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00:49 Welcome to Pathway to Life.
00:52 I hope you've been blessed by these meetings,
00:54 I know I have been.
00:56 We are in for a wonderful experience
00:59 worshiping our Heavenly Father.
01:02 We have our very last meeting.
01:06 I am excited that you are here
01:08 and I know that you will be blessed.
01:11 For meeting number 15, welcome,
01:14 welcome to all the groups that are watching on YouTube
01:17 or on 3ABN or GOOD NEWS TV.
01:22 Welcome to the Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:26 My name is Jim Hakes, my wife Ginnie,
01:28 we have the privilege of pastoring this church
01:31 and of welcoming you for number 15
01:34 in a series of 15 meetings
01:36 that have been happening here in this church,
01:39 Pathways to Life.
01:40 Pastor Lomacang has been such a blessing to us
01:44 and his different friends and folks
01:46 that have come to do music have been a blessing to us.
01:49 And I want to say also thank you
01:51 to the whole staff and crew
01:53 that have been here and made this possible,
01:55 but we're glad that each of you are here today.
01:58 Today the special musical guest is Mr. Lyndon Carriger
02:03 and his musical presentation is titled,
02:06 "I Can Only Imagine."
02:08 Followed by Pastor Lomacang's sermon,
02:11 "The Glorious Return."
02:14 And it seems that we should do as is our custom
02:18 of opening up with a word of prayer.
02:19 Shall we?
02:21 Gracious Heavenly Father,
02:22 thank You for the way You have blessed
02:24 this series of meetings
02:26 through each of the past 14 events,
02:29 and it is our prayer that You bless one more time
02:33 now in this meeting,
02:35 and we thank You for we ask it in Jesus' name.
02:39 Amen.
02:55 I can only imagine
02:59 What it would be like
03:03 When I walk by your side
03:09 I can only imagine
03:13 What my eyes will see
03:16 When your face is before me
03:23 I can only imagine
03:29 I can only imagine
03:37 Surrounded by your glory what will my heart feel?
03:44 Will I dance for you, Jesus?
03:48 Or in awe of you be still?
03:51 Will I stand in your presence?
03:55 Or to my knees will I fall?
03:58 Will I sing hallelujah?
04:02 Will I be able to speak at all?
04:05 I can only imagine
04:12 I can only imagine
04:18 I can only imagine
04:22 When that day comes
04:26 When I find myself
04:29 Standing in the sun
04:33 I can only imagine
04:36 When all I will do is forever
04:42 Forever worship You
04:45 I can only imagine
04:53 Yeah
05:00 Surrounded by your glory What will my heart feel?
05:06 Will I dance for you, Jesus?
05:10 Or in awe of you be still? Will I stand in your presence?
05:17 Or to my knees will I fall? Will I sing hallelujah?
05:24 Will I be able to speak at all?
05:27 I can only imagine
05:31 Yes, I can only imagine
05:41 Surrounded by your glory
05:44 What will my heart feel?
05:48 Will I dance for you, Jesus?
05:51 Or in awe of you be still?
05:54 Will I stand in your presence? Or to my knees will I fall?
06:01 Will I sing hallelujah? Will I be able to speak at all?
06:08 I can only imagine
06:15 I can only imagine
06:21 I can only imagine
06:28 I can only imagine
06:42 I can only imagine
07:04 Was that anointed or not?
07:07 Thank you so much, Lyndon.
07:09 You know, the good news about that song
07:10 is soon and very soon, we won't have to imagine.
07:14 Amen, church? Amen.
07:17 What an anointed song. And he made it his own.
07:20 This morning, we're going to go to the Lord
07:23 and ask Him to pour into us
07:26 what we cannot get from anywhere else.
07:28 Let us bow our heads
07:30 this morning in the presence of our God.
07:34 Loving Father in heaven,
07:37 Lord, I feel the need to kneel before you
07:39 this morning.
07:41 Lord, this morning,
07:42 as we come into Your holy presence,
07:45 into the presence
07:47 of the chamber of perfect harmony,
07:51 perfect righteousness,
07:54 Lord, send Your Holy Spirit this day
07:56 to pour into us
07:58 that as a song was communicated
08:01 that one day none of us would have to imagine anymore,
08:05 we will be in the presence of our Lord and Savior.
08:08 Send Your Holy Spirit now to do a work in our hearts
08:12 as we stand on the very cusped of eternity.
08:16 In Jesus' name I pray.
08:18 Amen.
08:23 "The Glorious Return."
08:26 Let us begin this morning
08:27 by diving into
08:31 what I might refer to as the headline scripture,
08:35 prognosticating the coming of our Lord.
08:38 Matthew writes in Matthew 24:32-33.
08:43 "Now learn this parable from the fig tree.
08:48 When its branch has already become tender
08:51 and puts forth leaves,
08:54 you know that the summer is near.
08:58 So you also, when you see..."
09:01 How much? "All..."
09:03 How much?
09:04 "All these things,
09:06 know that it is near, at the doors!"
09:10 I want to begin this morning by saying,
09:12 I am so glad
09:14 the coming of the Lord is at the doors.
09:15 Amen.
09:17 We have been prognosticating and prophesying for years,
09:21 and to put the prophetic timeline together,
09:24 this is the last church out of the seven.
09:27 Amen, somebody. Amen.
09:29 There is no more after Laodicea except the church triumphant.
09:34 There are no more kingdoms,
09:36 there are only four kingdoms in antiquity,
09:38 and the United States
09:39 is inserted in the final scenario,
09:43 but the only kingdom to come after this
09:45 is the kingdom that shall have no end.
09:47 What do you say to that?
09:49 And Jesus will be King of kings and Lord of lords
09:52 in that kingdom.
09:54 No more frailty,
09:55 no more looking to the White House,
09:57 always looking to the right house.
10:00 But Jesus reigns and abides forever.
10:03 But today, we're standing in a world
10:05 where everything in our world is an agitation.
10:08 And I take you back to a commentary
10:11 written more than 100 years ago,
10:14 and when you read it
10:15 and listen to the words this morning,
10:17 it is as though God forecasted in our day and time
10:21 the kind of world that we would exist in.
10:24 Listen carefully to these inspired words.
10:27 The book Prophets and Kings, page 537,
10:30 "The present is a time of overwhelming interest
10:34 to all living.
10:36 Rulers and statesmen,
10:38 men who occupy positions of trust and authority,
10:42 thinking men and women of all classes,
10:47 have their attention fixed
10:48 upon the events taking place about us."
10:51 If you listen to the news, no matter what the network,
10:55 everybody is concerned
10:57 about the direction of our crumbling world.
