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00:21 And good evening to each of you.
00:24 We're very glad to welcome you tonight
00:27 as we continue on in our study of the book of Revelation.
00:32 And we're looking at the 12th chapter of the book
00:37 of Revelation this evening.
00:39 We have just finished talking about the trumpets
00:45 and we have covered - in this particular series -
00:48 we've covered the seals.
00:50 We've taken a look now at the trumpets.
00:53 And so we hope that that has helped you put a section
00:56 of the book of Revelation together
00:58 and... as we continue. But tonight we go to Revelation 12:
01:03 the War in Heaven.
01:06 That's what we'll be looking at as we start.
01:09 And so you find that the book of Revelation
01:13 has different sections in it
01:16 and we cover those sections one at a time.
01:19 And we... as you study them
01:21 you'll see how that God opens things up
01:24 and you'll understand it more and more.
01:26 Our next series that we'll be doing
01:29 is entitled The Three Angels' Messages.
01:32 Three Angels' Messages.
01:34 And we're going to be looking at Revelation 13 through 16.
01:40 That's what we'll be looking at:
01:42 Revelation 13 through 16 in our next series
01:45 as we talk about The Three Angels' Messages...
01:49 very, very important messages that God has for the world.
01:55 And so we look forward to doing that series with you
02:00 and we hope that it will continue to help you grow
02:04 in the knowledge of the Lord.
02:06 Thank you very much for tuning in.
02:10 Those of you that are watching by television
02:13 or listening on the radio
02:15 or following on the Internet
02:19 we hope that as we are talking about these different events
02:23 that take place in Revelation that it's opening up the book
02:26 because God intends for you to understand it
02:30 because it is the Revelation - that means the revealing -
02:34 of God's Word. And He promises to bless you
02:37 if you read it and study it.
02:39 So we hope that it's helping you do that
02:41 as we've taken a look at the book of Revelation.
02:44 We're very pleased... always thankful
02:48 and enjoy having Pam and Jimmy Rhodes with us.
02:53 They're always a great, great blessing
02:55 and they just minister to my heart in a special way.
02:59 Pam's going to sing for us tonight a song entitled
03:03 Look For Me.
03:05 And I'm sure you'll be blessed as she sings that.
03:08 Chuck Allgaier is going to read to you
03:11 the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation,
03:15 and so follow along as he reads that to you
03:18 and then Pam will sing for us.
03:21 Good evening.
03:23 If you have your Bibles tonight,
03:25 let's turn to the book of Revelation chapter 12.
03:28 I'm going to read verses 1 through 17.
03:32 Revelation chapter 12 verses 1 through 17.
03:36 Let's read together:
06:37 May God add His blessing to His Word.
06:57 When you finally make your entrance
07:02 to that city
07:09 With jasper walls
07:12 and bright gold
07:15 avenues.
07:20 As you behold
07:25 all its beauty
07:27 and its splendor
07:33 remember there's just one request
07:39 I make of you.
07:45 Look for me
07:49 for I will be there too.
07:58 I realize when you arrive
08:05 there'll be so much to view.
08:10 After you've been there
08:14 ten thousand years,
08:17 a million... maybe two,
08:22 look for me
08:25 for I will be there too.
08:40 As you go down
08:43 your list of firsts
08:46 there's no question
08:52 we'll want to see our loved ones
08:56 waiting for you and me.
09:05 When you feel you've shared your story
09:11 with the last one
09:16 that wants to hear you tell just how
09:22 you made it through,
09:28 look for me...
09:33 I'd like to hear it too.
09:41 I realize
09:45 when you arrive
09:49 there'll be so much to view.
09:53 After you've been there
09:57 ten thousand years,
10:00 a million... maybe two,
10:05 look for me
10:09 for I will be there too.
10:18 When we've been there
10:24 ten thousand years
10:30 bright shining as
10:36 the sun,
10:42 we've no less days
10:48 to sing God's praise
10:54 than when
10:57 we've first
11:00 begun.
11:06 After you've been there
11:10 ten thousand years,
11:13 a million... maybe two,
11:18 look for me
11:22 for I will be there too.
