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00:20 Good evening. Very happy to welcome all of you again
00:24 tonight as we continue this series on
00:28 Revelations from The Throne of God.
00:31 We looked at the other night where John was invited to
00:36 come up into the throne room.
00:38 And he told him, he said: "We will show you things to come. "
00:41 And everything in the book of Revelation thereafter
00:45 is from the throne room.
00:47 All the things that we talk about... you'll find those
00:50 beings in the throne room are involved such as
00:54 the four living creatures. Such as the 24 elders,
00:57 angels, and so forth. All those are there in the throne room
01:01 and they're the ones that are ministering to John
01:04 and telling him what's to take place.
01:07 So this particular series we're looking at Revelation
01:10 the 4th chapter through the 12th chapter.
01:13 That's what we're looking at as we talk about
01:16 different things that were shown John.
01:19 And this evening we're taking a look at the 144,000.
01:25 Now the 144,000 are still part of the seals.
01:30 Because we talked about the seven seals, and the seven seals
01:34 cover the sixth chapter of Revelation
01:39 and over into the first verse of the 8th chapter.
01:45 So they cover 6, 7, and the first verse of the 8th chapter.
01:49 And tonight we're looking at the 7th chapter
01:52 on the 144,000.
01:54 Tomorrow evening: tomorrow evening our presentation
01:58 is entitled Seven Trumpets.
02:03 This you will find is God's warning.
02:09 And we're going to talk about the seven trumpets
02:11 and what the scripture has to say about it.
02:14 I would suggest that tomorrow night's subject
02:19 is not really too good of a subject for small children.
02:24 I would just simply suggest that
02:27 because there's some pretty serious things
02:31 in that chapter on the seven trumpets.
02:36 So you'll want to follow carefully as we talk about it
02:40 because it's very, very important.
02:43 But tonight... the 144,000
02:46 are God's people and the sealing of them and what all
02:50 is involved in them. And so I'm sure you will
02:52 find it - I hope - encouraging
02:55 as the scripture shows what's going to take place and happen
02:59 just before Jesus comes.
03:02 And as best I can tell from the study of Revelation, folks,
03:05 you and I are living at that time.
03:08 So all of you that are watching by television
03:11 or listening on the radio
03:13 or taking care of it through the Internet,
03:16 we're glad to welcome you here and we hope you'll enjoy
03:20 the presentation as we go into it tonight.
03:23 We are very, very happy to have
03:27 Pam and Jimmy Rhodes with us.
03:30 They're always special guests for us and we appreciate that
03:33 very much. Pam is singing tonight a song
03:37 entitled Calvary. It talks about the sacrifice of Jesus
03:42 for you and for me.
03:45 But before she sings tonight
03:48 Chuck Allgaier is going to come out and he's going to read
03:51 about the 144,000.
03:54 The 144,000 will cover the 7th chapter and it will cover
04:00 five verses in the 14th chapter.
04:04 Those two chapters is what will be involved.
04:07 The 7th chapter and five verses in the 14th chapter
04:10 as we talk about the 144,000.
04:17 Well, if you have your Bibles tonight, we're going to get
04:20 right to the Bible. If you have your Bible, we're going to read
04:24 Revelation chapter 14... I'm sorry, Revelation chapter 7
04:27 then we're going to read Revelation chapter 14
04:30 1 through 5.
04:31 So if you have your Bibles, turn with me to Revelation
04:34 chapter 7 then we'll skip over to Revelation chapter 14.
04:37 Let's read together:
08:45 There were three crosses raised
08:50 on Calvary.
08:54 Only one held the Son
08:59 of God.
09:04 His only crime...
09:08 He pardoned sin like mine.
09:12 Now I praise Him
09:15 for He set me free.
09:22 Calvary means heaven
09:26 to me.
09:30 From the cross
09:33 to eternity.
09:39 Now I'm no longer
09:44 a slave in sin.
09:48 My Jesus paid the ransom
09:53 for me.
10:06 Like the thief on the cross
10:11 I believe.
10:15 He's the One... only Son
10:20 of God.
10:25 Sin lost its power
10:29 in that final hour.
