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00:18 And good evening and welcome to The Revelation of Jesus Christ:
00:24 the study of the book of Revelation chapter by chapter.
00:29 And tonight we're looking at the 18th chapter
00:34 of the book of Revelation.
00:36 We would like to welcome all of you that are here
00:38 and also welcome those that are watching by television
00:41 or listening on the radio or following on the Internet.
00:46 We are very happy to have you
00:48 and we hope that this study of the book of Revelation
00:51 has opened your eyes.
00:55 Helped you to understand where we are in the stream of time.
00:59 What's happening... what's taking place.
01:02 And as we finish up... this has been a four-part series
01:07 and we're down to the fourth part.
01:10 Final events: what happens at the very, very end
01:16 is what we're looking at.
01:18 And so we hope that you will follow carefully tonight
01:21 as we study God's Word. Our subject this evening is:
01:28 Now you pick up your Bible
01:32 and you'll find that invitation after invitation
01:35 after invitation has been given by God.
01:38 You can remember God gave a very, very definite invitation
01:43 in the days of Noah and invited the people.
01:48 That was an invitation that was given.
01:50 You also find that God gave a very definite
01:53 invitation in the days of the Jewish people.
01:58 He send prophet after prophet after prophet...
02:01 gave invitation for the people to follow.
02:05 Come into the time of the New Testament: same thing.
02:08 God gave one invitation after another.
02:10 Well tonight we're down to the last invitation.
02:15 There won't be another one after this, folks.
02:17 This is the final one.
02:20 And so we hope it will help you
02:23 understand what's happening because the door
02:30 of mercy closes in the 18th chapter.
02:36 That's what happens. And so as we go through it, follow it.
02:42 Tomorrow, our next presentation we enter into... moves on
02:47 and we get into the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
02:53 In other words, this controversy is over
02:57 and God has invited the people to the marriage supper
03:01 of the Lamb. And we'll be taking a look at this wonderful
03:04 wonderful time that God has prepared for His people
03:08 in the marriage. And so you don't want to miss
03:12 tomorrow or the next presentation
03:15 on the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
03:16 It will be something I think that will bless you
03:19 in a special way.
03:21 So we're glad you're here.
03:23 Glad that you are able to follow us.
03:26 Be sure and take your Bible and paper... take notes,
03:31 follow along as we continue to study God's Word together.
03:37 We were blessed
03:41 last series that we did here
03:44 to have with us a quartet. They came and sang for us,
03:48 and we got so many telephone calls and so many letters
03:54 of people saying how much they enjoyed the quartet.
03:58 And... and we just really...
04:00 We also just enjoyed having them with us very much.
04:03 And fortunately we were able
04:07 to bring them back with us again.
04:10 And we're sure you're going to enjoy having them here with us
04:14 for the rest of this week especially.
04:17 So we're very happy to have His Voice Quartet.
04:21 And I'm going to ask them to introduce themselves...
04:24 tell you where they're from
04:26 and what part they sing in the quartet.
04:30 Hi, my name is Doug Leno and I'm coming to you from
04:34 Meridian, Idaho, and I'll be singing bass tonight.
04:37 My name is Todd Spainhower, and I'm from Boise, Idaho,
04:42 and I sing first tenor.
04:45 And I'm Kevin Spainhower. I come from Caldwell, Idaho,
04:48 and I sing second tenor.
04:49 I'm Harold Dixon. I come from Garden City, Idaho,
04:54 and I sing baritone.
04:55 Sounds like we're scattered all over the state
04:58 But it's 30 miles from my house to Kevin's
05:00 and they're in between.
05:02 Tonight we want to sing for you when the time comes
05:05 a song that expresses our desire to be ready
05:08 when God gives His last call:
05:10 Ready to Walk in Jerusalem Just Like John.
05:13 Great! I'm sure you'll enjoy that.
05:15 You may have noticed that two of them here
05:18 the name is Spainhower.
05:21 And Doug, I think, has some kind of relationship to that also.
05:26 And of course one of the things about it is
05:30 Dona's maiden name was Spainhower.
05:34 So might get you the connection that's involved here.
05:36 Anyhow, we're very happy that you're here.
05:39 Before they sing I'm going to ask Chuck to come out
05:41 and read with you the 18th chapter
05:44 of the book of Revelation.
05:48 Good evening.
05:50 If you have your Bibles again tonight,
05:51 we want you to turn to the book of Revelation chapter 18
05:55 and we're going to read that together.
