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00:22 Good evening and we would like to welcome each of you
00:25 as we continue this series on
00:28 The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
00:31 In this particular part we are covering Revelation
00:35 the 13th chapter through the 16th chapter.
00:40 And tonight we're beginning with the first part
00:45 of the 14th chapter.
00:48 In that 14th chapter are three angels.
00:52 And so tonight we're taking a look at the first angel.
00:59 What does that angel have to say?
01:01 What does it mean to you and to me?
01:04 Very, very vital subject, and so we hope you'll
01:09 get your Bible and paper and pencil and follow along.
01:14 And those of you that are watching by television
01:17 thank you for tuning in again.
01:19 Those of you that are listening by the radio, welcome
01:22 and also on the Internet. We're glad that each of you
01:25 are joining us and we hope that
01:27 as we go through this it will be clear.
01:30 This is a subject tonight where you really
01:33 need to probably have a pad and a pencil so you can
01:38 put down some things as we go through
01:40 because we're going to be doing... I guess
01:44 you'd want to call it... quite a bit of mathematics tonight.
01:47 And so follow along as we take a look at it.
01:51 And we hope it'll... it'll bless you in a special way.
01:54 Our subject tomorrow evening is entitled:
02:01 And that angel is crying out: "Babylon is fallen. "
02:07 And I'd just like to clarify something.
02:10 This message it talks about here
02:13 is about the fall of Babylon.
02:16 That's what we'll be talking about tomorrow evening.
02:19 But the destruction of Babylon doesn't take place, folks,
02:25 until you hit the 18th chapter.
02:29 And so... just so as you're reading and studying
02:33 you'll be able to put that together
02:34 because one talks about its fall,
02:37 the other talks about the destruction of Babylon.
02:40 So follow as we go along with it.
02:43 But tonight we're taking a look at the first angel...
02:49 and what the scripture tells us about this angel
02:54 and what he has to say.
02:56 So we hope you'll enjoy it as we go through
03:01 Revelation the 14th chapter.
03:04 We'd like to welcome back the His Voice quartet.
03:09 I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have.
03:13 They've been a real blessing to us here
03:17 and we're just glad that they're here tonight.
03:19 They're going to be singing a medley tonight of two songs.
03:24 One: Oh, For a Thousand Tongues
03:27 and To God Be The Glory.
03:30 So I'm sure you're going to enjoy that.
03:32 But before they sing I'm going to ask Chuck to come
03:35 and to share the scripture
03:37 that we're going to be looking at tonight.
03:42 Good evening.
03:43 If you have your Bible again, let's turn to the book of
03:46 Revelation... Revelation chapter 14,
03:49 we're going to read verses 6 and 7.
03:52 Revelation chapter 14 verses 6 and 7.
03:59 Let's read together:
04:25 May God add His blessing to His Word tonight.
04:32 O for a thousand tongues to sing
04:38 My great Redeemer's praise,
04:42 The glories of my God and King,
04:48 The glories of my God
04:53 and King,
04:55 The triumphs of His grace!
05:01 The triumphs of His grace!
05:07 To God be the glory -
05:11 great things He hath done!
05:14 So loved He the world that He
05:18 gave us His Son,
05:21 Who yielded His life an atonement for sin
05:27 And opened the Lifegate
05:30 that all may go in.
05:34 Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
05:37 Let the earth hear His voice!
05:40 Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
05:44 Let the people rejoice!
05:47 O come to the Father thru Jesus the Son,
05:53 And give Him the glory -
05:57 great things He hath done!
06:01 Great things He hath taught us,
06:05 great things He hath done,
06:08 And great our rejoicing
06:11 thru Jesus the Son;
06:14 But purer and higher
06:18 and greater will be
06:21 Our wonder, our transport,
06:24 when Jesus we see.
06:28 Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
06:31 Let the earth hear His voice!
06:34 Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
06:38 Let the people rejoice!
06:41 O come to the Father
06:44 thru Jesus the Son,
06:48 And give Him the glory -
06:51 great things He hath done!
