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00:49 Good evening.
00:51 Welcome to Pathways to Life. My name is Jim Hakes.
00:54 I'm the pastor of the Paradise Valley
00:56 Seventh-day Adventist Church,
00:57 which is the host facility for Pathways to Life
01:01 here in Phoenix with Pastor John Lomacang.
01:04 And I want to tell you, this being meeting number 14 of 15,
01:08 we are not winding down, we are coming to a crescendo.
01:13 And it is our prayer that each and every one,
01:15 whether it is here locally, or whether on 3ABN,
01:19 or watching through streaming video,
01:21 or Good News TV, or YouTube,
01:25 I hope you have been blessed
01:26 by each and every one of the different meetings
01:28 that you will be tonight as well
01:30 as Pastor Lomacang talks to us tonight about
01:34 "The Judgment Hour."
01:37 Before he does that though, our guest musician tonight
01:42 Mr. Lyndon Carriger is going to be leading us in some music
01:47 and we are going to be blessed
01:49 by all of the things that are happening.
01:52 And again we hope and pray
01:53 that you're whether out there on
01:57 watching on the television, 3ABN, or here locally
02:00 that each one receives a blessing from music
02:04 and from opening God's Word together.
02:07 But as our custom, before we invite them to come out
02:09 and to carry on with the things that are happening,
02:13 let's begin by asking God to bless us, shall we?
02:17 Gracious Heavenly Father,
02:19 we thank You for the privilege of
02:22 being able to come together and open our Bibles together.
02:24 And it is our prayer that everything that is said,
02:27 and everything that is sung, and everything that is played
02:32 would be to the glory and honor of Jesus Christ.
02:36 It is our prayer that You would fill this place
02:38 with Your Holy Spirit, with Your holy angels
02:41 and it is our prayer that we would be blessed
02:43 for being here together.
02:45 And we thank You,
02:46 for we ask it in Jesus' name, amen.
03:14 Day in and day out
03:18 Working hard and learning how to
03:24 Play the rules of this game
03:28 We know that while your hearts
03:31 Becomes so cold
03:37 You're selling out your soul
03:42 Reaching for
03:45 A temporary goal
03:51 But when you reach that final sunset
03:57 And you look into his eyes
04:01 Will the filling in your hearts rejoice
04:06 Or will it be your last goodbye
04:11 It would be the greatest tragedy
04:16 If you never realized
04:21 That what you own cannot compare
04:28 To eternal life
04:35 Oh, Lord
04:39 You finally arrived
04:44 Making lots of money
04:47 But there's emptiness inside
04:54 You're spending all your time
05:01 Trying to own very best
05:06 As if somehow the rest will fall in place
05:16 But when you reach the final sunset
05:21 And you look into His eyes
05:24 Will the filling in your hearts rejoice
05:30 Or will it be your last goodbye
05:35 It would be the greatest tragedy
05:40 If you never realized
05:45 That what you own
05:47 Cannot compare
05:53 But when you reach that final sunset
05:59 And the tears will lead your eyes
06:03 Will the filling in your heart rejoice
06:08 Or will be your last Your last goodbye
06:13 It would be the greatest tragedy
06:18 If you never realized
06:23 That what you own cannot compare
06:35 What you own it cannot compare
06:41 To eternal life
06:59 To eternal life
07:14 Can we say amen again? Amen.
07:17 Praise the Lord. Thank you so much, Lyndon.
07:20 That's what we want to avoid
07:23 getting to our final sunset
07:27 and realizing that it is our last goodbye.
07:30 Tonight, I want to invite you to bow your heads with me
07:33 as we unite with our audience from around the world
07:38 and ask for the Lord's presence to be here tonight
07:40 on a very sobering topic,
07:42 "The Judgment Hour."
07:44 Let us pray.
07:46 Loving Father in heaven, we thank You, Lord,
07:48 for the privilege and opportunity tonight
07:50 to open Your Word.
07:52 Send Your Holy Spirit, we ask into this place
07:57 that as we are moved by heavens' directive,
08:02 our hearts would be transformed and changed.
08:05 In Jesus' name we pray, amen.
08:10 Tonight's message is The Judgment Hour.
08:14 John the Revelator calls the world to pause
08:19 on the timeline of prophecy,
08:22 as he proclaims to the world
08:24 that the long awaited hour of judgment has come.
08:29 You know whether we recognize it or not,
08:32 the judgment for the entire world
08:35 is soon to come.
08:37 And John from his secluded prison encampment
08:43 on the Island of Patmos
08:46 proclaims to the world these words tonight
08:49 that we read Revelation 14:7.
08:53 Tonight, if we could begin by reading this together.
08:55 The Bible says, "Saying with a..."
08:57 What kind of voice?
08:59 "Loud voice, 'Fear God and give glory to Him,
09:04 for the hour of His judgment has come
09:08 and worship Him and do..."
09:10 What?
09:11 "Worship Him who made heaven and earth,
09:15 the sea and the springs of water.'"
09:18 And then the Apostle Paul inserts into the words of John
09:23 this divine summons recorded in 2 Corinthians
09:28 with the words in 5:10.
09:31 "For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ,
09:38 that each one may receive the things done in the body,
09:42 according to what he has done, whether good or whether bad."
09:46 You know, so many people say we worship God in spirit.
09:50 But as we have discovered a few nights ago,
09:52 when we talked about health, the abundant life,
09:55 we must come to the realization that
09:57 worship is not just done as a spiritual act,
10:01 but worship is also a physical act.
10:04 And when you look at the way
10:06 the world today has abused the body,
10:09 you must come to the conclusion
10:11 that how we treat our body temple
10:15 is either an act of worship to the true God,
10:18 or a representation of worship to the wrong God.
10:22 And so when the Bible says, the things done in the body,
10:26 it is not saying that we should only worship the Lord
10:28 out of music, and out of singing,
10:31 and out of reading our Bibles, and out of witnessing,
10:34 but how we treat our body temples
10:37 is such a reflection of our relationship
10:41 between us and Jesus.
10:42 Can you say amen?
10:43 Not only that, when we come to the judgment,
10:45 we'll discover that the standard in the judgment
10:47 will not be based on our education,
10:50 our financial status, and neither our possessions,
10:54 but it will be based on the law of God,
10:56 the standard by which
10:58 the entire world will be judged.
11:01 Notice the words of Solomon the wise men when he said
11:04 in Ecclesiastes 12:13 and 14,
11:07 "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter:
11:11 Fear God..."
11:13 The very same words in Revelation 14, "Fear God..."
