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00:21 Good evening and welcome to a continuation
00:25 of The Revelation of Jesus Christ
00:28 as we're going through the book of Revelation
00:32 chapter by chapter.
00:35 So those of you that have been joining us by television
00:40 we'd like to take this time to welcome you.
00:42 If you're just tuning in, well, welcome... and we hope
00:46 that as we continue through the book of Revelation
00:49 it will be a help to you.
00:51 Those of you that may be listening over the radio
00:54 or joining us by the Internet
00:57 we welcome you also.
00:58 The book of Revelation is indeed what it says:
01:04 it's a revelation of Jesus Christ.
01:07 But there's no book in the Bible
01:10 that is as important as the book of Revelation
01:16 for people that are living today.
01:18 That... this is a book that you and I
01:22 definitely need to understand and know what God
01:26 is telling us so that our hearts might be in tune
01:31 and we might be prepared... because
01:35 I don't know how you feel but I believe
01:38 that He's coming back.
01:40 And that's what it's to do is to help you and I
01:43 be prepared for the coming of the Lord.
01:46 So we hope that the studies on the book of Revelation
01:50 will bless you as we continue through them.
01:54 Tonight we're looking at the United States
01:59 in Bible prophecy. That's what we're talking about
02:02 is the United States in Bible prophecy.
02:08 God has a lot to say here, folks,
02:11 and I hope that you will be able to get your pencil and paper
02:17 and your Bible and sit down and just follow us
02:20 as we go through and look at the scripture
02:23 as God opens it up one after another.
02:27 Tomorrow night... tomorrow night we move
02:32 from the 13th chapter.
02:34 Tonight we're finishing up the 13th chapter of Revelation
02:37 and we move into the 14th chapter.
02:41 And in the 14th chapter there are three angels.
02:46 Those three angels have special messages
02:50 for the people that are living today.
02:54 And so we're going to take a look tomorrow night
02:56 at the first one: The First Angel's Message.
03:00 Very, very important. As far as I'm concerned,
03:04 something that everybody needs to know and understand
03:09 is these three angels' messages.
03:12 And so we hope that it will bless you as we look
03:14 at that tomorrow night.
03:16 But tonight we're looking at the United States
03:20 and what the Bible has to say.
03:23 Many, many great nations are mentioned in the Word of God
03:28 and the United States is no exception.
03:31 And it's mentioned in there because of the influence
03:35 it has on the whole world and because of the way it
03:38 relates itself to the people of God.
03:41 That's the reason it's mentioned
03:42 and the other nations that are mentioned in scripture
03:45 are for the same reason:
03:46 because they had a worldwide influence and they had definite
03:50 effect upon the people of God.
03:52 So the United States is mentioned for those same reasons
03:57 and we're going to look at that tonight
03:59 and see what the scripture tells us, what's happening...
04:03 what's going on.
04:05 So we hope that it will bless you as we take a look at it
04:08 this evening.
04:10 I hope you were as delighted with the
04:15 His Voice male quartet that we had with us last night.
04:20 They're going to be with us this week, and
04:23 we're going to ask them to come on out and all.
04:26 I guess all of them here - all four of them -
04:31 come from basically the Boise, Idaho, area.
04:36 And so we're happy that you're here.
04:39 Appreciate you being here, and I know that
04:42 you're going to be blessed again tonight as they sing.
04:45 They're going to sing a song:
04:46 Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior.
04:49 But before they do, Chuck Allgaier is going to come
04:53 and he's going to read the scriptures that we're going to
04:56 be looking at tonight with you.
04:58 So if you have your Bible, you'll want to follow along
05:01 as Chuck reads them, and then they'll sing for us.
05:06 Good evening. If you have your Bibles again tonight
05:09 if you turn to the book of Revelation chapter 13
05:13 we're going to continue on from last night...
05:15 Revelation chapter 13, 11 through 18.
05:20 Revelation 13, 11 through 18.
