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00:49 - Hello, I'm Jim. - I'm Ginnie.
00:52 We are the Hakes.
00:54 And we want to welcome you to, Pathway to Life.
00:58 Whether you are watching on YouTube, 3ABN,
01:02 or live streaming, or Good News TV,
01:06 welcome to the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:10 We are in for a very special treat tonight.
01:13 Paradise Valley's own Mary Norman will share
01:16 her musical talents for special music tonight.
01:19 In fact, her special music is an original piece that she wrote.
01:25 It's entitled, Free Indeed.
01:28 And following that, Pastor Lomacang's message of,
01:31 Abundant Living.
01:33 But before we invite Mary to come out and sing for us,
01:37 as our practice, let's begin with a word of prayer, shall we.
01:41 Gracious heavenly Father, we thank You for the privilege
01:46 to come and to hear beautiful music,
01:49 to open the Word of God, to gather, to be blessed
01:52 by Your plan and purpose for our life.
01:54 And so it is indeed our prayer that Your Holy Spirit
01:58 will lead and bless in everything that is done here
02:02 in this meeting today.
02:04 And we thank You, for we've asked it in Jesus' name.
02:08 Amen.
02:28 Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty;
02:36 there is freedom in the glory of the cross.
02:44 For the love of God is there revealed
02:47 on that cross of Calvary
02:51 where the Son of God has died to save the lost.
03:00 We're freed from guilt and condemnation
03:07 when we accept God's great salvation.
03:14 Free, free, we are all set free.
03:21 At the cross of Christ, what glory and salvation.
03:29 Free, free, we are all set free.
03:37 In Christ we're free indeed.
03:47 While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
03:55 And by His death He won the victory.
04:02 Through the presence of His Spirit He abides in us,
04:09 till face to face His glory we shall see.
04:18 Christ Jesus was our perfect sacrifice;
04:25 dying our death that we might live His life.
04:32 Free, free, we are all set free
04:39 At the cross of Christ, what glory and salvation.
04:47 Free, free, we are all set free.
04:55 In Christ we're free indeed.
05:02 And if God's before us, who can be against us?
05:09 We are more than conquerors through Him that loves us,
05:17 through Him that loves us.
05:23 Free, free, yes we are all set free.
05:31 At the cross of Christ, what glory and salvation.
05:38 Free, free, we are all set free.
05:46 In Christ we're free indeed.
05:54 In Christ we're free indeed.
06:18 Thank you so much.
06:20 - Can we say amen again? ~ Amen.
06:22 What a beautiful song.
06:23 Good evening, everyone.
06:26 I know there are more of you than that.
06:27 - Good evening, everyone. ~ Good evening.
06:30 Glad to see your smiling faces.
06:32 I won't tell our viewing audience what night it is,
06:35 because it's a different time all over the world.
06:38 And you may not know that, but this is being seen
06:42 in Asia, the Caribbean, Australia, New Guinea.
06:47 You just name it, it's all over the world.
06:50 God has given us an opportunity to say hello
06:54 to those and welcome to those who are joining us
06:56 from all over the world.
06:57 This is Paradise Valley, Phoenix.
07:02 But tonight we're going to talk about abundant living.
07:05 And we want to ask for the Lord's blessing to be with us.
07:08 So as on each night, let's pray together.
07:13 Loving Father in heaven, thank You for the blessing
07:15 of abundant living.
07:16 And we pray tonight as we open Your Word
07:18 that yes, You'll open our hearts.
07:21 Send Your Holy Spirit, not only into this place,
07:23 but into the hearts and lives of all who are watching
07:26 and listening to this program.
07:28 And we pray for Jesus to be uplifted,
07:30 for the truth to be clear,
07:32 and for us to find an abundant relationship
07:36 with Christ, our Lord and Savior.
07:38 In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
07:43 I don't know of anyone who doesn't want to be healthy.
07:46 I really don't.
07:49 People may not make that decision to be healthy
07:51 while they are in the prime of their lives,
07:54 but I've never visited anyone in the hospital
07:57 that said, "I wish I was more ill."
08:02 It's amazing how much we think about health
08:04 during the closing moments of our lives
08:05 or when something tragic happens that we are
08:08 no longer in control of.
08:09 That's why we have to remember that Jesus is
08:12 not only the Savior, but He wants to be
08:15 the Lord of our lives.
08:17 And the Lord of our lives is the one who is in charge.
08:21 The Landlord of our lives is the one who wants to
08:24 be in charge of our lives.
08:26 And He has a wonderful plan for every one of us.
08:28 So we need to understand a number of other reasons
08:32 why Jesus came.
08:33 Notice one of the reasons that He states
08:35 in the book of John 10:10.
08:38 Jesus said...
08:54 Today when we think about one of the greatest challenges,
08:57 not only in our nation, but around the world
09:00 is the health crisis.
09:03 There's always some kind of political controversy
09:06 or debate about health issues in America.
09:09 But what people don't realize is, many of the things
09:12 that affect our health are preventable if we simply
09:16 connect those things to lifestyle.
09:19 That's why I really appreciate Dr. Lela and all our health
09:21 presenters every evening.
09:23 They talk about ways...
