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00:19 And good evening.
00:21 We're very happy to welcome all of you tonight
00:24 to another session of The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
00:29 And we're continuing our study of the book of Revelation
00:33 chapter by chapter.
00:36 And this session we've been going through the
00:38 seven churches of Asia Minor.
00:41 Tonight we're taking a look at the church of Philadelphia.
00:46 And so we hope that you will join us.
00:49 Those of you that are tuning in
00:52 we just invite you to come and sit down and take your Bible
00:55 and join us. If you're watching by television
00:58 or listening by radio or on the Internet
01:02 be sure and have your Bible there so you can
01:05 underline and write some notes
01:07 and go through it as we study this particular chapter.
01:12 We hope it will be helpful to you
01:14 as we study it chapter by chapter.
01:18 We're thankful for the opportunity
01:21 to take a look at the book of Revelation
01:24 because Revelation is God's book for today.
01:30 That's what it is. To people who are living today
01:33 this book tells you what is happening,
01:36 what is taking place, what's going on.
01:39 So very important that you understand and know
01:43 what the book of Revelation's talking about.
01:45 And it's not something that's secret.
01:48 It's not something that you can't understand.
01:51 You CAN understand it.
01:53 Just like anything else, it takes some study.
01:55 But if you'll study it, it will open up and you can understand.
01:59 And great are the lessons and all that's there
02:03 in the book of Revelation.
02:05 So we're very glad that you're joining us
02:07 as we take a look at it.
02:09 Uh, our next presentation will be on the church of Laodicea...
02:14 which is the seventh church.
02:19 What God has to say about this church
02:22 This - as far as the church age is concerned -
02:26 this is the one in which we are living today.
02:29 And so the message to the church of Laodicea
02:33 has very, very strong teachings in it for you and for me
02:38 to know where we are, what's happening, what's going on
02:42 and how we need to relate to the Lord Jesus Christ.
02:46 But this presentation we're talking about the church
02:50 of Philadelphia which is the church of brotherly love.
02:56 That's what it's about... brotherly love.
02:59 And so we're going to take a look at what it says
03:01 about this particular church and how you and I can gain
03:06 information spiritually from this and what happened there.
03:11 I hope you've been blessed by the music
03:15 from evening to evening.
03:17 Also, we try to make it so that you can get a picture
03:23 of the whole thing, and that's the reason we have
03:26 Chuck Allgaier come out and read to you
03:30 the scripture that deals with that particular church
03:33 that we're studying that evening.
03:36 And uh... so that you can follow on the screen
03:40 if you want to or you can read it in your Bible...
03:44 however you would like to.
03:46 But tonight we're very favored to have Dona Klein
03:50 playing for us tonight. Dona is a very, very talented
03:56 person. When it comes to music,
04:01 I... I don't even understand...
04:04 I'll just be honest with you, folks...
04:06 I don't understand at all because music is not
04:11 something that I was blessed with at all.
04:14 I... I can't... If you were to ask me...
04:18 She's play something; you'd say:
04:20 "What time was that written in? "
04:22 I don't have the foggiest idea what time it was written in.
04:26 I just... doesn't... but she
04:28 seems to know all this about music and stuff
04:34 and she writes it and plays it and all.
04:38 And I stand amazed at what she does.
04:41 And we appreciate her music, and I know you'll be blessed
04:45 by it tonight as she plays a song:
04:48 When The Shadows Flee Away.
04:50 But before she does, Chuck Allgaier is going to come
04:53 and he's going to share the scripture with you at this time.
05:04 Our desire during these meetings
05:07 is that you might become more acquainted with the Bible.
05:11 But more so, that you might be more acquainted
05:15 with God the Father and Jesus Christ, His Son,
05:19 and the Holy Spirit.
05:21 So at this time, we'll take God's Holy Word
05:24 and read the scripture tonight.
05:27 It's found in Revelation chapter 3 verses 7 through 13.
10:38 Our Heavenly Father,
10:41 we come before You this evening,
10:45 Lord, just to take the time to thank you...
10:48 to thank you for giving us Your Word.
10:55 For giving us hope.
