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00:18 And we welcome you to The Revelation of Jesus Christ:
00:22 a study of the book of Revelation.
00:25 And we are coming down to the very close of the book.
00:30 In fact, looking at chapter 21 in this presentation.
00:36 And so we hope that as we have gone through
00:39 the book of Revelation that it has helped you understand
00:43 this great, great book
00:45 that God has given for you and I that are living today.
00:50 And we hope that you will continue -
00:52 even after we have finished - that you'll continue to study
00:56 and look at the book because I can tell you
00:59 you don't get to the bottom of it.
01:02 That you don't. I've studied it now for years
01:06 and I still find new things all the time.
01:09 So you're not going to... you're not going to deplete
01:13 the book. And just spend time in it; the Lord will bless you.
01:17 If you do, you'll be blessed in a special way.
01:20 And we'd like to welcome all of you that are here
01:23 and those that are watching by television
01:25 or you're listening on the radio or on the Internet,
01:30 we're very happy that you're... have tuned in.
01:32 And we hope that as you go through this presentation
01:36 this evening that it will bless you in a special way.
01:39 So we encourage you to get out your Bible.
01:42 Get you a pencil and some paper and take notes
01:46 because we're going to take a close look
01:48 at this wonderful city that God has prepared for you and for me.
01:54 Revelation the 21st chapter:
01:58 this is a culmination of all that God has promised,
02:03 and so you'll be blessed as we go along.
02:06 One more chapter left, and that's our next presentation.
02:11 That's the last one... chapter 22.
02:17 That's what we'll be looking at in chapter 22.
02:21 In that chapter
02:23 there is a very, very interesting observation
02:29 that God makes concerning each one of you.
02:32 Seriously... about each one of you.
02:35 And certain things that God has in mind
02:39 about you and concerning what you will do.
02:43 And so we hope you'll be here
02:45 or listening on the radio or television
02:48 as we go into chapter 22: The Victory Is Won.
02:53 I think you'll find it very, very encouraging to you.
02:57 We've been blessed... thankful...
03:01 to have with us the His Voice quartet.
03:04 They have been a great blessing to me,
03:07 and I appreciate them very much.
03:10 They're going to sing a wonderful song today.
03:12 They're going to sing a song entitled Ride On King Jesus,
03:16 and you'll be blessed by it.
03:19 But before they do,
03:21 Chuck's going to come and he's going to read, folks,
03:24 Revelation 21 and the first five verses
03:29 of chapter 22.
03:32 All that goes together.
03:33 So follow carefully as he reads.
03:41 Well, if you have your Bibles,
03:42 please take them and turn them to the book of Revelation
03:45 chapter 21 and we'll read together.
03:49 So if you have your Bibles, let's read together now.
09:12 May God add His blessing to His Word.
09:19 Who are these in shining armor,
09:24 Whence the glory so bright?
09:29 Ah, they come from yonder city,
09:34 where Christ is all the light.
09:39 Ride on... ride on,
09:41 King Jesus.
09:43 To victory, ride on... ride on.
09:48 In glory, and power,
09:52 and majesty sublime;
09:57 Ride on... ride on, King Jesus.
10:01 To victory, ride on... ride on.
10:06 Till Heav'n and earth
10:08 shall own Thee, Lord,
10:14 O, conq'ring One,
10:17 ride on.
10:23 Sing for joy ye remnant people!
10:28 Your redemption draws near;
10:33 When the King in all His beauty
10:37 in glory shall appear.
10:42 Ride on... ride on,
10:44 King Jesus.
10:47 To victory, ride on... ride on.
10:52 In glory, and power,
10:56 and majesty sublime.
11:01 Ride on... ride on, King Jesus.
11:06 To victory, ride on... ride on.
11:10 Till Heav'n and earth
11:13 shall own Thee, Lord,
11:20 O, conq'ring One,
11:27 ride on...
11:32 ride
11:36 on.
11:42 Amen!
12:00 We look forward, Lord,
12:03 to the day that You're coming back...
12:07 When you gather all Your people
12:11 and that we can go home with You.
12:14 Bless us now, Lord, as we open Your Word.
12:18 We pray that You'll open our minds.
12:22 That the Holy Spirit may be present.
12:28 That our hearts will be pliable.
