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00:22 Well, we're very happy to welcome you
00:25 to the study of the book of Revelation
00:28 which we have entitled The Revelation of Jesus Christ
00:31 because IT IS about Jesus Christ and His ministry...
00:36 what He has to say to you and to me today.
00:40 And so in this particular series
00:42 we're covering Revelation 4 through 12.
00:48 That's what we're taking a look at.
00:49 And if you have been following us as we have been taking
00:53 these subjects step by step, you know that we have just
00:56 finished talking about the trumpets in the
01:00 8th and 9th chapter of Revelation...
01:04 but the trumpets continue on
01:06 through the 10th and 11th chapter.
01:08 And so today we're taking a look at the 10th chapter
01:12 in a subject that is entitled:
01:18 And so we'd like to welcome all of you that are here today
01:22 and also those of you that are joining us by television
01:26 or by radio or on the Internet.
01:29 We're very, very happy to welcome you and we hope
01:31 that today's subject will help you understand
01:35 God's message particularly to you and I
01:39 that are living today because it's very, very important
01:43 that we know where we are, where we're headed,
01:46 what's going on.
01:47 And then our next presentation will be entitled
01:51 The Two Witnesses and we're going to be looking at
01:54 Revelation the 11th chapter.
01:57 And in that 11th chapter are Two Witnesses.
02:00 There's also a beast there, and it's necessary for you and I
02:05 to understand what took place during that period of time.
02:09 And that's what we're looking at in our next presentation
02:13 on the Two Witnesses.
02:15 But today we're taking a look at the Time of the End.
02:19 I consider this to be an extremely important chapter
02:22 because it talks about the coming of Jesus Christ.
02:28 That's what it deals with: the coming of Jesus Christ
02:31 and also the time factor that's involved in that.
02:35 So we hope that as we pick up God's Word and go through it
02:39 verse by verse that you'll understand it,
02:41 you'll see where we are,
02:43 and above all, dear friend, I'd invite you...
02:45 prepare your heart for the coming of Jesus Christ.
02:49 It's very, very vital.
02:51 We've taken a look at some very serious subjects
02:56 and what happens to those that do not follow the Lord.
03:02 And sometimes as we read that people have some trepidation
03:06 about their own lives and what's going on.
03:10 But God is more than capable of taking care of you and of me.
03:16 And we're happy to have Jim and Pam Rhodes with us.
03:21 And Pam is going to sing a song that's entitled
03:26 On Eagle's Wings.
03:28 And this song gets its inspiration from Psalm 91
03:33 and it brings assurance and comfort to you and me.
03:37 And so I know you'll be blessed
03:39 as they share this song with you.
03:42 But before they do, Chuck Allgaier is going to come
03:45 and he's going to read with you the 10th chapter
03:48 of the book of Revelation.
03:50 Good morning. Good morning.
03:53 If you have your Bibles this morning, we're going to turn
03:56 to Revelation chapter 10
03:58 and we're going to read that chapter.
04:00 So if you have your Bibles with you,
04:01 please open them to the book of Revelation chapter 10.
04:05 Let's read together:
06:22 And He will raise you up
06:26 on eagle's wings.
06:31 Bear you on the breath of dawn.
06:36 Make you to shine like the sun
06:42 and hold you
06:44 in the palm
06:50 of His hand.
06:58 You who dwell in the shelter of the Lord
07:03 will abide in His presence
07:07 for life. Say to the Lord
07:13 "My refuge, my rock
07:17 in whom I trust. "
07:23 And He will raise you up
07:28 on eagle's wings.
07:31 Bear you on the breath of dawn.
07:37 Make you to shine like the sun
07:42 and hold you
07:45 in the palm
07:50 of His hand.
07:58 You need not fear
08:01 the terror of the night
08:03 nor the arrow that flies by day.
08:09 Under His wings... your refuge.
08:14 His faithfulness...
08:18 your shield.
08:23 And He will raise you up
08:28 on eagle's wings.
08:32 Bear you on the breath of dawn.
08:38 Make you to shine like the sun
08:43 and hold you
08:46 in the palm
08:51 of His hand.
08:58 For to His angels He's given the command
09:04 to guard you in all of your ways.
09:09 Upon their hands they will bear you up
09:15 lest you dash your foot upon a stone.