11:16 That is honor God,
11:17 recognize His sovereignty, fear God,
11:20 "And keep His commandments:
11:23 for this is the whole duty of man."
11:26 Why?
11:27 For God shall bring once again every work into judgment
11:33 with every secret thing,
11:34 whether it be good, or whether it be evil."
11:38 Now, those three passages that we just read,
11:41 when you think about the judgment,
11:44 it could be quite frightening,
11:46 because I don't know if anybody
11:48 that receives a summons from a court with joy.
11:51 Think about it.
11:53 When you get a letter from the IRS
11:55 or you get a summons from the local court,
11:57 if it's not to be on the jury,
11:59 you feel there's a sense of intrepidation?
12:02 What do I do?
12:03 The first thing, I need a lawyer?
12:05 Well, I'm going to tell you, the best lawyer to have
12:08 in light of the coming judgment is Jesus,
12:10 what do you say?
12:11 When we look at ourselves, we will find there's a fear
12:14 in looking forward to the judgment.
12:16 But when you know Jesus...
12:18 Let me say that again.
12:19 When you know Jesus, there is no fear.
12:23 When you look at yourself, you say, "How can I be saved?"
12:26 But when you look at Jesus, you say,
12:28 "How can I not be saved?"
12:31 That's why the writer of Hebrews says these words.
12:33 Isaiah 45:22, as a matter of fact.
12:36 Notice where we should look, the Lord says, look to who?
12:39 "Look to me, and be saved, all you ends of the earth!
12:43 For I am God and..." What?
12:45 "There is no other."
12:47 I told you a couple of nights ago,
12:49 if you have any doubt about the existence of God
12:52 on one of your evenings here in Arizona,
12:54 or maybe if you have a dark place
12:56 where you live and around the world,
12:57 go to the desert and look up at the stars
13:00 where there is no doubt.
13:02 The heavens declare the glory of God.
13:04 Amen?
13:05 My wife and I
13:07 are what I might refer to as amateur astronomers.
13:11 But we love even if just through my iPad,
13:14 we love to look at stars.
13:16 One evening, I showed my wife a constellation
13:19 that was like 3522 light years away,
13:22 and she says, "How much is the light year?"
13:24 And I told her 186,000 miles per second
13:27 for an entire year, 365 days,
13:29 you travel that speed all year long,
13:31 that's one light year,
13:33 multiply that by 3520, and then we'll get there.
13:37 She said, "We'll never get there."
13:39 I said, "Oh, no, no, honey, we will get there."
13:41 Come on. Did you get it?
13:43 If in Jesus you receive eternal life,
13:45 we will have access
13:47 to God's playground.
13:52 But we got to look in the right direction.
13:53 I was reading the story once and doing some research about
13:56 the judgment scene in Roman court.
13:58 And I read in Revelation where the Lord says,
14:01 "I will give you a white stone and a new name on it."
14:04 And I thought what does that mean?
14:06 So I decided to look at some of the commentaries
14:08 and discover for myself why a white stone
14:10 and then the Lord reveal to me something beautiful
14:13 which gave me hope and the judgment.
14:15 You see when the jury
14:18 just like ours today, 12 and 12,
14:19 when the jury could not come to a verdict,
14:23 they would take a leather bag with a slit in the top of,
14:26 kind of like the price is right,
14:28 and drop two stones in the bag,
14:30 a white stone and a black stone,
14:33 and then it was up to the accused
14:36 to determine his own fate.
14:38 So standing before the court,
14:39 he would put his hand and the bag
14:42 with tremendous fear, knowing,
14:44 pulling out a white stone, he is exonerated,
14:48 pulling out the black stone, he will be executed.
14:51 Can you imagine the fear that will go through you on that?
14:55 But then his lawyer steps up,
14:57 his advocate steps up and says, "Wait a minute."
15:01 This is a rig court in favor of the saints.
15:03 "Wait a minute,
15:05 I'm going to give you a white stone
15:08 with a new name on it."
15:12 You'll get that on Tuesday.
15:15 He's in essence saying,
15:16 "Don't put your hand in the bag to determine your own fate.
15:20 Your fate is in my hands."
15:23 So he gives the accused a white stone and the accused
15:29 before the prosecutor of humanity says,
15:32 "White stone."
15:33 He's not only exonerated, but his name is changed.
15:37 I'll give you a white stone with a new name on it.
15:39 Meaning,
15:41 when we are forgiven, even our names are changed.
15:48 There's not going to be people in heaven
15:49 with their former criminal names.
15:51 That's why the Lord changed Saul's name to Paul.
15:55 He changed his name, his identity, and his mission.
15:58 That's why tonight I begin this presentation by saying,
16:01 we've got to change our focus in light of the judgment.
16:04 We've got to understand
16:05 where to look and where not to look.
16:07 Don't look in your mirror, look in your Bible.
16:10 Here's the Bible.
16:11 Hebrews 12:2,
16:12 "Looking unto Jesus, the Author,
16:15 He began your story and the Finisher..."
16:18 If you keep your eyes on Him,
16:19 He will end the work He began in us,
16:22 the finisher of our faith.
16:23 "Who for the joy that was set before us..."
16:26 Notice what he did in our behalf.
16:30 "Endured the cross, despising the shame."
16:33 When you pause, what that means is
16:36 He didn't care about the shame, He cared about us.
16:42 Some people will say, "I'm not going to do that.
16:44 That's shameful."
16:45 The Lord says, "No, I will do anything
16:47 regardless of the shame
16:48 because their freedom is more important to Me
16:51 than My shame,"
16:52 despising the shame.
16:54 And the Bible says, "And He sat down
16:56 at the right hand of the throne of God."
16:58 He's now sitting in His place of royalty.
17:01 When we stand on the truth of God's Word,
17:03 there is no need to fear.
17:05 When we walk in the light of God's Word,
17:07 there is no need to fear.
17:09 And when we are covered by the righteousness of Jesus,
17:12 there is no need to fear.
17:15 Amen? Amen!
17:16 So there the judgment is coming.
17:18 But the question is,
17:19 is your advocate greater than your adversary?
17:24 Is Jehovah-Nissi greater than your nemesis?
17:28 Is the deliverer in your life greater than your prosecutor?
17:33 The answer to all those questions
17:34 is yes, yes, yes.
17:37 There is nobody greater,
17:39 there is nobody greater than Jehovah-Nissi, Jehovah-Rapha.
17:45 There is nobody greater than Jesus.
17:47 Come on, say amen. Amen.
17:48 Since you can get the Hebrew names,
17:50 there is nobody greater than
17:52 the one who went to the cross and died in our place.
17:54 That's why when I proclaim this message,
17:56 I lay the foundation.
