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00:49 Good evening and welcome to, Pathways To Life,
00:54 from Phoenix, Arizona.
00:56 The Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church
00:58 in Phoenix, Arizona in particular.
01:00 My name is Jim Hakes.
01:02 I have the privilege of welcoming you to
01:04 this series of meetings that have been going on.
01:08 We're in, I believe, night seven or event seven of fifteen
01:13 in our continuing series to change our lives.
01:19 And whether you are coming to us from 3ABN,
01:23 or from YouTube, or from our sister station, Good News TV,
01:29 or streaming live with Facebook, I hope and pray that each one
01:36 receive a blessing from being here this next hour.
01:40 I encourage you to stay by and to participate completely.
01:46 Tonight Tim Parton will be leading us in our music.
01:49 He's going to be sharing with us the song,
01:52 He Will Carry You.
01:53 And then Pastor Lomacang will be speaking to us
01:58 about the message, God's Blessed Day.
02:03 Before we invite Tim to start the music,
02:08 it just seems like the thing that we should do
02:10 would be to begin with a word of prayer.
02:12 Would you pray with me, please.
02:15 Gracious heavenly Father, we've come together
02:18 to open Your Word.
02:19 And it is our prayer that as we open the Word of God
02:22 that You will bless us through the presentation
02:26 of Pastor Lomacang.
02:27 It is our prayer that we will be drawn to Jesus
02:31 and that our hearts will be strangely warmed by Him.
02:35 And we thank You.
02:37 For we have indeed asked it in Jesus' name.
02:40 Amen.
02:59 There is no problem too big that God cannot solve it.
03:07 There is no mountain too tall God cannot move it.
03:15 And there is no storm too dark God cannot calm it.
03:23 There is no sorrow too deep God cannot soothe it.
03:30 If He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulder,
03:39 I know, my brother, that He will carry you.
03:46 If He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulder,
03:54 I know, my sister, He will carry you.
04:06 There is no problem too big God cannot solve it.
04:14 There is no mountain too tall God cannot move it.
04:21 And there is no storm too dark that God cannot calm it.
04:29 There is no sorrow too deep He cannot soothe it.
04:36 For if He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulder,
04:45 I know, my brother, He will carry you.
04:51 And if He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulder,
04:59 I know, my sister, He will carry you.
05:06 He said, "Come onto Me all ye who are weary
05:15 and I will give you rest."
05:24 If He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulder,
05:34 I know, my brother, He will carry you.
05:40 If He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulder,
05:50 I know, my sister, He will carry you.
05:58 I know, my brother and sister, He'll carry you.
06:17 Amen. Thank you, Tim.
06:19 - Amen again. ~ Amen.
06:21 I always love it when Tim plays.
06:24 He doesn't just play. He ministers.
06:27 And that song is so vitally important for all of us
06:30 to know that if God can carry the weight of
06:33 the world on His shoulders, tonight He can carry
06:37 your challenges, your problems, and your trials.
06:40 Tonight we are going to turn to that same God
06:43 by going to Him in prayer and asking for His
06:46 guidance from above.
06:48 Loving Father in heaven, we thank You for the message
06:50 that will go forth tonight.
06:52 But even more than the message, I pray that You'll anoint
06:56 the ears of those who hear, those who are watching,
06:59 those who are listening.
07:02 Lord, in this day and age of compromise,
07:05 we need clarity from above.
07:08 Send Your Holy Spirit to do a work that is humanly impossible.
07:13 In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
07:18 Tonight's subject, say the title with me.
07:21 God's what?
07:23 God's Blessed Day.
07:25 Tonight I want to begin with a scripture
07:27 that to me is one of the most important components
07:30 of sanctification.
07:33 The Bible says to us in John 17:17...
07:36 Since this is our first scripture,
07:37 let's read this together.
07:39 What does the Bible say?
07:45 It is not possible...
07:48 We've talked about this from night to night.
07:50 It is not possible to be in a sanctifying relationship
07:54 with God when the Word of God or the truth of God
07:57 is excluded or ignored.
08:00 It's not possible.
08:01 It's not possible to say, "I'm following God,
08:05 but I don't want to follow His Word."
08:08 And tonight's topic is one of those topics
08:10 that for whatever reason has been attacked
08:14 by the enemy of God, and our enemy, for thousands of years.
08:21 And the last component of what God blessed
08:23 in the Garden of Eden has recently come under attack
08:27 by the enemy.
08:28 In the Garden of Eden God blessed two institutions.
08:31 He blessed the family and the Sabbath.
08:33 He blessed what?
08:35 The family and the Sabbath.
08:36 Each of those pillars were created
08:39 in a perfect environment.
08:41 Which means, if the world never fell into sin
08:46 there would never be a discussion about
08:48 replacing either one of those.
08:52 But because the world has fallen into sin,
08:55 the devil's aim is to attack the very foundation
08:59 of the things that God blessed in the Garden of Eden.
09:03 God blessed the marriage,
09:05 which is a horizontal sanctification
09:08 between my wife and me.
09:11 Horizontal, side to side.
09:14 Then also God blessed the Sabbath.
09:16 A vertical relationship.
09:19 The devil has attacked both of those institutions.
09:22 But when you look at the Bible, you'll discover
09:24 that one of the most important things that God did
09:26 before He blessed the Sabbath is He blessed the family.
09:29 He performed the first wedding.
09:31 Tomorrow morning we're going to talk about that.
09:32 And I'd like to invite you to come and hear about the family.
09:35 I believe that the church can only be as strong as the family.
09:40 Can you say amen?
09:41 Because the church is made of families.
09:45 But from the very beginning
09:47 Satan attacked both of those institutions.
