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Ten Kings

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00:22 And good evening. We're very happy to welcome each of you
00:25 tonight. We hope that you have had a good day
00:30 and we invite you into our study of the book of Revelation.
00:34 We hope that it's been helpful to you as we've been
00:38 going through the book of Revelation.
00:40 We have come to the 17th chapter,
00:44 and we're actually into the last part
00:48 of the 17th chapter tonight.
00:51 And we'll be going through
00:53 taking a look at what it has to say.
00:56 But the study of the book of Revelation
00:58 is probably one of the most important books in the Bible
01:03 for people that are living today
01:05 because it deals with the time in which you and I are living.
01:10 And it helps us know exactly what is happening.
01:14 You can understand what the scripture says.
01:18 And Christ said: "I have told you these things
01:22 before they happen so that when it takes place
01:25 you may believe. "
01:27 Well, you and I can see from scripture
01:29 certain things, and as you look at news
01:32 and you see events happening
01:35 you can see how that is fulfilling scripture.
01:38 And so the book of Revelation is a great, great book
01:42 to study and to understand what is happening
01:45 and taking place. So we're glad you're with us.
01:48 We welcome all those of you that are joining us by television
01:52 or if you're tuning in on the radio
01:55 or actually watching through the Internet
01:58 we're very glad that you're here and we hope that
02:01 the book of Revelation will become very, very real to you.
02:07 Tonight we're taking a look at the Ten Kings.
02:13 These ten kings are consistently mentioned
02:19 throughout the scripture.
02:21 They're... they have a very definite part to play
02:26 in the last days.
02:28 And so it's important that you and I understand
02:31 who these ten kings are, what they're going to do,
02:34 and how it all fits together.
02:36 And that's what we're looking at tonight is these ten kings.
02:41 Tomorrow night or our next presentation I should say
02:44 is... we're going to move into the 18th chapter of Revelation
02:49 on God's Last Call!
02:53 We're down to the end of the book.
02:55 We're down to the end of the book of Revelation, folks.
02:58 And there's not any more after this.
03:01 I don't know if people understand that,
03:03 but when you get this far in the book of Revelation
03:06 it's... it's basically over.
03:09 And what... the powers that are against God -
03:13 that have been working against God -
03:15 that all pretty much ends in the 17th chapter.
03:20 The 18th chapter is God making an appeal
03:24 to people to not be lost...
03:28 to be in His kingdom.
03:30 And that's what we'll be looking at tomorrow evening
03:33 as we take a look at God's Last Call.
03:37 But tonight: The Ten Kings.
03:41 So we hope that you will follow it carefully
03:44 as we take a look at these Ten Kings.
03:47 Again this evening Dona Klein is going to be singing for us.
03:53 Going to sing a song about heaven
03:56 and about being there. And it's entitled
04:00 Almost Home, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
04:03 It's a song that I always enjoy very much
04:06 that she wrote. So we hope it will bless you.
04:09 But before she sings, Chuck's going to come out
04:13 and read for you the scripture that we're going to be
04:16 looking at tonight in the 17th chapter.
04:21 Good evening.
04:24 If you have your Bibles with you,
04:26 I would invite you to turn them to Revelation 17
04:31 and we're going to read Revelation chapter 17
04:34 verses 12 through 18.
04:36 So if you have your Bibles with you,
04:38 let's read together:
05:42 May God add His blessing to His Word.
06:01 Sometime life gets so heavy
06:04 and I get so weary
06:08 of fighting the good fight of faith.
06:15 And the world seems to glitter
06:19 with its fake gold and silver
06:22 tempting me to give up the race.
06:29 Close the door, Lord, behind me
06:33 on these things that bind me
06:37 and then remind me again
06:43 that I am a sinner -
06:47 a wayfaring stranger -
06:50 in search of a world without end.
06:56 I'm almost home!
07:01 Where Jesus is waiting,
07:05 where angels are singing,
07:08 and where I'll never more roam.
07:15 Hallelujah! I'm almost home.
