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00:20 And welcome to The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
00:23 We're very happy to have you with us today
00:26 as we continue this study on the book of Revelation.
00:30 And our presentation today is
00:34 The Church of Thyatira... the fourth church
00:39 in the series of seven. And so we hope that it has been
00:42 a blessing to you as we have gone along
00:45 so far in our study of the book of Revelation.
00:48 We just want to welcome all of you that are joining us
00:51 by television or by radio or on the Internet.
00:55 We're happy that you're here.
00:57 And as I have told the people each presentation,
01:01 be sure and get your Bible.
01:03 You need to have your Bible because this is a study
01:08 of the book of Revelation chapter by chapter.
01:13 So you are going to want to follow in your Bible.
01:16 Even though we have it on the screen
01:18 you'll want to follow in your Bible.
01:20 And it's good if you have a highlighter
01:23 so you can highlight texts
01:24 or some pencil and paper so you can take some notes
01:28 because we'll look at things that I think you'll find
01:32 to be very, very helpful as we continue through the book
01:37 and taking a look at the different churches.
01:41 These are personal letters that Jesus wrote
01:46 to those seven churches.
01:48 That makes them very, very important.
01:52 And there's much for you and I to learn about the church
01:56 back then but also about what it means to us personally.
02:02 The counsel that Christ is giving...
02:05 what does that say to you and to me in our own lives?
02:08 And then it helps us get a view of the whole plan of salvation
02:14 as far as the church is concerned
02:16 down through the ages.
02:18 So this is what you want to follow
02:20 as we study God's Word together.
02:23 Our next presentation
02:25 is going to be about the church of Sardis.
02:31 A church that
02:35 Christ said is "dead. "
02:38 And we want to take a look at that church
02:40 and what it has to say about it.
02:43 So that's the one we'll be look- ing at in the next presentation.
02:47 And then today we're taking a look at Thyatira.
02:50 So these are the different churches that we're studying.
02:54 We're very happy to have with us Joe Pearles...
02:59 who has worked with us.
03:02 We were looking at... just talking the other day
03:05 and Joe has been actually working with us
03:09 and singing with us for 18 years.
03:12 And it's been a blessing
03:14 as he's continued to have his ministry of music
03:20 going many different places and cities and singing for them.
03:24 And he's always blessed me personally very much,
03:28 and I hope he's been a blessing to you.
03:30 Today he's going to sing a song that
03:34 carries a very, very special message.
03:37 It's called The Sparrow,
03:39 and I think you'll enjoy it as he sings it.
03:42 Also we're happy that Chuck Allgaier each evening has been
03:46 reading to us the scripture that we're looking at for that day.
03:51 In other words, he's going to read to us
03:52 what the Bible has to say about the church of Thyatira.
03:57 So, Chuck, come and share that with us at this time.
04:04 If you have your Bibles this morning,
04:07 please turn them to the book of Revelation
04:09 the second chapter
04:12 verses 18 through 29.
04:15 Revelation chapter 2 verses 18 through 29.
04:21 I hope you'll read together with me.
06:38 He sees the sparrow
06:41 fall to the ground.
06:45 His eyes go misty
06:49 as He reaches down.
06:52 Gently He lifts it
06:56 from somewhere below.
07:00 Touches and heals it
07:04 and then lets it go.
07:09 How much more
07:13 does my Father on high
07:17 care when I'm burdened?
07:21 Care when I cry?
07:26 Sometimes I forget
07:29 that He knows all my sorrows.
07:35 Oh, but then I rejoice
07:39 when I remember the sparrow.
07:54 Why should I covet earth's treasures today?
08:01 In the space of a heartbeat
08:05 they'll all pass away.
08:09 And why should I carry
08:13 this burden of doubt?
08:16 I'll give it to Jesus
08:20 and He'll work it out.
08:26 How much more
08:29 does my Father on high
08:34 care when I'm burdened?
08:37 Care when I cry?
08:42 Sometimes I forget
08:46 that He knows all my sorrows.
08:52 Oh, but then I rejoice
08:55 when I remember the sparrow.
09:01 Oh, but then I rejoice
09:05 when I remember
09:08 the sparrow.
