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00:19 Good evening. Very happy to welcome all of you
00:23 back tonight. This is our eighth presentation
00:27 on the seven churches of Asia Minor.
00:30 And tonight we're looking at the last one:
00:34 the church of Laodicea.
00:36 And so we're very happy to welcome you.
00:38 If you're joining us by teleivision
00:41 or if you're tuning in by radio or on the Internet,
00:45 we're very happy that you're here and visiting with us
00:48 this evening or tuning in by the radio or television.
00:52 Uh, we hope that these studies on Revelation
00:56 are beginning to open the book of Revelation up,
00:59 because there's a lot of things that we have looked at
01:02 that we will see as we continue to go through the book
01:05 because this IS a revelation of Jesus Christ.
01:10 That's what it's about is Jesus Christ.
01:13 And so we'll continue to study the book of Revelation
01:17 chapter by chapter. And so I see many of you here
01:22 have your Bibles.
01:23 And those of you that are watching by television
01:26 or listening on the radio, we hope that you
01:29 will get your Bible and as we go through the study follow us.
01:34 And this is a good time to take notes or to outline
01:39 or underline your Bible
01:41 so that you can go back and recap
01:44 what we have had to say about it.
01:47 Uh, tonight we're looking as I mentioned
01:52 at the church of Laodicea
01:54 which is the last of the seven churches...
01:57 a very, very important one because the message
02:02 to Laodicea, folks, is a message to us
02:06 because this is to the church that is living
02:10 just before Jesus comes.
02:13 And therefore what He has to say applies to us
02:17 and we need to look at it very, very carefully
02:20 so that we know what the Lord is saying
02:23 and what we need to look at in our own lives to follow
02:28 and to walk with Him as He would have us to.
02:31 So we hope it will bless you as we continue to study
02:35 the book of Revelation and particularly the seven churches.
02:40 Uh, I hope as we have gone through this during the week
02:45 that you have enjoyed the music,
02:47 particularly of Joe Pearles and Dona Klein.
02:50 We hope that it has touched your heart and all.
02:54 And I'm sure you'll be blessed tonight as Joe is going to
02:57 sing for us. And also before we have the music each evening
03:01 well we have Chuck Allgaier come out and read to us
03:04 the section about what we're studying that evening.
03:08 And tonight he's going to read about the church of Laodicea.
03:12 So, Chuck, come and share that with us.
03:22 Laodicea... the last of the seven churches.
03:26 What is the message from a loving God
03:31 to this church?
03:33 Let's read about it. Revelation chapter 3
03:37 verses 14 through 22.
03:40 Revelation chapter 3... 14 through 22.
05:23 Fallen leaves that lie scattered
05:28 on the ground.
05:31 The birds and flowers that were here
05:36 now can't be found.
05:40 All the friends that he once had
05:44 are not around.
05:48 They are scattered like
05:51 the leaves upon the ground.
05:57 Some folks sleep at night
06:00 and never get the thrill
06:05 that the feeling of a good deed
06:10 brings until
06:13 it's too late... and they are ready
06:18 to lie down
06:22 'neath the leaves
06:25 that lie scattered on the ground.
06:38 Lord, let my eyes see every need
06:43 of every man.
06:47 May I always stop
06:50 and lend a helping hand.
06:56 And then when I lay
06:59 'neath that little grassy mound
07:04 there'll be more friends around
07:07 than leaves upon the ground.
07:13 To your grave there's no use taking
07:17 any gold.
07:21 You cannot use it
07:24 when it's time for hands to fold.
07:30 When you leave this earth
07:32 for a better home someday,
07:38 the only thing you'll take
07:41 is what you gave away.
07:46 The only thing you'll take
07:49 is what you gave away.
08:12 Our Gracious Father,
08:15 we come to You this evening
08:18 realizing, Lord, that we are living
08:24 down in the last days.
08:28 So many things that are happening, Lord,
08:32 tell us that it can't be long...
08:35 that You're coming back.
08:39 And yet according to Your Word
08:42 we're so unprepared.
08:46 So Lord we ask that you will give us insight tonight.
08:50 Open our hearts.
08:54 May we receive the Word that You have
09:00 that we might take it into our lives,
09:03 desire to walk and follow You.