07:29 All the sickness and dying
07:33 with its sadness and crying
07:37 will all be a thing of the past.
07:43 This old world and its sorrow
07:47 makes me long for tomorrow
07:51 when all things will be new at last.
07:57 No more heartaches or grieving
08:01 for soon I'll be leaving
08:05 for a land where I'll never grow old.
08:11 I hear sweet music playing
08:15 and soon I'll be singing
08:19 up there in that city of gold.
08:25 I'm almost home!
08:29 Where Jesus is waiting,
08:33 where angels are singing,
08:37 and where I'll never more roam.
08:44 Hallelujah! I'm almost home.
08:50 Praise God! I'm almost home.
08:57 Hallelujah!
09:00 I'm almost home!
09:08 Amen.
09:24 Father in heaven,
09:27 We come to You this evening
09:30 asking for the presence of Your Spirit.
09:35 Asking, Lord, that we may see,
09:40 we may understand,
09:43 that we might know where we are in the stream of time.
09:50 As we look at this 17th chapter, Lord,
09:53 give us wisdom.
09:57 May the Holy Spirit be present.
10:02 May our hearts be open.
10:06 May they be pliable.
10:10 May the Holy Spirit be able to lead and guide us
10:14 in our understanding.
10:16 Bless us tonight as we draw close to You
10:21 and realize that indeed we are almost home.
10:27 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
10:39 There are five different powers
10:45 that are mentioned in tonight's study.
10:48 It's very important that you and I identify
10:53 each of these powers and see how they are involved
10:59 in the last days particularly.
11:01 Because we can know what is happening, what's taking place,
11:05 and how this will all fit together in the last days.
11:10 So we need to identify these five different powers.
11:14 And of course the one that we're going to take a look at
11:17 in particular tonight is the ten kings.
11:19 We need to know who are those ten kings.
11:22 What they're doing... what is happening...
11:25 what's taking place with them.
11:27 We need to understand exactly who the ten kings are.
11:31 Another power that we talked about
11:33 and we've identified before
11:36 but we need to make sure we know who we're talking about...
11:39 and that's the beast
11:41 which the scripture identifies as that of the papal power
11:45 that we'll be looking at tonight because we've got to see
11:48 what is the beast's relationship to the ten kings.
11:54 Is there a relationship? How does this fit together
11:57 with the ten kings? You need to understand that clearly.
12:01 And so we'll take a look at the beast...
12:03 identify who the beast is.
12:05 Then we need to also know and understand
12:08 who is the harlot or Babylon.
12:13 We need to identify Babylon clearly
12:17 so you and I know when the scripture's speaking about
12:19 Babylon what's it talking about.
12:22 What's the difference between Babylon and the beast?
12:27 We need to understand that.
12:28 So we've got the ten kings, we've got the beast,
12:32 we've got Babylon. Those are three different powers
12:36 and we need to see how they interrelate with one another.
12:39 And then we have the false prophet
12:43 that the scripture identifies and we find in our study
12:47 that this false prophet is the United States.
12:50 And so now we've got to see how the beast
12:54 and the false prophet fit into all this
12:57 and how it all comes together.
12:59 So these are all different powers that are involved
13:03 in tonight's presentation. And then of course last of all
13:06 we've got to take a look at The Lamb.
13:12 How does that come together?
13:14 So those are the five different powers
13:17 that we're going to look at in tonight's presentation
13:20 and see how they relate to one another
13:23 and what is happening and taking place.
13:26 So let's take a look at the ten kings
13:30 and see what it tells us about these ten kings
13:33 and who they represent and how it all comes together.
13:36 It says:
13:43 So this beast has ten horns.
13:45 He said "the ten horns that you saw are ten kings... "
14:00 Very important text.
14:02 It says they've received no kingdom as yet
14:06 but they receive authority for one hour
14:10 as kings with the beast.
14:14 That word "one hour... "
14:16 Some people would like to take that and apply
14:20 the prophetic yardstick to it
14:23 where they say that a day represents a year...
