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00:19 Good evening and welcome to The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
00:24 We're back. We're covering now the second series
00:28 in the study of the book of Revelation.
00:31 And this week we're going to be covering chapters 4 through 12.
00:37 Those are the chapters we're covering.
00:40 And so you need to get your Bible; get you a notebook
00:43 and pencil, and as we go through these chapters
00:47 be sure and take notes as to what we're studying.
00:50 Important chapters... because there's a lot of things
00:53 that happened in these particular chapters
00:56 that we're going to be studying.
00:57 So we hope you will be with us each evening
01:01 as we go through the different chapters
01:04 in the book of Revelation.
01:06 Tonight our subject is Worthy Is The Lamb.
01:11 Worthy Is The Lamb.
01:13 And tonight we're looking at chapters 4 and 5.
01:18 Those two chapters, so we're covering a lot
01:20 of territory tonight on those two chapters - chapter 4 and 5.
01:25 And then tomorrow night our subject is entitled
01:30 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
01:32 We're going to be looking at the seven seals
01:37 that are mentioned in the sixth chapter of Revelation.
01:40 So that's where we'll be tomorrow evening.
01:42 So we hope that you'll be here as we continue to study
01:46 God's Word from night to night
01:49 and hope that the book of Revelation will just kind of
01:54 open up and become something that will give you a lot of
01:59 comfort, a lot of joy, as you read it and understand
02:03 where we are in the stream of time.
02:06 Tonight we're looking at Worthy Is The Lamb.
02:11 Uh, Christ
02:16 the Lamb... the Lamb of God.
02:19 And in the 5th chapter it speaks of Him as a Lamb
02:25 that had been slain.
02:28 And so tonight Dona Klein is going to sing a song
02:33 that deals with that. It's entitled Some Time Before Dawn
02:38 is what the subject... or the song is going to be about.
02:43 And it tells about what Christ faced and went through
02:47 in preparing to make the sacrifice for you and for me.
02:52 But before Dona sings, Chuck Allgaier
02:56 is going to come out and he's going to read
02:58 those 4th and 5th chapters of the book of Revelation.
03:04 Well as you hear, we have an amazing lot to cover tonight
03:07 and so we're going to go straight to the Bible
03:09 and read what Revelation has to say.
03:12 So if you have your Bible,
03:13 turn it to the book of Revelation chapter 4.
03:16 We're going to read Revelation chapters 4 and 5.
03:20 Let's read together:
08:04 Some time before the dawn
08:10 His heart was aching.
08:15 Some time before the dawn
08:21 His heart was breaking.
08:26 The cross was just ahead...
08:32 "Not My will, but Thine" He pled.
08:37 For me His tears were shed
08:43 some time before dawn.
08:49 They struck and they cursed Him;
08:54 they mocked His dear name.
09:00 They stripped off His garment,
09:06 despising the shame.
09:11 Those precious hands
09:17 they nailed to a tree.
09:22 He hung there in agony
09:28 for you and for me.
09:34 She ran to the garden
09:40 her eyes lined with tears.
09:45 She knew she must find Him,
09:50 her heart filled with fear.
09:56 The angel told her
10:02 that Jesus was gone.
10:07 He rose from His prison
10:12 some time before dawn.
10:18 Some time before the dawn
10:24 His heart was aching.
10:29 Some time before the dawn
10:35 His heart was breaking.
10:41 The cross was just ahead...
10:46 "Not My will, but Thine" He pled.
10:52 For me His tears were shed
10:57 some time before dawn.
11:04 Those things pass before me
11:09 as I kneel at the cross.
11:14 His blood paid my ransom
11:20 some time before dawn.
11:25 Yes, His blood paid our ransom
11:31 some time before
11:34 dawn.
11:55 Gracious Lord,
11:57 we come to You tonight
12:00 asking that You would give us understanding.
12:05 Give us wisdom.
12:07 Lighten our eyes
12:10 as we step into Your throne room, Lord.
12:15 May we understand things that You have shown us.
12:21 May we apply them to our hearts.