09:49 And it may appear as though he is successful,
09:52 but I want to say this:
09:53 God always wins in the end.
09:57 Look at what God did after He blessed the family.
10:00 We find in Genesis 2:1-3...
10:38 Notice the components that have God's seal.
10:42 That's why when we look at the Bible,
10:44 we find that when we talk about sanctification,
10:48 whenever the commandment of the Sabbath is mentioned,
10:51 it includes the components of creation.
10:54 I want you to notice that.
10:56 When the Sabbath is mentioned,
10:57 it includes the components of creation.
11:00 Now very quickly.
11:01 When the Sabbath was made...
11:03 I'll go back to my former slide.
11:04 When the Sabbath was made, there was only Adam and Eve.
11:09 There were no Jews for almost 1500 years.
11:15 So the Lord didn't make the Sabbath for the Jew,
11:18 He made the Sabbath for humanity.
11:20 He blessed it at the end of creation week.
11:22 And amazing about that is, when the Sabbath command
11:26 is mentioned, the component of the Sabbath
11:30 links us right back to what God did at the end of creation week.
11:34 Notice this tonight.
11:36 Notice what's the first word. What is it?
11:38 Remember. Exodus 20:8-11
11:44 "Six days you shall labor..." Like God did.
11:49 "...and do all your work..." Like God did.
12:09 Why? Notice the creation component.
12:11 Right squarely in the center of the Ten Commandments.
12:35 Notice this very well.
12:36 And when you get to the book of Mark,
12:38 when you get to the New Testament,
12:39 that was the Old Testament,
12:41 but when you get to the New Testament,
12:42 notice very carefully.
12:44 It doesn't change.
12:45 It goes once again back to what God did in the very beginning.
12:49 Mark 2:27-28
12:51 This is Jesus now speaking.
13:09 So who is Lord?
13:11 God is.
13:14 If the Lord of the Sabbath is our Lord,
13:18 then we don't have to try to pick a day.
13:20 He's already done that.
13:22 My wife and I were married May 22nd.
13:24 Now May 22nd may not mean anything to any of you,
13:27 but when May 22nd comes around, it is the day of sanctification
13:32 between my wife and me.
13:34 It may mean nothing to you.
13:36 And the reason it may not mean anything to you
13:38 is because you are not in our relationship,
13:41 but because that day is based on our relationship.
13:45 The greatest component and the greatest reason for
13:47 honoring the Bible Sabbath is, one, it is a sign
13:51 of our relationship.
13:53 The day is special to us because God sanctified us.
13:59 Our relationship is holy, therefore when May 22nd
14:02 comes around, I say, "Happy anniversary," to my wife,
14:05 and she says, "Happy anniversary," to me.
14:08 But it may mean nothing to you.
14:09 Any time you're not in a relationship,
14:11 the day probably has no significance to you.
14:14 When God blessed something, He never changes it.
14:17 Notice what the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:14.
14:42 But the bewildering question is,
14:48 why would there need to be a change of the Sabbath
14:53 when it's really the last day of the week?
14:58 Why would there even need to be a change
15:01 from something that was done when there was no
15:04 sin in the world?
15:06 Now maybe about a few years ago the Christian church
15:09 started getting upset about what happened
15:11 when same-sex marriage was introduced
15:14 and made a law in America.
15:17 I would suggest to you that if the Sabbath was changed
15:20 a couple of years ago, the Christian church would have been
15:23 up in arms about it.
15:25 They would have said, "How dare man do to God's Word
15:29 when they have no authority to change God's Word."
15:32 Now right now, the Christian church for the most part
15:35 is upset about the laws that are passed in America
15:38 for man to marry man and woman to marry woman.
15:41 And they say, now get this, they say,
15:44 "That is not according to God's Word."
15:47 When did God bless the marriage?
15:49 In the very beginning.
15:51 Thousands of years ago.
15:53 So no one can tell me that the reason why
15:56 we should accept same-sex marriage is because the Bible
15:59 is thousands of years too old.
16:02 We know that whatever God blesses is blessed for how long?
16:06 Forever.
16:07 In the very same way the Sabbath is blessed for how long?
16:09 Forever.
16:11 Blessed before there was any change
16:15 in anything that God had done.
16:17 There was no sin in the world.
16:19 But we know one of the reasons why the Sabbath is attacked.
16:21 It's the same reason why the marriage is attacked.
16:24 And in these last days Satan has become very, very subtle
16:29 in his attempt to change anything that God has blessed.
16:32 Notice how the Bible talks about this.
16:34 The very serpent that was in the very beginning
16:36 is still working today, and he's doing it in a very cunning way.
16:40 He's doing it in a way, he's giving all the reasons
16:43 he possibly can to substitute the Sabbath
16:46 as he recently did to substitute the marriage.
16:49 Notice what the Bible says.
16:51 This is the same serpent.
16:53 Genesis 3:1
17:09 Now let me break this down.
17:12 The devil attacked Eve on the basis of what God had said.
17:15 In other words, he was saying, "I know what God said,
17:20 but did He really say that?"
17:24 And the only way that deception can come in
17:27 is if you are not clear on what God has said.
17:30 But when you read that God says, "Remember,"
17:33 when the Lord says, "Remember," another way of saying, remember,
17:36 is, "Don't forget."
17:38 Right?
17:40 But the devil said, "I know..."
17:42 In other words he's saying to the Christian world...
17:45 And by the way, when you read the passage,
17:46 in prophecy a woman represents the church.
17:49 So the devil is in essence saying to the church today,
17:51 the woman who represents the church, he says,
17:53 "I know what God said, but did He really say,
17:57 did He really say that?"
