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The Eighth Beast

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00:21 And good evening. Welcome to The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
00:27 We appreciate you being here this evening
00:30 and like to welcome all those that are tuning in by television
00:34 or by radio or even by the Internet.
00:38 We thank you and hope that as we go in this week
00:42 to the last part of the book of Revelation...
00:46 We're looking at Revelation the 17th, 18th,
00:51 19th, 20, 21, and 22... those chapters...
00:56 finishing up the book of Revelation.
01:00 And so we hope that you can tune in
01:03 each night as we take a look at what God is saying
01:06 is happening today. Probably these next few chapters
01:11 are some of the most important in the book of Revelation.
01:15 Uh, as you know, this will bring us to the end.
01:19 We will have covered the whole book of Revelation,
01:22 and we hope it's been a particular blessing to you.
01:25 As you remember, we started out
01:29 in the first part of Revelation. And in the 4th chapter
01:33 it says that John was caught up to the throne of God...
01:38 to the throne room. And there in the throne room
01:41 was angels, 24 elders,
01:46 and four living creatures.
01:49 And we tried to illustrate that for you.
01:53 And we've had some things here that we hope maybe
01:57 illustrated them for you.
01:59 Those 4 living creatures...
02:02 uh, they're part of the angelic host.
02:06 They're seraphim because they have six wings.
02:10 And these four living creatures
02:14 depict the nature of Christ is what they are to do.
02:18 For instance it says that one of them was like a lion.
02:22 And of course you remember the scripture says that
02:25 Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah.
02:29 And these living creatures are not something new.
02:33 You find them even in the Old Testament.
02:36 You find that the children of Israel carried banners
02:39 that had pictures of these four living creatures on them.
02:43 The next one it tells us was like an ox.
02:47 And of course that represented the sacrifice
02:51 that Christ would make in your behalf and mine.
02:55 And so it's pictured Him as the sacrifice.
02:59 And then you find that it talks about the third living creature,
03:03 and it says that that third one was like a man
03:07 representing the humanity of Christ... pictures that.
03:12 And then the fourth one was like an eagle.
03:16 And that eagle represented the divinity of Christ.
03:20 And so you have those four living creatures.
03:23 We tried to give you a little idea of what was there.
03:25 All the visions that John had
03:29 all took place in the throne room.
03:32 And as you read through the book of Revelation
03:34 you'll see it talks about 24 elders
03:37 or the angels or the four living creatures being there.
03:41 This was where John was and this where he saw many of the things
03:46 that are recorded in the book of Revelation.
03:48 So we hope that that will bless you as we continue
03:53 to study the book of Revelation.
03:56 Tonight we're taking a look at
04:00 the 17th chapter and The Scarlet Beast.
04:08 There are beasts that are used throughout the
04:11 book of Revelation. Probably to understand this one
04:15 will help you put the whole thing together.
04:19 So we hope it will bless you particularly as we study it.
04:23 Tomorrow night we're going to be talking about
04:25 Ten Kings because in the 17th chapter
04:29 it talks about ten kings and the part that they will play
04:33 in the very last days. You've got to remember
04:36 the 17th chapter is wrapping it up.
04:40 This is... this is really where it wraps all of it up
04:43 as far as the beast and all are concerned.
04:45 And so the ten kings are there.
04:48 It says they give their power and authority to the beast.
04:51 So you want to be with us when we talk about these ten kings
04:55 on our next presentation.
04:58 And then of course tonight we're back to The Scarlet Beast.
05:01 So we hope that that will bless you
05:04 as we continue to study God's Word.
05:07 Tonight Dona Klein is going to sing for us
05:12 one of the great - as far as I'm concerned -
05:15 Christmas carols... one that I hope will bless you
05:19 in a special way entitled On a Silent Night.
05:23 And we'll be blessed in a special way.
05:25 But before she does, Chuck Allgaier is going to come
05:29 and he's going to read with you
05:30 the scripture that we're going to be looking at tonight.
05:33 So follow in your Bible or follow it on the screen.
05:36 We hope it will bless you.
05:39 Good evening.
05:41 If you have your Bibles with you
05:43 please turn them to the book of Revelation.
