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00:21 Well, we would like to welcome you back to
00:24 this presentation on the book of Revelation.
00:28 We are looking at the Two Witnesses
00:32 found in the 11th chapter of Revelation.
00:35 And we hope that as we take a look at these
00:39 you'll be able to put it all together because
00:42 we're still into what the scripture describes
00:45 as the trumpets.
00:47 And we've looked at the 8th, 9th, 10th chapters...
00:50 now the 11th chapter.
00:52 And that's what we'll be looking at here today.
00:55 So we welcome all of you that are joining us.
00:57 Those of you that are here and those that are joining
01:00 by television or by radio or by the Internet.
01:04 Glad that you've tuned in, and we hope that as we've gone
01:07 through this week these chapters in Revelation
01:11 that you've been able to see the things that God was showing
01:16 John that's to be shared to you and to me
01:20 at particularly the time in which we are living in.
01:23 So today we're looking at The Two Witnesses
01:27 found in the 11th chapter
01:30 that, uh, witness in sackcloth.
01:36 Strange that they're in sackcloth.
01:39 But we'll look at that and see what it has to say.
01:42 This brings a section to a close - the 11th chapter does.
01:48 And one of the principles in understanding Bible prophecy
01:51 is that God repeats and enlarges.
01:55 And so He's taking us... for instance,
01:57 one section was through the seven churches.
02:00 Went through there. Now from the 4th through the 11th chapter
02:04 He's taking you through another section.
02:06 Starting with the 12th chapter in our next presentation
02:09 we start another series that talks about right down
02:13 at the close of time.
02:15 So our next presentation is entitled War in Heaven.
02:20 And we'll be looking at Revelation the 12th chapter.
02:24 And it will be very, very important as we begin to
02:27 set the foundation for that next series.
02:30 So we're glad that you've tuned in as we take a look at
02:34 God's Word.
02:35 We're always happy to have Jimmy Rhodes
02:40 and Pam come and join us.
02:43 And of course Dona has worked with me for 25 years
02:49 and so you have to be careful because all of a sudden
02:53 she becomes like family and you just... you know,
02:55 she's just there... you don't say much.
02:59 But she has been a great, great blessing.
03:02 And Jimmy and Dona are going to play for you this afternoon.
03:07 They're going to play a medley of Prayer is the Key
03:12 and then followed with another song
03:16 about How Long Has It Been.
03:20 So I hope you will enjoy it as they play.
03:22 But before they do I'm going to ask Chuck Allgaier
03:25 to come out again and read to you the section
03:29 in the 11th chapter that deals with the Two Witnesses.
03:37 Well, if you have your Bible you know what to do.
03:40 You need to pick it up and turn to Revelation chapter 11.
03:43 We're going to read Revelation chapter 11:1-14.
03:49 Revelation chapter 11, 1 through 14.
03:52 Let's read together.
09:04 Our gracious Father in Heaven,
09:08 we come to You, first, Lord,
09:12 just wanting to give You our hearts.
09:15 Inviting You into our lives.
09:19 Asking, Lord, that You will give to us
09:24 wisdom, understanding, enlightenment
09:30 that as we read Your Word
09:34 we may understand what You have shown.
09:39 And as You reveal what the future holds
09:43 and where we stand, we pray that each of us
09:46 may purpose in our hearts and in our souls to follow You.
09:50 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
10:01 As I mentioned, we are still in the trumpets.
10:05 That's what we're dealing with.
10:07 And we... our last presentation we looked at the 10th chapter
10:11 of Revelation. And it talked there about
10:16 God's people and the commission that God has for them
10:21 and what you and I are to do
10:23 as we prepare for the coming of the Lord.
10:26 The 11th chapter picks up
10:30 on the conflict that's going on between God and Satan
10:36 and God's people and the devil's people...
10:39 and the conflict that develops there.
10:41 That's what we're going to be looking at in the 11th chapter.
10:45 And the 11th chapter - like the 10th -
10:48 is kind of slid in between the 6th and 7th trumpets.
10:54 That's where it fits in the whole thing.
