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00:22 And welcome this morning to The Revelation of Jesus Christ
00:28 as we continue to study the book of Revelation.
00:31 The revealing of God's Word...
00:35 the revealing of Jesus Christ.
00:38 The revealing of what is happening in the world,
00:42 what is to take place in the preparation for the
00:46 coming of Jesus Christ. That's what we're looking at
00:49 as we go through the book of Revelation.
00:51 In this particular series we're looking at
00:54 Revelation the 13th through the 16th chapters.
00:58 And we have been looking at in the last night or two
01:03 the Three Angels' Messages.
01:06 And we finished the first and second,
01:09 and today we're going to take a look at the
01:11 Third Angel's Message.
01:16 Extremely vital and important
01:22 that you and I understand this particular message
01:25 because it carries in it tremendous... how should I say?
01:30 consequences.
01:31 And so we hope that you will get your Bible.
01:35 Get a note pad, pencil, and follow as we go through it.
01:40 If you're just joining us by television,
01:43 we welcome you. Glad you tuned in
01:47 and we hope that the message will be a blessing to you.
01:50 Those of you that are listening by radio or watching
01:53 on the Internet, we welcome you also.
01:55 And we hope that these messages on Revelation
01:59 will help you in your understanding of God's Word
02:03 and be drawn closer to the Lord
02:06 as you continue to study His Word.
02:09 Uh, our next presentation is entitled:
02:17 Because if you read the 14th chapter
02:20 and you come to the end of the third angel's message,
02:23 it goes immediately into the coming of Jesus.
02:26 And so that's what we're going to talk about.
02:29 And with that we will finish up the 14th chapter
02:33 in our next presentation. So follow us as we
02:37 talk about the coming of Jesus Christ
02:40 and what the scripture has to say about it.
02:42 In that chapter it tells you and I what we need to be doing
02:46 in preparing for the coming of Jesus.
02:49 So very important part of the 14th chapter
02:54 and we invite you to be sure and follow.
02:56 As we look at the third angel's message
02:59 this morning, you need to understand clearly...
03:06 you need to understand clearly
03:09 what the scripture is saying.
03:12 And it doesn't have to be a mystery, folks.
03:15 It doesn't have to be something you can't understand.
03:18 You can understand it without any question.
03:21 All you have to do is just follow the verses
03:24 as we go through them step by step.
03:26 So we hope that it will help you as you understand
03:31 what is happening.
03:32 We have been blessed and delighted to have with us
03:36 the His Voice male quartet.
03:40 They have sung for us in each presentation
03:43 and we've just been blessed in a very, very special way
03:48 by them being here. And we thank you fellows
03:50 for being with us and for joining us.
03:53 It's been a real blessing to have you here.
03:55 Uh, they're going to sing a song this morning entitled
03:59 Abide in Him... or Abide in Me.
04:03 And so we know you'll be blessed as they sing.
04:06 Before they do, Chuck Allgaier is going to come
04:10 and he's going to read to us
04:12 the scripture that we'll be looking at in this presentation.
04:16 And we hope that you will follow carefully
04:19 as he reads through it, and then they'll sing for us.
04:22 Good morning. Good morning.
04:26 If you have your Bibles with you this morning,
04:28 we're going to continue on with Revelation chapter 14.
04:31 So if you have your Bibles with you, take your Bibles
04:34 and turn them to Revelation chapter 14.
04:36 We're going to read verses 9 through 13.
04:40 Let's read together:
05:38 May the Lord add His blessing.
05:57 Abide in me,
06:01 oh my Lord,
06:03 You promised in Your Holy Word
06:09 You would call my name... and I have heard.
06:13 I ask you, Lord,
06:18 abide in me.
06:21 Abide in me.
06:24 Abide in me,
06:27 day and night,
06:29 and while abiding make my choices right.
06:35 Help me see because You are my light.
06:39 Eternal light,
06:45 abide in me.
06:50 Everything I see around me
06:55 seems so empty and so lost.
07:00 I need Your direction...
07:05 I'm ready for
07:08 the cost.
07:14 Abide in me,
07:17 Lord I pray,
07:20 Holy Spirit... life and truth and way.
07:25 Teach me how to think and what to say.
07:30 Come in to stay.
07:35 Abide in me. Abide in me.
07:41 My life I throw open wide.
07:46 Won't You come and make Your home inside?
07:51 How I need You! Won't You be my guide?