12:31 That we will be surrendered to Your will
12:35 and that we might see and grasp Your love,
12:41 Your kindness, and Your greatness.
12:44 We pray, Lord, that each one that is listening or watching
12:50 or following, Lord...
12:53 Bless them. May they purpose in their hearts
12:57 to follow You... to be in Your kingdom.
13:01 For this we ask in Christ's name, Amen.
13:14 The 21st chapter of Revelation actually opens with
13:20 Christ reaffirming a commitment that He made to His people.
13:26 Years and years ago
13:29 He made this commitment to His people. He said:
13:49 So He made a covenant with people...
13:53 with His people.
13:55 All those down through the ages that have accepted Him,
13:59 walked with Him, followed Him...
14:03 these are His people.
14:06 And He said: "I will be your God
14:09 and you shall be My people. "
14:12 That's the covenant He made with them and with you and with me.
14:17 So the 21st chapter of Revelation opens
14:20 with Him re-stating that,
14:23 because He says here:
14:47 So there's the covenant that He made way back in the beginning
14:52 and He said: "Now the time has come. "
14:55 You see, sin is no more.
14:59 That's all been done away with.
15:02 Now it's opening up into eternity
15:05 and He said: "These are My people
15:07 and I will be their God.
15:10 And I will dwell with them. "
15:16 That He's going to be with His people;
15:19 that He's going to be their God.
15:21 And so He continues on and says:
15:37 What's that telling you?
15:39 It's all gone... sin's no more.
15:42 There's no sorrow. There's no pain.
15:45 All that is past... The former things are passed away.
15:50 Glory hallelujah! There'll be no more of that.
15:53 See? All over!
15:55 That's what He's starting this chapter in Revelation saying
15:59 that you and I can rejoice because all these things
16:04 that's been going on for 6,000 years
16:07 have come to an end. He has made an end to sin
16:11 and now eternity can begin in which
16:17 righteousness and joy and goodness
16:22 will rule.
16:34 Wonderful! All things new.
16:42 Said: "I'm going to make all things new.
16:45 All this is true. "
16:47 God is coming back and what He's doing is
16:50 emphasizing it for you and for me saying: "Listen,
16:53 this is true. You can depend on it.
16:56 No question about it. "
16:57 All things are new. That's what He did at His coming
17:02 as far as you and I are concerned: He made us new.
17:07 Changed us.
17:16 Made new, see? That's going to be wonderful.
17:29 Be made new. I know there's some of you
17:32 that when I come out here at night and I kneel you wonder
17:35 if I'm going to get up or not.
17:38 Well, I've got to admit age does make a difference
17:41 and it has its affects on you, no question about it.
17:45 But there is coming a day when it will all be new.
17:49 That will not be that way any more, no question about it.
18:01 Won't that be wonderful?
18:03 Put on immortality.
18:05 Never, never down through the eons of time
18:09 never again will death ever cross the whole stage.
18:13 Never will it be thought of.
18:15 Be no more... over.
18:43 Marvelous. Took our bodies and made them brand new.
18:50 There won't be...
18:53 There will not be such a thing as age.
18:59 Age only comes to it because there is an end.
19:04 But when you get to eternity and there is no end,
19:07 there's no age.
19:09 Ceases to be.
19:11 So you and I will be made brand new.
19:18 Think about it
19:20 how wonderful that'll be.
19:23 See... all the things that we face today...
19:27 all the pain and the heartache and the suffering and all.
19:32 No more. And, you know, as you grow older
19:37 all of us face the sad experience.
19:42 You know, we grow older and as we grow older
19:45 our friends grow older.
19:47 You know, and as they grow older some of them pass away.
19:52 And sin does that
19:54 because we live in a world of sin and death,
19:57 but that will be no more.
20:00 Not only will that be no more,
20:02 He's going to take this old earth and make it brand new.
20:05 And it will be like something that we have never seen
20:10 nor could imagine.
20:23 So going to build houses. We're going to inhabit them.
20:28 Going to plant vineyards... eat the fruit of them.
20:31 It will all be new. I guarantee you
20:35 it will be a different kind of work.
21:03 That will be wonderful.
21:05 I don't know if you've ever spent much time on the desert?
21:10 But the first few years of my ministry I spent
21:13 about five years basically through the desert.