05:45 We're going to go through Revelation chapter 17
05:49 verses 1 through 8.
05:51 Revelation chapter 17 verses 1 through 8.
05:54 Let's read together:
07:27 May God add His blessing to His Word.
07:46 Long ago and far away
07:51 on a starry, silent night.
07:56 As the shepherds watched their flocks
08:01 there arose a star so bright.
08:05 Then the angels broke the silence
08:10 praising God in the highest.
08:17 Peace on earth, and good tidings
08:23 to men.
08:27 On a silent night
08:32 in a manger of hay
08:37 the hope of all ages
08:42 was born.
08:46 And the stable that night
08:52 was warmed by heaven's light.
08:56 And that light is still shining
09:01 because Christ was born.
09:18 From the east the wise men came
09:22 searching for the baby king.
09:27 Bringing gifts... they traveled far
09:32 guided by that same bright star.
09:37 Oh the wonder, oh the joy
09:42 when they found God's baby boy.
09:49 King of Kings, Lord of Lords,
09:54 Emmanuel.
09:59 On a silent night
10:04 in a manger of hay
10:09 the hope of all ages
10:14 was born.
10:18 And the stable that night
10:23 was warmed by heaven's light.
10:28 And that light is still shining
10:33 because Christ was born.
10:40 And the stable that night
10:45 was warmed by heaven's light.
10:49 And that light is still shining
10:55 because Christ was born.
11:22 Father in heaven,
11:24 we ask tonight as we open Your Word
11:29 that we might see and understand
11:34 the great mysteries of Your Word.
11:40 Thank you, Lord.
11:42 Thank you that the light of Christ is still shining
11:46 in our hearts.
11:49 We pray that as we look at the 17th chapter
11:54 of Revelation that You'll give us wisdom, understanding.
12:01 And that we might open our hearts to the infilling
12:06 of the Holy Spirit.
12:08 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
12:18 To many people the 17th chapter of Revelation is a puzzle.
12:24 They just can't seem to make all the pieces fit.
12:30 And so they read the 17th chapter
12:32 and they give up.
12:36 They say: "Well I don't under- stand what it's talking about.
12:39 It's all Greek to me.
12:41 I don't know what it's dealing with. " And they give up.
12:45 But really the 17th chapter is one of the great chapters
12:49 in the book of Revelation.
12:51 So get your Bible... get your pencil and paper
12:54 and we're going to take a look tonight at this beginning
12:57 of this 17th chapter and see if we can't put all
13:01 these different pieces of the puzzle in place
13:04 so that you'll understand what it's talking about.
13:06 So let's go there and take a look at what the scripture
13:09 has to say here:
13:22 So here we have this woman sitting on the beast.
13:25 Has seven heads, ten horns.
13:29 Now you'll find that in Bible prophecy a woman -
13:32 consistent, folks, all the way through scripture -
13:35 a woman in Bible prophecy will represent a church.
13:40 It will represent a spiritual power.
13:43 And you have several texts that gives you that key
13:47 to help you understand that like this one in Jeremiah
13:50 that says:
13:57 And so He compares a church to a woman.
14:01 You have another text here in Ephesians 5:25.
14:12 And he doesn't leave you in doubt here.
14:15 Paul makes it clear what he's talking about
14:18 because he goes on and says:
14:27 So he talks about the relationship here.
14:29 And you'll find that as you read through God's Word
14:33 you'll find that is always refers to the church
14:37 as she.
14:40 And it always refers to civil power as he.
14:46 Makes that distinction
14:48 so you don't have to be in doubt as to what it's talking about.
14:52 So you have in Revelation the 12th chapter
14:56 you have a woman here again. Says:
15:07 This woman is a good woman.
15:10 It talks about what she does,
15:13 and it says she's clothed with the sun.
15:15 This represented the early church
15:18 back in the first part when the church was being formed
15:21 as it came out of Judaism.
15:25 Represents the early church and it says she's
15:27 clothed with the sun... which represented the gospel.
15:30 Says the moon under her feet which represented
15:34 the Old Testament period she's coming out of.
15:36 Says she has on her head a garland of twelve stars
15:39 that represented the twelve apostles
15:41 that Christ had given the commission to
15:43 to take the gospel to the world.