11:00 "They are watching the relations
11:04 that exist among the nations.
11:07 They observe the intensity
11:08 that is taking possession of every earthly element."
11:12 They're noticing that nature is changing its course
11:16 almost as a forecast of the approaching end.
11:21 Continuing,
11:22 "And they recognize
11:24 that something great and decisive
11:27 is about to take place,
11:29 that the world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis."
11:33 We are living in the hour
11:36 where a stupendous crisis
11:39 is about to grip planet earth with such intensity
11:43 that even in description,
11:45 the human heart cannot pin those words.
11:49 That's why when we come night to night,
11:51 the Lord has said to me, "John, preach with urgency."
11:55 As Noah stood on the cusped of that boarded ark,
11:58 something that seemed so antiquated in a day and age
12:02 where technology in the minds of superhuman men
12:05 may have been so much more advanced than ours,
12:07 he stood on the promises of God and hammered and sawed
12:10 and build an ark on the promises of God,
12:14 and the intellect of man denied the very approaching judgment
12:17 that God had forecast.
12:19 But Noah preached with urgency
12:20 until one day his faith became sight
12:23 under clouds of God's judgment arrived on the scene
12:26 where impugned hearts
12:28 rejected the very cries of an Almighty God.
12:32 And then Moses closed God...
12:33 God's Angel closed the door, the mighty thud of judgment
12:37 echoed through the valley of corrupt hearts
12:40 until they realized that
12:42 what God had forecasted had finally come to pass.
12:45 Brothers and sisters, let me tell you today,
12:47 we may have been waiting for a long time
12:50 but soon, the wait will be over,
12:53 soon the promises of Jesus will become sight.
12:56 All that we have struggled for and prayed for and held on,
12:59 one day the clouds will unfold
13:01 and forecast onto final headlines to earth,
13:04 "I'm here.
13:06 Hold on, be not weary."
13:09 We live in an age,
13:10 a generation that will be judged
13:12 not for the decline of its real estate
13:14 but for the decline of its moral state.
13:17 We are living at a time where the agenda of the world
13:20 has become the corruption of its inhabitants
13:22 and people are being corrupted by the moment.
13:26 We have arrived at an hour
13:27 where the only thing of lesser value
13:29 than the dollar
13:31 is the human life.
13:32 And it is in this age that Jesus is saying,
13:35 "Surely I come quickly."
13:40 Today, we're going to go through five signs
13:43 as to why I believe the coming of Jesus is near.
13:46 Sign number one, the rejection of evidence.
13:51 The rejection of evidence.
13:53 Earth itself, from the north to the south,
13:56 from the east to the west,
13:58 portentous science of restless relations
14:01 among nations,
14:02 salvation, violence
14:04 unimagined in times past is being portrayed
14:08 and perpetrated on the stage of humanity
14:10 almost at a decadent level what people are paying
14:14 to see the degradation of humanity.
14:17 The rejection of evidence,
14:18 and the Lord said that this would happen.
14:21 I like the words of Helen Keller.
14:22 Helen Keller said,
14:24 "The only thing worse than being blind
14:27 is having sight but no vision."
14:30 And our world today has lost its vision,
14:32 but God is still saying, "Keep building those mansions,
14:37 keep getting those robes of eternity together,
14:40 keep putting names,
14:42 keep putting names in the kingdom,
14:46 in the book of the kingdom.
14:48 Keep fixing the world,
14:50 letting them know
14:52 that what I've told them is soon to come to pass."
14:56 Now we know when we look at the trees budding around us,
15:00 we can tell when the summer is coming.
15:02 When we look at the signs in our world budding around us,
15:06 it doesn't take a person that even knows the Bible
15:10 to know that something strange is going on.
15:13 When fish are washing up on the shore
15:15 for no apparent archaeological...
15:18 No apparent agricultural reason,
15:21 when birds are falling out of the sky,
15:25 when nature seems to be off course
15:28 and the ice cap is melting,
15:29 whether you're a Democrat or a Republican,
15:31 you cannot deny the evidence.
15:36 And when violence
15:37 is being perpetuated in our schools
15:39 at a level
15:40 where the recalcitrant heart of humanity
15:43 refuses to stand up and reverse this course,
15:46 we know that something is violently wrong,
15:49 the rejection of evidence.
15:51 And Peter said it would be that way.
15:53 Notice what he says.
15:55 2 Peter 3:3, 4.
15:57 "Knowing this first,
15:59 that scoffers will come in the last days..."
16:02 A scoffer is a person that looks at the evidence
16:05 and dismisses it with impunity.
16:08 "Walking according to their own lusts,
16:11 and saying,
16:13 'Where is the promise of His coming?
16:15 For since the fathers fell asleep,
16:18 all things continue as they were
16:20 from the beginning of creation.'"
16:22 Let me tell you something,
16:24 things have not continued the same way they were
16:26 even 20 years ago.
16:28 Can I get an amen? Amen.
16:29 You've got to be asleep to not see the decline,
16:33 the rapid decline of our society.
16:36 You've got to be inoculated
16:39 by a drug far greater than any sleep agent
16:41 to not realize that our world is in serious trouble.
16:48 But our planet plays political maneuvering,
16:52 they are willingly forgetting...
16:53 As the next verse says, "They willingly forget."
16:57 And archaeologists through their research
17:00 have come to conclude that yes, there was a flood,
17:02 they call it the deluge.
17:05 How else can you explain fossils
17:07 on the top of Mount Everest,
17:09 sea fossils on the top of Mount Everest?
17:12 How else can you explain the contortion of the earth
17:14 in unexplainable ways?
17:16 You go to the Caribbean,
17:17 on islands that are almost perfectly flat,
17:19 and you see boulders too large to be put there by humanity.
17:23 The evidence is overwhelming that there was a deluge.
17:27 But they look at the evidence,
17:28 and the Bible says they willingly forget.
17:30 You know why?
17:31 Because the hearts of men are evil.
17:33 And they want to go on endlessly in this pursuit
17:37 from darkness to great darkness.
17:39 But the Lord has said to His people remain alert,
17:42 for Hebrews writes these words.
17:44 Hebrews 10:37.
17:46 "For yet a little while, and he that shall come..."
17:49 Say it with me.
17:51 "Will come, and will not tarry."
17:55 I can almost hear some times
17:56 the flapping of the angels' wings
17:59 as they go to and fro from earth to heaven returning,
18:02 saying that their work is done.