09:07 To be humble and teachable as You lead us.
09:12 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
09:22 Well, the last of the seven churches...
09:26 personal letters that Jesus wrote
09:31 to each one of these churches
09:33 in which He told them about their condition,
09:38 told them about their problem,
09:42 talked about the solution to their problem,
09:44 and gave them promises.
09:47 This is all what He said to these seven churches.
09:50 And tonight we're taking a look at the last one...
09:53 the church of Laodicea.
09:56 Now, the simple thing about this last church
10:00 is this, folks:
10:01 is the church here in Philadelphia
10:06 posesses what Laodicea needs.
10:12 And if Laodicea can acquire
10:18 what Philadelphia has,
10:20 Jesus will come back.
10:24 Did you follow me?
10:27 If Laodicea can acquire what Philadelphia has,
10:33 Jesus will come back.
10:35 And so this last church is a church that
10:41 is there, and what we must not do, folks,
10:46 is take for granted that we'll make it.
10:52 Because He gives a very very stern, stern rebuke.
10:58 In fact, the hardest of the seven
11:01 is to the church of Laodicea.
11:04 So as we look at it, we want to see what He has to say to it.
11:13 So to this church He's writing. Laodicea
11:17 comes from two Greek words: lao which means people,
11:23 cea means judging.
11:25 It means judging of the people.
11:30 That's what it stands for.
11:32 So you and I are living in the time
11:36 when the judgment is going on up in heaven.
11:40 And so this is a judging of the people.
11:45 And we're going to look at some things
11:47 concerning Laodicea that you and I need to consider
11:52 very carefully, because if we are facing the judgment
11:57 then I definitely need Christ to represent me.
12:03 I need Him standing in my place.
12:06 I need Him interceding in my behalf.
12:09 Very very vital if I'm going to make it into the kingdom.
12:14 So this is the church.
12:17 Now as we take a look at it you'll find that Laodicea was
12:21 about 40 miles southeast of Philadelphia.
12:27 This opened up the road from Ephesus
12:31 and from Pergamos... came through
12:35 Laodicea and opened up there to take them on into
12:40 Syria and Arabia and on into those parts of the world.
12:45 But the gate for going through that was there at Laodicea.
12:48 They're the ones that were there.
12:50 Laodicea is a very, very wealthy city.
12:57 Actually was named - Laodicea - after Antiachus.
13:03 His wife... named after her.
13:07 But she poisoned him later... I don't know why,
13:10 but she did. Anyhow it was named after her,
13:15 and a very, very well-to-do city.
13:20 The population of the city of Laodicea
13:24 was largely made up of Syrians and Jews,
13:28 and these were people that were brought out of Babylon
13:33 and put there in Laodicea.
13:36 So at the time that John is writing this
13:40 the population of Jews we found out in that city
13:44 was about 7,500 Jews that lived there at that time.
13:48 That's counting just men... not counting women and children.
13:52 And so there was a large population of Jews as well as
13:56 other people in the city of Laodicea.
13:59 Today? Not much left there.
14:03 It sits out on the plains. It was very fertile farming land
14:07 all around it. And all that we have today left there
14:11 is some of a couple theatres and a stadium...
14:17 the ruins of those two. And that's basically all we have
14:20 of the city of Laodicea. It has been taken away.
14:25 Its candlestick has been moved out of its place.
14:28 Not there any more.
14:30 But the city, as I mentioned, was a very, very wealthy city.
14:36 Wealthy enough that in 60 AD
14:39 it was destroyed by an earthquake.
14:42 And the emperor offered to help them rebuild it
14:47 and they refused
14:49 and said they would build it on their own.
14:51 And there is a little connection there, because as we
14:55 look at it you'll find that this church is very, very
15:00 self-sufficient.
15:02 It doesn't need help from anybody... not even the Lord.
15:07 So a very strong connection there between that and all.
15:12 Uh, the city was very modern.
15:16 They had hot water piped to all the homes.
15:20 Here's one of the aquaducts that flowed into the city
15:25 of Laodicea. And they had all kinds of access to
15:30 hot water in their homes and all.
15:33 It was a very, very modern city.
15:36 Very up-to-date. And I don't know if you can see it
15:40 but if you'll look at that carefully
15:45 there's a crustation around the inside of it.