12:24 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
12:34 Revelation the 4th chapter
12:37 starts out talking about God's throne.
12:42 We're going to take a look at that...
12:44 what it has to tell us about the Lamb: Worthy is the Lamb.
12:48 So it says:
13:06 Now the angel is speaking to John and he's saying:
13:09 "Come up here; I'm going to show you things
13:12 that are going to take place after this. "
13:31 So tonight you and I are stepping into the throne
13:36 of the Almighty
13:38 and we're going to take a look at it through the eyes of John.
13:42 Now you should not expect
13:44 to see God in a form
13:50 because it tells us clearly in scripture that no one
13:54 has seen God.
13:55 And John - what he had to say - is in keeping
13:59 with the rest of the scripture.
14:01 So you're not going to see that, but it does give you an idea
14:04 of the throne room and what takes place there.
14:07 Paul told us a little bit about what we could expect,
14:11 and he had this to say:
14:26 So it says that God is light.
14:30 Appears as light.
14:32 Goes on and says:
14:44 So this is basically what you see when you step into
14:49 the throne room. John describes it as a "light. "
15:26 So this is what we're seeing in the throne room
15:30 as far as God the Father is concerned or the Almighty.
15:34 He appears as light.
15:37 OK.
15:53 So as we stepped into the throne room... get an idea,
15:57 a picture of the glory that's there taking place.
16:01 So it says that God is light.
16:06 So if you have light... all right?
16:10 and you have water... that gives you what?
16:15 What will light and water make?
16:18 Makes a rainbow. Right. That's what we use
16:21 or that's what's there and to give us a rainbow.
16:24 Well this is the way it describes God's throne, folks,
16:28 because there's certain things there that are light -
16:32 OK? - and there's certain things that are water.
16:35 For instance, it tells us this concerning God's throne:
16:48 So here in God's throne room we have the law -
16:53 the law of God - and it says it is what?
16:57 Light. So it says the Word of God is light.
17:02 So you have light. Not only do you have light
17:05 but it says you have something else.
17:07 It says here that we have this:
17:21 So here in the throne of God we have light
17:25 and we have the water of life. So we've got
17:28 both those things there.
17:31 And so if you have light and you have the water of life
17:34 then you're going to get a rainbow.
17:37 And that's why it says around God's throne is a rainbow
17:41 that's amber in color.
17:43 And below that is the glory of the mercy seat.
17:47 So this is what is pictured in the throne room of God.
17:50 Any time you want to...
17:53 any time you have a very, very blue Monday...
17:58 OK? you can always bathe it in the gold of God's love.
18:04 It will cause you to walk in green pastures.
18:08 OK? Remember, it's just always true.
18:11 So God's throne here is there and it's bathed in light.
18:17 OK. Not only that, but there's a sea of glass there.
18:22 That's what we're depicting here in the set.
18:30 OK?
18:44 So this is describing the pavement -
18:48 or whatever we want to call it - before God's throne.
18:52 Describes it as a sea of glass with stones of fire
18:56 among it. In fact, as it talked about Lucifer
18:59 it says he...
19:14 So this is the sea of glass there before the throne of God
19:18 which by the way the scripture says that the righteous will be
19:22 standing on... the sea of glass.
19:26 All right? Well, not only do you have that, but it says
19:29 that there in that throne room were 24 elders.
19:45 So here you have 24 elders.
19:48 These men are special people
19:51 because they have been redeemed from the earth
19:56 is what we find out.
20:04 So there the Lamb is. They fall down before the Lamb.
20:16 Did you know the Bible says that the angels
20:20 even take your prayers in their hands
20:25 and bear them up before God?
20:27 And the incense here is the prayers of the saints.
20:41 So we're going to read about this Lamb.
20:48 These 24 elders are special people.
20:52 They lead out in worship. That's what they do.
20:56 They lead out in worship there in the throne room of God.
21:00 And you'll find that as they lead out, all the other
21:04 beings worship God.
21:25 So those 24 elders... they lead out in worship.
21:29 But they also as you read the scripture find that they
21:32 participate in the judgment.