05:23 Let's read together:
06:44 May the Lord add His blessing to His Word.
06:52 Pass me not, O gentle Savior -
06:57 Hear my humble cry!
07:02 While on others Thou art calling,
07:07 Do not pass me by.
07:12 Savior, Savior,
07:18 Hear my humble
07:21 cry!
07:27 While on others Thou art calling,
07:32 Do not pass me by.
07:38 Thou the spring of all my comfort,
07:43 More than life to me!
07:48 Whom have I on earth beside Thee?
07:53 Whom in heav'n but Thee?
07:58 Savior,
08:02 Savior,
08:05 Hear my humble
08:09 cry!
08:15 While on others Thou art calling,
08:21 Do not pass me by.
08:27 Savior,
08:32 Savior,
08:37 Hear my humble
08:44 cry!
08:51 While on others Thou art calling,
08:57 Do not pass me by.
09:03 Do not pass
09:07 me
09:11 by.
09:42 Our Father in heaven,
09:45 we come to You tonight, Lord, asking that You would give us
09:53 an insight into what's happening and what's taking place.
09:58 So we ask, Lord, for wisdom.
10:02 We ask for understanding
10:05 that as we read Your Word
10:10 that we might see clearly what is happening.
10:15 That our hearts might be in tune with Your Word.
10:20 Give us the faith to hold on tightly to You.
10:25 Bless each one tonight:
10:28 each one here... those that are watching by television
10:32 or listening on the radio or following on the Internet.
10:35 We ask, Lord, that you draw close to each one.
10:39 Bless them.
10:41 May they see and begin to understand
10:46 the times in which we are living in.
10:49 That Jesus is coming...
10:52 and that each one of us may get our hearts open and ready
10:57 for the indwelling of Your Spirit into our lives.
11:00 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
11:12 Abraham Lincoln, when he gave his famous
11:17 Cooper Union address on the eve of the Civil War said this:
11:23 said: "If we could know where we are
11:27 and where we are tending,
11:30 we would know better what to do
11:33 and how to go about doing it. "
11:36 That is pretty much the purpose of prophecy.
11:40 Prophecy is to help you and I understand where we are
11:44 and where we're headed.
11:46 And that's what this subject tonight I hope will do for you:
11:50 it will help you understand where we are headed.
11:55 Some of the things that are taking place...
11:58 it'll begin to put all that into place for you
12:02 and you'll begin to see what God has revealed in His Word.
12:07 Before we get into it
12:10 there are three characters
12:15 that I feel it's important that we identify
12:19 and say who they are because these play
12:23 in this whole thing.
12:25 And I'd like for you to look at them with me.
12:27 The first one I'd like for you to look at is the dragon.
12:31 The Bible says clearly that this dragon
12:34 which is pictured in Revelation the 12th chapter
12:37 is the devil.
12:39 So you need to understand that's who it's referring to
12:44 when it talks about the dragon: the devil.
12:48 Revelation 12 verse 9 makes that very, very clear.
12:52 The other one is what is called the beast.
12:55 OK, the beast. And that we found out in our study last night
13:01 is papal Rome.
13:05 And the scripture also refers to it as the antichrist.
13:09 So you've got the dragon which is the devil.
13:12 You've got the beast which is the antichrist.
13:17 And then the other is one that is called
13:20 the false prophet.
13:23 And you'll need to watch tonight as we study this
13:26 because the false prophet is part of this whole scenario
13:31 that takes place.
13:33 So these are the characters that you need to watch.
13:37 By the way, these three figure prominently
13:41 in the rest of the book of Revelation.
13:44 As we study through, you're going to find them coming up
13:47 over and over and over again.
13:51 So it's very important that you put in place who these are.
13:55 It says:
14:17 So here you have those three.
14:20 And it speaks of these spirits coming out of their mouths.
14:23 They say... it says they are the spirits of demons.
