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00:19 And welcome to The Revelation of Jesus Christ:
00:24 a study of the book of Revelation.
00:27 And it is the Revelation of Jesus Christ
00:30 and what He had to say concerning the time
00:34 in which you and I are living.
00:37 You need to understand that:
00:38 that this book is dealing with the time we're living in.
00:42 And it's very, very important that we understand what the book
00:47 says because it's speaking specifically to us.
00:52 And so we hope that as we've been going through
00:54 this book of Revelation that it has been a blessing to you
00:58 and helped you understand what we're looking at.
01:01 This particular series we've entitled
01:04 Final Events because we're looking at verses... or chapters
01:08 17 through 22.
01:10 And today we're taking a look at the 20th chapter
01:16 of Revelation... 20th chapter of Revelation:
01:19 a very, very vital chapter. As we go through it
01:23 we hope it will bless you in the study of God's Word.
01:26 Our subject that we're looking at is The Millennium.
01:31 The thousand years...
01:34 1,000 years of peace.
01:39 I can remember talking to a lady about this subject once.
01:43 And as we were talking about it she said to me... she said:
01:46 "Oh, we're already into that millennium.
01:49 We're already there. "
01:51 I said: "We are? "
01:53 And she said: "Yeah, " said "we're already there. "
01:55 I said: "Well my Bible tells me that the devil is chained up
01:59 during that thousand years. "
02:01 And she said: "He is. "
02:03 And I said: "The devil's chained up? "
02:05 She said: "Yes. " And I said: "It has to be
02:07 on a rubber chain 'cause he gets around to me quite often. "
02:10 See, well... What we're going to try to find out today
02:14 is: When does that thousand years start?
02:16 When does it end?
02:17 What goes on during that thousand years?
02:20 Where is the devil? Where are the righteous?
02:22 Where are the wicked? All that has to be fit together.
02:25 And so we hope that you will follow carefully
02:28 in your Bible. If you have your Bible, follow with us.
02:30 Get a piece of paper and write down
02:35 questions you have or points that we're trying to make.
02:38 And all of you who are watching by television
02:42 we welcome you. If you're listening on the radio,
02:45 we welcome you. Or even today if you
02:49 dialed in or however you do it on the Internet
02:52 we're glad that you're tuning in to what is being said.
02:55 We hope it will bless you in a special way.
02:59 Our next presentation is chapter 21 of Revelation
03:04 which is the New Jerusalem.
03:06 And God gives you a picture - a word picture -
03:10 of the New Jerusalem.
03:12 Marvelous the things that are involved in this New Jerusalem
03:15 that we'll be looking at. So you don't particularly want to miss
03:19 that presentation on the New Jerusalem
03:22 which is our next presentation.
03:24 But today we're going to take a look at
03:27 the question of The Millennium.
03:30 We're very pleased to have with us the His Voice quartet.
03:35 We have been so blessed
03:38 by having them here and enjoy their music so much.
03:41 And I know you'll be blessed this morning also.
03:44 Before they sing, though, Chuck Allgaier is going to come
03:47 and read with you the 20th chapter
03:51 of the book of Revelation.
03:54 Good morning. If you have your Bibles with you this morning,
03:58 we're going to go to Revelation chapter 20.
04:01 Revelation chapter 20.
04:02 I'd like for you to read along with me.
04:04 So if you have your Bibles, turn them to Revelation chapter 20
04:08 and we'll read together. Let us read:
06:41 May God add His blessing to His Word.
06:48 Still, still with Thee
06:53 when purple morning
06:57 breaketh,
07:01 When the bird waketh,
07:06 and the shadows
07:11 flee
07:14 Fairer than morning,
07:18 lovelier than the
07:22 daylight
07:26 Dawns the sweet consciousness,
07:32 I am with
07:38 Thee.
07:42 Alone with Thee
07:45 amid the mystic
07:48 shadows,
07:52 The solemn hush
07:55 of nature newly born;
08:02 Alone with Thee
08:05 in breathless
08:07 adoration
08:13 In the calm dew
08:16 and freshness of
08:20 the morn.
08:27 So shall it be at last,
08:31 in that bright morning,
08:38 When the soul waketh,
08:43 and life's shadows
08:47 flee;
08:51 Oh! In that hour,
08:56 fairer than daylight
09:00 dawning,
09:05 Shall rise the glorious
09:09 thought,
09:12 I am
09:16 with
09:21 Thee.