15:45 So this is a good woman.
15:47 You go to Revelation 17,
15:50 and you have a woman just the opposite riding on a beast
15:55 because it says:
16:07 So here you have a woman that is just the opposite.
16:31 So if I have a good woman in Revelation the 12th chapter
16:35 that represents what? A good church.
16:40 If I have a bad woman
16:42 represented in Revelation the 17th chapter,
16:45 that represents a bad church.
16:48 It's that simple... not difficult.
16:50 One represents a good church;
16:52 another one represents a bad church.
16:54 All right, let's go on.
17:06 Please notice, folks that pomp, ceremony
17:10 and show does not necessarily mean godliness.
17:16 Did you follow me?
17:19 Just because it may look good...
17:24 just because it may have a lot of splendor...
17:29 doesn't make it right.
17:32 OK? So she's clothed - if you please - with purple
17:37 and scarlet and gold, and precious stones, pearls...
17:40 She has all that... but there's something wrong inside.
17:54 This woman is contrary to what God would have
18:00 her to be. She is not what He wants her to be.
18:16 So he sees this woman. Looks at her.
18:19 John cannot put it together.
18:23 Marvels with great amazement at how this woman
18:26 who represents the church could be all this.
18:30 So tonight what you and I have to do is
18:32 we want to identify who is this woman.
18:36 That's... we need to have that clear.
18:38 Who does this woman represent
18:40 so that we know exactly what it's talking about?
18:43 I'm going to give you four points of identification
18:47 and that will identify exactly who it's talking about.
18:50 You and I don't have to be in doubt.
18:52 God is not putting you in a place where you
18:55 can't understand it.
18:57 This piece of the puzzle, folks, fits perfect.
19:00 There'll be no problem here.
19:07 Therefore since it says the kings of the earth
19:10 committed fornication with her,
19:12 she has to be a world power.
19:16 You can't go off over here and find some little church
19:22 in a corner somewhere and put that application to it.
19:25 It has to be a church that has been involved
19:29 with the kings of the world
19:32 because it says: "with whom the kings of the earth
19:34 committed fornication. " In other words, they've been
19:37 involved with her.
19:40 What it's talking about.
19:42 So one point: she has to be a world power.
19:45 Well, when you start looking at churches
19:49 that are world powers,
19:53 there's not very many.
19:55 And it's very, very clear that when it's talking about this
20:00 it narrows it down to that of the papacy.
20:05 Papal power.
20:07 Today her membership is over one billion
20:15 spread across the earth. Watch what it says here:
20:25 You can't go over here and find a church, folks,
20:28 that has a few hundred members or a few thousand
20:31 over in some part... country... and apply it.
20:34 You've got to have a church that covers the world
20:37 because the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk
20:42 with the wine of her fornication.
20:44 So it can't be just some little power somewhere.
20:48 It's got to be a world-wide power.
20:50 It's got to be a power that has had enough influence
20:53 that the inhabitants of the earth have been affected
20:57 by what she had to say.
21:00 Says they've been made "drunk
21:03 with the wine of her fornication. "
21:06 And any time the scripture is talking about
21:08 the "wine of fornication" it's talking about belief.
21:13 It's talking about what she is giving the people
21:17 and that represents the "wine of her fornication"...
21:20 is false belief that she has led them contrary to God's Word.
21:33 So this woman that is sitting on this beast
21:37 has to be a power that has persecuted.
21:41 She has to be somebody that has persecuted God's people.
21:46 And so we ask: has she done this?
21:49 Well history's full of it!
21:51 All you have to do is go back and read.
21:55 If you read you'll see very clear
21:58 that when it says that she has persecuted God's people
22:01 indeed she has. Go back, folks, and pick up some
22:04 books at the library.
22:05 Pick up Fox's Book of Martyrs.
22:08 Or read Short Short Stories of the Reformation
22:12 or Here I Stand by Bainton.
22:16 Or if you're really into reading it, read
22:19 The History of the Reformation by d'Aubigne.
22:21 All those will tell you all that she has done
22:25 and the many, many people that she's persecuted.
22:29 I don't care whether you're talking about the
22:30 Spanish Inquisition or if you're talking about the persecution
22:34 of the Waldensian people
22:35 or you're talking about that of the Huguenots.