10:58 For giving us direction.
11:00 Lord, may we tonight
11:05 understand about the church of Philadelphia.
11:10 May our hearts be open to the working of the Holy Spirit.
11:15 May it give us wisdom,
11:18 insight, and faith that we might hold on,
11:24 be faithful to the coming of our Lord.
11:28 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
11:38 Well, we are down to the sixth church.
11:43 We've gone through five of them;
11:47 tonight we're looking at the sixth one
11:49 which is Philadelphia:
11:52 the church of brotherly love.
11:55 And so we want to see what God has to say
11:59 as Christ walks among these churches...
12:03 seven golden candlesticks.
12:06 They are under His care, under His guidance,
12:09 under His direction.
12:11 So we hope that as we read about this church
12:14 we will see what the Lord is doing
12:17 for the church of Philadelphia.
12:25 He addresses them. As I've told you, these are personal letters
12:29 that Jesus wrote. That's what they are.
12:32 They were letters that Christ gave to His angel.
12:38 The angel took and gave them to John,
12:40 and John gave them to the seven churches.
12:43 So they're personal letters from Jesus.
12:46 What would you think if you had a personal letter
12:48 from Jesus Christ?
12:50 That'd be something, wouldn't it?
12:51 Have a letter addressing you particularly as
12:55 He did to these churches and saying:
12:57 "Listen, these... is My counsel.
12:59 This is what I'm telling you. "
13:01 And so tonight He addresses us
13:05 to listen and to follow.
13:09 Brotherly love. This church or this city - Philadelphia -
13:15 was named after Adelus Philadelphus.
13:20 And he... his brother was the king of Lydia,
13:24 and there was a very, very strong bond of loyalty
13:31 and love between those two brothers.
13:34 And that's the reason this was called Philadelphia.
13:37 It was named after this man because there was brotherly love
13:42 between him and his brother.
13:44 And so it has carried that name.
13:47 This is the other church -
13:53 Smyrna was the other one -
13:55 this is the other one that there is no reproof.
13:59 God doesn't say anything that they were doing wrong.
14:04 He talks about and commends them and all.
14:07 And this is basically, folks, what has to happen -
14:13 which we'll talk about in our next presentation -
14:16 but what has to happen to the church of Laodicea.
14:20 They have to come back to this experience of this church.
14:24 That's what has to happen.
14:26 And so it's very important that you and I understand
14:30 what is taking place here at the church of brotherly love.
14:36 Uh, as we have kind of traced where these churches are
14:40 along the coast of Asia Minor,
14:44 Aegean Sea, until we got to Pergamos... and then we moved
14:48 east to Thyatira and then to Sardis. If you go 28 miles
14:53 further southeast or almost direct east from Sardis
14:58 you come to Philadelphia.
15:01 Church - city - of Philadelphia:
15:05 city of brotherly love.
15:07 This city
15:11 was strategically located, folks,
15:15 because it actually controlled
15:19 a very narrow pass that opened between the
15:24 Hermus and the Maender Valleys.
15:27 Maender Valley. And in order to get to this
15:31 you had to go through this pass.
15:33 And this was the way that the mail came,
15:38 the trade came, commerce came.
15:40 And the officials that lived here in Philadelphia
15:43 controlled who went through that pass.
15:47 They had the key that opened into that... into
15:51 the rest of Asia Minor.
15:53 And so they held a very secure place.
15:56 But Mount Tmolus...
16:02 they still are connected somewhat with that.
16:07 And of all the cities that we've looked at
16:11 this is the one that constantly has a problem with earthquakes.
16:17 I mean, this place has been destroyed time and time
16:22 and time again by earthquakes.
16:24 In fact, history reads where these people
16:29 would go out and live in tents because they were afraid
16:33 of the aftershocks and all that were taking place here.
16:36 And very, very important to find something that was stable,
16:41 something that didn't move
16:43 because of the earthquakes that took place.
16:46 And that's the reason it speaks of pellers in here.
16:51 And here are some pellers right there in Philadelphia.