09:32 Heavenly Father,
09:34 we ask this morning that our lives may be surrendered to You.
09:40 Lord bless us as we look at this letter that You
09:45 wrote to the church in Thyatira.
09:50 May we learn the lessons that You have there.
09:54 We pray that the Holy Spirit may give us understanding.
09:59 That our hearts may be open, and that each one of us
10:04 may purpose to walk with You and to follow You
10:09 all the way into Your kingdom.
10:11 This we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
10:19 The church of Thyatira.
10:23 As Christ walked among the seven golden candlesticks
10:27 and with a special message to each one of these churches...
10:33 We've looked at Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos,
10:39 and now Thyatira.
10:43 This is a message from Christ to them, and He addresses
10:47 the church with these words and says:
10:54 To this particular church, He's saying:
10:57 "I'm writing you a letter.
10:58 I have a special message just for you. "
11:03 Thyatira actually means sweet savor of labor.
11:08 Now the reason for that is... different than Ephesus
11:14 and different than Smyrna and Pergamos...
11:17 these were cites
11:20 and they were pretty good-sized cities.
11:24 They numbered in the hundreds of thousands of people
11:27 and therefore they were large cities.
11:29 And they had marvelous theatres and temples and all that.
11:34 But Thyatira doesn't have that.
11:37 It sits out on the plain,
11:39 and most of the people that worked there were poor laborers.
11:44 And therefore, labor was very, very real to them.
11:49 These were not people that had a lot of money.
11:52 They were people that had to work day by day hard labor
11:56 for their work, and that's the reason this is a sweet savor
12:00 of labor to them. So this is the church
12:03 that He's addressing there.
12:06 As you can see on the map, uh...
12:09 Ephesus sat right on the coast there of the Aegean Sea.
12:15 And if you went north a little bit you came to Smyrna
12:19 which also had a marvelous port there on the Aegean Sea.
12:23 And if you go on up about 50 miles you come to Pergamos
12:28 who also was close to the sea.
12:31 So all these used the port there as a means of their livelihood.
12:36 But all of a sudden now, we move southeast
12:41 about 30 miles from Pergamos to Thyatira.
12:45 Thyatira sits out on the plains...
12:49 it's just plains there.
12:51 And strange, folks, as it may sound,
12:54 the longest letter that Christ wrote
12:59 was to the church of Thyatira.
13:02 More is said to them than anyone else... and yet,
13:05 we have less historical information on the city
13:11 of Thyatira than any of the others.
13:14 Just not much there we know about it.
13:16 This is some of the ruins of the city that was there.
13:22 It was not a large city.
13:24 It was very medium in size,
13:29 and from the excavation that they have been able to do there
13:32 and some of the things they've found,
13:34 it evidently was kind of an outpost.
13:38 It was... stables and all there for cavalry.
13:41 And they... they were the ones that were there
13:44 and worked in Thyatira.
13:48 And so it's not a big city at all.
13:52 There are a few ruins there, but most of it is buried
13:57 and we just don't know much about it... not a great lot.
14:01 There are a few things that we DO know about it.
14:03 One we know is the fact that they, uh, developed
14:09 the color purple. And you have the incident in the Bible
14:14 here in Acts where Paul meets this woman. And says:
14:25 So she's there. She's a seller of purple.
14:29 You see, purple was a very, very hard color to come by.
14:35 There just wasn't much of it.
14:38 And here in Thyatira they had... up until a certain time...
14:44 the only place they got purple
14:46 was a few drops of the color purple from shellfish.
14:50 And that's where they got it.
14:52 But here in Thyatira, they developed the color purple
14:56 from the madder root, and they were able to put it out
14:59 in much, much greater supply. And so Lydia here
15:03 was there with Paul and them. And it says:
15:11 And so she accepted the Lord.
15:13 And most theologians and historians agree that
15:17 the church here in Thyatira probably had its beginnings
15:22 with her witness. That she went back and witnessed to the church
15:26 and all there. So this is the background
15:30 for the city of Thyatira and the church there.
15:34 Christ identifies Himself,
15:37 and the way He identifies Himself is most interesting
15:39 because this is what He says to them:
15:48 Uh, two things in this text that's different,
15:52 and that is, it says here:
15:54 "These things says the Son of God. "
15:59 That's the only place in the seven churches
16:03 where that phrase "the Son of God" is used.