21:34 Did you realize that? That's what they're there for
21:38 is to participate in the judgment.
21:41 Listen:
21:58 Now these are the 24 elders that are saying this,
22:02 so watch carefully:
22:22 Why are the 24 elders involved in judgment?
22:26 Well you'll find that those 24 elders
22:31 are of different personality types.
22:36 That's what they are.
22:38 And there's a reason there's 24
22:41 because there are two of each type.
22:44 You see, the scripture makes it very clear
22:47 that you cannot judge someone unless there are two witnesses.
22:53 So you have 24 elders;
22:56 you have two of each personality type.
23:01 Listen:
23:13 So you've got to have two witnesses,
23:15 and there's two witnesses of each personality type. Why?
23:21 Well you see, God doesn't intend for you to say
23:24 "Well listen, I was just different than everybody else.
23:27 I just couldn't make it
23:29 because, you know, I was kind of behind with the Lord
23:31 type thing. " No! There's going to be two every personality type
23:36 showing that God did everything that was necessary
23:42 to save every last soul. And every type will be saved!
23:45 And these 24 elders participate
23:49 in the judgement because they're of those personality types.
23:55 OK, then it tells us:
24:13 So we're going to take a look at these four living creatures.
24:17 It tells us here... says:
24:21 "The first living creature was like a lion. "
24:24 So we have the lion.
24:27 That's what the first living creature was like.
24:30 Then it goes on and says:
24:32 "And the second living creature like a calf. "
24:37 And so we have the second living creature.
24:39 "Like a calf, " the book of Ezekiel says
24:43 "like an ox... " so it gives it both ways in scripture.
24:47 But that was the second living creature.
24:49 And then we find that the third living creature...
24:54 the third living creature had the face of a what?
24:58 A man. And so we have the third living creature
25:01 that has a face like a man.
25:04 And then we come to the fourth or the final living creature
25:09 and it says that it had the face or was like
25:14 unto an eagle.
25:16 Those are the living creatures. Now it goes on and says:
25:33 These living creatures are part of the angelic host,
25:38 and since they have six wings
25:42 they are seraphim.
25:44 That's what they are... they're part of the angelic host
25:47 and they're seraphim. And they have a very, very
25:51 definite symbolic meaning for you and me.
25:53 You see, this symbolism was not foreign
25:56 to the children of Israel.
25:58 They understood that very clearly
26:00 because you find that they have seen this before.
26:03 The children of Israel camped,
26:05 uh, as they were going through the wilderness
26:08 you'll find that right in the middle of their camp
26:11 they erected the sanctuary.
26:14 And then you find that three tribes camped on each side
26:19 of the sanctuary.
26:21 On the east you had three tribes,
26:24 and the leading tribe that led out in that
26:27 was the tribe of Judah.
26:31 And Judah had a banner that hung in front of those 3 tribes,
26:37 and on it was the picture of a lion.
26:41 Then if you went to the south
26:45 you had the tribe of Ruben
26:48 and two other tribes camped behind Ruben.
26:51 And they had a banner,
26:53 and on that banner was the picture of a man.
26:57 And then if you went to the west
27:01 you had the tribe of Ephraim
27:03 and behind them were two more tribes.
27:06 And in front of them was a banner with a picture of an ox.
27:10 And then if you went to the north,
27:14 you had the eagle - the tribe of Dan.
27:18 And behind Dan were two others.
27:20 And so these were not something that they were not aware of
27:24 or something that was strange to them.
27:26 They knew what these symbols represented.
27:29 They have great significance to us
27:32 because those four living creatures also tell us
27:37 the characteristics of Jesus Christ...
27:39 that's what they're like... because we find
27:43 the lion of the tribe of Judah:
27:58 Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah.
28:02 And then you find there is also Ruben.
28:06 That was the banner of a man.
28:09 And we find in Philippians 2:8 it says that:
28:16 So Christ's humanity is pictured there.
28:20 And then you have the ox of Ephraim, and it says:
28:29 And so the ox represented the sacrifice of Christ
28:33 in our behalf. And then you have the eagle:
28:41 The eagle represented the divinity of Christ.
