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Second Coming Of Christ

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00:22 And welcome to each one of you.
00:25 We're glad that you're back to take a look at the
00:28 end of the 14th chapter
00:31 of the book of Revelation
00:33 in this series that we're doing
00:35 on the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
00:38 And we have just chapter by chapter
00:42 gone through the book of Revelation.
00:45 And we will continue going through the book of Revelation.
00:50 But it tells us a lot of wonderful things
00:53 that God has in store for you and for me and all.
00:58 So if you're watching by television
01:01 we thank you for joining us.
01:03 We pray that what you're learning will be a help to you.
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01:15 So we just... whatever method by which you're
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01:21 and glad that you have tuned in and all.
01:25 As I mentioned, we're down to the last part
01:28 of the 14th chapter.
01:31 And our subject today is entitled:
01:36 Because the end of the 14th chapter
01:39 talks about Jesus coming back
01:43 and that's what we'll be looking at.
01:45 Uh, after this we move into a subject that
01:50 uh, carries a lot of... how should I say?
01:54 not very pleasant things,
01:56 and that is the seven last plagues.
02:00 Seven last plagues that will be poured out
02:03 at the end of time.
02:07 I want to just say to you before even we get into this
02:09 next subject on the seven last plagues
02:13 remember the seven last plagues do not fall on the righteous.
02:20 You understand that?
02:22 Seven last plagues do not fall on the righteous.
02:25 Psalm 91 makes it very clear.
02:28 Says: "No plague shall come nigh your dwelling. "
02:31 So that the righteous aren't going to receive
02:36 any of the seven last plagues.
02:38 But you will observe them.
02:41 And I'm sure a lot of things will be happening all around.
02:44 But you need to understand what they are,
02:47 and that's what we'll be looking at in our next presentation.
02:50 But today we're talking about the coming of Jesus Christ...
02:55 an event that we look forward to.
02:58 Christ is going to come back, set up His kingdom.
03:03 And He has certain things that He's looking for...
03:07 certain things that He's waiting on, folks.
03:11 And that's what we're going to look at here in this
03:14 presentation: some of the things that He's waiting on
03:17 and all before He comes back.
03:20 So get out your Bible.
03:23 Get you a pad and pencil and take notes
03:27 and follow as we talk about the coming of Jesus Christ.
03:32 Over the years,
03:35 I personally have been blessed
03:39 in a special way by the music of Dona Klein.
03:44 Playing the organ and then also singing for us.
03:49 It has just been a real, real blessing to work with her.
03:55 And we thank her for giving her life to the Lord
03:58 and serving Him and sharing her talent with each one of us.
04:03 And she's going to sing for us in this presentation.
04:08 And her song is going to be
04:09 Heaven's Sounding Sweeter All The Time.
04:13 Beautiful, beautiful song.
04:15 But before she does, Chuck Allgaier is going to come
04:19 and he's going to read to you the scripture
04:22 that deals with our subject here in this presentation.
04:25 And then Dona will sing.
04:30 Good afternoon. Afternoon.
04:32 And if you have your Bibles, we're going to continue on
04:34 in Revelation, Revelation chapter 14.
04:37 So if you have your Bibles, let's turn to Revelation
04:40 chapter 14. We're going to read 14 through 20.
04:45 Verses 14 through 20.
04:47 Let's read together:
06:19 My life that once was good
06:25 is not the same.
06:30 But when I'm down God gives me strength
06:37 to rise again.
06:43 And when I'm weary
06:46 with the struggle of it all
06:55 then I listen...
06:59 how I listen for His call.
07:08 Heaven is sounding sweeter
07:14 all the time.
07:19 It seems like lately
07:24 it's always on my mind.
07:33 And someday
07:36 I'll leave this world behind.
07:45 Heaven is sounding sweeter
07:51 all the time.
08:10 I know the joy
08:12 and know that Jesus is coming again.
08:16 But I know how hard it is to lose a loved one to the grave.
08:22 But I know, too, that we have a precious promise
08:26 that Jesus gave.
08:33 That God will wipe these teardrops
08:40 from our eyes
08:45 when we meet Him
08:49 in that land beyond the sky.
08:55 Sing with me...
08:58 Heaven is sounding sweeter
09:04 all the time.