10:57 And so we hope it will help you understand
11:00 exactly what's taking place.
11:02 OK. It says:
11:13 Given a measuring rod. He's told to go and to measure
11:18 the temple, the altar, and the people that worship there.
11:23 Notice that it's talking about God's people.
11:27 This is talking about measuring the people
11:30 as well as the altar and so forth.
11:32 And actually when it says "measure those that worship
11:36 there" this is talking about the sealing...
11:39 the sealing of God's people.
11:41 That's what's happening when it's the measuring
11:43 of the people. So this is the sealing of God's people.
11:47 That's what it's referring to there.
12:03 So here he says: "measure the altar,
12:06 measure the people, measure the temple
12:08 but leave out the court
12:11 because it's been given to the Gentiles. "
12:13 And when it says "to the Gentiles, "
12:15 it's basically talking about those that are against God.
12:19 They're contrary to the Lord,
12:21 so this is what he's saying:
12:22 "Don't worry about the court; leave it out. "
12:26 Well he's making a statement here
12:28 about what is to take place. You see,
12:31 there comes a day when there will be a dividing line
12:37 drawn clearly and probation will close.
12:42 And in these trumpets he's down at the end
12:47 and he's trying to tell them "this is what is taking place. "
12:51 And here are God's people... they are being sealed,
12:56 and here are those that are against God.
12:58 That's what he's dealing with. That's why it says
13:01 the day will come when Christ will stand up and say
13:04 "He who is unjust, let him be unjust still.
13:07 And he who is filthy, let him be filthy still... "
13:16 And then what happens?
13:18 Probation has closed and Christ comes.
13:30 So that's what happens. When that line finally is drawn
13:33 and God in His mercy and in His love
13:37 is longsuffering and is slow to draw that line.
13:42 But when it finally is drawn, that will be the end
13:46 and He's going to come.
13:47 And so this 11th chapter is talking about the conflict
13:52 that is taking place there.
14:04 Said: "Don't hurt anything. Hold it until we have sealed
14:08 the servants of our God in their foreheads. "
14:11 And he's talking here to those four angels
14:14 that are holding back the winds of strife, and He's saying:
14:16 "Don't let go!
14:19 Hang on until we have God's people sealed. "
14:22 That's what he's telling them to do.
14:38 So he's telling us clearly
14:40 that He has given a time to the Gentiles.
14:43 And as you study God's Word,
14:46 you find there was a time that was given to the Jewish people.
14:50 You remember he told Daniel
14:52 "Seventy weeks are determined upon your people. "
14:56 That was the time He gave to the Jewish people.
14:59 But at the same time He has given a time to the Gentiles
15:05 and at the same time it's come to a place where
15:10 you and I are living today, and we are living in what is
15:13 called the time of the end.
15:16 That's where we are today.
15:19 So this 42 months given to the Gentiles...
15:22 this was Jerusalem. This was the temple mount,
15:26 and there in the court was where the Gentiles
15:30 could come and go as they pleased in the court
15:33 if they wanted to...
15:34 but they couldn't go farther than that.
15:37 You had to be part of Israel to go in beyond that point.
15:43 But the court had been given to the Gentiles.
15:49 This is what Jesus said:
15:55 So Christ made it clear it was going to be trampled.
15:59 And that's not just referring to the city of Jerusalem.
16:03 That's talking about God's people.
16:07 That's talking about the end of time.
16:09 That's talking about the time of the Gentiles
16:12 that is given to them.
16:14 God tells us, says:
16:20 Each day for a year has been given,
16:22 so in Bible prophecy a day represents one year.
16:26 He said here it was given to them for 42 months,
16:30 and in Bible prophecy a day represents one year.
16:35 And there are 30 days in a prophetic month.
16:40 Thirty days. If you need to go back to Genesis
16:43 to prove that with the question of the flood,
16:46 it makes that very clear that there were 30 days in a month.
16:49 So if I multiply 30 times 42
16:52 that gives me 1,260.
16:56 So he said it was given to them
16:58 basically for 1,260 days -
17:02 and a day represents a year - or 1,260 years.