18:04 I can almost sense the presence of angels
18:06 as they go throughout the congregation's meeting
18:09 all over the world,
18:10 putting the seal of God's approval
18:12 on the hearts of men and women
18:13 getting ready for the coming of Christ.
18:16 "He that shall come will come and will not tarry."
18:19 The faithful that have been proclaiming this for decades
18:22 have fallen asleep,
18:23 but he that shall come will come and will not tarry.
18:27 H.M.S. Richards
18:29 who proclaimed this for decades,
18:30 saying Jesus is coming again.
18:32 When he died, his son said Jesus is coming again.
18:35 And somebody
18:36 standing by the bedside of H.M.S. Richards Junior said,
18:39 "What do you say now?
18:41 Is He coming again?" He said, "He's on His way.
18:44 He's on His way." Come on. Somebody say amen.
18:47 He's on His way.
18:49 "Be not weary in doing well, for in due time,
18:53 you will reap if you do not faint."
18:55 Jeremiah the prophet says,
18:57 "They have also healed the hurt of My people slightly.
19:00 Saying, 'Peace, peace!'
19:03 When there is no peace."
19:05 On the heels of September 11, 2001,
19:09 when the then-President Bush says,
19:11 "Let's return to life as normal."
19:14 But at the very same time in the White House,
19:16 all of the legislators are walking around
19:17 with gas masks.
19:19 And they're telling us,
19:20 "Let's return to life as normal.
19:22 Do not be afraid."
19:24 My sister who works for the fire department,
19:26 now for the police department also,
19:27 she says we cannot live our lives
19:30 in the sense of lack of expectation
19:33 or lack of urgency because the world,
19:35 what they're not telling us,
19:36 is far greater than what we can ever imagine.
19:39 And even when the media discloses to us
19:42 the conditions of society,
19:44 it is far worse
19:47 because they don't want to create
19:49 in the minds of humanity,
19:50 what they might call, an expectant crisis.
19:53 They don't want people to be afraid of the future.
19:55 They just want us to be pursuit of life, liberty,
19:59 and the pursuit of happiness.
20:02 They want us to go to hell happy.
20:09 As long as the bottom line
20:11 fills the pockets and hearts of the greedy,
20:13 greedy for money...
20:15 But once again, the Lord speaks to His servant
20:17 in the book Evangelism.
20:19 Oh, this is a quotation
20:21 that brings us to a point of soberness.
20:24 "Angels are now restraining the winds of strife..."
20:28 Point out for a moment,
20:30 why do you think that nuclear war
20:31 has not yet broken out between America and Korea?
20:34 It's not because Kim Jong-un one day gets a good heart.
20:37 Angels are restraining the winds of strife.
20:40 Why?
20:41 So that the gospel can be preaching,
20:43 somebody else will find Jesus before it is ever too late.
20:48 Well, I don't want to be a man filled...
20:50 I'm filled with joy because this morning,
20:52 I don't want to point it out,
20:55 but a young lady walked through the doors
20:56 of this church this morning
20:58 saying that the Lord's urgency was upon my heart.
21:02 And she began searching the Internet,
21:03 looking for truth,
21:05 found the Sabbath.
21:07 Then she found the Sabbath,
21:08 the link to the Seventh-day Adventist Church
21:09 in God's Word and she said,
21:11 "Well, maybe this church
21:12 is in the Middle East somewhere."
21:14 Only to find out
21:15 that Paradise Valley was right here,
21:17 and she walked through the doors of this church,
21:19 escorted by Dr. Lila.
21:21 And we sat in the hallway with our friend and we prayed.
21:24 God is still working,
21:26 there's one more soul yet to be added to the kingdom.
21:28 What do you say?
21:29 The reason he's restraining the winds
21:33 is the world must be warned.
21:35 "Until the world shall be warned
21:37 of it's coming doom.
21:38 But a storm is gathering, ready to burst upon the earth,
21:43 and when God shall bid His angels loose the winds,
21:48 there will be such a scene of strife
21:51 as no pen can picture."
21:54 Lord, have mercy.
21:58 And it is in this day and age
21:59 that people are hearing the voice of God
22:01 and they think that some degree to some degree,
22:03 they have more time.
22:05 Brethren, the only time you have
22:06 is the next breath.
22:08 I got a call from my sister-in-law
22:10 this morning,
22:12 woke us up little after six o'clock this morning.
22:14 And I can tell by the tone of my wife's voice
22:17 something had happened.
22:18 She said, "Oh, Lord.
22:20 What happened? What happened?"
22:22 Only to find out this young boy
22:24 that my sister-in-law's raising,
22:27 she adopted two children,
22:28 came to find out
22:30 that the brother of these two children
22:31 was run over,
22:34 hit by a car, 19 years old.
22:37 He was missing for a week,
22:40 and they found him on the side of the road,
22:46 rigor mortis, after a week.
22:50 What happened to this young man?
22:52 He thought he had another day,
22:53 but he did not know that that was his last day.
22:57 You see, brethren,
22:58 it doesn't matter what your age is,
22:59 the only thing we have is the next breath.
23:03 Yesterday is a canceled check, tomorrow is a promissory note,
23:06 all the time we have is right now.
23:10 And when you look at the calamities by sea,
23:12 the unsettled state of society,
23:15 the alarms of war are pretentious,
23:17 they are all around us.
23:18 Only God's grace is holding the world together.
23:22 Why?
23:23 Because He knows that there is yet someone
23:26 who will be freed
23:27 from the grasp of the enemy of souls.
23:31 You see, the devil wants us to be lost,
23:33 but Jesus is not willing that any should perish.
23:35 Come on. Somebody say amen.
23:37 He says, "I'm not willing to give you up."
23:38 But look at the world.
23:40 It's getting just like it was in the days of Noah.
23:42 What kind of world was it?
23:43 Genesis 6:11.
23:45 The Bible says, "The earth also was corrupt before God..."
23:48 Is our world corrupt? Yes.
23:50 "And the earth was filled with violence."
23:52 Violence today is being sold in video games.
23:57 Violence today is corrupting the minds of our young,
24:00 they can't tell the difference between fake and real.
24:04 As one young man said,
24:05 "I took somebody's life
24:07 just to know what it felt like."
24:09 But unfortunately, that person was not coming back
24:11 in the next show.
24:13 It was a real death.
24:15 Our world is violent and corrupt.
24:17 And the Bible continues in Genesis 6:5.
24:21 "Then the Lord saw
24:22 that the wickedness of man was" what?
24:25 "Great in the earth,
24:27 and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart
24:31 were only" what?
24:32 "Evil continually."
24:35 That's our world.