10:33 Now I praise Him
10:36 for He set me free.
10:43 Calvary means heaven
10:47 to me.
10:51 From the cross
10:54 to eternity.
11:01 Now I'm no longer
11:05 a slave in sin.
11:09 My Jesus paid the ransom
11:14 for me.
11:19 Now I'm no longer
11:23 a slave in sin
11:27 for Calvary means heaven
11:32 to me.
11:59 Father in Heaven, tonight
12:02 as we open Your Word
12:05 we pray that Your Holy Spirit may be present.
12:10 We ask, Lord, that we each
12:14 might see and understand
12:16 what You have revealed in Your Word.
12:20 We are thankful for the promises
12:22 for the hope that we have in Jesus Christ
12:25 and for the assurance that our salvation is secure in Him.
12:31 For these things we ask in the name of our Savior,
12:35 Amen.
12:43 The 144,000.
12:46 Who are they?
12:49 Why are they a special group?
12:52 What does the scripture have to tell us about them?
12:55 To begin with let me just say that the 144,000
13:00 and what it has to say here in the 7th chapter
13:03 is kind of an interlude
13:06 that is put in between the 13th and 14th verses
13:12 of the 6th chapter.
13:14 OK? Did you follow me on that?
13:16 What is given in the 7th chapter
13:19 is kind of an interlude that goes in between
13:23 the 13th and 14th verses of the 6th chapter
13:28 because that's where it comes down and talks about
13:32 what takes place and then after that comes the coming of Christ.
13:35 And so this fits right in there.
13:38 And that kind of helps you and I know where we are
13:41 in the stream of time... what's taking place.
13:44 So we find here it says:
13:59 So we have four angels. We've come through the 6th chapter.
14:04 God has made it clear to John what's going to happen
14:07 to the wicked... what's going to take place.
14:10 And then he says these four angels
14:13 are holding back the winds of strife.
14:17 That's what they're doing...
14:19 they're holding it back. And dear friends,
14:21 as far as God's Word is concerned
14:24 you and I are living in the time in which they are holding
14:27 back the winds of strife.
14:29 Wind in Bible prophecy represents war...
14:34 strife.
14:50 So it says the Lord has a controversy with the nations.
14:53 This is what He's going to do.
15:07 So here God uses a whirlwind to represent war, strife
15:13 coming on the people. Another text that says:
15:22 So we find that the wind represents war and strife.
15:26 And God has these four angels
15:31 that are holding back the winds of strife that are going to blow
15:36 on the earth. And I have some question
15:39 that maybe you and I are living in the time
15:44 when they slowly begin to release those winds of strife.
15:50 Because things are happening today, folks,
15:53 like I have never seen...
15:55 not in my lifetime.
15:57 And so we are at that period of time.
16:05 Who are these people?
16:07 What do they represent?
16:16 So it says 144,000 of all the tribes
16:19 of the children of Israel. And as you read,
16:22 12,000 from each tribe.
16:26 OK. Let me just say a word about 144,000.
16:31 144,000 as you know is a multiple of 12
16:36 and then multiplied by 1,000.
16:39 There's a lot of reason for that in the scripture
16:41 because you'll find that even the armies of Israel
16:45 were divided by thousands.
16:47 This is something it used, and it represented God's people.
16:53 Does it mean Jews?
16:57 Does it mean that this 144,000...
17:00 12,000 from each tribe of Israel...
17:03 does that mean they are literal Jews?
17:07 How are we to look at this when it speaks of 144,000
17:12 because there are some people that believe
17:14 that it is literal Jews
17:16 that will be here and take place and all that.
17:19 Let's see what the scripture has to say.
17:21 Jesus said to the children of Israel:
17:29 When they refused to accept Him,
17:33 rejected Him as the Savior... as the Messiah,
17:38 He told them: "You house is left unto you desolate. "
17:43 And you remember as He hung there on the cross
17:46 the veil in the temple that separated the holy
17:51 and the most holy place, that veil began to tear
17:54 at the top and tore all the way to the bottom.