28:44 So you have those characteristics of Jesus Christ.
28:48 That also is the reason
28:52 you have four gospels.
28:55 Did you realize that?
28:58 That's what the four gospels are all about.
29:00 So you find that if you go to the book of Matthew
29:03 you'll find that Matthew speaks of Jesus as the King.
29:08 In fact, if you take the genealogy
29:11 in Matthew it traces it clear back to where?
29:17 Takes it back to David showing that He's King.
29:20 If you take the geneaology in Luke,
29:22 it takes it clear back to Adam.
29:25 And so you have Matthew representing Jesus as the King.
29:31 You have Luke representing Jesus' humanity.
29:36 That's the reason the geneaology takes it back to Adam.
29:38 Shows His humanity.
29:40 You take a look at John, John is the one that talks about
29:45 "behold the Lamb of God" the sacrifice.
29:48 And you find that Mark speaks of the divinity of Christ.
29:52 There's more miracles recorded in the gospel of Mark
29:55 than in any of the other gospels.
29:58 And so this is the reason you have those characteristics
30:01 of Jesus Christ among those four living creatures.
30:05 OK.
30:15 They're there. They praise God.
30:17 They give glory and honor to Him
30:38 So this is where they give glory and honor to God.
30:43 And so we have the four living creatures, the 24 elders here.
30:47 And by the way folks, everything from this point...
30:51 everything from this point through the book of Revelation
30:56 takes place in this throne room.
30:58 Every vision that John has was from the throne room.
31:03 And you'll find that these living creatures and the elders
31:07 and all the ones that are involved in it.
31:10 So everything that John sees in the whole book of Revelation
31:13 takes place from this throne room.
31:16 So let's go to the throne room, take a look, because something
31:19 begins to happen here that's very important that you and I
31:23 see and understand what's taking place.
31:26 And it says:
31:35 Now, who's sitting on the throne?
31:39 God... God the Father sitting on the throne,
31:43 and in His hand He has a scroll.
31:47 And that scroll is written on the inside and on the back -
31:52 all right? - sealed with seven seals.
32:02 Now he's standing there and he's shouting out
32:05 across the whole universe
32:07 "Who's worthy to come... open this scroll
32:11 and to loose it? "
32:13 "Who... who has that power? Who can do that? "
32:23 I mean, absolutely nobody moved.
32:28 Now I've got a question tonight:
32:31 where's Mohammad?
32:37 Where's Buddha?
32:39 Where's Confucius?
32:42 Why don't they step up... open the scroll?
32:47 Not a soul moved... not one.
32:55 So John says:
33:04 Now let me tell you why John's weeping.
33:07 Because in that scroll is contained the whole history
33:12 of mankind.
33:14 That's what's there, and nobody could open it.
33:18 And John knows that if nobody can open it
33:21 then there's no hope for mankind.
33:25 So he wept much.
33:40 He said: "The Lion of the tribe of Judah,
33:43 the Root of David. " Have you ever thought about that?
33:47 Huh?
33:49 Why didn't he say this: "the offspring of David. "
33:57 Why would he say "the Root of David. "
34:03 Before David was, He was.
34:06 That's right. You see, it's not just the fact that
34:11 it took someone more than human
34:14 to take and come and open that scroll.
34:30 So standing right there in the midst of the throne room
34:34 in the middle of the 24 elders and the four living creatures
34:39 is a Lamb...
34:41 a Lamb as if it had been slain.
34:47 Standing there.
34:51 It didn't say anything about a lion.
34:54 There's no lion standing there.
34:58 There's a Lamb standing there
35:01 and it has the appearance as if it had been slain.
35:15 So here this Lamb is. Interesting...
35:19 because in scripture in Greek
35:25 the word for lamb is amnos.
35:28 That's the word that's used in Greek for lamb.
35:32 Not in this case.
35:37 Not in this case.
35:39 The word used in this case is different:
35:44 it's arnion.