17:06 And so we find the time that was given to the Gentiles
17:09 was from 538 AD to 1798 AD.
17:14 That was the time given to the Gentiles.
17:18 That time... God made great, great effort
17:23 to take the gospel to all the Gentile world.
17:27 This is the time known as the Reformation.
17:31 God had done all this to try to bring them to a knowledge
17:35 of truth and to accept Him.
17:37 This was the effort that was being made.
17:50 So here He has two witnesses. They have been given
17:54 a period of 1,260 years to prophesy.
17:59 And that 1,260 years they're going to prophesy
18:02 is going to be in sackcloth.
18:06 OK?
18:15 So it tells us that these two witnesses are two olive trees.
18:20 That's what they are.
18:22 "And two lampstands standing before the God of the earth. "
18:26 OK. That... that's the two witnesses.
18:29 What we want to find out: what are those two witnesses?
18:42 So it makes it very clear that, uh...
18:46 you don't want to harm them: the two witnesses.
19:06 Now there's many people that want to take this prophecy
19:10 and say those two witnesses represented
19:14 Moses and Elijah.
19:16 And the reason they say that is because
19:19 Moses, if you remember, is the one who there in Egypt
19:23 turned the water into blood.
19:27 And you remember it was Elijah who prayed
19:30 that it would not rain, and it didn't rain on the earth.
19:34 Remember those? OK... for 3-1/2 years.
19:37 And they take that and try to make this application to it.
19:43 Let me say that we shared with you the other night
19:47 for anything to be confirmed, for anything to be ratified,
19:53 for anything to be established
19:55 it has to be done in the presence of two witnesses.
20:00 OK. It has to be done in the presence of two witnesses.
20:05 Scripture will not accept and God will not accept
20:08 the witness of one person.
20:10 You've got to have two to substantiate it.
20:13 So when it comes to this, He's asking for two witnesses.
20:18 And why the words "the same power, "
20:21 the same power that Moses and Elijah used
20:25 to establish what they did, that same power
20:28 is to attend these two witnesses.
20:31 It is not saying that Moses and Elijah
20:34 were going to come back in person.
20:35 That's not what it's talking about.
20:37 It's talking about that they are two witnesses
20:40 and these two witnesses will have the same authority
20:44 and power that the prophets of old had: Moses and Elijah.
20:49 That's what the scripture is telling you here.
20:51 And these are the two witnesses. They're two olive trees.
20:55 So Moses and Elijah... of their own
21:01 did they have any power?
21:05 No. They were human beings just like you and I.
21:08 They have no more power than you and I have.
21:11 But the DID HAVE the Word of God.
21:15 God had told them: "It won't rain for 3-1/2 years. "
21:21 They were saying it based on the Word of God.
21:24 That was the authority that they used was the Word of God.
21:36 Two witnesses... very important
21:38 that there are two olive trees and two lampstands.
21:57 So here are the two witnesses. Talking about the witnesses
22:01 being there, and it's talking about the olive trees
22:03 and the lampstands.
22:11 So you have these two here.
22:19 He said: "Tell me... what are these? "
22:21 Now listen carefully to the answer
22:23 because he tells him something very definite here.
22:34 "I don't... I don't know what these are. "
22:53 OK. "Not by might, not by power,
22:56 but by My Spirit says the Lord.
22:59 This is the Word of the Lord to Zerubbabel. "
23:02 In other words, again, what he's telling them
23:05 is this is the authority... this is the Word of God.
23:08 And this takes place not by might nor power
23:11 but by the Word of God. This is the way.
23:16 "By My Spirit... " This is how it happens!
23:19 That's what he's trying to establish.
23:27 OK, it's very vital that you understand that because if you
23:31 understand the purpose you'll see what is taking place here.
23:56 I hope you're getting the picture
23:59 because here you have the two olive trees.
24:01 The pipes run from them to the lampstands
24:05 and the oil flows to the lampstands.
24:09 All right, now watch very carefully:
24:22 Now he's talking about the two witnesses.