09:24 These are not pre-programmed presentations.
09:26 But these are benefits to every one of us
09:29 if we would follow the plan that God established
09:33 from the very beginning.
09:35 When we go back to the Bible, we notice that God gave the best
09:38 health plan in the book of Genesis.
09:41 On the heels of creation, the Lord said...
10:01 Now we know, as we look back, God gave man what I call,
10:06 the optimum diet.
10:08 When we think about expensive cars...
10:10 And I don't own an expensive car.
10:12 As a matter of fact, the car that we rented
10:14 we had to put air in the tires on the way over here.
10:17 But whether it's a $5000 car a $100,000 car,
10:22 it comes with a manufacturer's warranty
10:25 and an owner's manual.
10:28 If we follow the owner's manual, as the manufacturer establishes,
10:32 then we know the warranty will not be void.
10:35 But if we ignore the warranty,
10:37 or ignore the manufacturer's manual,
10:41 which in fact for us is the Bible,
10:43 then the warranty could be voided.
10:45 If you put sugar in the gas tank,
10:47 and oil where the gas should be, and gas where the oil should be,
10:51 you could destroy the most expensive vehicle.
10:54 But the thing about that is you could replace a vehicle,
10:56 but you cannot replace your body once it breaks down.
11:00 So if we would treat, if we would give...
11:03 If you had a million dollar horse, would you give him
11:06 Fritos and Coca-Cola the night before his best race?
11:10 You really wouldn't.
11:12 You'll say, "He needs the best diet and sleep
11:15 in order to win the race the next day."
11:17 God wants us to win the race.
11:19 Can you say amen?
11:21 And we have to understand, when He created us
11:23 the reason why He gave us the kind of plan He did
11:25 is because each one of us is created in His image.
11:29 In other words, what amazes me is God put together
11:32 a fantabulous divine plan.
11:36 We are, as it were, made in the image.
11:41 When you think about it, from the Creator's hand
11:44 God meticulously carved us out, put everything in us
11:48 we would need, and then He gave us
11:51 His image to reflect.
11:53 Notice how Genesis 1:27 says this.
12:07 And when I think of the fascinating capability
12:10 of the mind, think of the things that man can create.
12:13 I mean, we can come up with...
12:14 If you look at all this equipment and all these
12:16 cameras, and all the wireless devices we have today,
12:19 that's what man can conceive.
12:21 We've got an intellect that's not coincidental,
12:25 did not happen by happenstance,
12:27 but it happened by a plan that is phenomenal.
12:31 Tonight let me walk you through something that may amaze you,
12:34 as it amazed me, when I talked about just one of the most
12:37 simplistic aspects of why the human body functions
12:41 so magnificently.
12:43 Something called, DNA.
12:46 Deoxyribonucleic Acid.
12:51 Say that together with me. Deoxyribonucleic Acid.
12:55 Now that you've swallowed your tongue, you can listen.
12:59 DNA; we all know this as DNA.
13:02 And I'm not a doctor, but information is available today.
13:06 And when I studied what I did and learned what I did
13:08 about DNA, my mind was captured.
13:13 Now I don't want to be a doctor.
13:15 I praise God for doctors.
13:17 But the Doctor of doctors of doctors is Jesus Christ.
13:21 And notice the machine that He made.
13:24 Let's look at DNA.
13:27 Some facts about DNA.
13:42 Every animal has DNA, every plant has DNA.
13:46 Everything God created has a DNA code.
13:50 Let's keep going.
14:09 One percent.
14:13 And they'll say, there is no chance in 99 million,
14:17 or 1.6 billion, or whatever the numbers are,
14:20 they'll narrow it down so much they'll say,
14:22 "There's no way that you could not have been there.
14:25 Because this matches your DNA."
14:29 You've heard that before.
14:30 But let's look at something else fascinating.
14:36 That's why whenever there's a question about
14:38 who the parent is, they say, "Let us take a DNA test."
14:43 Because God put a signature in there
14:46 that you cannot hide.
14:48 You may have seen some of these shows about crimes that
14:51 were committed like 20 years ago, or before DNA,
14:54 and they go and exhume the body and they take little samples,
14:58 like even from ashes.
15:00 I was amazed, I saw one where they took ashes of somebody
15:03 that has been cremated shortly after the crime
15:06 because the person perpetrating it thought
15:08 if you burn them up, you can't find out about it.
15:11 But in the ashes was preserved molecular chemical compositions
15:17 that identified that, even that body after being burned up,
15:22 it still maintained that DNA code in the ashes.
15:26 Isn't that amazing?
15:28 Let's keep going.
15:44 I know your head is hurting.
15:45 I know that. I understand that.
15:47 I mean, this is fascinating to me.
15:49 So when a doctor stands before me and they take lab,
15:55 you know, they say, "We've got the lab results."
15:57 I look at the long list of lab results.
16:01 How much blood I have, how much my iron is.
16:05 And you know, all the other things that they get.
16:07 I'm fascinated.
16:08 And they find that out with just little drops of blood.
16:13 God is amazing, is He not.
16:15 Since I'm fascinating you, let me keep it up.
16:34 Now I just introduced a phrase you may not know.
16:36 The human genome.