17:59 And the sad reality is, clergy all over the world
18:04 has fallen prey to that question, "Did God really say
18:08 the Sabbath was necessary?"
18:10 And you find a thousand reasons today.
18:12 A very quick story.
18:13 Because I have so much to cover tonight.
18:15 When I was a teenager and still involved in gambling,
18:17 and pool hustling, and partying in New York
18:19 I tried to find a church where I could
18:20 still party and go to heaven.
18:23 You figure that out.
18:25 And I went to a number of churches to try
18:27 to figure this out, and I went to a Nazarene church.
18:30 I shouldn't mention the denomination,
18:32 but I went to a Nazarene church as a 17 year old
18:34 on a Sunday morning.
18:36 I went to a youth group and the youth pastor said
18:39 ask whatever question you'd like.
18:41 Well I had heard about the Sabbath,
18:42 but I wasn't crazy about the Sabbath
18:44 because that's when I partied.
18:46 So I said, "Do we have to keep the Bible Sabbath?"
18:49 That was a very honest question of a teenager.
18:51 And he said, "Come with me young man."
18:52 And he invited me to come with him and follow him.
18:55 And he walked me across the hallway,
18:57 down the steps of the church, and to the outside,
18:59 and he said to me these words, "Don't you ever come back."
19:04 I thought...
19:06 So I went to a Pentecostal church next.
19:10 Now really, I'm telling you my journey.
19:11 I went to a Pentecostal church next.
19:13 And I asked the bishop, I said, "Could you tell me
19:17 about the Sabbath, do we have to keep it or not?"
19:20 And to my amazement, he rattled off the history of how
19:25 the Sabbath was changed.
19:27 And I'm going to share that with you tonight briefly.
19:29 But he knew exactly about the change of the Sabbath.
19:32 And he said to me, "I'll be right back."
19:34 Well after 48 minutes and he didn't come back, I left.
19:39 And I tried one more church.
19:41 I went to the local Catholic church
19:43 which was not too far away from me.
19:44 I asked one of the priests, they called him, father John,
19:48 but I call no man, father, except my heavenly Father,
19:51 and I said, "Could you tell me about the Sabbath?"
19:53 He was the only one that was open and honest to me.
19:57 He said, "Well, of course.
19:59 About 2000 years ago, a little less than that,
20:03 the church, our church was instrumental in changing
20:06 from Sabbath to the first day of the week.
20:09 But we're too far gone to change now."
20:12 He was the only one that was clear and open to me.
20:16 But when you think about that, it's all based on the fact that
20:18 Satan is able to get us to question what God has said.
20:22 Notice the question that the Lord asked
20:25 when He came to Adam and Eve.
20:30 In other words, "Who told you the Sabbath was changed?
20:34 Who told you that?
20:35 If I told you I blessed it, who told you other?"
20:39 And then the other question, "Have you eaten..."
20:41 "Have you swallowed what they said over what I said?
20:43 Have you eaten that?"
20:46 The reason why the church is in so much darkness today
20:49 is because preachers are telling you what God's Word
20:52 does not sanctify.
20:55 Preachers are telling you what's not found in God's Word at all.
20:59 And people are eating it without checking it out themselves.
21:03 "Have you eaten from the tree of which I commanded you
21:07 that you should not eat?"
21:09 What was the tree? The knowledge of good and evil.
21:13 And unfortunately in pulpits around the world today,
21:16 good and evil are coming from that very same fountain.
21:20 And rather than checking it out on God's Word,
21:22 people often base what they say or what they believe
21:26 based on, "The guy looks honest."
21:28 Let me tell you something.
21:30 Don't base what I say on how I look.
21:32 Hopefully I do look honest, but check it out by God's Word.
21:36 Because in the end, your salvation is based on
21:39 your understanding of God's Word.
21:41 Not just your understanding of it, but your willingness
21:44 to follow a "Thus saith the Lord."
21:46 No other reason.
21:47 Nobody can say, you can't say, "Well Lord,
21:49 the pastor told me that."
21:51 What happens if the blind leads the blind?
21:53 What happens to both of them?
21:55 They both fall into the pit.
21:56 Think about the, "remembers," in the Bible.
21:59 When we talk to the young people...
22:00 I mentioned this a few nights ago.
22:03 I'm talking like a New Yorker, so listen like a New Yorker.
22:06 A few nights ago I mentioned there are three very important,
22:09 "remembers," in the Bible.
22:10 One, Solomon says, "Remember the Creator
22:13 in the days of your youth."
22:14 I don't know of any pastor that would say to young people today,
22:17 "You don't need to remember Jesus while you're young."
22:20 One of the problems in our world today
22:21 is young people have no connection to Christ.
22:24 They are more connected to their phones than to Jesus.
22:28 So there's no pastor that would disagree with me.
22:31 And then that's one.
22:33 Then the other one, you know Lot's wife.
22:34 She looked back and turned into a pillar of salt.
22:38 There are no pastors today that you would to you,
22:40 "When God is calling you, don't look back."
22:42 They'll say, "Don't look back. God is calling you. Go forward."
22:45 Like He told Israel, "Go forward.
22:47 If you put your hand to the plow and look back,
22:48 you're not worthy of Me.
22:50 Don't look back."
22:51 There's nobody that would disagree with what Solomon said
22:54 and what Dr. Luke said.
22:56 But to show you how diabolical Satan is,
22:58 he'll say, "Well that's okay, you can listen to Solomon.
23:00 Oh, you can listen to Dr. Luke.
23:01 But don't listen to God."
23:04 Because God said, "Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy,"
23:06 and Satan says, "You don't have to keep that."
23:10 And he gives a thousand and one illegitimate reasons
23:14 why we should ignore a plain, "Thus saith the Lord."