15:48 The mineral springs there
15:52 were very high in mineral content, and they had a
15:56 crustation there. In fact,
15:59 about 7 or 8 miles from Laodicea is Hierapolis.
16:05 And there is where the great source of water came from.
16:10 And it was so heavy in minerals
16:14 that it would form formations even on the falls
16:19 so that you could see it from several miles away.
16:23 Looked like white statues all over... quite spectacular
16:28 as to what it did there.
16:30 Also in the city of Laodicea
16:34 they had a garment industry,
16:37 and there they made a black cloth
16:42 from black sheep that they had there.
16:45 And the texture was very soft and very similar to silk.
16:50 And it was very, very special and expensive and sought for...
16:56 the black garments that they put out of Laodicea.
17:00 And so there was a lot connected with it.
17:04 In the city of Laodicea they had a school of medicine.
17:10 One of the schools for the goddess...
17:14 the god Asclepius who was the Greek god of medicine.
17:20 And they had it there, and they practiced.
17:22 Also they had an eye salve that they sold...
17:27 Phrygian eye salve... that people could buy.
17:30 So these were all the things that took place there
17:32 in Laodicea that has reference that Christ makes
17:38 to the church there and the people that lived in Laodicea
17:42 at that time. OK, let's see as Christ identifies Himself
17:46 what He says to the church here:
17:56 Hmmm. Only place in scripture
18:00 that you find that the name Amen
18:04 is applied to Christ.
18:08 Amen is used many places in scripture...
18:11 don't misunderstand me...
18:12 but this is the only place that it is put there as a name.
18:15 Says: "The Amen. "
18:17 And there's, I believe, reason for that...
18:20 using it as a name for Christ.
18:24 Acutally the word Amen means so be it.
18:27 That's what it implies.
18:30 And I think that as Christ is giving the message
18:34 He's telling them: "This is it, this is the way it is. "
18:37 "So be it. " And we need to look at it that way.
18:41 Also, when we finish praying we say?
18:44 Amen... which means the prayer is finished.
18:48 And Christ is telling them here
18:50 "These messages to the seven churches is finished, over. "
18:54 What He's getting across to them.
18:56 So He's saying that He is the Amen... the First and the Last,
19:00 the Faithful and True Witness.
19:03 That Jesus Christ IS the True Witness
19:06 and that you and I need to listen very carefully
19:10 to what He has to say.
19:12 He is the beginning of the creation of God.
19:15 Now I just want to take just a moment on this because,
19:19 uh, there's some people that misunderstand this text.
19:23 It says here: "He is the beginning of the
19:26 creation of God. " That means He is the Creator.
19:29 That He is the One that creates; He is the beginning.
19:33 He's the One that made things; He's the One that possesses it.
19:36 There are some people that want to take this text
19:38 and apply it and saying this is saying that Jesus
19:42 is not divine...
19:44 that He was the beginning of God's creation.
19:48 No, that's not what that text is saying.
19:50 It's saying that He is the Creator.
19:52 That He's the One that created all things.
19:55 This is one of the texts that you find that Arianism
19:58 comes from and what they teach in regard to Arianism.
20:02 But Jesus Christ is the Creator;
20:06 He is the Son of God.
20:09 OK, let's continue on.
20:12 Church age. This come at a time
20:17 in which it's clear from what the scripture says
20:21 this is the church that will be there or should be there
20:26 when Jesus comes back.
20:28 Uh, as I've told you, do not try to pinpoint a date.
20:33 I put down 1900 AD about when it began.
20:37 And basically the reason I do that
20:40 is because we are living, folks,
20:44 in an age of secularism.
20:47 Uh, I told you when we talked about, uh,
20:51 Philadelphia and them coming out of the period of time
20:56 in which there was scientific evidence
21:00 and they began to question the Bible and all that
21:03 and Atheism rose.
21:05 Uh, this period of time we've moved in
21:08 we've kind of moved out of that and we've moved into
21:11 secularism. And that's all that people seem to be
21:15 concerned today with is what they can have materialistically.
21:20 What they can get.
21:22 The one who has the most toys wins.
21:25 It's strictly secularism, and so, uh,
21:29 picking up that period of time and going from there:
21:33 this is the period of time that represents the time of Laodicea.