11:31 I will be there
11:35 too.
12:02 Our heavenly Father,
12:07 As we consider that You are making provisions
12:13 for each one of us to be in Your kingdom...
12:18 that we'll have the privilege
12:21 of living throughout eternity,
12:25 we just want to give You, Lord, our thanks,
12:30 our love. Ask, Lord, that the Holy Spirit
12:34 will be with us tonight.
12:37 Give us the understanding that we need.
12:41 May we grasp the conflict that's taking place
12:46 and may we place ourselves squarely upon the side
12:52 of Jesus Christ
12:55 and reach out, Lord, and take hold of Your hand
12:58 and walk with You by faith
13:00 all the way into the kingdom of heaven.
13:03 This we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
13:13 Revelation the 12th chapter: War in Heaven.
13:17 We come to this 12th chapter... this begins kind of a new
13:23 sequence. We have looked at the
13:28 seven churches taking us from the early church
13:32 clear to the coming of Jesus Christ.
13:35 Then we picked up with the 4th chapter
13:39 and it started talking about the throne of God.
13:44 And then it picks up with the seven seals...
13:47 starting again with the early church.
13:50 And this whole series that we've looked at
13:53 has taken us clear up to the coming of Jesus Christ.
13:56 That's what it's talking about.
13:58 Now here with this chapter
14:01 we start a new series that will focus on the end-time events
14:07 and then will take us to the coming of Jesus Christ again.
14:11 So this is what we're beginning
14:12 with this chapter 12 of Revelation.
14:17 The 12th chapter of Revelation basically is divided
14:21 into three parts.
14:24 So as you read that chapter and study it,
14:26 you need to make notes and put it down
14:28 that it's divided into three parts.
14:31 The three parts are simply this:
14:33 verses 1 to 6 is one part.
14:36 And then verses 7 through 12 is another part.
14:41 And verses 13 through 17 is another part.
14:45 And we'll look at that tonight.
14:47 That's the way the 12th chapter is divided up,
14:50 and we'll take a look and see what it tells us about it.
14:54 But we hope that it will give you an overall view
14:57 because that's what he's trying to do
14:59 is give you an overall view of the conflict
15:02 that is taking place between Christ and Satan.
15:06 So let's start and take a look at verses 1 through 6.
16:12 So here he's describing the woman.
16:15 Now what we're having happen here, folks,
16:18 is he is just using the woman here to represent the church
16:24 and carrying God's people into this next section.
16:29 That's what's happened for in Bible prophecy
16:31 a woman represents a church.
16:44 This is His church. Goes on and says here:
16:53 The woman represents God's church.
16:57 And so he's talking about this woman
16:59 and he's talking about the conflict that's going to go on
17:03 between her and a great red dragon.
17:13 So here you have the church represented as a woman.
17:17 This woman is clothed with the sun.
17:22 The moon is under her feet.
17:25 On her head is a garland of twelve stars.
17:29 OK? And it says that this woman
17:33 there... she is blessed by God in a special way.
17:37 The moon under her feet
17:40 represents the Old Testament time that she's coming out of.
17:45 Being clothed with the sun represents the gospel
17:50 of Jesus Christ in all of its beauty
17:52 and basically dims... fades out...
17:57 the Old... or the moon...
17:59 because of the brightness of the sun.
18:01 And then it says she has a garland of twelve stars
18:05 on her head. That represents the 12 tribes that we're
18:09 talking about and also the 12 apostles.
18:13 And so you have that transfer the scripture is making
18:16 from the Old Testament period
18:18 into the New Testament period is what is happening here.
18:23 But she's not the only character here...
18:26 for all of a sudden he tells us
18:28 that there is a great red dragon.
18:33 This great red dragon is in conflict with the woman.
18:39 Doesn't like the woman...
18:42 basically wants to do away with her.
18:46 And so the scripture says:
19:03 Please notice that it refers to the devil as what?
19:09 As the what?
19:11 As the dragon.
19:13 Put that down... because from this point on
19:17 through the 20th chapter of Revelation
19:21 it will refer to the dragon over and over and over again.
