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00:21 Good evening. Welcome to The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
00:25 Tonight we are continuing with
00:28 our fourth session.
00:31 And tonight we're taking a look at the church of Pergamos
00:35 and the letter that Christ wrote to that church
00:39 telling them of certain things that were taking place...
00:42 giving them counsel. And that's what we're going to be
00:44 looking at. And we hope it will be helpful to you
00:47 as you follow along.
00:49 And so those of you that have been watching
00:52 and joining us by television
00:54 or by radio or on the Internet we welcome you.
00:57 If you're joining us tonight for the first time,
01:01 we would encourage you - as we do every evening -
01:04 get your Bible... because this is a study
01:08 of the book of Revelation chapter by chapter.
01:12 And so we're going through it step by step.
01:15 So get your Bible. Get you a highlighter,
01:19 a piece of paper for some notes because we're going to look
01:22 at what God had to say to this church.
01:25 And hopefully that by the time we're through
01:30 with our study - this seminar -
01:34 you'll be able to pick up the book of Revelation and read it.
01:37 As I told you the first night,
01:40 as far as I'm concerned this is the most important
01:45 book of the Bible for people that are living today.
01:49 There's just not one more important
01:51 because it talks about our day - the time we are living in.
01:55 It talks about the things that you and I will face.
01:58 Also talks about the victories that we can have in Christ.
02:02 So you need to understand this book of Revelation.
02:05 God meant for you to understand it
02:08 because it's called what? Revelation...
02:13 which means a revealing. That's what it is.
02:16 And He said clearly... He said: "Don't shut this book up.
02:19 Don't seal it. "
02:21 Said: "I want you to understand it. "
02:23 And He promises a blessing to each of us if you do.
02:27 "If you read it, listen, keep those things, "
02:30 He said: "I'll bless you in a special way. "
02:33 So follow along as we study God's Word together.
02:37 All right.
02:38 Uh, our next session - our next presentation I should say -
02:43 our next presentation will be the church of Thyatira.
02:50 This church Christ wrote more to
02:56 and said more to them than any of the other churches.
02:59 He has more to say to the church of Thyatira
03:03 than any other. So you'll want to be sure and follow it
03:07 as we study about the church of Thyatira
03:10 and what was happening there
03:12 and why Christ had so much to say to them.
03:16 But tonight we're looking at Pergamos.
03:22 So we hope it will bless you in a special way
03:25 as we study God's Word together.
03:28 As I told you before, it's very, very pleasing
03:33 and always a great, great privilege to me
03:36 to have Joe Pearles with us.
03:38 We're thankful that he's been able to be here
03:40 and to join us during this first session.
03:43 And we hope you've been blessed by his music
03:46 from night to night. Tonight he's going to sing
03:49 a song titled When the Storm Passes By.
03:53 But before he does, Chuck Allgaier is going to come out
03:57 and he's going to read to you what Christ had to say
04:01 to the church of Pergamos.
04:10 Again if you have your Bibles tonight
04:12 please turn in them to the book of Revelation.
04:15 Revelation the 2nd chapter verses 12 through 17.
04:20 Revelation chapter 2
04:25 12 through 17.
05:42 May the Lord add His blessing to His Word.
06:01 In the dark of the midnight
06:06 I have oft hid my face
06:11 while the storm howls above me
06:16 and there's no hiding place.
06:21 Mid the crash of the thunder
06:26 precious Lord, hear my cry...
06:31 Keep me safe till the storm
06:36 passes by.
06:40 Till the storm passes over,
06:46 till the thunder sounds no more.
06:50 Till the clouds roll forever
06:55 from the sky.
07:00 Hold me fast,
07:03 help me stand
07:06 in the shadow of Thy hand.
07:10 Keep me safe
07:13 till the storm
07:16 passes by.
07:30 Many times Satan whispers
07:37 "there's just no need to try.
07:41 For there's no end to the sorrow
07:44 and for you... there's just no hope bye and bye. "
07:50 But I know Thou art with me
07:55 and tomorrow I'll rise
08:00 where the clouds
08:02 never darken the skies.
08:10 Till the storm passes over,
08:15 till the thunder sounds no more.
08:20 Till the clouds roll forever
08:25 from the sky.
08:30 Hold me fast,
08:32 let me stand
08:35 in the hollow
08:37 of Thy hand.
08:39 Keep me safe
08:42 till the storm
08:45 passes by.