24:38 But Genesis now joins the Protégé Timothy
24:42 in 2 Timothy 3:1-5.
24:45 "This know also, that in the" what days?
24:48 "Last days perilous times shall come.
24:52 For men shall be lovers
24:54 of their own selves, covetous"
24:59 what would somebody else have?
25:01 "Boasters, proud, blasphemers,
25:05 disobedient to parents."
25:08 Each one of these descriptions can be a sermon all by itself.
25:12 "Unthankful, unholy, without natural affection."
25:16 This does not just mean the departure from sexuality,
25:19 this means that people can look in your eyes
25:23 and take your life without natural affection.
25:25 No feelings at all for a person's life.
25:29 I heard a story this week on the news.
25:32 Well, a young lady had gone together with...
25:34 She was with her boyfriend,
25:36 she left him and went with another guy.
25:37 And the first guy was so upset, he said,
25:40 "I want to meet the guy that you're dating now."
25:43 And he met him and he looked him in the face
25:44 and shot him seven times in his head
25:48 without natural affection.
25:50 People can take your life without even blinking an eye.
25:54 "Trucebreakers..."
25:55 Cannot keep a promise, "False accusers..."
25:58 Lying on people, "Incontinent, fierce,
26:01 despisers of those that are good..."
26:03 When you get to the place
26:05 where people hate you just because you're good,
26:07 something's wrong.
26:09 "Traitors, heady, highminded,
26:12 lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God,
26:15 having a form of godliness,
26:18 but denying the power thereof,
26:20 from such" what are we told to do?
26:23 "Turn away."
26:25 We live in a religious world today
26:27 that just wants a form of godliness.
26:30 But that's not what God has called us to.
26:31 God has called us to tell the truth.
26:33 Amen, somebody.
26:34 To tell the truth. The truth as...
26:36 One young man in the Chronicles...
26:38 I forgot his name.
26:39 The truth is the truth whether you like it or not.
26:45 But those who reject the truth are left to wander in darkness
26:49 because they've chosen darkness above light.
26:51 From night to night,
26:52 we've told you the truth about the Sabbath,
26:54 the truth about what happens when you die,
26:56 the truth about the way
26:57 that you should handle your body temple,
27:00 abstain from alcohol and cigarettes,
27:02 dress as a person looking forward to eternity,
27:05 don't allow the world to mold our minds.
27:08 We're getting ready for an eternal kingdom.
27:12 And if ever there was a time
27:13 that we should prepare for that kingdom
27:14 by the way we live, it is now.
27:16 What do you say?
27:17 It is now.
27:19 For the Bible tells us, sign number two,
27:20 increasing immorality.
27:22 The second reason I believe that Jesus is coming soon,
27:25 increasing immorality.
27:28 There is no city in the world
27:30 that is safe from increasing immorality.
27:33 The largest of cities, the smallest of towns,
27:36 there's always a stain of immorality.
27:38 The Bible tells us about this in Luke 17:28, 29.
27:44 "Likewise as it was in the days of Lot..."
27:48 What a corrupt city it was.
27:51 "They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold,
27:55 they planted, they built."
27:57 Sounds like Phoenix, doesn't it?
27:59 "But on the day that Lot went out of Sodom,
28:03 it rained fire and brimstone from heaven
28:06 and destroyed them all."
28:08 Today, people just want to go about life as normal,
28:11 commerce as normal, fun, the movie theaters are packed,
28:15 the gambling hells are packed, people just want to have fun.
28:22 And when that fun is not in harmony
28:23 with God's will,
28:25 it is preparing you for destruction.
28:26 They were completely ignorant,
28:29 willingly ignorant of the approaching judgment
28:31 on the city of Sodom and Gomorrah.
28:33 And even Lot when he called on his wife to leave,
28:35 she ended up turning to a pillar of salt,
28:37 refusing to follow God because her heart was in Sodom.
28:40 Let me tell you something, when God calls you out,
28:43 don't look back.
28:47 As the French racing driver said, as he was racing,
28:50 he ripped off his rearview mirror
28:52 and he said, "What's behind me is not my concern."
28:55 Don't look back. Amen?
28:58 God's calling us forward.
28:59 That's what the Bible continues.
29:01 "Even so will it be in the day
29:03 when the Son of Man is revealed."
29:05 The same kind of world.
29:06 In Noah's day,
29:08 immorality was celebrated with intensity.
29:10 In Noah's day, the voice of God was ignored with impunity.
29:13 In Noah's day,
29:14 pleasure consumed the minds of society.
29:17 In Noah's day, salvation was ignored,
29:19 sin was preferred.
29:20 In Noah's day, men's minds became continuously evil.
29:26 That's why I got to pause and say something here.
29:31 We've got to be careful that we not allow our minds
29:35 to be molded by the world around us.
29:39 Have you noticed that for media purposes?
29:42 If you could get a large television
29:44 to use it for the right reason, to God be the glory.
29:48 But the reason why the televisions are getting
29:50 larger and larger
29:51 is because the devil wants your mind
29:53 to be enraptured.
29:54 Some people sit down and just watch any
29:57 and everything that comes across the screen.
30:00 For those getting ready for the kingdom of God,
30:02 we've got to filter our minds from the filth of the world.
30:05 Come on, say amen.
30:06 We cannot allow the things of the world
30:08 to mold us.
30:09 Even some of the commercials will take you places
30:14 that the Lord knows your mind should not be.
30:19 What a society.
30:21 The Bible said that's the kind of world
30:23 it would be, immorality.
30:25 You know, when you think about the rejection,
30:28 notice what the Bible continues to say.
30:30 Look at Romans.
30:31 This is the kind of world just like the days of Noah.
30:34 Romans 1:26, 27.
30:36 "For this reason..."
30:38 That is when they close their eyes to the truth.
30:40 "For this reason
30:42 God gave them up to vile passions.
30:45 For even their women exchanged the natural use
30:50 for what is against nature.
30:51 Likewise also the men,
30:53 leaving the natural use of the woman,
30:56 burned in their lust for one another,
30:59 men with men committing what is shameful,
31:02 and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error
31:06 which was due."
31:07 Men with men.
31:08 Just last night, my wife showed me,
31:11 this popped up on her Facebook page,
31:13 Disney has finally gone gay.
31:17 They have started their first gay series for children.
31:21 A picture of two men kissing, cartoon,
31:24 but they want to corrupt the minds of the young.
31:26 Let me tell you something.
31:28 Disney is dizzy.