19:26 So you need to be aware that the dragon is the devil...
19:29 Satan. And he... like I said...
19:34 isn't happy with the woman.
19:37 This dragon has seven heads
19:42 and ten horns on it.
19:45 Those ten horns you will find mentioned time and time again
19:51 in scripture. They're mentioned in Daniel the 7th chapter.
19:54 The beast there had ten horns.
19:56 You'll find this beast has ten horns.
19:58 You'll find that the one we're going to be studying
20:00 in Revelation 13 has ten horns.
20:02 The one in Revelation 17 has ten horns.
20:05 Those ten horns have meaning particularly in the last days.
20:11 And we're going to be looking at that in one of our studies
20:13 about these ten kings. Very important.
20:17 The seven heads on this dragon
20:20 represents the different nations down through time
20:24 that have been in opposition to God's people.
20:27 That's who they represent.
20:29 We'll talk more about those as we take a look at it.
20:32 But this is the dragon, and here in Daniel 7 it says:
20:39 These ten horns are the same... identical all the way through.
20:50 OK?
20:51 His tail did what?
20:53 "Drew a third of the stars of heaven. "
20:56 And in our study of the trumpets
21:00 it talks about that their... tail did what?
21:04 Had strings in it and so forth.
21:06 You see the tail here in scripture is used representing
21:10 power which he had. And it says with that he drew a third
21:13 of them to the earth.
21:26 She's pregnant.
21:28 About ready to give birth.
21:30 And the dragon is there ready to devour the Child
21:36 as soon as it is born.
21:47 So it tells us that she gave birth to a male Child.
21:52 And then it gives the characteristics of that Child.
21:55 It says, one, He was to rule all nations
21:59 with a rod of iron
22:01 and He was caught up to God and to His throne.
22:05 And we know very clearly from the Christmas story
22:09 exactly what that's about
22:10 because you remember the wise men who made their way
22:14 to Jerusalem. You remember they got there...
22:19 They inquired of the Christ Child
22:23 but couldn't find anything out.
22:26 They inquired all over the city.
22:28 In fact, it says it upset the whole city.
22:31 So much so that Herod called them in and asked them
22:34 who they were looking for.
22:36 And they said: "Well, we're looking for this Child
22:37 that's to be born a King. "
22:39 Well, of course that was very interesting to Herod
22:42 because he didn't want any competition.
22:44 And so he told them... He called in the scribes
22:48 and said: "Where's this Child to be born? "
22:50 And they said: "Oh, He's to be born down in Bethlehem. "
22:52 Always amazing to me...
22:55 Stop and think about it. Here these are the scribes.
22:57 These are the students of God's Word
23:00 and they knew exactly where He was to be born
23:02 but they didn't bother to go take a look.
23:04 You know, I've never quite been able to put that together.
23:08 But anyhow, those wise men followed that star
23:11 on down to Bethlehem and there they found the Child.
23:15 And they worshiped Him.
23:18 They gave Him their gold and their myrrh
23:20 and their frankincense and they worshiped the Child.
23:24 And then it says that this Child
23:28 was to be caught up to God and to His throne.
23:33 You remember Herod told them to come back and tell him
23:39 when they had found the Child.
23:40 And it says that an angel told those wise men
23:45 to go back home a different way.
23:47 And they went back home a different way.
23:49 And when Herod found out he had not been told
23:52 he had all the children two years of age and under -
23:56 male children - in Bethlehem killed.
24:00 But this child... and there's only been one Child that's ever
24:04 been born that was to rule all nations with a rod of iron
24:07 and was caught up to God and to His throne...
24:09 and that Child was Jesus Christ.
24:12 The only one that's ever been born to fulfill that prophecy.
24:15 But watch carefully:
24:28 So this woman who the dragon is persecuting
24:32 has fled into the wilderness.
24:34 And it says that she would be there for 1,260 days.
24:40 Now that's not something you haven't seen
24:43 because we have looked at that time sequence several times
24:47 in our study together.
24:49 We found out in Ezekiel 4:6
24:51 that a day represents what?