21:38 Let's see what He says is the condition:
21:51 He said: "I know your works.
21:54 I've looked at them. I wish you... " And by the way,
21:58 they're not... they're not lacking in works here.
22:02 We'll come to that in a minute.
22:04 The church of Laodicea is not lacking in works, folks.
22:07 There's plenty of works there.
22:09 He said: "I know your works,
22:11 but I wish that you were either cold or hot
22:16 because you are neither cold nor hot. "
22:19 Now when He says - and most translators and most
22:23 Bible scholars and theologians -
22:27 they will take that to say that cold means that you don't
22:31 know the Lord and that you're living out in the world
22:34 and you don't know Christ and you're cold... you're lost,
22:39 you don't have any relationship that way.
22:41 Uh, they take hot and say hot means that you're on fire
22:46 for the Lord and working and all this.
22:49 They apply that word hot that way.
22:52 And maybe it does have a meaning that way, folks.
22:56 But I prefer to look at it a different way.
23:01 I prefer to look at it and say
23:04 it means God saying "I wish you were uncomfortable. "
23:09 "I wish you were either cold - you were uncomfortable -
23:13 that you were cold or you were hot - you were uncomfortable. "
23:18 He's trying to say "Get out of being lukewarm. "
23:23 "Would that you were either hot or cold...
23:26 you weren't comfortable. "
23:27 This is the problem with the church: it's comfortable!
23:33 It's comfortable.
23:36 We were over in Africa holding a meeting in Africa
23:39 and here people came by the thousands.
23:42 And out in the bush... I mean WAY OUT in the bush...
23:45 uh, here we are. There's some 10,000 of them there
23:49 out in the bush. There is one pump
23:54 in the middle of the compound for water.
23:56 There are no facilities out there at all...
24:02 just out in the bush. And they come and they sit on the ground
24:08 and sit there all day.
24:12 And my question to you is: how many of you will do that?
24:19 How many of you would go out where there was... you know,
24:23 no facilities: no electricity, no... no...
24:27 none of the modern things that you have...
24:30 and sit on the ground to hear the Word of God preached.
24:34 You see, we... No, we're comfortable.
24:39 We... we like it. It's... it's nice, you know.
24:44 This is the way we are.
24:46 He's saying: "I wish you were uncomfortable.
24:50 I wish you were either cold or hot. "
24:55 That's what He's wanting us to be.
25:10 See the Lord's saying: "Listen,
25:14 just because you go to church,
25:17 just because you say 'Lord, Lord, '
25:20 that doesn't make... make you right with God. "
25:35 Said: "We've done all these things. "
25:38 Done many what? "Wonderful works in Your name. "
25:42 And Jesus said: "I know your works.
25:45 I know that... I'm aware of that. "
25:57 Uh, He said: "I don't recognize you. "
26:02 "I don't know who you are. "
26:06 They said: "Well, Lord, we did all these wonderful works
26:09 for You. " And He said: "Sorry,
26:12 I don't know who you are. "
26:15 And something must be there that is more than just works.
26:22 Has to be.
26:24 Churches today...
26:28 comfortable.
26:33 We have entered an age churchwise, folks,
26:38 where people think that they have to be entertained.
26:43 They... they can't seem to come for the purpose of worship;
26:49 they feel they have to be entertained.
26:51 If it's not entertaining, well...
26:55 they're... And thus we have church after church after church
26:59 across this nation where every church service
27:04 is a big show.
27:07 It's a production that they do
27:09 because people come there to be entertained...
27:12 not to study the Word of God.
27:16 This is what it's talking about to the church of Laodicea
27:20 because they're lukewarm... satisfied, something wrong.
27:38 He said: "Since you're... you're neither cold nor hot... "
27:45 "Makes Me sick" is what He's saying.
27:49 "Makes Me sick. "
27:51 "I will vomit you out of My mouth. "
27:56 And so if you and I are just, you know,
28:00 comfortable and not really doing anything,
28:05 we'd better take a good close look, folks,
28:09 because He says: "I'll vomit you out of My mouth. "
28:12 You see in Laodicea the water came out
28:18 from up by Hierapolis and it flowed down to there.
28:23 By the time it reached Laodicea it was lukewarm
28:29 and this was the problem there.
