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00:22 Good evening and welcome to The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
00:26 Very happy to welcome each of you here.
00:30 To those of you that are
00:31 joining us by television
00:33 or by radio or on the Internet
00:36 we're very happy to welcome you
00:38 tonight. This is a study
00:41 of the book of Revelation chapter by chapter.
00:45 And therefore I would like to encourage you to get your Bible.
00:51 And if you're at home, go get your Bible.
00:55 Those of you that are here in the auditorium
00:57 I'll encourage you to bring your Bible.
00:59 And it'd be nice if you brought along a highlighter
01:03 and a notepad... because we're going to study
01:06 the book of Revelation, take a look at it.
01:08 So we hope that all of you will do that as we study
01:11 God's Word together. This first session
01:15 that we're doing is made up of eight presentations.
01:19 Those eight presentations are going to be on the 7 churches
01:24 of Asia Minor. That's what they're going to be about,
01:27 and we will be covering the first three chapters
01:32 of Revelation. That's what we're going to be looking at
01:35 as we go through this first session.
01:37 So be sure and bring your Bible.
01:40 Our next presentation that we'll be doing tomorrow night
01:45 is entitled Seven Churches of Revelation
01:51 and we're going to look at particularly
01:53 the church of Ephesus.
01:56 Of the seven churches, this was probably the best one...
02:00 but it lost its love.
02:03 And we're going to take a look at what the scripture tells us
02:06 about the church of Ephesus.
02:08 And so we hope you'll be able to follow along as we
02:11 take a look at that. Since the book of Revelation
02:16 is a revelation of Jesus Christ,
02:20 what does it tell us about Jesus Christ?
02:23 That's what we're going to be looking at
02:26 and that is our subject tonight.
02:29 It's entitled: It's Who You Know.
02:35 And that makes all the difference in the world
02:38 is who you know.
02:40 And so we're going to start right out talking about Jesus...
02:43 what the book of Revelation has to say about Jesus Christ.
02:47 For those of you here watching,
02:50 this is the altar of incense
02:54 that was in the sanctuary of old.
02:58 It is the exact size of the altar of incense
03:03 that would have been in the sanctuary they built,
03:07 And it was overlaid with gold.
03:10 This one's not... it's overlaid with paint!
03:13 But... but... that's what it was.
03:17 And we're going to use it as a podium
03:19 because we think it fits in to the subject as we go through it
03:23 and you will see that as we study it.
03:27 Each night as we go into the presentation
03:32 we're going to read to you all the scripture
03:35 that we're going to be looking at that evening.
03:38 We'll do that each night.
03:40 And you can either read it on the screen
03:42 or you can follow in your Bible.
03:45 We don't care which... but that's what we will do
03:49 each evening. Any time I can have
03:53 Joe Pearles come and sing for me I'm always blessed.
03:59 Joe has been singing with us for about...
04:03 oh, thirteen, fourteen years now.
04:07 He lives in Greenbrier, Tennessee... which is
04:11 on the outskirts of Nashville.
04:13 And it's always a special blessing to have Joe with us.
04:18 Also, we're going to have Chuck Allgaier,
04:21 who is one of our team members,
04:23 has worked with us for ten, eleven years.
04:27 He's the one that's going to read the scripture to you
04:30 each evening and go through that with you.
04:32 So we hope you'll follow along as we read the scripture.
04:36 And so I'm hoping that as we study the book of Revelation
04:40 that it will bless you in a special way.
04:44 So Chuck, come and share the Word of God with us.
04:52 If you have your Bibles, turn them to the book of Revelation.
04:56 Revelation chapter 1.
05:00 We're going to read verses 1 through 20.
05:04 Revelation chapter 1 verses 1 through 20.
05:10 The Revelation of Jesus Christ...
08:46 May God add His blessing to the study of His Word tonight.
09:09 I'm not on an ego trip...
09:15 I'm nothing on my own.
09:22 I make mistakes
09:27 and often slip...
09:31 just common flesh and bone.