05:57 So if you have your Bibles,
05:59 turn them to the book of Revelation chapter 18.
06:02 Let's read together:
10:25 May God add His blessing to His Word.
10:31 I want to be ready,
10:35 I want to be ready,
10:38 I want to be ready
10:42 to walk in Jerusalem just like John.
10:45 I want to be ready,
10:49 I want to be ready,
10:52 I want to be ready
10:55 to walk in Jerusalem just like John.
10:59 Oh John, oh John, now didn't you say...
11:03 walk in Jerusalem just like John...
11:06 that you'd be there on that great day?
11:10 Walk in Jerusalem just like John.
11:13 I want to be ready,
11:17 I want to be ready,
11:20 I want to be ready
11:24 to walk in Jerusalem just like John.
11:27 I want to be ready,
11:31 I want to be ready,
11:35 I want to be ready
11:38 to walk in Jerusalem just like John.
11:41 King Jesus rise in the middle of the air...
11:46 Walk in Jerusalem just like John.
11:49 I pray the Lord
11:52 we'll all be there...
11:59 Walk in Jerusalem just like...
12:02 just like John. I want to be ready,
12:06 I want to be ready,
12:10 I want to be ready
12:13 to walk in Jerusalem.
12:15 Great day! Great...
12:18 Great day! The righteous marching.
12:22 Great day! Great...
12:25 Walk in Jerusalem just like John.
12:29 I want to walk in Jerusalem
12:31 just like John. I want to walk
12:33 in Jerusalem just like John.
12:36 Walk in Jerusalem, walk in Jerusalem
12:39 just like John.
12:42 I want to walk in Jerusalem just like John.
12:46 I want to walk in Jerusalem just like John.
12:50 Walk in Jerusalem, walk in Jerusalem
12:53 just like... walk in Jerusalem
12:57 just like John!
13:04 Amen!
13:21 Father in heaven, tonight
13:25 as we approach the end
13:28 of the book of Revelation,
13:31 and as we look at the closing events
13:36 in the history of mankind,
13:39 we pray that our eyes may be open.
13:43 That we might be receptive to Your Word.
13:48 May the Holy Spirit be here to lead and guide and direct us.
13:54 May we understand
13:59 and may we desire that we might
14:05 do Your will and follow You in all that we do.
14:11 Bless us in our study this evening
14:14 we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
14:26 The 18th chapter of Revelation opens with this angel
14:32 that is standing in the sun.
14:35 And this angel has a message
14:42 that is so powerful that it illuminates the earth.
14:47 Listen to what it says about it:
14:59 So this angel speaks with great authority
15:04 and what he has to say illuminates the earth.
15:09 This message that this angel is speaking
15:13 is what gives impetus to the third angel of Revelation 14.
15:18 It's what causes it to move across the earth
15:22 with great power and brings what the scripture refers to
15:27 as the loud cry or the latter rain.
15:32 This is what brings it about is this angel's message.
15:36 And this third angel in Revelation the 14th chapter
15:41 had this to say:
15:52 In other words, it's being pro- claimed across the whole earth.
16:11 So this third angel is proclaiming a message
16:15 across the earth telling the people to refrain from
16:19 receiving the mark of the beast.
16:21 And this angel of Revelation 18
16:24 adds emphasis to that and it's proclaimed across the earth.
16:29 So this that we're looking at tonight
16:33 basically is the last invitation
16:39 that God is giving to mankind.
16:42 The very last one... there won't be another one.
16:46 The last invitation that He's giving to mankind.
16:50 Years ago a lady by the name of Ellen G. White
16:55 made a statement about people that had written her.
17:00 I want you to listen to what she said:
17:16 Now the third angel's message is that you and I
17:20 should not receive the mark of the beast.
17:23 That's what the message is.
17:25 And she said "this is the third angel's message in verity. "
17:30 So what did she mean when she is saying
17:34 "this is the third angel's message in verity? "
17:37 What is the message of righteousness by faith?
17:42 When we talk about righteousness by faith...
17:46 what's... what's involved in that?
17:49 What do we mean?
17:50 If the third angel's message is that and the people are
17:54 asked to follow the Lord and to walk with Him,
17:57 and that we're to have righteousness by faith.
18:02 Well, I'd like to define what righteousness by faith is.
18:06 To begin, righteousness by faith is yielding
18:11 the will to the will of God.