28:31 You're looking at the stream right there from it.
28:34 As it flowed it was lukewarm water.
28:37 But dear friend, if you drank it
28:41 it tasted like kerosene spiked with Alka-Seltzer.
28:45 It didn't taste good.
28:48 It just... it was very, very...
28:52 uh, something you wanted to spew out of your mouth.
28:55 Made... made you sick.
28:57 And He said: "This is the way this church is to Me.
29:01 It makes Me sick the way they are
29:08 because they have let the cares of this world
29:15 come into their life. "
29:29 See, the world came into the church
29:35 and it choked out the Word
29:37 and the people... people became unfruitful.
29:44 You see, do you? Do you have any trouble
29:50 speaking to somebody about Jesus Christ?
29:55 Do you? Do you have trouble witnessing?
30:00 You and I should be witnessing to people around us
30:04 talking to them about Jesus Christ
30:06 and what He's done for us.
30:08 Let's see what the Lord says the problem is.
30:23 When I was a kid
30:25 I went to a little old country school...
30:28 we used to sing a song. The song said
30:32 "Fly in the buttermilk, shoo fly, shoo. "
30:36 Don't know if you remember that.
30:37 But in other words, what I'm trying to tell you
30:40 there's something wrong with this church.
30:42 There's definitely a problem of fly in the buttermilk.
30:45 And that is what it's saying here when it says:
30:48 "Because you say 'I am rich,
30:50 have become wealthy, have need of nothing'
30:53 and do not know that you are wretched, miserable,
30:57 poor, blind, and naked. "
31:00 Now the problem here, folks, is they're all this.
31:06 They're wealthy; they have need of nothing.
31:12 I'm rich... have need of nothing.
31:17 That's the way we see ourselves.
31:22 Don't need anything... good shape.
31:26 And the problem is they don't know it.
31:31 They don't know it.
31:35 If they knew it, they might do something about it,
31:39 but they don't even know it.
31:41 And He says: "Do not know that you are wretched
31:45 and miserable, poor, blind, and naked. "
31:50 All those things. And that's describing, folks,
31:54 the spiritual condition of the church.
31:57 That's what it's talking about.
31:59 They're poor. That means they don't have anything
32:05 spiritually... they're bankrupt spiritually.
32:09 They're... they're wretched.
32:11 They spiritually are blind and they are naked.
32:16 And those are things that their condition
32:19 and there's certain things that Christ gives
32:22 that takes care of that.
32:25 But the problem is you can't take care of it
32:30 if you don't know you need it.
32:35 Follow me?
32:38 The answer's here. We'll look at the answer.
32:41 But if you don't know you need it,
32:45 then you're not going to look for it.
32:47 And dear friends, the only thing I can tell you
32:50 is you, myself, and every one of us
32:55 ought to be on our knees praying that God
32:59 will open our eyes and that we will see our need.
33:04 Because He's got the answer.
33:07 He's got what is needed to take care of the problem.
33:11 But you and I, unfortunately,
33:15 go about our activities day by day unaware of our need.
33:21 What does Christ have to do to get our attention?
33:29 You know? What does He have to do to get our attention?
33:32 Uh, maybe it takes
33:40 natural disasters?
33:43 Maybe it takes more than just saying
33:49 "Repent... change your way. "
33:52 Maybe it takes the loss of something.
33:58 But He's having a hard time - a difficult time -
34:04 getting our attention, folks,
34:06 because He says... we're going to come to it...
34:10 He says: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock.
34:14 And if anyone hears My voice... "
34:19 He's saying: "Hello, hello! Do you hear Me? "
34:25 And the problem is not only are we blind
34:29 but we're deaf.
34:31 We don't see; we don't hear.
34:36 We don't even know our need.
34:59 From the top of the head to the sole of the foot
35:01 nothing but bruises and sores.
35:06 We're... we're a mess!
35:09 That's literally... we're a mess
35:12 and we don't recognize it. As He says here:
35:22 This is where the church of Laodicea is.
35:27 And dear friend, if there was ever a period in time
35:32 which that depicts it, it's today.
35:49 Took their lamps; went out to meet the bridegroom.
36:00 And it says that they all what?
36:05 "Slumbered and slept. " All ten of them!
