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00:22 Good evening and welcome to The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
00:26 Glad to have each of you here tonight,
00:29 and we hope that as we continue now
00:33 with the third series that we've been doing
00:37 on the book of Revelation...
00:38 And this series tonight we're covering from Revelation
00:43 the 13th chapter through the 16th chapter.
00:46 Those are the chapters that we're covering.
00:48 So those of you that are joining us by television
00:51 or by radio or on the Internet
00:54 we're very, very happy to welcome you here
00:57 and hope that as we continue studying the book of Revelation
01:01 you're going to see as God puts things together
01:05 that are taking place and are going to take place
01:09 before Jesus comes. So we ask that this will bless you
01:12 in a special way.
01:14 if you are tuning in with us for the first time
01:18 or if you haven't seen but a program or two,
01:21 I probably should take a moment just to say a word
01:24 to you about what we have here
01:27 because what you see on the screen and behind me
01:33 is trying to depict where John received his visions.
01:38 Because if you go to Revelation the 4th chapter
01:41 this is where the Lord told John "Come up here. "
01:44 And He brought him into the throne room
01:47 and He showed him all the visions that take place
01:50 in the book of Revelation.
01:52 In that throne room are 24 elders.
01:56 There are angels, but there's four living creatures
02:00 that stand there at the throne of God,
02:04 and that's what we're depicting here with these creatures
02:08 that you see. It says one was like a lion.
02:11 One was like... had the face of a lion I should say.
02:15 One had the face of an ox.
02:17 Another had the face of a man,
02:20 and another had the face of an eagle.
02:22 Those four living creatures represent
02:27 the characteristics of Jesus Christ.
02:31 They have great, great meaning
02:33 and so if you don't know much about them
02:35 I hope you'll go back and refresh yourself
02:38 with the 4th chapter of the book of Revelation
02:41 as you find out what it has to say about it.
02:44 Tonight our subject is entitled:
02:52 And so we're looking at Revelation the 13th chapter
02:57 tonight. And I think you'll find that there's a lot in there.
03:01 There is! There's things in there that we'll have to
03:03 take a very close look at.
03:05 And we've entitled this series - this section of Revelation -
03:10 The Three Angels' Messages
03:12 because in Revelation 14 there are 3 distinct messages
03:18 that God is giving and that you and I need to understand.
03:22 So that's what we've entitled it,
03:24 and we hope that it will bless you.
03:26 In Revelation the 13th chapter are two beasts.
03:30 We're going to look at the first one tonight:
03:32 The Beast from the Sea.
03:34 But there also is another beast there
03:37 that is a two-horned beast that in our study tomorrow night
03:41 we're going to see represents the United States.
03:44 And so we begin to get a picture
03:47 of the part that the United States is going to play
03:50 in bringing all this to a close.
03:54 And so you want to be sure and tune in and be with us
03:58 as we take a look at the United States in Bible prophecy.
04:03 I think you'll find it will help you as you
04:06 understand the book of Revelation.
04:10 But tonight we're taking a look at the first beast:
04:15 Rose up out of the sea.
04:17 What the scripture has to say about this beast
04:20 is most important.
04:23 We're very happy tonight to have with us
04:27 His Voice male quartet.
04:30 And I'm going to introduce them to you.
04:33 I think you'll find that you're going to enjoy them
04:36 in a special way.
04:37 So we're very happy to have with us... we'll...
04:41 start here with Doug Leno.
04:46 Doug is the bass of the quartet,
04:49 and I'm sure that you'll hear his deep bass voice
04:54 as we go through.
04:55 And then we have uh... excuse me...
05:00 we have Todd... Todd Spainhower.
05:03 Todd is the first tenor in the quartet.
05:06 And then we have right beside him...
05:11 I'll get all the names right here, just takes me a moment...
05:14 Kevin Spainhower, and he is the second tenor.
05:19 And then on the end there we have Harold Dixon,
05:25 and Harold is the baritone.
05:28 And these three right here
05:32 are all nephews of Dona.
05:35 So don't hold that against them, if you won't,
05:38 and... and all. And I'm sure that you're going to be blessed
05:42 in a special way as they sing for you tonight.