31:32 When you put your children
31:34 in front of these television shows
31:35 like Nickelodeon and Disney
31:37 and you are not aware of what they're watching,
31:39 their minds are being molded from young
31:42 because the devil knows
31:43 if he could corrupt the minds of the young,
31:45 train up a child in the way they should go,
31:48 if the world trains up your child,
31:50 when they get old,
31:52 they'll think the way of the world.
31:54 You've got to be careful what you allow in your home.
31:57 You got to be careful what your child watches.
31:59 That's why today, we live in a society
32:01 that dares us to speak against its immorality.
32:04 But let me make a statement.
32:06 If speaking against immorality brings persecution,
32:10 I'd rather be persecuted by man than prosecuted by God.
32:15 If speaking against the darkness of this world
32:17 brings persecution,
32:19 I'd rather be persecuted by man than prosecuted by God.
32:23 My call is not to make men comfortable,
32:26 my call is a call of evacuation.
32:29 Let's get on board. It's time to get out of here.
32:33 And the ark is going to pull up soon and very soon.
32:36 The Lord is going to part the heavens
32:40 and call His children to their eternal reward.
32:43 Sign number three, destruction of society.
32:48 Why is society being destroyed?
32:51 The Bible tells us in John 3:19.
32:54 "And this is the condemnation,
32:57 that the light has come into the world,
32:59 and men loved darkness rather than light..."
33:05 What's the reason?
33:06 "Because their deeds are evil."
33:10 The world...
33:11 And I don't like to say it, but I'm going to say it today.
33:15 The world and many churches
33:18 that claim to be connected to God
33:20 have turned off the light of God's Word.
33:24 We live in a society where people rather speak about
33:26 prosperity than righteousness.
33:29 Where people will rather talk about
33:30 your ship is coming in
33:32 rather than Jesus is coming again.
33:35 And because men are applauding these things,
33:38 the Bible says beware when men speak well of you.
33:42 And so many other leaders nowadays,
33:43 so many pastors in the world today
33:45 are receiving the applaud, living the life of lavishness.
33:48 Nothing wrong with that,
33:50 but if your lavish life
33:54 has met its existence
33:58 by rejecting the light of God's Word,
34:00 one day you'll stand in judgment
34:02 before the Creator.
34:04 We cannot be a people
34:05 that reject the light of God's Word.
34:08 Notice what the Bible says.
34:09 The Bible says in Isaiah 60:2,
34:11 "For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
34:14 and gross darkness the people."
34:16 but I like the second part.
34:18 "But the Lord shall arise upon thee,
34:20 and His glory shall be seen upon thee."
34:23 I believe in these last days,
34:25 there's still somebody who says,
34:27 "My life is going to shine for the glory of God."
34:29 Amen?
34:31 That's the day and age.
34:32 God is calling us to be lights amid darkness,
34:35 to be people of firm character
34:37 amid a shaky and deviating and vacillating society.
34:41 God is calling us to stand firm
34:43 when people are saying
34:45 bend to the left and to the right,
34:46 and when they say it doesn't matter,
34:48 God says it does matter.
34:49 When you put a question mark where God puts a period,
34:52 something's wrong.
34:56 But God is saying,
34:57 "Oh, My church will not go the direction of the world
35:00 because I've got 7,000
35:01 that have not bowed their knees to bail."
35:04 So don't think you're the only one,
35:06 God's got reserves and He's not done yet
35:08 because even in this late hour of earth's history,
35:11 there are people coming in.
35:12 There are people coming in, and God is looking,
35:15 He's out on the highways and hedges,
35:16 He's in the mountains and in the deserts.
35:18 And those who are listening for the voice of God
35:20 will hear it.
35:22 To God be the glory.
35:25 That's why today,
35:27 we've got to control our devices
35:29 and not allow our devices to control us.
35:32 Smartphones are turning us into dumb Christians.
35:38 Some people can't come to church
35:39 without bringing their phones
35:41 and spending all the time during the sermon.
35:42 We've got to be smarter than our devices.
35:44 Come on, say amen somebody.
35:47 You got to choose.
35:48 And now if you look at the world today,
35:49 you got the Slingbox, you got these companies,
35:52 these cable companies,
35:54 they're setting up their electronics
35:55 in such a way that no matter where you are,
35:57 you can watch television.
35:58 They say you can watch television
36:00 anywhere and everywhere.
36:01 They want you to watch television on the bus.
36:04 And the world is so inoculated,
36:05 just take the time and walk the streets
36:07 or drive by and look at the corners.
36:09 We were in a country overseas
36:11 and we saw a sign on the billboard
36:12 that said 70% of all the traffic deaths
36:15 are contributed to people looking down at their phones
36:18 and walking right into traffic.
36:22 One young lady...
36:23 It was on the news,
36:25 I listened to this very carefully.
36:26 They interviewed some teenagers.
36:28 A 13-year old girl on the way home from school,
36:31 her phone fell into the subway tracks
36:33 and she jumped down to get a phone
36:34 and got run over by the train.
36:38 And the news reporter said,
36:39 "You could always replace your phone."
36:40 And they asked other teenagers,
36:42 and the higher percentage of teenagers said,
36:45 "I would have done the same thing,"
36:50 because these devices
36:52 are turning us
36:54 into nothing more than an automatons.
36:56 Satan wants us to be 24 hours a day,
36:58 7 days a week inoculated and drugged
37:01 by the entertainment of the world.
37:03 Some children can't even sleep at night.
37:05 That's why, parents,
37:06 when your children go to bed at night,
37:07 you want to say, "Give me your phone."
37:11 No amens necessary.
37:14 And some parents won't do that. You know why?
37:16 Because you want to be your child's friend.
37:18 God didn't call you to be a friend,
37:20 He called you to be a parent.
37:23 Train them up in the way they should go.
37:26 When I was being raised, some of you older people,
37:27 you know what I'm talking about,
37:29 we had a lock on our phone.
37:31 Remember the dial phones with that big old lock,
37:34 with the key on it?
37:36 You need to make a phone call,
37:38 you can still get emergency just hit zero,
37:40 but later on, they came up with 911.
37:43 But this day and age,
37:45 we are putting devices in the hands of young people,
37:48 and think about it.
37:49 There's an age limit for alcohol and cigarettes
37:53 and driver's license,
37:54 but there is no age limit for cell phones.
37:56 And when you put a cell phone
37:58 in the hand of an undeveloped mind,
38:00 they have access to the smut of the world.
38:03 Before you know it, their minds are corrupt,
38:05 they don't love you,
38:06 they don't even like you anymore.
38:08 You wonder why your children are so impugn
38:11 in their behavior,
38:13 why they have no desire for God.
38:14 You have given them a drug that they cannot control.