17:57 And the way into the most holy was open
18:00 and showing that the sacrifices and the offerings
18:05 and the ceremonial system that the Jewish people had practiced
18:10 for centuries had come to an end.
18:13 That the Savior had died.
18:16 That the Lamb of God had been offered
18:19 and that whole system was to come to an end.
18:23 Now folks, there is no way to describe
18:27 what took place here
18:31 because with the ending of that
18:33 something very dramatic happened.
18:36 Because before, the gospel
18:40 and what was done for mankind and salvation
18:44 all was contained within the Jewish nation.
18:48 If you wanted to know about God and what He was doing,
18:54 you had to basically become part of the Jewish nation.
18:57 As long as it was with the Jewish nation,
19:02 it was able to be contained.
19:05 Another power could come down and could capture them
19:11 and they could control them and confine them
19:14 and the spread of the gospel could be contained.
19:18 But when all of a sudden Jesus came and died
19:22 and that was no longer contained within the Jewish people
19:27 but every individual no matter who they were
19:30 could accept Him and become a child of God.
19:33 There was no longer Jew and Gentile.
19:36 There was no longer that division, and all of a sudden
19:39 the gospel was free to go to the world.
19:43 And it changed the whole complex...
19:46 it changed the whole scenario of things.
19:50 But what you and I need to understand
19:52 is the book of Revelation is full of symbolism.
19:57 You have to understand that.
20:00 For instance, we just studied earlier about the 7 churches.
20:05 There were seven churches,
20:07 but those 7 churches, folks, were symbols
20:11 of seven periods of time and God's church on earth.
20:15 That's what they represent, so it was symbolic of that time.
20:19 Also it talks about Jezebel.
20:22 It talks about Jezebel in Revelation.
20:25 Jezebel in Revelation's not alive!
20:27 She would have to be 600-700 years old.
20:31 Jezebel was a real person that existed but she's
20:35 not alive in Revelation... she's symbolic.
20:39 OK? Are you with me?
20:41 Talks about Balaam in the book of Revelation.
20:44 Balaam's not alive.
20:46 Lived back... period of time... was there...
20:48 but it's symbolic of something.
20:51 So you find that as it talks about... Revelation 11
20:54 talks about spiritual Sodom and Egypt.
20:58 Revelation 18 talks about Babylon.
21:01 Babylon's no longer in existence
21:03 in the time of... the book of Revelation was written.
21:06 It is symbolic. And you must look at it
21:08 when we talk about the 144,000
21:12 you're going to have to understand
21:14 that it has symbolic meaning.
21:16 Now it could be a literal people but that alone is not enough.
21:20 It definitely has symbolism as all the other things do.
21:24 And I want to clear up one other point.
21:27 There are no lost tribes.
21:32 I hear people talk about oh the lost tribes.
21:36 Nowhere in this book does it ever talk about the lost tribes
21:39 of Israel. That doesn't exist, folks.
21:42 That's just something that's been made-up.
21:44 The lost tribes of Israel? No!
21:46 If you want to know, go to the book of Ezra.
21:50 This is after they had been in captivity all those years.
21:53 And in the book of Ezra you find that they offered
21:56 sacrifice for each one of the tribes.
22:00 And they could not do that without one of those people
22:04 from that tribe present because nowhere
22:07 do they ever offer a sacrifice by proxy.
22:10 Just didn't happen!
22:12 So there's no such thing as lost tribes of Israel.
22:16 That doesn't... Sure, they were carried into captivity, but
22:18 it doesn't mean they didn't exist.
22:21 So you need to be very, very clear on that.
22:24 So what is it talking about?
22:41 In other words, when you and I accept
22:46 Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,
22:50 you become a child of God.
22:54 You become part of spiritual Israel.
22:57 You become a descendant of Abraham by faith.
23:03 And the promises that God made to Abraham of old
23:07 belong to you.
23:09 That is what was given. Let's go on.
23:21 No longer do we have separate there.
23:25 They're all one in Christ.
23:41 Promises that God made to Abraham belong to you
23:46 through Jesus Christ!
23:49 That's what's given to you and to me.