23:18 Well, why is his desire to replace what God
23:23 has said so determined?
23:26 Here's what the Bible says.
23:27 Lucifer said this in Isaiah 14:14...
23:40 Now we've got President's Day, we've got all these days
23:43 dedicated throughout the year for different people,
23:46 different identifying marks, different holidays.
23:50 And the devil knew that there was nothing of higher value
23:53 than dedicating a day that reminds us every week
23:58 that our relationship is with the God of
24:00 creation and redemption.
24:02 So to be like God, he had to find his own day.
24:06 But instead of giving you his own day, he decided
24:09 to attack and substitute God's day.
24:11 He said, "I will be like the Most High."
24:14 And unfortunately, that's not a surprise to God.
24:17 In the book of Daniel 7:25,
24:20 the Lord knew that this would take place.
24:23 The Lord knew it, and He told it to Daniel, His prophet.
24:26 Speaking of the fourth beast of Daniel 7...
24:29 And by the way, there were four major kingdoms in antiquity.
24:33 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.
24:36 I don't have time to cover them all.
24:37 We only have about fifteen meetings.
24:40 Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.
24:41 Together: Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome.
24:46 Of the fourth kingdom Daniel said, "This fourth kingdom
24:50 has a power behind it that is going to tamper with
24:53 what God has established.
24:55 Speaking of the fourth beast, the Bible says...
25:00 Didn't the devil say he would be like the Most High?
25:03 So he speaks against Him.
25:07 Persecute them.
25:11 You know why the Bible says, "think"?
25:13 Because he may do it in man's eye, but you can never
25:16 change what God establishes.
25:20 "...and they..." That is the saints.
25:26 Simply put, the church was persecuted for 1260 years
25:31 and Bibles were practically obliterated.
25:34 The only place you could find a Bible during the Dark Ages,
25:37 that's why it's called, the Dark Ages,
25:38 were the altars and the cathedrals of Rome.
25:41 That's the only place you could find them.
25:42 So the people only believed what they were told.
25:45 So they were living and worshiping God in ignorance.
25:48 And the Bible says, times of ignorance, God winks at.
25:51 In other words, when you don't know anything,
25:52 God would not hold you accountable.
25:54 But this is not an age of ignorance.
25:56 Amen, somebody.
25:58 You've got to find out for yourself.
26:00 Times of ignorance God winked at,
26:02 but we're not in ignorant times any longer.
26:04 The Lord said there would be somebody that would come and
26:07 try to change times and laws.
26:09 Well let's look at this for example.
26:11 We've got a seven day week.
26:12 It begins with what day?
26:13 Sunday.
26:15 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
26:16 Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
26:18 We had a couple walk into our church one Wednesday night
26:20 in southern Illinois.
26:22 Older couple in their mid-70's or upper 70's.
26:25 I didn't know who he was.
26:27 And after prayer meeting I said, "Are you an elder?"
26:29 He looked like he could be an elder.
26:31 He had a southern accent, he said, "Naw."
26:34 I said, "Are you a deacon?" He said, "Naw."
26:37 I said, "Are you an Adventist?" He said, "Naw."
26:41 I said, "Are you visiting 3ABN?" Once again, "Naw."
26:46 I said, "Why are you here?"
26:48 He said, "You challenged me on one of your television programs.
26:51 You said, look up these days: Sabbath, Sunday,
26:54 first day, seventh day, and Sabbath.
26:56 Sabbath, Sunday, first day, seventh day, and Sabbath."
26:58 I had said, "Look those up.
27:01 Whatever you find, take it to your pastor
27:03 and have him explain to you why he is not
27:07 teaching about the Bible Sabbath."
27:09 Well he did that.
27:10 He said, "That's why I'm here."
27:11 In a nut shell, he went to his pastor,
27:13 showed him what he had found.
27:15 His pastor said, in a nut shell, he took him out of his
27:18 elder's position where he was in for 40 years,
27:21 he took his wife out of the treasury position,
27:23 he took him out of teaching Sunday school.
27:25 And the pastor, in a nut shell, said, "You've got the problem,
27:28 you solve it."
27:30 He said, "I am, I'm going to the Adventist church."
27:32 And he came, in his upper 70's, and he said,
27:35 "How old is too old to get baptized?"
27:37 I said, "As long as you're breathing you can get baptized."
27:40 Amen?
27:42 So when you look today, what he did was
27:44 exactly what I'm going to show you right now.
27:45 He first began in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.
27:48 Look it up yourself.
27:50 Saturday, the definition: The seventh day of the week.
27:53 Then the Encyclopedia Britannica.
27:56 These are two of the oldest resources you have available.
27:59 In the Encyclopedia Britannica...
28:06 There is no doubt as to which day is
28:09 the seventh day of the week.
28:11 But because I introduced you to Rome,
28:15 when the Christian church began to grow
28:17 not long after the disciples passed away...
28:20 John around maybe before 100 AD, John the apostle,
28:25 on the island of Patmos, he was the last disciple
28:28 to die out of the twelve.
28:31 And the Christian church began to grow in leaps and bounds,
28:34 and Rome as a pagan power had no control over the
28:38 Christian church, none whatsoever.
28:41 So they sought ways of introducing what pagans had
28:44 already begun to observe.
28:46 They were already sun worshipers.
28:48 They worshiped the s-u-n.
28:51 And in 168 AD they introduced a festival.
28:55 A family day.
28:57 But by the year 321 AD, they introduced the first Sunday law
29:01 by pagan Rome.
29:03 Here's just a summary of it.
29:04 You find Roman Emperor Constantine.
29:06 Obviously an artist's conception.
29:07 But here's what that law said.
29:10 AD 321...
29:14 "Magistrates," that's like the local congressman.