08:49 Oh, keep me safe
08:52 till the storm
08:54 passes by.
09:19 Father, we come to You tonight
09:24 simply inviting Your Holy Spirit to be present.
09:30 Asking, Lord, that we might be given insight.
09:35 That our minds may be open.
09:39 That the Holy Spirit may be able to guide and lead us.
09:45 That we will understand what You had to say
09:49 to the church of Pergamos.
09:51 That we may apply it to our own lives
09:54 and might walk with You in all that we do.
09:57 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
10:08 We've had some people say
10:10 that this is upside down.
10:13 They say this is the legs...
10:15 but this is the altar of incense.
10:18 And that's not the legs.
10:21 Those are what's called the horns of the altar.
10:25 And if you've ever spent any time in scripture,
10:28 you'll find that this is where they came when they brought
10:32 blood from the lamb... touched it to the horns of the altar.
10:36 Also if you'll remember when Solomon became king
10:41 uh, Adonijah... who had tried to take the kingdom...
10:45 and when they were going to execute him
10:48 he went to the temple and grabbed the horns of the altar.
10:51 Also, remember when they were going to put Joab to death
10:55 he also went in and grabbed hold of the horns of the altar.
10:58 That's what these are.
11:00 So it's not the legs... it's the horns of the altar.
11:04 Anyhow, tonight we're into the
11:08 church of Pergamos
11:10 and we want to take a look and see what the scripture
11:12 has to say about it as Christ walks among
11:16 the seven golden candlesticks.
11:19 Those candlesticks represent churches.
11:22 That's what they stand for.
11:24 And He's walking among them...
11:26 and it depicts His care and His concern.
11:31 And I'm so glad that He walks among the candlesticks
11:35 and that Christ does not turn that over to man.
11:40 It says that He is the head of the church.
11:44 And He doesn't turn that over to man... He's in charge.
11:47 And that's talking about His care of the churches.
11:50 And we've looked at Ephesus; we've looked at Smyrna;
11:54 and now we're going to take a look at Pergamos.
11:58 And He starts out by speaking to that church...
12:01 addressing that church... saying:
12:06 So He's speaking to that church.
12:08 This word Pergamos actually means
12:12 height or elevation... is what it stands for.
12:17 Height or elevation. And there's another part to that word
12:21 that I'll come to as we get a little farther in
12:24 because it's very, very important
12:27 and that word has great, great significance to this church.
12:32 As you can see... uh, we studied about Ephesus
12:36 and we found that if you went up about 40 miles
12:38 north of Ephesus you came to Smyrna.
12:42 Both these are on the sea coast
12:46 along the Aegean Sea.
12:48 You go about 50 miles farther and a little to the east
12:51 and you come to Pergamos.
12:53 This is where Pergamos... not far from the coast either.
12:57 That's where Pergamos is.
12:58 But all of a sudden when you get up to Pergamos
13:01 and you're going across the country there and it's flat
13:05 all of a sudden there's a mountain that rises 1,300 ft.
13:08 straight up. And it's just almost perpendicular.
13:13 And on top of that mountain was where the city of Pergamos was.
13:19 This is the ruins of Pergamos.
13:23 Uh, this great theatre they had there...
13:26 you can see it down here...
13:27 a lot of it has fallen off and is not there now...
13:31 but you can imagine the view that they had there
13:35 of that theatre looking out from that mountain
13:38 1,300 ft. out across that plains and all.
13:41 But this was the city of Pergamos.
13:45 Uh, in the city of Pergamos they worshiped
13:49 Rome also as many of them did.
13:53 But also they worshiped Greek gods
13:56 and they had a temple there for the god Zeus
14:00 which they worshiped.
14:02 In that temple of Zeus
14:04 they also worshiped the god Asclepius...
14:09 the serpent god...
14:12 snake... that they kept there.
14:15 Asclepius was the god of the serpent they worshiped.
14:20 And they had connected with this a school,
14:24 and they also practiced a medicine...
14:27 taught medicine here.
14:29 And... and this is where you get the emblem
14:35 that medicine uses today of the serpent wrapped around
14:39 the pole. That's where this comes from is right here
14:42 in Pergamos. And that's part of the god Asclepius
14:46 that they worshiped and it's been handed down
14:49 through the years to us.
14:51 Uh, in this city... uh...
14:56 was one of the greatest libraries.