17:58 I weave the power of Jesus all the way through it,
18:01 including His Word,
18:03 and I end on no other foundation
18:05 than the foundation of Jesus Christ.
18:08 But we are called in this hour,
18:10 not only to proclaim a judgment hour message to the world,
18:14 we are called to proclaim a judgment hour message
18:17 to the people of God.
18:19 Notice what the Bible says in Isaiah 58:1,
18:23 "Cry aloud, and spare not, lift up thy voice like a..."
18:26 What?
18:27 "Trumpet, shew my people there..."
18:29 What?"
18:30 Transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins."
18:34 Now, when you think about this, each one of us by faith,
18:37 each one of us is a member of the household of Jacob,
18:40 we are spiritual Israel.
18:44 So before we get to the sins of the household of Jacob,
18:47 let me introduce you to who Jacob is.
18:49 Jacob is the son of Esau, the brother,
18:52 sorry, the son of Isaac, the brother of Esau.
18:55 You know the story
18:57 he stole his brother's birthright,
19:01 and his greed for the seat of power
19:04 caused him to be on the run for his life.
19:08 And when he was on the run for his life,
19:10 the Lord did not allow Jacob to run anywhere
19:15 that the Lord could not reach him.
19:17 And the plan that God had for Jacob's life
19:22 was going to be fulfilled in spite of Jacob's character.
19:26 But God did not leave Jacob to his own demise.
19:31 He went after him,
19:33 and gave him an opportunity to repent,
19:36 and then he changed his name.
19:37 Notice the narrative
19:39 in the Book of Genesis 32:24 to 28,
19:43 "Then Jacob was left alone,
19:44 and a Man wrestled with him until the breaking of day."
19:49 Have you ever been on your knees
19:50 and wrestled with the Lord until the breaking of day?
19:54 Until you've done that,
19:55 you have not experienced what Jacob had experienced.
19:58 "Now when he saw that He did not prevail against him,
20:02 He touched the socket of his hip,
20:05 and the socket of Jacob's hip was out of joint
20:08 as He wrestled with him.
20:10 And He said,
20:12 'Let me go, for the day breaks.'
20:16 But he that is, Jacob said,
20:18 "I will not let you go unless you do..."
20:21 What?
20:23 "Unless you bless me."
20:24 Let me make a point here.
20:26 Some people let the Lord go just before the blessing comes.
20:32 It's on the way, but you can't wait.
20:35 He said, "I'm not going to let you go until."
20:38 You got to have or unless.
20:40 You got to have some untils and some unlesses
20:42 in your prayer life.
20:44 You got to pray and say,
20:46 "I'm not going to stop praying unless."
20:48 And you'll discover God, and His faithfulness,
20:51 and His love for us will take the unless and the until,
20:55 and turn it into a blessing."
20:58 But the Lord continues, so "He said to him,
21:01 'What is your name?'"
21:02 As this the Lord didn't know?
21:05 He said, "Jacob."
21:06 And He said, "Your name shall no longer be called Jacob."
21:10 You see, when God exonerates and forgives,
21:12 He changes our identity,
21:15 so that Jacob the deceiver is no longer known as a deceiver
21:19 but an overcomer.
21:21 "But Israel, your name shall no longer be called Jacob,
21:23 but Israel, for you have struggle
21:26 with God, and with men, and have done..."
21:29 What?
21:31 "And prevailed."
21:32 So the Lord blessed Jacob, and as time went on,
21:36 and Jacob was married.
21:37 He married Rachel.
21:39 Rachel is the daughter of Laban.
21:40 Laban was a man who was Syrian, he sold idols, and gods,
21:45 and as Rachel, you know the story,
21:47 when some of his gods were missing,
21:48 and Rachel had taken it,
21:51 she hid it,
21:53 and she was on the camel
21:55 and refused to get off the camel to confess to her dad
21:58 that she had stolen his own idols.
22:01 And when she married Jacob,
22:02 she brought the idols that were a part of
22:04 her dad's livelihood into their family.
22:09 But God having blessed Jacob,
22:12 preparing to multiply his seed
22:14 and cause them to be a great nation.
22:17 What kind of nation? A great nation.
22:20 He said to Jacob, "I met you in Bethel, I delivered you.
22:24 Now that you have a family,
22:26 I want to bless your family also.
22:28 But I want you to go to Bethel.
22:30 But there's something I need you to do,
22:32 as you go to Bethel
22:33 because I want your family to be in the place spiritually,
22:37 that they are prepared for the blessing."
22:40 I believe that God doesn't bless us
22:42 just because we want to be blessed.
22:44 But God wants us to be in the right place spiritually.
22:48 So that when the blessing comes,
22:50 our hearts and our minds
22:52 will be in harmony with God's will.
22:54 So the Lord gave instructions to Jacob and his household.
22:58 We read this in Genesis Chapter 35.
23:00 And by the way, as we discover the story,
23:02 we'll see what the sin of the house of Jacob was.
23:05 Notice very carefully.
23:08 "Then God said to Jacob," Genesis 35:1-3,
23:11 "Then God said to Jacob,
23:14 'Arise, go up to Bethel, and dwell there,
23:16 and make an altar there to God,
23:18 who appeared to you when you fled
23:21 from the face of Esau your brother.'
23:24 And Jacob said to his household and to all who were with him,
23:27 'Put away the foreign gods that are among you..."
23:30 That's what Rachel brought into the marriage.
23:34 And he said,
23:35 "Purify yourselves, and change your garments.
23:39 Then let us arise and go to Bethel,
23:41 the house of God,
23:44 and I will make an altar there to God,
23:46 who answered me in the day of my distress
23:50 and has been with me in the way which I have gone.'"
23:55 So the question is,
23:57 what did Jacob's household understand him to mean?
24:00 What did Jacob's household
24:01 understand God's instructions to mean?
24:04 Remember, in preparation for this great blessing,
24:07 the Lord said, "There needs to be some changes in your life
24:09 before you go to Bethel."
24:11 So what did the family do?
24:12 Look at Genesis 35:4.
24:14 The Bible says, "So they gave Jacob all the foreign gods
24:18 which were in their hands,
24:20 and all the earrings which were in their ears,
24:23 and Jacob hid them under the terebinth tree,
24:26 which was by..."
24:27 Where?
24:29 "Which was by Shechem."
24:30 In preparation
24:31 for the coming out of this Syrian household,
24:34 Rachel, a lifestyle she was accustomed to being raised,
24:38 but God is calling Jacob now to establish a new standard.
24:42 Follow me very carefully,
24:43 because this is the very same Jacob
24:46 who's going to eventually have 12 sons.