29:23 Now it says, "in the cities."
29:25 The ones that were omitted from honoring it
29:28 were those in the countryside.
29:30 They dealt with agriculture.
29:31 In other words, if they didn't harvest
29:33 their lands, you didn't eat.
29:34 If they didn't take care of their cows, and goats,
29:36 and lambs, you didn't eat.
29:37 They were excluded.
29:39 But by the year 538 AD, even they were obligated
29:43 to honor the first day of the week.
29:46 And by the way, this is not even...
29:48 What I'm sharing with you tonight...
29:50 I'm finishing a book now.
29:51 Pray for me to have it done by June.
29:54 And I'm kind of dating the program by saying that.
29:58 But as I finish the book, it chronicles the entire
30:01 trek of the modern movement to bring Sunday
30:07 in the place of Sabbath.
30:08 But notice some of the things that the
30:10 Roman church admits openly.
30:11 This was an article, a book written, but on page...
30:15 As Rome became the baptized religion,
30:18 Rome adopted religion and brought paganism into it.
30:22 The pagan government of Rome brought religion into it.
30:26 They didn't change anything that the pagans observed.
30:28 They just rubber stamped it to replace Christianity.
30:32 Here's an article in, The Christian World, magazine,
30:35 an article from March 1994, page 809.
30:40 A pretty quite thick book.
30:42 They chronicle how this transition took place.
31:00 The countries that Rome resided over.
31:18 Then in the Council of Laodicea in 325 AD,
31:23 four years after Roman Emperor Constantine
31:25 made the first Sunday law, notice, the Council of Laodicea.
31:28 This is where they introduced the phrase, "the Lord's Day."
31:33 When you follow the Bible about the Lord's Day,
31:35 it points directly to the Sabbath.
31:37 But in the Council of Laodicea they introduced the phrase,
31:40 "the Lord's Day."
31:46 They tried to add a stigma to the Sabbath.
31:49 They tried to make it believe...
31:51 Because many of the converts were Jews.
31:52 Read the New Testament.
31:54 Many of the converts were Jews.
31:56 But being a Jew is not a bad thing.
31:59 Being any nationality is not a bad thing.
32:02 But Rome sought, because the Jewish population was growing
32:04 so rapidly, they sought to give a stigma to the Sabbath
32:08 by calling it, Judaizing.
32:16 They tried to force them to violate the Sabbath.
32:18 And many of them lost their life because they wouldn't do it.
32:38 This is when it was still pagan Rome.
32:40 This was not yet papal Rome.
32:43 It was not until the transition in 538 from
32:46 pagan to papal Rome that the popes began to take
32:49 the place of the Caesars.
32:51 But this is just pagan Rome.
32:53 And they were already calling the Sabbath a Judaizing thing.
32:56 That's why many pastors today, they say, when you talk about
32:59 the Sabbath, "Oh, you're still under that old Jewish law."
33:02 There were no Jews in the Garden of Eden.
33:04 Can I get an amen somewhere?
33:06 No Jews in Eden at all.
33:10 And in the New Testament, there are sixty references to
33:14 the Sabbath, and only twelve to the first day of the week.
33:18 Eight of those first day of the week references
33:19 have to do with the resurrection.
33:21 You only have four possibilities in the Bible
33:24 to find a new day of worship.
33:26 And not any of them connect you to a new day of worship.
33:29 One was collecting an offering,
33:31 which was not an offering, but the apostles went
33:34 from house to house.
33:36 They were not taking offerings to the church
33:37 in 1 Corinthians 16.
33:39 They were doing like the Salvation Army,
33:41 going from house to house to pick up goods and needs
33:43 for the Christians in Jerusalem that were
33:45 going through a difficult famine.
33:48 Secondly, they broke bread on the first day of the week.
33:51 But they broke bread every day, Acts 20:7.
33:55 And the third example was when the disciples were hiding on the
33:59 first day of the week for fear of the Jews.
34:01 They were hiding behind a door, securely shut up.
34:04 They were not having a worship service.
34:06 They were fearing for their lives because
34:08 Jesus had just been crucified.
34:10 Those are the only three chances you get to find
34:13 a new day of worship in the New Testament.
34:15 And neither of those support it.
34:16 And the last first day reference simply says,
34:19 "I'll meet you on the first day of the week."
34:21 Not a single line in the New Testament
34:24 sanctions any other day but the Sabbath.
34:26 Amen.
34:27 Let's go even deeper.
34:29 Reverend Stephen Keenan, Doctrinal Catechism, page 174.
35:04 And by the way, just so you don't think that I'm coming up
35:07 with unusual things, this is the church that
35:09 was instrumental in sanctifying a different day of worship.
35:13 And by the way, let me make the point very clear.
35:15 You can't sanctify what God never sanctified.
35:18 Amen?
35:20 I don't want to be unkind, but you can't sanctify
35:23 marriage between a man and a man when God says
35:25 a man and a woman.
35:27 No amens necessary.
35:29 Don't need any on that point.
35:32 The point I'm making is, what God blesses
35:34 man cannot reverse.
35:36 And man cannot bless what God never blessed.
35:39 That's a fact.
35:42 But there's some great attempts.
35:44 My wife and I were in England in 2016 when we did our
35:47 last evangelistic series with 3ABN.
35:50 And I was stunned when I saw the calendar.
35:54 They had Monday as the first day of the week.
35:58 And I'd only seen that in the maritime calendars
36:01 when I use to work for shipping and receiving
36:03 at the old World Trade Center in New York City.
36:06 So what I did was I called the front desk.
36:09 And I asked the lady, I said, "Uh, can you tell me
36:14 what day is the last day of the week?"
