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00:23 And good evening.
00:24 Welcome you tonight back to our series on
00:28 The Revelation of Jesus Christ
00:30 as we continue our study of Revelation the 14th chapter.
00:36 So far we've taken a look at the first angel's message.
00:40 Tonight we're going to take a look
00:42 at the second angel's message.
00:44 And so those of you that are joining us by television
00:48 we welcome you. Glad that you've tuned in.
00:52 Or if you're listening to the radio or watching it on
00:56 the Internet, we're just glad that you're tuning in
00:59 and we hope that what we are studying together on the book
01:03 of Revelation will bless you in a special way.
01:06 Because there's no book in all the Bible
01:11 that's important to the people that are living today
01:16 as the book of Revelation.
01:18 You need to understand the prophecies of Revelation
01:22 to understand where we are
01:24 and what's happening and where we're going.
01:27 So if you've been watching - following the series -
01:30 we hope it's blessed you.
01:32 If you haven't, we hope you can go back and pick up
01:35 some of the subjects and understand them
01:37 and have an opportunity to look at them.
01:40 As I mentioned, this evening we're taking a look at
01:43 The Second Angel's Message.
01:46 The first angel declared to the whole world with a loud voice
01:50 "Fear God; give glory to Him
01:52 for the hour of His judgment has come.
01:56 Worship Him who made heaven and earth and the sea...
01:58 the earth and the springs of water. "
02:01 That was the first angel's message.
02:04 Tonight the second angel's message is a call
02:07 about Babylon and its fall.
02:11 That's what we'll be looking at tonight.
02:14 We're going to have to go back and pick up some history
02:18 so you'll understand what's involved in that fall.
02:22 So we hope you can follow along.
02:24 Our subject... our next presentation is the third angel.
02:29 There's three angels in Revelation 14,
02:31 and the third angel has a special message
02:34 particularly for people right down at the end of time.
02:39 That you and I understand clearly
02:42 what the third angel's message is about.
02:45 And that's our next presentation
02:47 and we know that if you understand it
02:51 it will be a great, great blessing to you.
02:54 So be sure and follow. Get your Bible!
02:56 Get your Bible. Get you some pencil and paper and
03:00 sit down and follow carefully as we go through this subject.
03:05 I'm very happy tonight to continue to have with us
03:09 the His Voice quartet.
03:14 They have blessed my soul. Have you enjoyed them?
03:18 I have very much... they've been great.
03:21 Tonight they're going to be singing
03:24 a medley of What a Friend We Have in Jesus.
03:28 And they will be accompanied at the piano by Janelle Dixon,
03:33 and I know that you're going to enjoy this very very much.
03:37 I've heard them practice
03:38 and I think it's just a very, very beautiful song.
03:42 But before they do, Chuck Allgaier is going to come
03:46 and read our scripture at this time.
03:51 Good evening. Good evening.
03:54 If you have your Bibles with you tonight, we're going to
03:56 continue on with Revelation chapter 14
03:58 and we're going to read Revelation chapter 14 verse 8.
04:02 So if you have your Bible, let's read together...
04:04 Revelation chapter 14 verse 8:
04:07 the second angel's message.
04:21 May God add His blessing to His Word.
04:34 Jesus is all the world to me,
04:38 my life, my joy, my all;
04:43 He is my strength from day to day,
04:48 Without Him I would fall.
04:55 When I am sad
04:57 to Him I go,
05:01 No other one
05:04 can cheer me so;
05:09 When I am sad
05:13 He makes me glad -
05:19 He's my
05:23 friend.
05:26 Jesus is all the world to me,
05:30 And true to Him I'll be... I'll be;
05:35 Oh how could I this friend deny,
05:40 When He's so true
05:43 to me... to me?
05:49 Following Him
05:51 I know I'm right,
05:57 He watches o'er me
06:00 day and night;
06:05 Following Him
06:11 by day and night -
06:17 He's my
06:22 friend.
06:25 Jesus is all the world to me,
06:30 I want no better friend;
06:35 I'll trust Him now,
06:37 I'll trust Him when
06:40 Life's fleeting days shall end.