14:26 They go out to gather the whole world together.
14:30 We'll talk more about that, but what I want you to see
14:33 is here you have a trinity...
14:37 Follow me?
14:38 You've got a trinity made up of the dragon,
14:42 the beast, and the false prophet
14:45 just in opposition to God.
14:48 These three are opposed to God and His people.
14:53 And the Bible speaks that these three are the ones who
14:57 are going to make war with the Lamb.
15:02 OK. They're the ones that are in opposition to Him.
15:06 So these are the three that you need to watch as we study
15:10 the Word of God here this evening.
15:12 We're going to go to Revelation the 13th chapter
15:16 I studied with you last night, but I want you to see something
15:20 because it's very important that you see that.
15:22 And we'll go there in just a moment,
15:24 but listen carefully to what it says here.
15:27 This is Revelation 19:20.
15:47 Follow me?
15:50 Now when it talks about that, talks about the...
15:53 what he's doing here... that he deceived those - the false
15:56 prophet did - this is identifying this beast for us.
16:14 So you can see those three play into the whole picture
16:19 and they are in opposition to God.
16:23 Please remember that text there
16:25 in Revelation 19 because we're going to look at some things
16:28 and see how it applies.
16:31 All right.
16:56 We found out last night that this beast - this is the
17:00 first beast in Revelation 13-
17:02 we found out that it was made up of those beasts in
17:06 Daniel the 7th chapter which was the lion, the bear,
17:09 and the leopard. And the dragon which is pagan Rome
17:13 would give to papal Rome
17:16 its power, its seat, and its authority.
17:20 And I shared with you from history
17:22 where it says that's exactly what happened and took place.
17:26 All right.
17:38 We found out that it received a deadly wound.
17:43 And you remember I shared this with you
17:45 where out of the Encyclopedia Americana
17:48 where it says:
17:56 Now folks, please watch carefully here
17:59 because this is taking place when?
18:02 1798 AD.
18:05 Becomes very important.
18:11 All right.
18:13 That... so this is talking about papal Rome
18:16 and when it received a mortal wound: 1798 AD.
18:22 Please notice as we're coming down here to the 10th verse
18:27 it says:
18:39 This power - the papal power -
18:42 had led people into captivity.
18:45 It said it was going to go into captivity.
18:48 It had killed people with the sword.
18:50 It says it would be killed with the sword.
18:53 And so we find here in 1798 AD
18:58 it was taken into captivity
19:01 just as the scripture said.
19:04 Are you with me?
19:06 Now watch because it says:
19:24 The time sequence here is very, very important
19:30 because it puts all this into place.
19:33 And what the scripture is saying
19:35 that just as this first beast -
19:39 the sea beast that came up out of the sea -
19:43 just as that beast is going down, is going into captivity,
19:48 it says he saw another beast rising in power.
19:54 Got me? That's what it's saying.
19:57 Just as one goes down the other is coming up.
20:01 1798 AD one is taken into captivity.
20:07 It said on the horizon would be rising another power.
20:15 Watch:
20:17 Pilgrims... pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.
20:24 Oh yes, there was people that landed in Jamestown
20:29 and all before the pilgrims landed in Plymouth Rock.
20:33 But Jamestown never... never really got off the ground.
20:37 In fact, it was destroyed three times.
20:40 It just... nothing ever seemed...
20:42 They were kind of a godless group of people
20:45 and so there wasn't anything very religious about them.
20:48 But the pilgrims... they were people that followed the Lord.
20:53 They came over here trying to get away from religious
20:56 persecution, and they landed at Plymouth Rock when?
21:03 See if you remember your history very well.
21:06 Well they landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620 AD.
21:10 Is when they landed there.
21:13 And they began to set up livelihood there.
21:18 And by the way, I don't know how many of you have ever gone...
21:20 Any of you ever gone to Plymouth Rock?