05:45 They're going to sing a great song entitled
05:48 Good News, the Chariot's a'Comin.
05:50 But before they sing,
05:52 Chuck Allgaier's going to come out
05:55 and read to you our scripture for tonight
05:57 out of the book of Revelation.
05:59 So you want to open your Bibles and follow it.
06:02 When Chuck's through reading the quartet will sing for us.
06:09 Good evening.
06:10 If you have your Bibles with you,
06:12 please turn to the book of Revelation.
06:15 Revelation chapter 13.
06:17 I'm going to read Revelation chapter 13
06:20 verses 1 through 10 together.
06:24 If you have your Bibles, open your Bibles and we'll read
06:25 together. Let us read:
08:06 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin.
08:09 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin.
08:12 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin
08:14 and I don't want to leave me behind.
08:17 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin.
08:20 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin.
08:23 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin
08:25 and I don't want to leave me behind.
08:28 There's a long white robe in the heaven, I know...
08:30 There's a long white robe in the heaven, I know...
08:33 There's a long white robe in the heaven, I know...
08:36 and I don't want to leave me behind.
08:39 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin.
08:41 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin.
08:44 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin
08:47 and I don't want to leave me behind.
08:49 There's a golden crown in the heaven, I know...
08:52 There's a golden crown in the heaven, I know...
08:55 There's a golden crown in the heaven, I know...
08:58 and I don't want to leave me behind.
09:01 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin.
09:03 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin.
09:06 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin
09:09 and I don't want to leave me behind.
09:12 There's a starry crown in the heaven, I know...
09:14 There's a starry crown in the heaven, I know...
09:17 There's a starry crown in the heaven, I know...
09:20 and I don't want to leave me behind.
09:23 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin.
09:26 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin.
09:29 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin
09:31 and I don't want to leave me behind.
09:34 Well there's a golden harp in the heaven, I know...
09:37 There's a golden harp in the heaven, I know...
09:40 There's a golden harp in the heaven, I know...
09:42 and I don't want to leave me behind.
09:45 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin.
09:48 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin.
09:51 Good news... good news... chariot's a'comin
09:53 and I don't want to leave me behind.
09:56 Good news... good news...
10:01 chariot's a'comin.
10:04 Sweet news... sweet news...
10:09 chariot's a'comin.
10:12 Good news... good news... good news...
10:18 Good news!
10:25 And I don't want to
10:27 leave me... and I don't want to leave me
10:33 behind.
10:39 Amen!
10:56 Our heavenly Father,
11:00 we're thankful for the good news
11:03 and we certainly don't want to be left behind.
11:07 So we ask tonight as we open Your Word
11:10 that You'll give to us insight.
11:14 Enlighten our minds.
11:18 The prophecies that You have given: may we see them clearly.
11:23 And as we do, Lord, may our faith be increased.
11:27 May we be willing to walk in the light of Your Word
11:34 and that each of us may look forward anxiously to the day
11:40 in which You are returning.
11:43 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
11:55 This beast of Revelation the 13th chapter
12:01 is mentioned more in scripture
12:05 than any other beast.
12:09 Now scripture uses beasts to represent
12:15 nations or powers.
12:17 This is what God uses, and He talks about them.
12:21 And as you study Bible prophecy,
12:23 it refers to beasts as he.
12:29 It refers to the church as she.
12:34 You'll finds that's all... true
12:38 all the way through. And this beast
12:41 is extremely important
12:44 because God says more about this particular beast
12:50 than any other in scripture.
12:53 Therefore it's very important that you tonight
12:57 become crystal clear in your mind
13:01 as to who this beast is
13:03 because he plays a tremendous part
13:09 in the events that take place in the last days.
13:13 So you've got to be clear; you've got to understand it.
13:17 You can't be led astray from what God's Word says.
13:21 And so tonight as we take a look at this beast from the sea,
13:26 it's important that we find out
13:29 what the scripture has to tell us about it.
13:32 So let's take a look... see what it has to say here.
13:47 So this beast is coming up out of the sea.
13:53 Different... different than any beast that's been before it.
13:59 It's a non-descript beast.
14:02 It has seven heads; has ten horns on it.
14:05 It is symbolic of a power...