38:18 And they go to bed at night and stay up all night long,
38:20 they get up in the morning, they can't think,
38:21 their grades are failing
38:23 and you're wondering what's wrong.
38:24 It's because you have not taken the role
38:26 that God has given you.
38:27 And when you stand before God, you'll be accountable.
38:30 Get control of your family.
38:31 Come on, parents, say amen. Amen.
38:33 And if they get upset, they'll live.
38:38 Am I right? They'll live.
38:40 I was raised when...
38:41 When I was raised and Mama disciplined me,
38:46 I survived, here I am.
38:48 All the better for it. Am I right?
38:51 You don't have to beat your children,
38:52 punishment is more impressionable
38:55 than beating a child.
38:56 And sometimes, it doesn't even work.
38:58 They rather you beat them than cut off their computer
39:00 or disconnect them from the internet.
39:02 That's like a life sentence.
39:04 "Not my Internet connection, Mama."
39:09 When I was being raised,
39:10 I had to earn the right to watch television.
39:15 Daddy would take the cord out of the back of the TV.
39:19 He said, "Now you can watch TV,
39:20 here's a deal, but you can watch TV
39:22 one hour an evening.
39:23 Do your homework. Get the house chores done.
39:26 Go to bed early."
39:27 Look at me today. Come on.
39:29 Somebody say amen. Amen.
39:30 Now I made my mistakes.
39:35 From the mouth of a babe.
39:38 From the mouth of a babe.
39:40 Amen.
39:42 I'm gonna treasure that one.
39:44 Amen.
39:49 But my daddy only allowed us to watch certain things.
39:51 You remember those days, some of you old people,
39:53 Petticoat Junction?
39:54 Some old shows, Mayberry R.F.D., Lost in Space,
39:59 that was when shows were crazy, but they were not like today.
40:02 And some of you are still inoculated by soap operas.
40:07 Why do they call it soap operas?
40:08 I have no idea.
40:10 There's nothing clean about it.
40:15 That's why we're given these words
40:17 in 1 Corinthians 10:7.
40:19 The Bible says,
40:21 "And do not become" what? "Idolaters."
40:25 Satan finds work for idle hands.
40:27 "And do not become idolaters as some of them.
40:32 As it is written,
40:33 'The people sat down to eat and drink,
40:35 and rose up to'" do what?
40:36 "'And they rose up to play.'"
40:38 That's why today, we have to keep in mind...
40:40 I was looking at a statistic and I wrote it down here.
40:43 It's said, by the year 2020,
40:45 there will be 9.2 billion smartphone subscriptions.
40:50 More than 50 billion new devices
40:54 will be dependent on the Internet.
40:57 One of the reasons I believe
40:58 the Lord's going to pull the plug one day,
41:00 He's got to cut off man's power to allow His power to flow.
41:04 Amen.
41:05 That's why a blackout is not a bad thing.
41:07 I read a story about a family that experienced the blackout.
41:11 They didn't even know each other.
41:13 The young boy ran from his room when the power went down
41:16 in their town and he said,
41:17 "Dad, how long will the power be out?"
41:19 He said, "I don't know."
41:20 The power was out for almost two days.
41:23 And he said to his father, "What are we going to do?"
41:26 Mom said, "Maybe we'll talk to each other."
41:30 And after two days,
41:31 the young boy and his young sister said,
41:34 "Wow, so nice to get to know my parents."
41:38 Families don't talk anymore.
41:41 They don't even want to talk
41:43 because the world has taken our minds
41:45 in a completely different direction,
41:48 which brings me to the next point.
41:50 Romans 12:2,
41:51 "And do not be conformed to this world,
41:54 but be transformed by the" what?
41:56 "Renewing of your mind,
41:58 that you may prove what is that good
42:01 and acceptable and perfect will of God."
42:04 When your mind is transformed,
42:07 then the truth of God's Word can reflect through your life.
42:11 That's why we need the Holy Spirit to guide us.
42:13 Our minds need to be transformed.
42:16 Give the Word of God access to your mind,
42:18 give your mind access to God's Word,
42:20 only then...
42:22 Look at another sign.
42:23 Sign number four, rejection of the gospel.
42:26 I was made aware of this by my wife,
42:28 my wife works on my sermons with me.
42:30 I love that connection she has,
42:32 her own personal connection with Jesus.
42:34 But she brought this to my attention and I did not know,
42:36 I thought I was very well informed,
42:38 but I did not know.
42:39 You may have heard about this story,
42:40 "Heaven is for Real."
42:42 It became a multimillion dollar selling book,
42:45 it became a movie,
42:47 people were just fascinated by the idea that this is a boy,
42:50 he said he went to heaven and came back.
42:53 Come to find out, listen to his testimony.
42:56 Alex Malarkey,
42:59 "I said I went to heaven
43:01 because I thought it would get me attention.
43:04 When I made the claims that I did,
43:06 I never read the Bible."
43:08 Before I finish the quotation,
43:10 it was a story he and his dad made up.
43:15 So many Christian organizations invited them on
43:18 to bolster the idea that you die and go to heaven
43:21 or that a soul departs and go to heaven.
43:24 This boy and his dad made it up.
43:28 And he continues,
43:29 "People have profited from lies,
43:31 and continue to."
43:33 And this boy, listen what he said.
43:35 "They should read the Bible..."
43:36 Come on,
43:38 "Which is enough.
43:39 The Bible is the only source of truth.
43:43 Anything written by man cannot be infallible."
43:49 Publishers, movie producers
43:52 ripped this material off the shelves
43:54 after they realized
43:56 the millions of dollars that they put into a hoax.
44:00 That's why today, you cannot be the people
44:02 that determine your doctrinal beliefs by movies.
44:04 Amen, somebody.
44:06 Amen.
44:07 People think that the Ten Commandments
44:08 by Charlton Heston is fact
44:11 or The Passion by Mel Gibson is fact
44:13 or the movie Noah by another movie producer
44:16 or the movie The Resurrection
44:18 or the other one Heaven is for Real,
44:19 they try to determine what they believe
44:21 based on what is said on these movies,
44:24 in these movies and by these television shows.
44:27 Consult the Word of God, notice the problem.
44:31 Notice the problem.
44:33 2 Thessalonians 2:10,
44:35 "And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness
44:39 in them that perish..."
44:40 Here's the reason why.
44:42 "Because they received not the love of the truth,
44:48 that they might be saved."
44:50 They don't want the truth.
44:51 You tell people the truth nowadays, they say,
44:53 "Well, I know that's the truth, but I like the way this feels.