24:24 He says: "These are the two anointed ones. "
24:28 Uh, I want to read to you this text
24:31 and share with you some Hebrew in here, because it's very
24:37 very important because the Hebrew sheds a light on it
24:41 that you don't get in English.
24:43 So this is what it says:
24:53 The Hebrew there is hada'shar.
24:56 That's the Hebrew word, and it means to produce light.
25:06 So when he said: "Who... who are these two witnesses? "
25:09 he said: "Oh these are the two that produce light. "
25:12 OK. Now you should begin to be able to put it together
25:16 because you have oil... and oil is used
25:20 throughout the scripture. It's also used for anointing
25:24 in the case here of Samuel anointing David.
25:28 The oil was a type of the Holy Spirit.
25:34 Also you remember on the Day of Pentecost
25:37 the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples as
25:41 tongues of fire, right?
25:44 So it has both here.
25:46 "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit
25:52 says the Lord. "
25:54 Therefore if you have oil and you have fire
25:57 what are you going to get?
25:59 Well you're going to get light.
26:02 That's what it's going to do: it's going to give you light.
26:04 That's what you had in the sanctuary
26:06 in the seven golden candlesticks
26:08 where the oil was placed in there and it produced light...
26:12 shine. So he's saying: "These two anointed ones
26:16 which are the two that produce light
26:20 they are My witnesses. "
26:36 You know, it's always been amazing to me -
26:40 and I'm sure that Pastor Jim Gilley back here
26:43 can testify to this as well as I can -
26:46 that when you're holding an evangelistic meeting
26:50 and you're preaching and you're trying to explain
26:56 the Word of God and particularly the question of salvation
27:00 and you're trying to get across what it means
27:04 and as you're explaining it all of a sudden you can see...
27:08 you literally, folks, can see something happen
27:12 in the eyes of some people: the light comes on.
27:15 Bang! You know it... you see it,
27:18 you know that it happened. Light came on!
27:20 They saw it, got hold of it.
27:22 This is what it's talking about: the light that shines.
27:25 They say: "Oh, I see that! "
27:28 And they take hold of the hope that there is in Christ.
27:31 That's why it says: "Your Word is a lamp to my feet,
27:34 a light to my path. "
27:36 The light comes on! Boy, I can remember when it happened to me.
27:40 I can remember when I saw the Word of God
27:43 and I saw what it was talking about.
27:45 What... it just opened up!
27:48 I began to see things I'd never understood before.
28:01 In other words, the light shone
28:05 through the power of the Holy Spirit.
28:08 So it tells us when it comes to God's Word, it says:
28:27 So the Holy Spirit is the one who gave to them
28:32 the words of scripture so that when you and I read it we see.
28:38 We understand. It begins to open up
28:41 and it opens up more and more every day.
28:46 I've been reading it for... years, I can
28:50 hardly even imagine how many years I've been reading it.
28:53 You know... but I still read it and the light comes on.
28:57 I see something I hadn't known before.
29:00 It will never come to the place where
29:03 you read it and you know it all. Just doesn't happen.
29:05 I read it and I say: "Oh, that's what that was talking about. "
29:10 That's because it's revealed by the Holy Spirit.
29:13 Comes in... shows you and I... we understand it.
29:17 That two witnesses that it's talking about, folks,
29:21 is the Old and the New Testament.
29:23 Those are the two witnesses he's talking about.
29:27 This is the one that brings light to them.
29:30 And so when He talks about His two witnesses
29:33 that produces light this is the Word of God.
29:36 The very same energy
29:41 that God used in creating the world
29:46 is in this book.
29:49 And so when you and I read it it's not like any other book.
29:55 When I read it there's a power there that you don't find
29:59 any other place. A power, dear friend,
30:02 that is capable of changing your heart and mine.
30:06 It is the two witnesses that God is talking about here.
30:12 Jesus said concerning His Word:
30:29 You see, this it the witness: the Old and New Testament.
30:34 And He says this is what will judge us by it.
30:38 People always asking: "What about somebody who
30:42 doesn't know? " Well, you and I
30:46 are judged by what we know.