21:23 OK. Well if you go there, they've rebuilt this whole
21:27 city, you know. And I've studied a good deal of
21:33 American history because I think it fits into prophecy so well
21:37 so when I went there it was most interesting to me.
21:40 And I thought: "These people put this on, but they
21:43 really don't know what they're - you know - what all the
21:46 ancestry and everything was. "
21:48 So when I walked in... and by the way, when you
21:51 walk into it, none of the people there will talk to you
21:55 about present-day things.
21:57 If you talk about cars, they don't know what you're
21:59 talking about. See?
22:00 And so they only talk to you in relationship
22:03 to what was back then.
22:05 So I got in, you know, and I had read enough
22:07 of this background and all that I knew a few things.
22:11 And I said: "Where could I find Elder Brewster? "
22:15 And boy, just like that
22:17 said "right down the street here, such and such a house,
22:20 knock on the door... you'll find Elder Brewster. "
22:22 And I went down there and knocked on the door.
22:26 They invited me in and sure enough there was a fellow there
22:29 who was this man. And we had a nice conversation.
22:33 Boy, they knew that whole history that took place
22:37 as those pilgrims landed there and what took place.
22:39 If you've never been there, it's a delightful place
22:42 for you to go and great to help you understand
22:45 the background and the history.
22:47 But they set up their colonies and they began to grow.
22:51 And as they began to grow
22:54 they really didn't care too much for the -
22:58 how should I put it? -
23:01 the things that England was doing.
23:03 they... they really didn't like this very much,
23:08 and so they began to say "we'd like to have
23:12 our own freedom, " you know.
23:14 Do you know what they were rebelling over?
23:18 I know what you were taught in school.
23:21 You were taught that they rebelled over taxes.
23:25 Have you ever gone back and read the taxes back then
23:29 that was placed on them?
23:31 Man, I would accept it today with open arms.
23:34 Huh... that'd be wonderful.
23:37 But they... that wasn't what they were rebelling over.
23:42 I'll tell you in a minute what they really...
23:44 the problem they were faced with that they weren't happy about.
23:48 But anyhow, they said "we'd like to set up
23:51 our own nation, " and so we have them beginning
23:55 to ask for freedom
23:58 and you have them trying to find a way to be free.
24:03 The man you're looking at there
24:06 is the name... his name is John Wesley.
24:10 John Wesley was the founder basically of the
24:16 Methodist Church. Yes.
24:19 And a great, great man.
24:22 A great teacher of God's Word.
24:24 And John Wesley when he was studying
24:28 I don't know what system he had, but
24:31 when he was studying and particularly when he studied
24:34 the book of Revelation and he read certain things
24:37 he made notes.
24:39 And he just took those notes and threw them in a file.
24:42 And so when he died
24:46 they found this file full of notes
24:48 on the book of Revelation that John Wesley had written.
24:52 And they took it and put it in a book.
24:54 You can buy a book called Notes on Revelation
24:57 by John Wesley
24:58 in which he just made notes.
25:01 But John Wesley was talking about this beast -
25:05 about both these beasts: this two-horned beast
25:08 and the first beast. I want you
25:11 to listen to what he has to say about it.
25:17 Now when he says that
25:19 he's talking about the two-horned beast:
25:22 the second beast of Revelation 13.
25:37 Now John Wesley understood that, folks.
25:40 Amazing! He said: "Can't be very far off
25:44 'cause he's to appear at the end of the 42 months
25:49 of the first beast. " He said: "That's got to be coming.
25:52 That's got to be fulfilled soon. "
25:54 Did you notice when he wrote that?
25:57 1752 AD.
26:01 So he said: "It can't be very far off. "
26:05 Watch:
26:09 The pilgrims declared independence.
26:19 They said "We want to be independent. "
26:22 I'm talking about a nation rising, folks.
26:25 As one goes down the other is rising.
26:42 And when was the first beast to go into captivity?
26:46 1798 AD.