09:27 Amen!
09:44 Father in heaven,
09:47 we thank you... thank you for the assurance
09:52 that Your Word gives us
09:56 that we can each be with You in Your kingdom.
10:01 We ask, Lord, that as we study Your Word today
10:06 that the Holy Spirit may come into our lives.
10:11 That it may fill us, and that we will be given understanding
10:17 to see and to know Your greatness and Your goodness
10:21 towards each one of us.
10:23 Bless us as we study together.
10:28 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
10:38 This is what I call settling in
10:44 for eternity.
10:47 Say that again... This is what I call
10:49 settling in for eternity.
10:53 There's certain things that has to be done
10:57 and we have here a thousand years
11:00 that is set aside for that purpose.
11:06 The righteous have to know
11:10 in their own hearts that God is
11:16 totally and completely just.
11:20 The wicked... the wicked have to also understand
11:27 that He is just
11:31 in carrying out the punishment
11:34 for their rebellion.
11:38 And the entire universe
11:41 has to know that God is just.
11:49 Thus, for righteousness to reign
11:53 throughout eternity, these things have to be taken care of.
11:59 So we'll take a look at this thousand years
12:04 and what takes place during that time
12:06 that God has given for that purpose: for you and I
12:12 to settle in for eternity.
12:36 "Bound him for a thousand years. "
12:55 So the devil is bound for a thousand years.
13:01 Not able to deceive the nations or anything
13:05 for one thousand years.
13:09 Says:
13:31 So the scripture tells us clearly
13:34 that this thousand years begins
13:38 with the resurrection.
13:41 It begins with the resurrection of the righteous
13:45 because it says: "Blessed and holy is he that has part
13:49 in the first resurrection. "
13:51 So all the righteous... all those that have accepted Christ,
13:55 all those that have given their lives to Him,
13:58 all those who have walked with Him...
14:00 they will come forth from the grave first.
14:04 OK. Then the scripture says:
14:15 Now if all the righteous
14:18 have been resurrected in the first resurrection
14:21 and come out of the grave,
14:22 then who is left?
14:25 The wicked. That's the only ones left.
14:27 So when it says: "The rest of the dead lived not again
14:31 until the thousand years were finished, "
14:33 that can only refer to the wicked.
14:36 OK? So it tells us
14:38 that there is a thousand years between a first resurrection
14:44 and a second resurrection.
14:46 That's what the scripture tells us clearly:
14:49 that's a thousand years.
14:50 And in John it even clarifies it more 'cause it says here:
15:05 OK?
15:08 Watch:
15:22 So you have two resurrections.
15:24 You have the resurrection of life.
15:26 This is the one in which the righteous are resurrected
15:29 from the grave. And you have the resurrection of condemnation
15:33 in which the wicked are resurrected and come forth
15:36 from the grave. Two resurrections
15:38 separated by one thousand years.
15:42 Now the scripture makes it very clear
15:45 that there are five events that happen and take place
15:50 at the beginning of this thousand years.
15:53 Those five events are as follows:
15:56 one is the second coming of Jesus.
15:59 Nothing is going to happen concerning this thousand years
16:02 until Jesus shows up.
16:05 But with the coming of Jesus
16:07 then that thousand years will begin.
16:10 And we find that Jesus is going to come back
16:13 as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
16:31 So Christ is coming back...
16:35 coming back to claim His people.
16:40 Coming back to gather all the righteous.
16:43 Coming back to set up His kingdom
16:48 that will last how long?
16:53 For eternity. OK.
16:56 So with the coming of Jesus the thousand years begins.
16:59 And with the coming Christ, certain events begin to happen
17:03 and one is the righteous are all resurrected.
17:08 Jesus comes, and as He comes it says He will shout.
17:12 His voice will roll through this earth like peals
17:15 of the loudest thunder.
17:17 And all those that are in the grave
17:20 are going to hear His voice and come forth.
17:33 They're going to come out of the grave at the call of Christ.
17:38 Do you know why? Hmmm?
17:43 You see, when you accept Christ
17:47 as your personal Savior
17:50 He gives you... He gives you a new nature.