14:26 which the scripture does give us.
14:28 And some will take that and apply that and say
14:31 this represents basically 15 days.
14:35 I don't really know that that can be used.
14:40 I do know that from the original it means a very short time.
14:45 So that I think is more in thinking or in keeping
14:50 with what we're talking about.
14:52 Also when it talks about ten kings
14:55 there are some people that would take and say
14:57 that this represents ten actual kings.
15:01 The word... the number ten is used in scripture
15:04 many times to represent a total
15:07 more than an actual number of ten.
15:11 It represents... the ten kings could be a number of kings
15:15 all coming together and working together.
15:18 But it means total more than it does anything else.
15:22 But those are the ten kings and they receive
15:26 authority for one hour with what?
15:28 With the beast.
15:31 So they're going to be involved here with the beast.
15:43 Says they are "of one mind. "
15:47 That does not mean, folks, that these ten kings
15:52 are going to come and there's just going to be one.
15:55 It doesn't mean that.
15:57 It means that there will be a number of them
15:59 but they will work together. They will be "of one mind. "
16:04 They'll work together.
16:05 That doesn't mean there's just one kingdom.
16:08 It means there's many kingdoms but they're working together.
16:12 They are of "one mind" and they give their authority
16:15 to the beast. Rather interesting observation here.
16:20 When it says they give their authority to the beast
16:24 please notice: they do not give it to the woman
16:31 who is riding on the beast.
16:34 They give their authority to the beast.
16:38 We're going to come back to that and talk about it.
16:40 It's very important that we understand that.
16:48 So God said: "OK, here are these nations...
16:51 I'm going to let them fulfill My purpose. "
16:54 All right.
17:05 Do you understand what that means?
17:07 "Till the words of God are fulfilled. "
17:10 It means that those ten kings are going to go... be involved
17:14 clear up to the end... to the coming of Christ.
17:19 So these are things that are happening in the last days.
17:24 That... that's what they're involved with.
17:26 Now, ten kings has been used over and over
17:31 and over through scripture
17:32 time and time again. You go to Daniel 2 verse 44
17:36 and it talks about an image there that had ten toes.
17:41 And it says clearly in scripture that those ten toes
17:45 are ten kings.
17:47 So it represents there... And again, the number ten
17:50 meaning total more than just the number ten.
17:54 You go to Daniel 7 and you have a beast that has
17:58 ten horns. And it says in Daniel 7
18:01 "these ten horns are ten kings. "
18:04 So you have the ten again.
18:06 You move into the book of Revelation
18:08 and Revelation the 12th chapter verse 3 talks about
18:12 the dragon there and it having ten horns on it
18:17 which it says represented ten kings.
18:19 Again it's repeated in Revelation 13
18:22 and again, of course, here in Revelation 17.
18:25 In all those cases, folks,
18:29 it's talking about the same power.
18:32 It's talking about the same ten kings.
18:36 It's consistent all the way through scripture.
18:40 It's not taking some ten over here and some ten over here.
18:44 It's the same ten all the way through.
18:48 And those ten - it makes very clear - had to be...
18:52 had to be in western Europe.
18:56 It identifies them as being in western Europe
18:59 and they were made up of the Germanic tribes that came down
19:04 and overran the Roman Empire.
19:07 And they were such kingdoms as the Anglo-Saxons,
19:10 the Franks, the Heruli, the Vandals, the Ostrogoths
19:13 and so forth. And folks, this will become very, very important
19:18 tonight, so watch carefully because these
19:21 nations of western Europe - or these tribes -
19:24 became the nations of western Europe.
19:28 They became such countries as Germany
19:32 and Italy and France and England.
19:37 Anglo-Saxons became the English;
19:39 the Franks became the French and so forth.
19:41 They became the nations of western Europe.
19:44 And so when it talks about ten kings
19:47 it's talking about these ten kings in western Europe.
19:53 So those are the ones that are involved here.
19:56 And these ten kings will play a major role
20:00 in the last days.