36:10 Not just five... all ten of them slumbered and slept.
36:14 And it says: "The cry came:
36:16 'Behold, the bridegroom is coming. ' "
36:19 And they got up and shook themselves
36:22 and trimmed their lamps.
36:39 Are you taking time? Are you taking time to make sure
36:46 that your vessel is filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit?
36:55 Are you? Or are you, uh, too busy?
37:01 Or maybe you don't need anything?
37:06 Increased with goods; have need of nothing.
37:11 And when the bridegroom shows up
37:14 you say: "Oh, not enough oil. "
37:33 You see, that's... there's a lot there, folks.
37:36 "Go out and buy for yourselves. "
37:40 When it comes to this part
37:45 there's nothing anybody can do for you.
37:52 You're not going to be saved by your wife.
37:59 You're not going to be saved by your husband.
38:02 You've got to go and you have to buy for yourself.
38:09 And you buy without money...
38:15 without price.
38:17 But you've got to go buy
38:20 and you have to be filled.
38:24 But, dear friend, the problem here with these virgins
38:28 isn't that they didn't go to buy.
38:32 They went to buy.
38:34 The problem is they waited too late.
38:53 You see these... these people were those
38:58 that they had the opportunity. This is not talking about,
39:02 uh, people that don't know the Lord.
39:04 This is not talking about non-church members.
39:06 This is talking about church members.
39:08 And they went out to buy, and while they were out buying
39:12 the bridegroom came and the door was shut.
39:17 The door that was opened in Philadelphia
39:21 is shut in Laodicea.
39:27 And you remember they knocked on the door.
39:29 Said: "Lord, let us in. Let us in. "
39:32 And He said: "Sorry, I don't know you. "
39:36 Why didn't He know them?
39:42 Why... why didn't He know these five?
39:46 Because they were not like Him in character.
39:53 That's the problem.
39:55 They were not like Him in character. Therefore
39:58 He didn't recognize them. He said: "I don't know you...
40:01 don't know who you are. "
40:04 So let's see as we have taken a look at this
40:06 what counsel He gives to take care of it.
40:10 How can it be taken care of?
40:27 OK?
40:40 Now He's taken care of this question of blind,
40:44 and poor, and...
40:48 and not having things
40:51 and, what say? Blind and poor and naked.
40:57 He takes care of all those things... each one.
41:01 So He says: "Buy of Me gold
41:05 that has been refined in the fire. "
41:10 Do you know what gold is?
41:14 Do you know what gold is?
41:16 When... I'm not talking about literal.
41:20 I'm not referring to that, I'm talking about spiritually.
41:22 Do you know what gold is?
41:25 Hmmm?
41:27 Let me tell you what gold is:
41:30 three things as far as God's Word is concerned.
41:33 This is gold.
41:35 God's Word... that's gold.
41:38 And you have to come to the scripture
41:42 and spend time in the scripture.
41:44 That is absolutely necessary
41:47 because the other two things that are gold
41:50 is dependent upon this.
41:52 And if you don't spend time in the Word of God
41:56 then dear friend you're not going to get the other 2 things
41:59 that's absolutely necessary
42:01 if you're going to make it into God's kingdom.
42:04 The other thing that is gold
42:07 that comes only by this is faith.
42:11 Faith is gold.
42:13 "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the... "
42:17 "Word of God. " So you and I must spend time
42:21 in the Word so that I will begin to possess
42:27 faith and it begins to work in my life.
42:31 And that is absolutely necessary.
42:33 If you don't have faith, you can't make it.
42:36 Faith is absolutely required.
42:39 Without faith you cannot please God.
42:43 Very, very clear. So faith is gold.
42:47 Put it down. If you're wanting to know how can I
42:50 help my poor condition,
42:53 then dear friend you've got to have faith.
42:56 Absolutely necessary.
42:59 The third thing is that's gold is love.
43:03 You see, love and faith work together,
43:09 and you've got to have love if it's going to take place.
43:13 If you don't have love for the Lord,
43:16 if you don't have love for your brethren,
43:18 if you don't have love for people, dear friend,
43:20 you are in jeopardy.
43:23 You are in problems.
43:25 You've got to love one another; that is absolutely required.