09:24 And He will raise you up
09:29 on eagle's wings.
09:33 Bear you on the breath of dawn.
09:38 Make you to shine like the sun
09:45 and hold you...
09:49 and hold you...
09:52 and hold you in the
09:56 palm
10:01 of His
10:06 hand.
10:10 In the palm
10:15 of
10:17 His
10:20 hand.
10:53 Our heavenly Father,
10:56 we come to You today
10:59 first, Lord, to thank you.
11:01 Thank you for sheltering us.
11:04 Holding us in the palm of Your hand.
11:08 To know... have the assurance
11:12 that we're safe and that You care and love each one of us.
11:19 Bless us, Lord, as we study Your word now.
11:23 We pray that the Holy Spirit may give us insight,
11:27 enlightenment.
11:29 We ask, Lord, that our hearts may be soft...
11:33 they may be tender that the Holy Spirit can guide and direct
11:38 and Your Word can be understood.
11:42 Bless, guide, and direct as we study
11:48 Your Word together this morning we pray in Your name,
11:51 Amen.
11:59 The seven trumpets in the 8th and 9th chapter
12:04 of Revelation are judgments of God
12:09 against those who do not have the seal of God.
12:14 Makes that very clear.
12:16 Says that it's judgments against those
12:19 that do not have the seal of God.
12:21 But you find that the Lord doesn't intend just to do that
12:25 and not make His people aware of where they stand.
12:30 And so John here inserts or puts an interlude
12:35 between the 6th and 7th trumpet and shows you
12:40 what God has to say about His people
12:43 and what He's expecting of them.
12:44 Does the same thing with the seals, folks.
12:47 Remember there He has an interlude or an insert
12:50 between the 6th and 7th seal
12:53 where He talks about His people and where they stand
12:56 as far as the 144,000 are concerned and so forth.
12:59 So He does the same thing here with the trumpets.
13:03 And that's basically what we're looking at today
13:06 is this 10th chapter and what God is saying about
13:10 His people and what He expects from them.
13:13 In that chapter is what the scripture says
13:17 "a mighty angel. "
13:19 Now this angel is the very same one as you find
13:23 in the 5th chapter in verse 2
13:25 where it talks about "a mighty angel" or a strong angel.
13:28 So this angel has come to John and he has certain things
13:32 to tell him concerning his people.
13:51 This description of these angels, folks, is mighty.
13:57 Angels can be as strong
14:02 as a wintery blast.
14:05 But they can also be as gentle as a summer breeze.
14:09 But these angels are mighty and they have great, great power.
14:16 Very, very important: he has a little book.
14:19 It's what? Open.
14:21 Actually in the original it would say
14:23 "He had a little scroll open in his hand. "
14:25 And since it's talking about a little scroll,
14:28 it's probably part of the scroll that the Lamb
14:32 took out of the Father's hand.
14:35 That the Lamb loosed the seven seals and so forth.
14:39 So he has a little book or a little scroll in his hand
14:42 and it is open.
14:54 When it says his right foot is on the sea,
14:57 left foot is on the land,
14:59 it represents that that message has a world-wide part
15:03 that's to be proclaimed to every man, woman, and child
15:07 on the face of the earth. That's why he's standing
15:09 on the land and the sea.
15:29 God simply takes angels
15:32 and uses angels to represent a message
15:37 that's to be given to the world.
15:39 That's what this angel here in Revelation 10 is doing.
15:42 He has a message that the whole world is to hear,
15:46 and you're involved
15:49 because it is speaking about your day... my day.
15:53 You're involved... this message is to go to the whole world.
15:57 Uh, same thing is concerning the message of the 3 angels.
16:01 Revelation 14: each one of those
16:05 had a particular message that the whole world was to hear,
16:09 proclaim. Same thing with the angel in Revelation 18
16:14 where it says the earth was lightened
16:16 with the glory of this angel.
16:17 It meant that he had a message that the whole word
16:20 was also to hear. So that's what God uses angels for:
16:25 to represent messages that the whole world is to hear.
16:35 Here he is standing on the earth and the sea.
16:38 He now has his hand raised to heaven
16:42 and he's about to shout something... proclaim something.
17:00 Now folks, we talked about the souls under the altar
17:04 that cried for judgment and they said: "How long is this
17:07 going to go on? " We talked about the trumpets
17:09 and we're wondering... that were there
17:12 to try to get men to repent.