36:17 She said to me, "It's Sunday."
36:22 I said, "It's what?" She said, "It's Sunday."
36:26 I said, "Let me ask..."
36:27 I said, "Can you tell me what the last day of the week is?"
36:30 She said, "It's Sunday in our country."
36:33 And I thought, "Is Sunday in your country
36:34 not the same everywhere?"
36:37 And here's a calendar.
36:38 This is a calendar, 2017 English calendar.
36:42 Monday is the first day of the week.
36:44 Now you might wonder why in England.
36:47 Tony Blair, who used to be the former Prime Minister
36:51 in England, converted to Catholicism from the
36:53 Church of England because England is now predominately
36:57 a Catholic country.
36:58 And almost all of Europe is dominated by the Roman church.
37:02 I was invited to Washington D.C. about three years ago
37:06 when the pope came to talk to Congress.
37:07 And a Baptist senator invited me to be there
37:10 when the pope spoke to Congress.
37:12 And he sat me in his office on Capitol Hill and said to me,
37:14 "What do you think is happening here?"
37:16 And by the way, I'm being candid with you tonight.
37:19 He said, "What do you think is happening here?"
37:20 I said, "Well, America is the only place where
37:23 religious freedom is still offered to its citizens."
37:27 Meaning, right now we can worship however we want to.
37:29 But Rome knows that.
37:31 And when you read Daniel 2 and Daniel 7, you'll discover
37:35 that the Bible, speaking about Rome, it says of this
37:37 great power that the Bible identifies as an iron toothed
37:41 beast that has no earthly description.
37:44 Revelation 13 says the dragon, who is Satan,
37:47 gave Rome its power and seat and great authority.
37:51 Now let me pause and say something right here.
37:54 I am not talking about Roman Catholic people.
37:56 Can somebody say amen?
37:58 You know why? Because my family is 99.9% Catholic.
38:04 I'm not talking about people.
38:06 But I've got to make it clear, I'm not talking about people
38:09 any more than I'm talking about passengers on a plane.
38:11 When I say, "That plane is in bad shape.
38:14 Don't go on it.
38:15 And you may go down with the plane if it goes up without
38:19 being mechanically sound."
38:21 I'm not talking about bad passengers.
38:23 The plane is mechanically unsound.
38:26 The Roman church is scripturally unsound.
38:30 But people love the Lord that are there.
38:33 That's why I'm preaching so straight.
38:36 Because in these last days it's not about like or dislike.
38:40 It's about worshiping the Lord in spirit and in truth.
38:46 And if you really believe we're in the end,
38:48 you've got to make it clear.
38:50 You cannot meander in the maze of mediocrity.
38:53 You can't do that.
38:54 That's why the Bible says the Sabbath is an indication of
38:57 our relationship with God.
38:58 Notice Ezekiel 20:12.
39:00 The Lord makes it clear.
39:14 I told you in the beginning, you cannot be in a sanctifying
39:18 relationship when truth is ignored or omitted.
39:23 But if you want to be in a sanctified relationship...
39:25 Can you imagine me getting a job at a company
39:28 and when they hire me, I say to the boss,
39:31 "Now I'm going to tell you what I'll do for your company."
39:35 "You mean, we hired you, now you're going to
39:37 tell us how you're going to work for us?"
39:38 No. When we follow the Lord, He establishes the parameters
39:42 of our relationship.
39:43 Am I right?
39:45 He says, "This is how I need to be worshiped.
39:47 This is how I will be worshiped."
39:48 And He says in John 4:23-24,
39:52 the Lord will be worshiped in spirit and in truth.
39:56 Cannot leave out truth.
39:58 Look at verse 20, Ezekiel 20:20.
40:01 "Hallow My Sabbath..."
40:03 That means, "Keep it the way I made it."
40:17 Let me make a very powerful point here.
40:21 If the God of creation is your God,
40:26 He's already picked the day.
40:30 But if the God of creation is not your God,
40:32 you can pick any day you want.
40:34 It doesn't matter.
40:37 But if the God of creation and redemption,
40:39 if Jesus is the Lord of your life,
40:43 and He says, "The Sabbath is made for...
40:45 I am the Lord of the Sabbath; the Sabbath was made for man,
40:48 not man for the Sabbath."
40:50 The same God says, "Remember the Sabbath to keep it holy."
40:52 I find it strange that in saying those words
40:57 people can actually get angry that Jesus says,
41:03 "If you love Me, keep My commandments,"
41:05 and then they say, "I love Him, but there's no way
41:07 I'm keeping Your commandments."
41:10 Is there something wrong?
41:12 And Christian churches are taught that way.
41:15 And I can understand what the Bible means when it says
41:17 the wine of Babylon.
41:18 So many people have been so indoctrinated by lies.
41:22 The one thing you cannot expect a drunk person to do
41:27 is walk a straight line.
41:30 I'm being really serious tonight.
41:32 They have to be detoxed.
41:37 Some people have to hear this message
41:38 over and over and over and over and over until it clicks.
41:43 But let me tell you something.
41:44 Like we have many people that go to our church in Thompsonville,
41:46 we had a lady that was arguing with the Sabbath
41:48 for like 30 years.
41:52 She lives in the community where 3ABN was built.
41:54 Every time she'd hear about the Sabbath on the radio, click.
41:59 One day almost 30 years later, her church gave her a copy of
42:04 the Ten Commandments to plant on her lawn
42:06 to have a local community Bible study group.
42:09 And when she put that on the lawn, she said to her husband,
42:11 "Honey, look, the Sabbath."
42:13 She said, "Let's look into that.
42:14 There must be something about it."
42:16 The Lord knew she loved Him.
42:17 He would not let her get away from the truth.