09:37 But I'll prove someday
09:41 just why I say
09:45 I'm of a special kind:
09:51 when He was on the cross
09:59 I was on His mind.
10:10 A look of love was on His face,
10:17 the thorns upon His head.
10:24 The blood was on
10:28 that spotted robe
10:32 and stained it crimson red.
10:38 Tho' His eyes were on
10:42 the crowd that day
10:46 He looked ahead in time.
10:53 When He was on the cross
11:01 I was on His mind.
11:10 He knew me...
11:17 yet He loved me.
11:25 He whose glory makes
11:31 the heavens shine.
11:38 So unworthy
11:45 of such mercy...
11:53 Yet when He was on the cross
12:01 I was on His mind.
12:08 Yet when He was on the cross
12:17 I was on His mind.
12:43 Gracious Father, tonight as we open the book of Revelation
12:49 we pray, Lord, that it may be a revealing to each one of us.
12:57 We ask that our hearts may be open,
13:01 soft, tender. That the voice of Your Spirit
13:05 may speak to each one of us and that we might see
13:09 and understand what You have written.
13:13 That we might prepare our lives to walk with You
13:16 and be with You in your kingdom.
13:19 For the marvelous promises of Your Word
13:21 we thank you in Christ's name. Amen.
13:31 The book of Revelation was not written for the world.
13:36 It was written for the church... not for the world.
13:42 And what is recorded in the book of Revelation
13:48 is probably the most important
13:50 book of all the books
13:53 in the Bible to the people
13:55 that are living today.
13:57 If you didn't have any other book for this day,
14:01 this age, you need the book of Revelation
14:05 because it tells about the perils and the trials,
14:10 tribulation that the people of God are going to go through.
14:13 It also talks about your triumphs and your joys
14:15 that you find in your walk with the Lord.
14:18 So that's the reason we're looking at it.
14:20 So I'd like to encourage you: take your Bible.
14:23 Open it up to Revelation the first chapter
14:28 because that's where we're going to begin with,
14:30 that's what we're going to take a look at now
14:32 as we study the book of Revelation
14:34 and what it has to say.
14:36 And we took a look, and it says this:
14:52 This is the order that it comes in.
14:56 It says that God took it and gave it to Jesus Christ.
15:03 And Jesus Christ gave it to the angel.
15:06 This is probably the same angel
15:08 that you find in the book of Daniel when God sent
15:12 messages to them concerning the last days...
15:14 the angel Gabriel.
15:16 And so he's probably the one here that's taking this to John.
15:20 And it says that then John took it
15:23 and gave it to the 7 churches.
15:25 That's the order that it's given
15:27 so when you're reading it you understand.
15:29 And it says that it is
15:32 a revelation of Jesus Christ.
15:36 That's what it is: a revelation of Jesus Christ.
15:40 How much of it is a revelation of Jesus Christ?
15:47 The name Jesus... or names for Jesus
15:51 or pronouns referring to Him...
15:54 there are... it's 140 times in the first three chapters.
16:00 So indeed when it says it is a revelation of Jesus Christ
16:05 it is that... no question about it.
16:20 Now folks, it's making it very clear that God
16:24 has placed a special blessing on the people that read
16:29 the book of Revelation,
16:31 hear it, and keep those things that are written in it.
16:35 So it's very, very important
16:37 that you and I do not take the book
16:39 and set it on a shelf somewhere and not read it.
16:42 Even, folks... even if you
16:46 have a hard time understanding the book of Revelation,
16:49 I will assure you that if you will just keep at it
16:53 it will open up and you will understand.
16:56 So the scripture says:
17:01 What does read mean
17:03 when it says: "blessed is he who reads? "
17:07 Well that word read actually means search.
17:11 Look into it... see what it has to say.
17:14 It doesn't mean that you and I just give it a casual reading.
17:18 It means that we need to look at it; read it;
17:21 try to understand what it's saying.
17:32 That's what Jesus said.
17:33 He said: "the words in this book... what testifies of Me. "
17:39 So as you go through here and we study the book of Revelation
17:43 this is going to testify of Jesus Christ.