20:02 Now back in 1991, the Common Market as it was referred to
20:08 back then - today it's known as the European Union -
20:13 was just getting started... just forming.
20:17 And even though it was just starting
20:19 the London Telegraph came out with this statement.
20:23 I want you to listen to it:
20:47 In other words, they're saying these ten kings
20:50 are going to make up an empire and it will be very much
20:55 involved with the Pope.
20:59 These ten kings will give their authority to the beast.
21:04 OK. So begin to put it together
21:08 as to what's going on. Now watch carefully:
21:17 That means these nations are going to come together
21:20 and they're going to work together.
21:21 And we find that's exactly what's happening.
21:24 You go over there today... And folks, when you move...
21:29 We don't understand it because we went through this
21:33 200 years ago,
21:35 where, you know, we decided that we were all
21:40 going to work together.
21:41 And so we have all of the states and they all work together.
21:46 But that was not the case in Europe.
21:48 There was countries... all different countries...
21:52 little countries. And so when all of a sudden
21:55 they decided to put together a European Union
21:58 you've got major problems.
22:01 What would you consider one of the big problems?
22:06 Well they speak different languages.
22:09 Major problem.
22:11 Secondly... major problem on weights and measurements.
22:15 And all that had to be worked out.
22:18 Money: all had different currency.
22:22 All those were major problems that they had to work out.
22:25 But today you go over there and you can drive across
22:28 England and France and Germany and all through there
22:31 and it seems to be working.
22:34 They are of one mind.
22:38 OK? Working together.
22:47 This was what was to happen.
22:50 This is the poster for the European Community
22:55 or European Union.
22:57 And that's the stars that at that time...
22:59 I don't know exactly what the number is right now -
23:03 the number of nations that are together -
23:05 but there's far more than ten, I'll assure you that.
23:09 But it means - as I said - more total.
23:11 And you might notice what it says there:
23:14 Europe: many tongues, one voice.
23:18 See? They're working together.
23:21 Well, I want you to take a look at this:
23:24 this is the headquarters for the European Union.
23:30 That's where these ten kings are all involved:
23:34 the European Union.
23:36 This is what is outside their headquarters.
23:40 Do you see what's there?
23:43 You have a woman riding on a beast.
23:49 That's what they use to represent them
23:54 is this woman... riding on a beast.
23:57 They even have it on their money.
24:00 So you have that... exactly what is taking place there today.
24:06 We must understand that today this is a major
24:11 player - a major power - in the world
24:16 because these folks have the largest army
24:21 in the world.
24:24 The Euro is right there
24:30 as far as the dollar is concerned.
24:32 In fact, there's some countries that want to say
24:35 stop taking the dollar and start transferring it all to Euros.
24:39 You have this. So these are major factors
24:42 in the world today in which they are there.
24:46 So these ARE the ten kings.
24:49 All right: the beast.
24:53 Because he's very much playing here because they give their
24:55 power and authority to the beast.
24:57 And we have found it says here in Revelation 13 verse 1:
25:11 Well, we found out that this represents papal Rome.
25:17 We identified that.
25:18 The scripture gives eight points of identification,
25:21 and we looked at those. It identifies it clearly.
25:24 OK. What? What part is it playing
25:29 with the ten kings?
25:31 Watch:
25:41 Is there anything happening today
25:46 that begins to show that things are going that way?
26:15 Now listen to what he has to say:
26:26 Now you've got to understand what he's meaning when he says
26:28 originality.
26:43 Now listen:
27:05 So let me assure you, they very much have a hand
27:11 in what is going on. So when it says
27:14 they will give their power and authority to that of the beast
27:20 there is movement taking place today for that.
27:25 Now you need to understand the political background
27:28 and what's happening here to put it together.
27:30 This is a map of the European Union.
27:36 This is a map of the nations that we're talking about...
27:40 the ten different ones. And so here in -
27:43 if you can see the difference - in the blue...
27:45 All those that are in blue, the majority
27:49 in those countries are Roman Catholic.
27:53 OK?