18:18 Now let me say that again.
18:20 Righteousness by faith is yielding the will
18:25 to the will of God.
18:29 I must, if I'm going to walk by righteousness by faith -
18:34 I'm going to walk by faith - I must surrender
18:39 my will to His will.
18:45 It won't work any other way. OK.
18:50 Secondly, it's rendering obedience to His commandments.
18:56 In other words, if I'm going to yield my will
19:02 to His will, then I must
19:07 be obedient to God's commandments.
19:11 If God says "This is the way, "
19:16 then I must walk in that.
19:20 And I can't do it as I think I should...
19:25 I have to do it as I understand He wants it done.
19:31 And thirdly, it's making His standard of righteousness
19:36 the aim of our lives.
19:39 In other words, His standard of righteousness
19:43 must be the aim of my life.
19:46 That is righteousness by faith.
19:51 But you say: "That's a pretty tall order. "
19:54 Sure it is; it has to be.
19:57 It wouldn't be if it wasn't to call you and I to step up;
20:03 to follow Him; to accept by faith
20:06 what He's willing to do for us.
20:08 So what does that mean when it says
20:12 righteousness by faith? What is faith?
20:16 What is faith?
20:20 Well faith is really quite simple.
20:23 Faith is simply trusting in God.
20:34 David could say: "In God I put my trust. "
20:38 In other words, if righteousness by faith
20:44 is going to work in my life,
20:46 then I must be yielded to His will
20:52 and I must trust Him to do whatever He wants to do
20:58 with me... completely.
21:01 I must learn total and complete
21:05 dependence upon Him.
21:09 Only when I come to the place that I understand that
21:13 then does it begin to work in my life.
21:16 Abraham of old... it says:
21:26 What did he believe in the Lord about?
21:30 What did he believe?
21:32 Well he believed one thing:
21:35 that God had promised him an heir.
21:39 And humanly... impossible.
21:45 It couldn't be done...
21:48 because it says very clearly
21:51 that Sarah had never been able to have a child.
21:55 It even says she was past that time of life.
21:59 And if you read Romans it tells you that Abraham
22:02 was beyond that time.
22:04 So humanly, impossible to have a child...
22:08 but God promised him one.
22:11 Also, took him and put him in the land of Canaan
22:14 that was hostile to him
22:17 and said: "I'm going to give you this land. "
22:20 And he believed God.
22:24 Believed what the Lord said,
22:26 and it was accounted to him as "righteousness. "
22:31 So with me and with you
22:34 when God says: "This is what you should do, "
22:39 then I must believe Him and follow
22:43 when it comes to questions of faith.
22:54 That's faith:
22:57 when it's the vehicle by which I lay hold of what God
23:01 has done for me.
23:03 In other words, if I understand the book right -
23:08 and I hope and pray by grace that I understand what
23:12 God is saying - that my righteousness
23:15 won't count.
23:20 But I understand that Christ's righteousness does count
23:26 and that I can only
23:30 have His righteousness by faith.
23:35 I can't get it any other way.
23:39 I can't say: "Well, I'll do this and this and this. "
23:42 No... it's given totally and completely on faith.
23:49 Way it comes. All right.
24:02 That commandment is intricately tied up
24:07 in the question of the mark of the beast.
24:12 Why?
24:14 Well it says: "All that do not have the mark
24:18 should be... killed. "
24:24 Well did you ever think about it?
24:26 Why would that particular commandment be
24:29 intricately tied up in that question?
24:33 Well, if I believe something
24:38 and it's totally in my head what I believe,
24:42 you can't do much about that.
24:45 You don't know what's going on up here,
24:50 so you can't do much about that.
24:54 But if what I believe affects my lifestyle
24:59 you can do something about that.
25:02 You can pass legislation that affects that...
25:08 my lifestyle.
25:10 This is where the Sabbath comes in. The problem is
25:14 is that Sabbath commandment - that fourth commandment -
25:18 is the only one of the commandments that tells you
25:23 who the true God is.
25:25 It's the only one of the 10 that tells you who the true God is.
25:29 See, I can take this altar here
25:34 and make it my god.
25:36 People do that to this day.
25:41 And I could say: "My god says
25:45 I'm not to take his name in vain. "
25:49 "My god says that I'm not to
25:52 have any other gods before him. "
25:55 "My god says I'm to honor my father and my mother. "
26:02 "My god says I should not kill. "
26:04 I can take all nine of those commandments
26:07 and apply it to that...
