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Seven Last Plagues

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00:21 And welcome to each one of you
00:24 as we continue our series on the book of Revelation:
00:29 one of the great, great books of God's Word.
00:33 The book of Revelation, written by the apostle John
00:37 on the island of Patmos as God showed him
00:41 the revelation of Jesus Christ.
00:44 And that's what we're talking about here.
00:47 And in this session we have been covering
00:49 chapters 13 through 16... and that's where we are tonight.
00:55 We're on the 15th, 16th chapter of the book of Revelation
01:01 which deals with the seven last plagues.
01:05 And so those of you that have been following along
01:09 we hope it will continue to help you understand God's Word.
01:12 And those of you that are joining us by television
01:16 we hope that these studies are a blessing to you
01:19 as you have seen what God's Word is saying
01:23 and it will help you understand it better.
01:26 Those that are listening on the radio
01:28 or following on the Internet we welcome each one of you
01:32 and appreciate you tuning in, studying God's Word,
01:36 and seeing what He has to say
01:38 about the time in which we are living...
01:41 times that the scripture talks about.
01:44 This is the last one in this particular section.
01:48 We have another section we're going to be doing
01:51 that covers Revelation 17-22.
01:55 Seventeen through twenty-two.
01:58 And our first presentation on that one is entitled
02:02 The Scarlet Beast.
02:04 There's a scarlet beast there that a woman's riding on
02:08 and we're going to take a look at that particular prophecy
02:12 and what it has to say about things that are happening
02:16 and things that are going to happen.
02:18 So join us in our next session that we'll be looking at
02:22 in the Word of God.
02:24 I know that all of you have enjoyed as much as I have
02:28 the quartet, and I'd like to invite the His Voice quartet
02:33 to come out. I just wanted to especially express my thanks
02:39 to you. Been a great, great blessing to us.
02:44 We've enjoyed having you here.
02:46 And we thank you for coming and sharing with us God's Word.
02:50 And we just ask that the Lord will bless you
02:52 as you go back home.
02:54 And keep singing and blessing people,
02:56 uh, many, many different places.
02:59 We thank you for this opportunity and all.
03:02 We appreciate that. Janelle, thank you for coming
03:05 and accompanying them. We appreciate that very much also.
03:08 And they're going to sing tonight a beautiful song
03:12 entitled Steal Away.
03:14 And I'm sure you'll be blessed as they do that.
03:17 Our scripture tonight is rather long.
03:21 And Chuck Allgaier is going to come and share with you
03:25 the 15th and 16th chapters of Revelation.
03:30 So if you have your Bibles follow along
03:33 as he reads the Word of God at this time.
03:40 Good evening.
03:42 If you have your Bible tonight, turn to Revelation chapter 15.
03:46 As you heard, we're going to read Revelation chapter 15
03:48 and 16. And so if you can go to your Bibles right now
03:52 we're going to get started right on it.
03:54 The Seven Plagues.
08:44 May God add His blessing to His Word.
08:50 Steal away,
08:54 steal away,
08:58 steal away
09:01 to Jesus.
09:07 Steal away,
09:13 steal away home.
09:19 I ain't got long
09:24 to stay
09:27 here.
09:31 My Lord calls me,
09:34 He calls me by the thunder.
09:37 The trumpet sounds, the trumpet sounds,
09:41 within'a my soul.
09:46 I ain't got long
09:51 to stay here.
09:58 Steal away,
10:02 steal away,
10:05 steal away
10:08 to Jesus.
10:14 Steal away,
10:21 steal away home.
10:28 I ain't got long
10:33 to stay here.
10:40 Green trees a'bendin'
10:42 poor sinner stands a'tremblin'
10:45 the trumpet sounds, the trumpet sounds,
10:48 the trumpet sounds,
10:51 the trumpet sounds
10:56 within'a my
11:00 soul.
11:05 I ain't got long
11:10 to stay here.
11:15 Steal away,
11:19 steal away,
11:22 steal away
11:25 to Jesus.
11:32 Steal away,
11:40 steal away home.
11:48 I ain't got long
11:53 to stay
11:56 here.
12:01 Steal away - away -
12:06 away
12:12 home.