06:46 Following Him
06:49 I know I'm right,
06:55 He watches o'er me
06:58 day and night;
07:03 Following Him
07:09 by day and
07:11 night -
07:16 He's my
07:22 friend.
07:27 What a friend we have
07:31 in Jesus,
07:35 All our sins and griefs to bear!
07:42 What a privilege
07:46 to carry
07:49 Ev'rything
07:52 to God in prayer!
07:57 O what peace we often
08:01 forfeit,
08:04 O what needless pain
08:08 we bear,
08:12 All because we
08:16 do not carry
08:19 Ev'rything
08:22 to God in prayer!
08:27 Have we trials and
08:32 temptations?
08:35 Is there trouble
08:39 anywhere?
08:43 We should never be
08:47 discouraged -
08:50 Take it to the Lord
08:54 in prayer.
08:57 Can we find
09:00 a friend so faithful
09:04 Who will all our
09:08 sorrows share?
09:13 Jesus knows our
09:17 ev'ry weakness -
09:20 Take it to
09:23 the Lord in prayer.
09:29 What a friend we have in
09:35 Jesus,
09:40 Jesus,
09:47 Je-
09:52 sus.
09:59 Amen!
10:17 Our gracious Lord,
10:20 we come to You tonight to thank you
10:25 for being our friend,
10:28 our Savior,
10:31 our Redeemer.
10:36 Thank you, Lord, for all the things that You do
10:41 for each one of us. And we pray, Lord, that our
10:45 hearts tonight may be open,
10:49 that they may be soft.
10:53 We pray that the Holy Spirit may be present
10:58 and that we might be sensitive
11:02 to Your guidance and Your leading.
11:05 That as we study Your Word that we may sense
11:11 where we are... that we might know how to follow You.
11:15 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
11:25 The second angel's message as you have seen
11:29 is very short and one verse... all it is.
11:34 But that verse is extremely important.
11:50 So this angel is declaring across the whole world
11:54 "Babylon is fallen, is fallen. "
11:58 And the reason is because she has made all nations drink
12:02 of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.
12:07 A man by the name of Charles Dickens
12:10 wrote a book entitled A Tale of Two Cities
12:16 which deals with the cites of Paris and London
12:21 during the late 1700's
12:28 telling about the upheaval and all that was taking place
12:31 in those two cities and what happened.
12:34 When you pick up your Bible and you begin to read through it,
12:39 particularly as you get into prophecy,
12:41 you find a tale of two cities.
12:44 And that tale of the two cities
12:46 is a tale of Jerusalem and Babylon.
12:51 Those two cities are contrasted over and over
12:56 as you go through the Word of God.
12:59 So much of the things that happen to Babylon
13:02 as you approach the end of time
13:05 the apostle John pulls on that
13:10 and makes this application that we're looking at tonight.
13:15 So it becomes important that you and I go back
13:19 and take a look at the history of Babylon
13:22 see what took place - as we make the application to what
13:27 is happening today when it refers to Babylon.
13:31 So that's what we're going to do: we're going to go back,
13:33 take a look, and see what it has to say about the fall
13:37 of Babylon. The first record we have
13:40 of Babylon is found in the book of Genesis.
13:44 And in Genesis the 10th chapter and verse 8 it says:
13:56 So Cush gave birth to Nimrod,
14:00 and Nimrod began to be a mighty individual on the earth.
14:05 If you'd like to do some study in this area,
14:10 particularly with ancient history, I would recommend
14:13 that you go and read a book called The Two Babylons
14:17 by Hislop. He'll give you a lot of the background
14:20 of what's happened here.
14:22 But let's go on, it says:
14:31 So Nimrod who was a mighty individual was a mighty hunter
14:35 before God.
14:42 Now this is the first reference we have to Babylon.
14:46 Babel refers to Babylon of old in the land of Shinar
14:52 and so forth. What happened here?
14:54 Well, after the flood was over
14:58 and people began to live different places
15:01 the animals were no longer tame.