16:56 And they looked upon them as something that couldn't be moved
17:01 that was solid and stood. And therefore
17:04 a peller to them had great, great significance
17:08 as far as they were concerned.
17:09 And they understood what Christ was talking about
17:12 when He spoke of the church and talked about the people
17:16 being pellers. OK, let's see how He identifies Himself
17:20 as He talks to this church:
17:37 Are you catching some things?
17:39 You see this was the pass. They controlled who went through it.
17:43 And He is the One who has the key that opens
17:48 and lets them pass through and He can also shut it.
17:52 He controls that.
17:53 So this is... They related very well
17:58 to what He was saying as He addressed them.
18:00 That He was the One that controlled that.
18:04 The condition of the church of Philadelphia:
18:22 OK, interesting. It says: "I have set before you an open door
18:27 and no one can shut it. "
18:31 OK. "But you have little strength. "
18:36 There's a reason for that.
18:38 "You've kept My Word and have not denied My name. "
18:43 I need to give you some infor- mation about the church age
18:47 because there's a lot here, folks.
18:50 And as I have told you on one presentation after another,
18:54 don't let the dates tie you in too much.
18:59 Those dates just give you an idea of when it was
19:03 because these overlap from one to another.
19:07 I've got to give you some background so you understand
19:09 what is happening here with this particular church
19:13 at this particular time in church history.
19:16 As we talked about the Reformation...
19:21 as we talked about in Sardis how the Reformation
19:23 had been there, what had happened.
19:26 And we talked about how the counter-Reformation had come in
19:29 and had actually brought the Reformation to a stop
19:33 and the influence that it had upon the world at that time.
19:37 Not only was the counter- Reformation taking place
19:41 and people had lost their fervor, they had lost their
19:45 witness, they had lost what they had gotten in the Reformation
19:48 and they now as a body... as a movement...
19:54 was dead. They had lost their witness.
19:57 They were no longer going out and standing up
20:01 for what they believed and preaching
20:02 and living the life that they were to live.
20:05 All that had come to an end.
20:07 Their churches now... they had become stagnant
20:10 and there wasn't much happening in them.
20:12 The people had forgotten what it was all about.
20:17 Godliness was something they had forgotten,
20:19 no longer followed.
20:21 At the same time this is going on,
20:24 something is happening because many of these people
20:28 through the Dark Ages were suppressed.
20:31 They had a very rough time.
20:34 They had been slaughtered.
20:37 They had been actually killed by the hundreds and thousands
20:43 of them that had lost their lives.
20:45 And many of these people had forsaken religion and all.
20:50 At this time you have a rise in Europe of what is called
20:56 intellectualism,
20:57 and this began to come to the forefront.
21:01 And you find a man by the name of Thomas Paine
21:06 has written a book. And in this book
21:11 he talks about God because at that time
21:17 people believed in God. But he took the scripture to task,
21:23 and he wrote a book called The Age of Reason.
21:28 And he attacked the scripture and what it had to say.
21:33 And that book began to gain ascendency
21:37 across all of Europe and people gave up their belief.
21:44 And France was the country that led out in this.
21:49 In fact, because of his book
21:53 France decided to forsake religion all together
21:57 and became a godless country.
21:59 They took the Bible... threw it out.
22:01 Threw it in the streets
22:02 and said: "We will no longer believe in the Word of God. "
22:06 And they established in the place of it
22:08 the Age of Reason.
22:11 They said: "We will think it through.
22:13 The Age of Reason... this is how we will live. "
22:16 And as they threw out the scripture
22:19 they threw out a lot of other things...
22:23 because with the scripture went morality.
22:26 And they tossed it out.
22:28 And all the things that they warred against...
22:32 If you were a believer in God you were in danger.
22:36 In fact, they went out and gathered up
22:39 people who believed in God
22:41 and they took them downtown Paris and they guillotined them.
22:46 And they killed so many of them
22:49 that blood ran down the gutters of the streets of Paris.
22:53 It was a horrible time.
22:56 And this was what was going on
23:00 1796 AD and in that period of time and all.
23:05 It became so bad because the people that believed in God
23:10 they fled the country.