16:07 In fact, that's the only place that phrase is used
16:11 in the book of Revelation.
16:13 Says "the Son of God"
16:16 emphasizing that He was the Son of God
16:21 and that their worship needed to be of Him.
16:25 Also it goes on here and says:
16:32 That was particularly meaningful to these people
16:36 because in Thyatira another thing they did
16:39 is they had foundries where they produced brass
16:44 and so forth. And so they were used to seeing
16:47 flames of fire and all.
16:49 And so it had a particular meaning to them
16:52 when He says that He was the One who had eyes
16:54 like the flame of fire and feet as brass.
16:58 I told you the first night
17:02 when He uses that word brass there
17:05 that is a particular type of brass.
17:08 And it was what they called Corinthian brass
17:11 which was of more value than gold
17:15 because it was made out of copper, silver, and gold
17:20 and the refining of it was a very, very special process.
17:24 And so this is Christ as He greets the churches.
17:28 This outline that you are following here is what...
17:31 is the same outline you find in every one of the churches.
17:35 And He now talks about the condition of the church there
17:39 in Thyatira.
17:52 So He says: "I know your works. "
17:55 And really their works were quite good
17:58 because He said: "You have service,
18:02 faith, patience. " This was all there. "Love. "
18:07 Those were there. You'll find that these
18:10 particular attributes that they're talking about
18:13 that the church members had there...
18:15 they always go in pairs
18:18 because you always have it love and service.
18:22 Those go in pairs.
18:24 If you have love, you will have service.
18:30 Doesn't come any other way.
18:33 You know? If you love... If you love somebody,
18:37 is it hard to be of help to them?
18:39 No. Comes naturally. You want to.
18:44 It's part of it, and so those always happen together:
18:48 love and service. If you love the Lord Jesus Christ,
18:52 then what are you going to do?
18:54 You're going to serve Him
18:56 because you want to, because you desire to,
18:59 because you love Him. That's part of the process.
19:02 And so here they have love and service...
19:06 they go together.
19:08 Also when it comes to faith and patience, those two go together.
19:13 If you have faith, then you will have patience.
19:18 See? You trust the person, and that's not hard.
19:23 If you have faith or you trust them,
19:26 then it's not hard to be patient
19:28 because you believe in them.
19:30 You know, and therefore you accept that.
19:32 Those are two of the attributes that always go together.
19:36 These people in Thyatira had those attributes,
19:39 and Christ praised them for them. He said:
19:42 "I know your works. "
19:44 By the way, in this church He comes back to that word works
19:47 twice and talks about their works particularly.
19:52 All right, now we come to the problem...
19:56 the problem that this church has
19:59 and what He tells them about their problem.
20:14 And said: "I have this against you
20:17 because you suffer this woman Jezebel... "
20:21 Now folks, this cannot be talking about Jezebel
20:25 in flesh and blood.
20:27 Jezebel has been dead for 500 years,
20:33 so no way is this talking about Jezebel in flesh and blood.
20:37 He's talking about something else,
20:39 and He's making an application to her here...
20:41 "this woman Jezebel that calls herself a prophetess,
20:45 who teaches and seduces My servants... "
20:56 Now... now I'll talk about that in just a little bit.
21:01 But if it's not talking about Jezebel in flesh and blood,
21:06 then how do they commit sexual immorality?
21:11 You think about that.
21:13 How do they do that? OK?
21:17 And He says: "causes them to eat things sacrified to idols...
21:22 to other gods. "
21:35 Said: "I gave her a space of time to repent
21:39 and she did not repent. "
21:43 What she did?
21:55 Severe. Said: "If you don't repent of your deeds,
22:00 I'll cast you into a sickbed
22:02 and those who commit adultery with you. "
22:05 OK...
22:22 He said: "I'll give to each one of you
22:25 according to your works. "
22:29 OK, what is He talking about here?
22:31 Well, we talked about each night that this church age...
22:35 Again I want to stress, folks, when we talk about a church age
22:40 even though I put it on the screen, do not try necessarily
22:44 to tie it down to a date.