09:08 It seems like lately
09:12 it's always
09:16 on my mind.
09:22 And someday
09:25 we'll leave this old world behind.
09:34 Heaven is sounding sweeter
09:40 all the time.
09:45 Yes, heaven
09:48 is sounding sweeter
09:52 all the time.
10:17 Father in heaven, we look anxiously
10:21 towards that day when You're coming back.
10:28 We ask that each of us may purpose in our hearts
10:34 to be in Your kingdom.
10:37 Not to permit anything to stand in our way.
10:44 We invite You, Lord, to be with us.
10:50 May the Holy Spirit come in.
10:55 May His presence be felt.
10:59 May each one of us be given wisdom and understanding
11:05 and enlightenment that we may understand
11:10 Your voice and Your Word
11:13 and to walk in the light of what Your Word teaches.
11:19 Keep us... keep us, Lord, close to You
11:23 and direct our lives. We pray in Christ's name, Amen.
11:35 Well, we have looked at three angels.
11:39 Those three angels have given their message
11:45 that God had given them with a loud voice.
11:49 That message - the scripture makes it clear - to go to
11:54 all the world, because in Bible prophecy
11:57 when it uses angels in this sense, it represents a message
12:01 that's to be carried to the whole world.
12:03 And these three angels had messages
12:06 that the whole world is to hear in preparation for Jesus Christ,
12:11 for His return.
12:13 And they've sounded their message... they've given it.
12:16 And now the next thing it says is to take place
12:19 is the coming of Jesus Christ.
12:22 And so we read here in Revelation the 14th chapter
12:27 and the 14th verse... it says:
12:42 So here sits One on this cloud
12:49 like the Son of Man.
12:53 Actually the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.
12:58 Has a crown on His head,
13:01 sickle in His hand.
13:03 He's coming back.
13:05 I'm so thankful... I'm so thankful that that text says
13:10 that "One like the Son of Man. "
13:16 I'm glad it didn't say: "some being from another planet. "
13:22 You know? I'm glad it says: "One like the Son of Man. "
13:26 One that I know.
13:29 One that can by sympathetic with me.
13:33 One that can understand the trials and the heartaches
13:37 and all the things that we go through.
13:39 He's been here... He's gone through it.
13:42 He's experienced it. He knows what those are.
13:45 And so this is One that you and I
13:50 know.
13:52 You see, it's very, very important that you know Him.
13:57 And when I say know Him
13:59 I don't... I'm not talking about on a casual acquaintance.
14:03 I'm talking about knowing Him and knowing Him
14:07 in a very, very intimate way.
14:11 Because it says very clearly that when He comes back,
14:15 one of the... as far as I'm concerned the
14:17 most terrible words in all the scripture is when He says:
14:20 "I don't know you. "
14:21 You know, you need to know Him.
14:25 And here's "One like the Son of Man" that was here.
14:28 Walked among us... cared for us.
14:31 Died for us, and day by day is willing to be with us
14:36 and care for us and direct us and help us and comfort us
14:40 and give us those things that we need to walk and live for Him
14:45 day by day.
14:46 Does that. The same Jesus
14:51 that loved the little children.
14:55 The same Jesus that healed the sick.
15:00 The same Jesus that came and died for you and me
15:05 is coming back.
15:07 "One like the Son of Man. "
15:11 But it says that He has in His hand a sickle.
15:17 A sickle is used for reaping,
15:22 so He's coming back to reap.
15:26 And the picture here in Revelation the 14th chapter
15:29 is a picture of Him coming to reap the harvest.
15:34 That's what He's coming to do.
15:36 So He has a sickle in His hand
15:38 and He's there to reap the harvest of the earth.
15:42 And it tells us clearly that this is what has happened:
15:52 speaking of Christ...
16:02 So one thing that's necessary for the coming of Christ
16:06 is the harvest has to be ripe.
16:10 And he says: "The harvest is ripe.
16:12 Come, thrust in Your sickle. Reap, for the harvest is ripe. "
16:18 OK. So who... who is being reaped here
16:24 when it talks about it?
16:25 Well, it's clear that the time has come because it says:
16:40 So all those who go contrary to God,
16:46 are opposed to the Word of God,
16:48 are opposed to the Lord...
16:50 these people are all following the beast.