17:55 He gives you a spiritual nature that is in tune with Him.
18:00 And so when He comes and calls, that nature responds
18:04 to that call and we will come forth from the grave.
18:08 You and I will come forth.
18:10 Oh I could spend time but I won't...
18:12 But you come forth from that grave, dear friends,
18:16 with nothing wrong with you.
18:20 I mean everything is right.
18:23 Nothing wrong. No sickness; no sorrow.
18:27 No death; no pain. All that is forever gone
18:32 throughout eternity!
18:34 OK. They come forth from that grave.
18:37 Then it says:
18:58 That means perfect... that means nothing wrong.
19:11 That will be given to all the righteous.
19:16 Glorious! Marvelous hope.
19:22 Can you take hold of it?
19:25 Can you... can you take hold of it
19:27 and say: "Yes, we'll receive that? "
19:31 Comprehend if you can eternity.
19:37 Eternity... where there will be no sickness;
19:43 no sorrow; no death.
19:47 Then it says all those who are living.
19:51 Now we've just been talking about all those who were dead.
19:54 All those that have died in Christ:
19:56 they've been resurrected.
19:58 But now the living that are on the earth at the time
20:01 Jesus comes back, it says all those people
20:05 are going to be translated.
20:08 What it means is they're going to be changed
20:11 and caught up with those. Listen:
20:33 So it says that they're going to be resurrected.
20:36 They're going to come up out of the grave.
20:39 And those people that have been resurrected and come up
20:42 out of the grave are going to be caught up
20:44 to meet the Lord in the air.
20:46 And all those that are on the earth alive when Jesus comes,
20:50 the righteous, all those people will be changed
20:54 and they will be caught up with them
20:57 to meet the Lord in the air.
21:00 So God has gathered all of His children
21:07 to meet Him. OK.
21:11 What about?
21:14 What about the wicked that are living?
21:19 What about all those people that are on the earth
21:22 when Christ comes? And by the way, folks,
21:25 the Bible doesn't teach anything
21:28 about the righteous being whisked out of here
21:33 and nobody knowing it.
21:34 It doesn't teach anything about that.
21:37 That's strictly a fairy tale.
21:39 That's not scripture.
21:41 OK. The wicked... the wicked that are living on the earth...
21:46 the scripture says this is what happens to them.
21:56 I'm going to ask you something:
21:58 if the sky rolls back like a scroll
22:03 and islands start disappearing
22:07 and mountains are moving around,
22:10 do you think people will realize something's going on?
22:14 Yeah, not very secret. OK?
22:42 You'd better believe that the wicked know it.
22:45 They're aware of it very, very clear.
22:49 They're saying: "Who can stand before this? "
22:52 And it tells exactly what's going to happen to them.
23:18 So it makes it clear that the wicked will be destroyed
23:23 if you please by the brightness of His coming...
23:26 by the very fire.
23:35 So the wicked that are living when Jesus comes
23:39 they are slain, if you please, by the brightness of His coming
23:44 as if a fire covered the whole earth.
23:50 Well, that's what happens to the wicked that are living.
23:56 What about all the wicked who were dead?
24:02 What happens to them?
24:04 Well, they're not disturbed.
24:09 Let me tell you something:
24:10 when Jesus comes and He shouts
24:14 and His voice rolls through this earth
24:16 and the righteous that are dead in the grave
24:19 they hear that voice and they come out of the grave,
24:21 they respond...
24:23 the wicked don't hear a thing.
24:26 They're not disturbed in the grave.
24:30 They don't hear a thing... they just continue.
24:33 In fact, they do not show up again
24:35 for one thousand years.
24:45 So a thousand years takes place
24:48 before they come up out of the grave.
24:50 With the resurrection of the righteous
24:55 and the translation of the living,
24:58 they are taken to heaven.
25:00 The wicked that were living are slain,
25:04 the wicked that were dead are not disturbed,
25:07 and thus... the devil is bound.
25:13 You see, it says that he was "bound. "
25:16 Listen:
25:51 You see, with all the righteous in heaven
25:54 and all the wicked dead
25:59 the devil doesn't have anybody to tempt, does he?
26:02 No, he's bound.
26:05 It doesn't mean when it says he's bound with a chain...
26:07 Do you think a chain would hold the devil?