43:29 And the way you get those is by spending time in the Word of God
43:34 drawing near to Him.
43:37 Works won't get you there.
43:41 Works won't get you there.
43:46 Takes something more than that.
43:50 I've spent my life in evangelism,
43:57 and I don't mean this in a wrong way.
44:00 But the church...
44:05 and when I say the church I'm talking about all of us...
44:09 When you talk about evangelism and preaching God's Word
44:15 almost invariably you know what people want to know?
44:20 How many people were baptized?
44:23 How many people were baptized?
44:25 Now don't misunderstand me. I believe that that's important.
44:30 But dear friend, numbers is not...
44:34 is not the change of heart.
44:38 We... we have to talk about and preach and pray for the
44:43 Holy Spirit... that God's Spirit will come in and work
44:48 in people's lives.
44:49 And still today it's that way.
44:51 Almost invariably when we ask somebody about what kind
44:55 of meeting they had, they want to know how many numbers
44:59 there was.
45:00 And... and that's... that's part of works.
45:04 That's where the works comes into it.
45:06 And as Laodicea, we are work-orientated.
45:13 And we have all these things that we can look at.
45:16 We have these buildings, we have churches,
45:18 we have hospitals, we have publishing houses.
45:20 We have all these all over the world.
45:23 Next-to-the-largest parochial system in the world.
45:26 All that we have... and we say: "Look at this. "
45:32 And God's saying: "You're not understanding.
45:36 You're really poor.
45:38 You don't have anything. "
45:42 That... that's our condition.
45:44 That's where we are.
45:47 So you've got to have... you've got to have faith.
45:52 You have to have love
45:55 if it's going to be what it should be.
46:00 Secondly, He supplies our need
46:05 by giving us the garment of His righteousness.
46:08 And I hear people say: "Well our righteousness
46:12 is as filthy rags. "
46:15 That it is... but that's not what He's saying.
46:18 That's not what He says in this... this here.
46:22 He says: "You're naked. "
46:25 That's what He says... just read it.
46:27 He said: "You don't even have anything on. "
46:29 Said: "You ought to take a good look and you ought to be ashamed
46:33 of walking around naked. "
46:35 That's what He's saying.
46:37 You don't have any righteousness...
46:40 it's not even as good as filthy rags.
46:42 You don't have anything at all.
46:45 You're miserable, you're poor, you're blind, you're naked.
46:48 That's the way you are. And He said: "If you don't come to Me
46:54 and be covered with His righteousness...
47:06 Zealous means what? Get with it!
47:10 Stop playing around... get with it.
47:13 Be zealous, repent, change where you're going.
47:27 Here's the gold, folks... "faith working through love. "
47:43 So be rich; have faith; have love.
47:48 Spend time with the Lord.
48:00 Get it clear. I have people that read this text all the time
48:04 but they never talk about one word that's in this text.
48:08 And it says: "To her was... " What?
48:11 What? Granted. That means you don't have it
48:15 of yourself. It was granted for her to have it.
48:18 Given to her: the righteousness of Jesus Christ
48:21 that covers your life and mine.
48:24 This is the righteousness of Christ.
48:38 If you don't have that, then I'm sorry... you're running around
48:42 unclothed.
48:52 This is the righteousness of Christ that covers our lives.
48:57 Gives to us His righteousness.
49:15 You see, I talk to people -
49:20 and I'm talking about church members -
49:22 and they say to me:
49:24 "Oh, Brother Cox, I don't see that. "
49:28 And naturally they don't see it
49:32 because their eyesight's not very good.
49:36 They're lacking in eyesight... they need eye salve.
49:40 They need to be able to see what God's Word is saying.
49:44 You see, we must understand -
49:48 and you won't understand what God is doing
49:52 until you understand the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
49:55 That's what opens your eyes is the grace of Christ.
50:05 When you see His grace, you see His love,
50:08 you see what He's done, then your eyes begin to open up.
50:20 OK? This is the way it comes, this is the way it happens
50:25 in your life and mine.
50:27 Grace is the source. That's the eye salve.
50:32 When you understand grace, your eyes get opened up
50:36 and you can see and understand.
50:38 Blood is the means... that's the white raiment.
50:42 Because we wash our robes in the blood of the Lamb
50:47 and the blood of the Lamb makes them what?