26:09 but when I come to the fourth one, it won't fit
26:15 because it says that He "created heaven and earth. "
26:21 That leaves out anything that man has made.
26:26 You see? So that commandment becomes very, very important
26:31 and if I take anything - listen to me carefully, folks -
26:37 if I take anything else and I put it
26:42 in place of what God has given,
26:46 that is righteousness by works.
26:53 Righteousness by faith is only
26:57 when you accept what God has given.
27:01 Only way it fits...
27:05 no other way.
27:07 OK. Let's go on and let's take a look at what happens here now.
27:11 Says:
27:27 So this angel is proclaiming that Babylon has fallen.
27:33 Please notice there is a great difference
27:37 between when she has fallen and when she's destroyed.
27:45 Because she can fall in the eyes of God
27:50 and not in the eyes of man.
27:54 And when it's saying here: "Babylon is fallen, is fallen, "
27:58 it's talking about her falling in the eyes of God.
28:02 She's not following what He says.
28:18 In other words, Babylon has come forth
28:22 and through what she has done the whole world
28:25 and all the merchants of the earth and all
28:28 have become wealthy through what she has done.
28:32 In other words, Babylon has been well received
28:37 by the world but she has fallen in the eyes of God.
28:43 Simply what it's saying here.
28:45 Says they have become "drunk. " And I told you about this.
28:48 You know, it's very, very difficult
28:51 to reason with a drunk.
28:54 I can remember when I was a young pastor,
28:57 we were holding some meetings, another fellow and I.
29:01 We were working on things for the meeting: pitching a tent
29:05 and so forth. And in the town was a...
29:08 a drunk. He was drunk all the time.
29:12 And we decided that we were going to help him
29:16 and convert him, see?
29:18 And so we hired him to work... work with us.
29:21 And being a young pastor and not very smart
29:27 he worked for us for several days and then
29:32 I didn't have enough sense not to pay him.
29:35 And I paid him, and you know what he did.
29:39 He took the money and went and got drunk!
29:42 And I can remember we went looking for him
29:46 and finally found him, but we couldn't reason with him.
29:49 We couldn't get him to do anything,
29:51 but he came to the meeting that night.
29:53 And sitting there in the meeting and I'm preaching...
29:57 and he gets up and starts down the aisle
30:00 saying: "Eve came from an apple. Eve came from an apple. "
30:05 And we all called him Moose, and I said: "Moose,
30:09 sit down and be quiet. "
30:10 And he sat down in one of the chairs and didn't say any more.
30:13 But you just can't reason with a drunk.
30:16 So understand: these people are drunk with the wine
30:21 of her fornication. That's what they're drunk with.
30:24 What is that?
30:27 This woman, this harlot: Babylon.
30:29 What is that she's made the world drunk with her wine?
30:34 Well, you have three things here;
30:38 I talked about them last night.
30:40 Babylon is made up of three things.
30:42 It's made up of Paganism,
30:44 and it's made up of Protestantism,
30:48 and it's made up of Catholicism.
30:50 Those are the three because you have three characters involved.
30:55 You have a dragon which represents Paganism.
30:58 You have a beast which represents Catholicism,
31:02 and you have the false prophet which represent Protestantism.
31:05 And this is a mixture of all that
31:09 put together and that makes what the scripture refers to
31:12 as Babylon. And they have become...
31:16 the inhabitants of the earth have become drunk
31:19 through what she teaches such as the immortality of the soul
31:23 that comes straight from Paganism.
31:26 This is where it comes from.
31:29 And it was given to the Catholic church
31:31 and then from the Catholic church to Protestantism.
31:33 And so today the whole world is full of the idea
31:36 that man does not die.
31:40 That he goes off to another place.
31:43 But this is not what the book teaches, folks.
31:46 There's no foundation for that in the Word of God.
31:50 Or you can take the belief of the false Sabbath.
31:53 Sunday worship: not based on scripture.
31:56 Came directly from Paganism and passed on to these others.
32:01 And this becomes the belief and what the scripture refers to
32:07 as Babylon.
32:09 And the world is drunk with the wine of her fornication.
32:20 Please notice God is saying
32:23 very clearly that He has His people in Babylon.
32:28 That's why I'm telling you that at this point
32:32 the door of mercy is not closed.
32:37 Tonight the door of mercy is not closed.