07:56 I love You, Lord... love You.
08:00 Abide in me... I love You.
08:06 Abide in me.
08:17 Abide in me.
08:27 Amen!
08:43 Father in heaven,
08:47 the prayer of our hearts this morning is
08:50 to abide in us.
08:53 We ask, Lord, that our hearts may be open.
08:58 That we will invite You in.
09:02 And may the Holy Spirit be present to guide
09:07 and impress us, lead us into all truth.
09:10 May our hearts and our minds be surrendered.
09:17 And we ask, Lord, that we each
09:21 might be given insight
09:24 that we may see clearly what Your Word teaches.
09:30 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
09:41 The third angel's message
09:44 about receiving the mark of the beast.
09:48 I'm going to read to you those scriptures again.
09:54 And the reason I'm going to read them to you again
09:57 is because in those scriptures
10:01 it clearly, clearly tells you what the mark of the beast is
10:08 and it also clearly tells you how not to receive it.
10:13 So I want you to listen carefully
10:16 to what those scriptures that were read to you
10:19 have to say because it doesn't leave any question.
10:24 You and I can know exactly what it's talking about.
10:28 So let's go to Revelation the 14th chapter,
10:32 take a look at verse 9:
11:27 Now folks, this particular verse or these verses
11:32 have a finality to it that the whole thing is coming to an end.
11:37 It's coming to a close.
11:39 And here he's talking about those that receive the
11:42 mark of the beast and those that do not receive
11:45 the mark of the beast.
11:47 That's the reason for this next verse.
12:07 In other words, with the mark of the beast
12:10 God is saying: "Blessed are the dead
12:13 because the world is moving into the final events,
12:17 the close... what is about to happen. "
12:20 So He's saying these people that die
12:23 they're blessed in a special way
12:26 because of the things that are coming.
12:29 Now I want to also share with you a couple verses
12:32 from the 13th chapter that speak specifically
12:36 about the mark of the beast.
12:37 And it says this:
12:57 So these are the words of scripture
13:01 describing what is to happen
13:03 right down at the close of time.
13:08 As you read did you notice it kind of puts you in a...
13:12 between a rock and a hard place?
13:16 Absolutely what it does.
13:18 It puts you between a rock and a hard place.
13:22 You have to make a choice.
13:24 You can sit on the fence only so long
13:28 but you come to the place where you have to make a decision.
13:34 And that decision simply is this, folks:
13:37 are you going to follow the Lamb
13:40 or are you going to follow the beast?
13:42 There's no in between.
13:45 There's no such thing as saying:
13:47 "Well I'm not going to do either one. " No!
13:49 You ARE going to do one or the other.
13:52 And so you're kind of between a rock and a hard place
13:56 because all those that decide
14:02 to follow the Lamb... they're going to receive
14:05 the wrath of the beast.
14:08 I mean that scripture is very clear.
14:12 All those that say: "No, I'm going to follow Christ;
14:16 I'm going to walk with Him;
14:17 I'm going to follow Him"
14:19 then they're going to receive the wrath of the beast. Listen:
14:37 See? I mean this is very, very clear
14:41 that the beast here and the other powers that are
14:44 involved with him, they're going to put teeth
14:46 in what is taking place.
14:48 And if you say: "I'm going to follow Christ, "
14:51 yes... you need to be very clear
14:53 on what you believe and where you stand.
15:04 So it's telling you that this is... serious things, folks.
15:10 This is not - how should I say it? - this is not pablum.
15:15 This is not something that's sweet and all that.
15:18 It's just not.
15:20 It's very clear that you need to decide.
15:22 You need to make up your mind and say:
15:24 "Listen, I'm going to follow the Lord. Come what may
15:28 I'm going to follow Him. "
15:30 But if you do, you must understand
15:33 that you're going to receive the wrath of the beast.
15:44 If you say: "No, I'm going to go along with the beast.
15:49 I'm going to go along with the majority.
15:51 I'm going to follow what the rest of the world does...
15:54 it really isn't that important.
15:56 I don't have to really make that decision.
15:59 I'm just going to go along with everybody else. "
16:02 Then dear friend, I'm sorry,
16:03 but you're going to receive the wrath of God.
16:08 That's what it says.
16:11 That the time has come where you've got to say
16:16 "I'm on one side or the other. "
16:20 And you have to say: "Yes, I am serious about
16:24 what I am doing
16:26 and I'm going to walk and I'm going to follow the Lord. "
16:28 Because this is what happens to those people who do not
16:32 follow Christ, do not walk with Him.