17:46 The word revelation means to reveal.
17:51 Certainly doesn't mean that it's closed.
17:54 It means that it is a revealing of the truths of God's Word.
17:59 It's revealed to you and to me as we study
18:03 and find out what the Word of God says.
18:05 So we are told here:
18:17 So He's telling us, you know, this book has been given
18:21 for you to understand, folks.
18:24 It's not something that's sealed.
18:26 It's something really that is open that you and I
18:29 can understand. It's true...
18:31 true there are sections in it, chapters in it,
18:35 that are hard to understand.
18:36 We'll take a look at some of those
18:38 that are hard to understand.
18:40 But you would expect it to be.
18:43 I mean, I have to be honest with you,
18:45 this is not kindergarten stuff, see. It just isn't.
18:50 It's something that we have to read and understand.
18:53 This is not the type of program
18:55 where we're here to entertain you.
18:57 We're not here... we're here to educate you.
19:02 That's the purpose of it, and that's what we want
19:04 to happen here tonight as we go through God's Word
19:07 that you read it. And as you read it
19:10 we will begin to understand. It also says:
19:19 Not just read it... but "blessed is that person who hears. "
19:24 What does that mean?
19:26 Well it means you listen!
19:28 You listen to what it has to say.
19:31 It's by listening to what it says, folks,
19:34 is how you gain knowledge.
19:36 That's how you grow.
19:38 That's how you gain knowledge
19:39 is by listening to what it has to say.
19:42 And as you understand it,
19:44 it begins to make a great, great difference.
19:47 I want you to listen... what Paul said
19:51 about this experience.
19:53 This is what he says:
20:05 He said: "give up everything. "
20:08 "I count it all loss
20:10 for the knowledge of Jesus Christ my Lord. "
20:25 I'll assure you if you will take the time
20:30 and you'll listen to what it says and you'll study it,
20:33 when the Bible refers to it as a "pearl of great price"
20:37 I'll guarantee you it is.
20:40 Nothing will give you the comfort and the peace
20:43 that the Word of God gives you.
20:45 It will help you. So as we're studying this
20:50 listen... listen to what it says
20:53 so that your knowledge will be increased.
20:56 And then it goes on and says:
21:04 It doesn't do me any good if I read it,
21:09 I listen, and it goes through one ear and out the other.
21:15 That doesn't do me any good.
21:17 I've got to be willing to keep what I've learned.
21:21 That's where it begins to make a difference in your life.
21:25 You see, if Jesus Christ comes into your life
21:30 and it doesn't change your lifestyle,
21:35 then it hasn't done anything for you.
21:38 It has to change your lifestyle, make a difference.
21:42 And that's why it says "read it, listen to what it says,
21:46 but keep what it says. "
21:49 Keep means to... acceptance. I accept what it says.
21:54 It means obedience. That I am willing to be obedient
21:59 to walk as the Lord leads me and guides me in His Word.
22:13 You see, it's says it's worthy of all what?
22:17 Acceptance. In other words, accept it.
22:22 As you understand the Word of God, reach out in faith
22:26 and walk in the light of what it has to say.
22:29 This is what needs to happen.
22:38 Makes it clear. I read the Word of God...
22:41 He said: "If you love Me, what you learn, keep it.
22:44 Keep My commandments. "
22:56 That's a promise that's given.
22:59 Starts out and says: "Keep those things you read. "
23:02 And He said: "I'm coming quickly
23:04 and I'm going to bless those people that keep
23:07 the words of this prophecy of this book. "
23:10 You and I, particularly today in the time that we are living
23:14 today, need to be hiding it in our hearts.
23:18 We need to be listening to the Word of God
23:21 and keeping it... letting it apply to our lives.
23:25 So there's a great, great blessing.
23:28 If you want to know Jesus,
23:31 then read, listen, and keep
23:36 those things that are written in the book.
23:39 You find as you read through the scriptures
23:41 many places Jesus says: "Depart from Me. "
23:46 Do you remember what else it says?
