
43:42 He wants to tell everybody, "I'm coming to receive My children."
43:48 Isn't that what parents do when they
43:49 get back together with their children?
43:51 "Mom, dad!"
43:53 He's coming, and He shall not keep silent.
43:56 What a day of rejoicing that's going to be.
43:58 He will come and He will not keep silent.
44:00 The earth is going to change.
44:01 We have a topic all about the second coming of Jesus.
44:05 But notice in a very summary way, notice how the earth
44:10 is going to be affected when Jesus comes.
44:12 Notice the signs that are taking place around us.
44:15 Luke makes it very clear in Luke 21:25-26.
44:30 A lot of religious leaders not too long ago
44:32 were really concerned about the blood moon.
44:34 They were saying, "This is a sign of the end."
44:38 When the war broke out in Iraq many years ago they said,
44:41 "That's the battle of Armageddon."
44:43 Well that war has come and gone.
44:45 Here's my point.
44:47 If you can trust in God's Word, if you read the Word of God,
44:49 you don't have to guess.
44:51 You can know for sure about the signs of the coming of our Lord.
44:54 Amen, somebody.
44:56 They said the blood moon must be an indication that
44:58 Jesus is coming again.
45:07 "...distress of nations..."
45:09 Do we doubt that?
45:18 Look at the floods that engulfed many of the coastal cities.
45:23 I believe it was in 2006 where over 300,000 people died
45:27 the day after Christmas when a terrible earthquake
45:31 unleashed a tsunami in many of the Pacific islands,
45:34 killing over 300,000 people.
45:36 The seas and the waves roaring.
45:38 But what the Bible is saying to us is, these things are going to
45:41 become worse and worse as we get closer and closer
45:45 to the coming of Jesus.
45:46 The seas and the waves roaring.
45:59 Not only will men be fearful of the things that are coming,
46:02 not just because of what's happening in the heavens,
46:04 but how many people when they look at the news
46:07 say to themselves, "What's next?"
46:11 Have you said that?
46:13 What's next?
46:14 What is the next earth shattering,
46:17 politically shattering, socially shattering
46:20 event to take place?
46:22 How bad can it get before it gets better?
46:26 It's going to get worse before it gets better.
46:29 Because today there is perplexity everywhere.
46:31 In the halls of our schools, there is military perplexity,
46:34 there is financial perplexity.
46:37 Nobody knows if the market is going to be stable today,
46:40 or if the market is going to be down tomorrow.
46:41 My wife and I...
46:43 Well, I can't tell you too much about my wife and I.
46:45 But I want to tell you, we're planning for retirement.
46:47 Which is a long way away.
46:53 But we sat down with a financial adviser.
46:55 We're by no means...
46:57 I'm talking about retirement on a pastor's salary.
47:01 Which is a prayerful salary.
47:04 But we said, "How much will we have when we retire?"
47:07 And when they told us the amount, I looked at my wife
47:09 and she looked at me, and she said,
47:11 "Honey, that wouldn't last very long at all."
47:14 And I thought to myself, "You know what?"
47:16 I said to her, "The Lord has been taking care of us
47:19 this long, and He can take care of us until He comes again."
47:25 Because one day we won't have a stock market.
47:27 That's why our hope is not based on what's
47:29 happening in the stock market.
47:31 Our hope is based on the financial foundation of Christ.
47:35 And in His kingdom there is no financial crisis.
47:40 He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.
47:43 "The gold and silver is mine."
47:45 He even said, "If I were hungry, I wouldn't even tell you."
47:49 He doesn't count His cattle by heads,
47:51 but He counts them by hills.
47:53 That's the kind of God we serve.
47:55 Amen, somebody.
47:56 So I'm not fearful tonight about these things
47:58 that are happening in the world.
47:59 Around us there's perplexity everywhere.
48:01 The family is in distress.
48:03 Marriage is in distress.
48:06 Children are in distress.
48:10 And here's some of the reasons why.
48:12 There is spiritual compromise on every side.
48:15 We see it everywhere.
48:17 Spiritual compromise is crippling Christianity.
48:19 While people are preaching about, "Your ship is coming in,"
48:23 and, "You're about to become successful,"
48:27 the prosperity gospel is not telling people about redemption,
48:32 but about financial success rather than a changed life,
48:36 a changed situation.
48:37 I don't need more money, I need a better hope.
48:41 I need a more solid future.
48:42 But the Bible says we're living in the hour
48:44 where spiritual compromise is crippling Christianity.
48:48 Look at the words of Revelation 3:17.
49:08 That is the condition of the world church today.
49:14 If ever there was a time that the church should be awake,
49:17 it is in these closing hours of earth's history.
49:19 If ever there's a time that we should examine
49:21 where we stand with Christ, it is in these closing
49:24 hours of earth's history.
49:27 And not be concerned about the person
49:29 on the right or left of us, but about our stand with Christ.
49:32 Because what the Bible in essence is saying
49:33 is the condition is going to be so bad that we are not even
49:36 aware of our own spiritual need of Christ.
49:40 Spiritual compromise.
49:41 But not only that.
49:43 The social distractions in our world today
49:46 have made its impact.
49:47 Social distraction, pleasure loving, everywhere is eroding
49:52 Christian values.
49:54 The apostle Paul tells his protégé Timothy these words
49:57 in 2 Timothy 3:1, 2, and 4.