26:09 Huh? No. A chain wouldn't hold him.
26:15 But it says he's bound or he's chained for a thousand years.
26:18 Have you ever had somebody come over to your house
26:20 and say: "Go to town with me. "
26:23 And you said: "I really would like to go with you
26:25 but I can't... I'm just tied down. "
26:28 What'd you mean?
26:30 Well you just meant
26:32 circumstances wouldn't let you go.
26:34 And that's the same thing here with the devil.
26:37 Circumstances have bound him.
26:39 The righteous are in heaven; the wicked are dead.
26:40 He's bound for one thousand years.
26:46 OK?
26:49 The wicked are dead.
26:51 The earth, the Bible says, is empty.
26:57 It's a desert.
27:01 The devil and his angels are here for one thousand years.
27:06 It describes it with these words in Jeremiah:
27:24 The wicked will fall... there they will be
27:29 till the end of the thousand years.
27:33 Thus the devil is bound.
27:37 At this point the scripture says
27:40 that judgment is given to the righteous.
27:45 Interesting idea:
27:48 that judgment is given to the righteous.
27:50 And by the way, let me ask you something:
27:52 when is judgment given to the righteous?
27:56 Huh?
27:58 Yeah, during the thousand years.
28:01 Clear on that?
28:03 You do not have it now!
28:05 Do you understand that?
28:07 You don't have it now, so don't be judging
28:11 and don't even tell me you're a fruit inspector.
28:14 You're not even that.
28:15 See... given to them during the thousand years
28:20 is when it's given to them.
28:46 So the righteous are given judgment. It goes on and says:
29:08 Yes, the righteous. Judgment will be given to them. Why?
29:14 I mean, isn't... isn't what God said good enough?
29:21 Why? Why would judgment be given to the righteous?
29:26 Well the Bible says one thing for sure:
29:29 that sin is not going to rise up a second time.
29:45 That will not happen a second time.
29:49 Well, God doesn't intend for that to happen.
29:52 God doesn't intend for someone
29:58 to bring up something or to have sin rise again.
30:01 So God intends to answer every question
30:06 the righteous might have.
30:08 In other words... Have you ever thought about it?
30:12 What's going to happen? What's going to take place
30:15 when you get to heaven?
30:18 Is God going to turn some little key back here
30:22 and all of us become stooges?
30:24 Is that what's going to happen?
30:27 Huh?
30:29 No! I think God's going to let you use your mind.
30:34 In fact, I think we'll use it more than we do now.
30:39 At least I hope so.
30:41 Well, if He is... Let's say you get to heaven
30:47 and there's somebody that you thought ought to be there
30:51 that isn't there.
30:55 I mean, somebody you thought for sure would be in heaven.
30:59 And here you look around and they're not there.
31:03 What are you going to do about that?
31:07 Are you going to say: "Ah, better not say anything. "
31:12 "Wonder... wonder why John didn't make it. "
31:16 "Oh, I'd better keep quiet. "
31:20 "Strange that John didn't make it. "
31:24 "Wonder why he didn't. "
31:25 Let me tell you something: God doesn't intend
31:29 to get 10,000 years into eternity
31:33 and all of a sudden have you say: "Hey, where's John? "
31:38 He's going to answer that question...
31:41 going to answer it for every person exactly what happened
31:45 to each individual and why they aren't there.
31:48 That's why the books are going to be open
31:51 and the righteous are going to go through them
31:53 and they're going to know that God was perfectly loving,
31:56 kind, merciful, and just in all that He did.
32:00 And let me tell you something, dear friends:
32:03 if you don't make it, it won't be God's fault
32:09 because He is doing all that He can
32:12 to see that every one of us make it into the kingdom of heaven.
32:15 And so the righteous are going to go through the books
32:19 and they're going to see that God was just
32:23 in everything that He did.
32:27 Thus, judgment is given to them.
32:43 You see, dear friends, there has to be some tears
32:48 in order to wipe them away.
32:54 That's what that thousand years is for:
32:56 to settle it once and for all
33:01 so that there'll be no more sorrow;
33:03 there'll be no more crying; there'll be no more pain.
33:06 All that... all the questions will be answered.
33:09 We will be settling in for eternity
33:13 for sin never to rise again.