16:56 Going with the beast.
16:58 These... all of the wicked... They have made their decision.
17:05 They have sealed their decision;
17:08 therefore, that time has come.
17:11 The cup - if you please... God is so merciful,
17:15 so kind, and He has waited - patiently waited -
17:20 till the cup of iniquity was full.
17:24 And when that cup of iniquity is full
17:27 then that is when the curtain falls and it's done.
17:31 And in this case, they've done that.
17:34 They've all turned... followed the beast
17:37 and doing what he says.
17:40 At the same time it says:
17:59 So here they are... there are all the righteous.
18:04 They have put themselves on the side of the Lamb.
18:09 They are followers of Christ
18:12 and they have victory over the beast and over his image
18:15 and over his mark. They have chosen which side they're on.
18:19 So both sides have made their decisions
18:22 and the time has come for Him to reap the harvest.
18:28 This is what is taking place.
18:39 When Jesus was here on earth
18:41 He told a parable.
18:44 He told a parable about this harvest
18:48 that He is going to reap.
18:50 And He said that a man went out
18:53 and sowed his field,
18:56 and that he sowed it with good seed.
19:01 And while he was asleep
19:06 the enemy came and sowed tares or weeds in the field.
19:13 And when the wheat began to come up, so came up the tares.
19:19 And his servants went to him and they said: "Lord,
19:22 when you sowed the wheat, didn't you use good grain? "
19:26 And he said: "Yes. "
19:28 And they said: "Well, there's tares in with the wheat.
19:33 What do you want us to do... go and pull them up? "
19:36 And he said: "No, let the wheat and the tares
19:42 grow together until the harvest
19:46 and then we will separate the wheat from the tares.
19:53 The tares will be bound into bundles and burned. "
19:57 Well, after Christ had told that parable to the people
20:01 and all and after they had left
20:05 His disciples came to Him and they said:
20:07 "Tell us what You meant by this parable.
20:10 Explain it to us. "
20:12 And so Jesus explained the parable to them,
20:16 and this is what He said:
20:25 So it's very, very clear that Christ is the One
20:29 that sows the good seed.
20:32 This is the seed. Christ is the One that sows it,
20:36 and therefore you and I are to come and we are to find
20:41 what the good seed is.
20:44 OK. Sowed good seed.
20:47 All right, let's go on. He says:
21:10 And so He's clearly divided up, and as I told you
21:15 previous one... there isn't three sides, folks.
21:20 We... we mustn't... we mustn't try to make three sides.
21:26 There's either the wheat and the tares.
21:28 They're one or the other. That's the way the scripture is.
21:31 It does that all the way through...
21:33 it talks about the sheep and the goats.
21:35 Talks about the righteous and the unrighteous.
21:37 Never talks about a third one.
21:40 Talks about two: one side or the other.
21:43 So that's what you have here.
21:45 OK. Seed - good seed - are the righteous, sons of the kingdom.
21:50 The tares are the sons of the wicked one.
22:15 OK, so it's lined everything up.
22:18 We've got the good seed: this is the righteous.
22:22 The tares are the wicked.
22:24 The harvest is the end of the age,
22:29 and the reapers are the angels.
22:32 This is how it's divided up.
22:43 So scripture makes it clear at the end all the tares
22:48 are going to be gathered and gathered into bundles
22:51 and they will be burned.
23:07 In other words He said He's going to send out His angels.
23:11 They're the reapers. They're going to gather
23:13 all those that offend. They'll be bound into bundles
23:18 and burned. That is how it will come to an end.
23:32 Going to take them and cast them into the furnace
23:35 and that will be the end of them.
23:51 This is what Christ describes is to take place
23:56 when He comes back and the reaping is to take place.
24:00 It behooves you and me
24:05 to make sure that we are what?
24:11 That we are the wheat... not the tares.
24:15 Got to be the wheat... that's most important
24:19 that we are. All right:
24:30 So He who sat on the cloud...
24:32 Christ who is sitting on the cloud...
24:34 is going to thrust in His sickle, and the earth
24:37 is going to be reaped.
24:41 This is what is going to happen.
24:56 Who... when Christ thrusts in His sickle
25:00 and reaps the earth...
25:02 who is He reaping?
25:07 Well if you read it carefully, He's reaping the righteous.