12:24 Amen.
12:45 Our Father, we thank you for the assurance of Your Word.
12:51 That You care for us.
12:53 That You love us.
12:56 That You are by our side
12:59 and that we may place our confidence and our trust
13:05 in You. We ask that as we take a look
13:09 at these plagues
13:11 which contain the wrath of God
13:14 may we each one purpose
13:18 in our hearts to be with You and stand with You
13:24 and to walk with You in all that we do.
13:28 Open our minds tonight.
13:30 Give us understanding
13:32 and may we see Your Word...
13:35 what God... what Your Word is telling us
13:38 about Your justice and righteousness.
13:41 For this we ask in Your name, Amen.
13:51 Well, let's take a look at where we've been during this session.
13:56 One... we started out with the 13th chapter but actually
14:00 the 12th and 13th chapter of Revelation
14:04 portray the nations anger towards God's people.
14:08 That's what's in the 12th and 13th chapters.
14:11 Talks about the beast and the false prophet and the dragon.
14:15 And that's their anger towards God, towards God's people.
14:20 The 14th chapter that we looked at
14:23 is God's final warning message to the nations.
14:27 That's what's contained there.
14:28 The 14th chapter has the Three Angels' Messages:
14:31 His final warning to the nations.
14:34 Talks about the coming of Christ and being ready for that.
14:38 This is His plea for them to be ready for His coming.
14:42 The 15th and 16th chapters that we're looking at tonight
14:47 is an evaluation if you please or the execution
14:51 of divine wrath.
14:54 That is what this chapter deals with.
14:57 So we're looking at that.
14:59 The 15th chapter of Revelation
15:05 is kind of... it sets the background
15:09 and all for the 16th chapter.
15:12 That's what's contained in the 15th chapter
15:15 as we look at it, and you'll see what God is saying.
15:19 Some very important things in this 15th chapter. Says:
15:34 So here sees these seven angels that have seven bowls
15:40 and in them is contained the wrath of God.
15:43 And it says that with this the wrath of God is complete.
15:48 Now, what you and I need to understand
15:54 is the seven last plagues are poured out on the wicked.
16:01 They are the ones that receive the seven last plagues.
16:04 The righteous do not receive this.
16:08 This is something that is not poured out upon them.
16:12 It says this about the righteous:
16:30 These are God's people that have been redeemed from this earth
16:35 and they are there having the harps of God and all.
16:47 Listen to this:
16:55 So God promises to those who walk with Him and follow Him
17:00 that no plague will come near your dwelling.
17:05 Doesn't mean, folks... does not mean
17:08 that you and I are not going to see them.
17:12 But it does mean that they're not going to fall on us.
17:15 These plagues do not come upon the righteous.
17:19 They only fall on the wicked.
17:21 "Shall not come nigh your dwelling. "
17:26 God's telling them here and we just talked about this call
17:29 to the people...
17:38 You see, makes it clear that His people do not
17:41 receive the plagues. That those are given to those who do not
17:46 follow God - that are opposed to God -
17:49 that have gone contrary to God.
17:54 All right. Here in Revelation 15 it shows something
18:00 that's very important because the basis for God's wrath
18:04 is based upon this.
18:06 And you and I need to understand it. It says:
18:17 When it says the temple of the tabernacle
18:21 of the testimony was opened
18:24 what is involved in that?
18:29 Here the temple is opened
18:32 but also the tabernacle, the testimony is open there.
18:37 We need to establish what that's talking about
18:39 and what's it referring to.
18:42 So let's take a look and establish that,
18:44 and then we can go on from there.
18:46 Go back to the book of Exodus and the experience with Moses.
18:50 And it says:
19:07 So Moses has the two tables of the Testimony,
19:13 and on the two tables of the Testimony is written what?
19:20 The law.
19:22 The Ten Commandments are written there.
19:24 They were written there by the finger of God.
19:28 This is referred to as the Testimony.
19:42 So when it talks about the temple being open
19:46 and the tabernacle of the Testimony,
19:49 it's talking about the law of God.
19:51 Open... and they could see the law of God.
20:03 He said: "Take the Testimony" - that's the law -
20:06 and put it in the ark.