33:16 This is what He's doing for us.
33:26 Well, like at the beginning of the thousand years -
33:30 there were five events that marked the beginning -
33:33 there's five events that mark the close of the thousand years,
33:36 and wonderful things.
33:39 The righteous have spent a thousand years up in heaven.
33:45 That's beyond my comprehension.
33:49 But think of it: spending a thousand years in heaven
33:54 where there will be no struggles
33:57 and all the things that we face now.
34:00 But at the end of the thousand years, the New Jerusalem
34:06 that Jesus has prepared
34:10 because He went and made a place for His bride...
34:14 OK? That city that He has prepared
34:18 is going to come back to this earth.
34:22 I'm going to say more about that in the next presentation.
34:26 But you see, this is going to become
34:31 where... the place where God dwells.
34:36 It's going to come to this earth.
34:48 Comes back prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
34:56 Marvelous! That's what we're going to look at
34:58 in the next presentation, so I can't get into this city
35:01 and talk to you about it now.
35:03 But if you miss it... shame on you.
35:08 Marvelous... what it should be...
35:11 prepared for you and I.
35:14 But that New Jerusalem comes and settles here on this earth.
35:18 The scripture even tells you, folks,
35:20 exactly where it comes to.
35:24 The book of Zechariah tells you exactly where it comes to:
35:28 to the Mount of Olives. There how it settles.
35:31 That's where that city will set.
35:34 Marvelous will be that city
35:38 the righteous have lived in now for a thousand years.
35:45 OK.
35:48 With the New Jerusalem coming back,
35:51 the wicked... all the wicked that are dead
35:55 that have been in the grave now for a thousand years...
35:59 they're resurrected.
36:01 "But the rest of the dead did not live again
36:04 until the thousand years were finished. "
36:06 And so we've come to the end of the thousand years
36:09 and all the wicked come out of the grave.
36:11 Oh what a difference that is.
36:15 What a difference that is.
36:18 All those who were resurrected in the first resurrection
36:24 are resurrected incorruptible.
36:29 Are resurrected immortal.
36:33 No sickness; no pain.
36:37 No sorrow; everything is absolutely perfect.
36:44 Those that are resurrected in the second resurrection...
36:50 no change.
36:55 No change.
36:58 If they were blind,
37:02 they come out of the grave blind.
37:05 If they went into the grave sick,
37:09 they come out still sick.
37:14 No change.
37:17 Please mark it: there is no change physically for them.
37:24 There is no change for them character-wise.
37:30 Mark it down, dear friends. Put it down.
37:34 It's now... it's during this time
37:39 that you develop character.
37:42 You don't develop character after the resurrection.
37:47 If you're playing around and thinking that all of a sudden
37:50 God is going to zap you and you're going to become
37:54 loving and merciful and kind and good
37:56 and all that, you're kidding yourself.
37:59 That's not going to happen.
38:03 If you have trouble loving the brethren,
38:09 dear friend, be careful
38:14 because you've got to learn to love them
38:17 before the resurrection... not after.
38:23 They come out of that grave - the wicked -
38:26 just exactly like they went into the grave.
38:33 The devil is released out of his prison.
38:38 You know why?
38:39 Hmmm?
38:42 Oh, he's got people.
38:44 All of a sudden all of the wicked have been resurrected.
38:47 They're as thick as the sands of the sea
38:51 and now he's got something to work with.
39:15 They're thick as the sands of the sea
39:18 and now the devil is going out to deceive them to battle.
39:23 Why? Let me ask you something:
39:24 why don't the wicked and the devil... why don't they
39:28 just say: "Well, the New Jerusalem's over there
39:31 and the righteous are in it.
39:33 And we'll just leave them alone.
39:35 And we won't bother them,
39:37 and we'll go over here on this side of the earth
39:39 and we'll live here and maybe they won't bother us
39:42 and we won't bother them. "
39:45 Why don't they just do that?
39:51 Well, let's go back to the beginning.
39:55 It says that those wicked when they come out of the grave
40:00 they are resurrected just like they went in.
40:05 That means, dear friends, they do not have
40:10 immortality.
40:46 God said: "Well, man's going to take of the Tree of Life
40:50 and eat and live forever. "
40:51 Therefore He put an angel guarding it so that man
40:55 could not eat of it. Do you know where the Tree of Life is now?