27:56 Those in the purple which is more towards the top
28:00 those are Protestant, OK?
28:04 Those in the red over there
28:09 are Eastern Orthodox.
28:12 OK?
28:13 And those in the green... those are Islam.
28:18 OK?
28:21 Can you put those together?
28:22 Because I'm about to read you a statement that makes a great
28:26 great difference.
28:28 This statement was given by Charles Malik.
28:32 Charles Malik was the ambassador to the United States
28:38 from Lebanon. He taught at Harvard.
28:42 Very much involved in the United Nations and what went on there.
28:47 I want you to listen to what he says:
29:11 Now did you catch that?
29:13 All right.
29:35 Rome must unite with Eastern Orthodoxy. Why?
30:03 Listen:
30:23 Now, you see what he's saying, folks.
30:27 He's saying that the Roman Catholic church
30:31 and the Eastern Orthodox need to unite... come together.
30:36 And the reason, he said, is because the Eastern Orthodox
30:40 church controls western Europe.
30:44 All right, look at it. Look at your map again.
30:48 There you have it.
30:51 You see there you have all the blue.
30:55 The red, folks, is Eastern Orthodox.
30:58 They control that whole part of the world.
31:01 Below them is Islam.
31:05 So if Catholicism and them don't unite
31:10 then Islam can march across Europe.
31:15 Begins... helps you begin to see what's happening out there,
31:20 what's going to take place.
31:22 And there are things that are happening today
31:25 that begin to bring that together.
31:28 You... just in the last month
31:31 there was news about the Catholic church,
31:35 the Eastern Orthodox church coming together.
31:38 Different ones uniting with it.
31:41 You find changes that are taking place
31:44 that are beginning to open the door for that.
31:47 OK, let's take a look at Babylon.
31:52 You must understand when we talk about Babylon
31:56 that Babylon is a system - a religious system.
32:01 And it's not just one... it's uniting of several.
32:07 And that is the reason it's called Babylon...
32:09 because it is confusion.
32:12 Let's see what it says about it:
32:24 Now this woman riding on the beast - and as I told you
32:27 last night - when a woman is sitting on something
32:30 that means she controls it.
32:33 So she is controlling the beast.
32:54 So she is the mother of harlots,
32:58 abominations of the earth.
33:08 So you need to put it down clearly
33:10 that this woman is not in accord with the scripture.
33:16 She's not in the same league as with the Lord.
33:20 She is in opposition to it.
33:23 And you don't have to be... when I say in opposition
33:26 that doesn't mean you have to be non-religious.
33:31 You can be religious and be in opposition.
33:34 You need to understand that.
33:36 And she is: she's religious, she's a spiritual power
33:39 but she's certainly not in keeping with the Word of God.
33:51 So if she's sitting on the waters
33:53 that means she is controlling the people and the nations,
33:57 tongues.
34:13 Now here you have these ten horns
34:16 that have given her their power and authority
34:19 and now the scripture is saying they turn against her
34:23 and hate her
34:26 and burn her with fire.
34:28 So there's going to be a total change of mindset here
34:32 about these ten kings and their attitude to the woman.
34:57 So put it down: when the scripture speaks of Babylon
35:01 as a city that's the same as the woman.
35:05 There's no difference between the woman and the city...
35:08 it's still Babylon. So she is that great city.
35:11 So you need to have that clear in your mind.
35:14 OK, watch what happens here.
35:29 So here we have these frogs coming out of these three
35:33 beasts: the dragon, the beast, the false prophet.
35:47 So here we have three powers.
35:51 We have the dragon, we have the beast,
35:54 and we have the false prophet.
35:56 And out of their mouth is going frogs that are demons
36:00 that are deceiving the whole world.
36:04 Now watch:
36:06 "Now the great city" which is who?
36:09 Is Babylon. OK. "Now the great city
36:13 was divided into... " How many parts?
36:16 OK. Are you putting it together?
36:29 So you have the city divided into three parts.