26:50 Just as one was going into captivity
26:53 the other was rising. There's not another power,
26:57 there's not another thing in all of scripture
27:02 that fits that time sequence...
27:04 only the United States.
27:07 Only the United States fits that time sequence.
27:11 Therefore it's most important that you and I understand that.
27:16 So it identifies this beast for us.
27:29 So it says: "Saw another beast coming up out of the earth. "
27:35 Now all the beasts that we have studied so far
27:40 came up out of what? Out of the water!
27:44 But this one is coming up out of the earth.
27:49 The Bible says here in Revelation 17 verse 15...
27:52 it says:
28:00 In other words, in Bible prophecy
28:03 water represents people, nations, tongues.
28:07 And these nations that we have studied that rose up
28:10 out of the sea came about as the result of
28:13 a war and so forth among the people.
28:16 But not this country.
28:20 That's not the way this country came into existence.
28:23 It came into existence just exactly as it says
28:27 on the Statue of Liberty.
28:30 When you come into the harbor in New York City
28:33 there on the Statue of Liberty are these words:
28:58 They came into existence like your forefathers
29:03 and my forefathers... they came to this country.
29:07 Came here seeking a better life.
29:11 Maybe trying to find freedom of worship
29:15 or maybe just trying to find a way to make a livelihood
29:20 and not be interfered with what they believed.
29:23 That's how it came, and that's why it rose up out of the earth
29:28 not out of the sea.
29:32 That's why it refers to that beast in those respects.
29:47 So it speaks of this beast having two horns.
29:51 Now horns on beasts represent power.
29:55 That's what they stand for... they represent power.
29:59 And some of these beasts had ten horns
30:03 and some of them had crowns on them... meaning that they
30:06 were going to be controlled by a monarch and so forth.
30:09 This beast has two horns... doesn't have crowns on it,
30:14 but it represents power.
30:17 What do those two horns stand for?
30:21 Well they stand for what this country was established on.
30:25 You see, our forefathers didn't have trouble with
30:29 England so much over the taxation
30:32 as they did over the question of rulership.
30:38 How they were governed... that's what they did not like
30:43 and what was happening. If you've ever been to Boston,
30:47 you can go to Quincy's Market.
30:51 If you've never been there, you ought to go.
30:54 Quite an interesting place.
30:56 But anyhow, it's a large market there.
30:59 That comes from this fellow: Josiah Quincy.
31:01 He was... lived back then.
31:03 And this is what Josiah Quincy had to say:
31:15 Those are the two horns.
31:19 They came over here and they said: "Listen,
31:23 we want government by the people, for the people,
31:27 and through the people.
31:29 We do not want a king...
31:32 we want government by the people.
31:35 Secondly, we want to have the right to worship as we please.
31:42 As our conscience dictates to us, we want a right to worship
31:46 that way. " And those are the two horns
31:49 that this country was built on.
31:52 Gives everybody the right
31:54 to worship as they believe they should worship.
31:58 And it also gives them the right to be having representation
32:03 when it comes to government.
32:21 You remember a fellow in history by the name of Patrick Henry?
32:26 Huh?
32:29 Yeah. You remember what he had to say?
32:31 What'd he say?
32:34 Yeah. "Give me liberty or give me death. "
32:36 What did he say other than that?
32:40 Well, I'm going to read to you what he said leading up to that
32:44 because it's important that you understand
32:47 what he was talking about. He said:
33:18 See, he's talking about how they were being governed
33:21 and what England was doing.
33:27 This was the conflict that was going on,
33:30 and those two principles
33:33 was how the, how we came into existence
33:37 and how our government was based.
33:39 And dear friend, those two principles have held us
33:42 in good stead now for 2... over 200 years,
33:46 and God help us if we give them up.
33:51 But we are very, very... we're playing around
33:55 in areas that we shouldn't be playing around in
33:58 when it comes to our Constitution
34:00 and what we believe and where we stand
34:03 and what... how God has blessed us as a nation.