50:06 The word, perilous, doesn't just mean, dangerous.
50:09 I looked the word up just a few weeks ago.
50:12 And I mean that, just a few weeks ago.
50:14 And the word, perilous, means it is so dangerous that
50:18 destruction is imminent.
50:21 Meaning, the world today is so bad that it can't go on
50:24 this way forever.
50:26 It's got to change somehow and somewhere.
50:28 We know the change coming,
50:29 and we know there's going to be a change for the better.
50:31 What do you say?
50:33 Social distraction.
50:35 Then there is also, it goes on...
50:44 Then also the storm of political polarization.
50:47 The storm of social distraction.
50:49 The storm of spiritual compromise.
50:51 Then the storm of spiritual polarization.
50:54 We... Can I say something?
50:58 We should be less concerned about the left and the right
51:01 and more concerned about the wrong and the right.
51:05 Amen?
51:07 How has politics found a home in the church today?
51:10 We speak more about what's happening in politics
51:12 than what's happening in God's Word.
51:14 This is the hour to get back to God's Word.
51:17 Can you say amen, somebody?
51:27 Pray for our political leaders.
51:30 Pray for our political leaders.
51:32 But put your hope and your trust in Christ.
51:35 And finally, one of the most solid indicators of
51:40 where we are in history is Bible prophecy.
51:45 We can tell by the sure Word of God
51:48 that the kingdoms that have come...
51:50 Babylon has come.
51:51 This great kingdom of gold came and it has fallen.
51:54 Medo-Persia came.
51:57 This great kingdom that brought down Babylon.
51:59 But that kingdom has passed off into antiquity.
52:04 Greece, with its great general and its great military
52:08 has come and gone, and is passed off into history.
52:14 And Rome is now on the stage, with the United States.
52:17 And those kingdoms will come and go,
52:20 and pass off into antiquity, because we can trust
52:24 the Word of God with these words.
52:25 Notice what He says in Daniel 2:44.
52:29 And the Bible says...
52:42 I'll say that again.
52:44 "A kingdom which shall never be destroyed."
52:47 That's the kingdom I want to be a part of.
52:48 What about you?
52:50 And you know what? One of the reasons...
52:52 We've heard this so often, we've heard this so repeated,
52:55 that sometimes we say, "Yes, Jesus is coming.
52:57 My father said it, his father said it, his father said it."
53:00 But let me tell you something.
53:01 It was the same way in the days of the antediluvian.
53:04 Somebody said it, and one day it was true.
53:08 "Be not weary in doing well, for in due time you'll reap
53:11 if you do not faint."
53:13 A kingdom that shall never be destroyed.
53:15 "...and the kingdom shall not be left to other people;
53:18 it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms,
53:22 and it shall stand..." For how long?
53:24 ~ Forever.
53:26 Friends, the kingdom that shall stand forever,
53:28 it's coming.
53:29 Or as the pastor said, "It is coming."
53:32 The kingdom of God is coming.
53:34 It's going to be an eternal kingdom.
53:37 But even more than that eternal kingdom,
53:39 He is coming.
53:40 The eternal King is coming.
53:43 The eternal King is coming.
53:47 There's only one decision that we need to make tonight,
53:50 as I invite Tim to come to the piano.
53:51 There's only one decision that we need to make tonight,
53:54 those of you watching and listening.
53:56 There's only one sensible decision that we all
53:59 can make tonight that will secure our eternity.
54:04 Read these words with me before I have Tim play
54:07 for us this evening.
54:09 Joshua 24:15
54:12 That's the great event were looking for;
54:13 the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
54:15 I want to be in that number. What about you?
54:18 Tonight the only decision that we can make that will secure
54:21 our place in that eternal kingdom is found in these words.
54:25 Together.
54:36 Only those houses where Christ is being served
54:42 will meet Jesus in peace.
54:44 Only those young people, husbands and wives,
54:47 that have made their decision to follow Christ
54:50 will meet Him in peace.
54:51 Yes, we've been saying this for a long time.
54:54 But I'll tell you something.
54:56 I'm not tired of saying it, because I can see all the signs.
54:59 That what God's Word has said is coming to pass.
55:03 So be not weary.
55:05 The Lord is coming soon.
55:07 Tim, play for us.
55:11 I will serve Thee
55:17 because I love Thee.
55:24 You have given life to me.
55:36 I was nothing
55:43 before You found me.
55:49 You have given life to me.
56:01 Heartache, broken pieces,
56:12 ruined lives are why
56:17 You died on Calvary.
56:25 Your touch is what I longed for.
56:35 You have given life to me.
56:48 Do you love the Lord tonight?
56:51 Maybe you're watching or listening,
56:54 and you're saying, "In a world that's crumbling
56:56 around us, what can I do to secure my salvation?
57:00 What can I do to know that I'm ready for the coming of Jesus?"
57:04 Well, friends, tonight the only decision you can make
57:06 is to serve the Lord.
57:09 To serve the Lord in a world where there is no hope
57:12 found anywhere but in Christ.
57:14 To serve the Lord where promises are made, but
57:17 man is incapable of making those promises true.
57:22 I pray that when Jesus comes you will find joy
57:26 in your hearts and look forward to seeing Him in hope
57:31 because you have made your decision to serve Him eternally.


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