24:49 And by the way,
24:50 if he had only been patient,
24:52 God would have given him sons the way that God intended.
24:55 Amen?
24:57 Got to be patient,
24:58 because God will bring us to the place
25:00 where His plan will be fulfilled.
25:02 So God is establishing in Jacob's life
25:06 and for his people
25:07 that are yet to populate the earth a standard by which
25:11 they will be seen as a people connected to the Almighty God.
25:15 So now,
25:17 if God required Jacob and his family
25:20 to change the way that they presented themselves
25:22 before the Lord in order for them to be blessed.
25:25 Do you think that God will call His people in the last days,
25:29 spiritual Israel to present themselves
25:31 before the Lord the very same way?
25:34 Amen? Amen.
25:36 And so, so these stories are included in the Bible.
25:38 These accounts are included there,
25:40 so that the people of God who are getting ready
25:44 to inherit spiritual New Jerusalem,
25:49 we're getting ready to go in
25:51 and God is calling us out of the practices of the past.
25:55 So allow me to introduce you to
25:57 one of the most ignored commandments of all time,
26:01 the third commandment.
26:02 The Bible says in Exodus 20:3,
26:05 together, "You shall have..."
26:07 What? "No other gods before Me."
26:11 A few nights ago when we talked about the Sabbath commandment,
26:13 the fourth commandment,
26:14 notice the parallels in the scripture.
26:16 And there are some parallels.
26:17 When you study the scriptures, you begin to see them come out.
26:20 They just... The Lord allows them to glow.
26:23 One of those is the Sabbath command
26:25 or the fourth commandment answers the question,
26:28 "Who is your God?"
26:30 Follow me carefully?
26:31 Not what day do you want to worship on?
26:35 You follow?
26:36 If God is your God,
26:37 then the Bible says in Exodus 20:10,
26:41 "The seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord, your God."
26:46 So the Lord has already picked a day
26:47 so when you answer the question,
26:49 "Who is your God?"
26:50 Then the day is already clearly established.
26:53 Am I right?
26:54 But the third commandment answers the question.
26:58 Follow carefully,
26:59 "Who is your God about the Sabbath?"
27:01 The third commandment asks us the question,
27:02 "What is your God?"
27:06 Did you get that?
27:09 Who is your God?
27:11 What is your God?
27:12 And when you follow
27:14 the history of the nation's that surrounded Israel,
27:17 you had the Amalekites, the Hittites, the Jebusites,
27:19 the Hivites, the Perizzites, the Midianites,
27:23 the Ishmaelites.
27:24 The life that the nations that surrounded Israel
27:27 lived was quite different
27:30 than the nations that worship to the true God.
27:33 And by the way,
27:34 as the Sabbath was violated thousands of years ago,
27:39 God is calling us people today to restore the Sabbath.
27:42 Amen? Amen.
27:43 But in the very same way
27:45 as the nations that surrounded the people of God years ago
27:48 did not acknowledged the true God,
27:50 they worshiped the sun, the moon, the stars,
27:52 and that's still happening today.
27:54 My wife and I were in India not too long ago.
27:56 And as I mentioned, a few nights ago,
27:58 we had to take our shoes off
28:00 as we walked into a Buddhist temple.
28:04 And then when I went to church on Sabbath,
28:06 they said to me, "Take off your shoes."
28:08 I said, "Well, do we take our shoes off
28:11 in our church, too?"
28:12 And listen what they said,
28:14 if just in case you were not here.
28:16 They said, "If the Buddhists require you
28:19 to take off your shoes to a false god,
28:23 how much more should we remove our sandals
28:26 in the presence of a true God?"
28:27 Amen everybody?
28:28 Thus the Lord said to Moses,
28:30 "Take your shoes off your feet,
28:31 for the ground upon which you stand is what?
28:33 Holy ground.
28:35 And so in the very same way, when we talked about
28:37 a few nights ago about abundant health.
28:40 Now, I mentioned to you,
28:41 you saw that picture of the little mouse.
28:42 Remember the little mouse, nobody would want.
28:45 Nobody wants a mouse for dinner.
28:49 But in some countries, a mouse is a delicacy.
28:56 God calls us not to a little pork,
28:59 but no pork, right?
29:01 Not a little bit of shrimp, but no shrimp.
29:04 Not a little bit of alcohol, but no alcohol.
29:07 It was not about moderation, it was about abstinence.
29:11 And when you study the history of the nations
29:13 from antiquity to the very day in which we live,
29:16 you'll discover that the practices of adornment
29:18 was very prevalent in Jacob's day
29:21 and it's prevalent in our day.
29:23 I was in Wisconsin at Camp Wokanda
29:25 a number of years ago.
29:27 And I met a young lady
29:29 who came to the camp meeting with her friend,
29:31 was an Adventist young lady, and she said after the sermon.
29:34 She said, "I want to meet you. I want to talk to you."
29:37 And then she said, "Well, maybe she does or maybe she doesn't."
29:40 Well, let me see if she does. Well, I'm not sure.
29:43 And I said,
29:44 "What's the vacillation all about?"
29:46 She said, "Well, you know,
29:47 I don't know if she has on her protection."
29:50 I said, "Protection against me.
29:54 I'm just the preacher."
29:55 She said, "No, no, she's Wiccan.
29:58 And she has to wear her protection
29:59 because she has her allegiance to other gods.
30:03 So these gods that she has with her will protect her
30:06 if there's anything about this camp meeting
30:09 that's not in harmony with her beliefs."
30:10 And I thought that's unusual.
30:12 And then I began to study years ago, and notice these,
30:15 these are the practices of the gods
30:17 of other nations and other people
30:18 that do not honor the true God.
30:21 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
30:22 Here you have
30:24 a rainbow moonstone triple goddess necklace.
30:26 This is what the Wiccan wear today.
30:28 They still wear this today
30:30 because they honor the planets, the stars,
30:33 they honor those things
30:34 that are not connected to the true God.
30:37 You find further,
30:39 this is the angelic chain for healing and protection.
30:42 Once again, a form of Wiccan jewelry,
30:43 and if you go to their website,
30:45 it's hundreds of different styles,
30:48 all fashioned for the worship to the gods that they honor.
30:52 Let's go further.
30:53 This is another Wiccan jewelry,
30:54 the solar cross of essence pendant.
30:56 Notice, it draws energy from the sun, really?
31:01 Which gives you power and drive
31:04 while the runes provide you
31:07 with wisdom, clarity, and focus.
31:09 Can I make a point?
31:11 Only God can provide you
31:12 with wisdom, clarity, and focus.