20:09 OK.
20:27 So here you have the law. It's placed inside the ark.
20:32 The ark is inside the tabernacle or the temple.
20:36 And it says this was opened.
20:51 So the temple of God in heaven.
20:53 This is not talking about the one on earth.
20:56 Talking the one up in heaven is open.
21:00 So this is at the time that the 7 last plagues are poured out
21:05 that the temple is open and the ark is seen there.
21:11 Because the ark and the law are the basis of God's judgment.
21:19 See folks, there is no such thing
21:23 as violating law
21:27 without there being punishment.
21:31 There is no such thing.
21:33 And these people have gone
21:36 absolutely contrary to God's law.
21:39 They have refused to walk in the light of what God's law is
21:45 and therefore they are receiving the seven last plagues.
22:00 So the people that keep God's commandments,
22:03 follow Him, are obedient to Him,
22:07 they do not receive the seven last plagues.
22:12 This is what it tells us very clearly in God's Word.
22:16 OK. Let's take a look at these seven last plagues.
22:33 Seven angels pour out the wrath of God
22:38 on the earth.
22:55 First one poured out his bowl
23:00 on the earth, and those that had received the mark of the beast
23:04 and worshiped the beast and the image and so forth
23:06 they receive a loathsome sore.
23:10 This sore, folks, is not just like any sore.
23:13 It is extremely - we'll see in a minute -
23:16 is extremely painful.
23:19 So painful the scripture says that the gnaw their tongue
23:24 for the pain.
23:26 So it's not just a regular sore.
23:30 It has extreme pain connected with it.
23:35 Now these seven last plagues are poured out
23:40 after probation has closed.
23:46 Turn with me in your Bibles.
23:48 If you have your Bibles, turn with me over here to
23:51 Revelation 15 and let's take a look at verse 8.
23:59 Revelation 15 and verse 8.
24:05 And it says: "And the temple was filled with smoke. "
24:10 OK. "The temple was filled with smoke
24:14 from the glory of God and from His power.
24:17 And no one was able to enter the temple
24:21 till the seven plagues of the seven angels were completed.
24:26 You see, that's telling you that the service
24:29 in the temple has come to an end.
24:32 Christ has left the sanctuary.
24:35 He is no longer there interceding on behalf
24:40 of mankind. He has left the temple.
24:44 And therefore this takes place
24:47 after probation has closed.
24:52 In other words as we talked about in the last session
24:58 there's no repentance. There's no change of heart.
25:03 The cup of iniquity is full.
25:07 Therefore because it's full
25:09 God pours out His wrath.
25:12 So the first one was like a sore...
25:15 extremely painful.
25:18 Those that had received the mark of the beast,
25:22 worshiped the image of the beast,
25:25 these are the ones that this was poured out upon.
26:04 Back to that same thing. "God, You are righteous
26:08 in what You are doing because You have judged this
26:11 because these people have been in opposition
26:15 to the law of God.
26:17 Therefore You are just in pouring out this. "
26:32 So He's giving them blood to drink
26:35 because they slew the prophets of God.
26:40 They slew God's people. They made war upon the righteous.
26:44 Therefore God said: "Because you have done this
26:47 you're going to have blood to drink. "
26:57 Now folks, this is really in answer...
27:01 it's an answer to the prayer of the saints that
27:07 was under the altar when we studied the seals.
27:11 And it talks about them and it says:
27:24 You see, it's talking about those who were martyred
27:28 for the cause of God.
27:30 And it says their blood like the blood of Abel is crying out
27:34 saying "How long, Lord?
27:36 When are You going to judge? "
27:38 And this 2nd and 3rd plague is an answer to that.
27:42 Saying: "You're just, oh Lord,
27:45 in pouring out this plague upon them. "
27:48 You'll also find that this is very much... runs a parallel
27:53 in a sense... to the second and third trumpets.
27:58 We studied the trumpets, you remember?
28:01 And the second and third trumpets are blood trumpets.
28:04 But the trumpets are judgments.
28:08 That's what they are: they're judgments.
28:11 They are warnings to the people on earth
28:15 trying to call them to repentance.
28:20 But there's a blood plague there...