16:37 Let's look at this. What is the human genome?
16:55 So when that DNA is working, it is saying,
16:58 "Do this. Don't do that."
17:01 "Don't do that. Do this."
17:02 And by the way, this is one of the reasons why
17:04 when I spoke to a person that was an atheist,
17:06 and I talked to him about DNA.
17:08 And then science has verified that all of the components
17:12 needed to build a cell had to be present at the same exact time.
17:19 They could not be present a year later
17:21 or a million years later.
17:23 They could not evolve.
17:24 For that organism to come into being,
17:26 every enzyme needed had to be present at the very same time.
17:30 Amen?
17:32 Think about it.
17:33 How many of you like cabbage?
17:36 Well you should like cabbage more after I tell you
17:38 the very next statistic.
17:47 ...common DNA.
17:48 That may explain why we think the way we do.
17:55 Not any other thing, not any other vegetables.
17:57 We are all cabbage heads somehow, somewhere.
18:00 But when you think about this magnificent statistic,
18:03 I understand why David the psalmist said,
18:05 read this with me, Psalm 139:14...
18:20 I mean, we've all had injuries at one point or the other.
18:23 You get a cut, and in a matter of time the body says,
18:27 "Fix that."
18:28 So it sends all the white blood cells,
18:31 it sends an army of physicians to that spot,
18:34 and in a matter of time it closes up, the blood clots.
18:37 And in a matter of days you start saying,
18:39 "Well, I feel pretty good."
18:42 Even though a scar may remain, the body is programmed
18:45 in such a way that it preserves itself.
18:48 That's why when you are about to die
18:50 there are certain things that happen.
18:51 And when you have a trauma, all of a sudden this adrenaline
18:54 boost comes in because the body says,
18:55 "We need help."
18:58 And God did that.
19:00 That could not have been a coincidence.
19:03 But let's think about the most important factor
19:05 of why our bodies really don't belong to us.
19:10 Paul the apostle says in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20...
19:33 When we think about that fact, when we think about this
19:37 magnificent Designer...
19:39 The guy that made Ford, or Tesla, or Porsche,
19:43 they often talk about these inventors, and we say,
19:45 "It's an honor to meet you," the man that made Porsche,
19:48 "It's an honor to meet you," the man that made
19:50 the Shelby engine for Ford.
19:52 We feel honored to meet that individual.
19:54 But they die off and pass away.
19:57 And somebody else comes along with a better invention.
19:59 But nobody has been able to come up with a better invention
20:02 than the human body.
20:05 And the Maker, by the way, He's still alive.
20:09 So we have to abandon this idea that we belong to ourselves.
20:16 When you think about all the things like Brussels sprouts,
20:19 and watercress, and spinach, you'll discover also
20:25 that after sin entered in the world, before sin entered
20:28 we were primarily fruits, grains, and nuts.
20:32 Before sin entered the world.
20:33 After sin entered the world the bitter herb was added.
20:37 That's why some people don't like
20:38 certain kinds of vegetables.
20:40 They say, "Ugh."
20:41 They don't like the way it tastes.
20:43 It was not a part of the original diet.
20:44 But when you think about the time of the flood,
20:46 you'll discover also, in preparation for
20:49 what was going to happen on the other side of the flood,
20:52 knowing that all vegetation would be destroyed,
20:55 God had a plan.
20:58 Notice what it says in the Bible, Genesis 7:2.
21:01 He said to Noah...
21:15 The great question is, clean for what and unclean for what?
21:19 And let me pause right here and say something.
21:21 There were no Jews in the days of Noah.
21:26 There were no Jews in the Garden of Eden.
21:29 And the reason I say that is because a lot of people say,
21:32 "Well when you follow the dietary plan of the Bible,
21:35 you're following that old Jewish code."
21:38 They say the same thing about the Sabbath.
21:39 "Oh that Jewish law."
21:41 Well you know what? It's not bad to be a Jew.
21:43 Amen, somebody.
21:46 God gave them the oracles that if they had
21:48 shared that with the world, the world would have been
21:51 far more advanced now in many other areas
21:54 than it is right now.
21:56 So don't make it seem like it's a bad thing to be Jew.
22:00 All the Bible writers, think about their origin.
22:03 But clean for what and unclean for what?
22:04 The Bible is clear on this also.
22:06 God instructed Noah to bring both clean and unclean
22:09 animals into the ark.
22:10 Why? Here is what the Bible says in the book of Leviticus.
22:24 Notice, both dividing the hoof, having cloven hoof, that is,
22:29 and chewing the cud.
22:30 It can't have just one or the other.
22:32 Like a camel has one, but it doesn't have the other.
22:35 A pig has one, but it doesn't have the other.
22:38 Let's follow carefully.
22:49 Meaning, one or the other.
23:01 "It is unclean to you."
23:02 When you think about this, let's go on.
23:05 Leviticus 11:5-7
23:32 You know what's amazing today?
23:33 Sometimes you go to restaurants, if you hear the word, "club,"
23:37 anytime you buy a sandwich and you hear the word, "club,"
23:40 that means it's going to be some kind of pork in it.
23:43 Double cheese club.
23:45 "Club," that means it's bacon in it.