16:36 Then they receive the mark... those people
16:40 receive the wrath of God.
16:59 When it says "the wrath of God is complete"
17:02 let me assure you that is rough.
17:06 That is hard when the wrath of God is complete.
17:10 It goes on:
17:34 You say: "Oh, I'm going to go along with the beast.
17:38 I'm going to follow the majority in this thing. "
17:41 Then dear friend, prepare yourself
17:44 because you're going to receive the wrath of God
17:48 which is the seven last plagues.
17:50 So as I was saying, it puts you between a rock and a hard place
17:55 because you have to either say "OK, I'm willing to accept
17:58 the wrath of the beast and I'm going to follow the Lord"
18:02 or "I'm going to follow the beast and receive
18:05 the wrath of God. "
18:07 I don't know about you,
18:10 but I'd like to be like David.
18:14 Say: "Let me throw myself in hands of God.
18:20 He's merciful, you know.
18:24 He's merciful. He will care for me
18:26 and He will look after me. "
18:28 Therefore, dear friend, I can assure you...
18:32 I can assure you the beast won't look after you.
18:40 That won't happen.
18:42 Just will not happen!
18:44 But I can make a decision and say: "I stand
18:48 on the side of God. "
18:50 So who is involved in the mark of the beast?
18:55 When you talk about the mark of the beast,
18:58 who is involved in this?
19:01 Well, let's take a look and see if we can see
19:03 who the players are in this.
19:31 So you've got here these spirits of demons,
19:34 like frogs, coming out of the mouth of the dragon,
19:38 out of the mouth of the beast,
19:40 and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
19:44 And they've gone out and to gather the world...
19:49 lead to the great battle of God Almighty.
20:00 Now when it speaks of the dragon
20:02 we found out that that dragon referred to is the one
20:06 there in Revelation 12.
20:08 And the dragon in Revelation 12 represents paganism.
20:16 Pagan Rome. But it also in verse 9 tells you
20:20 it clearly represents the devil.
20:22 OK? Then we find it says here
20:26 "Then the beast... " so here's the second one.
20:29 We have the dragon; now we've got the beast.
20:36 So we've got another one here.
20:38 We've got the dragon; we've got the beast.
20:41 Now we have the false prophet.
20:52 So these three are involved here
20:56 and they are the ones who are going to be foremost
21:00 in bringing about the mark of the beast
21:04 and the enforcement of it.
21:06 The dragon which represents basically,
21:11 uh, paganism... that part...
21:16 the beast and the false prophet.
21:21 Folks, when the Bible uses these... talks about the dragon,
21:25 false prophet, and the beast,
21:28 these are political powers.
21:32 This is civil power.
21:36 That's the way the scripture always classifies it.
21:39 Talks about beasts as civil powers.
21:42 And so this is the civil power
21:48 to enforce something.
21:51 I tried to mention this the other night.
21:53 A church does not have that power...
21:57 A spiritual entity does not have that power.
22:02 It takes the arm of state
22:05 to put teeth into it and make it happen.
22:10 And that is what these three are:
22:13 they're the civil part of that.
22:17 There is a spiritual part to this
22:21 because you have the dragon, the false prophet and the beast.
22:25 But this also represents paganism,
22:29 Protestantism, and Catholicism.
22:32 These three - the spiritual part - makes up what we
22:37 talked about in our last presentation.
22:39 Makes up what the scripture refers to here in Revelation
22:44 as Babylon.
22:46 That's Babylon. It's made up of this part,
22:50 and this part is the one that takes false teachings
22:54 and uses that to lead the people and help them
22:59 accept certain things that the world goes along with.
23:03 So these are the ones that are involved.
23:06 There is one more part involved that I want to mention
23:11 here, and that is what is found in Revelation 17...
23:15 because it says:
23:32 Now I haven't talked about these yet.
23:35 The next series next time I'll talk about the ten kings
23:39 and how this all fits into it.
23:42 But it says:
23:50 So we have these four that are involved.
23:55 We have the dragon; we have the beast;
23:59 we have the false prophet; and we have the ten kings.
24:02 Those ten kings represent the nations of Western Europe.
24:06 And we will define that and go into that in our next series.
24:11 But these are the ones that are involved.
24:13 And they're the ones that are going to be bringing about
24:17 and enforcing the mark of the beast.