35:50 There's only one other place it's used in scripture that word
35:54 and that's where Jesus was talking to Peter
35:57 after the resurrection and they were there at the Sea of Galilee
36:02 and Peter had denied his Lord three times.
36:07 And there they are, and Peter even having some
36:12 problem being there because he feels so unworthy.
36:17 And Christ speaks to him and says to him:
36:41 And Jesus said to John... or to Peter...
36:46 "Peter, lovest thou Me? "
36:49 And he said: "Lord, You know I love You. "
36:54 "You know I love You. "
36:56 He said: "Peter, feed My sheep. "
37:02 And He said to Peter: "Peter,
37:07 lovest thou Me? "
37:11 Three times. Three times he had denied Him.
37:15 Three times Christ asked him that.
37:21 And Peter - heartbroken - said: "Lord,
37:26 You know... You know that I love You. "
37:30 And He said: "Peter, feed My lambs. "
37:37 That's the only other place that word's used.
37:40 Said: "Feed My lambs. "
37:44 That word in Greek actually means
37:49 little pet lamb.
37:54 That's what it means: little pet lamb.
37:59 Why would He use such a term as little pet lamb?
38:04 Standing there before the throne of God
38:08 was a little pet lamb as if it had been slain.
38:19 Because there's great symbolism there, folks.
38:23 You remember the Passover
38:28 they were told to go and find a lamb?
38:33 Listen to what the scripture tells you about that.
38:50 On when? When was he to do this?
38:54 On the 10th. On the 10th day of that month they were to go
39:00 and they were to bring a lamb back to the house.
39:05 And they were to keep it there at the house.
39:08 For what reason?
39:13 Oh, they wanted to keep it there...
39:15 the Lord wanted them to keep it there
39:17 so they could make a pet out of it.
39:20 So the children could play with it...
39:25 that they couldn't take that lamb and offer it
39:30 without any feeling.
39:32 They wanted them to be some kind of feeling there
39:36 of the sacrifice that was being made.
39:39 And so for four days they were to take that lamb,
39:46 let the children play with it, keep it there at the house.
39:50 And then it says:
40:06 They had to wait until it was so that the child
40:11 might be hanging onto his father's leg and saying:
40:14 "Don't! Don't kill it! "
40:17 Because there had to be some feeling involved with it.
40:22 Had to be some emotion.
40:24 They had to feel they were giving up something.
40:28 So he said: "Standing there in the throne room
40:34 was a little pet lamb. "
40:38 The Son of God...
40:41 as though it had been slain.
40:46 This was the sacrifice that was to be made for you and for me.
40:53 So as John is there and he... he's seeing this throne room
40:57 and he's seeing all the elders and the four living creatures
41:01 and all that's happening there.
41:03 Yet right there in the middle is this little Lamb,
41:11 and only this little Lamb is worthy.
41:17 Nobody else.
41:20 Not another soul in the entire universe
41:25 moves... only this little pet Lamb.
41:37 This little pet Lamb came and took the scroll
41:41 out of the hand of God.
41:45 Why?
41:47 Because your salvation is wrapped up in that very thing.
41:53 That He - He alone - earned the right
41:58 to step up there to the Father and take that scroll
42:04 from His hand because He is
42:09 the Lion of the tribe of Judah.
42:13 He's the King.
42:17 Not only is He the King... He's your brother.
42:24 He came and took upon Himself humanity.
42:29 Became one with us
42:33 to bear it throughout eternity.
42:37 Nobody else, folks, nobody else has ever done that.
42:43 I don't care who you want to talk about.
42:46 No one else has done that.
42:48 Only the Lamb. He's the only one that's worthy.
42:51 He's the only one that has done that for you and for me.
42:55 Took upon Himself humanity; became like one of us.
43:02 And then...
43:06 He paid the sacrifice: He died.
43:14 He died that you and I might live.
43:22 You tell me who else has done that for us.
43:27 Who else that can claim to be one with God...
43:33 equal with the Father...
43:35 willing to lay down His life that you and I might live.
43:41 This was the little pet Lamb.
43:47 Came... died for you and for me.