14:09 a power that is to be used in a special way in the last days
14:15 and therefore it's described as a non-descript beast.
14:19 Goes on and says:
14:37 So this beast is made up
14:41 of parts of other beasts
14:46 because he has the body of a leopard,
14:48 feet of a lion... of a bear,
14:52 mouth of a lion,
14:53 and particularly it's important that you notice
14:56 that the dragon gave to him his power,
15:00 his seat, and his authority.
15:14 Those... this particular beast that has risen out of the sea
15:18 who has received power from the dragon
15:22 it says that he receives a deadly wound.
15:26 But... that deadly wound evidently doesn't continue
15:31 because it says "the deadly wound was healed
15:33 and all the world marveled and followed the beast. "
15:46 Who gave authority to the beast?
15:48 The dragon.
15:59 So this particular power is not
16:05 just a political power.
16:08 Now beasts in scripture represent political powers.
16:12 That's what they represent.
16:13 But this beast is different.
16:16 It's different because it receives what?
16:19 It receives worship.
16:22 Therefore it is not just a political power...
16:26 it is also a religious power.
16:29 So you have a religious political power here
16:33 that is going to play a very, very definite part
16:36 in the events that happen in the last days.
16:39 So this beast is made up of four others.
16:44 It says that this beast has the body of a leopard,
16:48 the feet of a bear, the mouth of a lion,
16:51 and the dragon gave him his power, his seat,
16:53 and his authority.
16:55 Well, those of you who have followed me on other subjects
17:01 we find out that these four beasts are mentioned in Daniel
17:05 the 7th chapter.
17:07 And in the 7th chapter of Daniel you have a lion.
17:12 You have a bear.
17:14 You have a leopard,
17:16 and you have a dragon. That's what's pictured here:
17:19 those four beasts. And this particular beast
17:23 is made up of parts of those four.
17:27 And so it's defining exactly who this beast is.
17:32 But let us continue on:
17:44 A time set on this beast.
17:55 So this particular beast is contrary to God.
18:00 He blasphemes God.
18:03 Blasphemes His name... His tabernacle.
18:17 So not only does he blaspheme God but he is against those
18:22 who are followers of God.
18:25 Because it says here that he "made war with the saints. "
18:40 So it says all those whose names are what?
18:46 All those whose names are not written in the Book of Life
18:51 will worship him. So what you're getting
18:55 and you should see here is there are two sides.
19:00 There are those who follow the Lamb
19:03 and those who follow the beast.
19:07 That's clearly what it's saying here.
19:09 Two sides... those who follow the Lamb
19:16 and walk with Him and they are those who worship Him.
19:21 But these who follow the beast
19:25 will follow his leadings and will worship him.
19:29 OK?
19:34 And any time the scripture uses that phrase,
19:37 you put it down
19:39 that this is something that God wants you to know.
19:42 He would not say: "If anyone has an ear, let him hear... "
19:46 He's telling you: "THIS IS IMPORTANT! "
19:48 "This you need to know; you need to understand this. "
19:51 So these are vital things you need to know.
19:54 Now in those points I have just given you
19:57 God gives seven points of identification of this beast
20:02 so you don't have to be in doubt.
20:04 God is identifying this beast clearly
20:08 because He gives us these seven points. It says:
20:35 Those seven points God gives you
20:38 so you don't have to be in doubt.
20:40 And let me pause here and say this to you:
20:45 you must understand tonight we're talking about a power.
20:49 We're talking about a system.
20:52 We ARE NOT talking about people.
20:57 Do not take what is said here tonight
20:59 and apply it to individuals.
21:03 This is about a system... a system of false worship.
21:07 A system that goes contrary to God.
21:09 We're not talking about people, we're talking about a system.
21:13 That you need to be clear in your mind
21:16 as we go through... take a look at it.
21:19 OK, if you...
21:23 if you can take these seven points I just have listed here
21:28 and apply them to any other power
21:32 on the face of the earth
21:36 I'd like to know it.
21:39 I have studied this particular subject for 40 years.
21:44 I have never found it fits any other power but this one.
21:51 Now don't... don't make four of them fit it.
21:54 All seven must fit.
21:56 If all those seven fit, then you can be absolutely sure
22:02 that this is who it is talking about.