23:48 "Depart from Me, I know you not. "
23:53 What I'm trying to say is...
23:56 why doesn't God know them?
24:00 You know, here these virgins, five virgins
24:02 came knocking on the door said: "let us in. "
24:04 He said: "I don't know you. "
24:05 What didn't He know about them?
24:09 He didn't know who they were
24:11 because they were not like Him in character.
24:14 And so, it's when I read and listen and keep those things
24:19 that the Holy Spirit works
24:21 in my life and changes it
24:23 and makes it different.
24:24 OK:
24:30 This is who we want to know: Jesus Christ.
24:33 What blessings? This next text in the scripture here
24:36 in the first chapter here, and you may want to underline it,
24:40 says a couple things that are great, great blessings.
24:43 Verse 4:
24:58 Two words in that text... you ought to underline them.
25:02 Highlight them... two words:
25:04 grace and peace.
25:09 Now grace is given to me and to you.
25:13 We don't deserve it in any way.
25:17 There's no way that we deserve the grace of God.
25:20 The only reason that we have right
25:24 to the grace of God is because of our great need.
25:27 We desperately need the grace of God to come into our lives
25:31 and change us and to provide for us salvation.
25:37 It says that you and I have been redeemed
25:41 by His grace. What does that mean?
25:44 When it says you've been redeemed.
25:45 What have you been redeemed from?
25:52 What have you been redeemed from? Do you know?
25:56 Well you've been redeemed from death.
25:59 Don't care who you are... you're going to face it.
26:03 You're going to die if you don't do something.
26:06 And so God - in His mercy and His grace -
26:09 came down here and provided for you a way to live...
26:14 to have eternal life through His grace.
26:18 And then it says:
26:20 "peace from Him. "
26:22 Peace that Jesus Christ gives.
26:28 Marvelous, marvelous peace
26:31 in a world tonight that is so, so torn up.
26:37 I mean, in every aspect of life
26:41 it seems like everything has gone haywire.
26:46 We live in a world like I have never seen...
26:49 Not in my lifetime
26:52 have I seen the situations that we are in today.
26:55 But you know, He said: "My peace I give unto you. "
27:01 The world can be falling apart all around you
27:04 but I can have peace in my heart.
27:08 But I'm going to tell you a little secret...
27:11 and don't forget it:
27:15 peace is found in Jesus.
27:21 If you come to Jesus, if you look to Jesus,
27:25 He'll give you peace in your heart.
27:28 Charles Spurgeon, great preacher of the past, said:
27:31 "I looked at Jesus Christ
27:34 and the dove of peace flew into my heart.
27:38 I looked at the dove of peace,
27:41 and it flew away. "
27:45 Learn... peace is found in Christ.
27:49 That's what brings about peace.
27:52 He gives those great blessings to you and to me.
28:08 Marvelous text! In fact, one of my favorites.
28:12 Of all the scriptures in the Bible,
28:14 this is one of my favorites.
28:16 And it says here: "Who washed us from our sins
28:20 in His own blood. "
28:22 I am so, so thankful tonight
28:26 that that text is not turned around.
28:29 I'm glad it doesn't say
28:32 that He washed us from our sins... or it doesn't say
28:37 that He... how should I put it?
28:40 It says: "To Him who loved us. "
28:43 I'm glad it doesn't say that He washed us from our sins
28:48 and then loved us.
28:50 It says He loves us
28:54 and then washes us from our sins.
28:56 I'm glad God does not love us, you know, like we do
29:03 one another.
29:04 It says here:
29:14 He didn't say to you: "Go clean yourself up;
29:17 get yourself all fixed up. "
29:20 And I run onto people all the time that try to do that today.
29:23 They say: "Well, I'm just not quite ready;
29:25 I've got to take care of some things first. "
29:28 No! That's not the way it works, friend.
29:32 The way it works is you come to Christ just as you are.
29:35 God does not love you
29:39 or He does not love me like we love babies.
29:46 Because, everybody... anybody...