31:15 If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God.
31:18 But this is what the Lord was preventing
31:21 Jacob and his household,
31:22 the line that he was choosing them not to go down.
31:25 Follow me carefully.
31:26 Let's go on.
31:28 Today, you have body piercing,
31:30 the same practices that were planted in Jacob's day
31:33 and there are plethora of scriptures in the Bible.
31:35 For example, the Midianites,
31:37 when the Midianites were overrun by the Israelites
31:40 the request was
31:41 bring all the plunder of the Midianites.
31:43 And the Bible said,
31:44 "The Midianite men wore earrings
31:46 because they were Midianites,
31:47 but the Israelite men did not."
31:50 What about male body piercing?
31:52 I tried to be conservative
31:55 because I tell you,
31:56 you've seen the extreme cases, haven't you?
31:59 But why is this not in harmony with God's Word?
32:02 Because the body is God's temple.
32:04 Amen somebody? Amen!
32:06 Not just the inside but also the outside.
32:11 Let's go on.
32:13 You find in the Egyptian jewelry,
32:15 Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility,
32:17 and motherhood necklace.
32:18 You wear that, that's what you're supposed to get.
32:20 Fertility and magic.
32:22 And they believe that to this very day,
32:24 this is being sold today.
32:26 Also the Egyptian Eye of Horus necklace,
32:28 Eye of Ra goddess necklace,
32:30 these are purchasable today
32:32 because they don't recognize the true God.
32:35 So whenever the children of Israel
32:36 participated in the practices of the surrounding nations,
32:40 the Lord always said, "Wait a minute, wait a minute,
32:42 your body is My temple."
32:43 What fellowship Paul says
32:45 does the temple of God have with idols?
32:50 Not only Old Testament but the New Testament.
32:51 Let's look at a quotation from this very one of organizations,
32:56 "Protecting and power amulets, symbols
32:58 meaning inherited from pagans.
33:00 Pagans believed in more than one god.
33:03 Paganism exploded monotheism, worshiping of one God.
33:07 Paganism used many symbols, slavic runes
33:10 to reveal their relation to natural and divine powers,
33:14 to the exterior world, to other people, and animals."
33:18 They communicate with animals.
33:22 Symbols were an essential part of pagan culture and rituals.
33:27 Ancient pagans used symbols
33:28 not only in religion and rituals,
33:31 the symbols were widely used in pagan's
33:33 jewelry representing spiritual connection
33:37 of physical body, human soul, and external spirits.
33:43 Continuing,
33:44 pagans worshiped various gods,
33:47 nature power, and wore protection amulets
33:50 to get safeguarded by divine and nature forces."
33:56 When I found this only then that I understand
33:59 what this young lady meant in Wisconsin, when she said,
34:02 "The young lady that wants to meet you is not sure
34:05 because she needs to have her protection."
34:08 When you think about God leading His children
34:10 out of Egypt.
34:13 After Jacob had all of his sons,
34:16 and they went into the land of Egypt
34:18 and were slaves there 400 years,
34:21 if you count when Joseph went there, 430.
34:25 Once again, when we talked about diet,
34:28 the Israelites took on the diet of the Egyptians,
34:30 and God called them and before they got to Sinai
34:33 to receive the commandments.
34:35 One of the first things he did was
34:36 he changed their diet, remember that.
34:39 He gave them... What did He give them to eat?
34:41 Manna.
34:43 And those who adjusted to God's way of eating,
34:47 continued healthfully in the journey.
34:48 But those who didn't, the Bible says,
34:50 they died with the flesh in their teeth.
34:52 God wants us to be healthy. Amen?
34:54 I mean, look at me, I'm 93 years old,
34:55 don't I look good at for my age?
34:58 Honesty, I'm really not,
34:59 but you keep asking how old I am,
35:00 I'm not going to tell you.
35:03 But when the Israelites came out of the Egypt,
35:04 notice what happened,
35:06 as Moses is in the mountain receiving the commandments,
35:08 and he stays there for 40 days, Aaron,
35:12 under the urging of the mixed multitude
35:15 that came out of Egypt with Israel,
35:17 notice what they encouraged him to do,
35:19 and he acquiesced.
35:21 Exodus 32:2 to 4.
35:23 "And Aaron said to them, 'Break off the golden earrings
35:25 which are in the ears of your wives, your sons,
35:28 and your daughters, and bring them to me.'"
35:30 So it's not unusual today for men and boys to wear it
35:32 because it's a common practice.
35:34 It may be new in America by a couple of decades,
35:37 but it's not unusual.
35:39 Verse 3.
35:40 "So all the people broke off the golden earrings
35:42 which were in their ears, and brought them to Aaron."
35:44 And what did he do?
35:46 "And he received the gold from their hand,
35:49 and he fashioned it with an engraving tool,
35:52 and made a..."
35:53 What? "Molded calf.
35:56 And then he said,
35:58 'This is your god, O Israel,
35:59 that brought you out of the land of Egypt.'"
36:04 Now get this,
36:06 they were crying for God to bring them out.
36:10 He brought them out with a mighty hand.
36:14 Amen.
36:16 They are in the wilderness,
36:18 but the challenge was not just
36:22 getting Israel out of Egypt
36:25 but getting Egypt out of Israel.
36:31 Do you see that?
36:32 I know that because when I started coming to church,
36:35 when I was a teenager, my wife can attest to this,
36:38 when I finally gave up my music
36:40 or when I said, "Lord, forgive me.
36:43 Lord, I'm not going to do that anymore in the music world."
36:46 I come to church and somebody say,
36:50 "I have a party tonight,
36:51 would you disc jockey for my party?"
36:53 And I said, "Okay, just one more time."
36:55 No, really. Hear me carefully.
36:57 And it took me a while
36:58 before I broke away from the Egypt,
37:01 I was in Israel
37:02 but in my mind I was still in Egypt,
37:05 until one day my wife and I as we were dating
37:08 almost lost our lives in a car accident
37:10 and that was the dividing line between me
37:12 getting rid of the life I lived
37:15 and beginning the life the Lord wanted me to live.
37:17 And God has a sense of humor because the very first,
37:19 I got rid of all my 400 records,
37:21 all my albums, my pool stick, my boom box,
37:24 all the things of the world.
37:26 And the very first album that I got that was Christian
37:29 was a Heritage Singers album.
37:32 God has a sense of humor, don't He?
37:34 Because I ended up becoming a Heritage Singer.
37:37 So God was given me a glimpse, and get this,
37:40 when you are willing, when you are what?