23:50 The pig...
23:53 And let me tell you why God said not eat these.
23:56 God created His own sanitation department.
24:04 Really, think about it.
24:06 He knew that there are places that humans can never go.
24:09 Can you imagine if there was not a sanitation department
24:15 in the ocean, we could never clean it.
24:19 You will see buzzards... You ever seen buzzards?
24:22 When you see a buzzard, what do you know?
24:24 Something died.
24:26 So the buzzards say, "Hey, there's a dead whatever
24:30 on wherever.
24:31 Let's go clean it up."
24:33 And in a matter of time, there they are.
24:36 When you see sometimes a carcass on the ground,
24:39 all of a sudden in a matter of time you see maggots.
24:42 They know that's their job.
24:43 I'm not going to get you sick tonight,
24:45 but if you do get sick, we do have a doctor in the house.
24:48 Dr. Lela, I'll call on you in just a moment of necessary.
24:52 But the point of the matter is, God has a sanitation department
24:57 already in place.
24:59 You can spray cologne on a pig, give him a bow,
25:02 buy him a bicycle, do whatever you want,
25:05 but the moment you let a pig go, they go right to the,
25:08 "Oink, oink, oink."
25:09 Right to where the garbage is.
25:10 It's their nature. God made them that way.
25:13 So now, we wouldn't eat garbage.
25:17 So why do we eat what eats garbage?
25:23 I didn't even ask for one, but thank you.
25:25 Praise the Lord.
25:26 This pig, they just like garbage.
25:29 And you know what?
25:30 A poisonous snake could bite a pig, and it will not die.
25:37 Because it doesn't have a vein system like ours.
25:40 It just absorbs the poison.
25:41 Because God created it to absorb the poison.
25:45 It's a garbage can with four legs.
25:48 And you know what?
25:50 The pig is the only animal that people eat every part of it,
25:55 from the tail to the snout.
25:58 From pig tail to pig nostrils.
26:06 What about the ocean?
26:07 Deuteronomy 14:9-10
26:18 Let's go on.
26:25 That's why you think of lobsters, crabs, shrimps,
26:30 scallops, muscles, octopus; the list goes on and on.
26:34 Seahorse; the list goes on and on.
26:37 God has a massive sanitation department
26:41 to keep the ocean clean.
26:43 Sharks.
26:46 They'll eat anything.
26:47 Sharks have been opened up and they have found cans in there,
26:51 phones in there, plastic bottles.
26:54 Whatever falls in the ocean, if they just open their mouth
26:56 and swim by, it's all in there.
26:59 And it doesn't kill them.
27:02 Because they are designed to be a sanitation department
27:05 for the ocean.
27:07 Let's go on further.
27:08 Look at what's not on God's menu.
27:20 I hope I'm not eliminating your diet.
27:29 We live in southern Illinois.
27:33 I'm just laughing thinking about it.
27:36 And we had some guys come by that was going to give us
27:38 a price to cut our trees down in the back yard.
27:42 And he came into our living room and we have a nice view there.
27:45 You can see a little pond in our back yard.
27:47 And we feed the squirrels.
27:49 We don't eat them, we feed them.
27:52 We feed the raccoons, the squirrels,
27:54 the birds of every kind.
27:55 We have a raccoon friend that comes every night.
27:59 He knows us so well, he takes the food out of our hands.
28:04 We feed all the animals.
28:05 They love us.
28:07 So this guy is looking at our squirrel.
28:10 And he said with that southern Illinois accent,
28:12 "That's some real good eatin' right there."
28:16 I said, "What?"
28:18 He said, "That there squirrel right there."
28:20 He said, "I eat many of 'em."
28:22 I can't do it all because I'm from New York.
28:24 I'm like right now going through a crisis right now.
28:27 But he said, "That there is some good eatin'."
28:30 And I said, "You eat squirrel?" "Oh, all kinds of squirrel."
28:33 He said the best kind is the red ones.
28:35 And I thought, "Is there a difference?"
28:37 He said, "All kinds of them. We eat them all the time."
28:39 And I thought, "Don't eat our squirrels."
28:43 And they know us.
28:44 While we're eating breakfast sometimes our squirrel
28:47 will come, if we forget to put his black oil seeds
28:49 out there he'll come and look at us like this...
28:53 And if we can't catch it, he'll wag his tail real fast
28:56 so we can see it, like, "I'm here.
28:58 You're eating. I need to eat."
29:00 God says, "Don't eat them. Be nice to them."
29:05 Now, nobody here tonight, I can probably be sure,
29:12 would say, "Honey, tonight, I'm on my way home,
29:16 I would like to have a mouse for dinner."
29:23 Now you're laughing.
29:25 And I'm not laughing, but I'm going to tell you something.
29:28 I'm going to tell you something.
29:29 It might be something that you don't even think about,
29:32 however, around the world it's a delicacy.
29:38 It is a delicacy around the world.
29:41 Let me change the slide before all of you guys
29:43 become vegetarians instantly.
29:46 Would not be a bad thing, by the way,
29:48 because that's the best diet.
29:49 But so you think you wouldn't do that.
29:54 But there they are.
29:56 Now why does God give us the kind of plan He does?