30:49 For me to know what God's Word says
30:52 and not to follow it... that's wrong.
30:56 That's wrong.
30:59 But to the person over here who hasn't come that far yet
31:03 God understands that.
31:06 He will be judged on that basis.
31:08 But you and I must also be willing
31:14 to be taught and to learn and to spend time
31:18 in God's Word. Have to!
31:30 So it's saying that these two witnesses that produce light
31:33 uh, this 1,260 days that they're going to prophesy
31:38 is going to be rough... it's going to be in sackcloth.
31:42 That means mourning; that means hard times.
31:46 Not easy... that's the time in which they will witness.
31:56 Now this is talking about the conflict that's going on
32:00 between the kingdom of darkness
32:04 and the kingdom of light.
32:06 And He said: "My witnesses are going to witness in sackcloth. "
32:12 These 1,260 days are mentioned over and over in scripture.
32:29 And here in Revelation 11... all uses a combination of
32:34 this that talks either about a time, times, or half a time
32:37 or it talks about 42 months
32:39 or it talks about 1,260 days...
32:42 which all add up to be in the same period of time.
32:58 So He's telling it simply that a day represents one year.
33:03 So if I've got time that's one year... 360 days.
33:09 Times represents two years... 720 days.
33:14 Half a time - a half a year - are 180.
33:18 That added up gives you 1,260.
33:20 As we just saw a minute ago
33:22 30 times 42 added up gives you 1,260...
33:27 the same amount of time.
33:29 God used that, and as we talked about in our last presentation
33:33 it brings you down to the date of 1798 AD
33:37 which began the time of the end. So what you have here, folks,
33:43 is you have the time of the Jewish people:
33:46 "seventy weeks are determined upon your people. "
33:49 We come down to that, and then you have
33:51 the time of the Gentiles until 1798 AD
33:55 and then begins the time of the end.
33:58 And you and I are living in the time of the end.
34:03 And, dear friend, you're not at the beginning of it...
34:07 you're at the close of it!
34:09 We're down at the very end of it
34:12 and we need to understand that...
34:14 that there's not a lot of time left.
34:19 This 1,260 years was going to be a terrible time.
34:25 This is the time in history referred to as the Dark Ages.
34:34 People were denied the Word of God.
34:37 I mentioned in another presentation
34:42 that by 500 AD
34:46 the Bible had been translated
34:48 into 500 other languages.
34:54 And then it just seemed, folks... it just seemed that
34:58 all of a sudden the curtain closed... BANG!
35:03 And in the matter of 100 years there was only one translation,
35:09 and that was in Latin.
35:12 And if you couldn't read Latin? Sorry.
35:16 And the people that could
35:19 didn't have access to the Word of God.
35:21 So the scripture was basically taken away from them.
35:25 And this became a time of darkness.
35:28 Those people that loved the Lord
35:32 and they loved the Word of God
35:34 and they desired to know the Word of God
35:37 and they had taken and hand- written out the Word of God
35:41 so that they could keep it, those people
35:44 found themselves having to flee from persecution.
35:48 They were hunted and they had to flee to different places.
35:53 And they went up into the mountains
35:57 where they could worship as they pleased.
36:00 I have walked through those...
36:04 through those very mountains; looked where they lived.
36:10 They lived there and tried to worship God,
36:13 but even in those far-out places
36:17 they were still sought and many, many, many of them
36:21 were killed... killed for their faith.
36:26 In fact, during that period of time for about
36:30 a thousand years
36:33 it's hard to describe how bad it was.
36:38 The people were told that they were too ignorant
36:41 to read the Word of God. The Bible was taken from them,
36:46 chained to library walls. If you...
36:49 even if you had a Bible on you
36:52 you were subject to be put to death.
36:56 You couldn't do that. In fact, the Waldensian people
36:59 in order to spread it, took it - little pages of it -
37:03 and put it into their clothing, sewed it into their clothing.
37:07 If they found somebody that was interested,
37:10 they would undo it and take it out and read them
37:12 the Word of God.