21:19 And I can guarantee you, it will take
21:23 a miracle of God to make it blossom as a rose.
21:27 But it will!
21:47 So wonderful! Our bodies will all be made brand new.
21:51 The earth will be made completely new.
21:56 God will create it, and every- thing will be in perfection
22:00 and will work as it should.
22:03 So there'll not be anything that will be against it any more.
22:08 All that He promises for us.
22:23 That eye hath not seen nor ear heard.
22:27 We can't imagine what it's like.
22:31 I've often thought about that. When I was a kid in school
22:36 I can remember all of us kids went to town
22:40 one day... over the weekend. Got in town
22:44 and here were placards and posters up all over the town
22:48 saying the circus was coming to town.
22:50 I grew up, you know, and we... we all got excited about
22:54 the circus coming to town. I grew up out in the country
22:57 and I just lived about two miles away from this little town.
23:01 I mean very... If you blinked, you missed it.
23:04 And... little town. And so if something came our way,
23:07 that was a big deal. I mean...
23:10 And so the circus coming to town...
23:12 that was a great, great big deal.
23:15 So when we got back to school, that's what all of us kids did:
23:18 we played circus.
23:20 I mean, that's what we did.
23:22 And I mean we had huge lions. We had elephants.
23:25 We flew from trapezes. We did somersaults.
23:29 We did things in our imagination that was absolutely fantastic
23:34 as we played circus.
23:37 Then I'll never forget... the circus got there.
23:42 And I went to the circus,
23:44 and it wasn't near as good as my imagination.
23:48 See? It just won't be that way in heaven.
23:52 It'll always be greater because our eye can't see
23:56 or our ear heard... Can't imagine the things
23:59 that God has prepared for those who love Him.
24:02 This is what He's done for you and for me.
24:08 So let's take a look at this city.
24:24 Indeed, He's the bridegroom.
24:27 He's gone. He's prepared this place with His own hands
24:31 for His bride
24:34 and now this city is coming down to the earth
24:38 prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
25:01 When it's talking about the city it says that it is
25:06 twelve thousand furlongs.
25:09 The length, the breadth, and height are equal.
25:15 In other words, it's twelve thousand furlongs wide.
25:21 It's twelve thousand furlongs long,
25:26 and it is twelve thousand furlongs high
25:32 because it says its length and breadth and height
25:37 are equal.
25:39 So if you have something that is twelve thousand furlongs
25:44 wide, twelve thousand furlongs long,
25:49 and twelve thousand furlongs high,
25:52 what do you have?
25:54 You've got a cube! That's what you've got.
25:59 That's what it says that it is: it's twelve thousand furlongs.
26:04 It's a cube.
26:07 Now if you've got twelve thousand furlongs:
26:12 the length, the breadth, the height of it are equal
26:17 and that's a cube. OK.
26:20 Then if you've got that, how many edges
26:26 do you have to a cube?
26:33 You think a little bit.
26:38 You've got six sides, but I didn't say sides...
26:42 I said edges.
26:44 How many edges do you have?
26:46 Twelve. Exactly.
26:50 So if you've got twelve thousand furlongs
26:52 and you've got twelve thousand edges,
26:55 because each edge is twelve thousand furlongs.
26:59 So if you multiply twelve times twelve thousand
27:04 what does that give you?
27:06 Gives you 144,000.
27:11 See? That gives you a 144,000.
27:16 So it's twelve thousand furlongs high,
27:19 twelve thousand furlongs wide,
27:22 twelve thousand furlongs long.
27:25 The city is a cube. There's a reason for that,
27:28 folks. A very, very definite reason.
27:31 Now, there are eight furlongs in a mile.
27:36 OK? So if you divide
27:40 eight into twelve thousand, what does that give you?
27:45 See how your math is.
27:49 Well that tells you that it is
27:51 375 miles on a side.
27:56 So that city is 375 miles long,
28:01 375 miles wide,
28:04 and 375 miles high.
28:09 You and I can't really comprehend that very well
28:13 when you start trying to put it together.
28:16 The city basically is the size
28:20 of the state of Colorado.
28:23 That's just about what the state of Colorado is.
28:27 And so the city is that size.
28:30 And this is a city that Christ has prepared.