30:00 Notice what He said in Psalm 84:11.
30:15 You wouldn't do that to... Things...
30:18 I mean, some of the things we eat in America.
30:20 I've traveled, my wife and I have traveled around the world.
30:23 There are places...
30:25 Just before the program one of our guys was saying
30:27 he saw a guy recently just pick up a frog
30:29 and threw it in my mouth while he was alive.
30:33 And to be a man in some of the Asian countries,
30:36 they give you soup with hissing roaches in it.
30:40 And you've got to pick, to be a man you've got to pick it up and
30:43 bite it and kill it, and then swallow it.
30:48 We're going to get a lot of vegetarians out of this program.
30:52 But you know what?
30:54 Your plate should be a place where you receive strength,
30:59 not where you are poisoning yourself slowly,
31:02 and then wondering many, many years later
31:04 why you're so ill.
31:06 Often times you don't need medication.
31:09 You just need to eat differently.
31:12 And God's got the best plan.
31:14 You don't have to worry about, "Well now, what should I eat?
31:16 What shouldn't I eat?"
31:17 And by the way, if you think this is just a Bible message,
31:20 or an Adventist message, or a Christian message,
31:22 atheists, people that worship trees and rocks,
31:28 are predominately in many cases better vegetarians
31:32 than Christians.
31:34 So this is not about, this is not just a
31:37 message about what God has said.
31:39 This is about health.
31:41 If you want to be in health and you want to have the lowest
31:43 medical bill, make sure that you put things
31:47 on your plate that's going to be good for you
31:49 and not poison.
31:50 But some people say, and I've heard Christians
31:53 that have argued with me, that, "No, God changed these
31:57 principles in the New Testament."
31:58 And one of the stories that they use is found
32:01 in the book of Acts.
32:03 God says of all of us, in 3 John 1:2 He says...
32:16 In other words, if you have a financial blessing,
32:18 if you have a nice house, if you have a nice car,
32:22 if you have a great education, if you're living a good life,
32:24 he says the things that will really be a benefit
32:26 above all of that is if you have health.
32:30 What sense is there to have a nice car
32:31 and you can't even walk?
32:34 Or you have all these good things and you can't enjoy them
32:37 because you are so ill?
32:39 But here's one of the reasons why...
32:41 This is one of the passages in the Bible, by the way,
32:43 that many Christians use to try to say that God changed His idea
32:48 about what we should and should not eat.
32:50 In the book of Acts there's a vision by Peter.
32:53 We find this in Acts chapter 10.
32:55 We're going to walk through it all the way to verse 28,
32:57 but I've taken out components.
32:58 You can read the entire story.
32:59 But I've left nothing main out of this approach tonight.
33:04 Peter was hungry.
33:06 Peter was hungry, he was looking for something to eat.
33:18 That's noon.
33:24 That's why most Christians get hungry at noon.
33:29 Not really.
34:02 Now I've seen people tell me this story,
34:05 and a lot of pastors, they stop right here.
34:08 And they say, "See, we can eat anything."
34:11 But I say, "Keep on reading."
34:16 But Peter said...
34:32 They say, "Yep, see, God cleaned it all up."
34:34 If a mouse is running across your plate, hit it, eat it.
34:40 I mean, why not?
34:41 If everything is clean, eat anything.
34:45 Watch out for your little, you know, toy dogs.
34:50 If this concept is accepted,
34:51 even your little dogs are in trouble.
34:53 But go on.
35:00 The Bible not only gave the story, but Peter,
35:05 after this vision someone came to the house
35:07 where Peter was staying and said to him,
35:10 "The Lord has sent me here for you to go and talk to somebody."
35:14 And the Jewish leaders that were with Peter said,
35:18 "Where you going?"
35:19 He said, "I'm going to the house of a Gentile."
35:22 They went with him because they did not believe that the
35:25 Jews and the Gentiles had any right to communicate together.
35:31 So just to show that Peter was being legit,
35:34 they sent representatives with him to make sure he was not
35:37 doing something that they did not authorize.
35:40 That's why the vision was given.
35:42 Notice the rest of the story.
36:09 This was not about dietary restriction.
36:12 This was about racial restriction.
36:17 The Lord was trying to get His disciples ready to carry
36:19 the gospel to the world.
36:21 How can you go to the whole world if you don't like
36:24 people of other races?
36:26 That's the reason why eventually, and you'll read
36:29 the story in the Bible, that's the reason why
36:31 eventually the Lord had to abandon the Jewish leaders
36:35 and pick Him some fishermen and some hard-headed people
36:38 and convert them and send them to the world.
36:40 Because the very nation that He entrusted the message to,
36:43 they were prejudiced.
36:45 They didn't like other races.
36:47 And today, and today...
36:48 We have a lot of good friends when I go to BH
36:51 in New York City.
36:52 B&H is an electronic store that is owned by Jews.
36:56 They'll do business with you, but they don't mix
36:59 with people that are not Jews.
37:02 In New York City, go to Brooklyn.
37:04 Brooklyn has so many Jews living in Brooklyn.
37:06 Wonderful people, great businessmen.
37:08 But they won't mix with people that do not share the same
37:12 convictions that they do.