34:06 I hope... I hope by the grace of God we won't forget
34:12 where we've been.
34:14 You know, look back and see the hand of God
34:18 and how He's led in such a wonderful and marvelous way.
34:34 "Had two horns like a lamb. "
34:38 Lamb means what?
34:42 Well, young... right? Yes.
34:45 Young, gentle... what it represents.
34:49 What else does it represent?
34:52 Yeah, it represents Christ-like.
34:55 It was gentle, Christ-like in what it did.
34:59 And today, dear friends, you can go to Washington, D.C.
35:05 and you can walk down through the park
35:09 or go to the House of Representatives,
35:14 go into the Senate,
35:17 visit all those places, and you'll find God is written
35:21 all over that city.
35:24 I mean statement after statement after statement
35:27 in which they said something about God and all.
35:31 These were God-fearing men and women
35:36 that laid down the principles of this country.
35:40 And they were based on... sorry, but they were based
35:44 on Christian principles.
35:47 That's what they were based on,
35:49 and they have been what has guided and led us
35:52 over the years.
35:56 Conflict broke out between England
36:01 and the United States.
36:04 The war took place.
36:06 That war was unbelievably hard.
36:13 That war was so hard
36:16 that it bankrupted every colony.
36:20 The 13 colonies... it totally bankrupted all of them.
36:25 I mean it took all their finances, everything they had.
36:28 They had nothing left,
36:30 and it also was so severe
36:32 that it severed all the lines of communication
36:37 between the colonies. So there was no communication
36:40 going on between one colony and another.
36:47 And because there was no communication there
36:50 each one of those colonies believed that they bore
36:53 the brunt of the war. They thought they were the ones
36:57 that had it the hardest and all,
37:00 and so they all felt that way.
37:02 And when the war was over, they called a Constitutional Congress
37:07 and they went there. But man, they went there
37:12 with so much baggage and so out of sorts
37:18 with one another that they wound up in arguments.
37:21 I mean, just one argument after another went on
37:24 until finally the delegation from New York went home
37:28 and it looked like that whole Constitutional Congress
37:32 was going to fall apart
37:34 when a little man stood up
37:39 and he gave a speech.
37:42 And he said this:
37:44 Excuse me, this... talking about it represents Christ...
37:49 I'm ahead of myself a little bit.
37:57 So I'm just trying to get across to you that this also
38:00 represents Jesus.
38:10 So it represented a Christ-like or a gentle spirit.
38:13 All right, let's take a look at this.
38:16 He stood up and he said:
38:27 This whole delegation's there...
38:44 He's talking about when they were into this
38:47 they had daily prayer.
39:19 And with that speech he was able to pull that
39:25 Constitutional Congress together.
39:28 And they sat down and they wrote one of the greatest documents
39:32 that's ever been written:
39:35 the Constitution of the United States.
39:38 You see, all I'm trying to get across is
39:42 this was what motivated them, this is what moved them.
39:46 They were men and women that believed...
39:49 believed in the Word of God. They believed in God,
39:52 and they based their lives and their souls
39:55 upon Christian principles and teachings.
39:58 When it came to electing the first president of the
40:03 United States - George Washington -
40:05 in his inaugural address he said these words:
40:32 Now folks, if you'll listen this man is making it
40:36 very clear... dependence upon God.
40:58 Oh that we would not forget where we have been
41:04 and how God has led and directed in a very, very special way.
41:10 He said that nobody should understand that better
41:14 than the people of the United States.
41:47 He said: "Don't go contrary to this.
41:51 Walk with Him, follow Him. "
41:53 This was our heritage; this was what God gave.
41:58 And so that's why it says it had two horns
42:01 like a lamb: because it was Christ-like; it was gentle.
42:05 It was young in character.
42:07 I wish... I wish very much that it ended there.
42:13 I wish that it didn't say any more.