23:12 They... they put to death thousands and thousands
23:17 of people... and so they fled the country.
23:20 And with them they took the intelligenci and all that
23:24 of the country. And all of a sudden France
23:27 realized that she had to do something.
23:31 And so she voted back in religion into the country
23:38 because they had wrecked the whole... whole country.
23:41 This is the end of the 1700s,
23:45 so you have religion isn't doing anything.
23:49 It's basically dead.
23:51 The intelligenci of the world has decided
23:56 they don't need God.
23:58 That they are able to think things through
24:02 and establish it. So this is the condition you find it in.
24:06 This is the reason in this church it says
24:09 "we know you are weak... you don't have much strength. "
24:13 There's not much here in the church of Philadelphia.
24:17 There's just not much.
24:19 But this is the condition, and you need to understand that
24:23 as we move in because we will find certain things
24:26 that are happening. All of a sudden
24:31 because of the Lord and His moving,
24:35 uh, things begin to take place.
24:38 When France voted back in religion
24:41 then all of a sudden in different places of the world
24:44 the religion begins to come back. And you'll find
24:47 in 1804 AD the British Bible Society was established.
24:52 And for the first time now the people begin to have access
24:57 to the Word of God.
24:59 They've been able to... were able to get hold of it
25:01 and read it and understand it.
25:03 This was something they could do.
25:05 And also you have in 1816 AD
25:08 the American Bible Society was established.
25:11 And so all of a sudden there began to be an interest
25:15 in the Word of God and people began to find access
25:19 to it and read it and trying to find out
25:21 what it was talking about and understand it.
25:24 At the same time, with this movement of the scripture
25:29 there are men that begin to stand up and preach.
25:34 And they began to have an effect upon the people.
25:38 And this is where you find in history
25:41 all of a sudden that foreign missions
25:45 all of a sudden becomes available.
25:47 You have individuals like Livingston going to Africa.
25:51 Moffett, Miller, Judson, Carey,
25:55 Wesley: all these are men that began to stand up
26:00 and preach the Word of God.
26:01 You take it in the time of John Wesley
26:04 the churches were basically dead.
26:07 I mean, that's... they just were dead,
26:10 and they wouldn't even accept what John Wesley preached.
26:13 In fact, when he went back to the hometown where his father
26:18 had been a minister and all
26:20 they wouldn't let him preach in his father's church.
26:23 In fact, he went out to the cemetery and stood
26:26 on his father's grave and preached.
26:28 Because the thing had died so much,
26:32 there wasn't anything there.
26:34 But these men began to preach the Word of God.
26:38 And as they preached it, it began to grow
26:40 and foreign missions began to move around the world
26:45 in different places. And all of a sudden,
26:47 because of the preaching of these men
26:50 there was a revival.
26:52 A revival began to take place and move across the world...
26:57 a revival of the Word of God.
27:14 God said: "OK, I've set before you an open door.
27:20 Go out, witness, tell the people what is happening,
27:24 what's taking place. "
27:25 And they went out to preach the Word of God.
27:28 At this time, something begins to happen
27:33 because as men like Miller,
27:39 Wolf, Carey,
27:46 Manuel de Lacunza...
27:49 they began to study God's Word.
27:51 And as they were studying they got into the prophecies.
27:56 And as they got into the prophecies,
27:59 they got to the book of Daniel.
28:01 And they began to read and try to understand
28:05 the book of Daniel. And as they got to the 8th chapter
28:09 they began to read it there and they found a prophecy
28:13 in the 8th chapter where it said in verse 14
28:16 "Unto 2300 days and then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. "
28:20 And as they tried to figure out what that was talking about
28:24 they moved into the 9th chapter and there they found
28:28 the angel Gabriel beginning to explain it to them
28:31 and understand what it says.
28:32 And from that the idea was born
28:38 because they said: "Jesus is coming back. "
28:42 They believed that the cleansing of the sanctuary
28:46 meant the cleansing of this earth by fire.
28:50 And so they preached that Jesus Christ was coming back,
28:54 and that moved across this country and across Europe
28:58 like a revival that hadn't been seen since the days
29:01 of the Reformation.