22:47 It's talking about a period of time,
22:50 and you'll find that they overlap.
22:53 One will overlap the other, so don't try necessarily
22:58 to put it to a date. I'm putting this to a date
23:01 because there's certain events within this
23:04 that tie it to a date.
23:06 But they still overlap, and you need to look at it in this way.
23:11 This was the church age from 538 AD
23:15 to 1798 AD, and you'll see why those dates are there.
23:21 538 AD was the time in which
23:26 the Bishop of Rome,
23:31 Virgilius... let me back up just a little bit.
23:35 The Bishop of Rome before that was Sylverius.
23:40 He was a godly man...
23:42 a man that loved the people and served the Lord...
23:45 but he refused to go along with the Emperor Justinian
23:50 in his battle or his fight with the Goths,
23:54 and Justinian wanted to replace him.
23:57 And when they got inside the city,
23:59 he had his general Belisarius to replace Sylverius...
24:04 and replaced him with Virgilius.
24:10 Justinian didn't... I'm sure he didn't dream
24:13 this would happen.
24:15 I'm sure it was something totally against
24:16 what he thought would take place.
24:18 But when Virgilius got there,
24:22 history says that the Bishop of Rome
24:24 stepped to the seat of Caesar
24:27 and seized the scepter.
24:30 And thus all of a sudden you find that
24:34 the church - which had been favored by the state -
24:39 all of a sudden became the head of the state
24:44 as well as the church.
24:46 And so that took place 538 AD,
24:51 and that's the reason for that date.
24:53 And we'll give more reason for that as we go along here
24:57 this morning. OK.
25:00 You remember a man by the name of Elijah?
25:03 Hmmm? And you remember the Lord told Elijah...
25:06 He said: "You go see Ahab and Jezebel
25:09 and you tell them if they don't repent
25:12 it will not rain for?
25:17 3-1/2 years...
25:19 will not rain. " And he went in and told Ahab and Jezebel
25:24 "change your ways, repent... "
25:26 but they said: "Who is this crazy old man?
25:30 Get him out of here. "
25:34 Well, uh, Elijah walked out of the palace
25:40 of Ahab, but let me tell you something.
25:45 When Elijah prayed, he locked heaven.
25:51 And when he walked out of that palace
25:56 he walked out with the keys...
25:59 because it did not rain for 3-1/2 years.
26:04 I mean, stopped.
26:06 No rain for 3-1/2 years.
26:10 And they didn't think too much about it.
26:13 Now the Bible tells us some interesting things about Elijah.
26:16 It says "Elijah was a man with a nature like ours. "
26:20 That should be encouraging to you.
26:34 Prayed earnestly that it wouldn't rain,
26:37 and it didn't rain for three years and six months.
26:42 And it goes on and says...
26:44 Let me ask you a question. Why?
26:47 What right? Now what right did Elijah have
26:51 to walk into that palace room where Ahab was
26:55 and say: "Listen, you change your ways, you repent.
26:58 And if you don't, it's not going to rain for 3-1/2 years. "
27:02 What right did he have to do that?
27:06 What... what basis did he have to do that?
27:14 Let me tell you something.
27:18 What God says in this book is sure.
27:24 It doesn't fail,
27:27 and you can stake your life on it.
27:33 And so Elijah went in there and said:
27:35 "Listen, it's not going to rain for 3-1/2 years. "
27:37 Why? Because he understood what the scripture said.
27:42 Listen to what it says here in Leviticus.
28:03 He said: "Now one thing I do not want you doing
28:06 is setting up images.
28:08 I don't want you worshiping them.
28:10 Don't do that! "
28:19 He said: "The other thing I want you to do
28:21 is I want you to keep the Sabbath.
28:25 I want you to reverence My sanctuary. "
28:28 Don't treat it as something that's light.
28:35 Don't treat going to church
28:42 as something that's not important.
28:44 "Reverence My sanctuary. "
28:54 He said: "I want you to walk with Me.
28:57 I want you to keep My commandments;
28:58 I want you to follow My way.
29:00 If you will do this,
29:02 if you'll not worship idols,
29:05 if you'll remember My Sabbath,
29:07 if you'll reverence My sanctuary,
29:09 if you will keep My commandments, " listen...