23:52 So when He talks about 144,000 of all the tribes of Israel
23:57 this is not talking about literal Israel.
24:00 This is talking about spiritual Israel.
24:02 This is talking about God's people...
24:04 and there were to be 144,000.
24:16 He said: "No, that doesn't make you a Jew. "
24:23 Said: "That's not the way it's looked at. "
24:32 "The Jew who is one inwardly. " That means what I believe.
24:44 So dear friends, the 144,000 as we look at it tonight
24:49 we have to look at in the sense of God's people.
24:53 Now the number twelve is used many, many times
24:57 in scripture as you can see here.
25:10 The number 12 represents God's kingdom.
25:15 It's a kingdom number, and that's the way it is used.
25:19 So when it speaks of 144,000
25:23 that is talking about God's people as a complete whole.
25:28 That's what it's talking about: as a complete whole.
25:32 Now I know there's people that try and take and make it
25:35 a literal number, but as far as I'm concerned
25:38 it has more to do with all of God's people that is complete
25:43 and whole.
25:45 Could be a literal number, but in the best meaning
25:49 it means God's people as a whole.
25:58 You see, God is putting an end
26:04 to sin.
26:07 God does not want to get 10,000 years into eternity
26:13 and have someone say: "Well, Lord,
26:16 these people that were of this particular make-up,
26:20 personality, character... they just didn't make it. "
26:23 God doesn't intend that to happen.
26:27 God said that "We're going to show every type of character.
26:32 Every type of character, and there will be 12,000 from each
26:38 type. " And so He lists them.
26:41 You'll find that as He talks about the 12 tribes
26:45 he tells their characteristics.
26:47 Jacob in the 49th chapter of Genesis
26:50 lists what they're like each one.
26:53 And there's a book called The Lamb that was written
26:58 by Leslie Harding. In that he describes some of their
27:02 characteristics, and I thought you might enjoy them.
27:05 Judah? Says he was independent.
27:36 This was their characteristics, their make-up.
27:40 That's the way they were.
27:42 Now I want you to take your Bible
27:45 and I want you to turn over to the 7th chapter of Revelation
27:50 that we're looking at.
27:53 And as you look at the 7th chapter here
27:57 notice that this list of the
28:01 sons of Jacob which made up the twelve tribes
28:06 of Israel... there's two that are missing in Revelation 7.
28:13 Two that are not there.
28:15 Do you know what two they are?
28:20 The two that are missing here
28:23 is Dan and Ephraim.
28:27 Those are the two that are missing.
28:30 And there's a very definite reason why they're missing.
28:36 Ephraim... Ephraim was the son of who?
28:44 He was the son of Joseph.
28:47 Have you thought about that?
28:49 He had everything he ever wanted.
28:55 His father was the prime minister of the country.
29:01 When it came to wealth, anything he wanted.
29:07 And he grew up that way, and as you read about Ephraim
29:12 he was also one of the foremost that was leading the children
29:15 of Israel into idolatry.
29:18 Led them away from Him...
29:20 Dan? Critical.
29:23 And friends, you and I need to take a close look at that
29:28 because he will not make it into the kingdom of God
29:31 because he was critical.
29:33 When you and I have a tendency to be critical of other people
29:38 and criticize other people, you'd better write it down.
29:41 And by the way... so was Judas.
29:46 So they're... they're left out.
29:49 They're left out... and when you...
29:52 This list that you have here in Revelation 7...
29:54 that's the same list of the names
29:58 that are over the gates of the New Jerusalem.
30:02 And by the way, have you ever looked at what gate
30:05 you're going to go through?
30:09 Because according to your personality and character
30:12 you're going to go through that gate into the city.
30:14 So here you have the 144,000
30:18 each from a different type of personality.
30:39 Now folks, I want to just pause on this point
30:43 here and I'll come back to it in a little bit.
30:45 But I want to point out that this text in Revelation 7:14
30:49 not only applies to the 144,000
30:53 but it applies to the great multitude...
30:56 not to just the 144,000.
30:59 And I run onto people who try to take that and apply it just
31:02 to the 144,000. Not it doesn't!