29:04 But out of that came a great disappointment
29:07 because Jesus didn't come back
29:10 when they thought He was going to come back.
29:12 And as they got the Bible and began to study it
29:16 they began to find out that Jesus
29:19 had gone from the holy place of the sanctuary
29:23 up in heaven into the most holy place.
29:26 And they began to read here in Daniel 7 and 9 where it says:
29:56 So here they see the court scene.
29:58 They see the Ancient of Days coming.
30:01 They see the books opened.
30:10 Ten thousand stood before Him; the court was seated.
30:14 Right at that time, folks,
30:17 when the judgment is set
30:19 then you find something happening.
30:22 And dear friend, if you don't understand this,
30:24 I plead with you: get into it and read this
30:27 because this to me offers you and I hope
30:31 like nothing else that I know.
30:33 Because it says:
30:43 Told you something about Revelation, didn't I?
30:46 That that phrase Son of Man...
30:49 used only one time in the book of Revelation.
30:52 Here it's used in Daniel.
31:00 So here Christ is coming in before His Father.
31:06 He's coming there as your Mediator,
31:11 as your High Priest. And He's going to plead
31:17 our case before His Father.
31:19 He has moved out of the holy place
31:24 into the most holy place.
31:26 This is the door that He has opened.
31:30 And you and I as individuals must walk through
31:36 that door into the most holy place because that's where He
31:40 ministers in your behalf and mine.
31:43 That's where He is with His Father is in the most holy place
31:48 and that's where we need to come and approach Him
31:51 because He's there to make intercession for you and for me.
31:55 So this is very important when He says: "I open the door;
31:59 no man can shut it. "
32:01 "I have set before you an open door. "
32:03 He has moved from that.
32:05 If you stay with Him in the holy place,
32:09 then you're missing... you're missing an important part
32:13 of His ministry... because this is what is going on
32:17 in the most holy place:
32:42 In other words, when Christ moved out of the holy place
32:46 into the most holy place then judgment began.
32:54 Each one of us... each one of us - every individual -
32:59 must give an answer for what we have done.
33:04 Fortunately, you and I can run...
33:09 you and I can seek the Lord Jesus Christ
33:15 and He is willing to stand in your place
33:19 in the judgment.
33:21 He is willing to be there for you and for me.
33:34 He's going to judge this old world.
33:37 You and I tonight are living at that time.
33:53 So He says that He's going to judge the earth.
33:56 That is happening at the present time up in heaven.
34:00 That is the door that was opened,
34:02 and they walked through that door.
34:05 OK:
34:26 Now, Christ says He has the keys.
34:32 He opens and nobody can shut it.
34:39 Have you ever thought of the keys that He has?
34:43 Huh? Do you know what other keys He has?
34:47 He says He holds the keys of life
34:52 and death... He holds those keys and all.
34:56 Paul said: "He has opened a door before me. "
35:00 He opens the door for you and for me.
35:03 And we can walk through that door and come to Him
35:07 as our Mediator up in heaven
35:10 and place our lives in His hands
35:13 and He will plead our case in our behalf.
35:18 He will stand in our place in the judgment.
35:21 Most important that we walk through that door.
35:24 OK, let's see where the problem lies.
35:43 So He said these people who "claim to be Jews
35:48 and are not. " Now when He uses the word Jew there
35:52 it's talking about someone who is a true follower of Christ.
35:57 That's what it's talking about:
35:59 somebody who is a true follower of Christ...
36:02 because it simply says:
36:12 You see, God enters into a covenant
36:16 with you and with me and with each of His people
36:20 and He tells us: "If you will keep My commands,
36:24 obey My voice, walk with Me,
36:27 I will be your God; you shall be My people. "
36:33 Are you God's people tonight?
36:35 Huh?
36:37 Have you given your heart to the Lord?
36:41 He says: "If you will give your heart to Me,
36:45 if you will obey Me,
36:47 if you will listen to what I say...
36:49 then I will be your God; you shall be My people. "
36:54 This is what He does for us.