14:59 The library here had over 200,000 manuscripts in it
15:04 and it rivaled the library in Alexandria, Egypt.
15:09 And it rivaled it so much that Ptolemy V
15:14 was afraid that it was going to outdo the one in Alexandria.
15:20 And so since that time people used papyrus to write on
15:26 and it came from the papyrus reeds in Egypt,
15:29 he decided that he would not let them export any of it.
15:33 That way would stop them from being a rivalry to the library
15:40 in Alexandria. And the people here in Pergamos -
15:43 since they couldn't get papyrus to write on -
15:46 they took and began to develop animal skins to write on.
15:52 And they developed a very fine animal skin to write on.
15:57 It was called Pergamos... but as time went along
16:00 it became known as parchment.
16:03 One of the best writing materials there is today
16:05 is parchment. And so that's where parchment came from.
16:09 And these two libraries were rivals
16:13 and it went back and forth for years
16:15 until along came a fellow by the name of Mark Antony.
16:20 And Mark Antony took the library at Pergamos
16:24 and gave it to Cleopatra in Egypt...
16:30 and it went to Alexandria.
16:32 And that's what happened to the library here in Pergamos.
16:35 So you find there's a lot of history
16:38 that's connected with this as they worshiped.
16:41 The temple of Zeus was here.
16:44 Maybe I should say something about this at this point
16:48 and then we'll talk about it as we go on in.
16:50 And that is... uh,
16:52 this temple of Zeus and the worship that all went on here
16:56 and particularly of the serpent god
16:58 you'll find back when Babylon was in...
17:03 going and all... and the Persians came down -
17:06 the Medes and Persians - and they overthrew
17:09 the city of Babylon.
17:11 Well when the Persians overthrew it
17:14 the priests in Babylon fled
17:18 and they came to Pergamos.
17:21 That's where they came; set up the school.
17:24 And so you have the doctrines of the pagans in Babylon
17:30 being transferred to Pergamos
17:33 which carried it right on in to the Romans.
17:36 And so this is where this all comes through
17:39 and follows through that line of thought,
17:42 and they worshiped many of the pagan gods here.
17:46 So it's an interesting situation that you find here.
17:51 That was the greeting to the church there at Pergamos.
17:55 He goes on... identifies Himself now... and He says this:
18:05 Christ, who has the sharp, two-edged sword.
18:10 As we read about Christ there in the first chapter
18:14 it said: "out of His mouth went a sharp, two-edge sword. "
18:19 The two-edged sword is for thrusting and cutting.
18:24 That's what it's used for.
18:27 And it speaks of God's Word being that.
18:36 And, you know, the Bible is that way.
18:40 Have you ever found it to be that way?
18:43 You know? Like a preacher who was preaching
18:46 and as he was preaching, this lady about...
18:49 out in the congregation every once in a while
18:52 he would hit something that really touched her heart
18:54 and she would say "Amen! "
18:56 You know, I mean she was really right with him
19:00 and just every so often she was saying "Amen! "
19:03 And all of a sudden as he was preaching
19:06 he got on something that just cut her. I mean
19:09 went right to the heart and cut her and she said:
19:12 "Ooh-wee, he's stopped preaching and started meddling. "
19:15 See? And some people feel that way.
19:17 But that's what the Word of God does.
19:20 It cuts... and sometimes it's not very pleasant
19:24 because it requires that you and I must get rid of some things.
19:31 Cuts it out of us. This has to be.
19:41 Listen:
19:53 That's what the Word of God does.
19:55 Have you ever considered that the Word of God?
20:01 It says it's powerful.
20:05 I mentioned this the other night.
20:07 In this, folks, in this book
20:10 is contained the same energy
20:15 that was used to create the world...
20:20 in this book.
20:22 That's why this book - like no other book -
20:25 can change our hearts.
20:28 Can make us different.
20:29 Not that you and I have that within ourselves...
20:32 we don't!
20:34 But the Word of God does... it's powerful.
20:36 And that's the reason it cuts. That's the reason it requires
20:40 of you and me to change...
20:43 to leave things off that we were doing.
20:47 This is what God's Word does for us.
20:57 No, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.
21:06 Now let's see what it says here:
21:24 Have you found it that way in your life
21:28 that as you read the Word of God...
21:33 You know, one thing I found out when I became a Christian
21:37 and read the Word of God it always says the same thing.