31:20 So when you read this 7th chapter, it describes
31:23 144,000; brings you down; and then it says after this
31:27 "there was a great number that no one could number
31:32 of all the nations of the earth, clothed in white robes. "
31:36 What I'm trying to get across to you: yes, there's 144,000
31:39 but there is a great multitude of people
31:43 that are saved in God's kingdom. Not just the 144,000.
31:48 The 144,000 are a special group of people,
31:52 but they're a special group of people for a definite reason.
31:55 These - and when it says these it's talking about
31:58 the great multitude - came out of tribulation.
32:03 They have passed through a time of tribulation.
32:08 They have come out... the great multitude...
32:10 and they have washed their robes and made them white
32:13 in the blood of the Lamb.
32:14 Paul has this to say:
32:16 "And not only that, but we also glory in" what?
32:21 Have you done that lately?
32:23 Gloried in tribulation? OK.
32:37 Yes, necessary to your character and mine
32:42 that we go through tribulation
32:45 because that's what it takes to develop character.
32:51 And dear friend, you need to understand
32:55 that the development of character takes place here...
32:59 not in heaven.
33:01 It takes place here... not in heaven.
33:04 So you and I need to be very much aware
33:09 of what God is doing.
33:24 They were redeemed from where?
33:26 So they're individuals just like you and I, see.
33:31 They're redeemed from the earth. They're people just like us.
33:35 Every different type of character so you can't say
33:39 there was no chance for you.
33:41 Because they're there...
33:42 every one from every type of character.
33:45 And they sing a song that only they learn
33:49 because it has to do with their experience.
33:52 That's the song that they're singing
33:55 that they're the only ones that learn.
34:01 What makes them a special group of people?
34:11 That's the first thing that makes them special.
34:14 And they took and they washed their robes
34:19 and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.
34:22 The only way you can wash your robe and make it white
34:28 in the blood of the Lamb is you have to wash it
34:33 in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
34:37 That's the only way that it happens
34:41 is if you and I wash these lives of ours...
34:46 our characters... in His blood.
34:48 Oh dear friend, you and I need to be
34:51 on our knees praying daily
34:55 that God will change us. That He will make us
35:00 into His character, into His likeness.
35:04 That we would be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ.
35:14 Say's they're virgins.
35:17 Never married, right?
35:21 Is that what it's telling us?
35:24 These have not been defiled with women.
35:27 What is it telling us?
35:29 Well, we need to introduce somebody here.
35:33 Revelation 17 verse 4.
35:50 This is the woman that leads them...
35:55 this is the woman that will lead people into adultery
36:00 or fornication.
36:02 This woman of Revelation 17: she's referred to as the great
36:07 harlot. And therefore this 144,000
36:13 have not been defiled by her.
36:18 What does that mean?
36:21 Well, a woman in Bible prophecy represents what?
36:26 Church. "Husbands, love your wives... "
36:39 So if they're not defiled with women
36:43 what does that tell you?
36:49 It means, dear friend, that if your belief
36:55 and your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ
36:59 is based on the church, you've got it in the wrong place.
37:05 That's what it means.
37:07 You see, my relationship with Christ
37:12 has to be built on this
37:15 so it never changes because
37:21 if you were to set out and say: "Well, I'm going to find
37:24 the truth" and set out to do it by going to churches,
37:28 there's over 300 different major denominations.
37:33 That's a long, long road.
37:37 You and I have to go to God's Word, and I have to
37:41 get into the Word and study it and find out what it says
37:44 and build my faith on the Word of God...
37:50 Now it doesn't mean that I shouldn't belong to a church.
37:54 That isn't what it means at all, because
37:56 the scripture speaks of good woman which is a good church.
37:59 But you do not find truth by a church.
38:04 You find truth by the Word of God.
38:07 And these people are those who were faithful.
38:12 They had not been defiled with women
38:16 because they were true to God
38:18 and they followed the Word of God.
38:23 Simply what it's telling you that they have not been
38:27 defiled. How do you commit spiritual adultery?
38:34 How do you do that?
38:38 Well you do it by adulterating the Word of God.
38:41 That's by teaching false belief.