15:07 They became vicious.
15:09 And many of these people feared for their lives because
15:12 of the animals. And you can read the scripture
15:15 where God even said: "I'll drive out the animals ahead of you"
15:19 because the animals were ferocious and all.
15:22 And so the people were concerned about them.
15:24 Any individual that became a great hunter
15:30 was revered by the people.
15:33 And they thought a lot of him because he protected
15:37 their lives. And this is what he did.
15:39 And therefore Nimrod - who was a mighty hunter -
15:43 began to be revered by the people.
15:47 When he set up these cities that are mentioned here,
15:50 and Babel or Babylon being one of them,
15:53 for the first time they began to build walls
15:57 around the city for protection and so forth.
16:01 And this is the reason the people began to place him
16:05 on a pedestal, and they began to consider him
16:09 more than human.
16:12 In fact, because of his greatness
16:16 they began to worship him as a god.
16:22 Began to look upon him as more than human.
16:26 Ancient history tells us that he married a woman
16:30 by the name of Semiramis.
16:33 And they began to worship him - Nimrod -
16:39 as the sun god.
16:42 The sun god to them was the great, great god.
16:46 You see, he was the god that always went forward...
16:51 never went backwards.
16:53 He was the god of conquest.
16:55 And if you go different places like if you go to Europe
16:58 and so forth, watch and you can see them.
17:01 And you can see this man driving these horses
17:04 in a chariot coming up, and that is this god
17:08 that they worshiped as the sun god that always went forward
17:12 and never went backwards. He was the god of conquest.
17:15 And they worshiped Nimrod as this.
17:19 They believed that his wife was a goddess,
17:24 and they worshiped her as a goddess of fertility.
17:29 This is how they looked upon him. In fact,
17:32 when Nimrod died, she told the people
17:37 that her husband had gone back to the sun
17:40 and there he was the god of sun.
17:42 And they worshiped her as a goddess of fertility.
17:48 So this is the beginning of the city of Babylon.
17:52 And as you read through the scripture
17:55 you'll find that Babylon continually - over and over
17:59 and over - worshiped the sun.
18:02 It was their god.
18:05 And you find that this was constantly a problem
18:08 that they had.
18:10 So this is the beginning of Babylon.
18:14 All right. Babylon as as city was built, was destroyed
18:19 and so forth. But when you come along to the time
18:23 of Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuchadnezzar's father
18:27 Nabopolassar is the one who really began to make
18:33 Babylon into the city it became.
18:35 He started it, but it was Nebuchadnezzar
18:39 who enriched it and made it the great city it was.
18:44 Built walls around it and lavished it
18:47 with all kinds of wealth.
18:49 Nebuchadnezzar made the city of Babylon.
18:52 And the people in the city of Babylon worshiped god...
18:57 the god of the sun.
19:00 Well, you remember Nebuchadnezzar came down
19:03 and made a raid on Israel. You remember that?
19:06 Carried off the people of Israel, and among those
19:10 that he carried off were some young men...
19:13 one by the name of Daniel.
19:17 Now folks, this is the beginning
19:20 of God's effort - over and over and over -
19:25 to get the city of Babylon to recognize Him
19:30 as God.
19:32 And so you're going to see effort after effort
19:36 made by God to help these people understand
19:40 that He was God and to get them to accept Him.
19:45 And so one of the first things you read in the book of Daniel
19:48 is where Nebuchadnezzar has a dream.
19:52 And in the dream God shows him all the nations
19:57 and all that took place.
19:58 And Daniel as he interprets that dream
20:01 tells Nebuchadnezzar all that's going to happen.
20:04 And when we come to the end of the dream, it says that
20:08 Nebuchadnezzar said: "Oh, there's no God like
20:10 Daniel's God. " But...
20:14 you don't hear any part on Nebuchadnezzar saying that
20:18 he accepts Daniel's God.
20:20 Just said: "There's no God like Daniel's God. "
20:24 Well, you find it's not too long after this
20:29 that Nebuchadnezzar sets up this image out on the plains
20:32 of Dura and decides that he's going to have the people
20:36 come and worship it.