22:04 So we're going to go through tonight
22:06 and take a look at these seven points
22:09 and how they fit this particular power in particular.
22:15 Revelation 13 verse 2:
22:30 Now those beasts that we just read about...
22:34 the lion, the bear, the leopard...
22:36 they represented nations.
22:38 They represented Babylon which was the lion.
22:40 They represented Medo-Persia which was the bear.
22:43 And they represented Greece which was the leopard.
22:47 You can go back to Daniel 7... it makes that absolutely clear.
22:52 The dragon mentioned here represented pagan Rome.
22:58 Now what it's saying here is the dragon gave him -
23:02 this particular beast - his power and his throne,
23:06 his great authority.
23:10 The dragon that you find here is also mentioned in
23:13 Revelation the 12th chapter.
23:15 This was pagan Rome, and it says that pagan Rome
23:19 was going to give to this power
23:22 its power, its authority, its throne.
23:26 That was going to be handed to him.
23:28 History tells us that this is exactly what happened.
23:33 Exactly what took place.
23:37 This is from the Professor of History, University of Rome,
23:40 La Blanca:
23:57 This was the beginning of what history has recorded
24:03 as that of papal Rome.
24:06 Pagan Rome gave to papal Rome
24:11 its power, its seat, and its authority.
24:15 Very, very important:
24:17 the dragon which was papal Rome.
24:19 Now when you talk about the dragon,
24:21 we need to clarify something
24:23 because Revelation the 12th chapter verse 9
24:26 tells you that the dragon here also represents the devil.
24:31 Says: "The old serpent, the devil and Satan... "
24:35 So this dragon also represents the devil.
24:39 But the devil does not come out and do things openly.
24:44 He always uses a power or a system.
24:47 And the system the devil used here to accomplish this was
24:51 pagan Rome.
24:52 So pagan Rome gave to papal Rome
24:57 its power, its seat, and its authority.
25:00 History goes on and says this:
25:15 OK, let me read a little bit more
25:20 and then I'm going to tell you a little bit.
25:37 What happened is the emperor of Rome at this time
25:41 was an emperor by the name of Justinian.
25:44 At this time in history
25:48 you have one of the phenomenon's that have taken place in history
25:52 when you have great masses of people
25:54 all move at one time.
25:56 And if you go back in history and read it,
25:59 these were called the Goths. They were barbarians,
26:04 and they were moving down on the Roman Empire
26:08 and taking it piece by piece.
26:11 They were such tribes as the Anglo-Saxons, the Franks,
26:15 the Heruli, the Vandals, the Ostrogoths.
26:17 They were taking over the Roman Empire.
26:21 Justinian was fighting them.
26:24 He was trying to drive them back, to keep them out
26:28 of the Roman Empire.
26:30 In the city of Rome, Sylverius -
26:36 the bishop of Rome - was a godly man.
26:40 He refused to take part in the war.
26:45 If the Goths got close to the city of Rome,
26:49 he closed the gates and wouldn't let them in.
26:52 If Justinian's army got close to the city of Rome,
26:57 he closed the gates and wouldn't let them in.
26:59 He just kept them out.
27:02 And, of course, Justinian was not happy about this.
27:07 The Goths had backed Justinian's army clear up
27:13 to the walls of the city of Rome
27:15 and it looked like they were going to wipe them out.
27:19 And Belisarius, who was Justinian's general,
27:25 sent a note to Justinian and said "Do something
27:29 or we're going to be lost! "
27:32 Well it so happened that the emperor Justinian's wife
27:38 was a Christian.
27:40 She was not only a Christian
27:42 she was a friend of the bishop.
27:45 And so he pled with her and got her to go and talk
27:50 to the bishop - Sylverius -
27:52 and to plead with him to open the gates of the city of Rome...
27:56 which she did. And out of respect to her
28:01 he opened the gates of the city of Rome
28:04 and let Justinian's army in,
28:06 closed the gates, and kept the Goths out.
28:09 But Justinian and Belisarius had already agreed
28:14 if they got inside the city they would banish the bishop.
28:21 So when they got inside the city they banished the bishop.
28:25 And Justinian put his own person in the seat of the bishop...
28:31 who was Virgilius.