32:42 Tonight it's open,
32:44 and a person can come to God and I can give Him my heart
32:47 and I can surrender my life to Him
32:49 and I can commit my life to Him.
32:51 And the door of mercy is open tonight to receive mercy.
32:55 But the day is coming, and we're going to see it in this chapter,
32:58 in which that door closes.
33:01 And when that door closes, there will be no more
33:05 opportunity to come to God.
33:07 But right now He says:
33:09 "Calling My people to come out of her"... come out of Babylon.
33:14 "Don't continue to live in Babylon. "
33:17 That's the invitation God's giving.
33:21 Now, what's the problem here?
33:24 Babylon. Let me tell you about Babylon.
33:31 Things are good in Babylon.
33:38 They have lived in luxury on the earth.
33:42 I mean things are nice in Babylon.
33:46 Go back to Babylon of old,
33:48 and the Jewish people were carried off to Babylon.
33:52 Don't think that when they were carried off to Babylon
33:55 and lived in Babylon that they had it rough.
33:58 They didn't.
34:00 Have you forgotten?
34:02 Daniel was the prime minister of the country.
34:07 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego held very, very high offices.
34:12 I mean they were treated great.
34:15 They had nice homes. They had good jobs.
34:18 Things were good in Babylon.
34:22 It wasn't hard... it was good there.
34:28 In fact, it was so good
34:32 that after 70 years in Babylon
34:35 and God said: "The time has come to go back to Jerusalem, "
34:39 this is what happened...
34:41 Ezra decided to take a group back to Jerusalem.
34:46 Listen to what happened here:
35:04 I mean, they... He said: "We're going to take a group
35:07 back to Jerusalem, live there. "
35:09 Not one of the tribe of Levi showed up.
35:14 Not one!
35:17 They all had it nice in Babylon.
35:23 Right there... stay there.
35:27 In fact, he had to go back to make another appeal
35:31 before he got some of them to go with him back to Jerusalem.
35:35 Why not go back to Jerusalem?
35:37 Well, because things aren't very nice in Jerusalem.
35:41 There's no jobs in Jerusalem.
35:44 The city's in ruins.
35:47 Things are not good there at all... it's rough.
35:49 It's hard. Get the picture?
35:56 In the last days it's not going to be good
36:02 among God's people.
36:06 It's going to be good in Babylon.
36:13 And you have to make a decision whether you're going to
36:16 come out of Babylon and be on God's side
36:20 or whether you're going to go along with Babylon.
36:22 That decision has to be made which way you're going to go.
36:27 And so He's saying: "Come out of her My people
36:34 that you do not receive her plagues. "
36:37 This is... this is
36:42 God's last call.
36:46 I'm sorry folks... there's not another one.
36:49 When we come to there, that will be it.
36:53 There won't be another time
36:57 another place in which God's going to invite.
37:02 It will be over.
37:04 Watch what happens from this point on.
37:16 You can come to God. You can accept Him, you can follow Him.
37:20 But the door of mercy now is open.
37:23 But starting at this point the door closes.
37:39 The cup is full.
37:43 "Her sins have reached to heaven
37:46 and God has remembered her iniquities. "
37:57 When does that happen?
37:59 When it says her sins have reached to heaven
38:04 and God remembers her iniquity,
38:05 when does that take place?
38:07 Well that takes place when this happens:
38:22 When that decree is made
38:27 that those who do not have the mark of the beast -
38:31 those who do not worship the image to the beast -
38:34 should be killed...
38:46 Said he would cause all...
38:50 It means... speak means to legislate.
38:53 Cause means to enforce.
38:56 And so when mankind enforces those
39:00 to follow the beast and to follow what the beast says,
39:04 dear friend, that is when her sins have reached unto heaven.
39:10 And that is when, I'm sorry,
39:13 but the door of mercy closes.
39:17 That's when it happens.
39:19 So Babylon who has
39:25 taken a position against God...
39:28 the time has come for the door to close.
39:33 Paganism, Protestantism, Catholicism.
39:39 Paganism has always been,
39:43 basically counter
39:49 to what God has taught.
39:52 I mean all the way through the Bible you find
39:54 that Paganism has always taught different than what
39:57 the scripture taught.
40:00 Catholicism... God in His mercy
40:06 and in His kindness pled with her for years
40:13 to change.
40:17 Wouldn't. And so you have because she would not change -
40:22 growing out of that the Reformation.