20:38 They came there, and he told them that when they heard
20:41 the sound of music they were all to bow down and worship it.
20:46 And they all did except
20:49 three Hebrew young men...
20:53 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego...
20:56 and they refused, and you remember the story.
20:59 Because they would not bow to it, Nebuchadnezzar
21:03 had them thrown into the fiery furnace.
21:07 And instead of burning them up
21:10 it just burned the ropes off of them
21:15 and there they were walking around in the furnace.
21:19 It says one other person was walking around with them
21:23 like unto the Son of God.
21:26 And when Nebuchadnezzar got through with that
21:30 he said "there is no God like these"
21:33 and you hear all the praise that he had for the God of
21:37 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
21:42 Nebuchadnezzar continues to worship the sun.
21:48 And no... no change here
21:51 as they continue over and over.
21:54 We come on down and God gets very personal
22:00 with Nebuchadnezzar,
22:02 and He talks to him very, very seriously.
22:07 He has this to say to him:
22:16 I mean things were nice in Babylon, folks.
22:20 They were flourishing... I mean it was good!
22:23 OK?
22:49 I want you to listen to this.
22:52 Here's this tree. Height of it is great.
22:57 Listen:
23:09 Huge tree.
23:20 I mean this is describing how that all that could see it
23:25 were fed, OK?
23:39 I mean Babylon at this time, folks, is flourishing
23:44 and the people are cared for and fed and all.
23:47 And so this is a real problem.
23:50 It's a problem... particularly for the Jewish people
23:57 because when God called them out of Babylon
24:02 things were nice in Babylon...
24:07 not nice at Jerusalem.
24:10 OK, so here they're being fed. Watch:
25:22 Said: "Take him, give him the heart of a beast;
25:29 let him eat grass with the cattle. "
25:35 Nebuchadnezzar could not comprehend
25:37 what was going on here.
25:39 Could not understand it, and finally after the wise men
25:44 were not able to tell him he called in Daniel
25:49 and Daniel told him what it meant.
25:53 These are Daniel's words to him:
26:08 He said: "This is what's happening. "
26:21 Terrible.
26:23 "Make you eat grass like an oxen. "
26:41 Said: "Never tells us what's going to happen to you
26:45 until you wake up, until you realize that God
26:49 is the One that rules in the affairs of man. "
27:12 Said: "King, change... repent, change your ways.
27:18 Don't continue going the way you are. "
27:22 Well, sadly to say, folks,
27:27 so often when we're shaken
27:32 we feel that we must do something.
27:37 We've got to change... we need to make a change.
27:40 But give us a month or two and we're right back
27:44 in the same old rut.
27:49 When the catastrophe took place in New York
27:54 and it shook the whole nation,
27:59 I will never forget the advice that was given.
28:02 After a few weeks they said:
28:05 "Well go back to like you were before. "
28:09 No, that isn't what we needed to do.
28:12 That isn't what we needed to do.
28:14 That's what we do all too often,
28:16 and that's what Nebuchadnezzar did.
28:19 Shaken to the very core
28:22 but a few months passes and he's back to exactly where he was.
28:38 Here he is walking about the royal palace of Babylon.
28:59 Said: "Isn't this great Babylon? "
29:02 Listen to those words, folks, because they're repeated
29:05 in Revelation.
29:07 "Is this not the great Babylon that I have built?
29:12 All that I've set up here. "
29:29 Left him. That very day it left him.
29:35 And that very day
29:38 his heart was changed to that of a beast
29:42 and he began to eat grass like an oxen.
29:49 Seven years... seven years
29:53 until he woke up.
29:57 And there you find the conversion of Nebuchadnezzar
30:02 took place.
30:04 But unfortunately,
30:06 it didn't convert the city of Babylon.
30:11 The city of Babylon continued to worship the sun.
30:16 Didn't change that city.
30:20 They were still opposed to God,
30:24 and thus here in this chapter -
30:27 the 4th chapter of Daniel -
30:30 you have the fall of Babylon.