21:41 You know, I'd read something and it didn't set well with me.
21:45 And some while later I read it again
21:48 and it still said the same thing.
21:50 You know, it just tells you you've got to change.
21:55 You've got to... casting down every thought that's contrary
21:59 to the Word of God.
22:01 I bring my life into conformity
22:04 to the Word of God and what it has to say.
22:07 That's what He's telling us here.
22:09 Sharp, two-edged sword.
22:11 Let's take a look at what the condition
22:14 of the church in Pergamos was,
22:18 what the Bible has to say about it.
22:24 I told you that in every one of these churches
22:27 He says that: "I know your works. "
22:31 OK. "and where you dwell, " Where what?
22:42 He said: "I know where you dwell.
22:44 You dwell where Satan's throne is. "
22:47 You see, He's making reference to the temple of Zeus
22:52 and to where the Satan god is.
22:55 That's what He's talking about.
22:56 These people, folks... these Christians here
22:59 in Pergamos and all these churches
23:01 they're living in a time in which they are
23:05 faced with severe persecution.
23:08 This is a time in which Rome
23:11 has vowed that it will destroy Christianity... get rid of it.
23:16 And so they're not only living at that time
23:20 but they're also in the midst of it.
23:24 They're where Satan's throne is.
23:26 They're right in the heart of it.
23:27 And there's all kinds of things going on there
23:31 that is contrary to Christianity.
23:37 Heathenism...
23:39 Heathenism or paganism, folks, is immoral.
23:45 I don't know if you understand that,
23:47 but the whole principles of it is immoral
23:50 and the practice of it involves immorality.
23:53 So there's all kinds of things going on here,
23:56 and this is what Christ is referring to when He says:
23:59 "You're in the very heart of it.
24:01 You're where Satan's throne is. That's where you are. "
24:04 He said: "I know that... I know where you dwell. "
24:07 OK? And He said: "But you hold fast to My name,
24:12 did not deny My faith. "
24:24 See, Antipas was martyred for his faith there.
24:31 And these... many, many - as I have told you -
24:35 of the church of Smyrna... thousands of them died
24:39 for their faith. Stood up and said "No,
24:42 we will not worship the Emperor,
24:44 we will not worship a pagan god. "
24:46 And they gave their lives to keep from doing that.
24:50 This represents a church age -
24:54 and as I told you before, don't try to tie down
24:58 these dates very tight - but I'm going to tell you
25:01 some important things that happened here.
25:03 Because you remember last night as we talked about Smyrna
25:06 it said you would have persecution ten days.
25:09 And we found out that that covered the period of time
25:12 in which Diocletian persecuted the church for ten years
25:16 terribly. Well, when Diocletian died in 331 AD...
25:23 See right here? 331 AD...
25:27 then Constantine came to the throne
25:31 and all of a sudden Constantine could see.
25:35 Constantine could understand that the Roman Empire
25:40 was going Christian
25:42 because by this time almost half of the Roman Empire
25:47 was Christian in belief.
25:49 And he could see that there was no use in continuing
25:52 the persecution that they were doing
25:54 and he stopped it right there.
25:56 313 AD... that was it... persecution stopped.
26:01 OK?
26:05 Let me just say this:
26:08 if you can't win them by persecution
26:14 or you can't succeed by persecution,
26:19 then you can always
26:23 beat them by popularity.
26:28 Don't forget it.
26:30 You'll see what I'm talking about...
26:33 because this was a hard, hard time.
26:36 Antipas, all them gave their lives for their faith.
26:41 They stood up... took their lives.
26:44 But all of a sudden with Constantine
26:46 now the church was in favor.
26:49 It was no longer persecuted...
26:52 now it became popular.
26:55 Constantine said that he had seen a cross in a vision,
27:02 in a dream, and that he was going to become a Christian.
27:05 Don't know that he ever did...
27:08 but he said he was going to be one.
27:10 Took his army out and marched them through the river
27:13 and told them they had all been baptized
27:14 and were Christians now.
27:17 Also as you can see here in 321 AD
27:22 he signed the Edict of Constantine
27:25 in which he took the day of worship for the pagans,
27:29 Sunday, and transferred it as to a day of worship
27:34 for the Christians - 321 AD -
27:37 and all of a sudden you found that all the paganism
27:41 and many of the rites and beliefs that they had
27:44 now began to infiltrate the church.
27:48 And all of a sudden you had baptized paganism.