40:25 And you found that great men such as
40:31 Knox and Calvin and Luther
40:36 and Zwingli and all those great reformers
40:39 that stood up and took the Word of God
40:41 and built their belief on the Word of God
40:44 and said: "This is where we stand. "
40:46 And out of that the great Protestant movement was born.
40:51 And even when the Pilgrims came over to the United States
40:55 and as they were getting on the ship
40:58 their Pastor Robinson stood there and talked with them
41:02 and he urged them that when they got to the New World
41:06 that they would follow the Word of God.
41:08 And then he said something... he said to them:
41:10 "As you understand what the scripture teaches,
41:14 walk in the light of it. "
41:19 And unfortunately, Protestantism
41:26 did not continue to walk in the light that God gave them.
41:32 And they have given up what they stood for,
41:36 and today there's no conviction
41:42 there of what God's Word says and to follow
41:45 what the Word says.
41:46 And so you have the uniting now
41:49 of those powers bringing together
41:54 what the scripture classifies as Babylon.
42:00 They unite on the worship
42:04 of a day that God never gave.
42:07 They believe beliefs that the scripture does not teach.
42:14 They turn away from that of the Sabbath
42:19 and refuse to follow
42:23 what God says about the Sabbath.
42:26 And for those reasons, her cup is full.
42:30 So He says this to her:
42:47 Says: "Give back to her double what she gave. "
43:10 Now folks, you've got to understand...
43:12 The Bible teaches clearly that there is a period of time
43:16 in which Babylon will sit as a queen.
43:21 And it will be great and things will be wonderful.
43:26 And the whole world will wonder after her
43:30 and follow what she has put off. So much so
43:34 that it says they are "drunk
43:37 by the wine of her fornication. "
43:40 So you can't... there's going to be a time
43:43 in which this will be very, very good.
44:00 He said: "She's lived luxuriously.
44:02 She has not followed what God's Word says.
44:07 Therefore give to her double of what she has given. "
44:12 And dear friends, the seven last plagues
44:17 will be double of anything that she has ever had.
44:23 Probation for the human race
44:28 will have closed.
44:32 Those words in Revelation where it says:
44:34 "He that is righteous, let him be righteous still;
44:38 and he that is holy, let him be holy still;
44:43 he who is filthy, let him be filthy still. "
44:47 Those words are pronounced and probation closes for mankind.
44:53 And as probation closes
44:57 then these things that they have had and lived so luxuriously
45:01 with all come to an end.
45:10 Now as I told you, some people take those things and
45:13 would like to apply that as 15 days.
45:17 And one day = one year, I should say.
45:21 One hour they apply as 15 days.
45:25 I don't know.
45:27 I would say it refers more to a short period of time.
45:31 But "her plagues will come in one day. "
45:43 I mean He's going to pour out His wrath upon her.
46:00 They're going to see Babylon and all that she stood for
46:04 crumbling. Now folks, these...
46:08 Put together what you heard previously last night
46:12 where these ten kings and the beast and the false prophet
46:18 all accept her and follow her,
46:21 and they're all in agreement with her,
46:23 but now all the things that she has said
46:26 is crumbling... coming down.
46:29 And they stand back and they weep.
46:46 I mean it has moved swiftly upon them.
47:03 You see, they are the ones that will turn against her.
47:07 Like I told you, it says those ten kings
47:10 gave their authority to the beast.
47:15 You don't find them giving it to the woman.
47:18 They gave it to the beast.
47:21 And so those ten kings, the beast, the false prophet
47:25 all turn against the woman.
47:29 Make her desolate and naked.
47:31 Eat her flesh and burn her with fire.
47:36 You have complete financial collapse
47:42 taking place here. That's what's pictured in the 18th chapter
47:46 is financial collapse of everything around.
47:50 Watch as he talks about the merchants:
48:02 I mean, they have had it good.
48:05 They've lived luxuriously; things have gone well.
48:08 But now all of a sudden it's come crashing down
48:11 and no one buys their merchandise any more.
48:34 All the things that man has made and that man sells
48:39 and trades for back and forth...
48:41 all that ceases to be worth anything.
48:48 All your gold
48:54 all your silver
48:56 will be worth nothing.
49:00 What is gold worth
49:04 or what is silver worth
49:07 if it won't buy anything?
49:12 If you can't buy anything with it, what's it worth?
49:18 Reminds me of when I have gone over to Israel.