30:35 The destruction of Babylon
30:38 doesn't take place until the 5th chapter.
30:42 And in the 5th chapter it says:
31:06 That very night Babylon was destroyed.
31:21 So here in the 4th chapter of Daniel
31:24 you have the fall of Babylon.
31:28 In the 5th chapter you have the destruction of Babylon.
31:32 So when you get to the book of Revelation
31:34 and you're studying the book of Revelation
31:37 and you get here to the 14th chapter,
31:40 you have the fall of Babylon.
31:45 That's what we're looking at.
31:46 The destruction of Babylon does not take place
31:50 until the 18th chapter.
31:52 You need to understand when we're talking about the fall...
31:55 And in the fall of Babylon God gave the people
32:01 an opportunity to what? To repent.
32:07 Change their ways.
32:08 He had pled with them. He had given them ample evidence
32:12 over and over and over again
32:14 of His power and His might and His greatness.
32:17 And they had seen that but they refused to accept it.
32:20 And it wasn't till you get to the...
32:24 years, several years later,
32:27 that you have the destruction of Babylon.
32:31 OK.
32:45 Please notice that this message that this angel is proclaiming
32:50 to all of them... he's not saying Babylon is going to fall.
32:57 He says "Babylon IS FALLEN. "
33:00 It's already happened.
33:02 This is not a case of something saying
33:06 "Well, you know, maybe she'll turn; maybe she'll change.
33:09 Maybe this will take place. "
33:11 No, that's not the case here.
33:15 But you must understand when it says that Babylon
33:18 has fallen that means that she has fallen in the eyes
33:24 of man... excuse me... in the eyes of God
33:29 she has fallen... not in the eyes of man.
33:34 Babylon has fallen in the eyes of God,
33:38 but she has not fallen in the eyes of man
33:42 because you find that she leads them contrary to God
33:46 very much in a different way after this.
33:49 So it's important that we understand this when he's
33:53 talking about...
33:56 And I would say to you tonight, folks,
34:00 very, very important that you establish who Babylon is
34:06 because that helps you see the whole picture
34:11 as we take a look at it.
34:13 It says here in Revelation 13:
34:38 Now there's many people down through the years
34:41 that have taken and said that Babylon
34:45 was papal Rome.
34:49 But no... Babylon is not papal Rome because
34:54 the beast that came out of the sea
34:56 God has assigned as papal Rome.
35:00 He said she is papal Rome.
35:03 So God has assigned that to this beast in the sea.
35:07 Talks about papal Rome and its rise.
35:11 So when we're talking about this beast here
35:14 in the sea it describes that as papal Rome.
35:17 And we gave you 7 points of identification the other night
35:21 so you can know exactly who that was.
35:24 All right.
35:30 Therefore this power must be a world wide power
35:36 because it says she has made "all nations drink. "
35:40 So you can't... you can't take Babylon
35:44 and assign it to some little part or power or something
35:49 somewhere. It's got to refer to something
35:51 that has influence over the whole world.
35:55 That has to be that. OK.
36:00 Without question, folks, the papal power had world wide power
36:06 and the world has followed her.
36:10 But you must understand that when the Bible talks about
36:16 the beast it's talking about
36:19 a political, secular power.
36:25 OK? And so when we're talking about
36:29 papal Rome it refers to it as the beast.
36:35 That is talking about a political power.
36:39 And by the way, papal Rome is a political power.
36:43 You have to understand that.
36:45 So she's a political power, and that's what its referring to.
36:49 It talks about the false prophet
36:53 which we found out the other night the scripture identifies
36:57 as the United States.
36:59 Which when you take a look at it
37:01 it is a political, secular power.
37:05 It talks about the dragon...
37:07 which the dragon represented pagan Rome.
37:11 And you're going to see the influence of pagan Rome
37:14 on it here as we take a look.
37:16 These are the things that are involved here,
37:20 and you need to understand how they all fit together
37:23 as we take a look at it.
37:42 So we've got these three that make up a trinity -
37:46 if you please - that goes contrary to the Word of God.