27:56 And the church before who wouldn't tolerate any of this
28:02 and was persecuted for it
28:04 and stood up and said: "No, we won't go along, "
28:07 now all of a sudden they just... paganism reached out
28:10 her arms and took them into the fold
28:13 and Christianity now was the state religion.
28:20 What a difference it made.
28:30 Put it down, folks: we don't war according to the flesh.
28:35 That's not the way God wants it.
28:44 We don't use guns; we don't use swords.
28:48 Our warfare is not carnal, OK?
29:10 This is how you and I as Christians
29:15 are to live.
29:18 And this is what we're to face.
29:20 The Word of God is to be our sword.
29:24 This is our sword.
29:26 This is our weapon.
29:28 Not... not guns, not cannons, not bombs...
29:34 but the Word of God.
29:35 And this - by this - you and I
29:38 are to live and walk and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.
29:42 This is what He wants us to do.
29:44 OK, what problems does the church here face?
30:00 "My, " He said: "there's some of you here that hold
30:02 the doctrine of Balaam. "
30:03 Now folks, this is not talking about Balaam in flesh and blood.
30:07 Balaam's been dead for years, OK?
30:21 Now you remember the story, don't you, of Balaam?
30:26 You remember Balak had hired him to come
30:29 and to curse Israel.
30:33 Took him up on the mountain.
30:35 Let him look out over the camp of Israel...
30:37 all the camp of Israel... and said:
30:39 "Curse these people. "
30:41 And you remember Balaam had him offer sacrifices
30:46 and Balaam prayed. And came back and instead of
30:49 cursing them he blessed them.
30:52 And Balak said: "That's not what I hired you to do. "
30:56 Took him to another place...
30:59 again showed him the camp of Israel
31:01 and again offered sacrifices
31:04 and said: "Curse these people. "
31:07 And when Balaam spoke, he blessed them.
31:12 What happened.
31:14 Took him to a place where he could not see
31:17 the children of Israel
31:19 and offered sacrifices and said: "Now curse these people. "
31:23 But the third time he blessed them... he didn't curse them.
31:38 Now he couldn't curse them - Balaam couldn't...
31:42 but he told Balak... He said: "Just go down
31:48 and mingle with them. "
31:50 "Invite them into your tents
31:54 and let them eat with you.
31:58 And let them dance, and let them have a good time.
32:02 That's all you need to do.
32:04 And if you'll just do that and have them there
32:07 and let them mix and mingle with you,
32:10 then you will be able to undo. "
32:25 Said: "You know... just come on.
32:31 You can sacrifice to our gods.
32:33 You can have a good time with us... enjoy it. "
32:39 Church of Pergamos... that's what it's saying.
32:44 He said: "You have the doctrine of Balaam, " see?
32:47 Inviting you in to be part of the pagan worship
32:52 and all the things that's going on here.
32:54 This is what He's talking about.
32:56 Exactly what Balaam did.
32:58 And so He says you and I today
33:03 find ourselves in that same place.
33:05 I find so much, folks,
33:08 that if you stand and say: "Here's where I stand,
33:14 I won't be moved... this is what I believe, "
33:18 people say: "Well you're intolerant. "
33:23 You just are... you know, "you're bigoted.
33:28 You're not sociable.
33:33 You are legalistic, fanatical. "
33:37 All those terms they want to say concerning
33:41 the fact that you want to stand for what the Bible says.
33:45 What I'm trying to tell you
33:47 is God says: "Stand... don't give up your faith.
33:53 Follow what the Word of God says. " Don't misunderstand me.
34:01 I'm to stand, and I'm to stand firmly.
34:05 But I need to do it in a kind,
34:09 gentle, compassionate way.
34:14 That I need to do.
34:16 But I shouldn't let things move me or change me...
34:21 I need to stand by the Word of God.
34:25 This is the same problem they had in the church at that time.
34:31 This is what the problem in Jerusalem
34:33 at the Council of Jerusalem was all over
34:35 was the fact that there were people that were willing to say
34:39 uh, "this is where we stand"
34:41 and there were people arguing against it.
34:44 You had some of the Jewish converts
34:48 that were arguing for certain things and others
34:51 and they had the Council at Jerusalem.
34:53 And when that Council was through
34:55 this was the advice they gave to the churches back then -
34:59 and Pergamos was involved in this.
35:20 See they were just saying: "Come on, doesn't hurt.