28:33 Justinian never had any idea
28:37 but what Virgilius would simply be a puppet
28:43 in his hands to use as he wanted.
28:46 But history says that the bishop of Rome
28:52 stepped to the seat of Caesar
28:55 and seized the scepter.
28:57 So we find that:
29:12 All right. So you need to remember particularly
29:16 this date of 538 AD.
29:20 It becomes very important as we take a look at this beast
29:25 that's rising up out of the sea.
29:27 It's saying basically he is going to rise 538 AD.
29:33 All right, let's go on.
29:43 So it says that this beast is going to blaspheme God.
29:47 What we need to do here is we need to define
29:50 from scripture what blasphemy is.
29:53 What is blasphemy when scripture says that he would
29:57 blaspheme?
30:08 That's blasphemy
30:11 when I as an individual claim to be God
30:15 or if I say that I have the power to forgive sin.
30:21 Watch:
30:44 They said: "We're not stoning you for this,
30:47 we're stoning you because you blasphemed God...
30:50 You said You were God. "
30:52 Of course, Christ had every right to say that He was God.
30:56 But they blasphemed Him... or were going to stone Him...
31:01 because He said He was God.
31:05 What do they say?
31:22 That's their own statement.
31:24 I could read you numbers of others.
31:28 One place it says all the names
31:31 which apply to Christ apply to the Pope.
31:38 So they definitely make that statement
31:41 that they are God.
31:45 What about forgiveness of sin?
31:55 Listen, they're saying: "Who is this that speaks
31:57 blasphemies? "
32:04 Christ had forgiven this woman her sin
32:10 and they said: "What's He doing? He doesn't have the power
32:13 to forgive sin. Only God can do this. "
32:25 Does the priest really say that he has the power
32:31 to forgive sins?
32:43 So he says he has the power to forgive sins.
32:46 Now folks, what I'm doing is I'm taking you through those points
32:49 of identification one by one
32:53 so that you understand clearly who this power is.
33:06 So it says that he was going to make war with the saints
33:10 to overcome them. And if you go back in history
33:14 this is not hard to find.
33:17 In fact, history has this to say about it:
33:39 Shed more innocent blood than any other institution
33:43 that's ever existed.
33:44 And all you have to do is go back and read about
33:49 the period known in history as the Dark Ages.
33:53 If you want to read some books,
33:56 well then read such books as Fox's Book of Martyrs
34:00 or Short Short Stories of the Reformation
34:05 or The History of Europe by Quabbin
34:10 or Here I Stand by Bainton.
34:14 And they will list for you case after case such as
34:18 the Massacre of St. Bartholomew
34:21 where they slew 60,000 Huguenots one Sunday morning.
34:27 History is full of what has taken place when it says
34:32 "She would make war with the saints. "
34:34 Indeed, she's done just that.
34:45 History bears that fact out without any question.
35:00 Now we're looking at these points one by one, and...
35:03 and God ties it down so that you don't have to have
35:07 any question about it. It says this particular beast
35:10 is going to have authority for 42 months.
35:15 So in Bible prophecy what does that mean?
35:19 Well, we found out that the papal power came to rule
35:23 or came into power in 538 AD.
35:28 OK. Let's see what happens from this.
35:32 It says he was going to be in authority for 42 months.
35:38 In Bible reckoning of time there are 30 days
35:42 in a Biblical month.
35:44 If you need to look that up,
35:47 you'll find that in Genesis the 8th chapter
35:50 clearly defined that there are 30 days in a Biblical month.
35:53 OK, so if we multiply 30 times 42
35:58 it gives us 1,260 days.
36:03 And in Bible prophecy we find that a day
36:08 represents one year. Ezekiel the 4th chapter
36:11 verse 6 tells us that.
36:13 So if I've got 42 months that's 1,260 days
36:18 and each day represents a year
36:21 giving me a total of 1,260 years
36:26 that she was going to be in authority.
36:30 And history bears this out completely
36:33 that that's exactly what happened because when you add
36:36 1,260 to 538 AD
36:42 it takes you to the date of 1798 AD.
36:50 Going to rule or be in authority
36:53 for 1,260 years.