38:45 By teaching something that does not have Biblical foundation.
38:48 By teaching something that is not supported
38:51 by the Word of God. That is adulterating the Word of God
38:55 and that is committing spiritual adultery.
38:58 And it says that these don't do that.
39:01 They're virgins.
39:09 Are you getting the picture about these people?
39:14 "In their mouth was found no deceit. "
39:17 In other words, what it's talking about...
39:20 it's talking about a special group of people
39:23 that by the grace of God He has been able to change them
39:29 and change their character until in them
39:33 is found no fault.
39:38 Now let me just tell you right now
39:42 they're never going to know who they are.
39:47 You'll never find these people - the 144,000-
39:52 coming around saying "well, I'm one of the 144,000. "
39:57 If they do, you'd better run -
39:59 see? - because that will never happen.
40:03 Because, dear friend, it's impossible...
40:07 it's impossible for you and for me as human beings
40:11 because the closer you come to Christ
40:15 the more sinful you're going to appear in your own eyes.
40:18 And so they're not going to come to that way but - that place -
40:22 but they are to the place in their Christian experience
40:27 that they are as the scripture says "without fault. "
40:35 They have come to that place in their Christian experience.
40:41 So by the grace of God He has changed them,
40:46 made them different.
40:49 And I want to say this evening, folks,
40:52 you and I cannot change ourselves.
40:58 You can't.
41:00 That's an impossibility.
41:02 The scripture says: "Can a leopard change its spots? "
41:04 No, we can't do that.
41:07 But what we can do...
41:09 I CAN spend time with the Lord.
41:14 I can spend time in the Word of God.
41:17 And as I spend time with Him open my heart up
41:22 to the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit will change you.
41:26 That's HIS work... that's not your work.
41:29 That's His work: to make us different,
41:31 to change our characters; to make us like Jesus Christ.
41:35 And this 144,000 are those that that happened...
41:39 that took place in their lives so that they are
41:42 without fault before the throne of God.
41:57 He said... you see, He's down here to the place
42:01 where all these seals have taken place
42:05 and Christ is about ready to come.
42:07 The great earthquake and all that is about ready
42:10 to take place and He's saying: "Don't harm the earth
42:12 or anything until we have sealed the servants of God
42:16 in their foreheads. "
42:17 And please notice folks: He seals them where?
42:21 In the forehead.
42:24 Not like the mark of the beast
42:25 that can be in the forehead or in the hand.
42:28 But the seal of God is placed only in the forehead.
42:32 What does the seal do?
42:38 What is the purpose of the seal?
42:40 The purpose of the seal is two:
42:41 1. It shows ownership
42:44 and 2. it shows protection.
42:47 Those are the two things that the seal of God does.
42:51 And He says: "Don't do anything till we have sealed
42:54 the servants of our God in their foreheads. "
42:57 Do you know what it means by sealing?
43:02 When it says sealing them? Sealing, folks,
43:06 is settling into the truth.
43:10 Do you understand what I mean by that?
43:12 Sealing is settling into the truth.
43:15 In other words, what I mean is that I need to study.
43:19 I need to spend time with the Lord Jesus Christ
43:22 so I come to the place where I say "Yeah,
43:27 that's truth. I know it's truth.
43:29 Without a question it's the truth of God
43:32 and I am going to follow it and walk with my Lord.
43:35 I'm settling into the truth. "
43:37 And when a person does that,
43:39 that is God sealing that individual.
43:43 And you've got to be settled. You've got to be sealed.
43:48 You've got to be into the truth enough so that as
43:51 the tribulation comes you stand firm.
43:55 You don't move. You say: "Yes, this is what I believe.
44:00 I'll stand firm for the Word of God. "
44:13 Places a seal upon them. The Lord says:
44:16 "That one's mine... belongs to Me. "
44:23 God is saying: "These are My people; they belong to Me.
44:27 They're sealed.
44:30 They are faithful to Me. They're settled in the truth of God. "
44:34 This is the sealing that takes place.
44:46 "Bind up the testimony;
44:49 seal the law among My disciples. "
44:54 You see, the law - the law of God -
44:59 is a transcript of God's character.