17:14 But now this angel is proclaiming there shall be
17:18 "delay no longer. "
17:20 Now that's the way the New King James version reads.
17:23 I prefer the old King James here much better,
17:26 and it says that "time should be no longer. "
17:31 It means that time has run out.
17:35 It's come to its end.
17:36 "Time shall be no longer. " So this angel
17:39 is proclaiming to the whole earth: "Time's run out!
17:43 It's over; come to an end. "
17:46 He continues on:
17:58 It says here that he's saying:
18:00 "Time shall be no longer; that the mystery of God
18:04 is finished. "
18:06 You know the Bible speaks of the mystery of iniquity?
18:11 It speaks of the mystery of godliness.
18:14 Both of those things are mysteries.
18:17 If you try to understand or reason
18:21 or find an excuse for sin...
18:24 there is none.
18:28 You can't... if you can find an excuse for sin,
18:30 it ceases to be sin.
18:32 There just is none.
18:37 So when you start talking about the mystery of iniquity,
18:40 why? Why would Lucifer -
18:45 created by God, in heaven,
18:49 holding the position next to Christ,
18:52 above all the angelic host and all those things -
18:56 why he would turn upon his own Creator?
19:02 No... you can't logically make that work.
19:07 It's a mystery.
19:09 Sin is a mystery and always will be.
19:12 But so is godliness.
19:15 You try to think out a rational reason
19:20 why Jesus Christ would leave the side of His Father,
19:25 the adoration of all of the angels,
19:27 the joy of all God's created universe,
19:32 and come down here to this earth
19:35 to be abused by mankind
19:40 who didn't appreciate Him or care for Him.
19:42 You try and think up a rational reason for that.
19:44 There is none.
19:46 But when it talks about here
19:48 the "mystery of God" should be finished,
19:51 the mystery of God is the gospel.
19:55 The gospel of Jesus Christ that's preached to mankind
19:58 for salvation... that is the mystery of God.
20:01 And what he's saying here is:
20:03 "The gospel has come to an end.
20:05 That time has run out for mankind.
20:08 That the mystery of God has come to an end. "
20:29 Now John is told: "Go to the angel.
20:35 Take this scroll from his hand. "
20:51 "So John, OK... here, take it and eat it...
20:57 and when you do it's going to be sweet in your mouth;
21:00 it's going to be bitter in your stomach. "
21:18 Something about this message,
21:22 something about what is contained in that scroll,
21:26 something about what that angel is proclaiming
21:29 that was going to be sweet in his mouth
21:32 and bitter in his stomach.
21:35 There's something about that... that message
21:37 that would have that effect upon John.
21:40 That it would be sweet in his mouth
21:41 and bitter in his stomach.
21:44 Well, you find that there are books of the Bible
21:47 that - How should I say? - go together.
21:50 And the books of the Bible that, as far as prophecy is concerned,
21:55 that go together are the books of Daniel and Revelation.
22:00 All the prophecies in the book of Daniel
22:04 are repeated in the book of Revelation.
22:07 In fact, I doubt very well -
22:11 very much - that anyone could really understand
22:15 the prophecies of Revelation
22:17 if he didn't understand the prophecies of Daniel.
22:20 They're... they're that close together.
22:23 They're like a hand in a glove.
22:26 You have to put them together; you have to understand them.
22:30 This little book - this little scroll - that we're talking
22:32 about here that was in the angel's hand...
22:35 that little book is also mentioned in Daniel.
22:39 We read about it in Daniel the 12th chapter
22:42 in verse 4, and it says this:
22:53 He said: "Now Daniel, shut up the words,
22:55 seal the book, until the time of the end. "
23:01 Well, this little book that Daniel has here
23:06 is in the hand of the angel but it's what?
23:12 Is it closed or is it open
23:15 in the hand of the angel?
23:17 It's open.
23:19 The little book was open in the hand of the angel.
23:22 But Daniel sees it and it's sealed.
23:24 He said: "Daniel, seal it up unto the time of the end. "
23:29 Now when you and I begin to talk about the time
23:32 of the end... the Bible speaks of the time of the end.
23:36 Do you understand the difference between the time of the end
23:40 and the end of time?
23:43 'Cause those are both phrases used in the Bible.