44:08 You see, when He stepped up there and took that scroll
44:12 out of the hand of His Father
44:13 you find that ALL those 24 elders and the living creatures
44:19 and even John... all them break forth in praise
44:23 because all of a sudden there's hope!
44:26 Without Him taking hold of that scroll
44:29 out of the Father's hand, there's no hope, folks.
44:32 But when He did, there was hope!
44:36 And they break forth in praise to God to praise His name
44:42 and all because He came and died
44:47 in your place and in mine.
45:06 They're saying: "Lord, YOU are worthy.
45:09 You're the One that paid the price for us. "
45:17 How is it with you tonight?
45:21 Have you? Have you sensed
45:27 the sacrifice that was made in your behalf?
45:32 Are you acquainted with the little pet Lamb
45:38 that was slain so that you might live?
45:47 I often wonder, because the scripture says
45:53 that the wicked will cry out
45:58 "Hide us from the face of Him that sits on the throne
46:02 and from the wrath of the Lamb. "
46:07 You know, it doesn't say "the wrath of the Lion. "
46:13 Says "the wrath of the Lamb. "
46:16 How many people are afraid of a lamb?
46:24 But they are,
46:26 because He is the only one... no one else...
46:31 He is the only One that is worthy!
46:33 He paid the price that they might be saved
46:38 and they have said "No" to this Lamb.
46:52 Oh, marvelous text!
46:55 This little pet Lamb who paid the sacrifice
47:00 for you and for me. It says that He has "made us
47:06 kings and priests unto His God. "
47:10 Do you get the significance of that?
47:14 It doesn't say there that
47:19 you MIGHT be a king or you MIGHT be a priest.
47:22 It doesn't say that!
47:24 It says that He did what?
47:27 Said: "He MADE you kings and priests. "
47:31 Folks, that... that is the very heart of salvation.
47:37 That's the very heart of the gospel
47:39 is the fact that your salvation and my salvation
47:43 is not dependent upon our ability.
47:47 It's dependent upon the Lamb!
47:52 The Lamb that was slain... HE died for us.
47:55 He paid the price.
47:57 Therefore, simply... simply by accepting His sacrifice
48:03 in our behalf, He in turn makes you
48:07 a king and a priest unto God.
48:11 Wonderful
48:15 that you and I can have such a Savior!
48:21 Such a Redeemer that would make us kings and priests
48:25 unto His God.
48:27 Next time you're in a situation
48:33 where you're having trouble being tempted,
48:39 you know, remember... He made you
48:44 a king and a priest; therefore, you should act like one.
48:51 See? It does not say, folks,
48:55 that if you do this and this and this, you MIGHT become.
48:59 Doesn't say that.
49:02 It says that if you accept Him, He makes you one.
49:07 See, it's not based on my ability or your ability.
49:13 If I do such and such, that doesn't make me
49:18 a child of God.
49:20 It's my acceptance of Him that makes me a child of God.
49:25 I find people get that mixed up so often, you know?
49:29 That... that doesn't make you -
49:32 what you do and how you act...
49:35 You know, you may be very, very careful in your actions
49:40 and all, folks. but that... that's good -
49:42 don't misunderstand me - but that doesn't make you
49:44 a child of God.
49:46 It's the act of Christ that makes us a child of God.
49:49 How I act and what I do
49:53 doesn't make me any more a child of God than
49:56 my going out and sitting in the garage makes me an automobile.
49:59 That just doesn't do that, you see.
50:02 I have to be willing to understand that He -
50:07 this little pet Lamb -
50:09 came, took the scroll from the hand of God
50:14 that you and I might be saved.
50:35 Ten thousand times ten thousand
50:39 and thousands of thousands.
50:41 Oh how marvelous that will be!
50:44 You know, to sit and listen... just think.
50:51 Listen to the angelic host
50:57 and all the redeemed sing.
51:00 Ever thought about that?
51:03 Ten thousand ten thousand is a?
51:05 hundred million.
51:09 Think of what... just think of what
51:11 a hundred million voices must sound like when they sing.