37:52 They are opposed to God's Word.
37:55 They are opposed to God's people.
37:58 This is what they set out to do:
38:14 So it speaks of these three.
38:18 These three are the political
38:21 backbone of this union.
38:25 Now I hope you understand:
38:28 churches do not have power.
38:34 Do you understand that?
38:36 Churches do not have political power.
38:40 They are churches... they are organizations.
38:44 Any time in history that you have read
38:49 about a particular church
38:54 persecuting... this type of thing... you will find that
38:59 she always uses a political power to do that.
39:03 She always uses a political power.
39:06 She cannot of herself do that.
39:09 So this is the reason you need a political power
39:13 here involved in this.
39:16 And it's very important that you and I understand that
39:20 as we take a look at it.
39:22 It talks about the false prophet and the beast.
39:38 So you have the beast, you have the false prophet,
39:42 and you have the dragon... those three.
39:45 Watch... if you've got your Bible,
39:49 turn with me over to the
39:54 the 16th chapter I think is what I want...
39:58 the 16th chapter of Revelation.
40:08 Yes, verse 19.
40:13 Revelation 16 verse 19,
40:16 listen to what it says:
40:19 "And the great city was divided into...
40:25 three parts. " See?
40:28 "The great city was divided into three parts,
40:31 and the cities of the nations fell
40:34 and Great Babylon was remembered before God
40:37 to give her the cup of the wine
40:39 of the fury of His wrath. "
40:41 So here it's talking about Babylon being divided
40:45 into 3 parts. And those 3 parts that we have just looked at
40:49 is that of papal Rome,
40:54 the false prophet, and the dragon.
40:56 And you're going to see in just a little bit how that all
40:59 comes together and fits together
41:02 and works, because this is a confederacy, folks...
41:08 this is a confederacy of false belief.
41:12 That's what you have here that makes up Babylon:
41:16 a confederacy of false belief.
41:19 And so it's divided into three parts.
41:31 You see, made means enforcement.
41:35 Going to make people do that.
41:37 And in order to make somebody do that
41:40 you have to have... you have to have the arm of the state
41:46 to do that. You've got to be able to enforce it.
41:49 And so she's going to make the people drink of the wine
41:53 of the wrath of her fornication.
41:56 Very, very important. Now...
42:05 So how does that become a confederacy of false belief?
42:11 Simply this way:
42:14 Out of the dragon you have paganism.
42:18 OK?
42:21 Out of the false prophet you have Protestantism.
42:26 And out of papal Rome
42:30 you have Catholicism.
42:33 Those are the three.
42:36 We're talking now about belief.
42:38 You see, this is what is there.
42:41 So this is a union
42:45 of taking all three of those things
42:49 and putting them together.
42:52 And this is what the scripture refers to as Babylon.
43:00 Babel. You know what that meant?
43:03 Confusion.
43:06 In other words, it's taking these three beliefs
43:10 and trying to bring them all together.
43:13 And God refers to that as Babylon.
43:17 And this is what we're looking at here:
43:20 these three that have been put together.
43:34 You see it's the enforcement of this that brings about
43:39 what the scripture refers to as the mark of the beast
43:43 because it's taking these three, putting them together.
43:47 And out of that enforcing... making the world follow it...
43:51 and this brings about the enforcement of what
43:55 the scripture refers to as the mark of the beast.
44:01 So when we say: "Who is Babylon? "
44:04 Babylon is a system of false beliefs
44:10 made up of paganism,
44:14 Protestantism and Catholicism.
44:18 That's what it's made of.
44:20 And in the last days it says that is going to figure
44:25 into the overall scheme in a very, very definite way.
44:31 And by the way... put it down...
44:35 when we read about the fall... I mean the collapse of Babylon
44:41 Babylon is doing very, very well.
44:46 I don't know if you're catching what I'm trying to tell you,
44:49 but the scripture pictures that she is doing well.
44:55 She falls in the eyes of God
44:59 but not in the eyes of man.
45:02 And so she is doing well.
45:05 Financially things are going very good...
45:09 until she collapses.