36:33 And the reason it's divided into three parts is because
36:36 you have the dragon, you have the beast,
36:39 and you have the false prophet.
36:41 Those are the three parts.
36:44 The dragon represents Paganism.
36:47 Papal power represents Catholicism.
36:51 And the false prophet represents Protestantism.
36:56 Protestantism that at one time
36:58 was given the grace of God and preached the Word of God
37:04 and followed it... in the last days has given it up
37:07 and no longer stands for what the original fathers stood for
37:13 and fought for. They've given it up.
37:15 And so Babylon, which is a spiritual power, folks,
37:20 not a political power...
37:22 It is a spiritual power. I told you last night
37:25 that when it talks about a spiritual power
37:29 or a church it always uses it in the feminine.
37:34 She... refers to it as she.
37:37 Civil power is always referred to as he.
37:41 And so you have those two there
37:44 and it's divided the kingdom into three parts.
37:58 What has happened is she has taken over civil power.
38:05 That's the reason it says that she's riding on the beast
38:10 or she's sitting on the waters
38:12 or she's that city. It's saying
38:16 that she as a spiritual power has taken over civil power.
38:20 But please notice that these ten kings
38:24 did not give their authority to the woman.
38:30 They gave their authority to the beast.
38:36 You see, a church power
38:39 or a spiritual power has never had
38:46 the power to execute things.
38:51 The church power has always had to use a civil power.
38:58 And as you read down through history
39:00 it's always been that if a church got in control
39:04 they used the civil power to carry out their operations.
39:09 And even Rome - the papal power -
39:14 you don't find the papal power doing any of that.
39:17 You find her using civil power to accomplish her purpose.
39:21 And so here these ten kings
39:24 have given their authority to the beast.
39:26 When Babylon falls... when Babylon is not
39:32 doing what she promised them that she would do...
39:36 they are finding themselves deceived...
39:39 they turn against her.
39:42 They turn against her and hate her.
39:45 Burn her with fire... they have nothing to do with her
39:47 because all of the things that she said have not happened,
39:51 have not taken place.
39:53 This is what it's telling us has happened here.
40:06 She ruled over them but her rule has come to an end.
40:11 Now watch carefully:
40:29 Now, water represents what?
40:34 People, nations, tongues.
40:37 OK. Says that the Euphrates was dried up.
40:42 Well, you can make some comparisons here, folks,
40:46 if you just go back in your mind to Babylon of old.
40:50 In Babylon of old... through the river flowed?
40:54 Or through the city flowed the...
40:56 river Euphrates.
40:59 And then we find that Cyrus came. You remember?
41:04 And the people had even crawled upon on the wall
41:08 and threw food to him... laughed at him.
41:10 Took his army down and they diverted the river Euphrates
41:15 into canals and they dried up the Euphrates
41:20 so that they could get inside the city of Babylon.
41:24 So it's saying here in the last days
41:27 the waters will be dried up. What's it talking about?
41:31 It's talking about all the opposition that has been to God
41:36 and His kingdom... all that is dried up.
41:39 The waters have dried up... the people.
41:41 All those that were in opposition.
41:44 The woman and what she had done. She is hated.
41:47 She's burned with fire; she's done away with.
41:50 That's drying up the Euphrates
41:52 that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.
41:58 And when it's talking about the kings of the east
42:01 it's referring to the coming of Jesus Christ.
42:05 So the river is dried up
42:07 in preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ.
42:19 So he said clearly... this is right there in that same chapter
42:22 that this would be the coming of Jesus Christ.
42:26 The kings... by the way, that word is kings - it's plural -
42:30 it refers to more than one.
42:32 So why would it use more than one
42:35 concerning the coming of Christ
42:37 when it says "to prepare the way of the KINGS of the east? "
42:43 Well very simple.
42:46 Because you and I are kings.
42:49 That's what the scripture says.
43:01 And so when it says it would prepare the way for the
43:04 kings of the east, it's referring to the coming
43:08 of Jesus Christ... coming back.
43:11 Well, what about the false prophet?