28:33 And let me tell you something: I have people I've talked to
28:36 from time to time and they say to me:
28:38 "Oh Brother Cox, I'm not concerned about that
28:40 because there wouldn't be room for me. "
28:43 Let me tell you something:
28:46 there's room in that city for every man, woman,
28:50 and child that has ever lived.
28:55 There is room for you there I will guarantee you.
29:13 So in this wall are 12 gates.
29:18 On... at each gate is an angel.
29:22 And over the top of each gate is the name of
29:26 one of the tribes of Israel.
29:36 Three gates on each side.
29:44 So over one gate would be the name of Judah.
29:50 Over another gate would be the name of Benjamin.
29:54 Over another gate would be the name of Simeon.
29:57 Over another gate would be the name of Gad.
30:03 So you have the different tribes of the children of Israel,
30:06 a name over each one. Hmmm.
30:10 I thought the city was a city for all people.
30:15 Hmmm? Well then, let me ask you:
30:19 which gate are you going through?
30:24 Because over each gate is one of the names of the tribes
30:28 of Israel. And you've got to go through a gate...
30:30 you can't crawl over the wall.
30:32 So you've got to go through a gate.
30:35 So which gate are you going to go through?
30:37 Well the reason it's that way, folks,
30:41 is because it has to do with the children of Israel.
30:45 You see, each one of the sons of Jacob
30:52 was different in character.
30:55 And in you find in Genesis 49 that Jacob tells
31:01 the characteristics of his sons.
31:03 You find other places in scripture where it tells
31:06 the characteristics of his sons.
31:08 And so according to your personality,
31:12 according to your character,
31:15 you will go in through that gate into the city
31:18 because all of us will fit into one of those character patterns.
31:23 All of us are there, and we will go into that city
31:26 through that particular gate.
31:29 The reason that's there is because God has made provisions
31:36 for every one of you to be saved.
31:40 See, there are no characteristics that God
31:44 in His grace can't change.
31:47 He can change any of us.
32:02 144 cubits.
32:05 There's different people that think different things
32:08 about this and it's not really defined real clear here.
32:13 Whether when it says the wall is 144 cubits
32:17 whether it's saying it's that in height
32:19 or whether it's saying it's that in width.
32:22 There are many people who believe that refers to width
32:26 not to height.
32:28 Because if you stop and think about it,
32:30 if the city is 375 miles high
32:35 and the wall to it, it wouldn't be out of proportion
32:39 for it to be 144 cubits wide.
32:42 But anyhow, that has a wall... a great wall...
32:46 all around the city.
32:56 You see, we... we do not understand and we don't know
33:00 how you refine gold until it becomes clear.
33:06 But evidently God does.
33:09 And the streets are pure gold and the wall of pure gold
33:13 like unto clear glass. It says like jasper,
33:16 and the closest thing to jasper there is diamond.
33:19 So it says that the city will be like diamond.
33:32 Now folks, you can't have a city
33:37 that is 375 miles long
33:42 on each side and it has three gates
33:47 in that 375 miles
33:50 and walls that are no telling how tall
33:55 and have little dinky gates.
33:59 I mean, they just... that just does not fit.
34:02 Architecturally it just doesn't fit.
34:04 Those gates are huge!
34:07 And think: here these are huge, huge gates
34:10 and they're made out of one pearl.
34:14 You see, it staggers the imagination
34:19 to figure what God has done for His people.
34:22 And they'll come and there they will be... all of God's people
34:25 going through those gates into the city.
34:30 Glorious city that He's prepared.
34:43 You see, what you and I today hold dear
34:50 and consider of monetary value
34:56 there has no value at all
35:00 because the streets are pure gold.
35:06 The streets are as we consider
35:11 asbestos... asphalt.
35:15 The streets: pure gold.
35:25 This city had twelve foundations and if you look at it
35:29 those are the stones that we read to you in the reading.
35:34 And those stones if you line them up as I have put them there
35:39 that's the colors of them
35:41 and they make up the color of the rainbow.
35:45 That is the foundations that's under the city.
35:49 The colors of the rainbow... beautiful
35:54 as that city sits on those twelve foundations.
35:58 OK.
36:12 And so we have these different stones that made up
36:16 the foundation of the city.