22:38 It's all there. Listen to what this historian says
22:42 about the persecution... what they did to the people.
22:46 Many, many people gave their lives.
22:51 I'm not talking about a few.
22:53 I'm talking about thousands upon thousands of thousands
22:58 down through the ages that gave their life
23:00 for what they believed.
23:25 Let that soak in just a little bit.
23:28 Has shed more blood than any other institution
23:33 that has ever existed among mankind.
23:41 So history tells us clearly she has done just that.
23:45 So if you're starting to look at and want to know
23:48 who is this woman...
23:49 1. She has to be a world-wide power.
23:53 2. She has to have influenced
23:58 the inhabitants of the earth with her beliefs.
24:03 She had to be a persecuting power.
24:14 What do we have here?
24:16 Very simple. This woman who represents a church -
24:21 represents a spiritual power I should say -
24:26 is sitting on a beast... which represents a civil power.
24:31 So if you have a woman sitting on a beast
24:34 you have uniting of church and state.
24:39 That's what you have.
24:41 And this represents a union of church and state.
24:45 I'll come back to this point in a little bit.
24:48 But when you have a woman sitting on it,
24:51 that means that she controls it.
24:56 Do you follow me?
24:58 If you're riding a horse, who controls it?
25:01 The rider.
25:04 The woman's sitting on the beast...
25:05 that means she's controlling it.
25:07 It means that she has taken over state power.
25:11 So this represents the uniting of church and state.
25:16 Those four points identify for you clearly
25:20 exactly who this woman represents.
25:24 You and I don't have to be in doubt about it, friends.
25:27 It's clear from God's Word.
25:30 Sitting on a scarlet beast.
25:34 We need to identify who is this scarlet beast
25:38 that she is sitting on...
25:40 Who does it represent?
25:42 Who... who is this power?
25:46 Well, let's see what the scripture says about it.
26:11 So the Bible tells you clearly
26:13 here's three frogs - which are demons -
26:18 coming out of the mouth of the dragon,
26:20 out of the mouth of the beast,
26:22 out of the mouth of the false prophet.
26:24 Who are they?
26:30 All right. What are they going to do?
26:33 "Performing signs. "
26:37 Performing wonders, performing miracles if you please.
26:50 So you have three... you have three powers here.
26:55 You have the dragon; you have the beast;
26:59 and you have the false prophet.
27:03 What are these? What do they represent?
27:06 What do they mean?
27:08 Dragon: the dragon throughout the scripture in Revelation
27:12 the 12th chapter clearly is portrayed as that of paganism.
27:17 It was the power of paganism.
27:20 So it's saying out of paganism
27:23 came this frog which is the spirit of demons.
27:28 Also the false... well, let's go to the beast first.
27:33 The beast we just talked about... the beast is
27:36 the same as that of Revelation 13
27:39 which represented that of the papacy or Catholicism,
27:43 if you please. And then it says the false prophet
27:47 which is pictured in Revelation the 13th chapter
27:51 as the beast there with the two horns
27:54 which represented that of Protestantism.
27:57 And so you have coming out of these -
28:01 out of the dragon and out of the beast
28:03 and out of the false prophet - these frogs which are demons.
28:07 And it means that Catholicism,
28:10 Protestantism, and paganism
28:14 have united, folks. That's what it means.
28:18 They have united and they've gone out to gather
28:21 the kings of the earth to bring them together
28:25 to the battle of the great day of God Almighty.
28:28 This is what it's trying to tell us and get across to us.
28:32 Listen to what it says here.
28:33 This is all in the 17th chapter:
28:43 Waters in Bible prophecy represent people,
28:47 nations, tongues. If she is sitting on the waters,
28:51 it means that she is controlling it.
28:55 Second point:
29:00 It means that she is controlling this beast.
29:04 She is controlling civil power.
29:09 I... I hope you're getting the picture.
29:12 What it's trying to tell you is
29:15 paganism, Protestantism, Catholicism have united,
29:21 and that spiritual concept or trinity has come together
29:27 and they are now controlling the civil powers of the world.
29:32 Third point: Seven mountains on which the woman what?