37:15 It was horrible during those period of time.
37:19 John Wyclif, known as the Morning Star of the Reformation,
37:28 decided that he would translate the Bible into English
37:33 for the people.
37:36 Had to run most of his life because they were seeking him
37:42 to kill him. In fact, when they finally arrested him
37:45 and were going to, he died on them before they
37:49 got him to the stake to burn him at the stake.
37:53 But this was a... when it says a time of sackcloth
37:58 this was a hard, hard period of time.
38:03 John Hus... and Jerome...
38:09 these men tried to serve the Lord.
38:15 Because they followed the writings of Wyclif
38:19 he was burned at the stake.
38:27 His partner, Jerome, was taken
38:32 and put in prison and just locked away until...
38:35 kept in chains in there until the flesh on his
38:41 body literally rotted.
38:44 And finally... trying to get him to recant...
38:50 When he finally gave up some of his belief
38:55 because of the terrible situation
38:57 and was so sorry that he had even done that.
39:00 They threw him back in prison; burned him at the stake.
39:05 John Hus and Jerome... great, great men.
39:09 But out of this period of time
39:14 in which these men suffered so much...
39:16 And then along came Luther.
39:20 Nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the church at Wittenberg.
39:24 And you find that things began to change.
39:29 Along came other men like John Calvin and like Zwingli,
39:33 and these men stood up and preached the Word of God.
39:37 And then finally the princes of Europe stood up and said
39:42 "We're not going to do this any longer.
39:44 We're going to follow the Bible;
39:45 we're going to follow the dictates of our conscience. "
39:48 And they refused to follow it,
39:49 and the persecution began to drop off, folks.
39:53 Began to fall off.
39:56 Then you hit 1798 AD - 1,260 years - 1798 AD.
40:01 And it says:
40:11 And that time of persecution came to an end...
40:17 stopped.
40:20 But then something happened
40:25 because the scripture says:
40:41 Now this is the same bottomless pit that we talked about
40:44 just... earlier in the other presentation where it talks
40:47 about the star coming out of this bottomless pit.
40:52 OK. "And he will make war against them,
40:55 overcome them, and kill them. "
40:56 Who is he going to overcome and kill?
40:59 I want to make sure you're with me.
41:01 Who is he going to overcome and kill?
41:04 The two witnesses. That's right.
41:06 "Make war against them,
41:09 overcome them, and kill them. "
41:11 So what happened? Well at this time
41:15 a man by the name of Thomas Paine has written a book
41:19 called The Age of Reason. That has circulated across
41:23 Europe... circulated across Europe
41:27 and people, from reading that book, begin to throw out
41:32 religion.
41:33 The country of France - who had been one of the foremost
41:37 in accepting the Reformation and which through the preaching
41:42 of John Calvin some 500,000 Frenchmen had accepted
41:46 the Reformation and the belief and all -
41:48 France turned against it
41:51 and she began to persecute it terribly.
41:55 But because of the persecution that she put on the people
41:59 when this book came out and the people read it
42:02 they turned on religion.
42:05 They turned on religion so much
42:08 that they established what they called the Age of Reason
42:12 and they threw religion out of the country.
42:18 Said they would have nothing to do with it.
43:17 You see, the Two Witnesses were thrown out.
43:23 Thrown in the street; they were gathered up and burned
43:27 in France.
43:38 They turned against the scripture.
43:41 They burned it in piles, and they took a woman,
43:45 put her on a cart,
43:48 and pulled her through the streets of Paris
43:52 and worshiped her as the goddess of reason.
43:56 And so you find that this beast that rose
44:00 out of the bottomless pit turned on the Word of God
44:06 and killed the Two Witnesses.
44:17 Very important that you understand when it says
44:20 "spiritually called Sodom and Egypt. "
44:24 In other words, it's not talking about the literal city
44:27 of Sodom and Egypt. It's making an application
44:31 spiritually is what it's doing and also to the place
44:34 where Christ was crucified. That is being used
44:37 in a symbolic form.
44:41 What does it mean? Pharaoh? Egypt?