42:16 But God doesn't work that way...
42:20 God gives you the whole story.
42:23 And so it goes on and says:
42:37 Now if a lamb is Christ-like
42:42 and gentle, what's a dragon?
42:48 Just the opposite. Represents?
42:53 Satan.
42:55 So it's talking about this power -
42:58 this two-horned beast that had two horns like a lamb
43:04 that was Christ-like, that was gentle -
43:05 it's talking about that beast completely changing character.
43:12 That's what it's saying.
43:13 So that it's going to come to the place that it's going to
43:16 speak as a dragon.
43:22 As I told you, the dragon is the devil...
43:27 Satan. And therefore it says that
43:31 this nation is going to exercise
43:37 not gentleness... but force.
43:42 What it's going to do.
43:44 It's going to change its character.
44:02 So this power is exercising
44:08 the power and the authority of the dragon.
44:14 All right, what's he going to do?
44:17 Let's take a look at what he's going to do.
44:39 So it's telling you clearly what this beast is going to do.
44:44 It's going to exercise all the power and authority
44:48 of that first beast. And we found that first beast
44:51 persecuted the saints.
44:54 That he did a lot of things.
44:56 That you have uniting of church and state. All that
44:59 was wrapped up in that first beast.
45:11 This two-horned beast is going to have great power,
45:15 going to perform signs.
45:17 And if you remember what I read to you in Revelation 19
45:21 it's quoting some of this.
45:42 Telling you what this beast - this two-horned beast
45:45 that's going to speak as a dragon -
45:48 this is how he is speaking: as a dragon.
46:03 Those are the words of the dragon
46:08 or the words of the two-horned beast that is speaking
46:12 as a dragon. Please notice
46:14 it says that he had power "to give breath"
46:17 to the image of the beast.
46:19 What does that mean?
46:24 If he gives breath to it, what does that mean?
46:29 Yeah, it means he makes it live.
46:32 I mean, you remember the story of Pinocchio.
46:35 OK? It made it come to life.
46:39 It lived. It made an image to the beast.
46:41 Gave breath to it; it lived.
46:44 And it says that he would both "speak and cause. "
46:49 When the scripture speaks of a beast
46:53 speaking and causing, that means legislation
46:58 and that means enforcement.
47:00 Speak means legislation;
47:02 cause means enforcement.
47:04 And so it says that this beast is going to speak and cause
47:09 this to take place.
47:12 All right.
47:15 If we could tell where we are
47:19 and where we are tending,
47:21 then we would know what we ought to do
47:25 and how we ought to do it.
47:27 OK, so where are we headed?
47:29 What's taking place?
47:32 I told you last night at the signing of the Lateran Pact
47:37 the Pope when he gave his speech
47:41 ended it by saying:
47:44 OK.
47:48 Let's watch what's happened.
47:50 I shared with you how that has grown today...
47:52 where there is a million... one billion four hundred...
47:57 four hundred million Catholics.
48:01 All right.
48:28 You get that?
48:31 What a jump you have from 1990 to 2008?
48:36 OK.
49:23 Now all I'm trying to... I'm not
49:28 talking about whether a person has a right to immigrate here
49:31 or not. That's not what I'm into here tonight.
49:35 What I'm talking about is you need to see where we're tending.
49:40 And dear friend, whether you like it or whether you don't
49:44 we live in a democracy.
49:49 That... you need to have that very clear.
49:51 We live in a democracy...
49:53 and therefore the majority rules.
50:13 OK, so the population is swinging folks, very much,
50:17 and the Catholic vote is becoming stronger all the time.
50:22 Well, President Obama just put in
50:26 Elena Kagan as one of the Supreme Court justices.
50:31 What's happening here?
50:35 On the Supreme Court now
50:39 six out of the nine Supreme Court justices
50:44 are Roman Catholic.
50:46 OK? There's not a Protestant in the group.
50:50 OK? No Protestant in the group at all.