36:29 Now that text does not say
36:31 that there is no sun and there is no moon.
36:36 That doesn't say that.
36:39 It says that the sun and the moon are not needed.
36:42 What it says.
36:45 They're not needed there. Why?
36:49 Because Christ is there... God is there
36:51 and He is the light of the city.
36:55 I don't know how many of you have ever been to Las Vegas?
36:59 Been to Las Vegas?
37:01 Well, if you ever go to Las Vegas,
37:03 there's one particular place down the strip there
37:07 that they have a light that shines out of the top of it
37:12 and you can literally see it
37:14 for miles and miles and miles away.
37:19 And that's what I think about that city.
37:21 I mean, if God is the light... just think
37:25 that then a light will shine out of that city
37:28 that probably can be seen from outer space
37:33 because God is the light of that city.
37:37 Marvelous that He's there! There'll be no need
37:41 of the sun or of the moon.
37:52 No, there won't be any night there
37:54 because God is the light.
38:08 So you have this marvelous city
38:11 that He has prepared for you and for me to live in.
38:18 That'll be a marvelous time.
38:20 The righteous will live in that city for a thousand years
38:28 before they come to this earth. At the end of the thousand years
38:33 that New Jerusalem will come to this earth
38:36 and then the righteous will be able to live in the city
38:41 or they'll have the privilege if they want to
38:44 of living out on the earth.
38:47 And the earth has been made brand new.
38:52 And it says that we'll build houses and inhabit them.
38:57 Have you given any thought to that?
38:59 Huh? Sure... you should be.
39:03 'Cause you're going to build it.
39:05 Christ built you one in the city
39:07 but you're going to build the one out in the country.
39:11 Have you decided what you're going to do?
39:14 I don't know about you, but I've already started making plans.
39:17 You know, I'm planning on being there.
39:22 Planning on going there.
39:25 One wall in my bedroom
39:32 is going to be made out of solid diamond... whole wall.
39:37 Now you've got to understand: resources is no problem, folks.
39:43 That's... that's not like here.
39:46 Resources are no problem,
39:48 so that wall is going to be made out of diamond.
39:51 The wall on the other side
39:53 I'm going to have made of living roses.
39:56 Just think how nice that will smell and how nice it'll look
39:59 reflecting in that diamond wall.
40:02 Anything that you can think or you can imagine
40:06 you can do.
40:10 And also... time won't be a factor.
40:14 If you want to take a thousand year to build it,
40:17 that's your privilege.
40:19 You're not out on the street.
40:20 You're not - you know - hurting for a place to live.
40:24 That's not... you can build it however you want to.
40:29 That will be your home in the new earth.
40:35 Just when you build it, build it well...
40:41 because it's there for eternity.
40:44 See? So build it well when you build it.
40:48 God will have all of these places for us
40:51 that will be there.
41:00 So out of God's throne flows this river
41:04 as clear as crystal.
41:08 Just think of what the water of life will taste like
41:15 when there'll be no pollution,
41:18 absolutely perfectly pure,
41:22 and you and I can drink from it.
41:38 So there in the New Jerusalem
41:42 is the Tree of Life.
41:45 It bears its fruit every month.
41:52 Have a friend that told me
41:54 that that meant that it would bear
41:56 twelve different varieties of mangoes.
41:59 But I don't know that that's true.
42:02 But it bears its fruit every month.
42:06 It also says that you and I are going to come up
42:11 to the New Jerusalem to worship
42:15 every week on the Sabbath.
42:20 We're gonna come... worshiping on the Sabbath.
42:23 But it also says that we're going to also come
42:26 to the New Jerusalem to worship every new moon.
42:32 That all the righteous will come and worship God
42:36 on the new moon. How often do you have a new moon?
42:40 Once a month. How often does the tree bear its fruit?
42:42 Once a month.
42:44 So we're going to come from all over the earth
42:46 and sit down and eat of the Tree of Life and worship God.
42:51 That will be a wonderful time.
42:54 I anxiously wait for that day.
42:58 You know, I particularly miss at this time of the year
43:01 for the next few months... I really like peaches.
43:06 They're probably my favorite fruit.
43:10 And of course when you get out of the peach season
43:13 you get into winter... you miss them.