37:14 That's why, let me share something.
37:16 We could learn a lesson from that.
37:19 We must share this message with people who believe
37:22 or don't believe what we believe.
37:25 Let me say it again.
37:27 God has not called us to be an exclusive club.
37:30 God has called us to be an ambassador to everybody.
37:34 "And the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached
37:36 in all the world as a witness to all nations."
37:40 But that's not the only part.
37:42 When you think about the beauty of it,
37:44 you think about another area.
37:46 God gave specific instructions in other areas.
37:49 That's why he says in Galatians 3:28...
38:05 But here's the question tonight.
38:07 What about wine and alcohol?
38:10 What about wine and alcohol?
38:12 The Bible also gives instructions in this area.
38:16 Notice what the Bible says in Proverbs 20:1.
38:29 But the wise man Solomon continues in Proverbs 23:31-33.
38:41 That means, it's in the process of fermentation.
38:56 I know that to be a fact.
38:58 Not that I got drunk, but I use to drink casually.
39:03 When I was in the party scene, the club scene,
39:05 when I was a disc jockey, I would drink those mixed drinks
39:08 like the slow gin fizz and tequila sunrise.
39:10 They put sweet stuff so that you don't taste the gin.
39:13 But I walked across the highway one Friday night
39:15 in Long Island New York, almost got hit by a car.
39:18 I didn't know until my friend yelled my name.
39:21 I said, "I'm not drunk."
39:23 He said, "That car almost hit you."
39:25 And all I felt was it brushed my long coattail.
39:28 Beeeep...
39:30 You know how the horn beeps.
39:34 But I said, "I'm not drunk."
39:38 Many of us don't understand the impact of alcohol.
39:41 And let me share something tonight.
39:42 Even if you don't know Greek, or Hebrew, or Aramaic at all,
39:46 listen to those who are not Christian
39:49 about the research of alcohol in moderate forms
39:53 as well as in extreme forms.
39:55 It's amazing.
39:57 The effects of alcohol by the CARON Treatment Centers.
40:00 To get this information in full so that you could see that
40:03 I'm not putting this together to kind of leave out certain facts,
40:06 you can go to this website yourself.
40:10 This is a center that treats people that have been moderate,
40:15 heavy, or extremely heavy alcohol users.
40:19 From wine coolers all the way to gin and to vodka.
40:24 They've put together this research.
40:25 And they have centers all over the nation
40:27 that treat people that say, "Well I'm just a moderate user."
40:29 Look at what they said.
40:52 And they talk about this in the sense of moderate.
40:54 Let's go on.
41:05 That's why unfortunately some guy that has ill intentions,
41:08 they'll go to a club and they'll try to get a girl drunk,
41:12 or they'll try to get her to drink,
41:13 because they know it begins to affect you right away.
41:23 Let's keep going.
41:24 This is alcohol in moderate use.
41:34 That's why the police always say, "Walk a straight line."
41:47 And this is in moderate use, this is not extreme.
41:50 Let's keep going.
41:51 This is the effect of alcohol in stages.
42:02 And let's keep going.
42:03 And the short term impact of alcohol.
42:20 When you see a person that has had alcohol
42:22 even casually throughout the years,
42:24 you'll notice the skin is drying up.
42:26 The same impact that smoking has.
42:36 That's why when people start drinking, they say,
42:38 "I'm getting warm."
42:40 Going on, what about the impact to the muscle?
42:57 So when you drink alcohol, even beers and wine coolers,
43:01 that's exactly what's happening to the human body.
43:03 It's going through the impact of these things
43:08 on the body system.
43:10 When I was growing up, I never bought beer.
43:15 I didn't like beer.
43:16 I wouldn't drink strong drinks.
43:18 And I would never label myself as a person that was
43:21 involved in alcohol at all.
43:23 But I noticed the number of things that take place
43:27 when a person gets involved in alcohol.
43:30 It always begins in moderation.
43:34 I must admit a few things publicly.
43:37 And you know, they said confession is good for the soul,
43:40 but hard on the reputation.
43:41 I was raised in a home where the lady raising me was a
43:44 Seventh-day Adventist Christian, but her husband wasn't.
43:47 And during Thanksgiving he would buy Manischewitz,
43:50 which was Jewish wine.
43:52 He would like to have that with his meal.
43:54 And whenever we would put the dishes away,
43:59 he'd leave a little bit in the cup and we'd sip it,
44:00 and I'd go...
44:02 Whoa.
44:03 I didn't understand just little sips.
44:06 My wife and I, when we lived in California,
44:08 she'd have family that would come and visit us.
44:11 And they'd say, "We want to go to Napa Valley."
44:14 Napa Valley is known for what?
44:15 Some of the best wine country in the nation.
44:20 So I would say, "Okay."
44:22 So when I took them to Napa Valley,
44:24 they would give me a sticker.
44:25 I was the designated driver.
44:27 Because I'm not going to drink.
44:30 So I'd come home, and after the people we took
44:35 went through all these different wine tastings,
44:37 they're fast asleep in the back seat of the car.
44:41 And I had a Honda Prelude at the time.
44:42 I little sports car, five speed.