45:03 That's what it is.
45:05 And since it's a transcript of God's character
45:09 and you and I must have our characters
45:15 made into His likeness,
45:18 that's why it's talking about "Bind up the testimony;
45:22 seal the law among My disciples. "
45:25 That it brings their life into harmony with the Word of God.
45:30 Now a seal... a seal - as I said -
45:35 has authority and protection.
45:39 And a seal has certain things in it.
45:42 The President of the United States has a seal.
45:45 As you can see here, you have the seal.
45:49 The name: Abraham Lincoln.
45:52 That's his name. Title: President.
45:55 You know what that seal does?
45:58 That gives authority to it.
46:01 And territory: the United States.
46:04 Those are the things that are in a seal.
46:08 Now if he's going to seal the law among His disciples,
46:14 then is there anything in God's law
46:19 that expresses the seal?
46:22 That's what you've got to look at. Now,
46:25 I can take the 10 Commandments
46:29 and I can take 9 of them
46:32 and I can apply them to this altar.
46:35 In other words, I can take this altar
46:38 and say it's my god.
46:40 And I can say: "My god tells me I'm not to have any other
46:45 gods before it. "
46:47 My god tells me I'm not to take its name in vain.
46:51 My god tells me I'm to honor my father and my mother.
46:55 My god tells me I'm not to kill.
46:59 I can take and make that altar my god and say...
47:04 But I cannot take the 4th Commandment and do that
47:10 because it says:
47:25 That just left my altar out.
47:28 See? The Sabbath of the Lord your God.
47:34 Left it out.
47:36 OK.
47:46 Listen:
47:48 "for in six days the Lord made"
47:52 That makes Him the Creator;
47:56 again leaves out my altar.
47:59 He is the Creator of heaven and earth:
48:04 His territory.
48:12 That 4th Commandment contains the seal of God.
48:17 That's what's there. Has His name:
48:19 the Lord your God.
48:22 Creator: title.
48:25 Territory: heaven and earth.
48:28 That's why it says: "Seal the law among My disciples. "
48:33 And in this day and age, God is looking for people
48:37 who are willing to say: "Yes, Lord.
48:42 I'll build my faith on Your Word. "
48:47 "I'll build it on what the scripture says and I'll stand
48:51 on Your Word even though the whole rest of the world
48:55 may go the other direction I'm going to follow Your Word. "
48:58 "I'm going to walk in the light of Your Word. "
49:01 And God says: "These are My people" and will seal them.
49:07 You see, He even says that.
49:26 That Lord who does what?
49:29 What does that mean?
49:31 That means change of character.
49:37 Follow me?
49:39 That's what it means.
49:41 He said: "I'm the One... I'm the One that will change
49:45 your character and make you different. "
49:49 "If I can take and make a day holy,
49:52 I can make you holy. "
49:55 And He does that for us.
49:58 This 144,000 are a special group of people
50:01 because God has been able to work in their lives
50:04 in such a way that they've come to the place that they are
50:07 without fault before God.
50:09 But dear friends, don't mix it up.
50:12 There is a great, great multitude
50:16 clothed in white robes
50:19 having palms in their hands
50:21 standing on the sea of glass. These are the redeemed.
50:25 Yes, the 144,000 as it says are the first,
50:31 but it doesn't mean first in quantity...
50:36 it means first in quality.
50:40 They have developed characters like their Lord.
50:46 That's what they've done.
50:48 They are a special group of people.
51:01 You see, they're the firstfruits but they're the firstfruits
51:04 in quality... not in quantity
51:10 but in quality. They have developed characters
51:14 that... to God and the Lamb.
51:25 This 144,000 are a special group.
51:28 They serve the Lord... before Him all the time.
51:32 You know why?
51:34 Do you know why?
51:36 Because, folks, they are living proof...
51:40 they're living proof of what the grace of God can do.