23:45 It talks about the time of the end and the end of time.
23:49 Well, when I was a boy
23:52 uh, my father would go to town in September...
23:57 usually we'd buy a turkey.
24:00 And he would bring that turkey back home,
24:02 and we had a large cage there.
24:04 And he would put the turkey in that cage.
24:06 And he would give me instructions about feeding it
24:09 and watering it and making sure that it was well taken care of
24:13 and all. And that was my job: I was to look after that turkey.
24:18 When my father put that turkey in that cage,
24:22 that began the time of the end.
24:28 OK? That began the time of the end.
24:32 Said: "Shut it up, seal it unto the time of the end. "
24:37 But when Thanksgiving Day rolled around,
24:40 that was the end of time. OK.
24:44 So that's the difference between those two.
24:46 "Shut it up, seal it unto the time of the end. "
24:51 Well when you pick up your Bible and you begin to read
24:54 about the time of the end,
24:56 God is very explicit.
25:01 Over and over He will tell you exactly when
25:04 that time of the end began.
25:06 And all you have to do is begin to study the prophecies
25:08 like Daniel 7:25, and it mentions the time of the end.
25:13 Revelation 11 verse 2 will talk about the time of the end.
25:18 Revelation 12 verse 6 will talk about the time of the end.
25:21 Revelation 13 verse 5 will talk about the end.
25:25 And all of those point to the time of 1798 AD
25:30 as beginning the time of the end.
25:33 So when he told Daniel: "Shut up the words,
25:36 seal the book unto the time of the end, "
25:39 very very clear when the time of the end begins: in 1798 AD.
25:45 Up until 1798 AD
25:50 people tried to understand the books of
25:53 of Daniel and Revelation
25:54 but they just couldn't seem to break through.
25:58 In fact you can still go back and read the writings
26:01 of some of those theologians and those Bible students
26:04 and you can see as they try to understand what it's
26:07 talking about... but they just can't seem to get through
26:12 and understand what it's talking about.
26:14 But in the late 1700s there was a Jewish boy.
26:20 His name was Joseph Wolf.
26:24 Joseph Wolf as a boy accepted Jesus Christ
26:29 as his Savior.
26:31 As he got older, he went away to school and the seminary.
26:35 Studied... became a minister
26:37 and had a great, great burden on his heart
26:41 for the Jewish people.
26:43 And so he went over to Palestine and he began to preach
26:47 to the Jewish people there.
26:49 But while he was there, he also
26:51 carried a burden to understand
26:53 the books of Daniel and Revelation.
26:55 And he was trying to understand them,
26:57 and he had come to the 8th chapter of Daniel
27:01 and trying to understand that prophecy... what it was talking
27:05 about like verse 14 that said "Unto 2,300 days and then
27:10 shall the sanctuary be cleansed. "
27:12 And he was trying to get that in his mind
27:15 and understand what it was about.
27:17 And he continued to read and he moved over into the 9th chapter
27:22 and he came to that text in Daniel 9
27:25 where the angel told him a definite period of time.
27:30 He told him that there would be seven weeks
27:34 threescore and two weeks
27:37 unto the Messiah, the Prince.
27:39 But it also said that when the Jewish people were to go back
27:44 that would begin a time - set time - for it to start.
27:50 And so he began to get his Bible and every history book
27:53 he could find and he began to study it.
27:55 And he began to trace that prophecy.
27:57 Found out the decree of Artaxerxes was given in 457 BC
28:01 and tracing it, it brought him to the date of 1843 AD.
28:08 And Joseph Wolf began to preach all across the Middle East
28:12 that Jesus was coming in 1843 AD because, you see,
28:17 they believed that text in Daniel 8:14 that spoke of
28:20 the cleansing of the sanctuary... they believed
28:23 that that meant the cleansing of this earth by fire.
28:26 And therefore they said: "Jesus is coming back. "
28:30 And he began to preach that all across Palestine
28:33 that Jesus was coming.
28:34 At the same time - I mean, during the same period of time -
28:40 there is a minister over in England by the name
28:44 of Edward Irving.
28:46 Edward Irving has been studying the very same prophecies.
28:50 And as he has studied those prophecies
28:53 they too have carried him step by step
28:56 down to the date of 1843 AD.