42:19 Amen?
42:20 See, when the Lord knows you love Him,
42:22 He's going to come after you because He loves you
42:23 too much to allow you to walk away in darkness.
42:26 She accepted the Sabbath truth.
42:28 And she was in our Sabbath school class,
42:30 and in our Sabbath school class I see her going like this...
42:33 And I'm not saying anything, she's going...
42:35 I said, "What are you doing?"
42:38 She says, "I'm erasing what I wrote in my Bible
42:40 when I was in the last church.
42:43 Because it ain't correct."
42:46 And you know what she said to me?
42:48 She said, "When I accepted the Sabbath,
42:50 everything else started becoming clear."
42:53 You know why?
42:54 Because the Bible says in Psalms,
42:55 "The law of the Lord is perfect; converting the soul.
43:00 The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple."
43:05 When you accept something that's perfect,
43:07 it converts you.
43:09 And the law of the Lord is a...
43:11 The Word of God is a lamp to our feet,
43:13 a light to our path.
43:14 When you accept God's Word, the light comes on.
43:16 Amen.
43:18 The light comes on, and then people say...
43:20 I could tell the rest of the night with testimonies.
43:22 People have said, "Why is it that for 43 years
43:26 I never saw that?"
43:27 Because you accepted the light.
43:30 And when you accept the truth, the light comes on.
43:33 Isn't that wonderful?
43:34 "Hallow My Sabbaths."
43:35 But then again, let's look at another reason why
43:37 we should keep the Sabbath.
43:38 The whole weekend of the resurrection:
43:40 the death, the burial, and resurrection of Jesus.
43:42 I'll go very quickly.
43:44 Speaking of this entire event, Luke 23:52-54.
44:20 This is at the death of Jesus. This is at the death of Jesus.
44:24 Let's keep going.
44:27 Luke 24:1-2
44:45 And it goes on. Look at the weekend.
44:48 Crucifixion weekend: let's look at this very carefully.
44:50 Preparation day, that's the day that Jesus
44:53 was placed in the tomb.
44:54 The Sabbath day between that and the first day.
44:58 Those are the three words you find.
45:00 Preparation day, Sabbath, and first day.
45:03 Let's add some definition to that.
45:05 Since the first day is the first day, let's go back.
45:08 If there are only seven days in the week,
45:10 when you start from the first and you go back,
45:11 you get to the what? Seventh.
45:13 Which is the Sabbath, identified as Saturday today.
45:17 And then you have the sixth day is the preparation day.
45:20 The Jews used it as the final preparation day
45:22 before the Sabbath came in.
45:24 Let's make it even more contemporary today.
45:26 Today during Easter Weekend, you have Good Friday,
45:31 Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.
45:35 Now follow this.
45:37 It's not possible that the Sabbath and the first day of
45:42 the week could be the same day.
45:44 Come on, help me out.
45:46 The Sabbath can't be the first day because
45:48 the first day is the resurrection.
45:49 The only time of the year that the Sabbath is called, "holy,"
45:54 is during Easter weekend.
45:56 Isn't that strange?
45:58 I met somebody once, matter of fact we had a lady that said,
46:01 a young man said, "Well Sunday is the Sabbath."
46:03 She said, "No, no, the Sabbath is the day
46:04 before the resurrection.
46:06 That's scriptural support."
46:08 So you cannot find that those two days ever merged.
46:11 Friday, the day Jesus was placed in the tomb.
46:13 Sabbath, He rested according to the commandment.
46:15 And the women did also.
46:17 And He rose on the first day of the week.
46:21 Scripture. It's all there.
46:23 Very clear.
46:25 But let's see what Rome says in reference to this.
46:28 James Cardinal Gibbons.
46:29 This is one of the quotations that will be
46:31 in the book that I'm writing.
47:04 First day, Jesus separated light from darkness.
47:08 Second day, He created the firmament, the heavens above.
47:11 Third day: the grass, the plants, the fruit trees.
47:13 Fourth day: the sun, the moon, the stars for the seasons.
47:16 Fifth day: all creatures, all birds.
47:19 Sixth day: all land animals, invertebrates, and humans.
47:23 And the seventh day, the Lord blessed the Sabbath.
47:28 And the church that today exists,
47:31 without any shame whatsoever...
47:33 What's strange about this is, other Christian churches
47:36 are trying their best to find scriptural support
47:40 for what's not in the Bible, and the church that supports it
47:43 and sanctified it and gave it its definition is saying,
47:47 "Don't look for it. It's not there."
47:51 This is a serious problem.
47:53 Because loving Christians are looking in God's Word
47:57 for what God never put there.
47:59 But if they'd look in God's Word for what He put there,
48:03 and they say, "Lord, I just want to do what You want me to do.
48:07 I don't want to do what anybody wants me to do
48:09 other than what Your Word has said."
48:11 And I will tell you, just like a GPS,
48:13 if you argue with your GPS...
48:15 Now they're more refined nowadays,
48:17 and sometimes they take you the long way around,
48:19 but they will take you to your destination.
48:21 The Bible is not like a man-made GPS.
48:23 It will always lead you to the truth.
48:25 Am I right?
48:27 That's why we have these words in the Bible.
48:29 If you have no other reason for honoring the Sabbath,
48:33 do what Jesus did.
48:36 Luke 4:16
48:54 He went into the synagogue, not only because He was born
48:58 as a Jew, but He was honoring what He established Himself
49:03 from the very beginning.
49:05 And when you look at the disciples...
49:07 There are a number of other scriptures.
49:09 I'll just point out a few just very quickly
49:10 for your understanding.
49:11 In Matthew 24:20 Jesus said, "Pray that your flight..."