50:53 They're either Roman Catholic, Jewish, or so forth.
50:56 What does that mean?
51:25 So they have tremendous power.
51:28 I'm trying to get you to understand where we're tending.
52:01 In other words, they say the time has come for us to
52:03 exercise our power... and that's where we live.
52:15 Now, listen:
52:53 This is the way the 13th chapter comes to an end.
52:59 We will move into the 14th chapter
53:01 and we're going to take a look at what it's saying
53:04 when it talks about this beast and the mark...
53:08 what's all going to be happening and taking place.
53:11 So it's very important that you understand where we're headed,
53:14 what's happening today,
53:16 and how it's going to play on out as we take a look
53:21 at Bible prophecy.
53:23 So let us pray together.
53:25 Heavenly Father,
53:28 we come to You tonight... thankful, Lord,
53:32 for the blessings that You have given us.
53:37 For the privilege we have had to live in this country;
53:43 for the freedom that we have enjoyed.
53:46 We pray, Lord, that You will intervene...
53:50 that You will move upon the hearts
53:54 of our President, on our Senators, our Representatives
54:01 that they may sense the hour that we're in
54:06 and that they may hold firm to the principles upon which
54:10 this country was established.
54:13 We pray that You'll bless our President.
54:15 Give him wisdom, give him understanding, Lord.
54:18 Help him. When he's in the Oval Office, Lord, he
54:23 says that he prays daily.
54:24 Impress his heart.
54:27 Be with the Representatives.
54:30 Speak to each one of them.
54:32 Also our Senators and our governors.
54:37 May this be a country, as we have said, that's
54:41 a nation under God.
54:43 That we might look to You and follow You
54:46 and walk with You in all that we do.
54:49 Bless us. May we hold on tightly to You
54:54 that we might each have a place in Your kingdom.
54:57 We pray in Christ's name, Amen.
55:03 Well, tomorrow evening: The First Angel's Message.
55:08 A very, very important subject,
55:12 so we hope that all of you will be able to join us
55:14 as we talk about the first angel.
55:17 And it says these angels shout with a loud voice,
55:20 so it's important that you and I hear what they have to say.
55:23 Good night; God bless each one of you.
55:33 All around us we see want and suffering.
55:36 In large cities, millions of human beings
55:39 do not receive as much care and consideration
55:42 as we give beasts of the field.
55:45 Families are herded together in miserable projects.
55:48 Children are born into these terrible places.
55:52 They see nothing of the beauty God has created
55:55 to delight their senses.
55:57 They are left to grow up molded and fashioned by
55:59 wretched and wicked examples all around them.
56:03 They hear the name of God only in profanity.
56:06 Impure words and fumes of liquor and tobacco
56:09 and immoral behavior of every kind
56:12 pervert their tender senses.
56:15 Wretched and pitiful cries for food and clothing are heard
56:19 by parents who know nothing about prayer or a loving Savior.
56:24 But these cries do not go unheard in heaven.
56:27 God sees... God hears.
56:31 Friends, our loving Father has entrusted us
56:34 with abundance to supply the necessities of all.
56:37 But sadly, we're not always faithful stewards.
56:41 Many who have taken on the name of Christ
56:44 spend His money for selfish pleasure,
56:47 extravagant homes and clothing.
56:49 They hardly give a suffering human a look of pity
56:53 or a word of sympathy.
56:55 We are to show the kindness of the Samaritan
56:58 in food, clothing, and shelter for the poor.
57:02 As Christians, our work is to reach the people who
57:05 are neglected and win them to Christ.
57:07 That's the goal of this ministry.
57:10 We want them to know that He is able to save to the uttermost
57:14 and restore them to His image.
57:16 But in order to do this, we need your help.
57:20 Please consider what you can do for those
57:23 who still don't know about Jesus.
57:25 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:27 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:42 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:45 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:48 of salvation to millions around the world.


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