06:56 Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
07:00 Let the whole world hear
07:03 His voice!
07:26 Our heavenly Father,
07:29 tonight as we come before You
07:35 we come Lord first to give You honor and glory and praise.
07:43 Thankful that You are righteous and just
07:49 in all that You do.
07:52 Bless us tonight
07:55 as we take a look at this message that You have given
08:01 that's to be proclaimed to all the world
08:06 to prepare us for the coming of Jesus.
08:10 We pray that our hearts may be open
08:14 and we might be receptive to Your Word.
08:17 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
08:28 There's two things in this first angel's message
08:34 that I want us to look at tonight.
08:36 And so we'll go back and take a look at the text.
08:39 And it says here:
09:09 Two things in there that we want to look at tonight,
09:12 and one, we want to look at
09:14 "the hour of God's judgment has come... "
09:17 that's what we want to establish... and the other is
09:20 "worship Him who made heaven and earth. "
09:24 Those are the two things that we're going to look at tonight.
09:27 So follow along now as we take a look at what
09:31 the scripture has to say about the hour of God's judgment.
09:36 You see, God's judgment is based upon His law.
09:41 In fact, all judgment is based upon law.
09:47 You have to... it has to be that way.
09:51 You wouldn't dare have it any other way...
09:54 so it has to be based on law.
09:57 So what I'd like for us to do is for us to take a look
09:59 at what the scripture has to say about God's law.
10:04 What does it tell us about God's law?
10:20 So when you take a look at God's law,
10:23 scripture tells us that His law is holy, it's just, it's good.
10:29 Those are the characteristics of God's law.
10:34 It's holy, it's just, it's good.
10:37 So if God is going to base His judgment
10:41 upon His law, then things must
10:46 come up to that.
10:48 If they don't come up to that, then we're in trouble.
10:53 It also says this about God's law:
11:04 So the Bible tells us that God's law operates
11:09 in the spiritual realm.
11:12 God's law is spiritual... it's holy, it's just, it's good.
11:16 So there's nothing wrong with God's law.
11:22 I run onto people who attack
11:25 God's law or they try to do away with it
11:30 and say that it doesn't apply today.
11:33 But dear friend, if you do that, we're in serious trouble.
11:37 See? So God's law... very, very important.
11:41 The problem is not with God's law,
11:44 the problem is with us
11:48 because the law is spiritual but I am carnal
11:53 sold under sin. And therefore, since that is the problem -
11:59 and that "I am carnal, sold under sin" -
12:03 then it says:
12:18 You see, law - I don't care what law you're talking about,
12:24 whether you're talking about God's law or whether you're
12:27 talking about man's law does not make any difference -
12:31 all law demands that if you break it
12:35 a penalty has to be paid.
12:38 If there's no penalty on a law,
12:43 nobody pays any attention to it.
12:45 I've been some places in the world
12:48 where there wasn't a penalty
12:51 or at least it was not enforced
12:53 and nobody paid any attention to it, see.
12:57 But in order for the law to have any strength, to have any say,
13:03 to have any power, it has to have a penalty.
13:07 And God turns around and places the supreme penalty
13:12 on breaking His law because it tells us:
13:20 So it's very clear that you and I...
13:25 sorry, we're in trouble.
13:28 Because we are carnal - sold under sin - we are
13:34 guilty, if you please, of breaking God's law.
13:39 That we are... all of us,
13:42 and the penalty for that is death.
13:47 So this is the basis of the judgment.
13:51 Now it says:
14:03 Those who are going to be judged by the law of liberty?
14:06 How is there liberty in the law?
14:12 That's what it says. So, you know...
14:15 "be judged by the law of liberty. " How does that?
14:19 How does that happen?
14:21 Well it only happens as you understand
14:24 what Christ has done.
14:27 That's the only way there is liberty. And it says:
14:40 Marvelous text, folks.
14:42 If you don't have that one underlined in your Bible,
14:44 you should underline it because it makes it clear
14:47 that God didn't say: "Straighten up!