36:57 That's exactly what took place because the scripture continues
37:02 and it tells us this:
37:18 538 AD to 1798 AD... it was that time
37:22 given them to be in authority. But come 1798 AD
37:26 something must take place... something had to happen.
37:30 This time in history Napoleon has come to rule.
37:36 Napoleon wants to rule Europe.
37:41 He said Europe was soon to become one nation
37:45 and he wanted to rule Europe.
37:47 And so he knew... Napoleon knew
37:52 full well that he could never accomplish this
37:56 as long as papal Rome had power.
38:01 And so this is what took place:
38:24 Just as scripture had said, 1,260 years. When that
38:29 1,260 years came to an end
38:33 the papal power came to an end.
38:36 Berthier marched into Rome,
38:38 took the Pope prisoner.
38:41 In fact, was taken back to France where he died in prison.
38:47 This was done 1798 AD
38:52 as the scripture said that it would.
38:55 So it received a deadly wound.
38:59 Now folks, when that happened
39:04 you need to understand that the papal power
39:07 was extremely strong.
39:10 They owned what was called papal states.
39:15 Those papal states were as big as some of the states in
39:19 the United States... so they had huge, huge amounts of land.
39:25 Their power extended all the way across the country...
39:28 it even extended into Britain.
39:30 Great, great power.
39:33 When Napoleon came in and took them prisoner,
39:36 he took away all that.
39:37 Abolished that government; set up a secular power.
39:43 OK?
39:57 So it says this deadly wound that he received was healed.
40:01 Now if all this was taken away from him
40:06 in order for it to be healed what had to happen?
40:11 Had to be given back.
40:13 That's simply what it's saying: had to be given back.
40:17 When that was taken away in 1798 AD,
40:19 this began in history what was called the Roman Question.
40:24 And this went on for over 100 years.
40:28 There were many, many efforts made to re-establish
40:32 the papal government,
40:34 but every time they tried
40:37 it was always depending on the Italian parliament
40:41 and they would not accept that.
40:44 That went back and forth, back and forth for over 100 years
40:49 until finally we come to the 1900's.
40:54 In the 1900's there's a man who has come to power
40:58 in Italy who is no longer controlled by the Italian
41:04 parliament. His name is Mussolini.
41:08 Mussolini decides that he's going to settle
41:12 the Roman Question.
41:14 And so negotiations were set up with the papal power.
41:17 That went back and forth for quite some time
41:21 until finally they worked out
41:23 what was called the Lateran Pact.
41:27 And this Lateran Pact was signed and put into place.
41:34 This is a picture of the signing of the Lateran Pact.
41:41 Interesting because certain things were given back to them
41:47 which I'll go over with you in just a moment.
41:50 Those things that were given back to them
41:53 re-established them. But the Pope here
41:58 who is seated there... the Pope made a statement
42:02 at the end that I found most interesting because
42:06 he ended that speech that he gave
42:08 by saying these words:
42:11 "Go and have babies. "
42:16 That was how he ended that speech:
42:19 "Go and have babies. "
42:23 Now watch:
42:25 It gave back to the papal power... the signing...
42:28 this is the signing of the Lateran Pact...
42:32 1929, OK?
42:57 This is what it gave back to them:
43:08 Now you need to understand that when Napoleon came in
43:12 and took it all away
43:14 all that was left was that they were a church.
43:19 That's what they were... they were a church
43:22 like the same as all churches.
43:25 But with the signing of the Lateran Pact
43:28 it made them more than a church. It made them a sovereign
43:33 government. It gave them the rights
43:37 of other governments.
43:40 It paid them... this is 1929... February 11, 1929.
43:44 It paid them 21 million dollars for the spoliation of
43:49 the papal states. Now folks, in 1929
43:55 21 million dollars was a lot of money.
44:00 Paid them that.
44:02 It gave them the right
44:05 to send and receive ambassadors
44:09 from every country in the world.
44:12 It gave them diplomatic immunity
44:15 and it united church and state.
44:20 That's what the signing of the Lateran Pact did for them.
44:24 The deadly wound which they had had there for over 100 years
44:29 was healed... what took place.
44:34 Made a definite difference in it.
44:39 Today you can see the effects of that.