24:22 OK, what IS the mark of the beast?
24:26 What is it when we talk about it?
24:30 Well, let's see what the scripture tells us.
24:43 So it makes it very clear
24:45 that the mark of the beast is placed in the forehead
24:49 or on the hand.
24:51 Now that does not mean, folks,
24:56 that does not mean that they're going to...
25:00 people or somebody is going to come around
25:02 with a branding iron and brand you on the forehead or
25:06 on the hand.
25:08 It doesn't mean that somebody's going to come around
25:11 with a needle and a syringe and insert some kind of a chip
25:17 in your forehead or in your hand.
25:19 Does not mean that.
25:21 That is not what the scripture is trying to say here.
25:27 When it says that the mark of the beast is received
25:31 in the forehead, that through scripture
25:34 represents intelligence.
25:36 That's where I give mental assent to something.
25:39 That's what I believe... that's what I accept.
25:42 And I say: "Well, I'm going to go along
25:46 with the teachings that the spiritual powers here -
25:52 paganism and the beast and the false prophet -
25:54 are putting out that they made the world drunk with the wine
25:58 of her fornication. " That's her false teachings.
26:01 And I say: "I believe that; I'm going to go along with that. "
26:05 Then dear friend, that is how you receive it in your forehead.
26:11 If I say: "Well, I don't agree with either one.
26:14 I'm going to straddle the fence, " that's how
26:16 you get it in the hand.
26:19 You see, you can receive the mark of the beast
26:22 in the forehead or on the hand
26:24 either one, because the right hand simply represents
26:27 cooperation.
26:30 I'm willing to cooperate,
26:31 I'm willing to go along with it,
26:33 and so I receive the mark on my hand.
26:37 And by the way, in contrast to the mark of the beast,
26:41 you have the seal of God.
26:45 If you'll notice when you read scripture,
26:48 the seal of God is never placed on the hand...
26:52 always on the forehead.
26:54 In other words, you and I have to be willing to say
26:58 "Yes, Lord, I accept this. This is what I believe. "
27:02 See? So what is the mark of the beast?
27:08 Now folks, I told you these scriptures define
27:12 clearly the mark of the beast.
27:15 They also define clearly how not to receive it.
27:18 I'm going to read to you
27:21 Revelation 14 verses 9-12.
27:27 I should say 9 through 11.
27:32 And when I'm through reading that
27:37 I'm going to ask you a question.
27:40 And it's not going to be a difficult question.
27:44 It's not a trick question...
27:46 I'm just going to ask you a question.
27:47 And if you answer it right,
27:50 we'll go on.
27:54 If you answer it wrong,
27:56 I'm going to back these texts up and read it to you again
28:00 until you answer it right.
28:03 OK? So please listen carefully to what it has to say:
28:35 OK.
28:48 OK, those three scriptures...
28:52 do they talk about the people
28:54 that receive the mark of the beast?
28:56 You're quiet.
28:59 I'm sure you can do better than that.
29:01 OK? You don't sound very sure to me.
29:07 Let's go back.
29:27 Is that talking about people
29:28 that receive the mark of the beast?
29:30 Yes.
29:38 Is that talking abou those that receive the mark of the beast?
29:40 Yes.
29:51 Is that talking about people
29:53 that receive the mark of the beast?
29:55 Yes.
29:56 Those three verses talk clearly about those who receive
30:00 the mark of the beast.
30:02 Now, I'm going to read to you verse 12.
30:16 Do these people receive the mark of the beast?
30:19 No, they don't receive the mark of the beast.
30:23 Why don't they receive the mark of the beast?
30:29 Yeah, 'cause they keep the commandments of God
30:32 and have faith in Jesus.
30:33 So if I keep God's commandments,
30:37 I have faith in Jesus Christ,
30:40 I will not receive the mark of the beast.
30:44 That is clear.
30:46 Therefore... THEREFORE,
30:50 if I keep God's commandments and have the faith of Jesus
30:55 I don't receive the mark of the beast.
30:57 Therefore the mark of the beast
31:00 must affect the commandments of God and the faith
31:04 of Jesus Christ.
31:07 Just a logical conclusion
31:10 because if you do them, you don't receive it.
31:13 So therefore the mark of the beast has to affect
31:18 two things: one, the commandments of God.
31:23 Two, the faith of Jesus Christ.