29:00 And Edward Irving began to preach in England
29:03 that Jesus was coming in 1843 AD.
29:06 He was joined, folks, by 500 other Episcopal ministers
29:11 and that swept across the British Isles like wildfire
29:14 that Jesus was coming in 1843 AD.
29:19 Uh, you want to say this is coincidental?
29:22 That it just happened?
29:23 At the very same time...
29:27 at the very same time there's a Roman Catholic priest
29:33 in South America by the name of Manuel de Lacunza
29:37 that is preaching the very same prophecies.
29:40 And they, too, as he has studied them,
29:42 have brought him to 1843 AD.
29:44 He's written a book called The Coming King.
29:47 It has circulated all across South America and literally
29:50 thousands of people have accepted and believed
29:52 that Jesus is coming in 1843 AD.
29:59 Just happened?
30:02 At the same time, there's a Baptist minister here
30:07 in the United States by the name of William Miller
30:09 who has been studying these prophecies now for 9 years.
30:15 And as he has studied those prophecies,
30:19 he too has come under the same conviction
30:22 that Jesus Christ is coming back in 1843 AD.
30:27 Began to preach it around his church
30:30 in the area where he was, and he was invited
30:33 to preach at a Congregational church up in Boston.
30:37 He took his charts and everything and went up there
30:41 and preached a series at that church
30:44 about these prophecies.
30:46 And when he finished, the young pastor of that church
30:51 by the name of Joshua V. Hines stood up and said:
30:54 "Mr. Miller, do you believe what you're preaching? "
30:57 And William Miller said: "I wouldn't be preaching it
31:00 if I didn't believe it. "
31:01 And then he said: "Well, why don't you
31:03 do something about it? "
31:05 And under the guidance and help of that young preacher
31:09 they began to make one large city after another
31:12 across this country.
31:13 They would go in and pitch tents, folks,
31:16 that would seat five, six, seven thousand people.
31:20 And the people would come out.
31:22 And so many would come out that the railroad companies
31:25 would have to run tracks out to the tent
31:28 just to take care of the people that came by railcar.
31:31 That... those places would be packed with thousands of people
31:34 as William Miller preached night after night
31:37 about the coming of the Lord.
31:39 A young Methodist minister by the name of S. S. Snow
31:45 went to hear William Miller.
31:47 He heard William Miller preach it
31:51 and left that tent under great conviction.
31:54 Went back home and got his Bible and got every history book
31:58 he could get, and he began to search it out.
32:00 And he found out that that decree of Artaxerxes was
32:04 given in the fall of the year.
32:06 And so as he began to trace it step by step
32:09 it brought him not to 1843 AD but it brought him
32:14 to the Fall of 1844 AD.
32:17 And he went to see William Miller, and they sat down
32:21 and they studied that together.
32:22 And William Miller could see that he was right.
32:26 And they called a Bible conference.
32:29 People came in from all over the United States.
32:33 In fact, some people even came from Europe.
32:36 And S. S. Snow stood up there and presented that paper.
32:41 And when he was through, that Bible conference voted
32:46 that Jesus Christ was coming back on October 22, 1844.
32:53 They voted!
32:55 That... that became known as the Midnight Cry.
33:00 They said: "Behold, the bridegroom cometh;
33:03 go out to meet Him. "
33:04 They went out and they talked to everybody they could find.
33:08 They told them Jesus Christ was coming back.
33:10 They got on their knees; they confessed their sins.
33:13 They got their hearts right for the coming of the Lord.
33:16 They looked for it; they longed for it.
33:18 It was in their mouths as sweet as honey.
33:21 Time should be no longer.
33:25 That the mystery of God was finished!
33:29 October 22, 1844, came...
33:35 and they went out to meet Him.
33:38 Some of them stood out in the yard.
33:43 Some stood in vacant fields.
33:46 Some sat in their house like William Miller
33:49 and they waited for the Lord to come.
33:52 All day long they waited
33:55 until the sun began to set that evening.
34:00 And they encouraged one another
34:02 and they said: "He'll come at midnight. "
34:04 And on into the night they waited
34:07 until the sun rose the next morning.
34:12 And that which had been as sweet as honey
34:15 in their mouths became bitter in their stomachs.
34:21 They longed for it; they hoped for it; they believed it.