24:54 One year in Bible prophecy.
24:56 A day represents a year.
24:58 So we have here that she was going to flee
25:01 into the wilderness for a time, times, and a half a time...
25:05 which comes out as 1,260 years.
25:09 And so she was to be in the wilderness
25:12 for 1,260 years.
25:16 This woman... this is the time that she was to be
25:19 in the wilderness. This is what the
25:21 first six verses of Revelation 12 talks about,
25:25 folks, and all. OK... notice verse 7:
25:32 Now the scene is completely changed...
25:35 it's changed from that... Now all of a sudden
25:37 we're looking at a different scene. And it says:
25:46 There is a very real conflict going on here
25:50 between the Lord and His angels
25:53 and the devil and his angels.
26:03 They didn't prevail; they were cast out.
26:05 No place was found for them.
26:22 That tells you clearly that that third of the stars
26:26 that he took with him were what? Angels.
26:29 They were cast out with him to this earth.
26:33 Now that ought to tell you something.
26:36 The next time you're faced with something and you
26:40 don't understand why there seems to be the opposition there
26:45 you ought to understand that the devil and his angels
26:48 are very, very real.
26:50 You know, and they oppose anything that is of God.
26:54 They oppose that strongly.
27:07 This has happened... it's come.
27:19 The devil and his angels cast out of heaven.
27:22 The accuser of the brethren cast out.
27:26 And they said: "Now salvation has come. "
27:40 These people that now on earth - you and I -
27:46 it says the devil is there. He IS upset.
27:50 He has been cast out to the earth.
27:54 He knows that he's lost the battle.
27:57 OK?
28:17 Now up until the time
28:21 of the death of Christ,
28:26 the devil had access to other worlds.
28:31 He had access to the angels,
28:34 and you can read about it in the book of Job
28:37 where you find that the sons of God came before the Lord
28:41 and the devil came representing this earth.
28:44 OK. But with the death of Jesus Christ -
28:49 and that's what this is talking about -
28:52 then his access to other worlds and to the angels stopped.
28:58 Right there... ended. And when that took place
29:01 he had great, great wrath because he knew
29:05 without question of a doubt when Christ died on the cross
29:09 that the victory was won and that he had lost.
29:14 And he knew that was over. And let me tell you,
29:17 when he did that it said he came to this earth
29:20 with great wrath because he knows he has but a short time.
29:24 And basically what he's saying is "take no prisoners. "
29:29 In other words, he's after any individual he can get.
29:33 And if he can kill them, how much better he is...
29:36 happier he is because he wants to take no prisoners
29:40 because he's lost the battle.
29:42 And that's what this is talking about when it says that
29:46 he has great wrath because he knows
29:48 he has but a short time.
29:50 You see, the war in heaven that took place there
29:54 is not so physical as it is verbal.
30:00 And you'll find that over and over in the book of Revelation.
30:22 It's out of the mouth... it's by persuasion.
30:26 You know, if you can persuade somebody...
30:30 you've gained a great victory if you can persuade them
30:34 to do something. And that's where the battle is fought
30:38 is by the words - persuasion - to get them to go... drift away.
30:43 If the devil can do anything
30:46 to persuade you to follow him
30:50 not to follow the Lord, he's won the battle.
30:53 I don't care... I don't care if you go to church, friend,
30:57 and you go to church every day,
31:01 if the devil can persuade you not to commit your life
31:06 to the Lord Jesus Christ and not surrender to Him,
31:09 he's won the battle.
31:11 See, it's that that counts.
31:16 I have to be willing to listen to what the Lord says
31:21 and to follow it and to follow His counsel and His Word.
31:26 To be persuaded by this book...
31:29 that what it says is truth and that I'll walk in it
31:33 and follow it and obey it. That's what it takes
31:36 to enter the kingdom of heaven.
31:39 Christ speaking of the devil:
31:48 He was cast out... cast out to this earth. Fell here
31:52 and he is unhappy over that.
32:05 Now that's talking about God's people.
32:09 Basically that has to be your story.
32:16 That you overcame him... you overcame the dragon,
32:19 you overcame the devil. How?