31:29 That is the crutches of the mark of the beast
31:34 and whether I receive it or whether I don't.
31:37 What does God say about keeping His commandments?
31:44 I mean, the scripture's very clear on this, folks.
31:47 You can read text after text after text
31:50 where God makes it very clear that He wants us
31:54 to keep His commandments.
32:11 So the scripture... very, very clear.
32:14 If you want to love God and if you want to be loved by God
32:17 or be manifest... God loves you regardless
32:22 I should say. It doesn't make any difference
32:24 what you are, God loves you.
32:26 But if you want Him to manifest Himself towards you,
32:30 then keep His commandments
32:32 and you won't receive the mark of the beast.
32:36 Well the question is, then,
32:40 has anything been done that affects the commandments of God
32:48 and our keeping of them?
32:53 I'm reading from the Catholic Encyclopedia page 153.
33:13 Change was made
33:16 and they took the commandments of God
33:20 and they took the second commandment
33:25 and just took it out.
33:29 And they moved them all up so that the fourth commandment
33:33 became the third commandment.
33:36 And they changed the third commandment from the
33:40 seventh-day Sabbath to the first day of the week.
33:46 And they say this they had the right to do.
33:50 Listen...
33:52 This is a statement made by the priest from St. Catherine's
33:58 Church. When I read this statement for the first time,
34:02 folks, I couldn't believe it.
34:04 I couldn't believe that they would be so blatant
34:08 and come out and say it clearly.
34:10 So I called the priest up
34:13 and talked to him personally,
34:15 and he made no bones about it
34:18 that he meant exactly what he had to say.
34:22 Listen:
35:11 See, he didn't pull any punches.
35:14 He said: "This is what you need to do. "
35:16 If you're going to build your faith on the Word of God,
35:20 if you're going to stand on scripture
35:24 and say "This is what I believe, "
35:27 then dear friend the choice is clear.
35:29 Because you have no foundation you have no basis
35:34 if you go any other way.
35:37 So he said this is what happened.
35:59 You see, they say they have the right
36:03 to make that change.
36:08 I don't know about you,
36:13 but as far as I'm concerned
36:15 I'm going to stand with the Book.
36:17 That's where I'm going to stand and say
36:21 "This is what I believe; this is where I stand. "
36:23 So they have definitely changed the commandments of God.
36:30 It says: "Here is the patience of the saints;
36:33 here are they" that do what? "Keep the commandments of God. "
36:37 Also it refers to the faith of Jesus.
36:40 It says:
36:52 That you and I as followers of Jesus Christ
36:56 must walk by faith.
37:00 And I know that sometimes you find that hard.
37:05 And I know at times you have questions about it.
37:08 But dear friend, you and I must learn day by day
37:12 to walk by faith.
37:15 What God's Word says... trust Him.
37:35 So it says that you and I by faith
37:39 must reach out in faith and accept and claim
37:44 the righteousness of Jesus Christ to cover our lives.
37:49 Dear friend, this is what the Reformers preached.
37:54 This is what they believed
37:55 and this is what the Word of God teaches:
37:58 that it's the righteousness of Jesus Christ that counts.
38:03 Not yours; not mine.
38:05 And I must accept that righteousness
38:08 of Christ by faith.
38:12 This I must do...
38:13 that salvation comes no other way.
38:19 Did you hear me?
38:21 Salvation can be found no other way
38:25 except by faith in Jesus Christ
38:29 and what He did and accomplished for you and me.
38:32 And it is His righteousness that meets the demands
38:38 of the law.
38:44 Listen:
39:11 In other words it's saying that salvation is not
39:15 by Jesus Christ.
39:17 That salvation is not by what He did
39:20 but salvation is by belonging to the Catholic church.
39:27 That is not righteousness by faith.
39:31 How do they feel about righteousness by faith?
39:52 In other words it says that if you are willing to accept
39:56 the righteousness of Jesus Christ as yours and that
40:01 by faith in Him you are saved...
40:18 You know what that means?
40:20 Anathema? Let him go to hell.
40:23 That's what it's basically saying.
40:26 That he's lost.
40:29 Dear friend, that says clearly that salvation does not
40:33 come by faith.
40:36 And so you have them moving in exactly where the scripture
40:42 said they would on the commandments of God
40:45 and faith in Jesus Christ.
40:54 Why is it that it makes such a difference in what I do?
40:59 Simply because, dear friend,
41:02 it deals with the question of worship.