49:22 When you get off the plane or get out there and go through
49:25 the cities and these little kids come up
49:28 always asking for a dollar.
49:30 You know, and I've reached in my pocket and pulled out
49:34 some change and handed them change
49:36 and they just throw it on the ground
49:39 'cause it's not worth anything.
49:42 Not worth anything... just throw it on the ground.
49:45 They'll take the gold... throw it on the ground.
49:48 It won't be worth a thing, folks.
49:50 All come to an end.
50:18 I mean, financial collapse has taken place.
50:24 None of it will be worth anything.
50:41 Those that accepted her with arms, praised her greatness,
50:45 now are going to stand back and they're going to mourn
50:48 and weep because she's come to an end.
51:00 Merchandise is not worth a thing.
51:05 Not only folks... not only is the merchandise
51:09 not worth anything, but world trade will come to an end.
51:15 I mean, today we live in a time where you can
51:18 trade all over the world. I mean you can go home,
51:22 sit down at your computer,
51:24 and you can buy anything in Japan, Germany, France.
51:28 Anywhere in the world you can shop.
51:31 That all comes to an end. Listen:
51:48 That's world trade.
51:58 What's like Babylon... this great city?
52:00 All the things that we experience.
52:24 Babylon has fallen... it's over!
53:24 You see, dear friend, what it's simply telling us?
53:29 The time is short.
53:32 You and I have time right now, but it's run out.
53:37 When we hit this time, it's over.
53:42 There's no more time
53:44 because when we take a look at the 19th chapter
53:47 the first verse says:
53:59 You see, God's kingdom has come into being.
54:02 We're going to take a look at the marriage supper of the Lamb.
54:07 It's come down to the end. The controversy is over.
54:12 God has brought it to an end.
54:16 Dear friend, you and I need to make absolutely sure
54:21 that we're walking by faith, following Him, obeying Him.
54:27 That our wills are surrendered to His will.
54:31 That we will follow the Word of God.
54:34 May God bless you
54:35 as you continue to study the Word of God.
54:39 In the heart of southern Illinois
54:42 lies a small town named after A. J. Mason
54:46 who came in 1923 with plans for a dream city
54:50 and the largest coal mine in the United States.
54:54 Surveyors laid out the streets and the sidewalk
54:57 and workers built the tallest smokestack in the country
55:01 complete with a Spanish turret
55:03 and decorative cathedral doors at the top.
55:07 Railroad tracks were laid,
55:09 and as word of this dream city spread
55:12 people flocked in by the thousands.
55:15 But as the black coal came out of those deep tunnels
55:18 miners came closer and closer to the end of the dream.
55:24 And after just three years of mining
55:26 an underground river flooded the shaft.
55:30 Suddenly the operations became very costly
55:33 and although Mr. Mason poured millions into his mine
55:38 eventually it was taken over by the bank.
55:41 People left the city in droves.
55:44 Some didn't even bother to take their furniture.
55:46 Soon the tracks lay dormant.
55:49 Weeds grew up around the beautiful train station,
55:52 and abandoned homes gave way to trees.
55:55 Today locals say that Mason is the only town in America
56:00 where you can hunt quail from the sidewalk.
56:04 Although other coal companies tried to revive it,
56:07 Mason's mine never again turned a profit
56:11 and today only a few hundred people are left.
56:15 Mr. Mason's dream went up in smoke.
56:19 All that remains is a beautiful smokestack,
56:23 an old train station,
56:25 and miles of deserted tracks.
56:29 The Bible says earthly treasures are easily stolen
56:33 by thieves and destroyed by moth and rust.
56:37 But our Heavenly Father is building a dream city
56:40 with streets of gold and mansions by a crystal sea.
56:44 He invites us to come live with Him for eternity
56:47 and never grow old.
56:49 The Bible also says that where our treasure is
56:52 there our heart will be also.
56:55 And in this day and age when stocks lose their value
56:59 in minutes and entire banking systems fail
57:02 God invites us to put our treasures in things of
57:06 eternal value.
57:08 Friends, nothing is more valuable than a human soul.
57:13 Won't you help us bring the good news of salvation
57:16 to those who are lost?
57:18 Please, ask the Holy Spirit what He would have you do.
57:24 Please consider what you can do for those who
57:27 still don't know about Jesus.
57:29 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:31 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:46 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:49 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:52 of salvation to millions around the world.


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