28:22 or, excuse me... a blood trumpet there
28:25 in the second and third that is sounded.
28:28 And the difference here is in those warnings
28:32 or those trumpets it says a third
28:35 of what was in the sea died.
28:41 But with the seven last plagues - 2nd and 3rd -
28:44 it says they all die.
28:47 So there's a definite difference here in those.
28:50 So this plague is a blood plague that God will give them
28:54 blood to drink for what they have done.
29:01 Not a very pleasant thought
29:02 to think that that's what's given to them to drink.
29:06 It says the ocean, rivers, and the springs of water
29:11 that will all turn to blood.
29:15 They receive blood to drink.
29:18 OK.
29:28 This fourth plague is poured out on the sun
29:33 and the sun becomes extremely hot...
29:38 enough that it scorches men.
29:42 That's what it says.
29:58 I don't understand.
30:03 You know... here
30:05 they understand who's pouring out the plagues.
30:09 They blaspheme God for what He's doing.
30:14 So they... they know who's doing this.
30:16 They refuse to repent
30:19 and the sun scorches people.
30:37 The refused to accept Him; they refused to follow Him.
30:41 They refused to do His will and His bidding.
30:45 They go contrary to the will of God
30:48 and therefore it says: "the sun scorches them. "
30:54 But fortunately it tells us
30:57 that's not what happens to the righteous.
31:11 God's people are cared for, protected.
31:14 Sun won't strike them... any heat.
31:17 You and I may see it
31:21 but we do not experience it.
31:24 That's the marvelous thing about being under the protection
31:28 of God, you know.
31:31 When all the earth is going through this terrible
31:34 period of time God cares for His people.
31:39 Looks after them. They are in His umbrella
31:45 of protection and care.
31:47 No heat will strike them; sun will not scorch them.
32:08 So the Lord promises to the righteous
32:11 His care, His protection, and His leading.
32:15 OK.
32:31 Now the plagues,
32:37 the trumpets, and the seals
32:42 all have something in common
32:45 and that is the first four.
32:48 The first four of the seals, the first four of the trumpets,
32:52 and the first four of the plagues are all poured out
32:55 on mankind in general.
33:00 That's what happens: they're all
33:02 poured out on mankind in general.
33:04 But when we hit the fifth one it becomes specific.
33:08 And in this case, that fifth one is poured out
33:12 on what? The throne of the beast.
33:17 "The throne of the beast was full of darkness
33:20 and they gnawed their tongues for the pain. "
33:22 You see these people have received two
33:26 of the plagues.
33:29 Now folks, there's no question
33:31 that everybody will not receive all of the 7 last plagues.
33:36 If they were, it'd destroy everybody.
33:40 It'd wipe out everything.
33:42 And of course we know from God's Word
33:44 that they're going to be living to see Christ come.
33:46 So everybody will not receive all of the 7 last plagues.
33:52 They will receive one, or in this case they're receiving two.
33:56 But they receive on the earth the seven last plagues
34:01 that are poured out upon mankind.
34:15 Blaspheme God because of the pain that they were suffering
34:22 but they don't repent... don't change.
34:25 Strange, isn't it?
34:27 Some people just will not repent.
34:46 This sixth angel
34:49 pours out his plague
34:53 on the great river Euphrates. The water was dried up
34:58 so that the way of the kings of the east was prepared.
35:02 This becomes very, very important
35:06 because lots happens with this sixth plague
35:10 when this angel pours out his plague,
35:14 or his bowl, upon the great river Euphrates.
35:18 "I saw... " this is continuing right there, folks...
35:31 But when he pours out this plague, says:
35:35 "I saw three unclean spirits like frogs
35:39 come out of these three: the dragon, the beast,
35:42 and the false prophet. "
35:54 So here you have the dragon,
35:58 the beast, and the false prophet
36:01 who are in league with one another.
36:05 They are a confederacy of evil
36:08 that send out the spirits of demons
36:11 to gather all the people.
36:14 And they're gathering all the people for the battle
36:18 of God Almighty -
36:20 or if you please - for the battle of Armageddon.
36:24 This is what they're going out to do.
36:28 All right.