43:16 And I will be so happy to be able to get to heaven
43:22 and get hold of a nice great big, ripe, juicy peach
43:28 and bite into it and not have to worry about
43:30 the worm having beat me there.
43:32 You know, just... All the wonderful things
43:36 that God has prepared for you and for me.
43:41 We'll eat of the Tree of Life there.
43:55 So they're going to come and worship God
43:58 in the New Jerusalem.
43:59 Now follow me carefully, folks,
44:03 'cause this is something I want you to get ahold of.
44:18 He said: "You shall be a kingdom of priests. "
44:22 He gives you some very definite wonderful promises.
44:51 God has called you and me
44:56 to be priests.
45:11 So God says that He has taken and has made us
45:15 kings and priests to His God.
45:21 All right.
45:38 Just often wonder... think...
45:41 of what it will be to reach out
45:47 and take somebody's hand and find it to be God's hand.
45:54 To look into the face of Jesus.
45:58 You know... that song that we sing:
46:01 Face to face with Christ my Savior;
46:04 face to face... what will it be?
46:08 When in rapture I behold Him...
46:11 Jesus Christ that died for me.
46:15 How marvelous that He will be there.
46:18 He will be our God; we shall be His people.
46:30 Now it says that in the New Jerusalem
46:32 there is no temple
46:37 because He is the temple thereof.
46:40 So there's no temple in the New Jerusalem.
46:42 The real reason for that I want you to look at.
46:46 You see, the sanctuary of old was made after the pattern
46:52 of the one up in heaven.
46:55 Now watch. It says:
47:10 What have you got?
47:12 Got a cube. OK. All right.
47:20 So here you have the Most Holy Place.
47:23 This is where the throne of God is
47:26 and it is a cube.
47:28 Twenty wide, twenty long, twenty high.
47:33 Exact cube.
47:35 So
47:38 the New Jerusalem is a cube.
47:51 Just the same as the Holy of Holies was the place
47:55 where God dwelt where His throne was
47:58 so the New Jerusalem will be where God dwells
48:01 and will be where His throne is.
48:03 Therefore there is no need of a temple there
48:08 because the New Jerusalem is a temple.
48:12 That is where God dwells.
48:16 You see, God promised the children of Israel something.
48:23 Unfortunately... so unfortunately
48:26 they never got hold of it
48:30 and they never saw really what God wanted them to do.
48:36 And they just didn't follow through on it.
48:39 In Ezekiel 47, God gave Ezekiel
48:44 a vision of the temple
48:48 and outlined in detail how it was to be built and all.
48:53 And I read that story over so many times
48:56 and wondered why...
48:58 why here He describes it in detail as to what it was
49:01 to be and they never built it.
49:04 It was never carried through... never done.
49:08 And I said: "Why? "
49:10 It's because they couldn't catch the vision
49:14 that God had in mind.
49:17 Because you see, they were to be a kingdom
49:23 of priests and a kingdom of kings.
49:28 And God had given to them
49:31 the privilege of taking the message of God's love
49:37 and sacrifice for them to the whole world.
49:42 And this city that Ezekiel described
49:46 was to be the center.
49:48 And this is where all the nations were to come in to
49:52 and all. So just the same as the
49:56 sanctuary on earth was a
50:01 type of what that one in heaven was,
50:06 so the temple in Ezekiel
50:09 was a type of what the New Jerusalem is.
50:13 So I want you to see and notice the comparison here.
50:19 Both Ezekiel and John
50:24 are taken to a high mountain.
50:26 OK. They're both...
50:31 A heavenly being is there to measure the temple.
50:37 Both cases, to measure the temple.
50:39 Both of them have a great and high wall.
50:43 Both of them - Ezekiel's and the New Jerusalem -
50:46 have twelve gates with the name of the twelve tribes
50:50 of the children of Israel over the top of them.
50:52 Both cities are square.
50:55 In the city is the throne of God.
51:01 The Holy of Holies is a cube.
51:04 The New Jerusalem is a cube.
51:06 The river flowing out of the temple in Ezekiel;
51:10 the river flowing out of the temple in Revelation.
51:13 Trees bear their fruit each month in Ezekiel;
51:17 they do the same in Revelation.
51:19 The leaves are for the healing in Ezekiel...
51:22 so they are in Revelation.