29:36 Sits. And as you read through there,
29:38 seven mountains represent kingdoms.
29:42 So it's meaning that this woman is in control.
29:46 That's what it's talking about.
29:48 So what's going to happen?
29:50 "With whom the kings of the earth" what?
29:54 "Committed fornication. "
29:56 That means that they're in bed with her.
29:59 That means that she is involved with them...
30:02 that they are in this whole thing together.
30:05 "And the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk
30:08 with the wine of her fornication. "
30:11 So she - in this thing that she has put together -
30:15 and I'm going to talk about it here in a minute -
30:17 these concepts that she's put together...
30:19 she has made the world "drunk with the wine
30:23 of her fornication. "
30:24 They have accepted what she is giving.
30:27 They are following it; they are believing it.
30:41 It's telling what she is... what she is doing.
30:45 All right, Satan's deception regarding the scripture.
30:49 Now you've got to do a little thinking here.
30:51 You know... let's turn the wheels a little bit
30:55 and do a little thinking.
30:57 What belief... what belief
31:02 is there that paganism,
31:08 and Catholicism, and Protestantism
31:14 could all come together on and follow
31:20 and believe?
31:25 Natural immortality of the soul.
31:29 That when you die... you don't, really.
31:37 You just go to another existence.
31:42 The immortality of the soul, folks...
31:45 the natural immortality of the soul idea...
31:48 comes directly... directly from paganism.
31:54 That's where it had its roots.
31:58 It was given to Catholicism.
32:05 Catholicism embraced it and brought it into the church
32:10 as a belief of the church.
32:12 And then it was handed as a sacred legacy to Protestantism.
32:16 and they took it hook, line, and sinker.
32:19 And so today you have paganism,
32:25 Catholicism, Protestantism
32:28 all uniting around the idea of the immortality of the soul.
32:36 Drunk with the wine of her fornication.
32:40 Sunday sacredness.
32:45 Go back, read it. I mean you can read it
32:48 in the encyclopedia, folks.
32:50 You don't have to read it in scripture.
32:51 It comes straight from paganism.
32:55 There is no scripture basis for Sunday sacredness.
33:01 None at all!
33:05 That is something that the pagans believed.
33:08 The pagans were worshipers of the sun.
33:11 They worshiped it as their god.
33:14 And again, it was something that was handed
33:17 by paganism if you please to Catholicism.
33:21 And Catholicism - taking it and actually
33:25 enforced it on the people.
33:28 And then as time passed
33:31 took and gave it to Protestantism,
33:34 and Protestantism accepted it.
33:37 Does not have any basis in scripture.
33:45 I'm just telling you something they unite on, folks...
33:48 that all three come together on.
33:51 Eternal torment...
33:54 does not come from scripture.
33:58 Eternal torment idea comes from paganism.
34:02 That's where it started.
34:06 Then we get into Catholicism and the church,
34:09 and they want to put out things such as Dante's Inferno.
34:16 And Protestantism wants to accept it.
34:20 So when it says that she has made them drunk
34:24 with the wine of her fornication
34:25 it means that they are uniting
34:28 in these things that they can agree upon.
34:31 And as they come together they'll work together to produce
34:37 what they consider or what the scripture refers to
34:40 as Babylon.
34:43 Confusion... not clear.
34:47 Have you ever tried to reason with a drunk man?
34:54 If they're drunk with the wine of her fornication?
34:58 All right. It says:
35:10 "Here is the mind that has wisdom. "
35:29 Now this is the place where many people get lost
35:33 in the 17th chapter of Revelation,
35:35 and you've got to follow me carefully here.
35:38 There are also how many kings? Seven.
35:41 Five are? Fallen.
35:45 One is. The other has not yet come.
35:52 When he comes he must continue a short time.
35:55 It is rather interesting that in scripture that it would use
36:00 exactly the same phrase in the 13th chapter
36:04 and in the 17th chapter
36:07 in concerning understanding this.
36:09 Revelation 13:18 says?
36:16 Revelation 17:9 says?
36:21 God uses that phrase and very, very important
36:25 because many of the things in the 13th chapter
36:28 apply to the 17th chapter.