49:15 And by this He was talking about the destruction of Jerusalem.
49:18 Jerusalem was destroyed in AD 70.
49:22 In AD 31 Jesus said these words,
49:27 "Pray that your flight be not in the winter,
49:31 neither on the Sabbath day."
49:35 Now watch this. That's before He was crucified.
49:38 Thirty-nine years later when Jerusalem was destroyed,
49:42 Jesus forecasted the fact that when Jerusalem is destroyed
49:46 the Sabbath would still be kept.
49:48 Because He said, "Pray when this destruction comes
49:51 it will not be in the winter, nor on the Sabbath day."
49:57 But now let's go full circle here.
50:01 Let's look at Isaiah 58:12-14.
50:11 Those who belong to the Lord.
50:30 I want you to notice something just in this passage.
50:33 " up the old waste places..."
50:36 The Lord calls His people to be builders of those things
50:39 that had been around for a long time.
50:43 He calls us to raise up the foundations
50:45 of many, many generations that have been broken down.
50:49 He calls us to repair the breach that has been
50:53 made in His law.
50:54 The fourth commandment.
50:56 It's amazing to me that the only commandment that says,
50:59 "Remember," we are told, and Christians with impunity,
51:05 almost without a conscious, says, "I love the Lord,
51:08 but there's no way that I'm going to remember that day.
51:12 That's for your church."
51:13 Oh no, let me correct that.
51:15 It's not for my church. It's for our Lord.
51:18 Amen?
51:21 The maker of heaven and earth, He said, "If I came to earth..."
51:30 If Jesus came to Phoenix to keep the Sabbath,
51:34 most of the churches in Phoenix will be closed.
51:40 They'll have signs, "See you tomorrow."
51:45 I say this with a serious heart tonight.
51:48 And a sad one at that.
51:51 That's the reason why we came to Phoenix.
51:52 To tell the truth as it is in Jesus.
51:56 We are called to build up, raise up, repair,
52:01 and restore the paths to dwell in.
52:02 What paths?
52:11 You know what that means, "turn away your foot"?
52:13 You ever drop something on the ground and you can't find it?
52:17 Because your foot is on top of it.
52:19 That's what that... I studied that.
52:20 If your foot is on top of it, you can't find it.
52:23 But if you turn your foot away from it, you'll see it.
52:25 They've been trampling on the Sabbath.
52:27 "If you turn away your foot from doing thy pleasure
52:30 on My holy day..."
52:34 Not a burden.
52:50 This is the blessing now.
53:13 How many of us need to be blessed?
53:15 Amen?
53:16 You can be.
53:18 If you allow the blessing to be the way that God
53:21 intends for the blessing to be.
53:26 Somebody once said one of the best ways to remember
53:29 your wife's anniversary, or your anniversary,
53:31 is to forget it once.
53:37 Can I say to my wife, I love her, and I keep
53:39 forgetting her anniversary?
53:41 Can I say, "Honey, it's the 26th of May. Happy anniversary."
53:44 She'd say, "It was four days ago."
53:47 "My mistake. I won't do that next year."
53:50 Year after year, after year, after year I keep forgetting it,
53:53 she'd say, "You can't love me."
53:56 Or even more than that.
53:59 Are you ready?
54:01 It's unfortunate, but a man marries,
54:03 and his first wife passes away.
54:05 And their anniversary was November 6th.
54:07 He marries another woman.
54:10 And he'd been keeping that first anniversary for 35 years.
54:13 He marries another woman and says,
54:14 "You know, I've been keeping May 6th for so many years.
54:17 Can our wedding, which is on June 4th,
54:19 can we honor May 6th in honor of my first wife?"
54:24 Come on, ladies, would that work?
54:26 ~ No.
54:28 We honor what identifies with the right relationship.
54:31 Am I correct?
54:32 The right relationship.
54:33 And the question is not what day is it, but what the question is,
54:37 who is your God?
54:40 If you trust Him and obey Him, the words of the Lord will make
54:46 a very great impact in your life.
54:56 Tonight, as Tim plays this song, Trust and Obey,
54:59 it is simple.
55:01 "If you love Me, keep My commandments."
55:03 Tim.
55:07 When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word,
55:14 what a glory He sheds on our way.
55:21 While we do His good will He abides with us still,
55:29 and with all who will trust and obey.
55:37 Trust and obey, for there's no other way
55:45 to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.
55:58 As Tim plays softly tonight, if somebody watching
56:01 this program, even somebody here tonight,
56:05 the only thing that matters to me is that when Jesus comes,
56:08 He recognizes me.
56:10 Anybody here tonight?
56:12 When Jesus comes, I want Him to recognize me.
56:16 He'll say, "Open wide the gate, that the nation that keepeth
56:21 the truth may enter in."
56:23 Tonight, there's somebody watching that may say,
56:27 "I have not known this before."
56:29 There may even be somebody here tonight that says,
56:31 "You know, it's clear to me now.
56:34 And I want to honor the Lord, I want to trust Him,
56:36 and I want to obey Him."
56:39 The Sabbath was kept in creation,
56:42 it was kept in the Old Testament,
56:44 it was kept by the prophets,
56:47 it was kept by the disciples,
56:50 it was kept by the apostles,
56:53 it was kept by the Christians even during the Dark Ages.
56:56 And friends, it's going to be kept in heaven.
57:01 Do you want to be in that number?
57:04 For those of you who are watching the program,
57:06 those of you who have tuned in tonight,
57:08 when Jesus comes, I pray that there will be no
57:13 obstacles between you and the Lord,
57:16 and that you have made your decision,
57:18 regardless of anyone else, that you have made your decision
57:22 to follow the Lord and His word.
57:24 I pray that's your desire.


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