29:27 What was Israel doing?
29:31 Just the opposite.
29:33 None of the things that God said "I want you to do. "
29:37 They were doing just the opposite.
29:39 Ahab had come to power...
29:44 Any time... any time in history
29:51 that there has risen a man like Ahab
29:56 who led God's people
30:00 to turn away from the Lord and not keep His commandments
30:04 and to go contrary...
30:07 any time that's happened, God's always had an Elijah.
30:13 This is what it says about Ahab:
30:23 Man... when it says that, that takes in a lot.
30:26 All you've got to do is go back and read
30:28 those that were before him
30:30 and I mean that covers a lot of ground.
30:54 Turned... turned from the God of his fathers.
30:58 Turned from all the counsel he had been given
31:01 and began to worship Baal.
31:19 Said: "Worse than any of the kings that were before him. "
31:22 Ahab did all this.
31:26 And so God said: "OK, he's not doing what I asked him to do.
31:30 He's not reverencing My sanctuary;
31:32 he's not keeping the Sabbath;
31:33 he's not keeping the commandments.
31:35 Elijah, go tell him it's not going to rain. "
31:38 So he went and said: "It won't rain. "
31:45 Listen:
31:54 Hmmm.
31:57 How long?
32:00 How long did God give Ahab and Jezebel
32:06 to repent?
32:09 Three and a half years.
32:13 Said: "It won't rain for 3-1/2 years
32:18 unless you repent, change your ways. "
32:22 Three and a half years.
32:25 Well, says in scripture:
32:36 So if I've got 3-1/2 years,
32:39 and in a Biblical year there are 360 days,
32:45 and if you need proof that a day represents a year
32:50 watch this. And in Genesis the 7th chapter
32:53 it will tell you there are 360 days in a Biblical year
32:56 if you need proof for that. So it tells you clearly
33:00 360 days in a Biblical year.
33:03 So if I've got 3-1/2 years
33:05 and there's 360 days in each year,
33:09 if I multiply it by three and a half
33:12 what does it give me?
33:15 1260... 1260 years.
33:21 Now He says: "I have her a space to repent
33:26 and she repented not. "
33:29 He gave Jezebel 3-1/2 years.
33:34 But it can't be talking about Jezebel in flesh and bl...
33:37 flesh and blood... here in Revelation the 2nd chapter.
33:41 It's got to be talking about something else.
33:44 OK. It's talking about the time that He gave
33:50 her to repent: 538 AD...
33:54 if you add 1260 years to that
33:57 it takes you to 1798 AD.
34:02 This was the time that God gave her to repent.
34:07 This is what it's talking about.
34:09 In Bible prophecy, a woman represents what?
34:13 A church... a woman represents a church.
34:17 God has always used that, for we read in the scripture here:
34:28 Talks about the church as His bride.
34:37 So in Revelation the 12th chapter that
34:41 we're going to be coming to,
34:43 in that chapter we have a good woman...
34:45 clothed with the sun, moon under her feet.
34:49 In that case in Bible prophecy
34:51 that woman represents a good church.
34:55 But in Revelation the 17th chapter
34:59 we have a woman of a different nature.
35:02 This woman the scripture describes as a bad woman.
35:08 OK? Talks of some of the things that she does...
35:13 this woman. And this is Jezebel.
35:17 This is the Jezebel that's being talked about in Revelation 2
35:22 is the one here in the 17th chapter.
35:42 How does she commit sexual immorality?
35:47 How is that possible?
35:50 How can that take place?
35:52 Well it says here in the book of James... It says:
36:17 When I do something
36:22 to lessen the teachings of God's Word...
36:29 when I do something to go contrary
36:34 to what this book says...
36:37 that is spiritual adultery.
36:41 I am adulterating the Word of God.
36:44 Secondly, I am... how should I say this?
36:49 I am being unfaithful to the relationship.
36:56 Being unfaithful to the relationship.
36:58 Therefore I am committing spiritual fornication
37:02 or spiritual adultery.
37:05 And Jezebel was there - her and Ahab - leading the people
37:09 away from God's Word. Not keeping His commandments,
37:13 not following Him, not walking with Him.
37:15 And this was what they were doing
37:18 that was classified as immorality.