25:11 That's who He's reaping here is the righteous.
25:14 Cast in... thrust in His sickle, began to reap the earth.
25:19 And who He is reaping is the wheat.
25:23 That's what He's gathering here.
25:26 And it speaks of them here
25:27 that these wheat... or those that follow the Lord...
25:31 have the seal of God.
25:54 So it says here, you know: "Don't reap it... "
25:57 don't do... "leave it alone
25:59 until we have sealed the servants of our God
26:03 on their foreheads. "
26:07 Now dear friends, this takes place before Jesus comes.
26:13 The sealing here of God's people does not take place
26:18 after He comes.
26:20 This takes place before He comes.
26:22 This is what is supposed to be going on
26:27 now.
26:30 This is what is supposed to be going on now.
26:33 God is supposed to be sealing His people.
26:38 Do you know what it means by sealing?
26:40 Do you know what that's talking about?
26:42 That is a settling in to the truth.
26:46 That's what the sealing is: the settling in into the truth.
26:51 That means that I pick up the Word of God
26:56 and I read it and I understand what it's saying.
27:02 And I settle into that and I say "This is what I believe. "
27:07 "This is what I believe. This is what the Word of God teaches. "
27:13 And I settle into that,
27:15 and by settling into that I mean I don't permit
27:19 anything to change me.
27:24 I run onto people that... they...
27:28 they talk to me and they give all kinds of excuses
27:33 for not doing what the scripture says.
27:38 You know, no...
27:41 I have to settle into the truth and I don't let those things
27:46 keep me from doing what the scripture says.
27:51 I'll be very honest with you,
27:53 I've been a lot of times and cases
27:56 where I did not like the circumstances.
28:02 I didn't like the circumstances what was happening at all,
28:07 but I still had to stand for what the Word of God says.
28:14 And so I have to settle into the truth.
28:17 And this is what He means by sealing the servants of our God
28:21 in their foreheads. That means that in my belief
28:25 I am solid... I don't deviate from that.
28:30 OK.
28:40 I settle into the truth. I say: "This is what it says;
28:45 this is what I believe, " and I follow it by faith.
28:50 That's how I follow it: by faith.
28:52 Even though the way may not be clear,
28:56 I still follow by faith.
29:00 I walk with Him in faith
29:04 knowing that He is more than capable of taking care of me.
29:09 Now folks, what I'm talking to you about
29:11 is what needs to be going on in your life today
29:17 because you need to be preparing for the coming of Jesus.
29:21 And this is what needs to be going on in your life
29:24 right now today. Not some other time...
29:29 but now we need to be doing this.
29:41 You see, He gave us the Sabbath to be a sign.
29:46 A sign - if you please - of this very thing.
29:50 It's a sign that you and I have committed our life
29:56 to God regardless of what the world has to say.
30:01 The world goes a different direction all together.
30:04 I CANNOT go by what the world is saying.
30:10 I have to go by what the Word of God says,
30:15 and therefore the Sabbath is a sign
30:21 that He is able to sanctify us.
30:27 Now, when it says He is able to sanctify us, folks,
30:32 that means that He's able to...
30:36 You know what that means?
30:39 He's able to change you and me.
30:45 That's what it means... He's able to change us:
30:48 to make us into what He wants us to be.
30:54 And the Sabbath is a sign of this because He said
30:59 "I took a day and I made a day holy...
31:03 so I can also make you holy. "
31:14 It's a protection.
31:18 You see, as long as the Sabbath's there, folks,
31:23 and kept, it is a protection. It's a barrier against humanism,
31:29 against evolution.
31:31 It's a barrier against pride and arrogance of man.
31:35 It's a barrier against all of those things
31:38 because I have to accept that by faith.
31:44 That's how I have to accept it is by faith
31:48 that God is more than capable of taking care of me.
31:54 That He - if you please -
31:58 can put food on my table,
32:01 clothes on my back.
32:05 That He is capable of doing this.
32:09 It does one other thing, too.
32:12 Every Sabbath that rolls around
32:16 it is a constant reminder to you and to me
32:22 that God
32:26 is the One who makes something holy.
32:31 That He's the One who changes things.
32:34 That it is the work of God; it is NOT the work of man.
32:40 This is what He does for each one of us.