45:11 When she collapses, then it doesn't go well at all.
45:15 But until then... yes, she's doing well.
45:20 So you can see as you watch
45:24 and you watch the things that are taking place
45:26 you're going to see this whole process take place.
45:30 But it's the false beliefs that we need to follow.
45:45 Hmmm... made drunk
45:49 with the wine of her fornication.
45:53 Let me ask you something:
45:55 can you reason with a drunk man?
46:00 No! You can't reason with a drunk man. Impossible.
46:05 I can remember when I was young
46:09 just starting in the ministry. We were going to hold a meeting
46:14 in a place called Raton, New Mexico.
46:17 And in this little town where I lived we had a drunk.
46:22 He... you know... everybody knew him.
46:26 We all called him Moose is what we called him.
46:30 And he had showed up at the church a time or two
46:35 wanting help, and we had given him some help
46:38 from time to time. But, uh, he...
46:41 I can remember showed up at the church talking to us.
46:46 And so we decided that we were going to really
46:50 do something for Moose and try to get him to
46:53 change his way and his life and all, you know.
46:56 And so... So we went up to Raton, New Mexico,
46:59 and we were pitching a tent to prepare for the meeting
47:03 and get all things ready and Moose was helping us.
47:06 And he worked there with us and helped us and all.
47:09 And being young and not understanding some basic things
47:15 that I probably needed to understand
47:17 but since he had worked for us and helped us there
47:19 I decided that I should pay him.
47:22 See? Bad decision, folks.
47:25 See? But anyway, I paid Moose for helping us there.
47:30 Well, he took the money and went out and got drunk.
47:34 You know? And all...
47:36 Well, that night he came to the meeting.
47:39 And not too unusual for me to have somebody drunk
47:44 come to the meeting. But anyhow, he came to the meeting.
47:47 But here I was up there preaching
47:50 and right during the sermon he got up and came walking down
47:54 the aisle there yelling "Eve came from an apple.
47:57 Eve came from an apple. "
47:59 You know? And I just
48:02 finally looked at him and said "Moose, sit down and be quiet. "
48:05 So he did; didn't say any more.
48:08 But you can't reason with a drunk, folks.
48:12 And these people are drunk with the wine of the wrath
48:16 of this woman.
48:18 They're drunk with these beliefs,
48:20 and so the question of reasoning or getting them
48:24 to understand the Word of God is almost out of the question.
48:27 They can't understand because they're drunk
48:29 with the wine of this woman.
48:33 This is where they are.
48:35 And this is what it's talking about, what it's referring to.
48:38 So you have...
48:44 Now if you've got those three beliefs -
48:50 religious beliefs -
48:53 and they're all going to be coming together,
48:57 what do they have in common?
49:03 What do they have in common?
49:06 What do they believe that they can unite together
49:09 and form a system of false belief?
49:13 Well... they all have Sunday worship.
49:22 See? They all have Sunday worship.
49:27 Came from Babylon - paganism. That's where it came from,
49:30 folks, their worship of the sun god.
49:33 They went out and worshiped the sun.
49:36 And so it was handed... handed to Catholicism.
49:42 And Catholicism took the belief of Sunday
49:47 as a day of worship and bequeathed it to Protestantism
49:51 as a sacred legacy. And so today
49:54 you have those three all believing
49:59 in worship on Sunday.
50:02 This is one point they can unite on.
50:07 Another thing they believed was the immortality of the soul.
50:13 And again, comes directly from paganism.
50:18 Greek mythology that taught
50:23 that the body was the prison house of the soul
50:28 and when a person died the soul was set free.
50:33 In fact, that's even where they got Spartan soldiers, folks.
50:36 When a baby boy was born, they took him and put him...
50:41 took him up on top of a mountain, laid him on a shield
50:46 and went off and left him for 24 hours.
50:50 And if he survived, he became a Spartan soldier.
50:55 This was part of their belief.
50:57 This again was given to Catholicism,
51:03 and Catholicism handed it to Protestantism...
51:06 and so all of them hold the immortality of the soul,
51:10 the natural immortality of the soul, as a belief.