29:49 you take a baby who's been bathed and powdered and all,
29:52 anybody'll pick it up and love it.
29:55 But you let it get a snotty nose and a dirty diaper
29:57 and watch how many people go the other way!
29:59 See, God does not love us like that.
30:03 He love us as sinners... as we are.
30:06 This is the way He loves us.
30:08 And He washes us from our sins "in His own blood. "
30:35 Dear friend tonight, if you're burdened with sin,
30:39 you don't have to be.
30:41 The blood of Jesus Christ will cleanse you from that sin.
30:45 And by the way, dear friend,
30:47 it doesn't make any difference how dark it is,
30:50 God can cleanse you from that sin.
30:53 Promises He will.
30:55 That's hope that He gives us.
30:59 This text that all of us know says:
31:18 All of you understand the comparison between
31:23 scarlet and snow,
31:26 but what's the comparison between crimson and wool?
31:33 What is He using there when He does that?
31:37 Well as a boy I had a couple sheep.
31:42 Southdown sheep... that's what you're looking at.
31:45 And I raised them to show... 4H Club.
31:51 Show... and one day my agriculture teacher said:
31:56 "I'm coming out; we're going to block your sheep. "
31:59 I didn't know what he was talking about.
32:01 But he came out and he took a couple gunny sacks -
32:06 You know what I'm talking about? Gunny sacks? -
32:09 and he... he cut that gunny sack down one side
32:14 and one end
32:17 and then he cut off the corner
32:19 and took that and draped that
32:20 over that sheep's head...
32:22 over his head and his body.
32:24 And he told me, he said:
32:25 "Just let him wear that around for a while. "
32:28 Well, I couldn't figure out what was going on
32:30 because I'd go out to feed that sheep...
32:32 I'd pick up that gunny sack and it was filthy under there.
32:35 I mean dirty and dark and just looked horrible.
32:39 And I thought: Boy, this is certainly not getting it ready
32:42 for a show, that's for sure!
32:44 And I don't know how long he wore it.
32:47 Several weeks.
32:49 Anyhow, one day he came out and said: "Well, we're going to
32:52 go take care of your sheep. "
32:54 So we went out there and he took that off
32:57 and it was just filthy dirty.
32:59 And then he took his shears and began to cut about an inch
33:03 of the wool off. It was the purest white you'll ever see.
33:07 "Though your sins are as crimson,
33:10 they shall be as wool. "
33:13 That's what He's talking about.
33:14 God does that for you and for me.
33:18 "And He has made us... " Folks these are texts
33:23 you need to underline, highlight,
33:25 because they are extremely important.
33:37 In this text is the very, very essence
33:41 of Christianity.
33:42 I mean, it's all right here in that text.
33:46 You see, it's simply saying this:
33:56 God does not say to you
33:59 "Act like a child of God and maybe I'll make you one. "
34:06 He doesn't say that.
34:14 God says: "You are My child;
34:16 therefore, you should act like it. "
34:20 You see, this is the essence of Christianity.
34:22 This is where it differs from all other religions.
34:26 Makes it totally and completely because God
34:30 reaches out in His mercy and love
34:32 and does that for you and makes you His child.
34:36 Gives that to you.
34:38 I'll give you a classic example of this.
34:42 You remember after Joseph had sent his brothers back
34:46 to get their father to bring him down to Egypt,
34:50 and it says that they sent wagons down, and some 70 of them
34:55 left the land of Canaan to go over to Egypt.
34:57 Well, it says when they got on the outskirts
35:02 Joseph heard that they were coming
35:04 and so it says that he got in his chariot
35:07 and rode out to meet them.
35:11 After he had greeted them all he turned to his father
35:15 and said: "I'd like to introduce you to the Pharaoh. "
35:20 So he takes his father to meet the Pharaoh.
35:22 Now folks, you've got to understand something:
35:26 Jacob is a Bedouin.
35:32 He cares for sheep.
35:34 He lives in a tent.
35:37 He's kind of a grimy, greasy old character.