43:16 How does the false prophet fit into all this?
43:20 We've seen the beast. We've taken a look at the harlot.
43:25 We've looked at the ten kings.
43:27 Now, the false prophet. What about him?
43:50 Interesting. We have the ten kings
43:54 giving their power and authority to the?
43:57 Beast. And now we have this power -
44:01 the false prophet, if you please -
44:04 giving his power and authority to the beast.
44:18 He's given great, great power
44:22 to perform signs. Now what's he going to do with this?
44:34 So he's been able - this false prophet -
44:39 to deceive the world.
44:41 Deceive the world into doing something.
44:55 Now he's going to make an image to the beast
45:00 that's been wounded by the sword and lived.
45:19 Now he... he has done great signs.
45:24 The people have turned to him
45:27 believing, and he's told them they need to make an image
45:32 to the beast.
45:33 The beast power stands for what?
45:39 Well, the woman's riding on the beast, isn't she?
45:45 Yeah, she riding on the beast.
45:47 Which means when you have the woman riding on the beast
45:51 you have unification of church and state.
45:55 And so if he's going to make an image to the beast
45:58 you've got to make it like the beast.
46:01 And so you've got to have union of church and state
46:06 coming together. And it says that the false prophet
46:10 is the one that will give impetus to this
46:13 to bring it about.
46:29 You see it's tying definitely the false prophet
46:31 to this two-horned beast.
46:40 So it's telling us clearly that the United States
46:43 would be foremost in pulling this together.
46:48 Bringing this union together in which all of it
46:53 is to work together and do what they think and promised
46:56 that it will do. So we find...
46:59 Are things going that way today?
47:02 Well, we have the Supreme Court.
47:10 Nine justices.
47:14 Tonight five out of the nine
47:20 are Roman Catholic.
47:24 Sad to say, there is not a Protestant
47:29 in the whole group.
47:34 Roman Catholic. Do you understand?
47:38 Do you understand the power that these people have?
47:41 They hold, folks... they literally hold
47:46 the power of life and death.
47:50 What they hold.
47:54 So we find that one particular thing after another
47:58 is moving us step by step closer and closer
48:03 to this whole thing coming together...
48:06 the time in which we are living today.
48:25 When it uses the words speak and cause
48:31 that simply means:
48:41 So it's telling us that it will be literally
48:44 legislated and will be enforced.
48:50 This is how the image of the beast is set up.
48:53 And it says that it would give life to the image of the beast.
48:56 Means it's going to come to life. It will be enforced.
48:59 It'll actually happen.
49:01 So you and I as time goes by
49:05 we can watch more and more the encroachment
49:08 of church into political power.
49:13 And we've seen a great lot of that already
49:16 in our day in the age in which you and I are living.
49:20 OK. What about The Lamb?
49:25 What's going to happen?
49:27 Because He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
49:55 Now, these... these ten kings,
50:00 the beast, the false prophet... they will make war
50:06 with The Lamb.
50:08 What does that mean?
50:12 Well it doesn't mean they're going to make physical war.
50:15 It means that they teach in opposition
50:21 to what God teaches.
50:23 I just cannot emphasize enough
50:27 that you and I must follow what this book teaches, folks.
50:34 And if you are not spending time in the Word of God
50:40 you are putting your soul at jeopardy.
50:45 If you're not spending time in the Word of God,
50:48 you're putting your soul at jeopardy.
50:51 Because you and I need to know what the Word of God says.
50:57 Because that is your only... that is your only defense.
51:02 That is your only hope.
51:03 And when it says: "They will make war with The Lamb"
51:06 it makes it clear that they are drunk with the wine
51:10 of Roman Babylon.
51:12 And therefore they're going to teach things
51:14 that are contrary to the Word of God.
51:17 And it may sound to you as logical as it can be...
51:21 but if it does not agree with the Word of God
51:24 it is not truth.
51:28 And... and you can have something, folks,
51:32 that is 95% truth
51:36 and 5% error... IT'S STILL NOT TRUTH!