36:31 OK. Let's watch as it puts it together.
36:38 Now John is saying that he was carried away where?
36:45 Into the wilderness. OK?
36:58 So here in vision, in the spirit,
37:02 John has been carried into the?
37:07 'Gotta be with me...
37:09 Carried into where? Carried into the wilderness.
37:13 OK. That's where he's been carried.
37:30 Now it says the beast that you saw
37:35 was... is not.
38:00 So we've got a beast here, folks,
38:03 that was, is not...
38:09 yet it is.
38:15 All right. Now if you're going to understand
38:19 the 17th chapter of Revelation,
38:21 you can't... you've got to understand
38:25 exactly where John is.
38:30 If you don't understand where John is,
38:33 you'll never understand it.
38:36 So John said... where was he?
38:39 He was in the wilderness.
38:42 He was not... In vision
38:44 he had been carried into the wilderness.
38:46 So John is seeing this beast in the wilderness, folks.
38:51 You cannot look at this
38:54 from John being on the Island of Patmos.
38:57 Or you can't look at this prophecy from our day.
39:02 You've got to look at it from where John is,
39:05 and John is in the wilderness.
39:07 And in the wilderness he sees this beast
39:11 that was, is not, yet is.
39:15 OK. So if I'm talking about a beast
39:18 that was, what tense is that?
39:22 That's past.
39:24 Yeah, that's a beast that was. Past.
39:27 OK. Secondly... is not.
39:32 Is not has to be present because we're looking at
39:36 this from John's point of view,
39:38 and in the wilderness it is not.
39:41 That's present.
39:43 And yet is would be future.
39:49 OK. So to get it we need to be clear.
39:52 This beast was not.
39:56 In the past it was.
39:59 It is not in John's day
40:02 and yet is in the future.
40:06 All right. Let's see if we can put it together.
40:18 That is simply saying these are civil powers
40:21 in which the woman rules over them.
40:24 She's been over them... she's in charge of them.
40:44 Now don't mix it up here.
40:46 Don't get mixed up. We're talking now about seven kings.
40:52 We're not talking about the beast.
40:54 The beast was, is not, yet is.
40:58 But these seven kings... five have fallen,
41:03 one is, and the other is yet to come.
41:09 And you've got to look at this from John's position
41:13 in the wilderness.
41:15 You can't look at it from your position.
41:17 You've got to look at it from his position
41:19 in the wilderness. So in the wilderness
41:21 John is saying "Here are five kings that have fallen.
41:27 One is ruling now,
41:30 and the other is yet to come. "
41:34 That's what John is saying.
41:36 OK. Let's continue on.
41:38 "When he comes" - the last one -
41:41 "he will continue a short time. "
41:44 "The beast that was" - back to the beast...
42:04 So he's given you all the pieces of the puzzle, folks.
42:09 And they may all be laid out there
42:11 but they're all there,
42:13 and you and I just have to put them in place
42:15 and we can see exactly what it's talking about.
42:18 Well, when you pick up the Bible and it talks about a beast,
42:21 and it says this beast has seven heads
42:24 you'll find that the scripture tells you there are certain
42:27 beasts that it has given that represent different powers.
42:31 And so if you go back to the book of Daniel
42:34 and Revelation you'll find seven of them
42:37 that are listed which are very interesting.
42:40 You start out in Daniel the 7th chapter
42:43 and you have a lion
42:46 which represented the kingdom of Babylon.
42:51 That lion was overthrown
42:56 by another beast.
42:59 Remember?
43:01 And that beast was a bear.
43:04 Represented Medo-Persia. Please notice folks,
43:09 that Babylon fell to Medo-Persia.
43:14 And then we find that a 3rd one comes on the scene of action
43:19 which was a leopard which represented Greece.
43:24 And we find that Greece overthrew Medo-Persia.
43:29 In other words, it fell.
43:31 Medo-Persia fell to Greece.
43:34 And then we find that a 4th beast comes on the scene
43:38 of action which was Rome.
43:42 Pagan Rome.
43:44 Greece fell to Pagan Rome.
43:47 And then we find in Revelation the 13th chapter
43:53 we have another beast. And we find that Pagan Rome
43:57 fell to Papal Rome.