37:42 When you're willing,
37:43 God gives you a glimpse of what you can have,
37:47 compared to what you think you have.
37:53 When Aaron led the Israelites and the mix multitudes
37:56 into worshiping the wrong God,
37:58 Moses receive instruction from God.
38:01 God said to Moses, "Something's going on."
38:04 And the Lord said to Moses, Exodus 32:7.
38:06 "And the Lord said to Moses, 'Go, get down! For your people
38:09 whom you brought out.'"
38:11 He said, "I don't know who they are."
38:13 Whom you brought out.
38:14 You ever do that when your kids are bad,
38:16 "Go get your son."
38:18 That's the inference here.
38:19 "Whom you brought out of the land of Egypt
38:21 have corrupted themselves."
38:24 And Moses returned to the Lord and said,
38:25 'Oh, these people have committed a great sin,"
38:28 Exodus 32:31,
38:29 "and have made for themselves a god of gold!'"
38:33 Let me tell you, brothers,
38:34 the closer we get to the promised land,
38:36 the more of these practices
38:37 will be repeated in the last days,
38:39 but they should not be named among the people of God.
38:42 Amen?
38:43 So what did the Lord tell Moses to do?
38:46 Exodus 33:5 and 6.
38:48 "For the Lord had said to Moses,
38:50 'Say to the children of Israel, you are a stiff-necked people.
38:54 I could come up into your midst in one moment and consume you.
38:58 Now therefore,' God's instruction,
39:01 'take off your ornaments,
39:02 that I may know what to do to you.'"
39:05 Until they did that they had no identity,
39:07 they lost their identity in the wilderness.
39:11 You couldn't tell the difference between
39:12 an Israelite and a Midianite.
39:15 "I can't do anything until you revert to ways
39:19 to the way of life that is in harmony with My will."
39:23 And so what did they do?
39:24 So the children of Israel did what?
39:27 They did what?
39:28 When you strip something,
39:30 it doesn't mean you took up just a little bit up,
39:32 they strip themselves of their ornaments
39:35 bound by Mount Horeb.
39:37 They took it all off.
39:39 But what spirit did they have?
39:42 Follow me carefully because, you know what?
39:44 I learned this very carefully.
39:46 You can take leaves off a tree
39:51 but if the tree does not change its nature,
39:54 those leaves are going to grow back.
39:56 Are you following me?
39:58 Somebody could say,
39:59 "Take off your earrings, take off your jewels,"
40:01 but, you know what?
40:02 If your heart is not changed, it doesn't make a difference
40:06 because there are some people without it that are corrupt,
40:08 there are some people with it that are not corrupt
40:11 but when you are lining your life up
40:13 with God's standard,
40:16 there's a heart change that God is looking for
40:19 rather than a garment change alone
40:23 because some people don't dress that way,
40:24 but they're corrupt,
40:26 and some people dress that way,
40:27 but they don't even know the difference.
40:29 So what God is in essence saying here,
40:31 "The thing that matters before the change happens
40:34 is the condition of the heart."
40:36 Notice how the scriptures emphasize this.
40:38 Exodus 33:22.
40:40 "They came, both men and women,
40:44 as many as had a..."
40:46 What kind of heart?
40:48 "Willing heart."
40:51 Praise God for willing hearts.
40:53 And what did they do?
40:55 "And brought earrings and nose rings,
40:58 rings and necklaces,
41:01 all jewelry of gold, that is,
41:04 every man who made an offering of gold to the Lord."
41:07 And this happened during the time,
41:09 when they made an appeal
41:11 because they were getting ready to build the temple of God.
41:14 So they made the appeals
41:16 first in the categories of what they needed
41:18 so they started with gold, and then with silver,
41:20 and then with wood, and then with stone.
41:22 And so whoever had these articles,
41:24 all of them that had it that brought it out of Egypt
41:28 came and gave it as the temple preparation,
41:31 the portable tabernacle, that was being built,
41:34 all the articles of furniture.
41:36 When you study the Bible very carefully,
41:37 you discover that when the Israelites left Egypt,
41:41 they were slaves in Egypt.
41:43 The first thing the Lord did was
41:44 He gave them all the wealth of Egypt,
41:48 when they left Egypt, Egypt was broke
41:51 because God said, "Take all the articles of gold,
41:54 all the articles of silver,
41:56 all the change of clothing,
41:59 leave Egypt broke."
42:02 But the Lord never told them to wear it.
42:06 He said, "I need this for the building of my temple."
42:09 But they said,
42:11 "I like that."
42:13 And before along, they began to...
42:16 Remember the song years ago,
42:17 they began to walk like an Egyptian.
42:23 I know, I was there.
42:25 That's why the Bible says these words
42:27 in the writings of the Apostle Paul.
42:30 Romans 12:1 to 2.
42:31 "I beseech you."
42:33 You know what the word beseech means,
42:34 I beg you.
42:36 "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the..."
42:38 What? "Mercies."
42:40 Notice, not by the fear or anger of God
42:43 but, "By the mercies of God, that you..."
42:47 Do what?
42:48 "Present your bodies as a..." What?
42:50 "Living sacrifice..." How?
42:54 "Holy, acceptable to God,
42:57 which is your reasonable service."
42:59 I love the way the NIV says it, it says,
43:02 "Which is your spiritual act of worship?
43:05 And verse 2.
43:07 Very important because the world today will mold you,
43:10 the world today is like a crooked river,
43:12 just get into your raft,
43:13 and it will take you wherever it wants you to go.
43:16 But you got to think differently.
43:17 Notice the Bible says this, verse 2 of Romans 12.
43:20 "And do not be conformed to..." What world?
43:23 "This world, but be transformed by..."
43:26 How? "The renewing..."
43:28 You got to think differently, the renewing of your mind,
43:32 in your entertainment, in your music,
43:35 in the way you choose to dress
43:40 because the world today...
43:43 I said a few nights ago, sometimes...
43:45 And one young man told me,
43:47 I don't want to tell you where it was,
43:48 but one young man told me, I was down in Miami, Florida.
43:51 And he came to me...
43:52 Let me finish this text, and I'll tell you the story.
43:56 "By the renewing of your mind, that you may prove
43:58 what is that good and acceptable
44:01 and perfect will of God."
44:04 Only when your mind is renewed
44:06 and you do not conform to the ways of the world.
44:10 The Lord says, "Ah, now you can show the world
44:12 what is that good and acceptable
44:14 and perfect will of God."
44:16 But my wife and I had been to more than 61 countries,
44:18 and we have seen the church going through a metamorphosis,
44:22 the Adventist church going through a metamorphosis,
44:25 and I thought to myself, "This is very ironic,
44:28 this is really...