32:22 "By the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.
32:28 And they did not love their lives to the death. "
32:32 I have to be fully committed to Jesus Christ.
32:37 Fully committed. I can't permit anything
32:41 to come between me and Him.
32:44 Nothing! Says: "He that loveth father and mother more than Me
32:49 is not worthy of Me. "
32:51 "He who loves brother or husband or wife more than Me
32:55 is not worthy of Me. "
32:56 I have to commit my life totally and completely to Him
33:01 and I overcome
33:04 by the blood of the Lamb.
33:08 Have you ever considered
33:11 what the blood of Christ does for you?
33:18 Have you ever just stopped to consider what it does?
33:36 You see it's through the blood of Christ
33:38 that I have redemption.
33:41 I don't have redemption through my efforts.
33:46 I don't have redemption from anybody else.
33:50 And by the way, there's no one else
33:53 that offers you redemption - how should I put it? -
33:58 through them. I mean, Buddha doesn't offer it.
34:04 Confucius doesn't offer it.
34:05 Mohammad doesn't offer it.
34:07 They don't offer to you redemption
34:09 because they died for you.
34:12 They don't offer that.
34:15 Jesus Christ died for you.
34:19 And I have redemption... I am redeemed
34:21 by the blood of the Lamb.
34:24 That's how I'm redeemed.
34:26 And I need to ever be aware of that.
34:28 So one, it gives you redemption.
34:31 Two:
34:39 People say: "Oh, Brother Cox,
34:41 I've done too many bad things. "
34:45 Let me tell you, the blood of Jesus Christ
34:50 can cleanse anything.
34:53 Cleanse anything.
34:56 There's nothing that it can't cleanse.
35:00 I don't care how dark the sin may be,
35:04 it can be washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb.
35:09 And you and I need to come to Him and let Him
35:14 wash us from our sins in His own blood.
35:17 Make us white; make us pure; make us clean
35:21 in the blood of Jesus Christ.
35:34 Now it doesn't say "from some sins. "
35:37 It says He cleanses us from "all sin. "
35:42 In other words, there's just not any sin that Christ can't
35:45 cleanse you. I'm thankful for that.
35:49 Thankful that I can be cleansed in His blood.
35:53 That He died... He paid the price
35:57 for my sins and He cleanses us. You see,
36:01 that's different than anybody else offers.
36:05 All of the others say "if you do this and this and this
36:09 you might make it into the kingdom. "
36:12 You know, if you go out here and... and
36:17 blow yourself up for Mohammad
36:23 well he'll give you a special place in his kingdom.
36:26 Christ doesn't say that.
36:28 Christ says: "Come to Me. I'll cleanse you...
36:33 I'll cleanse you of all sin. "
36:36 This is the blood of Christ offered for you and for me.
36:41 Look at this:
36:53 Now if you don't understand what that's saying
36:56 it's saying that God has entered into a covenant with you.
37:02 And the covenant God's entered into with you, He says:
37:06 "I'll be your God and you be My people. "
37:10 That's His covenant with you.
37:13 And He said: "If you enter into that covenant with Me,
37:16 through the blood of Jesus Christ I will make you
37:21 complete. " OK? "I will make you complete
37:24 in every good work to do His will. "
37:30 You see, change in the human heart
37:34 does not take place by your strength and your power.
37:40 Change in the human heart takes place by the work of the
37:44 Holy Spirit in our lives.
37:46 It has to work in us and change us and make us different.
37:50 That takes the work of the Holy Spirit.
37:52 You can't change your nature.
37:56 You can't change what you are.
37:59 Only the Holy Spirit can do that.
38:02 And so I have to come to Him and give myself to Him
38:08 and let Him do His work in my life.
38:24 That simply means
38:28 that I need every day
38:32 to take time... to take time
38:36 that I have come to Him and let Him do His work of cleansing
38:42 on my soul to keep my robe white.
38:48 To keep it clean, I must let Him do His work in my life.