37:21 And here in Revelation 2 this woman Jezebel -
37:26 which represents the church at that time -
37:30 was leading people away from God's Word
37:34 saying "You don't have to do these things.
37:37 That this isn't what the scripture means. "
37:39 And when a church does that
37:41 and a church teaches contrary to the teachings of God's Word,
37:45 that is spiritual adultery.
37:49 And God said she was guilty of committing spiritual adultery.
37:55 "Cast her into a sickbed. "
38:19 Describing it that in her hand she had this golden cup
38:25 which was full of the abominations
38:28 and filthiness of her fornication.
38:31 The church had been accepted by the state.
38:37 The state had opened its arms and made Christianity
38:43 the religion of the state.
38:46 And thus the church took in itself
38:51 all the customs of the pagans and what they believed
38:55 and brought them into the church and baptized them
38:59 and put them out as Christian rites, Christian beliefs.
39:04 And you find that the whole teaching of God's Word
39:08 was adulterated and changed.
39:10 You find that she had this cup in her hand.
39:14 And we find things like holy water and sprinkling,
39:19 mass, Christmas, Easter.
39:23 All those had their origin in paganism
39:26 and was taken into the church.
39:30 Handed to the people as a Christian rite
39:33 and a Christian custom.
39:35 No! God said: "This is contrary to My Word.
39:41 This is not what I want My people doing. "
39:45 Dear friend, there has to be...
39:47 there has to be a clear line
39:50 drawn between the world and Christ.
39:54 There has to be! You can't merge it in.
39:58 And as we found out last night, you can't take in
40:02 Balaam and the women of Moab and mix with them
40:06 and find yourself doing what God wants you to do.
40:09 You cannot take in the world and all that it has
40:14 and claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
40:17 They are not compatible.
40:19 They will not fit one with the other.
40:21 I cannot believe things that the world holds out.
40:27 I have to be willing to build my faith on the Word of God
40:31 and stand on the Word of God and not be moved from that point.
40:36 When I do that, then I'm doing what God asks me to do.
40:43 But unfortunately, this was a very, very hard time.
41:00 Now I want to say that God
41:06 is merciful,
41:10 longsuffering,
41:12 and He waited, dear friends, for this church to change
41:18 for 1260 years.
41:23 For 1260 years pled with them.
41:26 And dear friend, you can go back in history and where you can see
41:29 one person... I can read to you where cardinals
41:32 and bishops and all kinds of people
41:35 stood up and tried to get her to change her way...
41:39 and she would not!
41:41 Just wouldn't think of changing the way in which she was
41:47 going. And we moved into a period in history
41:52 called the Dark Ages...
41:56 also referred to as the Middle Ages.
42:00 Interesting that they use that term Middle Ages
42:03 because this was the middle church of the seven.
42:08 We moved into the Dark Ages,
42:11 and when He talks about casting her children into a sickbed...
42:16 horrible time!
42:18 I mean, unbelievable what the poor people suffered
42:22 and went through during that period of time in history.
42:26 Do you realize
42:28 that the gospel had expanded and grown so fantastically
42:33 that by the time you reach 500 AD
42:39 that the scripture had been translated in over
42:44 500 different languages?
42:49 Just listen to that.
42:52 Been translated... and men and women had it
42:56 in over 500 different languages and it spread across the world.
43:05 And 100 years after that
43:08 there was only one language it was available in.
43:15 All the others had been crushed
43:18 and the only thing that was available to any man or woman
43:22 was Latin...
43:25 and the vast majority could not read Latin.
43:31 And so the Word of God was taken from the people
43:36 and the whole world moved into the Dark Ages.
43:40 People that didn't want to go along with this,
43:45 didn't want to follow it... they moved out.
43:47 They moved up into the mountains into Northern Italy
43:50 and all and got away from it.
43:52 They were people like the Waldensians and the Albigenses
43:55 and the Huguenots.
43:56 And these people moved out and they hung on to what
44:01 they believed. And the scriptures speaks of that
44:04 because He gives this counsel:
44:15 As many as do not hang onto this doctrine and this belief...
44:33 Now He said: "Those of you that are willing to stand,
44:37 you haven't known the depths of Satan...