14:51 Fly right. Do what is right and then I will love you. "
14:58 It says that God demonstrated His love
15:02 in that He came and He died for us
15:05 while we were still sinners.
15:09 So God loves you just exactly like you are.
15:16 That's the way God loves you.
15:18 His love does not change.
15:21 I mean, it just doesn't change because of your behavior.
15:27 That does not change God's love.
15:30 He died for you; He loves each one,
15:34 and therefore this is something that He did for you and for me.
15:38 He came and He died... all right.
15:41 Now I want you to follow because what we're talking about
15:45 tonight centers around the sanctuary.
15:49 In the sanctuary was a compartment
15:52 called the most holy place,
15:54 and in that compartment was a piece of furniture
15:57 called the ark. See?
16:00 And on that ark - or beside that ark -
16:04 were two angels.
16:06 And in between those two angels
16:10 was what was called the mercy seat.
16:13 That is where the Shekinah glory of God dwelt.
16:18 In the ark - down in the chest in the ark -
16:23 was the law... the Ten Commandments.
16:27 That is extremely important.
16:30 If you don't understand that, dear friend, grab hold
16:34 because that is very, very vital
16:37 because I'm going to read a text to you
16:39 that makes all the difference.
16:42 The mercy seat was there above...
16:48 get it clear... It was above the law.
16:55 It did not have the law above the mercy seat
17:00 but the mercy seat was above the law.
17:05 OK, let's look:
17:19 "Mercy triumphs over judgment. "
17:25 Only as you and I understand the mercy and the grace
17:31 of Jesus Christ that's given to each one of us
17:34 only then and ONLY THEN
17:39 can you find liberty in the law
17:45 because I find what Christ did for me
17:49 has set me free.
17:53 I am no longer... When I accept Him
17:56 I am no longer under condemnation.
18:00 The law and I are no longer at odds.
18:04 When I am away from Christ - I don't know Christ,
18:09 the law can only condemn.
18:13 But when I come to Christ and He who died for me
18:18 and loves me and gives to me if you please
18:24 His righteousness... only then can I stand
18:30 before the law and are at peace
18:36 with God's law. OK:
18:58 If I hear God's Word... I believe in Christ,
19:03 I believe in what He did for me,
19:06 I accept His death, I accept His righteousness
19:10 in my behalf... Watch:
19:25 Wonderful that if I come to Christ
19:28 that I have passed from death unto life.
19:32 I do not come into judgment.
19:36 How is that possible that I don't come into judgment?
19:43 Well, it's possible in the sense that Christ
19:48 stands in your place.
19:52 You don't come into judgment.
19:54 Christ stands in your place in the judgment.
20:01 Let me tell you a little secret:
20:06 if Jesus Christ which the scripture says is your
20:09 Advocate, your Mediator, OK?
20:13 If He is your Advocate and your Mediator,
20:19 He's never lost a case.
20:22 You can't lose, see?
20:26 But dear friend let me tell you: the truth of it is
20:29 if you don't have Christ, you don't stand a chance.
20:36 Just... just that true.
20:38 So if you accept Christ, He takes your place...
20:44 stands in your place in the judgment.
20:47 OK, Jesus is coming back.
20:52 When He comes back,
20:55 every case will have been decided.
21:02 Every case will have been decided because it says:
21:27 Christ tonight is our Advocate, He's our Representative.
21:32 He represents us before God.
21:36 But there's going to come a day when He's going to stop
21:41 and He's going to take off His robes as Priest -
21:49 ministering in your behalf and mine -
21:51 and He's going to put on His robes as the King of Kings
21:55 and the Lord of Lords, and He's going to say those words.
22:01 Going to say: "He that is unjust let him be unjust still. "
22:05 God in His mercy has done everything He can do
22:10 for mankind.
22:15 Probation has closed.
22:32 The curtain of mercy
22:37 has fallen
22:39 and Jesus comes back.
22:43 So it tells us here that when He comes
22:46 He's going to bring what? His reward with Him.
22:50 It says that every case has been decided.
22:53 He's bringing His reward with Him.
22:55 You can't pass out rewards and then have judgment later.