51:44 So down through the ceaseless ages of eternity
51:48 He can point to these people and say: "Look,
51:51 these are the ones who so surrendered their life to Me
51:56 that I could work in their life
51:59 and change them and make them like Me. "
52:02 That He could do. And He said: "Here's living proof
52:05 that it can be done out of every personality, every type
52:09 that was on earth... there they are:
52:12 living proof of what the grace of God could do. "
52:17 This is why they're there: they'll serve Him.
52:26 You see, throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity
52:29 wherever Christ goes
52:32 He can take these along and say: "Here, these were the ones
52:37 who were redeemed from the earth.
52:40 These are the ones that surrendered their life,
52:44 walked with Me, followed Me.
52:46 These are the ones
52:48 that I have made like unto Me. "
52:53 So these are the 144,000.
52:57 These are the special ones.
53:05 Sealed in their foreheads.
53:09 They have the Father's name. That means they're like Him
53:14 in character. That's what that means.
53:17 And so dear friend tonight you and I
53:21 have the privilege of so surrendering our lives
53:26 to Jesus Christ that He can do His work in us.
53:32 And oh, dear friend, we're so close to the end.
53:37 Jesus is coming.
53:40 We only have a little bit of time.
53:45 Surrender your heart. Surrender your soul to Him.
53:50 Let the Lord Jesus Christ work in your life.
53:53 Let Him shine forth from your life in all of His glory
53:59 and all of His righteousness and all of His love
54:03 that you and I may reflect His glory to those about us.
54:07 Let us pray.
54:09 Father in heaven,
54:12 we thank you... thank you, Lord, for the assurance of Your Word,
54:17 the promise that Jesus is coming soon
54:23 and that each one of us can be among those that will stand
54:30 on the sea of glass clothed in white robes
54:34 and palm branches in our hands and sing praises to You.
54:38 Grant to us, Lord, the grace...
54:43 grant to us the opportunity
54:47 to follow You and to worship You.
54:49 Bless each one here tonight.
54:52 May they reach out in faith,
54:54 take hold of the promises of Your Word.
54:58 We ask in Christ's name, Amen.
55:04 Our next presentation is on the seven trumpets.
55:09 The seven trumpets.
55:11 As I mentioned earlier, I don't really recommend this
55:15 as a subject for little children.
55:17 So I would encourage you to be sure and be here.
55:22 Bring your pencil and paper as we take a look...
55:25 because these are the judgments of God and what He has to say
55:30 is going to happen. Good night; God bless you.
55:37 Every day thousands risk their lives to protect and serve
55:41 their fellow man.
55:43 They have a deep commitment to excellency in teamwork
55:46 and when others run from danger, they run to it...
55:50 even if it means personal sacrifice.
55:53 Even if it means making the supreme sacrifice for another.
55:57 They're always on call, ready to serve no matter what.
56:02 Friends, you and I can learn a lot from firefighters.
56:05 In the United States, the majority of them are volunteers.
56:09 That's right... volunteers.
56:11 But even for those who are paid it's more than a job...
56:15 it's a calling.
56:16 Jesus said in John 15 verses 12 and 13:
56:20 "This is My commandment:
56:22 that you love one another as I have loved you.
56:25 Greater love has no one than this:
56:28 than to lay down one's life for his friends. "
56:31 Those who follow the words of Jesus are His friends.
56:34 But Romans 5:8 says that "God demonstrated His own love
56:38 towards us in that while we were still sinners
56:41 Christ died for us. "
56:43 What an amazing thought!
56:45 Christ laid down His life for us
56:47 even though we were not His friends.
56:50 A firefighter is willing to do the same.
56:53 He's constantly preparing for his next mission
56:56 because his own life and the life of others
56:59 depends on his training and qualifications.
57:02 My friends, that's what we're doing right now
57:06 with this series: we are preparing you
57:09 for what is to come.
57:10 Our goal is to make you skilled in the Word
57:13 so that by the power of God you can bring others to safety -
57:17 the safety that can be found only
57:19 in the arms of a loving Savior.
57:22 Won't you help us to train and prepare others
57:24 to fulfill this mission?
57:26 Please consider what you can for those
57:29 who still don't know about Jesus.
57:31 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:32 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:48 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:51 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:54 of salvation to millions around the world.


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