34:24 Now let me tell you something:
34:25 if you take this prophecy in Daniel 9
34:29 and you trace it, it will take you to 1844 AD every time
34:33 if you're intelectually honest.
34:35 They were wrong about what was to happen.
34:38 It was talking about Christ coming to His Father
34:42 in the sanctuary and for the judgment to begin.
34:44 They were wrong in the application, but the scripture
34:47 had foretold that they would be wrong.
34:49 Had said that it would be a bitter experience for them.
34:52 But out of that was to grow a movement of God's people.
35:00 Did you hear me?
35:03 Out of that was to grow a movement
35:06 of God's people that had a specific purpose
35:11 and plan and a commission to fulfill
35:14 up to the coming of Jesus Christ. Amen!
35:17 That's where you and I stand today.
35:23 I read to you all the verses in the 10th chapter
35:27 of Revelation except the last one.
35:29 Verse 11 says:
35:43 "Thou must prophesy again. " Prophesy again about what?
35:48 About the coming of Jesus Christ.
35:51 When it uses that word "thou" there,
35:54 who's it talking about?
35:59 Yeah, it's talking about you.
36:02 You have a responsibility.
36:06 You have been called; you have been chosen.
36:11 You have a responsibility to proclaim
36:14 that Jesus Christ is coming back!
36:18 That is your calling; that is what you're to do.
36:21 That should become the foremost thing in your life:
36:25 to tell others about Jesus Christ.
36:29 Well I know, when you talk about the coming of Jesus Christ
36:34 people get excited and they'll say:
36:37 "Oh, we don't know when Jesus is coming.
36:39 Why it could be 1,000 years from now.
36:42 We... we don't know when that will take place. "
36:47 In fact, I hear some dear saint say:
36:51 "Oh, He's going to come as a thief in the night,
36:53 so we don't know when He's going to come. "
36:57 Well, let me tell you something:
36:59 if Jesus Christ comes as a thief in the night to you,
37:05 you're lost.
37:10 At least that's what the scripture says.
37:12 Listen:
37:27 And some people say: "See, right there it says
37:30 He's coming as a thief in the night. "
37:31 The problem is: most people quit reading right there.
37:33 If you'll just read on, it makes it very clear.
37:46 "But you brethren... but YOU brethren... "
37:50 Who's that talking to? OK.
37:58 "You're not in darkness.
38:11 If I know a thief's coming to my house,
38:14 you'd better believe I'm going to be watching and waiting.
38:17 And you and I ought to be also!
38:20 So how can I know... how can I know
38:26 that Christ is coming?
38:29 How... how can I know that is taking place?
38:34 Well, the scripture gives us some insights.
38:58 He said: "You've got the prophetic Word...
39:01 you've got the prophecies. "
39:03 And he says those prophecies are clear enough that
39:06 "you shall not be in darkness but that you have light
39:10 and you should walk in the light of the Word. "
39:12 How can you and I - who know what the book says
39:17 and we know what God's Word says -
39:19 how can you stand there and not open your mouth
39:23 and tell somebody Jesus Christ is coming?
39:25 How can we do that?
39:29 We are children of the light, not of darkness.
39:33 Therefore, you and I have a responsibility laid upon us
39:37 to tell men and women Jesus Christ is coming back.
39:44 You ever been there?
39:53 The light should have dawned upon you.
39:56 You should have woke up!
39:58 You should see the day... not the darkness.
40:05 That's how we're to be
40:08 in preparing for the coming of Jesus.
40:13 I'm going to share a few things with you
40:15 that I believe are clear indications
40:20 of the coming of Jesus Christ.
40:23 Where you and I are today.
40:28 And I hope that it will help you to prepare your heart.
40:33 And if you're slumbering and sleeping,
40:36 I hope you'll wake up.
40:41 The first is the loss of liberty.
40:44 The Bible clearly says that in the last days
40:50 one of the signs of Christ's return
40:52 is the loss of liberty.
40:55 You can look for that... you can expect it.
40:57 It says this:
41:22 There are certain things that have happened
41:26 that should tell you and I that things have changed.
41:32 There has been a marked change in the way
41:36 we live and operate in this country.
41:39 I want you to listen.
41:42 This is a statement by Michael Connelly.
41:48 He's an attorney; he's an instructor...
41:51 teacher of constitutional law
41:53 in Carrollton, Texas.