44:57 I know that's the truth, but this fits me better."
44:59 So people nowadays shop for churches
45:01 that fit the way they live
45:03 rather than allowing the Word of God
45:05 to mold them the way they should live.
45:08 Some people know the Sabbath is true,
45:10 but Sunday fits them better.
45:12 And Sunday is not even a holy day in the least.
45:15 They go to church for one hour and then go to the mall
45:17 or a football game, it fits their lifestyle.
45:19 Let me tell you something.
45:21 Jesus didn't come to fit into our way of life,
45:23 He wants us to fit into His way of life.
45:27 But they don't want the truth.
45:29 So what happens?
45:31 He sends them a strong delusion.
45:32 And the reason why some people that they believe a lie,
45:35 let me make it clear,
45:36 is because when you reject the truth which is the light,
45:39 you're left in darkness and you cannot see.
45:42 That's why Jesus said to Nicodemus,
45:44 "Unless a man is born again, he cannot see."
45:47 Some people refuse to be born again.
45:50 They refuse to allow the Word of God
45:52 to speak to their hearts.
45:54 And so they accept whatever comes along
45:55 because it fits the way they like to live.
45:58 But notice the urgent call from Jesus Himself.
46:01 John 4:23, "But the hour is coming..."
46:04 He said this to the woman at the well.
46:06 "But the hour is coming, and now is,
46:08 when the true worshipers
46:12 will worship the Father in spirit and truth."
46:15 You cannot say the spirit is leading
46:17 and delete the truth from your walk with Christ.
46:20 "For the Father is seeking such to worship..."
46:22 He's looking for people that want the truth.
46:24 He said that's the person I can trust.
46:29 "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him
46:31 must worship in" what?
46:33 "Spirit and in truth."
46:35 But make no mistake.
46:38 There are people that are in other denominations
46:40 that find out about the Sabbath and they abandon Sunday.
46:43 They find out about the truth of the Second Coming,
46:45 they abandon the rapture.
46:47 They find that that when you die, you're sleeping,
46:49 and they abandon the idea that you die and go right to heaven.
46:52 They know that there's no one except
46:54 those mentioned in Scripture that are in heaven.
46:57 Everybody else has to wait till Jesus comes.
46:59 They know there is no eternally burning hell,
47:02 so they abandon the idea of the eternal torment.
47:04 They gave up the idea that resurrection happens now,
47:07 they're waiting for the resurrection
47:08 when Jesus comes.
47:10 They do not believe in sin any longer as just a lifestyle
47:14 and they do not follow the ways of the world,
47:16 man marrying man and a woman marrying a woman,
47:19 they've given themselves to the truth of God's Word.
47:23 But be careful because if we follow the world,
47:26 immorality
47:28 will supersede immortality.
47:31 But the Bible gives us the final sign.
47:34 This is powerful.
47:35 The dismantling of Protestantism.
47:39 I was invited...
47:40 And I think I shared this early in the week,
47:41 but more of you are here tonight or today,
47:44 so I mentioned it again.
47:47 I was invited to Washington, D.C.,
47:50 to listen to Pope Francis speak to Congress.
47:54 I was invited by a Baptist senator
47:56 from the state of Illinois Mike Bost.
47:58 Wonderful gentleman,
48:00 I met him and I was invited there,
48:02 took Brad Walker with me,
48:03 Brad and I went to Washington, D.C.,
48:05 and we were invited to Capitol Hill.
48:07 Brad Walker is one of the production guys.
48:09 One wonderful gentleman.
48:11 And he asked me, he said, "Now I am Baptist,
48:16 I know you're Adventist, I know the pope is Catholic."
48:19 He said, "Could you tell me
48:21 what's actually happening here?"
48:22 He said, "I don't necessarily believe everything
48:24 the pope teaches,
48:25 but can you tell me what you think is happening
48:27 from your point of view?"
48:30 And I thought to myself. "Are you ready?"
48:33 So I started in Daniel 2.
48:36 Then I went to Daniel...
48:37 I started on the four kingdoms of Daniel 2, the gold,
48:41 the silver, the bronze, the iron...
48:43 The feet of iron and clay.
48:45 Then I went to Daniel 7, Babylon, Medo-Persia,
48:47 Greece, and Rome.
48:48 Then I went to Revelation 13,
48:50 brought the United States in it
48:51 when the Roman Empire fell, and then I brought...
48:52 I said, "Now look at where we are."
48:54 We're between Revelation 13:1-10 and 11-18.
48:59 We are in the middle because Rome is going to create
49:02 a coalition with the United States,
49:04 and this very country
49:06 that affords us religious freedom
49:11 is going to repudiate its constitution.
49:14 And we're going to build an altar,
49:16 we're going to build a coalition with Rome,
49:18 and this very country
49:21 that has given us the right to worship according
49:23 to our own dictates will give away
49:26 to the teachings of the power of Rome.
49:28 And today,
49:30 that is happening all around us.
49:31 I'm about to put out a book called Sunday Mask,
49:33 look for it.
49:34 M-A-S-K.
49:36 Showing the Sunday movement over last 40 years.
49:39 It is phenomenal.
49:41 It's documented from not us,
49:43 but from all of those around the world,
49:45 the Sunday Alliance from all over the world,
49:48 Sunday is being pushed with magnificent rapidity.
49:51 But notice the Bible describes
49:53 what's happening in our last days.
49:55 2 Thessalonians 2:3, the Bible says,
49:58 "Let no one deceive you by any means."
50:00 By any means. Why?
50:02 "For that Day will not come unless the falling away comes"
50:07 when?
50:08 "First."
50:10 That's why you cannot leave.
50:12 You got to stay on board.
50:14 "And the man of sin is revealed,
50:16 the son of perdition."
50:18 Yes, all of those that stand on the side of the darkness
50:22 of the enemy will one day be revealed.
50:26 And it's happening in our country.
50:28 All of the Christian denominations,
50:30 many of the major leaders...
50:32 Just not too long ago,
50:33 the ending of 2017 in Kansas City,
50:35 Kansas, Kenneth Copeland
50:37 and many of the evangelical leaders
50:38 all got together to discuss means
50:40 by which they can coalesce and unite with Rome.
50:44 This is common, this is happening today.
50:47 And if you think that we have a ton of time,
50:49 you'll notice that things are happening at such a pace.
50:52 Notice how the Bible predicts what's happening
50:53 in the Protestant world.
50:55 Revelation 13:14 speaking,
50:58 "And he deceives those who dwell on the earth
51:01 by those signs which he was granted to do
51:03 in the sight of the beast..."