32:49 Now you can't have... well, I shouldn't say you can't...
32:52 but you shouldn't. You shouldn't have a harvest
32:55 until the fruit is ripe.
32:59 See? And so Christ is patiently waiting on the fruit
33:05 to get ripe.
33:07 That's what He's waiting on.
33:09 And so it says... it's here. It says here:
33:32 Now it says that the righteous
33:37 are going to be purified.
33:41 Made white, refined.
33:47 I don't know how to say this and get across to you
33:52 how absolutely important it is:
33:56 now is the time when this should be going on
34:03 because if you do not do it now
34:10 then you're going to do it
34:12 under very severe circumstances.
34:18 All you have to do is just continue on
34:21 and not be concerned
34:25 and dear friend, we'll have to face it under very severe times.
34:31 Listen to this:
34:48 If you and I do not
34:53 day by day learn
34:56 to surrender our lives to the work of the Holy Spirit
35:01 and let Him do His work in our lives,
35:04 then we are going to be refined but it will be by fire.
35:10 It won't be a very pleasant experience at all.
35:25 You see, He is just simply waiting for His people.
35:30 He's waiting for His people to come to the place
35:35 that their lives are changed
35:39 and made different and they become like Him.
35:43 Then He can come back and He can reap it.
35:47 But if we don't do it now
35:51 then as we looked at the last session or two
35:57 those are going to be very, very, very hard times.
36:01 That's the reason the Lord says:
36:03 "Blessed are those that die in the Lord, "
36:05 because it's going to be a rough period of time.
36:09 And these characters of ours
36:14 will be changed. OK.
36:34 But now these fruits of the Spirit...
36:38 before they can be reaped they have to be what?
36:45 They've got to be ripe.
36:47 So therefore you and I must let the Holy Spirit
36:52 come into our lives and do its work in our lives
36:56 that we will bear the fruits of the Spirit.
37:02 In other words,
37:06 have to learn to be loving.
37:11 To be kind... longsuffering.
37:16 Peace.
37:20 You cannot let the old carnal nature
37:25 run rampant.
37:29 You have to day by day
37:33 surrender it to the Lord Jesus Christ
37:38 and ask His Holy Spirit to come into your life
37:42 and change your life and make it different.
37:47 It bothers me when I hear churches
37:51 praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
37:57 That bothers me.
38:01 The Bible is very, very clear on that subject, folks.
38:05 God has given us the Spirit already.
38:10 That's been given; that was given at the Day of Pentecost.
38:14 That's why Peter said
38:18 that... "Repent and be baptized
38:21 and you SHALL receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. "
38:24 That's why Paul said: "Have you received the Holy Spirit
38:26 since you believed? "
38:28 That was given to the church.
38:32 And I find that people... putting that off
38:36 praying that something's going to happen there.
38:38 That's already been given.
38:39 What has to happen is you and I need to surrender
38:42 our lives so the Holy Spirit can come in and work in our lives.
38:47 And He will do His work in us
38:50 and will change us and make us different.
38:54 He wants in every way to do that for you and for me.
38:59 But if I'm over here praying for something that's
39:02 already happened, you're not getting anywhere.
39:07 I need to keep my life in His hands
39:11 and let the Holy Spirit change me and make me different.
39:17 If you're gettin' up ornery, out of sorts,
39:22 on the wrong side of the bed,
39:25 then get back in bed and get out on the other side.
39:29 But don't... don't continue
39:32 to let that run rampant in your life.
39:35 If you're unkind, then dear friends
39:38 surrender your life to the Lord
39:40 and let Him handle the circumstances and be kind.
39:43 Squelch your pride!
39:46 If you have a hard time going to somebody and saying
39:50 "listen, I'm sorry; forgive me for what I did, "
39:54 then squelch that pride and go!
39:56 You've got to let the Holy Spirit work and do its work
40:01 in your life and my life to prepare us for the
40:03 coming of Christ because when He comes
40:06 He's going to reap His harvest now.
40:09 And I can tell you right now
40:11 character is not developed after Christ comes.
40:16 Character is developed now.
40:20 Those fruits of the Sprit must be working in our lives.
40:29 If He does that, what will happen?
40:52 You see, this transformation of our characters
40:57 does not take place by trying.