41:56 I want you to listen to what he has to say
41:59 because it's vital to what we're talking about:
42:08 Now he's talking about the health care bill, OK,
42:12 and he wrote this before it was passed.
42:15 We're now talking about the health care bill
42:17 that has passed, OK?
42:43 He said: "Now what this bill is actually doing
42:46 and if you read the bill, it is transferring
42:50 the power from that of the legislative
42:53 branch of our government to the executive branch
42:56 of our government.
43:02 And it was adopted...
43:11 I think we have a statement in the writings of Ellen G. White
43:18 where she says the principles of the Constitution will be
43:22 done away with.
43:50 Which it has.
44:14 They can call it a tax and get by with it.
44:20 Dear friend, I don't know whether you're aware of it
44:22 but your liberty has greatly been curtailed.
44:27 And there are steps that are being taken
44:31 and you and I need to understand what's happening.
44:36 Secondly, financial bankruptcy.
44:40 Uh, we never thought this day would ever come
44:44 when as a country - the United States of America
44:50 that has been the leader in so many things -
44:53 today finds itself financially bankrupt.
44:58 The scripture prophesies that that would happen
45:02 at the end of time.
45:24 Talking about Babylon, and we'll talk more about Babylon
45:27 in future nights.
45:29 But it talks about how it would crumble
45:32 and it would be financially bankrupt.
45:35 Where do we stand today financially?
45:41 Well, we owe China
45:44 894.8 billion dollars.
45:49 We owe Japan 766.7 billion dollars.
45:55 We're in debt to those two countries that much.
46:02 What does our national debt look like?
46:06 As of July 9, 2010,
46:11 we owed 13 trillion,
46:16 189 billion,
46:18 193 million,
46:21 996 thousand
46:25 eight hundred seventy-four dollars and 56 cents.
46:29 Now do you understand, folks,
46:34 that the only asset... the only asset the United States
46:38 government has...
46:40 Do you know what the only asset they have is?
46:43 The only asset they have is YOU.
46:47 That's the only asset they have: you're the one
46:50 that makes the money. You're the one that does this.
46:53 You're the only asset they have.
46:55 That simply means if we've got a national debt like that
46:59 that every one of you and your children included
47:02 are in hock for $42,000.
47:08 Every one of you.
47:11 And so what's happening?
47:14 What's going on?
47:15 Very quickly - I don't know if you can see this -
47:19 Folks, in 2008- in 2008-
47:25 our national debt which was high enough at that point
47:28 was 5.6 trillion dollars.
47:32 2008!
47:35 Two years it has risen to 13 trillion.
47:42 You and I face some real problems, and I'm talking about
47:45 financially bankrupt we are.
47:47 Total revenue. Total revenue... that means all the money that
47:52 you and I pour into the government through taxes
47:55 and all that kind of stuff...
47:57 the total revenue that they got
47:59 was 14.8 trillion dollars.
48:02 In 2009, they spent
48:07 24 trillion 700 dollars.
48:11 When you take a look at all of it, that means
48:15 that they went into debt to a total of 9.9 trillion dollars.
48:21 I... I don't know about you,
48:24 but there's no way on earth
48:26 to continue that kind of spending and survive.
48:31 You can't do it!
48:34 So you and I need to understand where we stand financially.
48:43 As a nation, we have become morally corrupt.
49:05 They were morally corrupt... they were destroyed!
49:09 So it will be in the day that God comes back.
49:13 Paul talked about it. He said:
50:02 Exactly where we are today.
50:06 Where are we?
50:10 Look. This is our situation today, folks.
50:15 There's a murder in this country every 30 minutes.
50:21 I'm not talking about killed...
50:25 I'm talking about murdered.
50:27 Every 30 minutes someone is murdered.
50:30 A woman is raped in this country
50:35 every two minutes.
50:40 Morally corrupt.
50:44 Burglary. Every 15 seconds
50:50 there's a burglary that takes place.
50:56 Theft every 5 seconds.
51:00 And I'm not talking about things... little things.
51:05 When I'm talking about theft... I'm talking about major things
51:08 every 5 seconds.
51:09 We have become a nation that has no morals.
51:14 A nation that even nations that do not know
51:20 the Lord Jesus Christ look upon us as Satanic
51:27 because we've lost our concept of morals.