23:00 That doesn't work. Let's look at another one about that:
23:15 So every case has been decided when Jesus comes.
23:20 So let's take a look.
23:22 If every case is decided,
23:26 then judgment has to have already taken place.
23:30 So when he says: "The hour of God's judgment has come, "
23:35 let's take a look at that. It's mentioned in the book of Daniel,
23:39 Daniel the 8th chapter.
23:41 And the 8th chapter and verse 14 says:
23:52 OK, I told you this centers pretty much
23:55 around the sanctuary.
23:56 Said: "Unto two thousand three hundred days...
23:59 then the sanctuary shall be cleansed. "
24:03 That was known as the Day of Atonement
24:09 or if you please the Day of Judgment.
24:13 That's what it was known as.
24:15 And on this particular day
24:18 all of Israel came up to the sanctuary.
24:22 And on that day the high priest was going to
24:28 go through the holy place which you see on the screen
24:32 and he was going to part that veil
24:35 and he was going to walk in before the ark.
24:39 Going to walk in before the ark
24:42 where the Shekinah glory of God was
24:46 but also where the mercy seat is
24:50 and underneath that was the law.
24:53 That's what he's going to go in there...
24:56 And he's going to go in and he's going to confess
25:01 the sins of Israel.
25:04 Cleansing of the sanctuary was... took place.
25:08 Now this text says: "Unto two thousand three hundred days...
25:14 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed. "
25:17 Can't be referring to the one on earth;
25:22 had to be referring to the one up in heaven.
25:28 So watch now as he begins to explain it.
25:38 So you must keep in mind... if you've got your pad,
25:41 your notebook and stuff,
25:43 you must keep in mind that we are talking about
25:48 2300 days.
25:51 Don't lose that fact
25:54 that we're explaining 2300 days.
25:59 OK? So it's 2300 days...
26:02 then the sanctuary shall be cleansed.
26:04 When Daniel had that vision
26:09 he didn't understand it.
26:10 He couldn't put it together.
26:12 And so when you move into the 9th chapter of Daniel
26:16 Daniel is praying that God will help him understand...
26:19 that He'll give him some understanding of this vision.
26:23 And while Daniel is praying, this is what happens:
26:40 So he's praying and while he's praying
26:42 God has sent this angel Gabriel to Daniel,
26:47 and He sent him to him for this purpose:
26:59 So he said: "I've come, Daniel, in answer to your prayer
27:03 to help you understand this vision. "
27:07 So I want you to watch this evening as the angel Gabriel
27:11 tells Daniel what's involved here and puts it all together
27:15 step by step so that he can understand.
27:18 To begin with here in Daniel
27:22 he says... the angel Gabriel is telling Daniel:
27:32 Now out of that 2300 years
27:36 seventy weeks of it are determined. For what?
27:40 OK. "For your people and your holy city. "
27:44 In other words he's saying: "God is giving the Jewish people
27:48 seventy weeks. " That's what he's telling him.
27:52 And in that seventy weeks,
27:54 He's asking that they do these things.
27:58 OK. "To finish the transgression. "
28:02 Stop... stop sinning. Stop doing the things they were doing.
28:25 These were the things that God said to the Jewish people:
28:28 "I'm going to give you 70 weeks
28:30 and in that 70 weeks, this is what you need to accomplish. "
28:36 OK.
28:43 Well I can have 70 weeks, but it really doesn't mean anything -
28:51 didn't mean anything to Daniel -
28:52 didn't mean anything to you or me -
28:54 unless we can find a starting point.
28:58 If you can't find a starting point, nothing fits. OK?
29:04 So the angel Gabriel doesn't leave him in doubt.
29:07 He gives him a starting point.
29:09 He says here in Daniel 9:25:
29:31 So he's giving him a starting point. He's saying: "Daniel,
29:35 from the time the decree is given -
29:38 decree goes forth to restore and build Jerusalem -
29:43 it's going to be 69... " that's what you have
29:50 when you've got 7 weeks and 62 weeks: that's 69...