35:23 You can take part of this. " OK?
35:34 This was their problem.
35:36 They were trying to involve the people
35:38 into all their pagan rites and sacrifices, and they said: "No!
35:43 Don't be involved in this. "
35:47 Dear friends, you and I are in the world.
35:53 There's nothing wrong with that.
35:58 God expects us to be.
36:00 We're to bear a witness in the world.
36:02 The problem that you and I must be very careful of
36:06 is we must not let the world be in us.
36:09 God has called us out, and we must walk with the Lord
36:14 in what we do in a kind, gentle way.
36:27 Now we've run onto this before in the churches.
36:31 In the church of Ephesus we were faced with this doctrine
36:34 of the Nicolatians. Here it is again.
36:36 That had invaded the whole country.
36:40 These were people that were followers of the deacon Nicolas.
36:45 And the deacon Nicolas said
36:48 that spirituality and physical part
36:54 really didn't have any relationship to one another.
36:57 What you did physically had no effect upon your spiritual.
37:03 This came much from the teachings of Gnosticism
37:06 and out of Alexandria, Egypt, a lot of this came
37:11 and out of Rome
37:12 they taught this, and it was invading the whole country.
37:16 And He said: "Thus you also have those who hold
37:19 the doctrine of the Nicolatians. "
37:21 And there were people in the church there at Pergamos
37:25 that were going along with this.
37:28 This also involved the belief
37:32 that we talked about which was antinomianism.
37:36 Antinomianism takes the law of God
37:42 and says that the gospel of Jesus Christ
37:47 frees me from the law
37:50 and I don't have to pay any attention to it
37:52 or worry about it. I'm not concerned about keeping it.
37:56 I am under grace... I'm not under law.
38:00 That's what it says.
38:02 And it says that I don't have to worry about that.
38:05 That is not something that I need to be concerned with.
38:09 And yet God... Christ said: "I HATE this. "
38:12 "Hate this... " because He, Himself,
38:15 is the embodiment of God's law.
38:18 And you and I must be willing to walk in accordance
38:24 with God's law. I cannot tread it underfoot.
38:30 Just can't do that.
38:32 God makes it clear that the law
38:34 is something that you and I are to keep.
38:38 That we are to walk in His law, follow it.
38:42 Also, it simply taught that since the
38:48 physical had no relationship to the spiritual
38:52 that I could do anything I wanted
38:54 and it didn't affect my salvation.
38:57 Therefore if I just accepted Christ
39:00 I could live like the devil and that was still all right.
39:06 But no... that's not what the scripture teaches.
39:09 In fact, unless Christ comes into your heart and changes you,
39:14 then there's something wrong... there's no change there.
39:19 So God simply says antinomianism was contrary to that.
39:24 Now... back to Pergamos.
39:26 Purgos meant castle or tower or exalted,
39:32 lifted up. The city was on this mountain
39:37 and the temple and all, and it was looked upon
39:40 as being impregnable.
39:42 Couldn't be taken.
39:44 And the only times it was ever taken was by strategism
39:48 and someone getting there
39:50 because it was easily guarded and cared for.
39:53 But gamos - that word part of Pergamos -
39:58 gamos stood for marriage.
40:03 And so it says exalted or lifted up through marriage.
40:09 What it talks about.
40:10 And so what you have here is you have union
40:14 of church and state, see?
40:20 This is where the state reached out and took the church in
40:25 and they became married.
40:28 Paganism has always been that way, folks.
40:30 Paganism had always been that the
40:34 leader, the Emperor, or whoever was in charge
40:39 was not only in charge of the state
40:41 but he was also in charge of the religion.
40:44 That's always been the case.
40:46 So now all of a sudden here the state has reached out
40:51 and has taken in the church.
40:53 And the state now is not only the political head
40:57 but it becomes the religious head as well.
41:02 It's always the case.
41:04 And here it opened up its doors and invited in,
41:09 and the church and the state became married
41:12 and you had unification of church and state.
41:17 This was a major, major problem
41:21 because now you find that the state
41:27 is interested in doing what it can
41:31 to make religion more popular.
41:35 More people accept it and invite them in.
41:38 And so you get the church infiltrated with all kinds
41:43 of pagan customs. And even to this day
41:46 many, many of the things that is practiced
41:50 comes about as the result of paganism.
41:54 You just went through a period.