51:40 It's got to ring true to the Word of God.
51:45 And so when it says they are in opposition to The Lamb
51:50 then that means they're fighting against Him.
51:53 He will overcome them. OK?
52:08 Christ will overcome them. He will set up HIS kingdom
52:12 and will reign forever and ever.
52:22 Marvelous!
52:23 That God is going to come and He's going to live here.
52:29 "The tabernacle of God is with man. "
52:34 Wonderful!
52:37 Do you understand? They just here the other day
52:39 said they found out the universe is much bigger
52:41 than we thought.
52:44 You know... and here - of all the millions and billions
52:48 and trillions of worlds -
52:51 God's going to live here with us.
53:09 You see, tonight
53:11 the Lord is making a covenant with you.
53:18 And God is saying: "I'll be your God
53:22 if you will be My people. "
53:26 And He gives you and I the privilege
53:29 of making that decision whether I want to be His people.
53:34 Whether I want to say: "Yes, you're my God.
53:40 I will walk with You; I will follow You.
53:43 I will obey You; I will do Your will.
53:47 You just be my God. "
53:50 And He says: "Then you are My child.
53:56 I'll be your God; you shall be My people. "
54:02 Let's pray.
54:03 Father in heaven, we thank you
54:07 for the marvelous assurance that Jesus is coming back.
54:12 We ask, Lord, that each one of us
54:16 may prepare our hearts.
54:18 That we may open Your Word
54:21 and that we might hold to it tenaciously in all that we do.
54:26 Bless each one and all that are listening we pray
54:30 in Your name, Amen.
54:34 Tomorrow evening - the next presentation: God's Last Call.
54:41 In the heart of southern Illinois
54:44 lies a small town named after A. J. Nason
54:48 who came in 1923 with plans for a dream city
54:52 and the largest coal mine in the United States.
54:56 Surveyors laid out the streets and the sidewalk
54:59 and workers built the tallest smokestack in the country
55:03 complete with a Spanish turret
55:05 and decorative cathedral doors at the top.
55:09 Railroad tracks were laid,
55:11 and as word of this dream city spread
55:14 people flocked in by the thousands.
55:17 But as the black coal came out of those deep tunnels
55:20 miners came closer and closer to the end of the dream.
55:25 And after just three years of mining
55:28 an underground river flooded the shaft.
55:31 Suddenly the operations became very costly
55:35 and although Mr. Nason poured millions into his mine
55:40 eventually it was taken over by the bank.
55:43 People left the city in droves.
55:45 Some didn't even bother to take their furniture.
55:48 Soon the tracks lay dormant.
55:51 Weeds grew up around the beautiful train station,
55:53 and abandoned homes gave way to trees.
55:57 Today locals say that Nason is the only town in America
56:02 where you can hunt quail from the sidewalk.
56:06 Although other coal companies tried to revive it,
56:09 Nason's mine never again turned a profit
56:13 and today only a few hundred people are left.
56:17 Mr. Nason's dream went up in smoke.
56:21 All that remains is a beautiful smokestack,
56:24 an old train station,
56:27 and miles of deserted tracks.
56:31 The Bible says earthly treasures are easily stolen
56:35 by thieves and destroyed by moth and rust.
56:39 But our Heavenly Father is building a dream city
56:42 with streets of gold and mansions by a crystal sea.
56:46 He invites us to come live with Him for eternity
56:49 and never grow old.
56:51 The Bible also says that where our treasure is
56:54 there our heart will be also.
56:57 And in this day and age when stocks lose their value
57:01 in minutes and entire banking systems fail
57:04 God invites us to put our treasures in things of
57:08 eternal value.
57:10 Friends, nothing is more valuable than a human soul.
57:15 Won't you help us bring the good news of salvation
57:18 to those who are lost?
57:20 Please, ask the Holy Spirit what He would have you do.
57:26 Please consider what you can do for those who
57:29 still don't know about Jesus.
57:31 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:33 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:48 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:51 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:54 of salvation to millions around the world.


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