51:24 All those things are exactly the same
51:27 because God intended for them to take the gospel
51:33 to the whole world.
51:35 Unfortunately, that city was never built.
51:39 But tonight you have one to look forward to
51:43 that has been built.
51:54 They shall come and bring the glory and the honor into it.
51:59 All the nations will come to the New Jerusalem
52:03 to worship God.
52:17 So all these people down through the ages
52:20 that have followed the Lord and walked with Him:
52:22 this will make up God's people. And they will come
52:27 and live in this city. And they'll live in that city
52:33 throughout eternity.
52:36 And you will be priests and kings unto God.
52:42 And that city - the New Jerusalem... over it
52:48 will be a special name.
52:59 God will come and dwell with His people
53:03 and He will be their God
53:06 and we shall be His people.
53:11 Let us pray.
53:12 Father, thank you...
53:15 thank you for being so good to us.
53:20 For loving us.
53:22 For providing so many wonderful and marvelous things
53:26 that we can enjoy not just for a day or two
53:32 but down through the ages.
53:35 Lord, bless each one here.
53:38 May they... may they have their name
53:42 inscribed in the Book of Life.
53:44 May they be among those
53:48 that will be able to sing glory and praise to You
53:51 and to serve you. We ask, Lord, that our lives
53:55 may be surrendered.
53:58 That we might humbly stand before You
54:03 and have the privilege of worshiping You
54:08 because of what You've done for each of us.
54:11 For this we thank you in Christ's name, Amen.
54:18 Well this brings us down now to the last chapter:
54:24 the 22nd chapter of Revelation.
54:28 The Victory is Won.
54:30 God gives some very clear admonition
54:34 in this chapter concerning the book of Revelation.
54:37 You don't want to miss it. God bless you.
54:40 In the heart of southern Illinois
54:43 lies a small town named after A. J. Nason
54:47 who came in 1923 with plans for a dream city
54:51 and the largest coal mine in the United States.
54:55 Surveyors laid out the streets and the sidewalk
54:58 and workers built the tallest smokestack in the country
55:02 complete with a Spanish turret
55:04 and decorative cathedral doors at the top.
55:08 Railroad tracks were laid,
55:10 and as word of this dream city spread
55:13 people flocked in by the thousands.
55:16 But as the black coal came out of those deep tunnels
55:19 miners came closer and closer to the end of the dream.
55:24 And after just three years of mining
55:27 an underground river flooded the shaft.
55:30 Suddenly the operations became very costly
55:34 and although Mr. Nason poured millions into his mine
55:38 eventually it was taken over by the bank.
55:42 People left the city in droves.
55:44 Some didn't even bother to take their furniture.
55:47 Soon the tracks lay dormant.
55:50 Weeds grew up around the beautiful train station,
55:52 and abandoned homes gave way to trees.
55:56 Today locals say that Nason is the only town in America
56:01 where you can hunt quail from the sidewalk.
56:05 Although other coal companies tried to revive it,
56:08 Nason's mine never again turned a profit
56:12 and today only a few hundred people are left.
56:16 Mr. Nason's dream went up in smoke.
56:20 All that remains is a beautiful smokestack,
56:23 an old train station,
56:26 and miles of deserted tracks.
56:30 The Bible says earthly treasures are easily stolen
56:34 by thieves and destroyed by moth and rust.
56:38 But our Heavenly Father is building a dream city
56:41 with streets of gold and mansions by a crystal sea.
56:45 He invites us to come live with Him for eternity
56:48 and never grow old.
56:50 The Bible also says that where our treasure is
56:53 there our heart will be also.
56:56 And in this day and age when stocks lose their value
56:59 in minutes and entire banking systems fail
57:03 God invites us to put our treasures in things of
57:07 eternal value.
57:09 Friends, nothing is more valuable than a human soul.
57:13 Won't you help us bring the good news of salvation
57:17 to those who are lost?
57:19 Please, ask the Holy Spirit what He would have you do.
57:25 Please consider what you can do for those who
57:28 still don't know about Jesus.
57:30 As the Holy Spirit impresses,
57:32 please send your tax-deductible gifts to:
57:47 Thank you for helping us spread the light of God's Word
57:50 through television. Your gifts bring the blessed hope
57:53 of salvation to millions around the world.


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