44:43 If you wanted to go to one place in the world
44:48 where in a close confinement
44:51 you could find more ambassadors from all the countries
44:56 of the world, where would you go?
44:59 You'd go to the Vatican
45:01 because there in just a short... little confinement
45:05 you have all the ambassadors of the world.
45:11 They have the right to send ambassadors and receive them.
45:15 The United States has an ambassador today.
45:19 For years we didn't... today we do.
45:22 It gave them all the rights of a nation. In fact,
45:27 I've had people call me up on the phone and say:
45:30 "Brother Cox, when the Pope came over here
45:32 and visited the United States" -
45:35 as you remember they go through a lot of riga-ma-roll
45:40 when he comes and all - and these folks called me up
45:43 and said: "Brother Cox, they don't have the right to do this.
45:46 They're spending our tax dollars on this.
45:50 They... they don't have the right to do that. "
45:52 And I'm sorry but I have to tell them "yes they do. "
45:55 They have every right to do it because our Constitution
46:02 guarantees the head of state protection,
46:05 and he is the head of a state.
46:09 Therefore we have to give him protection just the same
46:12 as we do anything else.
46:14 Have you ever noticed that he spoke at the United Nations?
46:21 Let me ask you a question tonight:
46:23 What other religious leader
46:26 has spoken at the United Nations?
46:31 Huh? Oh yes...
46:34 Who? The Dalai Lama
46:37 because he is the head of a state.
46:42 As head of the state they have the right to speak
46:45 at the United Nations.
46:47 So this is giving them back all their authority.
47:04 So this beast received a deadly wound; it's healed.
47:07 Now it says that all the world followed the beast.
47:14 Well, let's see what's happening.
47:19 Since 1929, what has happened?
47:24 Says all the world is going to follow him.
47:27 All right.
47:31 In 1929... we don't know, I've tried to find it,
47:35 I've not been able to come up with it...
47:37 what the membership of the Catholic church was,
47:42 but it wasn't too big I'll assure you.
47:46 Today the membership of the Catholic church stands at
47:49 1.4 billion.
47:55 Now you have a little bit of an idea of why
47:58 he told them "Go have babies. "
48:03 Membership has risen unbelievably.
48:07 Ambassadors? In 1929 they didn't have any.
48:12 Today? 180.
48:17 Civil power? 1929 taken away from them.
48:23 Today? Sovereign.
48:27 1929? They didn't have any leadership.
48:32 All gone. Today it's one of the foremost
48:38 in the world.
48:41 "All the world wondered after the beast. "
48:57 As you read through the scripture, you'll find that John
49:00 speaks of him that way. So does Paul.
49:05 John in I and II John speaks of him
49:09 clearly as the antichrist.
49:11 Listen to Paul's words:
49:30 Now he's talking about this man of sin who reveals himself
49:34 that here exalts himself what?
49:39 "Above God or is called God or worshiped. "
49:50 Now folks, what you have to understand is that word
49:54 antichrist.
49:55 That word antichrist... to you and I when we see the word
49:59 anti we immediately think of against.
50:04 That it's against something.
50:05 But that's not the way it's used here in scripture.
50:08 It actually - that word antichrist - means
50:12 in place of... instead of.
50:15 That's what Paul is saying here.
50:17 Showing himself that he is God; sitting in the temple of God.
50:22 This is a power that is usurping if you please
50:27 the position of God.
50:29 Setting himself in the place of God.
50:33 Now John and Paul
50:37 both looked upon this power as the antichrist.
50:41 If... if this power
50:45 is - how should I put it? -
50:48 putting himself in the place of God,
50:52 does the scripture give us any idea of this?
50:56 I want you to follow this with me:
50:59 a description of the antichrist.
51:02 Now antichrist means in place of...
51:06 I have listed over here on one side
51:09 things about Christ.
51:11 I've listed on the other side things about the beast
51:15 or the antichrist.
51:17 Watch these:
51:19 We find that Jesus began His ministry
51:22 coming out of the water. He was baptized.
51:24 In Luke it's saying "coming out of the water"
51:26 and it says in Luke the third chapter He began His ministry.
51:29 We find that this beast in Revelation 13 comes of out what?
51:33 Comes out of the water.
51:35 It says that Christ was One with His Father.