35:40 Not very clean... because you don't herd sheep
35:44 and live around sheep and stay very clean!
35:46 Those just don't go together.
35:48 So he's kind of a dirty, grimy old man.
35:51 See? Can't even see very well.
35:56 Pharaoh? Pharaoh is the greatest monarch on earth at this time.
36:02 There is no kingdom as great as the Pharaoh's at this time.
36:06 Tremendous power, authority, rule.
36:12 Pharaoh at this time is IT.
36:16 And so here Joseph takes his old, aged father
36:22 in before the Pharaoh. And it says:
36:35 How could this be?
36:37 And old Bedouin - greasy, grimy - blessing the Pharaoh?
36:41 Because Jacob understood that he was a prince...
36:46 that he was a king under God...
36:51 therefore he could bless anybody.
36:54 So you are kings and priests unto your God.
36:58 Dear friend, act like it.
37:01 You've been called; you're special.
37:03 God offers that to us... each one.
37:07 Now after the Lord says: "Listen, I'm going to give you
37:08 My grace. I'm going to give you My peace.
37:12 I'm going to make you My children.
37:15 I'm going to make you kings and priests unto God. "
37:18 After He does all that for you
37:21 then He says: "I'm coming back. "
37:23 "I'm coming back. " And that's what verse 7 tells you.
37:26 Revelation the first chapter verse 7 He says:
37:29 "Listen, I'm coming back!
37:31 I'm going to gather My children. "
37:44 Boy, underline that text and write it.
37:46 He's coming. It's not far away!
37:50 He's coming back. He promises that to you and to me.
37:54 A great promise that He's coming again.
38:08 Now let me ask you something:
38:11 has He been the beginning?
38:14 Huh?
38:16 Yes! I mean, say what you want to...
38:20 but when you go over to Israel
38:22 you can't deny that He hasn't been there.
38:25 Too many things that tells you He has.
38:28 He is the beginning.
38:29 If He's the beginning, do you think He'll be the end?
38:31 Absolutely He'll be the end.
38:34 And He gives you the promise He's coming back...
38:36 the same that He gave to His disciples.
39:05 This same Jesus - the One that we're talking about tonight -
39:10 The Revelation of Jesus Christ -
39:12 that Jesus is coming back.
39:15 He's coming back for you and for me.
39:33 The island of Patmos...
39:35 only mentioned in the book of Revelation.
39:38 The only place it's mentioned.
39:40 This is the island of Patmos.
39:42 The island of Patmos is about ten miles long
39:46 about six miles wide.
39:49 It is a barren, rocky place.
39:53 In fact, there are no trees on the island of Patmos.
39:59 This is a picture of the island.
40:00 And it's just a barren, rocky place.
40:04 And they quarried marble here
40:07 in the marble mines.
40:09 And John, at some 90 years of age or close to it,
40:14 was banished to the island of Patmos.
40:19 He was on the island of Patmos for eighteen months.
40:24 Without doubt worked in the quarries there
40:29 and probably suffered greatly while he was there.
40:33 Under Domitian... he's the one that sent him there.
40:36 And after he was released from there
40:39 he went back to Ephesus
40:41 that we're going to be talking about tomorrow night
40:43 and pastored the church there.
40:46 So he lived there and worked.
40:49 But this was the island of Patmos where John was.
41:02 Uh, I'm just going to quickly say a little bit about this.
41:07 It says he was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day.
41:09 Sometimes there is disagreement about what day that is.
41:12 But if you look at the scripture it's quite clear
41:15 which day it was that John was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day.
41:25 So it says Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath.
41:28 John was a disciple of?... Jesus.
41:33 OK? Quite obvious.
41:41 No question about it.
41:42 It's the Sabbath of the Lord your God,
41:44 and he was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day.
41:51 So what do you think John was doing?
41:54 He certainly was keeping it holy.
41:56 He was out there communing with God
42:00 when he had the vision.
42:05 John loved Him
42:06 so he was keeping His commandments.
42:21 These are the 7 churches that he is sending this message to.