37:11 So if you have accepted Christ,
37:15 given your heart to Him,
37:18 then you are an Israelite.
37:21 This is the true Jew.
37:25 Understand that... not by flesh or blood.
37:28 Flesh and blood is not the situation today, folks.
37:32 It's those who belong to spiritual Israel...
37:35 they are God's people
37:37 and they are the ones that will be there.
37:40 And all the promises that He made to Israel of old
37:43 have been passed on to spiritual Israel
37:47 so you and I can receive those promises that He's given to us.
37:52 OK:
38:03 OK?
38:13 So what counts is what you are inwardly not outwardly.
38:19 So make sure that you enter into this covenant
38:25 with Him... heirs to the promise...
38:28 because it says that if you enter into this covenant
38:32 with the Lord, it says you will be a special treasure to Him.
38:38 And He says: "It will be well with you"
38:41 if you walk with the Lord and follow Him.
38:50 OK, in other words, I have to be willing to walk the talk.
38:57 I cannot say: "Yes, I believe in Christ.
39:02 I've given my heart to Him; I'm a Christian"
39:05 and not walk it. I have to walk the talk.
39:10 And that means, folks,
39:12 that means more - How should I put this? -
39:17 that means more than just following and believing.
39:23 I believe. Don't misunderstand me.
39:26 But there are Biblical beliefs in this book that you and I
39:32 must study and we must follow and we must walk
39:36 in accordance to what that book says.
39:39 I believe that with all my heart.
39:40 But I also believe that I am to be
39:47 a Christian in character as well as in belief.
39:53 I believe that's part of walking the talk.
39:57 I think as a Christian I must be kind,
40:02 I must be gentle, I must be compassionate.
40:07 I must love my brethren.
40:14 Did you hear me?
40:15 I must love my brother.
40:19 I cannot say that I am a follower of Jesus Christ
40:27 and not love my brother.
40:29 Can't do that!
40:30 These people - the church of Philadelphia...
40:34 that's the church of brotherly love.
40:38 You and I MUST love one another.
40:43 That means that I must consider you
40:48 a Christian. I must give you the benefit of the doubt.
40:57 Did you hear me?
41:00 I must give you the benefit of the doubt.
41:05 And if you do something that is wrong
41:10 then I must forgive you.
41:16 That is walking what God wants us to do.
41:21 That's part of it
41:23 if I'm going to be what God desires me to be.
41:38 He promised those... because they were faithful,
41:42 because they persevered...
41:44 that He would keep them from the hour of trial.
41:48 Now I mentioned this the other night.
41:50 We live in an age where Christians today
41:56 are such fair-weathered Christians.
41:59 They don't want to face anything... any hard times.
42:03 They don't want to consider that there might be
42:05 any kind of trouble at all.
42:09 God is perfectly capable of keeping you, folks.
42:13 He's able to look after you and care for you,
42:17 and as He says here:
42:18 "Because you observed or cared,
42:20 kept My commands; you persevered...
42:24 I will keep you from the hour of trial. "
42:26 He promises that.
42:27 And you can turn over and read Psalm 91
42:30 and there He makes the promise
42:32 that "A thousand shall fall at thy side
42:35 and ten thousand at thy right hand
42:36 but it shall not come nigh thee. "
42:40 But dear friend, how? How? Tell me...
42:46 how can you appreciate, how can you understand,
42:53 how can you sympathize,
42:56 how can you enter into our Lord's
43:02 agony and suffering and all that He went through
43:07 if you never suffer?
43:10 How can you understand it?
43:13 If you don't have any suffering, if you don't have any hard times
43:18 how can you appreciate what He did?
43:22 You and I must be willing to enter in
43:27 to the suffering of our Lord.
43:29 And if it is required
43:32 that I must pass through trials,
43:35 then dear friend, bear it. Bear it joyfully...
43:39 because it only helps you to understand what Jesus did
43:45 for you. He suffered more than you'll ever suffer,
43:49 I'll assure you.
43:52 Never, never will you face temptation like He faced.
43:57 Never will you suffer the things that He suffered.
44:01 But in His kindness and in His mercy
44:04 He said: "I'll keep you...