51:32 One other point I'd like to mention.
51:34 And I'll just say this... it bothers me greatly.
51:38 I would never invite somebody into my home, folks,
51:41 that would use profanity all the time
51:43 and would teach my children it was all right to lie
51:46 and to kill and to steal.
51:48 I would never permit that.
51:50 But yet we all invite someone into our home
51:54 and they sit there in the corner of our house
51:56 and they use profanity and they teach lying
51:59 and stealing and killing...
52:01 and we seem to think that's all right.
52:06 I think we need to stop and take a good look
52:08 at how we control that TV set. Amen!
52:17 Listen to this:
52:31 Have you ever heard? I had never heard
52:34 of tornadoes. I grew up in part of the world that
52:38 has tornadoes. I've seen them all my life.
52:41 I've never heard of tornadoes that were a mile and a half wide
52:46 and a hundred miles in length.
52:49 But that's what we've had this year.
52:52 Went right across Alabama and Georgia and that way.
52:55 We have today storms like we have never seen.
53:02 Floods? Almost constantly there's some place that's
53:08 being flooded. This is pictures of Nashville.
53:12 That's where I live: not far from there.
53:15 You can see... this is Opryland.
53:19 This was the worst disaster that they've ever had
53:23 since the Civil War.
53:25 They still... you can't go to some of these places.
53:29 They're still trying to rebuild it
53:31 because we've had such terrible floods.
53:37 Earthquakes? We have had 99
53:41 earthquakes 6.0 or greater
53:44 since the first of the year this year
53:47 to say nothing of China, Spain, Solomon Islands,
53:50 Indonesia, Baja, Mexico, Chile, and Haiti.
54:10 Folks, when I say we had 99 earthquakes...
54:15 that's since the first of the year to now.
54:19 Last year we had twenty eight 6.0 or greater.
54:23 Uh, 2004 was the worst year for earthquakes
54:28 in 500 years.
54:30 276,000 people lost their lives.
54:35 We had one earthquake this year that took that many.
54:40 You can look at their dead bodies
54:43 strung across the streets of Haiti
54:47 where they died literally by the thousands.
54:59 I hope... I hope by the grace of God
55:06 that you understand where we are.
55:10 That you and I will prepare our hearts
55:14 and look for the coming of Jesus Christ.
55:17 Dear friend, don't let that friend, that neighbor,
55:20 that loved one of yours go into eternity without salvation
55:26 or at least without it being offered to them.
55:28 God bless you; have a great day.
55:36 Every day thousands risk their lives to protect and serve
55:41 their fellow man.
55:42 They have a deep commitment to excellency in teamwork
55:45 and when others run from danger, they run to it...
55:49 even if it means personal sacrifice.
55:52 Even if it means making the supreme sacrifice for another.
55:56 They're always on call, ready to serve no matter what.
56:01 Friends, you and I can learn a lot from firefighters.
56:04 In the United States, the majority of them are volunteers.
56:08 That's right... volunteers.
56:10 But even for those who are paid it's more than a job...
56:14 it's a calling.
56:15 Jesus said in John 15 verses 12 and 13:
56:19 "This is My commandment:
56:21 that you love one another as I have loved you.
56:24 Greater love has no one than this:
56:27 than to lay down one's life for his friends. "
56:30 Those who follow the words of Jesus are His friends.
56:34 But Romans 5:8 says that "God demonstrated His own love
56:37 towards us in that while we were still sinners
56:40 Christ died for us. "
56:42 What an amazing thought!
56:44 Christ laid down His life for us
56:46 even though we were not His friends.
56:50 A firefighter is willing to do the same.
56:53 He's constantly preparing for his next mission
56:55 because his own life and the life of others
56:58 depends on his training and qualifications.
57:01 My friends, that's what we're doing right now
57:05 with this series: we are preparing you
57:08 for what is to come.
57:09 Our goal is to make you skilled in the Word
57:12 so that by the power of God you can bring others to safety -
57:16 the safety that can be found only
57:18 in the arms of a loving Savior.
57:20 Won't you help us to train and prepare others
57:23 to fulfill this mission?
57:25 Please consider what you can for for those who
57:28 still don't know about Jesus.
57:30 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:31 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:47 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:50 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:53 of salvation to millions around the world.


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