29:53 "It's going to be 69 weeks unto the Messiah the Prince. "
30:00 OK? That's what he's telling him.
30:03 So can we find a starting date?
30:07 Yes we can. The scripture gives you one.
30:10 It's found in the book of Ezra:
30:12 Ezra the 7th chapter and verse 12. And it says:
30:36 That decree was given in 457 BC.
30:43 Now we have a starting point. He said from 457 BC
30:49 unto the Messiah the Prince
30:52 will be 69 weeks.
30:56 OK... what we find.
30:59 Well if I've got 69 weeks, let's put some things together
31:04 and see if we can make this all work out.
31:06 Now if we get into a little math here, and it won't confuse you
31:10 if you just follow carefully, all right?
31:12 To begin with, the Bible says that in Bible prophecy
31:17 a day represents one year.
31:21 OK, that's what it tells us.
31:32 So when you're looking at Bible prophecy -
31:35 don't try to apply it out of Bible prophecy -
31:38 but in Bible prophecy a day will represent one year.
31:43 OK, so if I have 69 weeks
31:50 and I want to find out well how much time that is,
31:55 how many days are there in a week?
31:58 Seven. So I must simply multiply
32:03 7 times 69.
32:07 If I multiply 7 times 69,
32:11 that gives me 483
32:16 and each day represents a year.
32:22 So if each day represents a year that gives me a total of
32:26 483 years.
32:31 Now he said: This is the time that's determined
32:34 upon your people. " So folks, these are years
32:40 that we're pulling out of the 2300 years.
32:46 See? Because that 2300 days -
32:49 says a day represents a year,
32:51 so I've got 2300 years - and I'm pulling this out.
32:55 Have to understand that 'cause we're still looking
32:57 at a total 2300. All right.
33:02 So he said: "69 weeks. "
33:05 Well, in BC dates you simply subtract.
33:10 OK? So if I've got 483 years
33:15 and I subtract 457 from that,
33:20 that gives me 27.
33:24 You have to take into consideration 0 here.
33:28 OK. So it gives me 27 years...
33:33 taking me to the date of 27 AD.
33:38 Well let's see if we can establish what happened
33:40 because he said he gave us 69 weeks unto what?
33:46 Unto Messiah the Prince.
33:50 Dear friend, if you're here... if you're watching tonight
33:54 on television or listening on the radio
33:57 or on the Internet
34:00 and you have some question in your heart about Jesus Christ
34:04 being the Messiah and being the Son of God,
34:08 then you need to take into account this prophecy
34:13 because I'm sharing with you a text here
34:15 where it has been foretold hundreds and hundreds of years
34:20 exactly when Christ would begin His ministry.
34:25 Let's see if that's what happened.
34:27 Luke the 3rd chapter verse 1:
35:04 John the Baptist went preaching -
35:08 preaching a baptism for the remission of sin -
35:11 and among those that came to John to be baptized
35:16 was none other than Jesus Christ.
35:18 Because if you come on down to the 21st verse
35:21 of this same chapter:
35:32 Now folks, this ties down the date for you
35:35 because it says in the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar,
35:40 Pontius Pilate being governor of Judea.
35:42 If you look up in secular history
35:45 the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar, the date is 27 AD.
35:52 So I mean it ties it down solidly.
35:56 And by the way, one of those things in that list about them
36:00 it says to "seal up the vision and the prophecy. "
36:06 And this was part of what seals up the vision and the prophecy.
36:09 It establishes the date without any question of a doubt.
36:12 So Jesus came, was baptized. Watch as it goes on:
36:44 So it tells us clearly that in 27 AD Jesus began His ministry
36:50 as the Messiah. It would be "69 weeks
36:55 unto Messiah the Prince... "
36:59 right exactly as the scripture had foretold.
37:03 OK. So we've looked at 69 weeks
37:09 but we started out with how many weeks?
37:13 Seventy. "Seventy weeks are determined on your people. "
37:17 We've looked at 69, so that leaves us what?
37:21 Well that leaves us one week, right?
37:25 Yeah, we have one week left over...