44:07 I'll keep you in the hour of trial. "
44:09 He's more than capable of caring for you and for me.
44:14 All right, let's take a look at the counsel that He gives.
44:34 Now as we have studied these seven churches
44:37 there has been reference - different churches -
44:40 about Him coming back.
44:42 He says that He's coming back.
44:45 But when we get to Philadelphia He says He's coming what?
44:49 Quickly.
44:51 In other words, time is running out
44:54 and we are approaching the church of Laodicea
44:59 at which time He DOES come back -
45:02 that's what the scripture says as we look at it.
45:04 And so time is running out. He said: "Behold,
45:08 I am coming quickly. "
45:10 And dear friend, you and I should realize and understand
45:15 that the Lord is coming.
45:19 If you... you know...
45:23 I have never seen in my lifetime
45:29 things like that are happening today.
45:32 I've never seen that before.
45:36 I've never seen where we have tsunamis
45:42 that kill a quarter of a million people.
45:45 Earthquakes that kill a quarter of a million.
45:49 Uh, I never saw that in my lifetime before.
45:52 I mean one earthquake of 7.0 magnitude
45:57 and above after another.
46:00 Uh, do you understand?
46:03 He says: "Behold, I am coming quickly. "
46:07 Said: "Hang on, hold fast, don't give up. "
46:12 You're living today? Hang on!
46:17 He's coming back... get yourself ready to meet Him.
46:23 Dear friend, put yourself in a position
46:26 where you spend time with the Lord.
46:29 You talk to Him and you read His Word and you understand
46:32 what He's saying.
46:34 That the Word of God will grow in you and bubble out
46:37 to all the people around you.
46:40 Said: "Hold on, hold fast to what you have
46:43 that no one may take your crown. "
46:48 That'd be bad, wouldn't it?
46:52 To have somebody else wear your crown.
47:00 Esau... oldest...
47:07 didn't want to follow the Lord.
47:10 Didn't have an interest in spiritual things
47:13 and therefore Jacob took his crown.
47:19 He had every right; he was the oldest son.
47:24 Had the birthright; had the blessings.
47:29 That was all his
47:32 and all he had to do was claim it.
47:37 And yet he didn't... spurned it
47:42 and Jacob took his place.
47:47 Reuben... eldest son.
47:51 He was to be the one that the blessing was to pass to.
47:57 Reuben was to be the head,
48:01 and yet he didn't follow
48:05 and Judah took his place.
48:11 Someone else took his crown.
48:17 Saul... first king.
48:21 God called him; sent Samuel to anoint him.
48:26 He was to be the king of Israel.
48:29 God said to him: "Never, never will the kingdom
48:33 pass from you and your household always
48:37 if you'll just follow Me and obey Me. "
48:42 But he didn't...
48:45 and David took his place.
48:50 David received the promise.
48:55 Christ came from that lineage
49:02 where he could have come from Saul's.
49:09 Judas, one of the twelve...
49:13 Probably the one that had the greatest natural
49:19 ability of leadership was Judas.
49:24 Special in every way.
49:28 Lost it, and Matthias took his place.
49:35 Somebody? Somebody going to take your crown?
49:43 Somebody else going to be in the kingdom in your place?
49:49 Doesn't have to be, folks.
49:51 Doesn't have to be.
49:53 You're the one... you can make that decision whether
49:57 you're going to stand and put yourself on the Lord's side
50:02 and walk with Him and follow Him.
50:05 The promise is given to you.
50:21 "He who overcomes
50:24 I will make a pillar in the temple of My God. "
50:30 You see, in many of the temples
50:35 and many of the buildings they would write people's names
50:41 on the pillars.
50:43 Particularly individuals who donated a large amount of money
50:48 they would write their name.
50:50 Or if they were an emperor, if they were a leader,
50:53 they wrote their name on pillars in the temple.
50:57 Said: "He that overcomes I will make a pillar
51:00 in the temple of My God and He shall go out no more. "
51:12 You know we have... we hold meetings
51:19 and we have special meetings for the children and all.