44:45 And we're getting close to home, and you know,
44:47 one person is sleeping this way,
44:48 the other person sleeping that way.
44:50 And they were not drinking bottles of alcohol.
44:52 They were just sipping these little glasses,
44:55 little things here and there.
44:56 But it knocked them out.
44:57 Every sign that you saw talked about there,
45:00 it affected them in that way.
45:02 And I saw when it was coming on because
45:04 they'd be talking to me, and I'd say, "What did you say?"
45:06 "I don't remember what I just said.
45:10 I don't know. What did I say?"
45:11 And I'd repeat it back to them. "Did I say that?"
45:13 And before you know it, they're sleeping.
45:15 But I told my wife, I said, one day I was bringing
45:17 her cousin back and her friend, and I said, "You know what?
45:19 I'm going to wake them up.
45:20 Nobody is sleeping on me while I'm driving."
45:23 So there is close to Benicia, California
45:28 they were working on the road, and the road kind of
45:30 goes like this and it has a sudden dip,
45:32 and it comes back up.
45:33 Well most people that live in the area know
45:35 that is where you're most likely to go airborne safely.
45:39 So I decided they are not going to sleep on me,
45:42 not while I'm driving.
45:48 So I went ahead and just kind of shifted down and
45:51 coming down the hill, and went airborne just slowly.
45:54 Safe enough to land on all fours.
45:56 And they woke up and they said,
45:58 "How long have we been sleeping?"
46:00 And I said, "About almost an hour and a half."
46:03 Let me tell you something.
46:05 It always begins in, what you may refer to as,
46:10 a casual way.
46:12 And everything that we begin as a practice, follow me carefully,
46:17 becomes a habit.
46:18 A habit becomes a character, a character becomes a destiny.
46:23 A destiny determines which way you go.
46:26 And what I thought about when I put this together,
46:28 I thought to myself, it is amazing that we look at the
46:31 Bible in the way we do.
46:32 You know that the wine coolers, these intoxicating drinks,
46:36 it's not about moderation, according to the Bible.
46:39 It is about abstinence.
46:41 Look at some powerful scriptures that you may have
46:43 never thought had any impact on what we put in our bodies.
46:48 For example, let's look at John the Baptist, his birth.
46:53 Luke 1:15, notice what the Lord said
46:56 about a man that He called to preach the gospel.
46:59 Notice what He said.
47:01 Speaking of John the Baptist, speaking to his parents...
47:15 So somebody might say, "Well that was not alcoholic wine."
47:17 The Lord said, "I don't want him to drink either one."
47:20 Now follow me carefully.
47:21 Why did He say what He did?
47:23 Why did He say neither wine nor strong drink?
47:25 In their day they did not have the preservation
47:28 like we do today; we have refrigerators.
47:30 Like when you make, my family use to make
47:33 homemade grape juice.
47:36 Or sometimes for thanksgiving have you ever made
47:38 homemade apple cider?
47:40 You ever had that fresh apple cider?
47:42 It's nice and cold.
47:43 But you forget to put it in the fridge when you open it,
47:45 so you leave it out overnight.
47:47 And the next day you open the top, and it goes, sshhh.
47:51 And you say, "We'll just get some ice and drink it."
47:53 You know what I'm talking about?
47:55 And all of a sudden you say,
47:56 "Whoa, it tastes better than it did yesterday."
47:58 Because it starts fermenting immediately.
48:02 The Lord said, now this is very powerful,
48:04 the Lord said don't drink neither wine nor strong drink.
48:07 Because in those days...
48:09 When you talk about the parable, Jesus says,
48:11 "Do not put new wine in old wineskins."
48:15 The reason why He said that is because
48:17 the fermentation begins immediately.
48:20 If you don't drink it the moment you turn it into juice,
48:23 fermentation begins immediately.
48:26 That's the reason why Jesus waited to the last day
48:32 of the wedding feast to turn the water into wine.
48:37 Because if He did it on the first day
48:39 it would have fermented for six days.
48:42 And the last day they would have said...
48:45 And I do not want to be sacrilegious.
48:47 But you can look back at that and you could accuse Jesus
48:50 of creating a situation where the people got fermented
48:53 and drunk and intoxicated from wine He made at the
48:57 beginning of the feast.
48:58 Understand the principles.
49:00 He waited till the end.
49:03 And they said, "This is the best."
49:06 He saved the best for last.
49:09 He gave them fresh fruit of the vine.
49:12 But let's even go deeper than that.
49:14 Let's look at how the Bible makes this point
49:16 very, very clear.
49:17 That's John the Baptist.
49:19 But what about Jesus at the time of His crucifixion?
49:24 Mark 15:23
49:27 When Jesus was on the cross in agony, His body is in pain,
49:32 writhing, even saying, "My God, My God,
49:35 why hast Thou forsaken Me?"
49:39 Jesus said, "I thirst."
49:41 And what did they do?
49:43 They put a rag, they dipped it in...
49:45 The Bible tells you here.
49:52 Matthew says, "...with gall."
49:58 He did not drink it.
50:00 Let me tell you why.
50:04 This is the amazing aspect of the plan of redemption.
50:09 The devil knew that all that Jesus had to be
50:12 was a defiled sacrifice.