51:41 We find that this beast is one with the dragon.
51:47 We find that Christ said clearly that His authority
51:51 came from His Father.
51:53 We find here that this beast says his authority
51:56 comes from the dragon.
51:58 OK? Find that Christ in Revelation the 19th chapter
52:03 when He comes back on this white horse He's wearing a?
52:07 Crown. The beast wears crowns.
52:12 We find that when this beast... It talks about Him
52:16 wielding a sword in Revelation 1:16.
52:21 I mean Christ wielding a sword.
52:22 It talks about the beast wielding a sword in Revelation.
52:27 We find in Revelation the fifth chapter verse 6
52:32 we find that this beast had seven...
52:36 Christ had horns... seven horns.
52:39 The beast has ten horns. OK?
52:42 We find that Christ's ministry lasted how long?
52:46 3-1/2 years.
52:48 This beast was given 42 months.
52:52 How long is 42 months?
52:54 3-1/2 years.
52:57 Both given the same period of time.
52:59 He received a deadly wound... Christ did.
53:03 So does the beast receive a deadly wound.
53:06 Christ came back from the dead; the deadly wound was healed.
53:10 You can see the comparison in scripture
53:13 when it talks about Christ and the antichrist. In place of...
53:18 that's what the scripture's telling us.
53:20 So it's very, very important tonight
53:22 that you know who this beast is
53:26 because it says here in Revelation 13 verse 10:
53:39 Very important that you and I are - how should I put it? -
53:45 settled in what we understand and what we believe.
53:50 If you have this beast clear in your thinking,
53:53 then as we continue on through the book of Revelation
53:57 it's going to come up over and over and over again.
54:02 And if you're clear, then all that will begin to fall together
54:07 for you and you'll understand it.
54:09 So let us pray.
54:11 Father in heaven, we thank you for Your Word.
54:14 Thank you that You're willing to help us to know
54:19 what the future holds,
54:21 to understand where we're going.
54:23 Bless each one that's here tonight
54:28 and those that are watching by television
54:30 or listening on the radio or watching through the Internet...
54:34 bless them, Lord. May they understand Your Word clearly.
54:39 May our hearts be given to You
54:42 and may we desire to follow Your Word,
54:46 to keep our hearts open, and to walk with You in all that we do.
54:51 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
54:56 Well, tomorrow evening our subject is entitled
55:01 The United States.
55:03 What does the Bible say about the United States?
55:07 And so we hope each of you'll be here.
55:09 Good night; God bless you.
55:18 All around us we see want and suffering.
55:22 In large cities, millions of human beings
55:25 do not receive as much care and consideration
55:27 as we give beasts of the field.
55:30 Families are herded together in miserable projects.
55:33 Children are born into these terrible places.
55:37 They see nothing of the beauty God has created
55:40 to delight their senses.
55:42 They are left to grow up molded and fashioned by
55:44 wretched and wicked examples all around them.
55:48 They hear the name of God only in profanity.
55:51 Impure words and fumes of liquor and tobacco
55:55 and immoral behavior of every kind
55:57 pervert their tender senses.
56:00 Wretched and pitiful cries for food and clothing are heard
56:04 by parents who know nothing about prayer or a loving Savior.
56:09 But these cries do not go unheard in heaven.
56:12 God sees... God hears.
56:16 Friends, our loving Father has entrusted us
56:19 with abundance to supply the necessities of all.
56:23 But sadly, we're not always faithful stewards.
56:27 Many who have taken on the name of Christ
56:29 spend His money for selfish pleasure,
56:32 extravagant homes and clothing.
56:34 They hardly give a suffering human a look of pity
56:38 or a word of sympathy.
56:40 We are to show the kindness of the Samaritan
56:43 in food, clothing, and shelter for the poor.
56:47 As Christians, our work is to reach the people who
56:50 are neglected and win them to Christ.
56:53 That's the goal of this ministry.
56:55 We want them to know that He is able to save to the uttermost
56:59 and restore them to His image.
57:02 But in order to do this, we need your help.
57:05 Please consider what you can do for those
57:08 who still don't know about Jesus.
57:10 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:12 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:27 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:30 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:33 of salvation to millions around the world.


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