36:47 In other words what He's saying is when that sixth plague
36:51 is poured out, He's coming.
36:54 He's coming back.
36:56 And He said: "I'm coming and blessed is he who watches
37:00 and keeps his garments. " Walks and doesn't...
37:03 "walks naked... they do not see his shame. "
37:07 Do you understand that text when it talks about here
37:09 "walk naked and do not see his shame? "
37:12 Do you know what that's talking about?
37:14 In the Bible in the Old Testament time
37:17 to be naked or to be uncovered
37:23 was... was shameful.
37:26 Was considered an insult... it was an embarrassment.
37:30 Do you remember the case when
37:35 I guess David had taken over the throne?
37:38 Do you remember that... and all?
37:41 And one of these pagan kings
37:45 had been good to David.
37:49 And so David out of kindness and wanting to show his respect
37:56 sent some of his soldiers - his young men -
37:59 to that king to express his appreciation
38:04 and his kindness to him.
38:06 And when they got there some of this king's counselors
38:10 told him: "they aren't coming here to express their thanks
38:13 to you. They're coming here to spy out the land.
38:16 David's going to take the land;
38:20 that's what's going on here. "
38:21 And evidently they convinced the king of that.
38:24 And it says that that king took those young men
38:28 and split their garments down
38:32 and took half of their garments away.
38:34 Left half of it without any clothing
38:37 and he sent them back to David.
38:40 That was an act of despising him.
38:45 That was an act of causing those young men to be ashamed.
38:49 When they got as far as Jericho they wouldn't go any farther.
38:52 He shaved them half way off their beard.
38:56 Cut their clothes down the middle and all.
38:59 That was an act to show his contempt for David.
39:05 And David sent word and said "Just stay there
39:09 in Jericho until your beard grows out and so forth. "
39:14 But this is what that's talking about.
39:17 In other words it says that: "Keeps his garments
39:21 lest he walk naked and they see his shame. "
39:25 You and I don't want to face the Lord
39:30 shamefully.
39:32 We don't want to find ourselves in a place where we have not
39:36 done what He wants us to do.
39:40 That's what it's saying: "Don't be ashamed. "
39:42 That you and I need to walk with the Lord and follow Him
39:46 as He wants us to.
39:48 All right.
39:55 Gathers all these people into a place
39:59 called Armageddon.
40:02 I'd like to say this, folks:
40:05 Armageddon is not a battle
40:08 between Israel and the United States.
40:14 It's not a battle between Israel
40:16 and the United States and Russia.
40:18 It's none of those.
40:20 This is the battle of God Almighty
40:24 and this is God's controversy with the nations.
40:29 These are what we've been talking about.
40:32 These are the people that have gone contrary to God,
40:35 have not walked with Him, that are opposed to God
40:39 and to His people and to what the Word of God teaches.
40:43 And these are the ones that they're in opposition to God.
40:49 This is the battle of Armageddon.
40:51 And so you find that this is a controversy between God
40:56 and the nations that takes place.
40:58 This is reminding of the case of the fall of Babylon
41:04 or the destruction of Babylon
41:06 because you remember Cyrus -
41:09 the general of the Medes and Persians -
41:11 came up and surrounded the city of Babylon.
41:16 The people laughed at him.
41:19 They went up on top of the wall around the city of Babylon
41:24 and threw food to Cyrus and laughed at him.
41:26 The city was considered impregnable.
41:30 Could not be taken... impossible.
41:34 And Cyrus took his men
41:36 and marched them down the Euphrates river -
41:41 OK? - and at a selected spot
41:46 he had them dig canals and he diverted the river
41:50 into these canals and he dried up
41:55 the Euphrates. Are you getting the picture?
41:59 OK, he dried up the Euphrates,
42:02 and by the drying up of the Euphrates he and his men
42:05 marched up the muddy bottom of the Euphrates river.
42:09 And the gates into it had been left open,
42:13 and he and his men marched in and took the city of Babylon
42:17 and freed - if you please - the children of Israel from bondage.
42:24 OK. So this very much parallels
42:29 what's happening here:
42:31 drying up of the river Euphrates.