44:45 Remember the children of Israel were in Egypt
44:47 and Moses went in and told Pharaoh: "Let my people go. "
45:00 You find that Egypt represented basically atheism.
45:05 They were against God... went against Him.
45:09 He said: "I don't know the Lord; who is He? "
45:11 And he wouldn't let Israel go.
45:14 Sodom? Sodom you remember was destroyed because of
45:18 its terrible morals... because it had lost its morality.
45:23 And it was destroyed for that reason.
45:26 You see, when they passed a decree to get rid of
45:29 the scripture and they threw the scripture out,
45:33 they lost anything by which they could have a standard
45:37 and the morals in France dropped clear to the bottom,
45:42 folks, clear to the bottom. You can't even describe
45:45 the horribleness of that period of time
45:48 when the whole country lost its morals.
45:51 That's the reason it refers to it as Sodom and Gomorrah.
45:55 And when they gave up the Bible and threw it out,
46:02 if you believed in God, they would take you downtown
46:08 and guillotine you.
46:10 I mean you could not believe in God and live!
46:15 And they did that to ALL the religions.
46:17 Didn't make... whether you were Protestant or Catholic,
46:20 you were guillotined for believing in the Bible and God.
46:24 They died by the untold thousands...
46:28 so much so that blood ran down the gutters
46:31 of the streets of Paris
46:33 from the number of people that they guillotined.
46:36 It says:
46:47 That's why he said "and where our Lord was crucified. "
46:50 He said: "you did it to these people, you did it to Me. "
47:08 Now listen carefully to this:
47:19 Now we're going back 258 years.
47:23 258 years before that is when France
47:28 turned against the Reformation. This is the exact date.
47:32 258 years later this is what is happening.
48:20 258 years later the king of France was beheaded.
48:27 This was the time of the Reign of Terror
48:32 that took place.
48:45 You know, the Bible was ruled out of France
48:51 and it was to lay there for 3-1/2 days.
49:06 I don't have time to go into this, but it always
49:10 is surprising to me. Because France took the stand and
49:13 established the Age of Reason and all
49:15 other nations wrote them and said how wonderful you are
49:18 and how brilliant you are
49:19 and their whole morals were falling to the floor
49:22 and they were losing their whole nation at the same time.
49:25 It's so... people ready to jump on the band wagon
49:30 and not to stand for what is right and what is truth.
49:45 Those Two Witnesses after 3-1/2 days stood on their feet.
49:51 In other words, it says that these Two Witnesses -
49:54 the Old and New Testament that France had thrown out -
49:57 after 3-1/2 days was going to come back.
49:59 Watch this:
50:10 In other words, if there's something that's sure
50:12 it's the prophetic word.
50:13 So watch what happens here:
50:14 January 21, 1793, France threw it out...
50:20 threw out the Bible.
50:22 On June 10, 1796, they voted it back in
50:28 because the whole country had gone down the tubes.
50:33 They had lost everything so much
50:35 and so it was so bad that June 10, 1796,
50:40 they voted it back in. That's exactly 3-1/2 years.
50:42 Just exactly as the scripture said it would be
50:47 it came back to life.
50:49 See? The Word of God stood.
50:52 Now, let me bring this to a close as quick as I can here.
51:07 Here in 1796 AD this is what happens.
51:12 1804 AD you have the British Bible Society.
51:15 The Bible now is being published and sent out to all
51:18 the different countries.
51:19 1816 AD the American Bible Society is established.
51:23 The Bible is being taken everywhere.
51:25 At this same time, Judson goes to Burma,
51:29 Carey to India, Morrison to China,
51:31 Moffat and Livingston to Africa.
51:33 These are missionaries,
51:34 and the Word of God is being spread all over the earth.
51:37 But at the same time you have coming out of this Age of Reason
51:43 the writings of Thomas Paine you have teachings such as
51:47 evolution. Also, new morality.
51:52 You have all these things that are springing up
51:54 at the same time, and these are in opposition to one another
51:59 and will remain that way until Jesus comes.
52:03 And much of the things that you and I face today
52:07 is because of those teachings.