41:57 Have you ever heard of 40 days of Lent?
42:04 If you wanted to go back and look at it
42:07 and study it, you'll find those 40 days
42:11 were 40 days of weeping for the god Tammuz...
42:15 what they were doing. And so they just took a pagan custom
42:20 and Christianized it and brought it into the church.
42:24 Also tell me - if you would... what does Easter bunnies
42:31 have to do with the resurrection of Christ?
42:33 Where did that come from?
42:36 Because they were gods of fertility.
42:39 They worshiped them as such.
42:42 This is where all this infiltrated into the church
42:45 and came... And today it's handed out and people accept it
42:49 as part of the Christian religion
42:52 which really in reality it's not.
42:55 And you and I need to follow what the Word of God says.
43:08 He said: "Change, repent. If you don't,
43:12 I'll come against you and fight with you
43:16 with the sword of My mouth. " And the sword of His mouth
43:19 is sharp... a sharp, two-edge sword.
43:24 And He said: "I'll fight with you on this. "
43:27 The Word of God... powerful.
43:37 This book and the teachings of this book
43:43 has captured nations.
43:49 It has changed entire countries.
43:57 This book is not just a history book,
44:02 not just a book of literature.
44:05 It's not just a book of literature or grammar.
44:12 This book is divine...
44:14 it's the Word of God, OK?
44:21 This is what you and I must be willing to follow.
44:43 In other words, He's saying that you and I
44:45 are going to be judged by this book.
44:49 That's how we're going to be judged is by this book.
44:52 "It will judge them in the last days. "
44:54 And therefore, if I have opened my heart and accepted it
44:59 and followed it,
45:02 you're going to be in good shape.
45:04 Because if you do that,
45:07 then Jesus Christ is going to represent you.
45:11 And if Christ represents you, you can't lose.
45:16 OK? So the Word of God will judge the people
45:22 in the last days.
45:24 Well, let's look at what He says here:
45:34 You and I need to listen carefully to what it has to say.
45:40 We need to make sure that we understand
45:44 what God is saying to you and to me.
45:47 The promise... the promise that's given:
46:07 OK. He said: "I will give him some of the hidden manna. "
46:12 Ah, there's something to be learned about the hidden manna.
46:16 Very much so.
46:18 Speaking of the children of Israel it says here
46:21 in I Corinthians 10:3,4:
46:35 OK. Now it says feed them "with the hidden manna. "
46:41 What is that talking about...
46:45 the hidden manna?
46:47 Bread. Angel's food as it was called.
46:52 I want to share something with you.
46:55 When the manna fell, when did it fall?
46:59 Yeah, early in the morning.
47:02 When they woke up, it was on the ground, right?
47:07 How long did it stay there?
47:12 What does the scripture say?
47:14 It says that when the sun came up
47:19 it melted is what it says.
47:22 Now what I'm trying to get across to you
47:28 is this is manna... this is the Word of God.
47:32 It's manna. Much, much better
47:36 if you eat of it early in the morning.
47:42 If you eat of it early in the morning it's much, much better.
47:46 And a little secret:
47:51 Five minutes with that... and the Lord help you
47:55 if that's all you spend with it...
47:57 but five minutes with that
47:59 will save a half hour of confession at night.
48:03 Spend time with the Lord in the morning.
48:07 Listen to the words of Jesus here:
48:14 HE is the Bread of Life.
48:15 Do you want life?
48:17 Huh? Do you want life?
48:19 Jesus said: "I am the Bread of Life. "
48:27 See, that's what... that's
48:31 what these Jewish people after He had fed the 5,000
48:34 they all came down there and they said...
48:36 "You know, this miracle... " they said to Him...
48:40 They said: "This miracle You did; that wasn't so great. "
48:44 They said: "Moses gave our fathers bread
48:47 in the wilderness. "
48:49 And Jesus said: "Yeah, your fathers ate manna
48:54 in the wilderness. They're dead. "
49:07 That's a promise: one may eat of this and not die.
49:13 Learn to eat the Word of God.
49:18 And I can tell you right now, there was for years
49:22 that the devil saw to it in my own life
49:25 that I didn't spend the time with the Word of God
49:28 that I should.
49:30 I mean, I was doing good things and I was busy,
49:35 but I wasn't spending time with the Word of God.