41:20 It's a question of worship.
41:22 Whether I worship God or whether I'm willing to accept
41:27 the changes in God's Word and give the beast power,
41:33 the false prophet, the dragon the right to do that.
41:46 These people say "No!
41:49 I stand with the Word of God and what it has to say. "
41:55 Now, follow me very carefully.
42:17 By faith Abraham followed God's direction.
42:23 God said: "Abraham, I want you to take your family
42:26 and go to the land of Canaan. "
42:29 And taking his family he went... by faith not knowing
42:33 where he was going.
42:38 God says to you and to me
42:41 "This is what the Word says... follow Me. "
42:44 And sometimes it leads me
42:46 where I do not know where I'm going.
42:51 But I have to walk by faith.
42:55 I have to believe Him and say: "Yes, Lord,
42:58 I will walk with You by faith. "
43:01 Because Abraham did that... watch:
43:19 He believed God and therefore it was accounted
43:23 to him for righteousness.
43:27 There may be some of you this morning
43:31 that are saying: "I'm too bad.
43:37 There's really no hope for me.
43:41 My sins are too dark. "
43:44 Dear friend, let me tell you something:
43:48 it's not based on that.
43:50 It's based on the righteousness of Jesus.
43:56 And that person who by faith
44:00 reaches out and accepts that
44:03 it is accounted to that person as righteousness.
44:07 That is what it gives me.
44:10 The only thing God asks of me
44:14 is that I follow.
44:18 That I keep His commandments.
44:21 That I walk with Him. And therefore His righteousness
44:25 is given to us.
44:28 This is righteousness by faith.
44:32 And God has rejected over and over and over...
44:37 Throughout the entire book I can read to you
44:40 case after case after case where God has totally rejected
44:45 ANY EFFORT of righteousness by works.
44:51 He's totally refused... starting clear back with Cain.
44:55 He brought a sacrifice of vegetables
44:59 contrary to what God said.
45:02 God said: "I can't accept it. "
45:05 You see faith is accepting what God says.
45:11 I simply read what God's Word says and I say:
45:15 "Yes, Lord. It may be hard...
45:19 I may not fully understand it all,
45:22 but I've got sense enough to know what it says
45:24 and I'll follow,
45:28 I'll keep what it has to say. "
45:37 Listen carefully:
45:51 Why do I say that?
45:53 Because dear friend, there's not one place in this book
45:57 where it teaches Sunday as the day of worship.
46:03 That is totally built on the word of the beast
46:09 and the actions that the beast took.
46:12 That is completely in every way righteousness by works
46:17 and God rejects that.
46:21 Says: "I won't accept that.
46:23 I only accept righteousness by faith. "
46:28 And you and I... all He asks of you and me
46:33 is that I say: "Yes, Lord,
46:36 I believe You, I'll take Your Word, I'll follow You...
46:39 I'll walk with You. "
46:42 What it has to say...
46:50 Well, you keep from receiving the mark by this way:
47:16 Do I get victory over it by going along with it?
47:21 No, I don't get victory by going along with it.
47:23 I get victory by saying: "No, I follow the Lord. "
47:27 That's the way you get victory.
47:30 That's the way I give God the opportunity.
47:34 Oh dear friend, learn... learn something.
47:38 That God simply asks you and I
47:43 "Commit your life to Me.
47:45 Let Me handle your life.
47:48 Let Me give you guidance; let Me give you direction. "
47:52 And if you and I will commit our lives to the Lord,
47:56 I will assure you: HE will handle the circumstances.
48:00 That you and I don't have to handle them.
48:04 He will take care of them...
48:05 we just have to make the commitment.
48:08 Be willing to walk and to follow Him.
48:21 They DO NOT RECEIVE the mark of the beast
48:29 because they have stood with Jesus Christ.
48:37 When will that happen? When will that take place?
48:54 When it says: "And he caused them to make an image
48:58 to the beast, " the he there refers to the false prophet.
49:04 The false prophet is going to cause the world
49:08 to make an image to the beast.
49:13 And if you don't want to go along with that
49:18 then you will receive his wrath.
49:23 I've mentioned this previously.
49:26 When you're reading God's Word and it's talking about
49:28 these beasts like "he was granted power to give breath
49:31 to the image to the beast, "
49:32 that word he is always given to a beast
49:37 or a beast power or something similar to it.
49:42 It always refers to them in terms of he.