42:27 OK. Now we're going to take a look
42:31 at Jesus Christ...
42:34 what it says.
42:39 Watch as it describes Him:
43:46 This is Jesus of Revelation.
43:52 This is Him.
43:55 John here is seeing Jesus
44:01 not like John saw Him on earth, folks.
44:05 He's seeing Jesus now after He's gone back to heaven.
44:10 This is probably pretty much what Jesus is going to look like
44:16 when He comes back.
44:18 Now true enough, the language here is very
44:22 figurative and you have to take much of it into consideration.
44:26 But this is Jesus
44:28 walking among the seven golden candlesticks.
44:33 Please notice it does not say
44:36 walking among seven candles.
44:41 It says candlesticks.
44:43 You see, candlesticks don't have light.
44:50 Light has to be placed on them.
44:53 The candlesticks represent churches.
44:58 Churches do not have light.
45:06 Jesus is the light.
45:08 Someone else is... you are lights.
45:15 So unless you're there and you're doing what you should,
45:19 the church has no light.
45:20 You are the light.
45:23 I want to ask you something.
45:26 Does Jesus light up your life?
45:28 He should!
45:30 Definitely should light up your life...
45:32 should make a real difference in your life.
45:35 Well, let's take a look at what it has to say about Jesus.
45:38 You can underline some of these things.
45:41 Said His hair was white.
45:43 Unfortunately, we live in an age
45:47 that white hair represents declining strength,
45:55 loss of health.
45:57 We attribute all that to white hair.
46:00 Uh, not with God...
46:03 white hair doesn't represent that.
46:06 White hair to God represents glory.
46:10 Represents antiquity.
46:13 It represents power.
46:15 All this is contained, and so when He has white hair,
46:19 dear friend, that's not because of age.
46:22 That's because of what God attributes white hair to.
46:27 In fact it says here in Proverbs 16:31:
46:41 God indeed is righteous, so His white hair represents His glory.
46:48 That's what it stands for... His power.
46:51 The Ancient of Days as you hear Him described in Daniel:
46:56 says He had white hair.
46:58 That's part of it.
47:04 In the eyes of Jesus is love,
47:10 compassion, mercy, kindness.
47:16 All that's contained in the eyes of Christ.
47:20 But also His eyes have the ability
47:25 to penetrate, to see, to understand
47:30 what's happening and what's taking place.
47:32 The ability to read your heart and mine.
47:36 In fact, the scripture says concerning the eyes of Jesus:
47:54 You can't hide anything from Christ.
47:57 Just impossible...
48:00 because He sees it all
48:01 but at the same time He's merciful.
48:06 He's kind, wonderful.
48:11 The word here in scripture where it speaks of the feet
48:16 of Jesus was as bronze... or brass I should say.
48:21 It was as brass.
48:22 Actually the word used there for brass
48:25 describe a certain kind of brass that the Greeks and the Romans
48:29 used. It was a brass... and brass was the most enduring
48:34 metal they had...
48:35 and this particular brass was called Corinthian brass.
48:41 Corinthian brass was made up of bronze,
48:45 I should say copper, excuse me -
48:47 made up of copper and of gold and of silver
48:51 and it was considered of more value than gold.
48:56 And so when he uses that word for Christ's feet there,
48:59 that's the word that it uses
49:01 representing Corinthian brass.
49:15 Want to have beautiful feet?
49:18 Take good tidings to people.
49:22 That's what He promises to you and to me.
49:24 "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good tidings. "
49:36 When you pick up the book of Revelation, you start through
49:39 reading it, you'll find that it speaks
49:44 of the voice of God being like...? You know what it says?
49:49 Like thunder.
49:52 Uses that over and over and over.
49:55 Two things: it says it's like thunder;
49:57 it says it's like the sound of many waters and all.
50:03 But at the same time,
50:05 His voice can be majestic.
50:10 But it can be mellow, it can be sweet,
50:15 it can be kind.
50:18 God has the ability to speak
50:21 in a way that will touch your heart and mine.
50:25 This is what He can do for us.