41:23 So the Tree of Life is inside the New Jerusalem.
41:33 And the New Jerusalem is now on earth.
41:39 So the devil tells the wicked: "If we can just inside the city
41:45 and eat of the Tree of Life,
41:49 we'll live forever. "
42:05 The wicked go up
42:10 to take the city.
42:12 Maybe they can get in and eat of the Tree of Life and live.
42:19 This is where the scripture says that the great
42:22 white throne judgment takes place.
42:25 Because... inside the city
42:30 are all the righteous
42:32 that have ever lived. They're inside the city.
42:35 Outside the city are all the wicked that have ever lived.
42:39 So there at this time all humanity
42:43 stand before God.
42:46 And it says that He is lifted up above the city.
43:25 There is no change.
43:38 There all mankind is. There is no change at this point.
43:45 And there God stands before them all
43:51 and mankind realizes and understands
43:56 that God has been just in all of His dealings.
44:16 You see, every one of us
44:21 I don't care whether you're righteous or you're wicked
44:26 every one of us are going to come forth in the resurrection.
44:31 You're going to be resurrected. Doesn't make...
44:36 you know, who you are, you're going to come forth...
44:39 either in the first resurrection or in the second
44:41 you're going to come forth.
44:44 But the righteous will live and the wicked will die
44:51 because it describes it with these words:
45:13 Earth is going to burn.
45:18 And all the wicked and all the works of the wicked
45:23 will be burned up.
45:29 The New Jerusalem
45:31 will ride those waves of fire
45:36 just like the ark rode the waves of the flood.
45:41 The righteous will all be inside the city.
45:44 They'll be cared for by God.
45:49 And then after the fire has purified this earth -
45:55 and remember, we're talking about settling in for eternity -
46:00 after this earth has been purified with fire
46:04 there will be no signs left of sin
46:10 and degradation. It will all be gone.
46:26 All going to burn.
46:39 You see, to you and to me -
46:45 the righteous - we may die the first death
46:51 but I don't have to die the second death.
46:54 The wicked die twice.
46:59 They die the first time and then this is the second death.
47:14 Because this is the cleansing of the universe.
47:19 It's the cleansing of sin.
47:22 It will be eradicated from the earth.
47:37 Look for a new heaven and a new earth
47:40 in which righteousness dwells.
47:57 Oh, dear friends, let me take just a little time
48:01 and appeal to you.
48:05 Don't pass up the opportunity.
48:10 I mean this is the time God has given to you.
48:15 Given this time to you to have the opportunity
48:21 of spending eternity.
48:26 The Lord Jesus Christ left heaven,
48:31 came to this earth and died
48:36 that you might have this opportunity.
48:40 It's strictly up to you to accept it.
48:47 God is not saying to you
48:52 "you've got to do certain things to qualify. "
48:56 I was talking to a group of fifth-graders,
49:02 and I was talking about how that this gift is a free gift
49:08 given to us by God.
49:12 This little fifth-grader said: "Do you mean
49:15 all this stuff my parents tell me I've got to do
49:17 I don't have to do? "
49:20 And I said: "Well, the only people that will get to heaven
49:27 are those that qualify. "
49:29 He said to me: "Well,
49:32 OK, what do I have to do to qualify? "
49:35 And I said: "Well the only people that get to heaven
49:39 are sinners. " And he said: "Well I qualify. "
49:45 So to you I would just say
49:48 "Each one of us... we qualify. "
49:52 Jesus Christ said He did not come to call the righteous.
49:55 He came to call the sinners.
49:58 He came to call you... to give you life.
50:01 To give you hope. To give you something much, much better
50:05 than this world could ever give you.
50:07 Made that possible for you and I to have eternal life.
50:13 To dwell with Him for eternity.
50:16 Earth will be made brand new.
50:22 All this stuff that we put up with out here
50:27 is gonna be gone.
50:30 There won't be such things as pollution.
50:34 All that'll be gone. It's a new earth.
50:47 "Come, all you.
50:52 I've prepared a kingdom; I've prepared a place just for you. "
50:57 Think about it.
51:00 There'll be no more sin.
51:05 God will have been justified
51:11 in the eyes of the universe.
51:17 It will be settled
51:20 that He is just... that He is righteous.