37:27 and that is basically what we call the 70th week.
37:32 All right? The 70th week.
37:35 He said to "seal up the vision and the prophecy. "
37:39 So we need to take a look at what took place
37:41 on this 70th week.
37:44 Most important because it seals the prophecy
37:48 so there is no question about it.
37:50 I run onto people that try to change this.
37:55 And the reason they change it is because it doesn't
37:58 fit quite the way they want to interpret scripture.
38:03 But you have to take a look at what the scripture says.
38:07 So let's look at this 70th week and see what it tells us.
38:22 Now when it says "He shall confirm the covenant, "
38:26 this is talking about the covenant that God made
38:29 with the Jewish people.
38:31 That God made with people period.
38:35 The covenant that He made. And He said He was going to
38:38 "confirm the covenant with them for one week
38:41 and in the very middle of the week He would bring
38:45 the sacrifice and the offerings to an end. "
38:49 Well, if I've got one week
38:54 and I'm going to take a look at it,
38:57 so one week is how many years?
39:01 Seven years.
39:03 OK? One week... each day represents a year.
39:07 So I've got seven years.
39:10 If I add 7 to 27 AD, it takes me to?
39:16 34 AD.
39:19 OK. So that's the week we're going to look at.
39:22 And it said in the middle of the week
39:25 He would cause the sacrifices and oblations
39:28 or offerings to cease.
39:31 If I go to the middle, that's how many years?
39:36 Well that's 3-1/2 years.
39:39 So if I go 3-1/2 years, that takes me to the middle
39:43 of the week... at which time he said the offering
39:47 and sacrifices were all going to come to an end.
39:52 Well, Christ's ministry lasted?
39:57 3-1/2 years.
40:01 So if I come 3-1/2 years, does the scripture record
40:05 anything that took place?
40:23 Right in the middle of the week
40:27 He confirmed the covenant. Do you understand that?
40:32 That He confirmed the covenant?
40:36 That means, dear friend, that covenant that He made
40:39 where He would forgive you of your sins
40:44 and do away with your iniquity
40:49 and make you His people.
40:52 He sealed that... sealed that on Calvary.
40:57 He died... He shed His blood on behalf of you and me
41:04 right in the middle of the week.
41:07 With His death the sacrifices,
41:13 the offerings came to an end
41:17 because the Lamb of God had died.
41:22 The supreme sacrifice in your behalf and mine
41:26 came to... happened.
41:29 Demonstrated His love towards us
41:32 that while we were still sinners He died for us.
41:35 He died there on the cross in your behalf and mine.
41:40 That was exactly in the middle of the week
41:45 as He had prophesied.
41:48 At the same time, in the temple
41:52 the priest is about ready to offer the sacrifice,
41:56 the offering, when all of a sudden that veil
42:00 that we talked about that separated the holy and
42:02 the most holy place... that veil began to tear
42:05 at the top and it tore all the way to the bottom.
42:17 And the way into the most holy place was opened up...
42:23 showing that that sanctuary service
42:27 had come to an end.
42:30 The Lamb of God had died.
42:36 As the Bible prophesied, it took place.
42:44 But if I have 3-1/2 years
42:51 and I have left 3-1/2 years,
42:55 it takes me to 34 AD.
42:58 He said: "Seventy weeks are... " What?
43:01 "Determined for your people and your holy city. "
43:06 He said "I'm going to give you 70 weeks -
43:09 490 years -
43:13 are determined upon you and your people. "
43:17 Well, when we get to 34 AD
43:23 what happened?
43:25 Time came to an end for the Jewish people.
43:29 And I want to clarify something, folks.
43:33 When he said: "Seventy weeks are determined upon you
43:36 and your people, " it did not mean
43:40 that they could not find salvation.
43:44 Didn't mean that at all.
43:46 It meant that God was going to give them
43:50 490 years to accomplish what He wanted them to do.
43:57 But if they did not do that
44:00 then He was going to turn another direction.
44:04 The Jewish people can find salvation
44:08 just the same way as anyone else:
44:13 just simply by opening their heart
44:16 and accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior
44:20 gives them salvation.