51:13 And so these are points that they can unite on
51:17 and come together and say "This is what we believe. "
51:20 And the scripture says that as they unite
51:24 this will be looked upon as something that will
51:28 bless them and cause them to prosper.
51:32 And thus they place their blessing and ENFORCE
51:36 certain beliefs. Now, let me tell you something:
51:40 what do you have to do when it comes to belief
51:44 to be able to enforce it?
51:48 Do you know?
51:50 Well, yeah, you have to have law.
51:52 But if I believe in something
51:57 that I accept in my mind,
52:02 you don't know whether I believe that or not.
52:05 That's just between me and the Lord.
52:07 But when I believe in something that changes lifestyle
52:12 you can enforce that.
52:16 You follow me?
52:19 So this is what it's talking about: enforcement of it.
52:32 You see, this is Babylon.
52:36 Those that follow her beliefs the scripture classifies
52:41 as her daughters.
52:43 This is where we are... where we stand.
52:46 And so here you find that as we get into scripture
52:49 God gives an invitation and says here:
53:03 You see, Babylon has fallen,
53:05 but God says there's people in Babylon
53:11 that are His people that He is calling out.
53:16 Calling them to come out of her. Not to be part of it.
53:20 Not to receive of her sins and what she's done.
53:25 And so you and I must be faithful to God's Word.
53:30 We must stand solidly upon the Word of God
53:35 and make sure that what we believe
53:38 is where we stand and not be willing to be swayed
53:44 by the conditions and the things that are taking place.
53:47 Let us pray.
53:50 Father in heaven,
53:53 we ask tonight that we might
53:57 make sure that our hearts are surrendered to God.
54:03 That we follow Him.
54:08 That we stay true to Your Word.
54:11 That we don't permit
54:16 the things of this world to attract us.
54:20 Even though it may be nice in Babylon, Lord,
54:25 and it may be rough outside,
54:29 help us to trust You, be willing to stand for You,
54:34 and to follow You. Bless each one we pray
54:39 in Your name, Amen.
54:45 Well tomorrow we'll be going into the third
54:50 angel's message... something that is very,
54:55 very much involved in what we talked about tonight.
54:58 All three of these angel's messages are together
55:02 and so we have to understand what it's talking about.
55:04 So be sure and join us. Good night; God bless you.
55:15 All around us we see want and suffering.
55:18 In large cities, millions of human beings
55:21 do not receive as much care and consideration
55:24 as we give beasts of the field.
55:26 Families are herded together in miserable projects.
55:30 Children are born into these terrible places.
55:33 They see nothing of the beauty God has created
55:36 to delight their senses.
55:38 They are left to grow up molded and fashioned by
55:41 wretched and wicked examples all around them.
55:44 They hear the name of God only in profanity.
55:47 Impure words and fumes of liquor and tobacco
55:51 and immoral behavior of every kind
55:54 pervert their tender senses.
55:57 Wretched and pitiful cries for food and clothing are heard
56:01 by parents who know nothing about prayer or a loving Savior.
56:05 But these cries do not go unheard in heaven.
56:09 God sees... God hears.
56:13 Friends, our loving Father has entrusted us
56:16 with abundance to supply the necessities of all.
56:19 But sadly, we're not always faithful stewards.
56:23 Many who have taken on the name of Christ
56:26 spend His money for selfish pleasure,
56:29 extravagant homes and clothing.
56:31 They hardly give a suffering human a look of pity
56:35 or a word of sympathy.
56:37 We are to show the kindness of the Samaritan
56:40 in food, clothing, and shelter for the poor.
56:43 As Christians, our work is to reach the people who
56:47 are neglected and win them to Christ.
56:49 That's the goal of this ministry.
56:52 We want them to know that He is able to save to the uttermost
56:56 and restore them to His image.
56:58 But in order to do this, we need your help.
57:02 Please consider what you can do for those
57:05 who still don't know about Jesus.
57:07 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:09 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:24 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:27 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:30 of salvation to millions around the world.


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