52:10 Unfortunately, our educational system across this country
52:15 is full of evolution.
52:19 Teaches it; students come out not believing in God.
52:24 And yet, this is a conflict that is there
52:28 that's going on because of that time.
52:31 That's when you have Darwin.
52:32 That's when you have these different men
52:35 that taught contrary to what the Word of God said.
52:40 So you and I need to be clear
52:44 where we are concerning the Word of God.
52:57 This is what's taking place.
53:01 This is the time that we're living in.
53:03 And that's why it talks about the Two Witnesses,
53:05 what happened. And that is to help you and I understand
53:10 where we are in the stream of time.
53:13 Because after this... right after this...
53:17 that the seventh trumpet is sounded in which He sets up -
53:23 God sets up - His kingdom.
53:25 That's what happens next.
53:28 This brings the whole part of the trumpets to a close.
53:33 And then the Bible begins to pick up a new scenario
53:38 and take you and I through it step-by-step.
53:41 Dealing, folks, dealing in a very, very specific way
53:45 right down here at the end of time
53:49 and what is happening and what is taking place.
53:52 So we hope that you'll continue to study the book of Revelation
53:56 as we study together. Let's pray.
53:59 Father in Heaven, we thank you
54:03 for Your Word. Thank you that
54:08 You are the One who watches over
54:13 the things of this world
54:17 and that Your Word is sure... that it doesn't fail.
54:21 We pray that we might hold on.
54:25 That we might make it the light of our life
54:30 and that we will walk in the light of its word
54:33 and that we'll stand firm upon the Word of God,
54:37 willing to trust You and to let You
54:41 guide and lead in our lives.
54:44 Bless each one. May the Word of God become dear to them
54:48 and draw them close to Jesus Christ.
54:51 We pray in Christ's name, Amen.
54:56 Our next presentation is on Revelation 12:
55:01 War in Heaven.
55:04 And we're going to take a look at something that begins
55:07 to develop there, folks.
55:08 And it begins to put some things together
55:11 such as the dragon and the beast
55:15 and the false prophet.
55:17 Begins to pull those things together
55:19 that has to do right down at the end of time.
55:22 So thank you for being with us.
55:24 God bless you. Stay close to the Lord Jesus Christ.
55:34 Every day thousands risk their lives to protect and serve
55:38 their fellow man.
55:40 They have a deep commitment to excellency in teamwork
55:43 and when others run from danger, they run to it...
55:47 even if it means personal sacrifice.
55:50 Even if it means making the supreme sacrifice for another.
55:54 They're always on call, ready to serve no matter what.
55:59 Friends, you and I can learn a lot from firefighters.
56:02 In the United States, the majority of them are volunteers.
56:05 That's right... volunteers.
56:08 But even for those who are paid it's more than a job...
56:11 it's a calling.
56:13 Jesus said in John 15 verses 12 and 13:
56:17 "This is My commandment:
56:19 that you love one another as I have loved you.
56:22 Greater love has no one than this:
56:25 than to lay down one's life for his friends. "
56:28 Those who follow the words of Jesus are His friends.
56:31 But Romans 5:8 says that "God demonstrated His own love
56:35 towards us in that while we were still sinners
56:38 Christ died for us. "
56:40 What an amazing thought!
56:42 Christ laid down His life for us
56:44 even though we were not His friends.
56:47 A firefighter is willing to do the same.
56:50 He's constantly preparing for his next mission
56:53 because his own life and the life of others
56:56 depends on his training and qualifications.
56:59 My friends, that's what we're doing right now
57:03 with this series: we are preparing you
57:05 for what is to come.
57:07 Our goal is to make you skilled in the Word
57:10 so that by the power of God you can bring others to safety -
57:14 the safety that can be found only
57:16 in the arms of a loving Savior.
57:18 Won't you help us to train and prepare others
57:21 to fulfill this mission?
57:23 Please consider what you can for for those who
57:26 still don't know about Jesus.
57:28 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:29 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:44 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:48 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:50 of salvation to millions around the world.


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