50:50 Makes them white.
50:52 Faith is the method. That's how you and I
50:56 lay hold of it. That is the gold.
51:04 So here's the solution to the problem, folks.
51:08 Christ is offering you the solution to the problem.
51:11 And the problem of it is... is we don't see it.
51:32 Christ standing at the door and knocking.
51:35 This is the problem of the church of Laodicea.
51:40 This is the problem right here
51:43 because Christ is on the outside.
51:48 That's where the problem is.
51:51 He's not inside... He's outside.
51:54 And He's knocking at the door asking for entrance.
51:58 And dear friend, He won't force Himself.
52:03 You've got to invite Him in.
52:07 And He says: "If anyone hears My voice. "
52:10 He's... He's calling out.
52:13 He's asking for you and to me
52:15 open the door... let Him in.
52:19 Come into our lives to change us...
52:23 to make us different.
52:26 To become acquainted with us so that when you're down to the end
52:32 He won't say: "I don't know you. I've never been to your house.
52:37 I've never dwelt with you; I've never supped with you.
52:39 I've never had a meal with you.
52:41 I don't know you. "
52:45 Knocking at the door saying: "Let Me in. "
52:48 Invite Him in, folks; don't wait.
52:53 Then He gives a promise:
53:07 He says: "If you'll just let Me in,
53:10 then I'll come in and sup with you.
53:13 And he that overcomes I'll grant to sit with me
53:18 in My throne. " What marvelous, marvelous opportunity
53:23 to sit with Christ on His throne.
53:29 Thrones in the Orient were room for more than one person
53:35 to sit by them. They had a place for a person to sit on the left
53:39 and on the right.
53:40 Christ is saying: "Open your heart up.
53:44 If you overcome, I'll let you sit with Me on My throne
53:49 as I overcame and sat down with my Father on His throne. "
53:53 And so He has written to the churches of Asia Minor.
53:59 And He said to them:
54:07 Oh I pray tonight
54:09 that the church of Laodicea will hear.
54:13 That it will listen and accept His invitation.
54:18 Let us pray.
54:20 Heavenly Father,
54:24 help us, Lord, that we may be willing
54:28 to accept Your invitation. That we'll open the door,
54:33 invite You in.
54:36 And that we might commune with You
54:39 and that all of us may be in Your kingdom
54:43 because we've opened our hearts and invited You into our lives.
54:49 For these things we thank you
54:51 in Christ's name, Amen.
54:55 Well, we're down to the end of the seven churches.
55:00 Our next session or series
55:04 will be on Visions From The Throne Room In Heaven.
55:09 And we'll be looking at Revelation 4, 5, 6, 7
55:14 and so forth. God bless you.
55:16 Hello, folks.
55:17 One of my favorite things to do in the springtime
55:20 is to take a walk and look at all the new growth.
55:24 The earth seems so fresh,
55:26 and each tree bursts forth with buds and flowers.
55:29 That reminds me of a parable that Jesus told His followers
55:33 in Luke 21.
55:35 You see, He had just described the events which will happen
55:38 immediately before His second coming.
55:55 But in verse 29 Jesus turns their attention
55:58 to the fig tree.
56:00 And ever since then the budding trees have served as a permanent
56:04 reminder that our time here is very short
56:07 and the second coming is very near.
56:25 Folks, many of these signs are already upon us.
56:29 The earth groans from the greed of those who have
56:32 exploited her resources, ravaged her land
56:35 and destroyed plants and animals and atmosphere alike
56:39 in a selfish pursuit of wealth.
56:41 Have you seen the signs?
56:43 Have you seen men's hearts failing with fear?
56:46 If you haven't, then I'm afraid you're not watching
56:49 very closely. However, the Holy Spirit is hard at work
56:53 and so are many Christians who long for an end to sin
56:57 and look forward to their soon-coming Savior.
57:00 And that's why we continue to preach the gospel
57:03 to as many as we can through any means that we can
57:07 as often as we can.
57:09 Our ministry team is supported solely
57:12 by your contributions... and we thank you for your
57:15 faithful prayers and financial support.
57:19 May God richly bless you.
57:21 Please consider what you can do for those who still don't know
57:25 about Jesus. As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:28 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
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