44:39 hang on to what you have
44:42 till I come. "
44:44 Marvelous promise given to those...
44:46 Those people that went out and stood up for God's Word
44:50 and many gave their lives for it.
44:56 He said: "Just hang on to what you have. "
44:58 The promise.
45:09 That person who overcomes,
45:12 hangs on to the end,
45:14 "I'll give him power over nations... "
45:32 He said: "Those of you that have hung on,
45:35 been faithful... just continue to stand firm
45:41 and I'm going to give you the Morning Star. "
45:45 Marvelous promise that God would give to His people.
45:50 And of course we know... the scripture tells us
45:54 who the Morning Star is.
45:56 And it says:
46:04 Oh, when you come to know Christ...
46:10 I can remember my own experience
46:15 when I came to know Christ.
46:17 And I picked up His Word...
46:23 began to read and understand what it was about.
46:28 It's like the day broke.
46:32 Like a morning star.
46:35 The morning star always tells you what?
46:39 Hmmm?
46:41 It tells you night is ending.
46:43 They day is coming... about to break.
46:46 And oh, what a marvelous, marvelous experience.
46:51 I can remember it seemed like the light came on.
46:56 Did it happen that way to you?
46:57 When you picked up God's Word
47:00 and for the first time you read it and it began to make sense.
47:04 You saw things you had never seen before.
47:07 Marvelous light broke and you could see and understand.
47:12 And I have people say: "Oh, Brother Cox,
47:14 I don't understand. "
47:16 And I say to myself
47:18 "The light hasn't dawned. "
47:20 When it dawns, you see...
47:23 you see and you understand what the Lord is talking about.
47:27 Tells us that Jesus...
47:36 He is that, and when He comes into your life
47:39 I can assure you, friend, there's none other like it.
47:43 Nothing in this world compares to Jesus Christ.
47:48 He is all together the light of this world
47:53 and you and I can be illuminated by what He gives to us.
47:58 But that... speaking to those people in that period of time
48:03 that had gone through the Dark Ages and faced so much
48:06 He said: "I'm going to give you the Morning Star. "
48:09 And true to God's Word it began to take place.
48:14 In the 1500s you have the Morning Star of the Reformation
48:19 coming on the scene of action.
48:21 All of a sudden the light began to break.
48:24 They began to see things they had never seen before.
48:28 Those people that had been in darkness -
48:29 they hadn't had anything - all of a sudden
48:32 it began to give them hope.
48:34 And rose people like Wycliffe.
48:43 "Last is more than the first. "
48:45 Wycliffe came on the scene of action.
48:48 Began to translate the Bible
48:53 into the language of the people.
48:56 Began to bring back the teachings of God's Word.
49:02 That they began to see the beauty of God's Word
49:06 and what it had to say.
49:08 I fear today... you know... I fear
49:11 that many of us have lost the beauty of God's Word.
49:17 That we don't... we don't see
49:20 how marvelous it is and how wonderful it is
49:23 and how beautifully the truths of God's Word all fit together.
49:27 Oh dear friend, if you don't know that,
49:30 I just want to tell you you're missing something.
49:32 You're missing something that's very, very precious
49:35 and very, very real.
49:36 Wycliffe began to make that available to the people.
49:41 And they sought him and tried to kill him and everything else.
49:44 Arrested him and were going to burn him at the stake
49:49 but he died before they got him to the stake.
49:52 But these men were great, great men.
49:55 Along came John Huss,
49:57 taking the writings of Wycliffe and beginning to read them.
50:02 And he began to see, and it opened his eyes
50:05 like he had never seen before.
50:08 And because he was faithful, because he preached God's Word,
50:13 he stood up and said "This is what is right, "
50:18 they burned him at the stake.
50:20 His fellow companion, Jerome,
50:27 who stood up and said: "This is God's Word, "
50:30 and they put such terrible, terrible pressure upon him.
50:35 Threw him into prison
50:38 and treated him absolutely horrible
50:41 under such adverse conditions it's hard to believe.
50:45 And told him he had to recant,
50:47 and in a time of weakness gave up.
50:50 But when he thought about it he said: "I can't do that. "
50:53 Came back and stood firm.