44:01 "Five have fallen... " There they are.
44:05 As John is there in the wilderness and looking at it,
44:09 he said "Here's five of them that have fallen. "
44:14 OK. One is...
44:17 Now you've got to remember, folks, John is in vision.
44:20 He's seeing things.
44:22 And in vision he's saying: "One is... "
44:26 And he calls that what? He calls it a wilderness.
44:30 And the reason he calls it a wilderness
44:33 is because this is the time that atheistic Communism
44:38 is ruling.
44:42 This was a time when they said "There is no God"
44:45 and threw God out.
44:48 And it was a wilderness as far as John is concerned.
44:52 This is the one that is ruling at that time.
44:56 And then he said: "One is yet to come. "
45:04 Well, atheistic Communism ruled
45:09 till about 1991 AD.
45:14 And then all of a sudden we found another power
45:17 that came to the ascendency more than ever before...
45:23 and that was the two-horned beast of Revelation 13.
45:34 The United States rose to a place
45:38 that it had never been before.
45:43 And never like before it began to speak
45:49 as a dragon.
45:53 And you and I today are living in the time
45:58 that it is speaking as a dragon.
46:05 Richard Nixon, when he retired,
46:11 or should I say... forced to retire,
46:14 he wrote a book. The book he wrote
46:19 was entitled Seize the Moment.
46:22 Read what the subtitle says:
46:29 America's Challenge
46:32 in a One-Superpower World.
46:36 In other words, all of a sudden the United States found itself
46:41 in the position of being a superpower...
46:45 and the only superpower in the world.
46:49 It came to ascendency and there it was.
46:54 And it reached its power, and from that point
46:58 has begun to speak as a dragon.
47:03 This is what has taken place. Five have fallen,
47:08 one is, one was yet to come. And dear friend,
47:13 tonight you are living in the time of the last beast.
47:20 Don't fool yourself.
47:23 There's not any more.
47:25 This is the last one.
47:27 We've gone through six of them.
47:29 We're down to the last one.
47:31 The next thing that's going to happen
47:34 will be the coming of Jesus Christ.
47:54 So it's saying that this beast that was - the scarlet beast -
47:59 that was, is not, yet is...
48:05 that beast is number eight.
48:11 Strange.
48:13 He's not only number eight
48:16 but he is of the seven.
48:21 So no point... no point going out here looking
48:25 for him some other place other than these seven.
48:30 Because it's very clear that he is of the seven
48:32 but he's also the eighth...
48:36 is what the scripture is telling you and me.
48:38 Eight points that tell you exactly
48:43 who this beast is.
48:47 1. Is of the seven.
48:52 So that limits it. It's got to be one of those seven.
48:56 "The beast that was. " You know what that just did?
49:04 Well, the beast that was means it has to be some of those
49:08 that were in the past.
49:09 Can't be present.
49:13 Has to be in the past.
49:16 Also that beast had to be one that there was a time
49:20 in which it is not because it was, is not.
49:23 So when you're looking at those seven
49:25 you've got to find a beast that was back there
49:30 and that there was a time in which it was not.
49:34 See? Is not.
49:38 Is himself also the eighth.
49:42 In other words, what it's saying is this beast
49:46 had to be one of the seven and there was a time
49:49 in which it didn't exist
49:52 but yet it is coming back to power.
49:57 That's what it's telling you.
50:01 Had to make war with the saints.
50:05 Had to be a persecuting power.
50:08 Required to be a persecuting power.
50:14 Had to be the uniting of church and state.
50:18 Are you getting the picture?
50:21 I mean it lines all these points up
50:23 telling you exactly who this beast is.
50:26 And it says the uniting of church and state.
50:30 It had to receive a deadly wound
50:33 because that is what made it not exist.
50:40 That deadly wound had to be healed.
50:43 "The deadly wound was healed.
50:46 All the world wondered after the beast. "
50:49 Dear friends, the scripture identifies clearly
50:52 that beast to be that of papal Rome.
50:56 And it says that it will come back to the ascendency
51:00 and with the uniting - follow me carefully here -
51:03 with the uniting of paganism
51:07 and Catholicism and Protestantism
51:12 you have what the scripture refers to as Babylon.