51:25 That He is merciful; that He is kind.
51:30 That He is loving; that He is all those things.
51:36 God just simply says to you
51:38 "Come, enjoy... enjoy the things
51:45 that I have prepared for you.
51:48 I made it just for you. "
51:52 And then down through the ceaseless ages of eternity
51:58 all the righteous will be able to live and rejoice
52:04 and enjoy all the wonderful things that God has prepared
52:09 for those that love Him.
52:12 It's my prayer
52:14 that you will definitely plan on being there.
52:18 Let's bow our heads for prayer.
52:21 Father in heaven,
52:24 we're coming to You today realizing Lord
52:31 without You we are hopelessly lost.
52:38 That we have nothing... nothing to recommend ourselves
52:43 to You but our great need.
52:47 And we come today with that need
52:53 asking, Lord, that You'll cleanse us.
52:59 Take away all the sin and the selfishness.
53:04 Make our lives clean, pure,
53:10 white in Christ Jesus.
53:14 Lord, make us kind.
53:18 Make us gentle.
53:20 Make us loving.
53:25 Give us... give us, Lord, in great abundance
53:30 the Holy Spirit.
53:32 May it fill our hearts.
53:35 May the fruits of the Spirit be manifest in our lives.
53:42 And may all of us have the privilege
53:47 of being with You in your kingdom.
53:49 Not because we deserve it, Lord,
53:52 but because we've accepted Christ as our Savior.
53:57 We put our faith and our trust in Him
54:00 and we look forward to that day
54:03 in which He's going to be coming back.
54:06 This we pray in Christ's name, Amen.
54:14 Our next presentation is on The New Jerusalem:
54:19 wonderful place that God has prepared for you and for me.
54:26 And let me tell you, He has some certain things
54:29 in mind for you and for me that you don't want to miss.
54:34 So we hope that all of you will be with us.
54:37 God bless you.
54:40 In the heart of southern Illinois
54:43 lies a small town named after A. J. Mason
54:47 who came in 1923 with plans for a dream city
54:51 and the largest coal mine in the United States.
54:55 Surveyors laid out the streets and the sidewalk
54:58 and workers built the tallest smokestack in the country
55:02 complete with a Spanish turret
55:04 and decorative cathedral doors at the top.
55:07 Railroad tracks were laid,
55:10 and as word of this dream city spread
55:12 people flocked in by the thousands.
55:16 But as the black coal came out of those deep tunnels
55:19 miners came closer and closer to the end of the dream.
55:24 And after just three years of mining
55:26 an underground river flooded the shaft.
55:30 Suddenly the operations became very costly
55:34 and although Mr. Mason poured millions into his mine
55:38 eventually it was taken over by the bank.
55:41 People left the city in droves.
55:44 Some didn't even bother to take their furniture.
55:47 Soon the tracks lay dormant.
55:49 Weeds grew up around the beautiful train station,
55:52 and abandoned homes gave way to trees.
55:56 Today locals say that Mason is the only town in America
56:01 where you can hunt quail from the sidewalk.
56:04 Although other coal companies tried to revive it,
56:08 Mason's mine never again turned a profit
56:12 and today only a few hundred people are left.
56:15 Mr. Mason's dream went up in smoke.
56:20 All that remains is a beautiful smokestack,
56:23 an old train station,
56:26 and miles of deserted tracks.
56:30 The Bible says earthly treasures are easily stolen
56:34 by thieves and destroyed by moth and rust.
56:37 But our Heavenly Father is building a dream city
56:40 with streets of gold and mansions by a crystal sea.
56:45 He invites us to come live with Him for eternity
56:48 and never grow old.
56:50 The Bible also says that where our treasure is
56:53 there our heart will be also.
56:55 And in this day and age when stocks lose their value
56:59 in minutes and entire banking systems fail
57:03 God invites us to put our treasures in things of
57:07 eternal value.
57:08 Friends, nothing is more valuable than a human soul.
57:13 Won't you help us bring the good news of salvation
57:16 to those who are lost?
57:19 Please, ask the Holy Spirit what He would have you do.
57:25 Please consider what you can do for those who
57:28 still don't know about Jesus.
57:30 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:32 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:47 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:50 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:53 of salvation to millions around the world.


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