51:05 Talking about the false spiritual revival in America.
51:08 "Telling those who dwell on the earth
51:10 to make an image to the beast
51:12 who was wounded by the sword and did live."
51:14 For those of you that may be introduced to this
51:16 for the very first time,
51:17 Revelation talks about four beasts.
51:19 Revelation talks about the beasts,
51:21 the fourth beast of Daniel is the kingdom of Rome.
51:26 We are being told in America,
51:27 it's time for you to recognize the power of Rome.
51:31 It's time for us to go to Rome.
51:33 And I want to tell you ever since President Reagan,
51:35 an ambassador was sent to Rome and we have an ambassador
51:38 in America to the Holy See something not supported
51:41 by our constitution nor our bill of rights.
51:44 But what do we say?
51:45 We have no say.
51:48 And today,
51:49 we are building an altar to the power
51:52 and soon to the homage of the Roman hierarchy.
51:54 But notice,
51:56 the Lord saw this coming
51:57 and these words are more than inspired.
52:00 Testimonies volume five, page 451.
52:04 "When Protestantism shall stretch her hand
52:07 across the gulf to grasp the hand of the Roman power,
52:13 when she shall reach over the abyss to clasp hands
52:19 with spiritualism..."
52:21 That's Satanism.
52:22 "When, under the influence of this threefold union..."
52:26 What threefold?
52:28 Protestantism, spiritualism, and Rome.
52:34 These three power apostate Protestants,
52:37 that means those who claim to believe the Bible,
52:40 but what they practice is not found in Scripture.
52:43 "Under the threefold union,
52:46 our country shall repudiate every principle
52:50 of its constitution as a Protestant
52:53 and republican government,
52:55 and shall make provision for the propagation
52:58 of papal falsehoods and delusions..."
53:00 Follow carefully.
53:01 "Then we may know
53:03 that the time has come for the marvelous
53:06 working of Satan and..."
53:08 What else, friends? Say it with me.
53:09 "And that the" what?
53:11 "That the end is near."
53:14 I'm gonna invite...
53:15 Come on, my brother.
53:22 Today, we need to make decisions
53:25 that we want to be ready for Jesus to come.
53:28 As Lyndon plays this song,
53:29 I want you to be in a prayerful mode.
53:31 Let me tell you why.
53:33 When all these things begin to happen,
53:35 we are told in the book of Luke.
53:38 "When all these things begin to happen..."
53:40 What are we told to do?
53:42 "Look up and lift up your heads
53:44 because your redemption draws near."
53:47 As he plays this song,
53:48 let me make the appeal as he's playing softly
53:50 that somebody here today that sees the moral corruption,
53:54 the rejection of truth,
53:55 the invitation to go back to Rome,
53:56 the complacency in Christianity,
53:58 and they're saying "Pastor, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit,
54:02 I see where we are.
54:04 And I don't want to be swept away
54:06 in the tide of popular opinion.
54:09 I don't want to be caught in the quagmire of compromise.
54:13 I want to give my life to Jesus.
54:14 I want to get ready to be in that kingdom.
54:17 I want to give my life to Christ through baptism."
54:20 Now we have those who are being baptized today,
54:22 those who have joined the church.
54:24 I want to ask those who have made their decision
54:26 for baptism to just come on down and join me today.
54:28 You know you're going to be baptized,
54:30 so then come on down and to join me.
54:31 Can we say amen, church?
54:33 Amen. Come on down.
54:34 These are souls that made their decision
54:37 this week to give their lives...
54:39 Come on down. Come on down.
54:41 Come on down. Come on down. Come on down.
54:46 They've made a decision
54:47 that the Lord is not leaving without them.
54:51 But I know there's somebody else that wants to make
54:52 the same decision that God has led them to make.
54:56 I'm opening the doors of the church today,
54:58 as Lyndon plays that song, I surrender all.
55:02 I'm seeing if there's somebody else
55:03 here today that wants to be in that kingdom,
55:05 there's nothing you can give up
55:08 that will leave you worse than you used to be.
55:12 The Lord has a plan for your life far greater.
55:15 And as you surrender to Jesus,
55:18 He will come into your life
55:20 and make a difference for eternity.
55:23 Praise the Lord. Yes.
55:24 Praise the Lord.
55:26 Sing that song, my brother.
55:29 All to Jesus I surrender
55:32 Come on, my lady.
55:34 Praise God. Praise God.
55:38 This young lady just walked through the doors of the church
55:40 this morning.
55:42 God had been calling her all week long,
55:44 she just came today.
55:47 To God be the glory.
55:51 Is there somebody else today?
55:54 How can you hear this message and allow somebody
55:56 to walk in and pass you by?
55:58 Is there somebody else today?
56:04 Today, God is calling you to make a decision.
56:05 The signs are there.
56:07 Jesus is soon to come.
56:10 The glorious return is about to occur.
56:13 Is there somebody else here today?
56:15 Somebody's...
56:17 God is calling you today.
56:22 God is calling you today.
56:26 You might say, "Lord, I need a new start.
56:28 I want to give my life to Jesus."
56:31 Praise the Lord.
56:33 Praise God.
56:34 "I want to give my life to Jesus."
56:36 Yes, there's somebody else coming.
56:38 Yes, there's somebody else coming.
56:41 "I'm gonna give my life to the Lord.
56:42 I want to give my life to Jesus."
56:44 Wherever you are today, just come on down.
56:47 It's between you and Christ. It's between you and Jesus.
56:54 Anybody want to surrender today to the voice of the Lord?
56:58 Anybody more today?
57:00 Anybody today?
57:04 Is there a young person today that want to say,
57:05 "I want to live for Jesus."
57:07 I told you, you don't have any time.
57:09 You don't have any time.
57:11 Today is the day of salvation, today is the acceptable time.
57:16 I'm presuming that everybody's sitting down
57:18 is completely righteous,
57:20 that everybody's locked into Christ,
57:22 but I know that's not the case.
57:24 Don't let the devil lie to you.
57:25 Those of you who've been watching
57:27 the program,
57:28 make your decision to have Jesus
57:30 as the Lord of your life
57:32 so that you will be ready when Jesus comes.
57:33 God bless you.
57:35 Is there somebody else here today?
57:37 Is somebody else here today
57:39 that wants to give his or her life to Jesus?
57:41 Is somebody else here today
57:42 that wants to give his or her life to Jesus?
57:45 You want to surrender to Christ.
57:48 You want to surrender to Jesus today.
57:50 Is there a husband and wife that wants to say,
57:52 "We need a new start today.
57:54 We need a new beginning."


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