50:57 They gave him the same thing they gave his friend:
51:01 they burned him at the stake.
51:04 But dear friends, the light had dawned.
51:07 The light had dawned; the Morning Star had risen.
51:11 They had seen it; few had caught hold of it
51:15 and said "Yes. " And out of that
51:18 Reformation began to take place
51:20 and along came men like Luther.
51:23 Stood up, said: "No, this is what God's Word teaches"
51:27 and nailing it to the door of the church.
51:30 Then came Knox... the great, great preacher...
51:36 standing for what God's Word says.
51:40 Calvin teaching that God was a God of sovereignty
51:46 and where he stood. And the trues of God and His nature
51:49 began to come forth. Along came Zwingli.
51:53 Began to also preach. These are reformers
51:57 that stood up and preached the Word of God
51:59 and stood for it. And the light of the Reformation
52:03 broke and moved across the world.
52:07 We come to the close.
52:18 To this church of Thyatira
52:23 who went through a terrible period of time, folks...
52:29 a time that was dark...
52:35 there was no light. A time in which people were treated
52:41 as animals. Referred to, if you please,
52:46 as animals.
52:48 And the Bible was taken and chained to library walls
52:54 and the people were told that
52:56 they were too ignorant to read it.
52:59 Today, we're not treated that way.
53:06 Today we just have been invaded
53:12 with so much commercialism
53:16 and so much things from the television
53:21 invaded our home until we don't have time for the Word of God.
53:25 We don't spend time in it.
53:28 And true, it hasn't been taken away from us.
53:33 But what difference does it make
53:35 if you don't pick it up and read it?
53:37 What... what difference is there?
53:40 If you just leave it laying there and you don't have time
53:44 to think about it and to read it and to meditate on God's Word,
53:48 what difference is there?
53:50 If you life is no different
53:57 than that person who doesn't know Jesus Christ...
54:03 if there's no difference...
54:04 if a person can't look at you and what you do
54:07 and tell there is a decided difference between you
54:10 and the person that doesn't know Jesus Christ,
54:13 then what's wrong?
54:15 They ought to see... they ought to know
54:20 that you and I walk with the Lord, we follow the Lord.
54:23 That He is all in all in our lives.
54:27 Oh dear friend, I pray today
54:30 the light that Jesus Christ gives
54:34 will break forth into your life.
54:37 Let us pray.
54:38 Heavenly Father,
54:41 we pray that we may hold on to what we have.
54:47 That we won't let it go
54:50 and that we'll be faithful until Your coming.
54:53 Grant to us, Lord, Your Spirit.
54:58 May it fill our lives, and may each one of us
55:02 rejoice in Your salvation.
55:05 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
55:09 May God bless you.
55:11 Continue, dear friend, I plead with you...
55:14 continue to study the Word of God.
55:17 Hello, folks.
55:19 One of my favorite things to do in the springtime
55:22 is to take a walk and look at all the new growth.
55:25 The earth seems so fresh,
55:27 and each tree bursts forth with buds and flowers.
55:30 That reminds me of a parable that Jesus told His followers
55:34 in Luke 21.
55:36 You see, He had just described the events which will happen
55:40 immediately before His second coming.
55:55 But in verse 29 Jesus turns their attention
56:00 to the fig tree.
56:01 And ever since then, budding trees have served as a permanent
56:05 reminder that our time here is very short
56:08 and the second coming is very near.
56:26 Folks, many of these signs are already upon us.
56:30 The earth groans from the greed of those who have
56:33 exploited her resources, ravaged her land
56:37 and destroyed plants and animals and atmosphere alike
56:40 in a selfish pursuit of wealth.
56:43 Have you seen the signs?
56:45 Have you seen men's hearts failing with fear?
56:47 If you haven't, then I'm afraid you're not watching
56:50 very closely. However, the Holy Spirit is hard at work
56:55 and so are many Christians who long for an end to sin
56:58 and look forward to their soon-coming Savior.
57:02 That's why we continue to preach the gospel
57:04 to as many as we can through any means that we can
57:08 as often as we can.
57:11 Our ministry team is supported solely
57:13 by your contributions... and we thank you for your
57:17 faithful prayers and financial support.
57:20 May God richly bless you.
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