44:29 Are you ready?
44:30 Open your ears, here we go.
44:33 When people become Adventists,
44:34 they say, "You know, in my church,
44:35 I never hear about the Fourth Commandment."
44:37 That's those who come out of the First Day Church.
44:39 They say, "I never heard about the Fourth Commandment."
44:41 And I thought we have our own irony
44:44 in the Adventists church
44:45 you don't hear about the Third Commandment.
44:48 "Thou shall have no other gods before Me."
44:51 Isn't it ironic?
44:53 There's nothing wrong with the Ten Commandments of God.
44:56 We leave the third one out,
44:58 First Day pastors leave the fourth one out.
45:00 Ironic?
45:02 No because James knows
45:04 that he that violates it in one point
45:07 is guilty of how much of it?
45:09 All!
45:10 And you've got to remember, guilty of it all,
45:12 and you have to remember, we're living in the last days,
45:14 if the devil wants nothing more,
45:16 he wants to lead us down a path of mediocrity.
45:21 But let's determine not to meander
45:23 in the maze of mediocrity,
45:25 or ponder at the pool of popularity,
45:27 or negotiate at the table of the enemy.
45:29 Come on somebody say amen. Amen.
45:31 You got to be willing.
45:33 The Bible says, Isaiah 1:19 and 20.
45:35 Notice the blessing of willingness.
45:37 "If you are willing and..." What? "Obedient..."
45:40 Things that are often overlooked.
45:42 "You shall eat the good of the land."
45:44 How many of you look forward
45:46 to eating of the good of the land one day?
45:48 I sure do. You'll eat of the good of land.
45:50 "But if you refuse and rebel,
45:51 you shall be devoured by the sword.'
45:53 For the mouth of the Lord has..." What?
45:55 "He has spoken."
45:57 So what the Lord told Moses to tell pharaoh?
46:02 Today,
46:04 pharaoh of Egypt is Satan today.
46:09 The devil doesn't want to let us go,
46:10 you know why?
46:11 Because until he lets us go, we cannot serve God.
46:16 "Tell pharaoh."
46:18 Exodus 8:1.
46:20 "And the Lord spoke to Moses, 'Go to pharaoh and say to him,
46:23 'Thus says the Lord:
46:24 'Let My people go, that they may do...What?
46:28 "That they serve Me.'" Let me make a point.
46:30 Until the world no longer holds us,
46:34 we cannot really effectively serve God.
46:37 When our hearts are divided between,
46:39 "Should I live this way? Should I dress this way?
46:43 Should this be my entertainment?
46:44 Should this be my music? Should I watch that?
46:47 Should I go to these places?"
46:50 And then we live that way during the week,
46:52 and we try to come to church on Sabbath morning
46:53 and find spiritual interest, and what happens?
46:56 Laodicea.
46:58 And we wonder why the church is dying.
47:00 Let me tell you something.
47:01 Don't take your adversary for granted.
47:05 What the Bible says, Joshua 24:15.
47:08 We've got to think logically.
47:10 I chose what I call a smart looking gentleman
47:12 to put in this picture, you know why?
47:14 Because you have to be smart
47:15 to make a decision about eternity.
47:18 Don't leave your decision in somebody else's hand,
47:20 it has to be your decision.
47:21 And I love what Joshua 24:15 says.
47:23 And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord...
47:26 Can you imagine that?
47:28 Evil,
47:30 that's why we should never ask the question,
47:32 "What do I have to give up to join your church?"
47:34 "What do you have to give up, you've got to give up hell."
47:38 Amen.
47:40 You've got to give up the lake of fire.
47:42 The way some people live, they need fire insurance...
47:49 Because they think it's evil to serve God, why?
47:51 Because the heart is messed up, this world has messed us up.
47:56 We live in it, we operate in it,
47:57 we go to the malls,
47:59 we see stuff that messes us up for the next two days,
48:02 just in the mall.
48:05 "And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord,
48:07 choose for yourselves..." When?
48:09 "This day whom you will serve..."
48:11 And look at the comparison.
48:13 "Whether the gods
48:16 which your fathers served
48:17 that were on the other side of the River."
48:20 Brethren, it's too late
48:21 to go back to the other side of the river,
48:22 what do you say?
48:24 We're on this side, we're on the Canaan side.
48:27 "Or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell."
48:31 Together.
48:32 "But as for me and my house, we will..."
48:36 Do what? "Serve the Lord."
48:38 That's got to be your decision. Nobody else's.
48:41 In this closing hour,
48:42 in this judgment hour, we don't...
48:44 You know, I could tell you the dates of
48:46 when the judgment began,
48:47 and how it happened in 1844
48:49 but that's the least of your issue,
48:51 the issue is how do we live in light of the judgment?
48:55 How should we stand before a holy God
48:57 in an unholy and corrupt world?
49:00 We got to examine ourselves and say, "Lord, help me."
49:03 "He that has this hope in himself, purifies himself,
49:07 even as he has is pure."
49:09 That's why Deuteronomy makes this statement.
49:11 Deuteronomy 30:19.
49:13 "I call, I call heaven and earth
49:14 as witnesses today against you,
49:17 that I have set before you..." What?
49:19 "Life and death, blessing and cursing,
49:21 therefore," together, "choose life,
49:25 that both you and your descendants may live."
49:27 I want to live. Anybody else?
49:31 And some people say, "Well, it doesn't matter."
49:32 Let me tell you something.
49:33 When you're on your hospital bed,
49:35 I don't know of anybody that says, "I'd like to die sooner."
49:38 Now think about it.
49:40 It's not even a point of the hilarity,
49:42 nobody wants to die.
49:43 But the way some of us live is like
49:46 we don't think about death
49:47 until it's knocking on our doors.
49:51 Let's think about living for God
49:52 and giving Him the best of our lives,
49:54 not just giving Him what's left.
50:00 That's why no matter where you stand with the Lord,
50:03 if you turn your heart to God,
50:05 He will accept you and love you
50:07 and bring you to the point of redemption,
50:09 and He will change you and cover your sin
50:11 and make you a son and daughter of eternity
50:13 and forgive you and get you ready for golden streets.
50:17 Think about it.
50:18 You want the gold here or here?
50:23 God ain't taking anybody to heaven
50:24 with a chisel and an axe
50:25 to start chopping up heaven to wear it.
50:28 Think about it.
50:29 Walk through the gates of pearl,
50:31 I'd like those.
50:33 No, that's God's asphalt,
50:35 leave it alone.
50:37 That's why the Bible says today
50:38 here is what He's calling us to do
50:39 on these closing hours of the judgment.