51:25 And the adults are in here
51:26 and the children are in another place.
51:28 And we have the children labeled...
51:30 we have their name put on them
51:33 and their parents name put on them
51:35 so we know who they belong to.
51:37 That there's no question who that child belongs to.
51:40 God here is putting His name on you.
51:44 He's not only putting your name, the city of His God.
51:48 He's labeling you and said "This belongs to Me.
51:51 These are My people. "
51:53 And you and I can belong to Him.
51:56 "And this is the city of My God,
51:58 the New Jerusalem,
51:59 and these are the people that are to be in that city. "
52:02 Oh dear friend, the great blessing that He gives to you
52:06 and to me:
52:16 So, He's taking no chances.
52:20 In the first place, He gives you a white stone.
52:25 And on that white stone is a name written
52:28 that is a name that He has given you.
52:33 So you have a special name that has to do with you
52:36 and your character and you as an individual.
52:40 But He goes farther than that and puts on you the name
52:43 of His city. He also gives you a name,
52:49 His name, and says: "These are My people.
52:53 I care for them; they belong to Me. "
52:57 And you are to be a pillar
53:01 in the temple of God.
53:05 You and I are to be pillars in the temple of God.
53:11 Oh dear friend, all of those are promises that He gives to us
53:15 as individuals. I hope that you will walk through the door
53:21 as He opens it.
53:24 That you will follow Him, that you will obey Him.
53:28 That you will give your heart to Him
53:31 and follow Him as He leads us into the kingdom.
53:36 Now is the time when we need to be preparing our hearts
53:41 to meet God. Let us pray.
53:44 Father in Heaven,
53:46 we thank you... thank you that
53:50 You make all the provisions.
53:53 That You write upon us Your name,
53:59 the name of Your city, that we belong to You.
54:05 That You care about us.
54:08 That we're not going to get lost.
54:11 That You will look after us,
54:14 lead us all the way into the kingdom.
54:16 Bless each one here.
54:20 May they purpose in their hearts to be true to You
54:24 and to follow You and to prepare their lives
54:28 for the coming of our Lord.
54:31 For these things we thank you
54:33 in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
54:36 Amen.
54:38 Well, our next presentation is on the church of Laodicea:
54:43 the last of the seven churches.
54:47 Very, very vital to you and to me
54:51 that we understand the church of Laodicea
54:55 because it's a message directly to you and to me
55:00 that we might be prepared
55:03 for the soon return of our Lord and Savior.
55:06 So God bless you. Glad you're joining us.
55:09 Please stay tuned.
55:10 Have a good evening; God bless you.
55:14 Hello, folks.
55:16 One of my favorite things to do in the springtime
55:19 is to take a walk and look at all the new growth.
55:22 The earth seems so fresh,
55:24 and each tree bursts forth with buds and flowers.
55:27 That reminds me of a parable that Jesus told His followers
55:31 in Luke 21.
55:33 You see, He had just described the events which will happen
55:37 immediately before His second coming.
55:52 But in verse 29 Jesus turns their attention
55:57 to the fig tree.
55:58 And ever since then the budding trees have served as a permanent
56:02 reminder that our time here is very short
56:05 and the second coming is very near.
56:23 Folks, many of these signs are already upon us.
56:27 The earth groans from the greed of those who have
56:30 exploited her resources, ravaged her land
56:34 and destroyed plants and animals and atmosphere alike
56:37 in a selfish pursuit of wealth.
56:40 Have you seen the signs?
56:42 Have you seen men's hearts failing with fear?
56:44 If you haven't, then I'm afraid you're not watching
56:47 very closely. However, the Holy Spirit is hard at work
56:51 and so are many Christians who long for an end to sin
56:55 and look forward to their soon-coming Savior.
56:58 That's why we continue to preach the gospel
57:01 to as many as we can through any means that we can
57:05 as often as we can.
57:08 Our ministry team is supported solely
57:10 by your contributions... and we thank you for your
57:14 faithful prayers and financial support.
57:17 May God richly bless you.
57:20 Please consider what you can do for those who still don't know
57:23 about Jesus. As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:26 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
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