41:03 It doesn't take place by will power.
41:07 That will never work.
41:10 The transformation of character takes place
41:14 by beholding Christ...
41:17 by spending time with Him.
41:19 Let me tell you a little secret:
41:22 if you spend time thinking about all your sins,
41:28 you're going to do it more.
41:33 Don't spend time on all your sins.
41:38 Spend your time looking at Christ.
41:42 Dwelling upon Him... spending time with Him.
41:46 And as you behold the Lord, this transformation
41:50 will begin to take place in your life.
41:52 We'll be changed.
41:54 It'll be made different as you behold Jesus.
41:58 If you're not very kind, if you're not very loving,
42:01 spend time with Jesus. He'll change that.
42:05 He'll make you that way.
42:07 But you've got to spend time with Him,
42:10 and this is the way that character is formed
42:15 and developed so that when Christ comes
42:18 it will be ripe and He will be able to reap the harvest.
42:24 OK, now:
42:37 Interesting.
42:40 Who had the sickle and who thrust it in and reaped it
42:45 to begin with?
42:47 Christ.
42:50 See Christ is the One who reaps the righteous.
42:56 Christ is the One who reaps the righteous.
42:59 Now this starts the reaping of the wicked...
43:05 the lost.
43:07 That's what this angel is about to do.
43:52 So it says that this was the reaping of the wicked
43:58 took place. Now there's a number of things here.
44:03 To begin with, the wicked have made their decision.
44:10 They have decided that they're going to follow the beast,
44:14 the false prophet, the dragon.
44:26 This cup of iniquity is completely full.
44:31 There's no reason for time to go on any longer.
44:35 God has been patient. For 6,000 years He's waited,
44:41 and now He's ready to thrust in His sickle.
44:45 When He does this, these four angels...
44:49 four angels that God has that He has given commission
44:54 to hold back... hold back the winds of strife.
45:13 These angels are patiently holding back
45:17 the winds of strife.
45:22 They've been holding them for a long, long time.
45:28 As far as I'm concerned,
45:31 I believe a little bit of those winds
45:36 are beginning to seep through.
45:39 And you and I are beginning to see some of these winds
45:44 of strife that are going to happen.
45:47 But the day's going to come
45:48 when He's going to tell them: "Let them loose. "
45:51 And when God lets those loose
45:54 terrible will be the results.
46:20 Here the wrath of God is contained in these seven plagues
46:26 or seven bowls:
46:40 The wrath of God is going to be poured out
46:44 upon this earth
46:47 like mankind has never seen.
46:52 You know, we talk about weapons of warfare.
46:57 We don't have any idea.
47:00 We don't have the slightest concept
47:03 of what the weapons of God are.
47:06 I mean, we talk about the force of an atom bomb.
47:12 It's nothing compared to the forces that God has.
47:17 And when He unleashes them and the seven last plagues
47:21 mankind will have never seen anything like it
47:25 or ever will see anything like it again.
47:28 "For in it the wrath of God is complete. "
47:40 So you have two angels here.
47:42 You have one angel that has a sickle
47:46 and you have another angel that has power over fire.
47:50 Those are the two that have come to reap the earth
47:55 of the harvest of the tares.
47:59 That's what those two are doing.
48:00 That's why it says the angels are the reapers.
48:04 They come to reap it.
48:14 That's going to happen... going to reap it.
48:19 So it will be at the end of this age.
48:39 Now let me explain. This is projecting
48:43 right down at the very end in the destruction of the wicked.
48:49 When there it speaks of the wicked
48:53 coming up and surrounding the city.
49:05 Here all the wicked are
49:07 that have ever lived since the beginning of mankind.
49:11 There they are and they have come up and they have
49:15 surrounded the city of God. The Bible says
49:18 that the rest of the dead did not live again
49:21 until the thousand years were finished.
49:23 And when that thousand years is finished
49:26 all the wicked are resurrected from their graves
49:29 and the devil will marshal them and they'll go up
49:32 and they will surround the city of God.
49:37 This is what this is talking about.
49:41 And then it says:
49:50 One of those angels has the power of what?
49:53 Fire.
49:55 He comes. This is the very end
49:59 when they will be thrown into the fire -
50:03 the tares will be - and burned up.
50:06 They will be no more.