50:41 1 John 1:9 together.
50:43 "If we..." What?
50:44 "Confess our sins,
50:45 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to...
50:48 Do what? "Cleanse us from..." How much?
50:51 "All unrighteousness."
50:52 But you got to come to the place
50:54 where you realize that this is not an edict,
50:57 but this is for our best good.
51:02 I don't want to miss out on that party.
51:06 As I said, I don't care where I...
51:07 I don't care if I have a mansion in heaven,
51:09 give me a sleeping bag, I'll be just fine.
51:13 Anybody else? Amen.
51:14 The mission of Jesus hasn't changed.
51:16 Matthew 1:21 hasn't changed.
51:19 "And she will bring forth a Son,
51:20 and you shall call His name Jesus..."
51:23 What will He do for us?
51:25 "For He will save His people
51:30 from their sins."
51:32 Jeremiah says it so beautifully.
51:35 I love the words of Jeremiah 33:16.
51:38 "In those days Judah will be saved,
51:40 and Jerusalem will dwell safely.
51:43 And this is the name by which she will be called..."
51:47 Come on, church, together.
51:49 "The Lord our righteousness."
51:52 Let me make a point very clear.
51:53 You can change the way you dress
51:55 and you're still ain't righteous.
51:59 The Lord doesn't just want to change the way you dress,
52:01 He wants to change your heart.
52:04 When the heart is changed, it will follow.
52:07 If I picked the oranges off of an orange tree
52:10 and it's still an orange tree, they're going to come back.
52:13 What God is asking for you tonight
52:14 is ask yourself the question,
52:16 what side of the resurrection do you want to get up on,
52:21 and is your god is more important than your God?
52:28 "Tell me what to give up, Lord, and I'll give it up
52:31 as long as I'm not left out of that final call for eternity."
52:36 Anybody else?
52:38 That's why this is the most potent passage.
52:41 And I'm going to invite Lyndon to come here in a moment.
52:43 Come on, Lyndon, right now
52:44 and begin to play softly this to me,
52:46 it's the most...
52:47 One of the most potent God loving passages in the Bible.
52:51 You know, I thought about this
52:53 and sometimes God takes us to those places
52:55 that we hit a snag in our walk with God.
52:58 Have you hit a snag?
53:00 Have you ever got to the place where you felt,
53:02 "Man, I've been Adventist all my life,
53:04 it just, kind of, seems like
53:05 the other churches are having so much fun,
53:10 and I don't know if this is really
53:12 what God wants me..."
53:13 And so we start church shopping.
53:16 And then the Lord brings a storm in our lives
53:18 to blow us back to sensibility.
53:23 He brings a storm to help us get shaken up
53:26 like He allow the boat to rock
53:28 and for the disciples trying to save themselves,
53:32 He brought a storm to get Peter's attention,
53:35 so that Peter can stop focusing on his fishing abilities
53:38 and simply say, "Lord, save me.
53:41 I cannot do it myself."
53:42 And when the other disciples decided to walk away from God
53:44 because they thought the price was too great.
53:48 The Lord said to Peter, "Are you going to leave too?"
53:50 And I love what he said, "To whom shall I go?
53:54 You have the words of life where we going."
53:59 The world is saying, "Go here and go there."
54:01 The Lord is saying, "No, that's going up in flames,
54:03 that's going up in flames, that's going up in flames,
54:06 let me take you to a fireproof kingdom
54:08 called the New Jerusalem."
54:10 That's why no matter where you are tonight,
54:12 listen to the words of the writer of Hebrews.
54:14 Hebrews 7:25, no matter how far you down,
54:17 no matter how far down you've been,
54:19 the Lord as we said in New York,
54:20 the Lord can save you
54:22 from the gutter most of the uttermost.
54:25 It's not about how bad you are,
54:28 this is about how good He is.
54:30 The God is calling His church to come back up
54:33 and be the Israel of the last days,
54:35 to be a people reflecting the glory of God
54:37 letting your light shine,
54:40 and letting the glory that's being seen in you, and on you,
54:43 be the character of Christ.
54:45 Let's read this final passage together.
54:48 What a passage?
54:49 "Therefore, He is also able to..."
54:50 Do what?
54:52 "Save to the uttermost."
54:55 Doesn't matter what you've done,
54:57 it doesn't matter where you've been,
55:01 it doesn't matter how dark your walk has been,
55:04 He's able to save to the uttermost.
55:07 "Those who come to God through Him,
55:10 since He always live."
55:12 I like the king ever liveth,
55:14 "to make intercession for them."
55:16 Tonight,
55:19 who can take a profane man and make him a prophet?
55:21 Ask Isaiah.
55:23 Who can take a harlot and make her an evangelist?
55:26 Ask Rahab.
55:27 Who can take an adulterer
55:28 and make him the son and the lineage of God?
55:31 Ask David.
55:33 Who can take a prosecutor and make him a sole winner?
55:35 Ask Paul.
55:37 Tonight,
55:39 as Lyndon sings the song,
55:41 if you want to say tonight, "Lord Jesus..."
55:44 If you're watching, "Lord Jesus,
55:46 I want You to come into my life,
55:48 and I want You to do one thing,
55:50 get me ready for eternity."
55:54 Tonight as he plays the song,
55:56 as he plays the song, and as he's singing,
55:57 if the Lord is speaking to your heart tonight,
55:59 just come on down here and let's pray.
56:02 I don't want us to leave Phoenix
56:03 and never see you again,
56:05 I want to leave Phoenix and see you in the kingdom,
56:07 is that all right?
56:09 Tonight as he plays the song, The Savior is Waiting.
56:11 The Savior is waiting
56:17 To enter your heart
56:20 Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord.
56:22 Come on, down.
56:23 Why don't you let Him come in?
56:29 God bless you, God bless you.
56:32 Anybody else tonight?
56:33 There's nothing...
56:35 You just want to be in the kingdom.
56:36 In this world... Whatever God says lay down...
56:38 To keep you apart
56:40 Tonight, you're willing to do that.
56:42 Praise God wherever you are. Come on, down.
56:44 What is your
56:47 Answer to Him?
56:53 It's your chance tonight.
56:55 Time after time
57:00 He has waited before
57:04 Tonight...
57:06 And now
57:08 He is waiting again
57:14 Yes, Lord is waiting tonight.
57:16 To see...
57:18 Come down, come down, come down.
57:19 If you're willing
57:22 To open the door
57:26 That's right, friends.
57:28 Oh, how He wants to...
57:31 God bless you until we see you again.
57:34 That's right.
57:35 Come in


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