38:53 This is what the blood of Jesus Christ will do for you
38:58 and do for me. And dear friend,
39:02 if you have never surrendered your life to Christ,
39:04 if you've never given your heart to Him,
39:06 then I would plead with you: turn your life over to Him.
39:10 Let Him take you and wash you and make you clean.
39:14 He loves you. Now don't misunderstand what I'm saying.
39:19 He does not love you based on your actions.
39:25 He loves you just exactly the way you are.
39:29 He does not say: "I'll wash you and then love you. "
39:32 The scripture doesn't say that. It says "He loves us
39:35 and then washes us. "
39:36 That's very, very important that He loves us
39:39 just exactly like we are.
39:41 So if you come to Him, He will take you and wash you
39:45 and make you clean.
39:48 No matter what you've done... no matter who you are...
39:51 you have that promise that God gives to you and to me.
40:07 I'm so thankful for that text
40:11 because I don't know how you feel
40:14 but sometimes, folks, I feel so unworthy.
40:18 So unworthy to come before the Lord.
40:23 I feel like I'd really rather go hide somewhere and all.
40:29 And I wouldn't even attempt it
40:31 to come before God and speak to Him and pray to Him
40:36 if it wasn't because it says by the blood of Jesus Christ
40:40 I have been brought near to God.
40:43 That I can come before Him because of what Jesus Christ
40:48 did for me and all. When I stop and consider
40:51 the majesty of God,
40:55 the greatness of God,
40:57 the Ruler of the Universe...
40:59 One who spoke and the world came into existence...
41:02 to even think of approaching His throne
41:07 I wouldn't dream of it if it wasn't for the blood
41:12 of Jesus Christ. That He has made the way
41:17 and has brought us near to God through His blood.
41:22 Those are wonderful promises that He gives to you and to me.
41:39 You see, the dragon was cast out of heaven
41:42 and now that he's cast out of heaven and he can't go back
41:46 and accuse them over and over,
41:49 that he's confined to this earth,
41:52 it says he "turned his wrath on the woman. "
41:56 That's the church.
41:59 So if you think that the devil isn't real,
42:03 you just ought to try preaching the gospel
42:08 and it will tell you real quick the devil is very very
42:12 very real. OK.
42:15 He persecuted the woman.
42:17 Tried to do away with her.
42:23 You read in history that the pagan Roman Empire
42:28 turned its wrath upon the church.
42:32 I mean, you've got to understand
42:37 up until this time Rome had ruled.
42:41 It had contained the Jewish nation.
42:44 It didn't let them go anywhere; it kept them contained,
42:48 confined. They couldn't do anything.
42:50 But now Jesus came and He died,
42:53 and all of a sudden salvation was not contained
42:57 within the Jewish nation but was free to every man,
43:01 woman and child no matter whether you were Jew or Greek.
43:05 It was open to the slave or to anyone who wanted to
43:09 accept it, and it spread like wildfire across the Roman Empire
43:13 and all of a sudden paganism became threatened.
43:18 And they decided the best thing they could do was
43:23 to wipe it out.
43:24 And so they set out to get rid of it.
43:28 The old devil turned his wrath upon the church.
43:34 Rome? Oh, Rome didn't care who you worshiped.
43:39 They didn't care who you worshiped at all.
43:42 They were polytheistic.
43:44 They had lots and lots of gods.
43:46 You could worship any god you wanted.
43:48 They didn't care if you worshiped Jesus Christ.
43:54 What they cared about is that in your worship
43:59 you worshiped Rome.
44:02 They had their own goddess.
44:05 And to make sure that your allegiance
44:09 was given to Rome, once a year
44:13 you were required to come in before the magistrate
44:18 to take a little incense and just simply drop that incense
44:24 in the fire before this pagan goddess
44:27 and say "Dia Roma"
44:32 as an act of worship to that god.
44:36 They gave you a certificate
44:38 and you could go worship anybody you pleased.
44:40 But the Christians would not do that.
44:44 You see, their allegiance was to the Lord Jesus Christ.
44:50 "And they did not love their lives unto the death. "
44:56 See. Willing to make the supreme sacrifice
45:00 that they might have the right to worship the Lord.