50:16 I want you to hear me carefully.
50:18 He's a lamb without spot and without blemish.
50:22 But if the devil could have led them to do anything to
50:26 make Him a defiled sacrifice,
50:31 at the moment of His greatest agony,
50:33 what would you want more than anything else
50:36 when you are thirsting and hanging on a cross, dying,
50:39 with all the sins of the world on your shoulder?
50:41 "I thirst, I thirst."
50:44 The devil says, "Good. We've got Him now.
50:46 Give Him some alcohol."
50:48 And they gave it to Him, but He would not drink it.
50:52 Why did He not drink it?
50:54 He didn't drink it because He all of a sudden lost His thirst.
50:56 He did not drink it because He knew even the slightest,
50:59 hear me tonight, even the slightest
51:04 in His body temple would have caused Him
51:09 to be a defiled sacrifice.
51:13 Now hear me, brothers and sisters,
51:15 those you of listening and watching.
51:19 If Jesus refused in the moment of His greatest agony
51:24 even a smidgen of ingesting alcohol or any kind of
51:30 wine in His system, why would Christians seek
51:34 to participate in what Jesus rejected all together?
51:40 But they say it's moderation.
51:42 With that principle in mind, you know what we're saying?
51:44 When we say, "It's not about getting drunk,
51:47 it's about moderation," well you tell that to the researchers
51:50 who say even moderate use of alcohol begins to
51:53 impair our judgments, lower our inhibitions,
51:57 and begins to destroy brain cells that are not replaceable
52:00 by any medical means whatsoever.
52:04 Why would Christians insist on participating in
52:09 what Christ Himself repulsed and did not participate in at all?
52:16 And here's the other question.
52:18 If He told John the Baptist's parents not to give him wine
52:22 or strong drink, why would Christians want something
52:31 that will do to them what it would have
52:32 done to John the Baptist?
52:34 The spirit that we should be filled with,
52:36 like John the Baptist, is not wine spirits,
52:40 or beer spirits, or wine cooler spirits,
52:43 but the Holy Spirit.
52:46 God wants to communicate to us.
52:48 And any impairment at all would disqualify us
52:52 from being a fit vessel for the Lord
52:55 to communicate to us.
52:57 That's why tonight this is not about just whether or not
53:01 I can handle it or not.
53:02 With that moderation idea, are we saying that we should
53:07 smoke in moderation?
53:08 No. Should we eat pork in moderation?
53:11 No. Should we take drugs and cocaine in moderation?
53:16 No.
53:17 The same thing applies to anything that debilitates
53:20 the human body and compromises its ability
53:24 to be at its optimum health.
53:26 That's why let me be clear tonight,
53:28 since you're going to hang me anyway.
53:31 There are some of you that worship and you are
53:34 hooked on caffeine.
53:39 Hooked hopelessly on caffeine.
53:42 Because any time you say to the body,
53:45 "No, I can handle this," and you decide to start
53:47 getting off of caffeine, the body immediately goes through
53:50 what they call a withdrawal.
53:52 And it's the most painful thing when the body starts to
53:56 try to purify itself.
53:57 Why would it be so painful
53:59 if what you did to it was not harmful?
54:02 The Bible says, once again, what about smoking?
54:04 "Though shalt not kill." That includes yourself.
54:07 Any explanation there?
54:09 When the surgeon general says it will cause you death and cancer,
54:12 why put it in your body at all?
54:14 And here's the overwhelming principles
54:16 to everything I covered tonight.
54:18 Together, the Bible says in Romans 12:1...
54:33 And finally, the Lord says...
54:44 You could not use a defiled lamb for the sacrifice.
54:48 The Lord wants us not to be defiled,
54:50 but to be used for His service.
54:56 And finally, in an hour when the world is not
54:59 giving God glory, and He says,
55:01 "Fear God and give glory to Him,"
55:03 did you not know 1 Corinthians 10:31?
55:08 The Bible says, let's read this together...
55:20 While what we eat and drink is important,
55:23 how we live our lives sometimes is not what you're eating,
55:27 but it's what's eating you.
55:29 Emotional health is also important.
55:32 Tonight I'm going to ask for the song to be sung,
55:35 Live Out Thy Life Within Me.
55:37 That's tonight's message.
55:38 Allow the Lord to live out His life within you.
55:51 Live out Thy life within me, O Jesus, King of kings!
56:01 Be Thou Thyself the answer to all my questionings.
56:11 Live out Thy life within me; in all things have Thy way.
56:22 I, the transparent medium,
56:28 Thy glory to display.
56:35 As the song is played softly, how many of you want to
56:37 live out the life that the Lord wants you to live?
56:41 If you want to be a Cadillac with the best performance,
56:45 you want to be a Mercedes with no hindrance,
56:47 but even more than those things that rust and fade away,
56:50 you want to be a vessel of honor to God.
56:55 I pray that tonight the message was not only clear,
56:58 but that the Lord opened your heart to say,
57:01 "I want to be a person that experiences abundant life."
57:06 I pray that you have accepted the Word of God
57:09 as He has made it clear to you, and that one day when He comes
57:14 you'll meet Him in peace because you have lived
57:16 that abundant life in Christ.


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