49:38 And finally one day I woke up
49:41 and I said: "Listen, if you have time to eat physically
49:48 then you have time to read God's Word. "
49:51 And I made a pact that if I didn't have time
49:56 to read God's Word, I didn't have time to eat.
50:03 Since that day, I've always found time for both.
50:06 So... make it part of your life
50:11 to spend time with the Word of God.
50:34 Take time, friends,
50:37 to read God's Word. Take it into your heart.
50:40 This is the hidden manna
50:44 that He's willing to give to you and me.
50:59 OK.
51:11 He said: "I'm going to give him a white stone,
51:14 and on that I'm going to write a new name. "
51:19 OK. "And the only one that knows that
51:22 will be that person. "
51:24 A new name. You see, back then
51:28 that's the way judges made decisions.
51:33 If you were acquitted,
51:35 they put out a white stone.
51:38 If you were condemned, it was a black stone.
51:44 Given a new stone... white stone.
51:48 Also, that's something that they gave to athletes.
51:51 Tessera or something like that
51:55 was the name of it. I can't remember exactly.
51:57 But the stone they gave them if they had won a victory
52:01 they gave them this white stone with their name
52:06 inscribed in that white stone.
52:08 And that stone gave them privileges because they had won.
52:13 This was done. This is what He's referring to.
52:16 He's going to give you and I a white stone.
52:35 You see, you and I don't even know our own hearts...
52:41 but God does.
52:43 He knows us
52:46 better than we know ourselves.
52:49 And to those people who follow Him and walk with Him
52:53 and obey Him and open up their hearts to Him
52:56 and accept Him, to them He's going to give a white stone,
53:00 and on that He's going to write a name
53:03 that has to do with you that nobody else will know
53:08 except only you because that fits your character
53:13 like nothing else you ever knew.
53:15 That is what He's going to write on that stone
53:18 and give you a new name
53:20 that will be especially meaningful to you.
53:40 Going to give you a new name,
53:42 and that will represent your character.
53:46 And so dear friend I would say
53:48 place your life in His hands.
53:51 Let Him change you. Let Him make you different.
53:56 Let Him speak to your soul
53:59 and change you that you may be a new person
54:03 in Christ Jesus.
54:05 This is what He wants to do for you and for me.
54:08 And He'll bless you in a special way as you do so.
54:13 Let us pray.
54:14 Heavenly Father,
54:16 We thank you... thank you that You are willing
54:20 to give us a new name. That we can feast,
54:25 that we can eat of the hidden manna...
54:29 the Bread of Life... that as we take it into our lives
54:36 that we each might know and understand
54:40 that in You is life
54:43 and in Christ Jesus we can find hope,
54:47 we can find peace, and we can find joy.
54:51 Bless each one here and those that are listening tonight.
54:54 For this we pray in the name of our Lord and Savior
54:59 Jesus Christ. Amen.
55:03 Our next presentation will be on the church of Thyatira
55:09 and we hope it will bless you in a special way
55:13 as we continue to study together.
55:17 Hello, folks.
55:18 One of my favorite things to do in the springtime
55:21 is to take a walk and look at all the new growth.
55:24 The earth seems so fresh,
55:26 and each tree bursts forth with buds and flowers.
55:29 That reminds me of a parable that Jesus told His followers
55:33 in Luke 21.
55:35 You see, He had just described the events which will happen
55:39 immediately before His second coming.
55:55 But in verse 29 Jesus turns their attention
55:59 to the fig tree.
56:00 And ever since then, the budding trees have served as a permanent
56:04 reminder that our time here is very short
56:07 and the second coming is very near.
56:25 Folks, many of these signs are already upon us.
56:29 The earth groans from the greed of those who have
56:32 exploited her resources, ravaged her land
56:36 and destroyed plants and animals and atmosphere alike
56:39 in a selfish pursuit of wealth.
56:42 Have you seen the signs?
56:44 Have you seen men's hearts failing with fear?
56:46 If you haven't, then I'm afraid you're not watching
56:50 very closely. However, the Holy Spirit is hard at work
56:54 and so are many Christians who long for an end to sin
56:57 and look forward to their soon-coming Savior.
57:01 And that's why we continue to preach the gospel
57:04 to as many as we can through any means that we can
57:08 as often as we can.
57:10 Our ministry team is supported solely
57:12 by your contributions... and we thank you for your
57:16 faithful prayers and financial support.
57:19 May God richly bless you.
57:22 Please consider what you can do for those who still don't know
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