45:05 And so these Christians were gathered up
45:09 and they were taken in before arenas filled with people.
45:14 And the people stood there in those arenas
45:18 and they turned thumbs down on them.
45:23 And lions who hadn't eaten
45:30 probably in weeks were turned into those arenas
45:35 and there children and mothers and fathers
45:41 became food for lions.
45:45 They gave their lives for what they believed,
45:50 for where they stood.
45:51 And you can still go to Rome this day
45:54 and you can visit the catacombs.
45:57 And you can walk in those catacombs below the city of Rome
46:01 and you can see where they died there by the thousands.
46:05 I had stood in there.
46:07 You see those rooms on the side there?
46:09 There's rooms, folks, that size in there that are
46:12 totally full of skulls
46:15 of the people that died - lost their lives -
46:19 for the Lord Jesus Christ.
46:23 They paid the supreme sacrifice
46:26 because their commitment was to Jesus Christ
46:30 and they did not love their lives unto the death.
46:48 Now this period of time here
46:51 and the one in the 6th verse is both the same.
46:55 It's talking about the very same period of time.
46:58 And it says that she - the woman -
47:00 fled into the wilderness.
47:13 He cast out of his mouth a flood of persecution
47:18 hoping that the church would be carried away by it.
47:22 Well she fled into the wilderness.
47:24 Was there in the wilderness from 538 AD
47:28 to 1798 AD, and he cast out of his mouth
47:32 through pagan Rome and papal Rome
47:35 such a flood of persecution that he thought the woman
47:38 would be wiped out.
47:40 Wiped off the face of the earth.
47:43 Carried away by the flood.
47:49 Those people had to flee...
47:51 they had to move out into the mountains
47:55 in order to be able to worship
47:58 as they believed that they should.
48:01 In order to have the freedom to worship.
48:04 The Bible was taken away from them.
48:15 Says "the earth helped the woman. "
48:19 "Swallowed up the flood. "
48:22 Certain events began to take place.
48:25 Individuals began to stand up and say
48:30 "This is not right. "
48:33 Papal Rome... the abuse that she placed upon them...
48:39 They said: "No! This is not right. "
48:41 And they stood... people like Hus and Jerome,
48:44 Wycliffe... who gave their
48:50 lives. Burned at the stake
48:54 for the word of their testimony.
48:57 But they said: "This is what we'll do:
49:00 we will follow the Lord. " Out of that movement
49:03 that started across the country and across Europe
49:07 came other individuals like Martin Luther, 1517 AD.
49:15 Gave the people a chance
49:17 to read the Bible in their own language
49:20 and to understand what it says. Can you sense?
49:23 I mean, here are people, folks, for a thousand years
49:27 that have not had access to the Word of God.
49:30 Have not been able to read it. And all of a sudden,
49:34 here it's made available to them in their own language.
49:40 They grabbed it and they read it.
49:42 They poured over the scripture.
49:44 They became so efficient in the Word of God
49:48 that priests could not put them down in what they had to say.
49:53 They knew the Word of God better than they did.
49:57 Out of that rose other people like John Knox...
50:01 great reformer. Through John Knox
50:06 and John Calvin, you got your Bible.
50:12 You may not realize that,
50:14 but these are the men who gave much of what you have
50:18 in your Bible.
50:20 You see, they're the ones who translated it.
50:23 Put it into the language of the people.
50:27 That became eventually known as the Geneva Bible.
50:31 It was the Bible of the Reformers.
50:34 That's the Bible that they preached from -
50:36 the Word of God - and they held it out to the people
50:39 as something. Out from that Geneva Bible much of the
50:43 King James Version came.
50:45 That's how it came about.
50:48 They were great, great preachers of righteousness.
50:54 That's one way the earth helped the woman.
50:57 The other way the earth helped the woman
51:00 was the discovery of the United States.
51:04 You see, the pilgrims...
51:07 You know why they were coming over here?
51:09 Because they were trying to get away from persecution.
51:12 They wanted to go someplace where they could worship God
51:15 according to the dictates of their own conscience,
51:18 according to what the Word of God says.