51:18 That is the woman, Babylon,
51:21 riding on this beast
51:24 right down at the end of time.
51:27 Now there's other players involved here.
51:31 And there's other players that are going to enter into this
51:35 as we take a look at the 18th chapter.
51:37 But some of those players are ten kings.
51:59 So this beast power is coming to power
52:03 and it says that these kings are going to rule
52:07 with the beast.
52:18 So this beast power
52:23 is going to go clear to the end of time.
52:27 Ten kings are going to join
52:32 and they're going to give their power and authority
52:35 to this beast. Now the interesting thing about that,
52:39 folks, is it says in Revelation 13
52:43 that this two-horned beast
52:46 that we just found out represents the United States
52:51 that that two-horned beast also will make an image
52:55 to the beast.
52:58 So what you have here is you have the beast,
53:03 you have ten kings,
53:06 and you have the United States all giving their power
53:11 and authority to the beast.
53:13 Please notice: these are all civil powers
53:20 and the woman which is Babylon rules over them.
53:25 So you don't want to miss as we take a look at
53:29 the ten kings in our next presentation.
53:32 Let's pray together.
53:34 Father in heaven, we thank you for Your Word.
53:38 Thank you for the opportunity You give us
53:43 to understand what Your Word teaches.
53:48 Open our minds. Help us to be clear.
53:53 We pray, Lord, as we understand the times
53:58 in which we are living;
54:00 that Jesus will be coming soon;
54:05 that we're down to the very end of scripture...
54:07 the last beast... there's not another one.
54:10 May our hearts be surrendered to You
54:15 and may we desire above everything else to follow You.
54:19 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
54:25 Thank you for being with us.
54:27 We hope you'll continue...
54:29 stay with us as we go through the book of Revelation.
54:32 God bless you; have a great evening.
54:35 Good night.
54:38 In the heart of southern Illinois
54:40 lies a small town named after A. J. Mason
54:44 who came in 1923 with plans for a dream city
54:48 and the largest coal mine in the United States.
54:52 Surveyors laid out the streets and the sidewalk
54:55 and workers built the tallest smokestack in the country
54:59 complete with a Spanish turret
55:01 and decorative cathedral doors at the top.
55:05 Railroad tracks were laid,
55:07 and as word of this dream city spread
55:10 people flocked in by the thousands.
55:13 But as the black coal came out of those deep tunnels
55:16 miners came closer and closer to the end of the dream.
55:21 And after just three years of mining
55:24 an underground river flooded the shaft.
55:27 Suddenly the operations became very costly
55:31 and although Mr. Mason poured millions into his mine
55:35 eventually it was taken over by the bank.
55:39 People left the city in droves.
55:41 Some didn't even bother to take their furniture.
55:44 Soon the tracks lay dormant.
55:46 Weeds grew up around the beautiful train station,
55:49 and abandoned homes gave way to trees.
55:53 Today locals say that Mason is the only town in America
55:58 where you can hunt quail from the sidewalk.
56:02 Although other coal companies tried to revive it,
56:05 Mason's mine never again turned a profit
56:09 and today only a few hundred people are left.
56:13 Mr. Mason's dream went up in smoke.
56:17 All that remains is a beautiful smokestack,
56:20 an old train station,
56:23 and miles of deserted tracks.
56:27 The Bible says earthly treasures are easily stolen
56:31 by thieves and destroyed by moth and rust.
56:34 But our Heavenly Father is building a dream city
56:38 with streets of gold and mansions by a crystal sea.
56:42 He invites us to come live with Him for eternity
56:45 and never grow old.
56:47 The Bible also says that where our treasure is
56:50 there our heart will be also.
56:53 And in this day and age when stocks lose their value
56:56 in minutes and entire banking systems fail
57:00 God invites us to put our treasures in things of
57:04 eternal value.
57:06 Friends, nothing is more valuable than a human soul.
57:11 Won't you help us bring the good news of salvation
57:14 to those who are lost?
57:16 Please, ask the Holy Spirit what He would have you do.
57:22 Please consider what you can do for those who
57:25 still don't know about Jesus.
57:27 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:29 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:44 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:47 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:50 of salvation to millions around the world.


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