50:43 So the voice of God speaks;
50:47 great power is given.
50:57 Stars in the scripture refers to messengers.
51:02 That's what it represents.
51:05 And don't forget it, it uses many times stars
51:09 to represent not only good messengers but bad ones.
51:13 It still refers to them as stars.
51:17 But the seven stars in His hand here, folks,
51:20 represents the ministers. That's what it represents.
51:38 Ministers hold a very, very sacred place
51:44 in the eyes of God.
51:48 But they also must realize
51:52 that they carry a very, very heavy responsibility.
51:58 God looks after them, cares for them.
52:01 They are the stars in the hand of Jesus Christ.
52:08 Said: "Out of His mouth went a sharp, two-edged sword. "
52:16 The sword represents the Word of God.
52:20 It says it is a "two-edged sword. "
52:23 Nobody who has ever been converted...
52:30 nobody who's ever been converted
52:32 hasn't felt the cutting of a two-edged sword.
52:38 Fall at the foot of the cross and see your sins and all...
52:44 how it could be. But fortunately He doesn't leave us there,
52:47 because it says - Hosea 6:1-
53:00 That's what Christ does for us.
53:07 No greater representation of God:
53:10 the brightness of the sun, the glory of God.
53:26 This is the glory that Christ has.
53:30 And it says it is sometimes manifested so bright
53:34 that they could not look upon it.
53:42 Told John: "Write all this...
53:45 put it down, record it. "
53:48 This is what you and I are going to be looking at,
53:50 studying the next few evenings together.
53:55 And it ends up the first chapter of the book of Revelation
53:58 by saying:
54:13 And that's where we go next in our study
54:16 is to the seven churches.
54:18 And we're going to look at
54:20 the first one: Ephesus.
54:22 What the scripture tells us
54:23 about that church.
54:25 And so be sure, if you weren't
54:28 watching... if you were watching by television
54:30 or listening on the radio
54:32 and you weren't able to get your Bible, be sure
54:35 and be here tomorrow evening, 7 o'clock central time,
54:38 we're going to be taking a look at this next chapter...
54:42 starting this next chapter - chapter 2-
54:45 on the 7 churches, particularly the church of Ephesus.
54:49 And we hope that it will bless you in a very, very special way.
54:54 Thank you for being with us,
54:56 and we hope you will continue
54:57 as we study the book of Revelation.
54:59 May God abundantly bless you and lead you.
55:03 And may this study bless your soul
55:07 and draw you close to Jesus Christ.
55:10 Have a good evening. God bless you.
55:16 Hello, folks.
55:17 One of my favorite things to do in the springtime
55:20 is to take a walk and look at all the new growth.
55:23 The earth seems so fresh,
55:25 and each tree bursts forth with buds and flowers.
55:28 That reminds me of a parable that Jesus told His followers
55:32 in Luke 21.
55:34 You see, He had just described the events which will happen
55:38 immediately before His second coming.
55:54 But in verse 29 Jesus turns their attention
55:58 to the fig tree.
55:59 And ever since then, budding trees have served as a permanent
56:03 reminder that our time here is very short
56:07 and the second coming is very near.
56:24 Folks, many of these signs are already upon us.
56:28 The earth groans from the greed of those who have
56:31 exploited her resources, ravaged her land
56:35 and destroyed plants and animals and atmosphere alike
56:38 in a selfish pursuit of wealth.
56:41 Have you seen the signs?
56:43 Have you seen men's hearts failing with fear?
56:46 If you haven't, then I'm afraid you're not watching
56:49 very closely. However, the Holy Spirit is hard at work
56:53 and so are many Christians who long for an end to sin
56:57 and look forward to their soon-coming Savior.
57:00 That's why we continue to preach the gospel
57:03 to as many as we can through any means that we can
57:07 as often as we can.
57:09 Our ministry team is supported solely
57:11 by your contributions... and we thank you for your
57:15 faithful prayers and financial support.
57:18 May God richly bless you.
57:21 Please consider what you can do for those who still don't know
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57:27 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
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