42:35 So this plague that's poured out
42:37 this is a picture of the city of Babylon and the
42:40 drying up of the Euphrates.
42:55 So when He says that the river Euphrates is dried up
43:00 that the way of the kings of the east... that water
43:03 represents people and nations and tongues.
43:07 And so it's saying that these civil powers
43:10 that are at war with God
43:13 are dried up so that Christ can come.
43:18 He and His people are the kings of the east.
43:22 This is who it's talking about when it refers
43:25 to the kings of the east.
43:49 And so as the Euphrates is dried up
43:52 it prepares for the battle of God Almighty.
43:57 The three powers: the dragon,
44:02 which represents the devil or paganism;
44:08 the false prophet which represents
44:12 the United States... Protestantism;
44:16 the beast which represents Catholicism.
44:21 All that is at odds with God
44:24 and the water is dried up
44:27 to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus Christ.
44:51 These - these kings, these people -
44:57 will make war with the Lamb.
45:01 Gonna fight Him... against Him.
45:04 And folks, it doesn't necessarily mean
45:07 with military weapons.
45:10 We get that all mixed up.
45:12 Means they are opposed to God, they go contrary to God.
45:17 They will not support what He's doing.
45:20 But those that are called, faithful, and chosen...
45:24 they go with the Lamb.
45:40 You see these - when it speaks of the kings of the east -
45:44 this is referring to Christ and His people
45:46 to make the way for God to set up His kingdom
45:51 in preparation that will last forever.
45:55 The ten horns which we talked just a little bit about today...
46:12 Interesting...
46:14 because here you have the dragon,
46:20 you have the false prophet,
46:23 you have the beast, and you have the ten kings.
46:27 These are all civil powers, OK?
46:31 And these have given their support the scripture says
46:36 to the woman. That's what it says.
46:39 She's riding on the back of the beast.
46:40 She receives the support of these.
46:43 But there comes a time in this relationship, folks,
46:49 where they turn on the woman.
46:53 And the woman here is Babylon,
46:56 and Babylon is a counterfeit system of worship
47:01 that the world has gone along with and accepted.
47:04 And evidently it comes to the place where it no longer works
47:08 and they turn against the woman.
47:10 And it says they will "hate her and will destroy her.
47:16 Make her desolate and naked. "
47:18 This is turning on her.
47:21 This is what happens in the drying up
47:25 of the Euphrates river.
47:28 This is part of the process
47:31 of drying up the Euphrates river.
47:43 So He's saying He's coming back.
47:46 During the sixth plague He's coming back.
47:53 He's going to put an end to all this.
47:56 Suffering will be no more.
48:00 God will bring it to an end.
48:11 So all the world has come arrayed before God.
48:16 The battle of Armageddon is there,
48:20 and God is victorious.
48:23 Christ is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords,
48:26 and He rules over all.
48:30 I don't know about you tonight
48:32 but I can tell you as far as I'm concerned
48:35 I want to be on the side of the Lamb.
48:39 I want to follow Him.
48:41 I want to walk with Him; I want to be among His people.
48:46 And you and I have that right.
48:48 We just have the responsibility of making that decision
48:53 and saying: "Yes, I'm going to follow the Lord.
48:57 I'm going to walk with Him... I'm going to follow Him. "
49:15 Loud voice out of the temple saying:
49:19 "It is done. "
49:23 Over... completed.
49:27 Oh, I long to hear that voice say:
49:33 "It is done. " All the sin and everything will be gone.
49:38 Be no more.
49:51 We're down at the very end, folks.
49:54 Jesus is coming back, and it says
49:58 that there's a great earthquake like this earth has never seen.
50:03 Now you and I have... at least by television,
50:07 different things... have seen some earthquakes
50:11 as high as an 8.0 on the Richter scale.
50:16 But dear friend, that kind of an earthquake
50:21 the destruction is...
50:25 almost you can't imagine.
50:28 If you saw just the pictures of what the one in Haiti
50:32 which was a 7.0 did,
50:34 the destruction was unbelievable
50:37 that took place there.
50:39 Think of what it will be like when there's an earthquake
50:43 like no one has ever seen.
51:03 She has had the world drink
51:08 the wine of her fornication.