44:24 They bring with them a lot of things
44:29 that you and I didn't know.
44:35 They bring with them a heritage and a background
44:38 that is absolutely wonderful.
44:41 All that... and they find fulfillment in it
44:44 in Jesus Christ.
44:47 And those things that they have believed and been taught
44:50 all those years, when that person accepts Christ
44:53 into their heart as their Savior, all of that opens up
44:57 and they become rich in their understanding of God's Word.
45:02 So they're... they are blessed in a special way.
45:07 But they can find salvation just like you and I
45:10 can find salvation.
45:13 But what happened? In 34 AD
45:16 God called... called a man
45:23 by the name of Saul of Tarsus:
45:30 Saul of Tarsus... a Pharisee of the Pharisees...
45:37 on the road to Damascus.
45:41 And Christ spoke to him, and there in the city of Damascus
45:46 he found Christ as his Savior.
45:50 And He said "Go" - speaking of Ananias -
46:02 So in 34 AD, the gospel
46:05 was to go to the Gentiles.
46:10 That's exactly what happened.
46:12 "Seventy weeks are determined on your people. "
46:14 When that came to an end, the gospel went to the Gentiles.
46:19 So as we look at this 2300 "Unto 2,300 days;
46:24 then shall the sanctuary be cleansed, "
46:26 that 2300 years, we've looked at 490 of it.
46:33 So I have to subtract
46:37 490 years
46:40 off of 2300.
46:44 That's what I have to do.
46:45 And when I subtract 490 off of 2300,
46:51 that leaves me 1810 years.
46:57 I have to add that 1810 years to 34.
47:03 And when I add that to it, it takes me to the date
47:07 of 1844 AD...
47:11 at which time the scripture is telling you
47:14 that judgment began in heaven.
47:18 "For unto 2300 days
47:21 then the sanctuary... "
47:23 referring to the sanctuary up in heaven...
47:25 "would be cleansed. "
47:29 And judgment - the cleansing process that took place -
47:33 started in 1844 AD.
47:38 Christ came in before His Father
47:45 and judgment began.
47:48 And as it says, dear friends,
47:51 if you have Christ, then He can stand in your place
47:57 in the judgment there.
48:01 And if Christ stands in your place,
48:04 you have passed from death unto life
48:11 because He is the One that makes all the difference.
48:15 He can say: "I died for this person.
48:20 I paid the price. I paid the debt that that individual
48:24 rightfully owes according to the law.
48:27 I paid that for him. "
48:31 "Not only did I pay that for him
48:35 but I am giving to him...
48:39 My righteousness. "
48:43 And His righteousness, folks,
48:46 is holy, it's just,
48:49 it's good, it's spiritual.
48:52 It meets all the qualifications of the law.
48:57 And Christ grants that to you and to me.
49:02 This is what He does for us.
49:04 So when it says that angel is shouting with a loud voice
49:09 "Fear God and give glory to Him,
49:11 for the hour of His judgment has come, "
49:15 you and I need to know that judgment is going on
49:20 up in heaven now.
49:24 And when it ends - which surely will not be very long -
49:30 Christ is going to say "It's finished! "
49:35 Going to pronounce those words and He's going to come back,
49:39 and you and I need to be ready for His coming.
49:46 Says here: "And worship Him... "
49:57 Worship God who made that.
50:01 Oh it worries me, folks...
50:04 the devil is SO SMART.
50:08 We even get blind-sided
50:13 and we don't understand really what's happening
50:16 and what's taking place.
50:18 You remember Christ being on the mount?
50:24 The devil took Him to this exceedingly-high mountain
50:28 and he said to Him - he showed Him all the kingdoms
50:31 of this world, everything:
50:42 Said: "Just fall down and worship me. "
51:00 That you're to worship the Lord your God
51:03 and Him only shall you serve.
51:07 No one else.
51:09 Now as we have studied the book of Revelation
51:11 we found out that there's a great red dragon.