51:17 You know, it says it sounds like thunder.
51:20 You know, marvelous. And they are around the throne
51:24 and they are praising God!
51:26 That's what they're doing. They're praising God because He
51:29 is their Redeemer.
51:32 He's the One that's given them salvation.
51:36 I'm thankful tonight that it doesn't say there's 2 or 3.
51:41 But there's ten thousand ten thousand and thousands
51:45 of thousands.
51:59 All that was given to Him
52:03 because He was able to redeem you and redeem me.
52:09 You know, I would encourage you...
52:13 Take time... take time every morning
52:19 to praise God.
52:22 Now I'm not talking about thanking Him...
52:25 I'm talking about praising Him.
52:28 You know, we thank God for things that He does for us,
52:32 and we should do that.
52:33 But that's not praise.
52:37 See, praise is when you are giving to someone
52:41 worship because they're worthy.
52:44 Because of their attributes, because of what they've done.
52:47 Take time... take time just to praise God.
52:52 Talk to Him; offer to Him your worship,
52:57 your praise, your honor.
53:00 The highest thing you can give Him.
53:02 There isn't anything higher that you can give Him
53:05 than your worship
53:06 because He is the Redeemer...
53:10 the One that redeemed you and me.
53:31 See, that's worship, folks... that's praise!
53:42 Worship Him... that's what you and I must do.
53:47 Worship God.
54:00 Marvelous what God has done for you and for me.
54:06 Let's pray.
54:08 Heavenly Father,
54:10 we come to You tonight thanking you, Lord,
54:16 for the sacrifice in our behalf.
54:21 That Your Son... Your only Son...
54:27 the One who stood next to You
54:31 in the creation of this world
54:34 who is our Redeemer and our Savior...
54:37 we give to Him tonight our praise, our honor, our glory.
54:44 Lord we come as Your children
54:49 thankful for what has been done for us.
54:53 And may we with our loved ones
54:58 worship You throughout eternity.
55:01 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
55:08 Well, we... tomorrow night we will go into the
55:14 6th chapter of Revelation.
55:16 We're going to be looking at the four horsemen
55:20 or the seven seals of the book of Revelation.
55:24 Very interesting period of time,
55:27 so be sure and be with us.
55:28 Good night; God bless you.
55:36 Every day thousands risk their lives to protect and serve
55:40 their fellow man.
55:41 They have a deep commitment to excellency in teamwork
55:45 and when others run from danger, they run to it...
55:49 even if it means personal sacrifice.
55:51 Even if it means making the supreme sacrifice for another.
55:55 They're always on call, ready to serve no matter what.
56:00 Friends, you and I can learn a lot from firefighters.
56:04 In the United States, the majority of them are volunteers.
56:07 That's right... volunteers.
56:09 But even for those who are paid it's more than a job...
56:13 it's a calling.
56:15 Jesus said in John 15 verses 12 and 13:
56:18 "This is My commandment:
56:21 that you love one another as I have loved you.
56:23 Greater love has no one than this:
56:26 than to lay down one's life for his friends. "
56:29 Those who follow the words of Jesus are His friends.
56:32 But Romans 5:8 says that "God demonstrated His own love
56:36 towards us in that while we were still sinners
56:39 Christ died for us. "
56:41 What an amazing thought!
56:43 Christ laid down His life for us
56:46 even though we were not His friends.
56:49 A firefighter is willing to do the same.
56:52 He's constantly preparing for his next mission
56:55 because his own life and the life of others
56:58 depends on his training and qualifications.
57:00 My friends, that's what we're doing right now
57:04 with this series: we are preparing you
57:07 for what is to come.
57:08 Our goal is to make you skilled in the Word
57:11 so that by the power of God you can bring others to safety -
57:15 the safety that can be found only
57:18 in the arms of a loving Savior.
57:20 Won't you help us to train and prepare others
57:23 to fulfill this mission?
57:24 Please consider what you can for for those who
57:27 still don't know about Jesus.
57:29 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:31 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:46 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:49 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:52 of salvation to millions around the world.


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