51:11 Now God is going to give her
51:14 the wine of His wrath to drink.
51:44 Going to stand up and say: "It is done. "
51:46 There will be a great earthquake.
51:52 Hail will fall.
51:55 Every hail stone about the weight of a talent.
52:01 A talent is somewhere between 50 and 100 pounds.
52:07 Some authorities say it's 57 pounds.
52:11 Can you imagine hail stones falling
52:15 weighing 57 pounds?
52:18 I mean, those become missiles, folks.
52:21 They go right through buildings.
52:23 They... unbelievable destruction that will be there.
52:26 Said "It is done. " Three times Christ says this, folks.
52:32 Three times He says: "It is done. "
52:35 John 19:30 He said: "It is finished. "
52:39 In Hebrew it's the same words: "It is done. "
52:43 That was when?
52:46 When He was on the cross.
52:49 Said: "It is done. "
52:51 Revelation 16:17... "It is done. "
52:56 That's what we just read about the plagues.
52:58 Done; the wrath of God is poured out.
53:01 says: "It is done. "
53:05 And this is when the earth has been burned
53:10 and God has made it new for His people.
53:13 This is done.
53:15 In other words, it's over. No longer is there sin.
53:19 It's been eradicated from the universe.
53:21 Great earthquake on this earth.
53:26 Everything will be destroyed, shaken.
53:31 The plagues will have done their work
53:35 and now Christ can come back,
53:37 claim His people, and set up His kingdom.
53:41 This is what He says to you and to me:
53:59 So we have that we can depend on that God will be our shelter
54:04 and that He will care for us.
54:07 Let us pray.
54:09 Father in heaven,
54:11 we come to You this evening to thank you for
54:17 the assurance of Your Word
54:20 that we can depend upon You.
54:24 That You will be there; that You will be a shelter for us
54:28 in the time of storm.
54:30 May we all reach out in faith and lay hold of these promises.
54:37 May we purpose in our hearts to be true to You
54:41 and to walk with You and to follow You.
54:44 We're thankful... thankful for Your Word that tells us
54:48 that the coming of Jesus Christ cannot be far off.
54:53 That He's coming back soon.
54:54 For this we thank you in Christ's name, Amen.
55:00 Well remember our next section that we'll be doing
55:06 is on the last-day events.
55:09 We're going to be covering Revelation 17 to 22
55:13 which brings the book of Revelation to a close.
55:16 So we hope that you'll follow us there.
55:18 Good night; God bless you.
55:27 All around us we see want and suffering.
55:30 In large cities, millions of human beings
55:33 do not receive as much care and consideration
55:36 as we give beasts of the field.
55:39 Families are herded together in miserable projects.
55:42 Children are born into these terrible places.
55:46 They see nothing of the beauty God has created
55:48 to delight their senses.
55:50 They are left to grow up molded and fashioned by
55:53 wretched and wicked examples all around them.
55:57 They hear the name of God only in profanity.
56:00 Impure words and fumes of liquor and tobacco
56:03 and immoral behavior of every kind
56:06 pervert their tender senses.
56:09 Wretched and pitiful cries for food and clothing are heard
56:13 by parents who know nothing about prayer or a loving Savior.
56:17 But these cries do not go unheard in heaven.
56:21 God sees... God hears.
56:25 Friends, our loving Father has entrusted us
56:28 with abundance to supply the necessities of all.
56:31 But sadly, we're not always faithful stewards.
56:35 Many who have taken on the name of Christ
56:38 spend His money for selfish pleasure,
56:41 extravagant homes and clothing.
56:43 They hardly give a suffering human a look of pity
56:47 or a word of sympathy.
56:49 We are to show the kindness of the Samaritan
56:52 in food, clothing, and shelter for the poor.
56:55 As Christians, our work is to reach the people who
56:59 are neglected and win them to Christ.
57:01 That's the goal of this ministry.
57:04 We want them to know that He is able to save to the uttermost
57:08 and restore them to His image.
57:10 But in order to do this, we need your help.
57:14 Please consider what you can do for those
57:17 who still don't know about Jesus.
57:19 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:21 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:36 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:39 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:42 of salvation to millions around the world.


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