51:19 They said: "We want a place where we can worship God. "
51:23 And so they came over to this country.
51:25 I wish today that Christians would do the same thing
51:31 that was done then.
51:33 Because as those pilgrims got on the boat
51:36 and ready to cross the ocean,
51:39 come here to the United States,
51:40 their pastor, John Robinson, met with them
51:44 as they were ready to leave and they took a commitment
51:48 from him. And they said:
52:05 Before they left that pastor said to them
52:08 "Before you go I want you to commit your life
52:10 that you'll follow the Word of God.
52:12 That whatever you learn that's truth that you'll follow it. "
52:16 Oh that people would do that today! Amen!
52:19 They would say: "Yes, I'll follow God's Word,
52:22 keep it. " This was the promise that they made.
52:26 And that's why the gospel spread in the United States.
52:44 Right down at the end... TODAY...
52:47 the last part, the remnant of God's people
52:51 represented here as a remnant...
52:59 Dear friend, God's looking for people who are willing
53:02 to keep His commandments. Jesus said: "If you love Me, "
53:05 what?
53:21 Marvelous promise.
53:24 You see, you and I can't do anything to add something
53:27 to salvation. We can't do that.
53:29 That's all done through the blood of Jesus Christ.
53:32 Your responsibility and my responsibility
53:35 is simply to obey.
53:37 That's what God calls us to do.
53:40 But it says here that they followed Him...
53:44 "Keep His commandments and have the testimony of Jesus. "
54:02 His testimony was there that he was a follower
54:05 of Jesus Christ and he stood solidly for Him.
54:25 And so tonight I say to you:
54:29 how is your testimony?
54:34 Is your testimony that you love the Lord Jesus Christ?
54:38 That you stand firm for Him?
54:41 That you're not going to be moved?
54:44 That you're going to follow Him, worship Him?
54:48 Others? Do other people see Jesus in you?
54:52 Oh, dear friends, our testimony should be sure for the Lord.
54:57 That we're going to stand with Him all the way
55:02 till He comes back. Be faithful.
55:06 As we take a look in the next series at a particular message -
55:12 Three Angels' Messages -
55:14 that's to be proclaimed to all the world,
55:17 that you and I are to have part in that message
55:22 in preparing for Jesus to come.
55:24 Be faithful; God bless you. Look forward to His coming.
55:34 Every day thousands risk their lives to protect and serve
55:38 their fellow man.
55:40 They have a deep commitment to excellency in teamwork
55:43 and when others run from danger, they run to it...
55:47 even if it means personal sacrifice.
55:50 Even if it means making the supreme sacrifice for another.
55:54 They're always on call, ready to serve no matter what.
55:59 Friends, you and I can learn a lot from firefighters.
56:02 In the United States, the majority of them are volunteers.
56:05 That's right... volunteers.
56:08 But even for those who are paid it's more than a job...
56:11 it's a calling.
56:13 Jesus said in John 15 verses 12 and 13:
56:17 "This is My commandment:
56:19 that you love one another as I have loved you.
56:22 Greater love has no one than this:
56:25 than to lay down one's life for his friends. "
56:28 Those who follow the words of Jesus are His friends.
56:31 But Romans 5:8 says that "God demonstrated His own love
56:35 towards us in that while we were still sinners
56:38 Christ died for us. "
56:40 What an amazing thought!
56:42 Christ laid down His life for us
56:44 even though we were not His friends.
56:47 A firefighter is willing to do the same.
56:50 He's constantly preparing for his next mission
56:53 because his own life and the life of others
56:56 depends on his training and qualifications.
56:59 My friends, that's what we're doing right now
57:03 with this series: we are preparing you
57:06 for what is to come.
57:07 Our goal is to make you skilled in the Word
57:10 so that by the power of God you can bring others to safety -
57:14 the safety that can be found only
57:16 in the arms of a loving Savior.
57:18 Won't you help us to train and prepare others
57:21 to fulfill this mission?
57:23 Please consider what you can for those who
57:26 still don't know about Jesus.
57:28 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:29 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:44 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:48 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:50 of salvation to millions around the world.


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