51:18 And you remember we identified that according to Revelation 12
51:21 and verse 9 that that great red dragon represents
51:26 the devil. Yeah.
51:30 Says it's the "old serpent, the devil and Satan. "
51:33 Also we found out in our study the other night
51:36 that in Revelation the 13th chapter there's a beast:
51:41 the beast from the sea.
51:44 Watch what it says about them:
52:02 So this question of worship
52:05 is very much involved in this message
52:08 this first angel has, saying: "Watch out!
52:11 Be careful. Worship the Lord; don't worship anybody else. "
52:19 Worship... just worship the Lord.
52:24 But like I said, the devil
52:27 comes in and... the back door,
52:32 and we don't even know what he's done.
52:36 Because simply by coming into the educational system
52:43 of our country,
52:45 he's been able to introduce evolution.
52:51 Teaching our young people saying that
52:57 you evolved. This is how you came about.
53:02 Now it says clearly "worship Him who... " what?
53:05 "Made heaven and earth. "
53:09 So the question here, folks, is that of the Creator.
53:14 That Christ is the Creator:
53:18 the One that made the world.
53:21 If I can simply reach in and take away
53:27 Him being the Creator,
53:30 then I lose a part of worship.
53:37 It denies that.
53:41 Not only does it do away with Him as the Creator,
53:44 the moment you move into evolution
53:46 it takes away the creation. It also takes away
53:51 Christ as the Redeemer.
53:55 Don't need a Savior if I evolved.
54:00 Does away with all those things,
54:03 and we have been blind-sided in this.
54:06 And so it says that angel is proclaiming particularly
54:09 to people today to "worship Him
54:13 who made heaven and earth. "
54:16 This is the message that the first angel has.
54:20 Let us pray.
54:22 Father in heaven,
54:24 we ask that You will help us
54:29 that we in preparation
54:32 for the coming of Jesus Christ
54:35 keep our minds and our hearts and our souls
54:39 set upon You and that we we will worship only You.
54:46 May we, day by day, follow You.
54:51 For this we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
54:57 Remember that our next presentation on the
55:00 Second Angel's Message
55:02 deals with the fall of Babylon,
55:06 and we're going to see who is Babylon.
55:10 When we talk about Babylon, who is Babylon?
55:13 And what's involved in the fall of Babylon?
55:17 All that we'll be taking a look at.
55:19 Good night; God bless you.
55:28 All around us we see want and suffering.
55:31 In large cities, millions of human beings
55:34 do not receive as much care and consideration
55:37 as we give beasts of the field.
55:39 Families are herded together in miserable projects.
55:43 Children are born into these terrible places.
55:46 They see nothing of the beauty God has created
55:49 to delight their senses.
55:51 They are left to grow up molded and fashioned by
55:54 wretched and wicked examples all around them.
55:57 They hear the name of God only in profanity.
56:00 Impure words and fumes of liquor and tobacco
56:04 and immoral behavior of every kind
56:07 pervert their tender senses.
56:09 Wretched and pitiful cries for food and clothing are heard
56:13 by parents who know nothing about prayer or a loving Savior.
56:18 But these cries do not go unheard in heaven.
56:22 God sees... God hears.
56:26 Friends, our loving Father has entrusted us
56:29 with abundance to supply the necessities of all.
56:32 But sadly, we're not always faithful stewards.
56:36 Many who have taken on the name of Christ
56:38 spend His money for selfish pleasure,
56:41 extravagant homes and clothing.
56:44 They hardly give a suffering human a look of pity
56:48 or a word of sympathy.
56:50 We are to show the kindness of the Samaritan
56:53 in food, clothing, and shelter for the poor.
56:56 As Christians, our work is to reach the people who
56:59 are neglected and win them to Christ.
57:02 That's the goal of this ministry.
57:05 We want them to know that He is able to save to the uttermost
57:08 and restore them to His image.
57:11 But in order to do this, we need your help.
57:15 Please consider what you can do for those
57:17 who still don't know about Jesus.
57:20 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:21 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:36 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:39 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:42 of salvation to millions around the world.


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