50:08 This is what happens, takes place.
50:10 I want you to read a statement from the book entitled
50:13 The Great Controversy
50:14 that speaks of this very period of time.
50:18 This is what it says:
50:51 Here these people - the devil and his agents
50:55 who have deceived the people,
50:57 who told them they didn't need to do this -
51:00 as they're there faced at that city and they see all this
51:04 and they understand that their case is lost,
51:06 that it's hopeless -
51:08 they turn their wrath and their anger upon the devil
51:13 and his agents.
51:15 And the Bible describes exactly what happens to them
51:20 because this is what it tells us:
51:38 Talks... they're there.
51:42 It's going to be of blood, and that blood is fuel for fire.
51:59 Terrible will be that. I mean, folks,
52:03 here is all the wicked that have ever lived outside that city.
52:06 So you're not talking about one or two people.
52:09 You're talking about billions
52:11 that are gathered outside that city.
52:14 And there are thousands - millions and millions
52:19 of people who have been agents of the devil
52:23 to deceive the people.
52:24 And when the people turn upon them,
52:26 terrible will be the slaughter that takes place.
52:31 Talks about the blood coming up as high as
52:34 the bridles of horses.
52:36 It will run for... for 184 miles.
52:41 That's what it says.
52:44 Terrible will be the slaughter that takes place there.
52:59 This is what will happen at the end
53:02 when the whole thing comes to an end and it's reaped.
53:07 God in His mercy puts an end to all of it.
53:28 This old earth will be burned.
53:31 All the wicked will be as...
53:37 snare... be as weeds.
53:42 They will be burned up.
53:52 Going to come back. Going to put an end to all the sin
53:57 and never again throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity
54:03 will there be such a thing as sin any more.
54:06 There will be no more heartache.
54:09 There'll be no more sorrow.
54:11 All that will be gone,
54:14 and the righteous will reign with Him supremely
54:17 throughout eternity.
54:19 Let us pray.
54:21 Father we thank you
54:23 for the promise that You're coming back.
54:26 May each one of us here
54:29 give our allegiance to You.
54:33 May we follow You and walk with You in all that we do.
54:38 May we be settled into the truth of Your Word.
54:42 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
54:49 Well, we're coming down to the very end of this session.
54:54 And this evening our subject is
54:58 The Seven Last Plagues.
54:59 We're going to take a look at these plagues
55:02 that these angels turn loose and what happens on the earth.
55:06 So we hope you can be here for that
55:08 and that you'll continue to follow God's Word.
55:12 God bless you; thank you for being here.
55:22 All around us we see want and suffering.
55:25 In large cities, millions of human beings
55:28 do not receive as much care and consideration
55:31 as we give beasts of the field.
55:34 Families are herded together in miserable projects.
55:37 Children are born into these terrible places.
55:40 They see nothing of the beauty God has created
55:43 to delight their senses.
55:45 They are left to grow up molded and fashioned by
55:48 wretched and wicked examples all around them.
55:52 They hear the name of God only in profanity.
55:55 Impure words and fumes of liquor and tobacco
55:58 and immoral behavior of every kind
56:01 pervert their tender senses.
56:04 Wretched and pitiful cries for food and clothing are heard
56:08 by parents who know nothing about prayer or a loving Savior.
56:12 But these cries do not go unheard in heaven.
56:16 God sees... God hears.
56:19 Friends, our loving Father has entrusted us
56:23 with abundance to supply the necessities of all.
56:26 But sadly, we're not always faithful stewards.
56:30 Many who have taken on the name of Christ
56:33 spend His money for selfish pleasure,
56:36 extravagant homes and clothing.
56:38 They hardly give a suffering human a look of pity
56:42 or a word of sympathy.
56:44 We are to show the kindness of the Samaritan
56:47 in food, clothing, and shelter for the poor.
56:50 As Christians, our work is to reach the people who
56:54 are neglected and win them to Christ.
56:56 That's the goal of this ministry.
56:59 We want them to know that He is able to save to the uttermost
57:03 and restore them to His image.
57:05 But in order to do this, we need your help.
57:09 Please consider what you can do for those
57:12 who still don't know about Jesus.
57:14 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:15 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:31 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:34 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:37 of salvation to millions around the world.


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