49:46 When it uses he, it's talking about a civil power.
49:52 When it talks about she,
49:55 it's talking about the religious aspect of it.
49:58 So you find that he's talking about a civil power
50:02 that will enforce this.
50:21 In other words, when they enforce
50:26 Sunday legislation and I go along with it
50:32 that is how a person will receive the mark of the beast.
50:38 That is when it takes place.
50:41 That's when it happens.
50:43 People do not have it at the present.
51:11 That's just in the Catholic Catechism.
51:15 Another one:
51:45 In other words, they're saying "We want to put
51:49 teeth into spiritual laws. "
51:54 "Laws that the church makes we want the state to enforce. "
52:03 How's it going to be implemented?
52:05 Well, it says:
52:17 That's how they put teeth into it.
52:19 If you don't go along with them,
52:22 then they will boycott you.
52:26 See? That's how it takes place. They'll simply boycott you.
52:30 Well, you cannot boycott people as long as they have money.
52:36 Did you know that?
52:37 As long as they've got paper money you can't boycott them
52:42 because if you can't get it at the front of the store
52:44 you can get it at the back.
52:45 Just can't do that.
52:48 But dear friend, we're living in an age where money
52:51 is quickly disappearing.
52:52 Why? Because of the Internet.
52:57 And because of the Internet we today have what is called
53:00 cyber money.
53:02 That means that you can get on the Internet
53:06 and you can buy things in Germany.
53:09 Or you can buy things in Japan or China.
53:12 And you do it all simply by what is called cyber money.
53:17 We are moving towards that. The moment that happens
53:22 you can be boycotted.
53:26 Because all they have to do is say:
53:29 "Don't accept that person's number"
53:32 and you have been boycotted.
53:36 This is how they will simply implement the whole thing.
53:42 This is where we stand.
53:44 This is where we are today.
54:00 That's where we stand at this point.
54:03 The next thing in the 14th chapter of Revelation
54:08 is this:
54:22 That's where Revelation 14 talks about the coming of Jesus.
54:28 That's the next session that we'll be looking at
54:33 when we talk about the coming of Jesus Christ.
54:36 Let's pray.
54:38 Father in heaven,
54:39 we ask that each one of us here today
54:43 may decide clearly whose side we're on.
54:48 That we may stand with Jesus Christ.
54:51 That we may desire above everything else
54:56 to follow Him regardless of what we face.
55:01 The circumstances we will leave in Your hands.
55:05 For these things we ask in Your name, Amen.
55:10 Well, our next session:
55:13 The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
55:16 We hope each of you will be back with us
55:19 as we take a look at it.
55:20 May God be close to you and bless you
55:23 in a special way as you go through the remainder
55:26 of this day.
55:34 All around us we see want and suffering.
55:37 In large cities, millions of human beings
55:41 do not receive as much care and consideration
55:43 as we give beasts of the field.
55:46 Families are herded together in miserable projects.
55:49 Children are born into these terrible places.
55:53 They see nothing of the beauty God has created
55:56 to delight their senses.
55:58 They are left to grow up molded and fashioned by
56:01 wretched and wicked examples all around them.
56:04 They hear the name of God only in profanity.
56:07 Impure words and fumes of liquor and tobacco
56:11 and immoral behavior of every kind
56:13 pervert their tender senses.
56:16 Wretched and pitiful cries for food and clothing are heard
56:20 by parents who know nothing about prayer or a loving Savior.
56:25 But these cries do not go unheard in heaven.
56:28 God sees... God hears.
56:32 Friends, our loving Father has entrusted us
56:35 with abundance to supply the necessities of all.
56:39 But sadly, we're not always faithful stewards.
56:43 Many who have taken on the name of Christ
56:45 spend His money for selfish pleasure,
56:48 extravagant homes and clothing.
56:50 They hardly give a suffering human a look of pity
56:54 or a word of sympathy.
56:56 We are to show the kindness of the Samaritan
56:59 in food, clothing, and shelter for the poor.
57:03 As Christians, our work is to reach the people who
57:06 are neglected and win them to Christ.
57:09 That's the goal of this ministry.
57:11 We want them to know that He is able to save to the uttermost
57:15 and restore them to His image.
57:18 But in order to do this, we need your help.
57:21 Please consider what you can do for those
57:24 who still don't know about Jesus.
57:26 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:28 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:43 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:46 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:49 of salvation to millions around the world.


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